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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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abc seven news reporter luis pena is a key part of our vaccine team. she's in the newsroom. she went inside the gladstone institutes lab today, where scientists say their discovery is shedding light into what so many people want to know lose, which is why people who are vaccinated and boosted are still getting infected. he has done very interesting findings. initially the thought was that if you were infected with a macron, you would be protected against future by variants, and that's not the case anymore. when the crown variant was first detected last november, researchers at the gladstone institutes stole then to understand what's making this variant transmissible. here all the virus has been utilized. rahul's are watching is one of the researchers after collecting blood samples from dozens of covid patients. this week, they published their groundbreaking research. samples collected from infected individuals, which were not vaccinated before. sure very limited response against other
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variants. if you are unvaccinated and getting infected with a macron, you're likely not protected against future variants. and what we found is that macron is sore specialized. that it actually only prepares us against itself . prior to this study, scientists believe that earlier strains of the virus would create enough natural immunity for weeks and sometimes months if you were unvaccinated that's not entirely the case with macron doctor melanie ott, director of the gladstone institutes of virology, says this is one of the reasons why many people are getting reinfected. the immunity is not set in stone. the immunities changes and unfortunately decreases over time. and the other thing is that the variants that are now arising are actually selected based on their ability that they successfully circumvent the immunity that is existing. dr nadia ron says
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their findings also show an interesting response to get an infected. if you are vaccinated , they call this hybrid immunity . but there is a silver lining. so what we found was that a micron infection in the context of vaccination. in other words, breakthrough infection that does elicit a pretty broad response that will recognize many different variants. this research highlights the importance of getting vaccinated even after getting infected, according to scientists. hybrid immunity, collapsed months in the newsroom loose, pena, abc seven news, okay, loose, thank you very much. moving on fire crews are investigating the cause of a grass fire that broke out this afternoon in the concord area near highway four and willow pass. road crews managed to quickly contained the flames, which did is you'll see here come dangerously close to some buildings. the fire burned about 20 acres. total structures were damaged in the end, and no one was hurt. now that area was under a wind advisory when the fire broke out, and we want to
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go to abc seven news meteorologist sandy patel with more on where else there is high fire danger in the high fire. danger remains for solano county. i want to show you the winds right now. there's still gusting, even though not as strong as they were earlier in the day 32 in san francisco 23 in oakland, you will notice 20 mile an hour winds right now. 12 mile an hour wind excuse me in fairfield 21 a half moon bay. what is concerning is the humidity values are so low so in fairfield, in particular 9% humidity when you're in the single digits, combining with critically dry fuels, you understand why red flag warning is in effect for solano county for us. fortunately here in the bay area. the april rain keeping the humidity levels a little bit higher in our vegetation, but not in solano county, so that warning is until eight p.m. tonight. any fires that develop will quickly spread, so keep that in mind. hopefully we get through the next few hours without any issue, but until then, it's a high to very high
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fire danger at seven o'clock tonight, and then you will notice that that fire danger does let up a bit as we head towards later on tonight. i'll be back with the look at your weekend forecast dan and that does include changes in terms of our winds coming up. very good. thanks, sandy. you can track the weather conditions where you live any time on the abc seven bay area app. it's available on roco, amazon fire, android tv and apple tv as well, a man who refused to leave a burning fremont condo is now in custody . the fire broke out in the warm springs neighborhood about nine o'clock this morning. as firefighters were on their way. they got reports that someone was inside the condo where the fire started. fremont police say the man told them he had a gun and wouldn't leave. firefighters say they had to pull back for their own safety power to the condo complex. and some nearby businesses was shut down as a precaution person that's inside reported that they had a firearm . at that point, we retreated, withdrew from the building and put ourselves in a position of safety and pd was in route. the
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man surrendered about three hours ago. he was then taken to a hospital. power is back on again in the south bay, santa clara county is preparing for a gun buyback event. they have $50,000 to give out. abc seven news reporter david louis has the story. about 500 guns were turned in for cash. two years ago. the last time a buyback program was done on sunday, the hope is to see even more people relinquish unwanted working guns . guns in households have actually costs more injuries and accidents and deaths. ah for that's happening by kids or by their loved ones due to heat arguments or suicide county is tapping into money seized from gangs, drug traffickers and criminal groups to pay $100 for handguns, rifles and shotguns and $200 for ghost guns and assault weapons. there is a limit of five firearms per person and a total payout of up to $50,000. it's estimated one
