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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> they had their vests on weapons, showing off these guns they had, and they did not go in. >> questions amounting as officials lay out the new timeline of the deadly shooting in texas. law enforcement admits he made a series of mistakes. thanks for joining us on this memorial day weekend. we will have more to come on the deadly shooting in texas. let's get a look at the weekend forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: a couple of weak weather systems. you can see the sierra nevada looking at activity. another went later on today keeping temperatures cool, a
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beautiful sunrise. from mount tam, the low cloud deck. 54 in half moon bay. you can see the camera a little shaky. sfo socked in with clouds. visibility reduced to three quarters of a mile south of the airport. 54 by the delta. the winds are breezy come up to 21 miles per hour around fairfield. today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will be below average with upper 60's along the bayshore to lower 70's with more sun and cool 50's with windy conditions at the coast. liz: new developments in the school shooting in you all day, texas -- in texas. a gunman entered the school, opened fire and killed 19
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children and two teachers. christine sloan has the latest. christina: shocking admission from the top law enforcement officer. official say in the midst of the mass shooting in texas on tuesday, the commander on scene incorrectly made the call that the government had gone from being an active shooter to a barricaded subject, and that children were no longer at risk. >> there were children in the classroom at risk and it was in fact an active shooter situation. christine: they say the commander held dozens of officers back. a series of errors began when a teacher left a school door propped open when she went to get a phone. six minutes later the gunman walked through the open door and then headed to connected classrooms, firing over 100 rounds. by 12:03, there were 19 officers in the hallway.
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>> you get here the 911 call three shots were fired. christine: a tactical team arrives but is told to hold off on confronting the gunman. >> they had their vests and weapons on, showing off these guns they had, but they stayed there on their chest and arms and they did not go in. christine: the texas governor, greg abbott, vowing to get to the bottom of the police response. governor abbott: i was misled. i am livid about what happened. christine: families of those killed having to plan funerals. >> we will make sure the resources get into the right hands to make sure no family who is suffering from incalculable heartbreak at this time will have to worry about a single cost.
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liz: despite the tragedy in texas, the nra went ahead with their convention despite thousands of protesters. speakers included texas senator ted cruz along with former president trump, who was the keynote speaker. he called for a moment of silence for the victims. the nra meeting continues through sunday. back at home a group of young activists is saying enough is enough here they held a vigil for the victims calling for meaningful action. tara campbell has the story. tara: hand on heart and a hug hopes of a link, remembering the victims of three mass shootings in just 10 days. buffalo, laguna woods, and uv alde. >> we are hiding under our desks
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for our lives. tara: it feels like things are shaky. >> we are in for a weapon of war wall calls. that is not ok. tara: he is one of the individuals organizing this. >> it doesn't have to be this way. we don't have to be ok with the violence. she is the event manager. >> we are going to have bio means anyone to come and share the anger and say we don't have to continue. from young faces to old, 32 names, 32 people gunned down. >> this is our future that i'm fighting for, like jen z is fighting for, like gen z is fighting for. tara tiana is the founder of : youth advocates for chain and says it is getting harder and
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harder to hold onto hope. >> regardless of how burned out i get, at the end of the day, i know no one is going to do anything about it unless i do something. >> this does not have to be the reality, this does not have to be normal. and so, we all need to do our part. >> this evening is for lamentation and tears, for righteous indignation. tara from a prayer to a push for : political action. >> showing up to our state capitals in our city halls and meeting with legislators so they hear us, the pain and the everyday reality that we are facing. tara: tara campbell, abc7news. liz: as a result of the texas tragedy, giants manager gabe kapler is making a public stand by refusing to be on the field during the national anthem. gabe: i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like there is -- i feel better about the direction of our country. liz: he also shared his thoughts on recent mass shootings on his blog. he wrote, "when you are
