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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> the accident is an ongoing investigation. there was a fatal traffic collision and there is a suspect in custody. >> chp and caltrans did not give information about the victim. the only details are just after 10:00 a.m., the employee was hit and killed allegedly by the suspects car nearly going about the road -- near laguna valley road. law enforcement asked for this surveillance video to see what happened after the suspect parked his car. >> he was not turning to run, he was anxious a little bit but not -- he was not hiding. >> caltrans will release more details once the victim's family has been notified. larry: more than half the u.s. population is living in a county
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with a high or medium community risk level for covid-19. the cdc map shows some states like texas and mississippi have no counties in orange, but a growing number of california counties, five of them in the bay area, are in that category. cornell barnard explains how counties that made the list are responding. >> i got covid a month and a half ago. reporter: joe just recovered from covid-19. >> it was not fun. reporter: sonoma county is one of five bay area counties which landed on the list of high community levels for danger where daily case rates are above 200 per 100,000 residents. the cdc says it so no, napa, marin, and santa clara counties are experiencing high community levels. >> we are in the second largest search since the beginning of the pandemic. reporter: matt willis says this time death rates and
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hospitalizations are lower than previous surges. >> if you are serious about not getting infected, where a well fitted mask. reporter: he says he has no plan to make masks a requirement for indoor settings and for the moment, neither are other counties. south bay public health officials say the move into the cdc hi category was anticipated as case rates and hospitalizations have been on the rise. we do not have plans to require masking indoors, although we continue to strongly recommend it for everyone. many businesses require customers to wear masks, especially for book readings. >> any time we are gathering with large groups, masks are required. our customers have been amazing about it. we have a great community. we want to keep everyone safe. reporter: even after covid, he and others do not want to go backwards. >> people are tired of, to i
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have to go inside? i need a mask. people are over it. dion: alameda county has reinstated its indoor mask mandate. i spoke with our special correspondent about its return on getting answers at 3:00. he emphasized people need to be aware of taking risks. >> public health officials are calling this our sixth search and alameda county has this rate of 340 cases per 100,000. the cdc calling 100 high levels of transmission. mask mandates send an important signal about the severity of what is happening. it is not a big burden for people to go back to wearing masks. i hope people pay attention to that but it is almost less important that people are doing the indoor mask mandates at restaurants and businesses than paying attention to their own surroundings. people spread covid more impersonal settings.
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i hope people are paying attention to the fact that they could be hanging out with someone who might be positive. we have to go back to that level of diligence. dion: dr. patel also addressed vaccinations for kids under five and said we can expect to see them by july. larry: cal fire is looking into whether pg&e is to blame for the old fire that started tuesday. this according to a report. calfire officials asked the utility for fault data on lines near that fire. p jenny said it detected a fault near the suspected origin -- pg&e said it detected a fault near the suspected origin of the blaze. containment was at 65% this morning. rain is forecast to hit the bay area this weekend. let's get to mike nicco. pretty unusual for this time of year. mike: uncommon to have this
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portent of a storm to go through. it is a one on the storm impact scale and it will bring us light to moderate showers, especially across the parts north bay rich hill briefly reduce our fire threat. let's look at what is going on with live doppler seven, detecting verga across the coast and if you look at that little arc to our north, that is more than likely the radar scanning the clouds and a single level in seeing rain that is not reaching the ground. that never really moves into crescent city. it is the storm that is coming in tomorrow that it's going to bring us the better chance of wet weather. we only need a 10th of an inch to briefly reduce the fire threat. i think you are going to be happy with where this -- when this walls and. if you live south of the golden gate bridge, you may not receive any rain. if you're heading to our oceans,
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they are going to be rough. we will talk about it coming up. larry: i'm anxious to find out about sunday afternoon for a wash party around 5:00. the warriors are going to try to bounce back sunday to even the nba finals after falling in game one eigen's the celtics -- in game one against the celtics. the warriors went to stone cold and boston -- it was raining threes. they outscored the warriors 40-16 in the final quarter. >> it was a tough loss, especially the way we did lose, squandering a 15 point lead. it is not the end of the world and we will regroup tomorrow. >> we will figure out the ways we can stop them from getting those threes and take them away, but pretty much tom edited the