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person is killed with a gun every three hours in california , district attorney jeff rosen pointed out. while people may buy a gun for protection, it can also contribute to tragic accidents and violence. it waits for your loved one. with silently struggling with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. it waits for the domestic abuser who thought ending a life would end their anger. it waits for a child who thought they found a new toy program hopes to see ghost guns turned in guns at our homemade that lacks serial numbers and are untraceable have used to commit crimes are successful local event may inspire other communities to do the same to help reduce gun violence if there is more collaboration and more efforts. just regionally. then i think that we can help to improve that guns found to have been stolen will be offered back to their registered owners. this parking lot will be set up sunday for a fast buyback program. all people have to do is drive by handed to a
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volunteer and get their compensation. in milpitas, david louis, abc seven news only on seven tonight new details about yesterday's dramatic cliff rescue in daly city. a chp chopper crew safe demand clinging to a legend. very windy conditions, abc seven news reporter cornell bernard spoke with the flight crew. about this daring rescue. watch this jaw dropping moment when a chp chopper crew rescues of stranded man clinging to dear life on this cliff near mussel rock and daly city, but reaching him wasn't easy. short search because we're not sure where he was on the cliff. nobody could see him. pilot brent marker says the man was finally located midway down the steep cliff. this picture shows why he was so tough to spot very precarious spot. um about 500 ft. probably off the water, and that's about a 900 ft. cliff seven captured the unfolding drama as the flight crew got ready to rescue the man who had fallen from the top. but weather conditions were
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working against this mission. we're battling some extreme winds, so 30 to 40 knot winds officer n paramedic david arias is lowered from the chopper on a tether. he recorded the rescue with a gopro on his helmet. watch as he makes contact with the cliff. at first, the man grabs onto officer arias his legs. he actually grabbed onto me, which is a very dangerous thing he did. because if i were to have swung away from him, he could potentially falling off the cliffs. seconds later success. i told him i kind of st stay put on the cliff, and then he kind of was able to get himself into the harness and help me out. the man is lifted off the cliff to safety. and soon back on solid ground. miraculously he only had some scrapes and bruises. but that's about it. the man was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but not before thanking this napa bay chp flight crew for their help. yeah he was pretty pretty grateful to, uh, to see us. he was he was ready to get off that cliff for sure. in napa
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county courthouse, bernard, abc seven news great save more to come on this busy friday night, san francisco's archbishop with a strong message for nancy pelosi, why he is banning the house speaker from communion at mass. the federal government taking action in the wake of the buffalo shooting the new initiatives. aimed at preventing this kind of tragedy again and sleepless in san jose. no more. the celebration tonight for a new quiet zone for nighttime trains. stay with us. harry potter and the cursed child. let your imagination take wig chronicle raise this new version is wondrous and thrilling. remember just how magical live performance can be. now on stage at the current theater for state controller, only you will save taxpayers money. who? me me? not you. even you, von, you good choice. 25 years you worked as an executive at a top financial
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firms managed hundreds of audits as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million finding waste saving money because you is for you. you is for you, exactly. even you democrat for controller . are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here. what? ivan from agm renovations. thanks, mike. too often homeowners hired the wrong contractor. i see this all the time delays, shortcuts, hidden fees, nightmares. we use the top trades in each product is finished on time on budget backed by a five year warranty. that's why gm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists recommend and get $3000 off out of state corporations, wrote an online sports betting plan they call solutions for the homeless really. the corporations take 90% of the profits and using loopholes, they wrote. they take even more corporations own
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promotional cost, like free bets taken from the homeless funds, and they get a refund on their $100 million license fee taken from homeless funds to these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. your return to travel starts at the bay area travel and adventure show discovered thousands of vacation options and meet the travel experts who can help them find plan and book your next trip, take part in travel seminars and workshops designed to help you travel like an insider learn how to earn and redeem reward points pack like a pro, how to find cheap flights and more right on the show floor two days only may 21st and 22nd at the center convention center discounted tickets now. travel shows .com. that's travel shows .com. san francisco's archbishop has banned house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion because of her stance on