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dissatisfied with your country, you let it be known through protest. the home of the brave should encourage this." to find resources on topics including mental health and gun violence, go to we have a list of local groups that can help. some you can reach simply by texting. a suspect has been arrested for stealing an oakland police car during an investigation into an unrelated assault incident in oakland. the suspect hopped into a police cruiser and drove away. there was a lengthy chase that ended in vallejo when the man crashed to the cruiser. officials say the investigation into this car chase is still ongoing. new details from the san francisco police department about a deadly shooting last thursday in the city's mission bay neighborhood. rafael mendoza and michael mckinnon died after officers fired shots after responding to an aggravated assault call on mariposa street. the department release this body camera video. we want to warn you, you are going to hear several gunshots. officers can be heard repeatedly telling mckinnon to drop the knife he was holding against
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mendoza while they were fighting. police say the incident escalated when mckinnon raised his knife and thrust it towards mendoza at least twice and that's when police fired their weapons again. >> dropped the gun! >> drop the knife! >> drop the gun! [gunshots] >> officers immediately pulled mr. mendoza away from mr. mckinnon and rendered medical aid, including cpr. simultaneously, officers handcuffed mr. mckinnon, pulled him away from the area and rendered medical aid, including cpr. liz: mckinnon died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds. the california attorney's office says mendoza died at the hospital from a single gunshot wound. the california attorney general's office is conducting an independent criminal investigation. several law enforcement agencies responded friday afternoon to reports of shots fired on san bruno mountain. officers found a parked car on bacanyon andchclin sanra --erloo
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guadupcaon and they chasedfirs rifle casings in the vehicle, but no rifle. police are looking for a third suspect in connection to this shooting. we are waiting for the sun to come up period to look outside. lisa: 54 -- for the sun to come up. let's look outside. lisa: we have sun inland and temperatures getting progressively warmer for the holiday weekend. i will have the forecast, next. liz: thank you. students at one east bay school rallying against racism. why they say more needs to be done following a series of concerning incidents. will soaring gas prices put the brakes on memorial day travel plans? drivers and experts weigh in.
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liz: welcome back. here is a lib look at -- a live look at the view through the camera. after the failed tactics in uvalde, we contacted bay area experts about how we would hopefully respond to a situation of this kind. abc7news reporter luz peña spoke to alameda county sheriff greg ahearn about the training his department goes through on a yearly basis. >> 40 minutes seems like way too long of a time to allow that to go on. luz: we sat down with greg ahearn. his deputies have been training for situations like this since 2007. a suspect is barricading himself inside a classroom, what would happen in your response? >> well, we have breeching tools and we have ballistic shields
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and we have our patrol rifles. and so, you would use a combination of those. you would breach the entrance with the protection of the ballistic shield and fire at the suspect from behind the ballistic shield. we teach and train them to know the area so they respond to that area the safest way they can without being detected by the suspect. put rounds towards the suspect, so you distract the suspect from killing others. luz: in uvalde, texas, officials admitted they did not implement the correct technique. >> there was plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done, with one exception, is that the incident commander inside believed they needed more equipment and more officers to do a tactical breach at that point. luz: former fbi agent rick smith said uvalde's incident commander made a tactical error by mis-identifying the threat. >> they did not have the luxury of time for that. they had an active shooter that they thought changed to a barricade situation, so they waited. and it didn't, it didn't change. it was still an active shooter. liz: a gilroy police officer who
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shot and killed a man during an early-morning shootout in 2021 acted lawfully in self-defense, according to a report that was released by the santa clara county district attorney's office. [gunshots] >> shots fired, shots fired. liz: the man with the gun's -- gone is attempted murder suspect david lopez. last september, he learned officers to his -- lured officers to his location and then ambush them. the officer's use of force was deadly and reasonable. the san jose police department and the city manager's office have made revisions to city policy related to criminal allegations against employees. following several serious complaints. under the new policy, certain allegations will result in the employee being put on administrative leave while the complaint is being investigated. that includes allegations of sexual misconduct, assault, battery, bribery and theft. the new policies apply to all city employees.