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game for the first -- pretty much dominated the game for the first 42 minutes. larry: p rough one for draymond. game two on sunday, join us for the pregame show where everything is an hour earlier because it is sunday. then nba countdown at 4:30, game two at 5:00, then keep it here for after the game, should be around 8:00. dion: scott weiner is renewing his push to extend and can hours in california. he and an assembly man introduced legislation that will allow bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to sell alcohol until 4:00 in the morning. the extended hours would be permitted in seven pilot cities. >> when you think of why people move to cities, there are many reasons and one is they want to have vibrant nightlife. they want to have fun and enjoy themselves through dancing,
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throughout for a drink, and it really matters. dion: the legislation would not allow that the stores to stay open later. same there legislation passed in 2018 but then governor jerry brown be toted, siding with the chp saying it would lead to more drunk driving. on the peninsula, a special day this morning. this juneteenth flag was raised over the county office. it is the first time the county raised this flag. speakers invoked the history of juneteenth. county officials called a part of their mission of inclusiveness. that flag will stay up throughout june. >> the recognition by all americans about the struggle of slavery that the african-american community has overcome but also a reminder of the distance that has yet to be traveled for equality. dion: organizers say juneteenth should be celebrated as much as
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independence day as it is the truth all americans became free. larry: sections of california have sunk dramatically. there is a new study on how this might be reversed, it will not be easy. plus, gas for nearly $10 a gallon?
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dion: san jose police are concerned there might be additional victims of a middle school librarian sexually assaulting a student. the suspect is a 20-year-old, he worked as a library media aide at silverdale middle school. the 13-year-old student told her parents brown assaulted her. >> this individual had many contacts with many juveniles. ha ione haadtialnfmation on this case, they would speak to our detectives, but if there are additional survivors who have had negative contact with this individual to please come forward and provide their statements. dion: brown was arrested wednesday and booked on a charge of lewd acts on minors. larry: the number of confirmed or suspected monkeypox cases in the u.s. stands at 21. the cdc identified cases in 11 states. the overall risk to the public remains low but it is calling on
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public health authorities to increase testing in an effort to isolate patients and prevent this virus from spreading. most u.s. patients had a history of international travel and it is likely that the cot the virus abroad. dion: this is a hard right turn. we have to go to weather after monkeypox. that is all i got. mike: i have some good news. larry was asking about sunday afternoon. showers gone. larry: i feel victory. mike: hopefully the warriors to too. -- do too. here is a look at -- we will go with our roof camera. all of that cloud cover we dock with today. it is going to be the coolest two days of our forecast tomorrow and sunday. our best chance of showers -- i think you are going to like this timing -- saturday afternoon in the north bay to sunday morningn
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temperatures today. i bruno. 59 and half moon bay. 70 in dublin. 75 in san jose. you can see that finger fog towards the east, it is going to get cloudy, so much cloudier during the evening hours. we are starting in the 50's and 60's, dropping to 53 to 62 by 10:00. it is breezy now. tonight, we fall to the low to mid 50's under mostly cloudy conditions. it is probably a chance of drizzle but not a lot. that would be mainly in higher elevations near the coast. tomorrow, mostly cloudy conditions in the south bay. mostly cloudy on the peninsula. cloudy along the coast with low to mid 60's.
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north bay, there's a chance of light showers. best chance will be napa and mendocino. temperatures in the low 60's -- in the 60's to low 70's. a little milder as we head into inland neighborhoods. you are going to see some sprinkles across lake and mendocino county. tomorrow, pretty cloudy. by 4:00, we have rain in sonoma county, possibly sooner in lake and mendocino. the yellow means it is going to be moderate with a better chance of that reaching the ground tomorrow evening. you can see the scattered nature of the showers, men the green by 7:00 in the morning, but a few of those are moving into other parts of the bay. by 1:00, that is pretty much it. by 4:00, there's a little sunshine sunday afternoon. rainfall amounts, i want you to keep an eye on the north bay.
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saturday evening, a couple hundreds. if we get up to 43 hundredths of an inch of rain in santa rosa, stay --ld be a record daily sunday states, excuse me. that will really help the fire danger there. once this passes with most of us not receiving rain, look at that heat. 80's and 90's for several days next week. dion: the return of summer. thank you. taking care of our climate, part of building a better bay area. a stanford study reveals what it could take to stop california from sinking. spencer christian joins us now from the newsroom with a look at this. >> sections of the state have been sinking over the years, in part because of groundwater that could be under increased pressure due to drought and climate change.