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abortion. pelosi is a catholic, but she has long been an outspoken advocate for women's right to choose. she's been vocal most recently in response to the leaked supreme court draft showing the court may overturn roe versus wade in the next few weeks. archbishop salvatore cortez lion sent a lengthy letter to pelosi, saying that she'll need to condemn abortion and seek penance before she can receive communion again. the letter states in part you are not to be admitted to holy communion until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion. we reached out to pelosi's office for comment, but we have not yet received a response. alright, we're moving on the sleepless nights of some san jose residents are now over after their voices were heard by local and state leaders, freight trains were blowing their horns through the night for safety reasons. but as abc seven news reporter dustin dorsey explains new measures and restrictions have allowed that community to sleep well, once again. do hear
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that some birds chirping a little construction work in the distance. but you know what? you don't hear train horns and the neighbors here in north san jose , don't hear them anymore throughout the night, either, interrupting their sleep and adding stress to their lives. how does it feel to get a good night's rest again? well amazing . it's i. it was the first time in three years that is able to go to sleep with the peace of mind of knowing that i probably wouldn't get woken up by 100 decibel level train horn resident christopher wimp and other neighbors of the warm springs corridor in san jose went to city county and state leaders with their concerns union pacific rail had altered their traffic patterns bringing freight trains right through their neighborhood. their efforts brought about change. i think this was a textbook case. on how you really pushed to be heard at the local level, and we heard from our japantown hensley residents in a way that was incredibly effective today, a celebration of a collaborative effort to establish temporary
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quiet times from train horns blowing in non emergency situations between 10 p.m. and seven a.m. to bring peace back to the community. we can't change. the schedule of the trains. we don't have the authority or power to do that, but we can now set up a nighttime quiet sound that will prevent the horns from blaring is the trains are moving through by controlling traffic in a way that will keep the corridor safe. and enable folks to enjoy quite nicely. $12 million in state and city funding will be used by the san jose department of transportation to create permanent safety measures for trains and residents in the neighborhood like new signage and traffic barriers, and this is a pivotal step for us getting closer to their the improvements help towards the ultimate goal of making this area a permanent quiet zone. in saint dust dorsey , abc seven news they will sleep well, there tonight old san francisco favorite is back in business, the newly renovated ghirardelli chocolate experience store reopened to the public today. mayor london breed took part in the official ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon.
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today's grand reopening included live music balloon art face painting. play you. you probably can spend hours in here picking out a number of different chocolates and ice cream and other things that they can make. i can't wait to get a sunday i heard you guys on the news talking about it. that does sound good mayor but the 1st 170 customers in line today got a free hot fudge sundae to celebrate your delhi's 170th anniversary. it all looks so good. alright, safer this to sandy. absolutely dan. i mean, that place never gets old. it doesn't matter how old you are. right, dan. beautiful view right now from our mount tam cam. i want to show you what it looks like. just blue skies out there, but you'll notice those trees still moving around in the wind. yes, we have peak wind gusts at st helena 73 miles an hour. today 51 mount diablo sfo 44. so it wasn't just a higher elevation thing. clearly, we
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have experienced gusty winds all in association with that trough that is moving on to the east has produced snow in the denver area high pressure building. and we're going to be seeing slightly warmer weather, especially inland for the weekend, but the good news is the winds that have been so gusty will start to come down as we head towards the weekend. they're already moving in that direction right now, though, over the hills 29 miles an hour atlas peak. 22 diablo. beautiful view from our golden gate bridge camera right now, sunshine at this hour 62 in san francisco, oakland, you're at 66 degrees mid to upper seventies from mountain view to san jose. half moon bay 55 degrees and as we check out another view from our emeryville camera notices shaking as we look back towards the golden gate bridge here 82 in santa rosa 81 in napa. our warmest spots today in the low eighties fairfield 82 degrees and currently 78 in livermore and one other live picture from our kgo roof camera as we look out towards the bay gusty with high fire danger this evening, particularly in solano county,