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yet another instance of racist graffiti has come to light at an east bay school. some students were so fed up that they staged a demonstration. abc seven news reporter dion lim shows us what's being done to address the recurring problem at this california high school. >> there's been graffiti in the bathrooms, that's kind of been here for years and years. dion: just days after these images of the california high school start team grinning while posing with a black mannequin had surfaced on social media, another instance of racially insensitive imagery has come to life. do you feel unsafe owing to school sometimes? >> more uncomfortable. dion: this time, a caricature of george floyd with racist undertones and the words "spare some air" written on the boys bathroom wall. students gathered for a rally in the courtyard friday. this senior says the racist incidents are adding up. >> on the tennis courts, there was racial slurs written. there was like two years ago, there was someone wearing a kkk
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sheet for halloween. for our first day of senior year, we were supposed to there was "don't tread on me," stuff like that, more slurs. dopn: abc7news even reported on 4 instances of racist graffiti at cal high in 2016. >> bought our home in san ramon in 1999. even before then, there were incidents in the news of this type of thing. dion: the san ramon valley unified school district tells me this week they hosted a live-streamed discussion on this incident with students, reiterating the incidents are unacceptable and not representative of who the cal high grizzlies are. they acknowledged there is so much more work to do. students hope it's enough and in time for the next generation. >> i do want the kids, the younger people of color to have a better experience in high school. dion this parent, whose daughter
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-- dion: this parent, whose daughter was out friday's rally against racism, says education also starts at home. >> if they want to think a certain way and raise their kids in a certain way and those kids want to act in a certain way, there's really not much you can do. dion: the district tells me more ramped up efforts are planned for the upcoming school year. in san ramon, dion lim, abc7news. liz: california's gas price say -- set a new record high today, bad news for drivers wanting to leave this morning. san francisco came in at $6.35 per gallon, a record high for the city. in oakland, drivers are paying $6.22 per gallon. in the south bay, san jose travelers are seeing $6.23 per gallon. memorial day weekend is traditionally the start of the summer travel season. but with gas prices this high, the roads may not be as congested as they normally are. abc7news reporter tim johns talks to bay area travelers and tells us how costs are impacting their plans. tim the holiday weekend is now : in full swinging and people around the bay area are taking to both the roads and skies ahead of memorial day. >> numbers are going to be much
6:18 am
higher than they were last year and much higher than the year before, but we do not expect it to be quite as busy as 2019. we are likely to see 2017 levels. tim: clint henderson is the managing editor of news for travel one site "the points guy." he says even though airfares are currently skyhigh, travelers are still buying tickets at a rapid pace. clint: in general, we've still got so much pent-up demand for the past 2.5 years that so far, we are not seeing a softening in bookings. tim: on the roads, gas prices are currently sitting at record highs. according to aaa, the statewide average is now over six dollars a gallon. gibbs d obably oto the second. us ifigh prices como ota ffuture holidays. jim: i am really leaning towardr andrew wong, who was filling up his motorcycle at a san
6:19 am
francisco gas station. andrew: i do have a car, but with gas prices being really high, i have an suv, it gets like 17 miles per gallon. this thing gets me much more mileage, so much more affordable. tim: he says he plans on staying in town this weekend, however, when he does hit the road again this summer, he says he knows he will have to pay for the experience. andrew: it is what it is we got to pay to drive. tim: in san francisco, tim johns, abc7news. liz: let's get a check of that memorial day forecast. a lot of people will be traveling and perhaps hoping for warmer weather. lisa: it has been really cool. last weekend we had a heat wave. we have heat on the horizon but it comes into play after the holiday. we will be looking at a warm update today, starting tomorrow, as today another weak system poised to come into parts of sonoma and could hold together as it slides down the coast this evening. there is live doppler seven, you
6:20 am
see the activity in the mountains. cool and grain with greasy winds in the sierra nevada. the sun was up at 5:51. the winds are over 20 miles per hour. in diablo, to 37 miles per hour. 55 in mountain view. 57 in oakland. emeryville, you can see 51 in santa rosa. there is fault in half moon bay with a breezy southwest wind. mid 50's over into the east bay. plenty of clouds stacked up. they will be slow to clear for most of us. looking at a cool start to the weekend. a slightly warmer but the winds will kick up for sunday. monday looks to be the mildest, even along the shoreline. looking at the 1:00 cloud,
6:21 am
spindles to the north. a few areas of overcast. we will call it partly cloudy today and clouds really hanging around the shoreline the windy conditions. by 5:00, a few sprinkles will dot the landscape into san mateo. then the clouds get swept off of the coast and we have a very sunny sunday. monday, 60 in half moon bay. upper 50's in pacifica. today, 50's and gusty winds. maybe hold off until monday. highs from the low 60's in the city. breezy elsewhere. 67 in oakland. we should seat mid 70's in the north bay. 72 in fremont. 74 by the delta. the winds will be through the delta as well.
6:22 am
today, the coolest day out of the holiday weekend, upper 70's tomorrow. we will have wind. low 70's bayshore. still cool at the coast. we should nudge up a few degrees, monday. much warmer tuesday and wednesday and thursday as we cool off. next weekend is not looking as chilly as it is now. liz: a lot of people returning to the napa valley. e eturned na bo musicesva sky re7 waeoplare ki pt is year. the moment the gates opened at 11:30, many fans made a mad dash inside. metallica fans rushed to get a spot up front near the stage. >> you are a little early. is it going to be worth it? >> my friend said this is pretty late. usually, we are in line 12 hours, sometimes 24 hours ahead of the band.