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researchers say there may be hope if we act fast. surveying the central valley from john deere seven, the landscape appears level as far as the eye can see. in a new study, researchers have confirmed that not only are sections of the valley sinking, but it may take more to reverse the damage than previously believed. the lead a long trail winding back decades. >> for every water measurement we could find and what we ended up with is a continuous record from 1950's to present day and we found over 20 feet of subsidence. >> the sinking and its link to groundwater is well documented. the team says what is just as problematic is what is happening underground as the water levels drop. that is where they say layers of sediment are being squeezed and may not pop back into ship quickly without being recharged with moisture. >> we found that if you keep the
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water levels at the same level, the subsidence will continue to 10, 20, maybe 30 years. >> some believe once collapsed, the underground aquifers could become difficult to recharge or lose a percentage of their capacity. the seeking has an effect on our groundwater but if you look around, that impact goes farther, threatening everything from roadways to rail lines to our aboveground water supply. seeking or subsidence can damage the canals that carry water up and down the state, slowing the flow and causing leaks. the delta-mendota canal is already slated for repairs. this stanford researcher believes a long-term solution to subsidence is achievable but says it will require more aggressive recharging of the groundwater basins. >> much of the modeling assumes that if you stop the water level
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going down, the subsidence is going to stop. but that is wrong. there is a delay between the water level going down and the clay's responding. >> it may require raising the water table 30 feet or more, but they say they're good news is if water levels to rise from a combination of rain, recharge, and tighter controls on pumping, the sinking could begin to be controlled. next week, i will look at technology that state water managers are using to fill our depleted aquifers more quickly. dion: thank you. virtual reality is a big industry, but some people cannot enjoy it. larry: trying to
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♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! larry: we keep hearing about the metaverse. what is this thing? a world of games and entertainment created by virtual reality, but the immersive experience are preventing some people from using the technology because of motion sickness. david louis shows us how that problem is being solved. >> virtual reality is a $60 billion a year industry popular for training of pilots. the potential for explosive growths mice and consumers for entertainment and games if they can overcome a hurdle.
4:23 pm
a major problem for the industry is motion sickness. it is estimated one third of all people suffer it. how do they address that? >> i have had motion sickness when i have done br. sometimes it is right after getting out or sometimes a couple hours later. >> adrian isoid which creates virtual-reality experiences. he does not want motion sickness to take away from what they are seeing. >> sometimes people forget that and your head or eyes get ahead of your body. >> the board is working with a headset maker on multiple fronts by improving the refresh rate of videos so it is smooth, widening the field of vision, and eliminating the time lag between body movements and what is displayed. >> there were a little bit of delay and what we learn from that is you have to go into and through the system, find everyplace there is delay, and optimize it out. >> the goal is to remove the sickness.
4:24 pm
there, that would open virtual-reality to all consumers and provide more opportunities to the hundreds of companies working in the metaverse. >> the amount of advances i have seen at thisanwh ive todev o j least we are on the right track. >> women and children under 12 are the most prone to motion sickness. dion: i love his reporter involvement there. the annual naming contest for the newest falcon checks at uc berkeley is over and the results are in. they will be named grenell junior, on the right, and lindsay on the left. grenell junior is in honor of grenell, the falcon that established the territory in 2017. he died earlier this year. lindsay is named after the lindsay wildlife experience, the
4:25 pm
organization that cared for grenell when he was injured. 5300 people participated. larry: a nine-year-old in san francisco is pleading for the return of his stolen bike. why a warriors fiend low rider is so special to him. dion: and online tipster program for students, how they can report things from school threats to bullyin
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. dion: on this national gun violence awareness day, students and residents from across the country are holding walkouts to call for gun reform. in milwaukee, hundreds rallied as the country copes with consecutive mass shootings in buffalo, uvalde, and tulsa. a crowd of protesters in maryland staged a walkout outside a high school in rockville. there have been more than 230 mass shootings across the country this year. >> we keep having to hold his gun violence awareness days because not enough people will recognize the public health crisis that gun violence has become. dion: the protests, as congress is seeking a way forward on the issue.