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lighter winds and mild to warm weather for the weekend, and it's heating up again inland next week, so the fire danger index is showing you the high to very high likelihood of fire danger tonight at seven o'clock, but notice as we head towards tomorrow morning. that most areas drops off to low category. always a good idea, though, since fire seasons year round to remain vigilant, no matter whether we have a warning or not, so the hourly wind forecast still gusty at seven o'clock tonight along the coastline as we head into eight a.m. most areas are seeing lighter winds and then the winds pick up a little bit, but it's the typical seabreeze. so it's not going to be the strong winds that we have been experiencing. we're looking at 22 33 mile an hour winds morning temperatures will be in the forties and the fifties might feel a little cooler to you in some areas, so bundle up afternoon highs will look like this in the south bay 84 in san jose 81 degrees in gilroy, 78. cupertino nicely on the peninsula 77 degrees in mountain view, 72 san mateo low sixties near the coast is still a little
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breezy downtown service. cisco 66 degrees 63 in the sunset district. north bay temperatures 81 in san rafael napa 84 in santa rosa. these temperatures in the comfort zone a few high clouds. passing through from time to time and in the east bay 74 in oakland, 73 berkeley, 79 degrees in castro valley had inland and it is going to be warm 87 in brentwood 84 degrees in livermore, 85 in concord. as we check out what's ahead for next week notice the nineties entering the picture on monday. tuesday mid nineties. i know a couple of the computer models are actually bumping them up to upper nineties low one hundred's. we're going to go middle of the road for now, not as windy on the accuweather seven day forecast this weekend, a little warmer inland, and then those temperatures going up into the mid nineties category. tuesday wednesday, so it's going to feel like summer inland, mid sixties coast side will cool it off for you. by the time we hit friday, we'll be back down to where we should be for this time of year, dan very nice. all right, sandy. thank you. in just
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a couple of days. american idol will be crowned right here on abc seven coming up. we're going to talk with the final three contestants about how they're feeling before the big night. searching for the pop top camper van of your dreams. van has hundreds of vans in stock ready for immediate delivery, including hard to find models like winnebago solis, hawthorne rise wreck vannes adventure van headquarters. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but fisher investments were clearly different. different how you saw high commission investment products, right? nope fisher avoids them. well you must earn commissions on trades. never at fisher investments. okay then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. no. we structure our fees, so we do better when clients do better. that might be why most of our clients come from other money managers at fisher investments were clearly different. didn't take this job to make friends. i took it because our fundamental
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rights are under attack by national republicans. that's why i defended voting rights and fought voter suppression. why i'm taking action to protect our families by getting illegal guns off our streets and why i'll never stop fighting to protect a woman's right to choose. our rights are sacred, and i won't let anyone strip them away. attorney general rob bonta no backing down. dude a great ride , right? silverado keeps me connected and in control in this touch screen is my command center. make them it's 2022 silverado lt control find new roads. silverado is the number one selling full size pickup in california. back to back new trucks are arriving daily secure yours today. see your bay area chevy dealer today.ora voters beware a ballot measures being promoted by out of state
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gambling corporations that would authorize a massive expansion of online sports gambling in california. every cell phone, laptop tablet and even video game console into a gambling device, opening up online gambling to anyone anywhere anytime that could lead to more addiction, financial ruin and homelessness while exposing millions of children to online gambling. vote no on the corporate online gambling proposition, find harmony in your life rediscover the outdoors and nature do more with the synergy from thor motorcoach . this mercedes power synergetic adventure van is discounted over 51,000 find yours today exclusively at rec band captioning sponsored by mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. our local jeopardy champion amy schneider will serve as grand marshal for the sonoma county pride parade next month. event organizers say schneider is the first openly transgender person to do so. amy's 40 game winning
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streak made her the second winningest jeopardy contestant ever. schneider is also a prominent spokesperson for the trans community and recently visited the white house in support of trans visibility day. the parade is june 4th in santa rosa. right the 20th season of american idol will come to a close sunday night with the three finalists singing the music of bruce springsteen in a bid to win the title judges katy perry final richie and luke bryan will all perform and so will season four winner carrie underwood. going to be a big night. she has been serving as a mentor on the program. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon spoke with the final three and has a preview. good enough to impress the judges all season long. in fact, it's fair to say that leah marlene noah thompson and the entertainer known as hunter girl, got them excited from the very start this
6:23 pm