6:23 am
it's our passion, it's what we love, this is what we continue to do. liz: bottlerock was canceled in 2020 and delayed by three months in 2021 due to the pandemic. this year, there are some restrictions and masks are encouraged for inside venues. bottlerock continues with a star-studded lineup lasting until tomorrow. just ahead, a modern and musical twist on the disney classic fairytale "cinderella." fairytale "cinderella." what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks.
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liz: the new movie "sneakerella" gives us a modern take that flips the script on the classic cinderella story. no glass slippers here. we meet a male hero who is really into snickers. george pennacchio has a preview for us this morning. >> wait a second, did you design these? you are the guy that everybody has been talking about.
6:26 am
george: "sneakerella" offers a new twist on cinderella, telling the story of a young man who dreams of designing his own line of sneakers. he meets the daughter of a mega footwear tycoon. she helps him gain the confidence he needs to pursue his dreams. chosen jacobs is proud to be part of a feel-good, family-friendly movie. >> i feel like we all could use a little epicness, a little dance party, whether it be outside, in your house. i feel like that's the tone we wanted to set with this movie, it's a movie you can watch with anyone, from your little brother to your great grandma. ♪ george: this project was the first time jacobs had to learn real choreography. he got by with a little help from his friends and family. >> thank you, disney, for having faith in me and the team and my mother for helping me practice.
6:27 am
george: former nba all-star john sally plays the sneaker king. he said he just could say no to a role that let him do things he'd never done before. john: i love to do what they don't expect, and i always, like, a lot of people have dreams and i've lived out a lot of or most of my dreams. but my big dream, because everyone that knows me, i talk about "the wizard of oz" and i talk about "west side story," and i just love that i got to finally be in a musical. george: george pennacchio for abc7news. liz: still to come, looking to vote in person. santa clara county is opening its doors to walk-ins. we will have all the details for you to cast your ballot this weekend. this is what police do not want to see this weekend. what officials say they are doing to stop sideshows before they start.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone. thanks again for joining us. we are going to start this half-hour with another look at the forecast. lisa: good morning morning. a couple of weak weather systems keeping the deck of low clouds in place. the camera is shaking. the sun is up at 551 time. -- 5:51. clouds with fog and 54 on the coast appear this is emeryville, where temperatures are cool, even midland in the mid-50's. we have fog on the san mateo coast by 7:00, a few sunny
6:31 am
breaks but partly cloudy today. this is 11:00, ending 70 way out toward the delta. 3:00, below average. mid 60's i bayshore. the fog quickly moves in and we could see sprinkles along the coast shape. we will talk about a warmer and windier sunday and the warmest day, memorial day, coming up. liz: a napa man pleaded guilty to plotting a bombing of the democratic headquarters in sacramento. prosecutors say ian rogers and an accomplice planned to target the democratic offices and social media headquarters in an attempt to keep former president trump in office. rogers was arrested in january of 2021 after police found guns, ammunition, and pipe bombs in his home. he could spend up to nine years in prison. in the east bay, a man is under arrest, accused of five sexual assaults and police think there could be even more cases. the first was in albany on march 30th.
6:32 am
police said the victim was nine years old. the second happened in berkeley. the victim was kidnapped. a similar attack happened on april 29 in oakland. the victim was grabbed as she was walking down the street. on may 21, a 60-year-old woman reported she was assaulted in berkeley, but managed to take pictures of the suspect and posted them online. someone recognized the man and identified him. another assault happened on may 24 in albany. that victim was 14 years old. berkeley police arrested the suspect, 44-year-old tommy giles junior. they arrested him on the same day. several east bay cities are joining forces to crackdown on illegal sideshows this weekend. the city of antioch is leading the charge. as the reporter explains, their message, don't come to antioch. >> anyone looking to come to antioch for a sideshow event over memorial day weekend, there is a message from the mayor. mayor: don't come to antioch,
6:33 am
because you're going to be found and held accountable. >> the intersection of lone tree and blue rock drive in antioch continues to be a hotspot for sideshows. skidmarks line the intersection. >> you can see right here, we have sideshows that have taken place here. there are people who live right there. >> they are horrible. i can hear them from my bedroom window and i did not realize that they were this close. >> alicia lives walking distance from the intersection. she says not only is it loud, it's dangerous. >> and it is so disheartening because this is a main artery of our community. we have a fire station right here. what if someone is having a medical emergency and needs the fire station because they want to come out here and just act like total buffoons and hold the community hostage? >> the city of pittsburgh has put some traffic measures in place to cut back on drivers doing donuts. this weekend, it will join antioch, brentwood and oakley. -- oakley cracking down on bigs scale events.