4:29 pm
the democratic-controlled house judiciary committee voted thursday to approve a broad package of gun control measures. a student who survived the uvalde massacre by playing dead is scheduled to testify before the house oversight committee. larry: next fall, both public school students in san francisco will be trained on how to use an online tipster program so they can report anything from threats to students who may be struggling. reporter: mass shootings at schools highlight the importance of having some kind of preventive measures. >> it is so much more than active shooter type things. reporter: enter the say something anonymous reporting system, an app and website to be used by san francisco unified school students grades six through 12 anytime. >> we have a let of students -- a lot of students who feel
4:30 pm
comfortable speaking to adults, other is a population who don't. that is why this is important, it gives them another way to ask for help. reporter: students can report anything from anger, bullying, and depression to concerns about someone who they want to hurt others. the tip goes to the national crisis center, which then alerts the school. but if the matter is life-threatening, the information will be handled by the local 911 dispatch. police in berkeley recently are vested a 16-year-old after receiving a tip that the teen was recruiting students for a mass shooting. >> students saying something when they see something and because some students at something several days ago, perhaps a massacre was averted. that is what we want to see continue. reporter: this is the principle of a school. >> the new term is being an up
4:31 pm
stander, we are trying to encourage them to stand up and call out when they see something is incorrect and wrong and hurtful. reporter: the system was created by the sandy hook promise foundation, training for middle and high school students will begin in the fall. larry: to find an ally to help you cope with issues about school safety, can control, or mental health, get started by going to dion: a nine-year-old is pleading for whoever stole his bike to give it back. the bike is one-of-a-kind and has years of memories attached to it. luz pena has this story. reporter: the first thing you see when you walk inside benny romero's house are his trophies and the warriors flagged. >> this is my favorite because
4:32 pm
they let me pick the design. this trophy, it was a hot summer day. reporter: they represent years with his warriors themed bike, but today, that it's all he has left, the memories. >> it was sad when it got stolen. seven years of work and money into it. i was emotional. reporter: his mom went inside their garage to get the bike for benny to join the san francisco carnaval parade. seconds later, they noticed it was gone. >> they took the bike from over here. this is towards the back of my garage. i had a drape over it and i had his maras ec. reporter: benny is known in the low rider community, paying homage to his mexican brutes, wearing a traditional suit and wearing the bike to low rider shows.
4:33 pm
this has been a family project. >> all of my uncles, my grandpa all built appeared -- built it. reporter: he has been designing despite since he was three. the petals even have his name on them. >> i wanted to keep building the bike. i wanted to add more changes warrio' luc crm isges.ik t missing. it was the timese ihe carnaval and the warriors are playing now. i wanted to give good luck to the warriors by getting this bike and riding it around. reporter: he is hoping for someone to see it. his reward, one of his special stickers. >> a cartoon version of me. it is my favorite one. if you got this, you are lucky.
4:34 pm
reporter: luck is what he is hoping for, for the warriors to win the finals, and for him to get his bike back. larry: i love this kid. dion: he is not only cute, he is so hard-working, he has so much heart. larry: here is one of the stickers. here's the thing, if you took benny's bike, you cannot even ride it, because everyone knows it is his bike. give him back his spiky, you will get some stickers, and maybe in the end you can be friends. he is a talented kid. dion: this is a nine-year-old. anyone who would do something like that to him, you know how much it means. larry: give him his bike back, come on. next, gas for nearly $10 a gallon? dion: the station where you will find these
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dion: time for the four at 4:00. masks are going to be back on in alameda county. health officials reinstated an indoor mask mandate today due to the rise in covid cases and hospitalizations. i'm applies to most indoor public settings including grocery stores and gyms, but not public schools since the year is about to end. ac transit has reinstated the mask mandate. didn't you think this was something that was going to come anyway? mike: it seemed like it if you followed the signs and that is what they did. dion: i think people have such fear over this masks, or fatigue. they are over it. mike: we are all past that by now and the psychological effects of this, trying to go backwards may be more damaging than making yourself open to it.