my fifth year doing this and that is my favorite female country voice. i've heard god. now she's being called the favorite to win sunday night, so in a zoom call with the two other finalists, i wanted to know. do you feel like the favorite? i don't i don't feel like i don't know. i'm just happy to be here. i don't know how i got here. but i'm so happy that i made it to this point. if hunter prevails, she will be the first female country singer to win since carrie underwood launched her career on idol. she's been mentoring noah this season. oh place in the top three is all the more remarkable because he overcame covid took a big toll on me like i felt like i almost couldn't breathe in my throat was killing me, so i was kind of just broke my heart almost, you know, third finalist
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looks and sounds like an angel. according to judge katy perry, i'm just celebrating. that's my mood going in. i'm in shock that i'm here still, and i'm just going in to celebrate and, like, just savor every last moment because we've all been together for so long or lose. they all call their time on american idol , a life changing experience. i'm sandy kenyon, abc seven news. they are all great, by the way, you can watch the american idol finale sunday night. right here on abc, seven tune in at five pm and if that's too early, hey, it'll ever again at eight. p.m. alright, coming up the warriors taking on the mavericks tonight at the chase center. we're live. his game two gets underway in the western conference finals. also this aapi heritage month we're taking a look at how the bay area is working to combat hate coming up here. the effort to get these important lessons into our schools stay with us. he is his high school's first openly gay
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class president and excited to give a speech at his graduation. but now, he says, he's being silenced by the principal and florida's don't say gay law. now he speaks out live to robin roberts. what does he want you to know the exclusive breaks monday on g m a you need a friend's carrier. find your tickets and broadway san jose dot com fanduel and draft kings out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only 8.5 cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it shouldn't it's another bad scheme for california. this is the ergul smart base from temper, pedic
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tickets and broadway san jose .com. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc seven news. the justice department today announced renewed efforts to combat hate crimes. that's of course, after 10 people were killed last week in the buffalo supermarket shooting, abc seven news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. the justice department says it will deploy every resource it has and use every legal tool to investigate and combat hate crimes gather in the wake of a horrific and painful reminder of the urgency and importance of this task. the department is investigating last week's fatal buffalo supermarket shooting as a hate crime and as an act of racially motivated violent extremism. last weekend's attack was a painful
6:29 pm
reminder. of the singular impact that hate crimes have not only an individual's but on entire communities, the attorney general unveiled three new initiatives aimed at deterring and confronting hate crimes. the justice department will now issue guidance on steps, law enforcement officials and community organizations can take to raise awareness about increased hate crimes and encourage prevention department will also open grant opportunities for states interested in creating state run hate crime reporting hotlines. this initiative will provide additional funding to states that report their hate crime data to the fbi. finally the justice department has also hired its first ever language access coordinator to improve any barriers in the reporting of hate crimes due to language access all people in this country. should be able to live without fear of being attacked or harassed because of where they are from what they look like whom they love or how they worship. melanie woodrow, abc
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seven news epidemic of hate against asian americans during the pandemic has given rise to a new national movement. many school districts across the country are working to implement asian american history. into the curriculum. in fact, some are even mandating it as part of a p month abc 7 news. anchor deon lem takes a look at this growing trend. gwen lee grew up in the 80s on the peninsula and sadly recalls experiencing racism firsthand kids, you know surrounding me. a couple of girls surrounding me and calling me a change and you know at that a tank a goo she also recalls history books focused on europe and those who came from there with little about the experience of asian american. well, i just think everything was from one perspective, so it didn't really i never just felt like i fit and today she works for the san mateo county office of education and coordinates the teaching of history and ethnic
6:31 pm
studies. 1968 students at san francisco state and uc berkeley went on strike demanding the teaching of ethnic studies that led to the creation of ethnic studies departments at both schools more than 50 years later educators and activists are still fighting for the teaching of asian-american studies frida. lynn is with the yuri education project the former teacher and current education consultant is working with lee and san mateo county to develop an asian american studies course course for san mateo county schools. earliest next spring if we knew that asian americans were a crucial thread in our nation and that the asian-american history is an american history that we wouldn't have these escalating anti-asian attacks last year governor newsom signed a bill mandating that all public schools offer at least one ethnic studies class by the 2025-2026 school year, san mateo county is pushing that timeline up the bill also requires that
6:32 pm