6:34 am
mayor thorpe says sideshows have a history in the bay area dating back to the 1980's. he adds the tricks and the risks that drivers take have become more dangerous, which puts those watching at risk, too. mayor thorpe: it has become unsafe as people have gravitated towards cell phones and wanting to film everlasting that takes place. and so, that's what makes extremely dangerous, is that people get too close. >> he says police are taking proactive steps to stop sideshows before they even start. mayor thorpe: as a matter of fact, this past saturday, there was a plan to sideshow. we disrupted, shut it down and it did not happen. >> citations and fines this weekend could cost sideshow drivers thousands of dollars and vandals will be arrested. mayor thorpe: it may not happen that night but are drawn technology and the cameras we have the city are going to find you and you are going to be held accountable. liz: happening today, santa clara county voters can vote in person for the june 7 primary election. starting this morning, you can cast your ballot by walking up to a voting center in prison.
6:35 am
doors open at 9:00 a.m. today and they close at 5:00 p.m. voting is open until june 6 in person. if you are voting by mail, ballots must be returned or postmarked by election day, june 7. sergeant major of the army michael grinstead is leading a commemoration event and walk across the golden gate bridge for memorial day weekend. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge right now. a little foggy. san francisco officials and veterans around with multiple military support organizations are joining the sergeant major , for the walk. snacks and water are provided. flags are going to be placed on headstones at the san francisco national cemetery for memorial day weekend this morning. this is a look at how the flags were placed last year. boy scouts, veterans and volunteers are going to be placing flags starting at 9:00 a.m. they will cover more than 26,000 headstones located at the ceremony. a memorial day observance ceremony is scheduled for monday
6:36 am
at 10:30. the warriors have a week off to get ready for the nba finals broadcast right here on abc , seven. we will find out who they are facing after sunday's game seven between the miami heat and the boston celtics. this is the third version of the golden state franchise making a finals appearance. 2015, we had harrison barnes, then we have the kevin durant dubs, now this present team has steph curry as a centerpiece. curry won the magic johnson western conference finals m.v.p. award. look at him smiling there. there are some who think he may have surpassed magic as the best point guard ever. a finals m.v.p. is about the only thing left that he has not won. curry is focused on making the most of the warriors' sixth trip to the finals in eight years. steph: i appreciate the way the teammates celebrate with me. like i said, that acknowledgment, six out of
6:37 am
eight, the ability to play in another finals, i mean, what else could you want? so, i'm excited about it. draymond: we continue to stick with it and show what we are capable of, so this one feels great, but we got 4 more wins to get. liz: the nba finals only on abc seven starts on thursday, june 2 next week with game one. a reminder, single-game tickets for the first three games of the finals go on sale to the general public later today at 2:00 p.m. still ahead on abc seven mornings, we are taking a look at how meditation is helping seniors' mental health in the south bay. here is a live look outside this morning looking out at the bait bridget. we will check in with lisa when we get back. we get back. nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration.
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liz: welcome back. may is recognized as mental health awareness month and older american what. the mental health seniors is a growing issue that needs proper attention. dustin dorsey introduces you to a man strengthening minds through meditation. >> breathe in and out. in, out. in, out. >> in a time where seemingly so much negative surrounds us, seniors at the senior living center in san jose are finding a sense of calm. >> direct your energy up and down. >> the cdc says around 7 million americans over the age of 65 experience depression each year, partially due to a lack of physical activity. these meditation classes are just one of the many resident led activities for seniors to build community and strengthen their mental health. >> it's important to involve yourself with other people, to socialize, and just in general, the workouts make you feel better, make you feel stronger, and make you feel safer. >> the activities director says
6:41 am
it is important to let the members of the community lead the class to give them back that sense of control they sometimes feel they lose. one of the most popular instructors is a 92-year-old nestor. >> exercise, you work on it. the meditation exercise, it started in china 2000 years ago. >> everybody knows him. anybody has a question regarding meditation, regarding tai chi, he is the man. >> a man of privacy and few words, the master says he would rather have his class do the talking then do an interview. the tai chi master has earned six degrees and learned the art of meditation from china. his classes are bringing up the mental spirits of residents and employees alike. >> he is extremely important, let me tell you. a lot of the staff here has learned a lot from him as well and it all centers around our mental well-being and our physical health because those two go hand-in-hand. without one, it's hard to have another.