4:39 pm
i have not had it to -- so i don't know what this latest rain is like. dan: there has been a lot of fatigue and the declining case rates in the vaccines and boosters made people feel more confident, but this new strain is more transmissible but not as serious apparently, especially if you have been vaccinated and boosted. not as serious as original. it was nothing like the original. larry: because of the vaccinations. dan: so what we are experiencing now is not as severe for most people. i know you were sick. larry: the notion that this is just a head cold has been perpetuated. whatever the latest strain is, whatever number we are up to, it is almost like -- what is the definition of pi? it keeps going. whatever variant we are up to, this one feels like an angry flu. dan: i have had some people say it was like a mild cold. it depends under body. larry: you also don't know what
4:40 pm
variant you are getting, i does not like it identifies itself before you get the chills in bed. it seems like we are going to be going through this for a while. if you think gas prices are bad at your neighborhood station, because you are not feeling up in mendocino. gas at this auto repair selling for $9.60 a gallon for regular. gas price as this is the most expensive gas in the country. the owner said her prices are high because she is independent and does not sell food and drink to help make ends meet. i cannot imagine a lot of people -- well, there is a car. do you think it is almost inevitable that we are going to have $10 gas? dan: i think so. and the challenge is from
4:41 pm
everything i have been hearing, it is not going down as quickly as we might expect. it could stay high for some time. this is close to $10 a gallon. if you have a $20 -- a 20 gallon tinker, you are looking at $200. a lot of people are thinking about electric cars. i make it a horse at this point. dion: in los angeles, it made headlines that there was a gas station selling for eight dollars a gallon. what i wonder about mendocino, given the landscape of how many gas stations there are in comparison, maybe this is a supply and demand type thing, if it is in a rural area and this owner happens to be the only gas station owner. dan: i have heard from people who own gas stations at the profit margin on the gas is pretty slim. larry: interesting. dion: speaking about driving, state regulators have approved a permit for driverless taxi
4:42 pm
company to charge passengers for rides in san francisco. there will not be a safety driver in the car. vehicles can transport passengers only from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. only on selected streets outside the downtown core. the vehicles will not be allowed to dry faster than 30 miles an hour or operate in heavy rain or fog. it sounds like you cannot do much. this is just testing the waters it sounds like. would you bided it -- ride in one of these? mike: no. i have a car that has some of those features and i have noticed in traffic, it does not see the road as well and in heavy rain, it is not going to see the road as well. it does have those limitations. we used to have this saying in college called the tipsy taxi which he would take late at night if you had too much to
4:43 pm
drink. this ones from 10:00 to 6:00, i can see it being used for that. dion: what if you do get sick and there is no oversight and what happens in the car? dan: that is a great question. i don't know how you are connected with the app, if you can get help. certainly, they will have some permission. that is a great question. although i would probably try it just to see. this is where we are going. if those hours, it is probably as safe as a lot of people driving at that hour. mike: i don't work those hours. larry: i think it is safe to take baby steps with self-driving vehicles. dan: and that is what this is. larry: the technology is far from perfect. mike: just not having someone in there in case something happens is my deterrent. larry: we will see. we will make incremental progress. a restaurant in arizona want you
4:44 pm
to lick the wall? he would rather go in the taxi. the walls at the mission restaurant in scottsdale -- let's get the close-up -- are made of himalayan rock salt brought in by the chef for the ambience. they are liked by -- licked by customers to help the tequila go down? the salt is said to have sanitary properties. the staff regularly wipe the walls down. dan: this is a hard no. all right, driverless taxi, himalayan rock salt, take your brick -- take your pick. mike: i have one of those. just a block. dion: i have a block, it is tasty, but not for public consumption. mike: did we not learn anything from the pandemic? licking were someone else left?
4:45 pm
-- licked? dion: how do you know your bedstead enough? -- you rinsed it enough? dan: the alcohol from the tequila probably makes you more inclined to try it. larry: several tequila sin, it suddenly seems like a good idea -- tequilas in, it suddenly seems like a good idea.
4:46 pm
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dion: the platinum jubilee continued at st. paul's cathedral today. due to mobility issue, the 94-year-old was not in attendance, but thousands showed up to see other members of the royal family. reporter: day two of the queen's jubilee bringing some disappointment.