students take at least one semester of ethnic studies as a graduation requirement by 2029-2030. san francisco is doubling down on that effort mandating two semesters of ethnic studies by 2028. jenny lamb is president of the san francisco school board. it's so necessary this time that are communities are recognized they're included and that we're not going to stand for any hate. illinois, new jersey and connecticut have all passed bills requiring the teaching of asian american studies wong kim arc challenged the chinese exclusion act and took his cause to the us supreme court he won the right for birthright citizenship. the federal government sent yuri kochiyama as a child to an incarceration camp for being japanese-american during world war two. she would later join both blacks and asians during the civil rights movement and south asian americans died in the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11. they would also experience hate crimes and racial profiling
6:33 pm
wrongly being labeled as terrorists stuart co is with the asian-american education project. his group is working with 10 states to develop curriculum around asian american. 3 asian americans are invisible in the schools. we need to change that scenario so that we are visible in san francisco dion limb abc 7 news. and we would like to thank the smithsonian institute for the historical images the institute has resources for teachers available. we'll have a link on our website if you'd like to check that out and one more thing here. we hope you'll join us sunday for a special asian pacific american heritage month presentation our america because i am we're shining a light on the nearly 25 million asian american native hawaiian and other pacific islanders living in the us and they're positive impact on our immunities politics even pop culture people in the aapi community are often asked. where are you from but you'll
6:34 pm
see in this program that regardless of someone's name or what they look like we are of course all americans, so don't miss our america because i am sunday at 2:30 pm on abc 7 and wherever you stream abc 7 bay area but stay here with us coming up president biden's tech tour his message today from south korea about the technology supply chain. there's a time to toss some old devices well before you just show it away. there's a couple of things you must do. i'm michael finney. we'll talk about that 7 on your side is coming up.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you. i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in
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every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are recallsaoudin noisco for a few moments. it's now saturday in south korea where president biden is about to begin the second day of his five-day trip to asia the first visit to the region of the world of his presidency on friday, mr. biden visited the largest computer chip factory in the world the model for one which samsung is promising to open in texas the chip shortage is of course a key factor driving the
6:38 pm
world's supply chain problems. these little chips only a few nanometers thick. are the key to propelling us into the next area of humanities technological development? president biden will meet with south korea's new president on saturday to discuss north korea as well as climate change the pandemic and other issues on sunday. he will travel to japan to announce a new economic block with leaders from japan india and australia. all right. let's move on now to consumer news. are you spring cleaning your closets? maybe your basement or your attic? if so, you probably found some old electronics that are just gathering dust 7 on your side michael finney. in the newsroom with what you need to know michael if you decide to get rid of all that stuff that dan do you have a drawer full of these at home? but you've got a bunch of devices piled up. i do actually dumped got rid of them not long ago. oh, but i did have a drawer filled with that stuff. oh well good for you. well, look well whether you're selling donating a recycling your old electronics your personal data is at risk.
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so here's what you need to think about when you're tossing your old devices. before you get rid of older tech there are a few simple but important steps you need to take and no deleting files and logging out is not enough not according to consumer reports tech writer nicholas de leon anything that might be stored what's called locally on the device photos videos and any sort of personal documents may still be on there if the only thing you've done is log out of, you know, different accounts two back things up use an external diver cloud-based service then search online for specific factory reset directions for your device. it can be done on laptops tablets smartphones wearable tech and more. even after a factory reset a very determined hacker could still access your old files and although that's very unlikely you have other options that are more permanent though. it could decrease the value of
6:40 pm
your tech. say you're selling a laptop on ebay or something like that. you could just physically remove the hard drive so that when you sell it or give it to someone else your data that was on that computer is no longer there because the hard drive is no longer there. more extreme measures include throwing the hard drive or even destroying then recycling the device itself. consumer report says other devices that also need a factory reset include these tvs gaming console streaming devices like roku things like that these all have your data on there. so you want to make sure to get rid of it before you pass it on to the next person making sure your old tech doesn't create new identity theft problems. also, it's important to remove any external storage. i'm talking about like micro sd cards that type of thing and for the smartphones and tablets with cellular. you'll also want to find or remove the sim card if you don't have the tool that where you can get the little sim card out you can use a paperclip it works.