6:42 am
>> he hopes to teach mental strengths are his community can live an active and exciting life. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7news. liz: all right, lisa, let's get a check outside. lisa: it is cloudy with temperatures in the 50's. partial clearing but breezy. upper 60's. today is the coolest date we are going to see it for a while. who weather ahead, but the winds are back. liz: thank you, lisa. also next, giants manager gabe kapler always ready to take a stand for what he believes in. why he says he will not be out for the national anthem unless things change. larry beil will have t
6:43 am
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6:45 am
a's will try to bounce back after dropping the first two games of their weekend series against the rangers. the athletics face texas at the oakland coliseum. first pitch is at 1:07. the giants will try to rebound from their loss at the reds. last night, the giants kicked off a 10-game road trip in cincinnati. here's sports director larry beil with the highlights. larry: good morning. the giants are in cincinnati this weekend. the manager, gabe kapler is making headlines. he said he will not come out for the national anthem until he sees some progress being made in this country on gun control. gabe: i just don't, i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like there is -- i feel better about the direction of our country. so, that will be the step. i don't expect it to move the needle necessarily, it is just something that i feel strongly enough about to take that step. larry: as for the game itself, long rain delay and since he so -- and so they did the fireworks pregame. the reds are really bad.
6:46 am
drury crèches high heat on a 0-3 pitch from carlos rodon. 3-0 reds. joc pederson had a dustup with tommy pham before the game. bases loaded in the eighth, hit by pitch forcing and darin ruf. that was the giants' only run of next man up is brandon crawford. the game. next man up is brandon crawford. bases loaded double play ball. , and the threat is over. giants go quietly. you cannot be doing this against a team with the worst record in the league. you can't lose to them, but you just did. a's and rangers, this is pretty much what i look like on the weekend. sean murphy, bombs away. 5th of the year. a's come back to take a 4-2 lead. chad pinder, high, deep, aloha. rangers tie it up in the eighth, scored three more in the ninth. marcus semien, three hits. rei single to make it 85, -- 8-5
6:47 am
, the final score. the a's have dropped five of seven. heat-celtics, the series has flipped more than the leprechaun. miami needing a winter for skim seven. jayson tatum, he had 30 but only 11 and the second half. jimmy butler came up from miami. he had 30 after three. the heat were up by seven on the road and yes, the butler did it, 17 points in the fourth quarter for butler, playoff career-high 47. miami victorious 111-103. game seven is sunday in miami with the warriors waiting on the winner. the lakers hiring darvin ham as their new head coach. he's been an assistant with the bucks, before that, was with the lakers on the bench as an assistant. darvin ham was a bad man. that dude shattered backboards. he has great respect and he's got a big job with the lakers to try to turn that team back into a winning franchise. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i am larry beil. liz: let's get a check of the
6:48 am
forecast. not as warm as people would have hoped for. lisa: no, but many memorial days have been" but starting out that way and finishing warmer. look at all the activity in the sierra nevada, bringing sprinkles in the north bay. another system ready to bring more sprinkles perhaps to sonoma and the coast later today. the wind not with us yet, except in the upper locations. 54 in the city. 56 in mountain view. 59 in san jose. low cloud deck in place for mount tam. temperatures in the north bay in the 50's. mid 50's in their more. 55 with gusty southwest winds. wind above thousand feet and
6:49 am
anywhere from 20 to 38 miles per hour. oakland breezy or tomorrow will be the windier day. it is cloudy with a few areas of the low cloud decks, slope clear . we will up each day through the middle of the week. warmest days tuesday and wednesday. those days so i to last week but not as hot. -- those days are similar to last week but not as hot. wrinkled in bought a rock in the san mateo coast. then the system clears out in the wind kicks up -- sprinkles in the san mateo coast. the system clears out and the wind kicks up. 70's and 80's the east bay valleys. monday, mid-80's.