4:49 pm
buckingham palace confirming the queen will not attend saturday's derby, one of her favorite horse racing events. and she will not attend the concert being held outside the palace tomorrow night. the queen also skipping a thanksgiving service that was held at st. paul's cathedral, giving thanks for her 70 their brain. -- 70 year reign. >> i hope she can have some bit of quality life. reporter: the palace saying the queen experienced some discomfort after she spent so much time on her feet during thursday's events. the 96-year-old waving from that balcony and participating in a beacon lighting ceremony. >> we hope she is here for as many days as she can be. we are grateful that she is here for her jubilee. reporter: britain's longest-serving monarch opted to watch today's service on television at home.
4:50 pm
the mood was still festive outside st. paul's, thousands hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals who did attend. prince harry and meghan taking their first formal appearance back from the u.s. after two years. prince william, kate, prince charles, and camilla attending, a show of unity for the queen. starting tomorrow, senior members of the royal family will be dispatched to different parts of the country to continue the celebrations. prince william and kate will head to wales, princess anne to scotland, and prince edward and sophie to northern ireland. larry: the 94th annual scripps national spelling bee did have an unprecedented ending. >> more hand. [applause] larry: she is like lightning. shw won -- she won the first
4:51 pm
ever lightning round tiebreaker in 90 seconds. along with the trophy, she won $50,000. she says she wants to give back to the community and become an advocate for literacy. that was impressive. dion: i don't know what the meaning of just one of those words is. larry: i want to clarify one thing because some people were wondering. dion is not wearing a green dress to celebrate the celtics victory, she was wearing had to celebrate that we are going to have brain over the weekend, that shows up on the radar as green. i don't know if anyone is buying that. mike: it is in support of all of us. i cannot wear green. dion: so it is for you. i stand with mike nicco. mike: i'm glad you brought that up. [laughter] let's talk about the cloud cover
4:52 pm
before the rain. it is going to be a slow cooling if you are going for outdoor dining. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and we stay there because of the cloud cover. boston is in town, that means a bigger amount of attendance at the game and how about fireworks? some of those may be hitting the clouds. let's talk about the rain, we will be peppered across the north bay tomorrow afternoon. then that shifts southward and it falls apart as we head into the early morning hours. by 1:00 sunday, the rain is over and the sun will come out and we will have heat away from the coast next week. larry: thank you. the opportunity of a lifetime for a local filipino american rapper. dion: p-lo talks to us about performing at the nba
4:53 pm
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larry: a tough loss for the warriors last night but game one
4:56 pm
did provide the opportunity for a local rapper, bay area artist p-lo performing at halftime and he talked to abc7news. ♪ reporter: a familiar anthem for bay area sports fans, the region's filipino american rapper p-lo gracing the court for game one. tweeting, they got a filipino kid performing halftime at the first ever finals game at chase center, beyond grateful. >> to have what i have going on esalen they want to standby is an honor. reporter: the invitation although in amplifying the importance of aapi visibility. that is according to dr. matthew with cal state east bay's center for sports injustice. >> it is a need to synergy between what he is doing to the hip-hop but also what we are seeing in terms of basketball
4:57 pm
being a culturally inclusive and global in scope sport. reporter: when it comes to aapi representation, p-lo says he recognizes his responsibility. a public face for the filipino american community. >> the warriors did a great job showing the diversity in the bay area and allowing me to have this opportunity. >> unbelievable given the global scope of the nba, but it is also important to see that tie-in in between the sport of basketball. it is a healthy outlet for so many of our communities, especially our filipino americans. reporter: for p-lo, an opportunity of a lifetime fulfilled for this long time warriors fan. >> is an honor to represent the aapi community and to do it on such a big stage. it is the nba finals. larry: game two is on abc 7 on
4:58 pm
sunday with the pregame show starting at 4:00.
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
building a better bay area moving forward finding sol. this is abc 7 news. new details are emerging tonight from the family of missing east baywoman, alexis gabe today gabe's parents told abc 7 that they have spoken to the family of the man accused of killing their daughter. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim and i'm dan ashley now. this news comes one day after investigators announced the death of gabe's ex-boyfriend identifying him as a suspect in her disappearance and death abc 7 news reporter karina. nova joins us live from the newsroom with more on this story karina. well today, are hearing more from alexis gabe's parents who shared the conversation they had with the suspect's family. th


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