6:41 pm
just fine now. i want to hear from you. send me your stories about buying a home a car paying off alone anything that has to do with you and your money to share your stories. please go to abc 7 news. flash 7 on your side dan michael. thanks great information. super helpful. thank you. well a new one hour documentary from the abc owned television stations takes you inside the world of nfts and the future the metaverse plays in it. a big part of normal culture to be in this metaverse and to be trading nfts. is not just for collectors or for artists that collect. it's going to be a way we trade. that's that's like black mirror stuff. going to be so normal. fascinating nft's enter the metaverse gives an in-depth look at the gold rush hysteria and growing popularity surrounding nfts a featuring celebrity interviews with paris hilton mark cuban of abc's shark tank
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entrepreneur gary vaynerchuk and many more you can watch nft's enter the metaverse right here on abc 7 tomorrow at 9 pm and wherever you stream, but stay here with us back in a moment. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home?
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state officials tonight all of us in california need to save more water the secretary of state. natural resources agency sat down today with our sister station in los angeles and reporter sid. garcia has the story. just how bad is the drought according to state figures the first three months of the year are the driest in california's history were in the third year of a drought weight crawford is a state secretary of natural resources, but one resource you oversees that we all use is water the way his agency sees it the drought is getting worse not better. we're experiencing change conditions because of hotter temperatures in the winter and then hotter temperatures in the spring and summer what that means is opac up in the
6:46 pm
mountains that provide our water supply and then more of that snowpack that does fall is absorbing into very dry soils or evaporating into warm air. secretary crawford says we haven't reached the point where the state will mandate how much water we use but he wants us all to be aware of why we're all being asked to conserve so far angelenos are cutting back on their water usage. we've done such a good job in the city of la that we reduced by 20% our water usage. we went from 50% of residential water being used for irrigation to 35% we think we can go even down further. so as long as we hit those benchmarks we should be able to get through even continuing drought. for some time to come sid garcia abc 7 news for when you really look at the numbers and see what's happening sandia. it's it's dire in california it is we don't with climate change. we don't have the reliability right of rain every single winter and we've seen that the last three years we've been in this drought and it just keeps getting worse.
6:47 pm
i mean, i remember a time years ago when we had winters, do you remember that? yeah. we can rely on winter rain, but not this time around. all right, let's talk about live doppler 7. we don't have any rain clearly on live doppler 7 you'd have to go outside of the bay area to see it tomorrow afternoon. it is going to be a mild day little breezy near the coast, but it's typical seabreeze as opposed to the strong winds that we have been experiencing as of late. so it is going to be a nice day 80s inland mid 80s 85 in concord 84 san jose 74 oakland 81 san rafael 84 in santa rosa getting you up to 66 in san francisco and 62 in half. moon bay. is that inviting or what? this is the from santa cruz camera if you're going to go to the beach tomorrow 67 degrees mainly sunny breezy stinson beach 71 should be a nice day on sunday a little more fog coming into the picture 61 at ocean beach and 61 in half moon bay the accuweather seven-day forecast from the mid to the upper 80s inland.
6:48 pm
so it's manageable 60s coast side and then we turn up the heat early next week to the middle part of next week when you'll see low to mid 90s inland still comfortable at the coast stand. okay, very good. thanks sandy very much. right. let's head out to the chase center game two tonight with the warriors abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez. is there live? hi, chris. senator and thrive city what great weather we have in a pretty good basketball game an interesting basketball game going on inside earlier today. i thought it is opportunia will talk with him coming up in sports as well as the rest of the day. it's fun game two zaza next in sports.
6:49 pm
out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits.