6:50 am
memorial day, milder on the coast but northwest wind not letting up too much. it is tuesday when they back off when we see 90's. wednesday will be on the mild side. a cool day in the south bay are partly cloudy skies. son on the peninsula. san mateo about 70. 62 downtown. below average continues up in the north bay and wine country, a mix of clouds and sun. 72 in napa. mid to upper 60's, a breezy day on the east bay and cool heading inland. we can call this cool on the mild side. the seven-day forecast, we have clouds and maybe sprinkles. partly cloudy overall. windy for sunday. memorial day, in the mid 70's. tuesday and wednesday dealing like summer but as the heat
6:51 am
eases, we are going well below average this time next weekend. liz: thank you. taking care of our environment is a big part of building a better bay area. new zealand's prime minister was in san francisco this week to sign an agreement with california to combat climate change. of course, the discussion over gun-control could not be avoided given new zealand's past experience that changed gun laws. leah melendez reports. leah: inside the botanical gardens at golden gate park, new new zealand's prime minister and , governor gavin newsom agreed that when it comes to combating climate change, good enough never is. both exchange copies of an agreement to share new ideas to help both california and new zealand reduce their greenhouse gases. gov. newsom: ideas that have been generated here in california and can be exported to new zealand, and ideas that we can import from new zealand. leah: when it comes to
6:52 am
california's main impediment to a cleaner state, car emissions lead the way, while new zealand has two, cars and the number of animals on farms, which emit 71% of methane gases. p.m. arden: making food for the world is costing our environment. leah: the prime minister said her country would like to adopt something similar to california's cash for clunkers program. new zealand has vowed to be carbon neutral but 2050. california's goal is to get there by 2045. the elephant in the room was of coursehessue of gun control, unavoidable for a prime minister who in 2019 was forced to take action after a mass shooting in christchurch. p.m. arden: it was clear that the new zealand public expected politicians to find solutions and quickly. are they the answer to all of our issues as they relate to weapons in new zealand?
6:53 am
no, but they were practical steps that we believed were necessary and would make a difference, and so we made them. leah: the prime minister to meet with president biden on tuesday to discuss trade and investments in the region. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7news. liz: next, oracle park's stands were packed with cheering fans this week and were not there for the giants. we are going to show you the big event that took over the ballpark.
6:54 am
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and our no annual limit discount program saves military members and spouses 10%. every day of the year. at lowe's, our dedication to you is limitless. ♪ ♪ liz: welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's 157 million dollar mega millions drawing. the mega ball, 8. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot increases to $170 million. the 44th carnaval san francisco is back this weekend after a hiatus during the pandemic. the festival will have like
6:56 am
music, dancing, arts and crafts. the new attractions include a new community lead cannabis garden, a tech and gaming pavilion and a lgbtq dedicate d stage. the festival starts at 10:00 this morning alas until 6:00 p.m. the grand parade starts at 9:13 -- 9:30 on sunday. graduation season is in full swing right now with universities across the bay area holding ceremonies that we have not seen since before the pandemic. san francisco state held two commencement ceremonies at oracle park thursday and friday to celebrate graduates from the class of 2020 through 2022. san francisco state president lynn mahoney praised students for their resiliency through a time of uncertainty of remote and hybrid learning. yesterday's graduating class is one of the largest in school history with over 7000 students. so happy and joyful to see them there. lisa: we are going to have a brighter weather.
6:57 am
partly cloudy and breezy today is the coolest day we will see in the next several days prince 67 in oakland. we have a little son and the south bay but fog along coast and a few sprinkles. upper 70's inland tomorrow. low 70's in fremont and newark. we keep the warming trend going as we are back to work tuesday and wednesday and we cool off thursday and friday. you'll need jacket to stay warm today. liz: thank you for joining us on abc seven mornings. abc7news will continue at 9:00 a.m. help to see them. good morning america is next. we will alleviate this view of the clouds is morning. have a good day.
6:58 am
i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero
6:59 am
fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
7:00 am
good morning, america. wrong decision. the unngon frothorie more about the school shooting time line. an outraged governor saying he was misled. >> i am livid about what happened. >> heartbreaking new images, terrifying children escaping through windows as families hope to keep their loved ones' dreams alive. >> she wanted to make a difference. i want that for her now. if she still can. >> hitting the road, the summer travel season kicks off. nearly 35 million americans on the highways. the price you'll pay at the pump this weekend and the crowds at the airports. plus, severe weather, could it throw a wrench into your plans? jury deliberations uer


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