6:50 pm
and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
6:51 pm
sponsored by united way bay area hi everybody. welcome to thrive city for game two of the western conference finals. it's the mavericks and the warriors playing inside and right now the words in a little bit of trouble at last check 53 34 dallas in the second quarter now just a little bit ago. i caught up with former warrior and nba champion two-time nba champion zaza petula for his take on the warriors and this
6:52 pm
playoff run. first of all, we appreciate to be in this situation because last year's show showed us all difficult it is to win overall, right? so it's good to it's just about where we belong i think and these guys definitely work so hard, you know from coaching staff to the front office to the players obviously to put themselves in a situation to being a playoffs and here we are in the camp. girlfriend's finals game two against dallas maverick, so whatever what an amazing moment, you know to experience it to celebrate to be part of it, right? so appreciates the moment you think about klay thompson and all he's gone through and i know you're close with i saw the nba put out a recent piece. he was on his boat. have you been on the boat one and then kind of talked to me about clay's journey spiritually as well? yeah, i mean, you know before clay obviously to be back and you know to help continue to be to put it in the playoffs. it's pretty cool moment, right so did ups and down so obviously throughout the season but you know conversation we had with him, you know, every day is
6:53 pm
going to be just better, you know for him and he just should have been his mindset that's mean but beautiful athlete to be competitive. he's very high to have those ups and downs and be okay with ups and downs, right? so, but you know, i'm so glad that you know, he finished his season strong and yeah, the really good run and obviously remember game 6 against memphis grizzlies that he brought the memories back sport to us and it's just good to see him back in action. i mean as a friend as a somebody who like enjoyed watching his game just good to having me on the nba court. 25 always great to catch up with zaza pachoia. he is one of a kind baseball tonight also in the bay area first the a's are down in anaheim taking on the angels that game just getting away and just down the street at oracle park the giants welcoming in the padres bob melvin the former a's manager current potters manager back at oracle park as he is back in business as well. talk about bob melvin who missed the last two games or weeks excuse me due to prostate
6:54 pm
surgery fortunately no cancer. found that padres went four and two in melbourne's absence. they are currently a game and a half ahead of the second place giants in the nl west. so this is a key three-game series this weekend in san francisco. the dodgers are in first place ahead of san diego san francisco seven and three in the last 10 games. they've won five straight at home, but good to see bob melvin back in the field and in the dugout to the golf traveling in style. let's go around to the pga championship southern hills in oklahoma. where can i get one of those? close tiger woods was in danger of missing the cut after a four over on day one then a double bogey on 11, but tiger did get it done two birdies in the final seven holes great approach on 16 finishes at plus three tiger. we'll be playing this weekend. san francisco born wills out of torres started the day one shot back and after the wind died down he rode back to life three straight birdies on 11 12 and 13 to take the lead. he finished with five under 65.
6:55 pm
he's a shot ahead of mecho pieria. that's the excuse me heading into the weekend and three ahead of first round leader. justin thompson sports on abc 7 is sponsored by united way bay area. well, you're still down 56-38. i look like on the last check, but this is always a lot of on dan i've been mentioning thrive city a lot more people out here tonight. you got oracle park packed down the street and you can hear the crowd. it's a lot of fun here a lot more fun inside of the worst you get this done. we'll have highlights tonight 11 should be a bus. right in our sports office. oh for sure and just a great place to be there chris. thanks so much for such great coverage. see you later. all right, well coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00. it's shark tank followed by 2020 at 9:00 then don't miss abc 7 news at 11. i'll see you for that and remember abc 7 news is streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. well, finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters on wall street.
6:56 pm
no one worries about lions and tigers but bears. my and for a time today, it looked like the market was about to close 20% down from its most recent high putting it officially into bayer territory. it didn't happen today, but many experts believe it will and that a recession is around the quarter perhaps later this year or more likely sometime in 2023. that's what many experts believe. now the fed is raising interest rates in an effort to control inflation and to slow growth. is a tricky high wire act that could tip the country into recession now if that happens the red hot job market will cool and many younger workers will experience an economic environment. they have not seen in their lifetimes. experts say we should prepare now to weather what may be a gathering storm update your resume and upgrade job skills control spending at soccerway some rainy day money. and we can do something else as the british say keep calm and
6:57 pm
carry on we've weathered challenges and change many times before and what really matters is will weather this too. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. % facebook at dan ashley abc 7. all right, that is the tradition of abc 7 news at six for sandia patel chris alvarez all of us here. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. hope you have a great evening and that we see you again for abc 7 news at 11. bye for now.
6:58 pm
some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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♪♪♪ yes on h. from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, trod a post doc from ithaca, new york... a law student from st. louis, missouri... and our returning champion, a ride share driver from philadelphia, pennsylvania... whose 5-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny, and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" perhaps it was the beaded necklace hand-made for our champion by his 8-year-old son that allowed ryan long to secure


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