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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 11, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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steph curry from downtown a dub nation celebration the warriors tying up the nba finals with a big win in boston tonight steph curry leading the way to the 10797 win over the celtics now the teams head back to san francisco to face off at chase center. what a great night in boston. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. we have team coverage live from boston's td garden tonight. we're going to start with abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez, chris. what a game. what a great comeback. they really peaked when they had to dan you're exactly right the warriors have been so good in the third quarter in this series, but the fourth quarter is where they've kind of struggled tonight. they really did well on the fourth quarter. thanks in part to steph and curry. this series is all tied up heading back to the bay game five monday in san francisco. let's show you how this all went down. we're just gonna show you stephen curry because this is one of the best nights he's ever had in his career. what bad foot one game after hurting his left foot in a
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battle for a loose ball. remember he got hurt in game three stephan curry arguably delivered his best performance in an nba finals game. ever staff was fired up from the jump all kinds of emotion early on he finished with a double-double game-high 43 points adding 10 rebounds. yes. steph is strong on 14 to 26 shooting hitting seven from deep the warriors win 107.97. we're all mounted up at two game five monday in the bay. 'cause obviously our experience. you can want it so bad. you kind of get in your own way a little bit and everybody feels a little bit of pressure. can go to opposite way i wanted to try to. leverage that the you know in a positive direction for us. this is the best. he's ever looked in my mind in the finals because of his strength his physical strength and endurance boston's the best defense in the league the heart on that man is incredible you know the things he does we kind of take for granted from time to time, but let's go out there and
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put us on his back and i mean we got help out on monday. monday is gonna be a lot of fun at chase center game 5, of course all the games on abc 7 and we are guaranteed to come back here to boston game 6 is on thursday now whether or not the warriors have a chance to win a title. we'll have that answer on monday night after that game dan. okay, chris. thanks so much. well our team coverage in boston continues with abc 7 sports news reporter jr. stone, jr. certainly no shortage of warrior fans in bean town tonight. really fun to see how many people made the trip and how many how folks who live in boston now are still rooting for the warriors? yeah, really all over the northeast all over america. that's why they call it dub nation certainly exciting stuff and it was certainly night and day compared to what we saw on wednesday and it felt so good. dub nation is alive and well after game four of the nba finals not only in california,
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but here in boston, too. as the golden state victory wrapped up celtics fans poured out of the td garden. it was a sea of green outside as doves fans took in the victory a good thing too is not only one fight broke out in front of the arena, but two were boston police jumped in and detained at least individuals onto the excitement though. i'm glad they won. 10 year old warriors fan lowell hum came from new york with his dad. who's a celtics fan like much of dub nation. he wanted to talk about the star of the game. hurry he had 43 garden a fan loud the fans were awesome the man showed up. it was a great game. oh it i i was embracing and i was excited. i wasn't scared of it. it was everything. i wanted it to be great game.
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my mom came son francisco. no, not at all. you weren't worried at all. not worry, baby. she came on a flight last night and a ride mr. flight warriors fans. we spoke with were the definition of dub nation coming from all across america withwh'f dub nation. he wantedthree, i'm originally m oakland coming by way of new york watching the warriors do that thing. yo, the boston fans were really really nice. they were but the warriors took it congratulations to the warriors. a fun times all around now on a serious note. we did reach out to boston police about those fights but have yet to hear back boy the warriors have to feel great going back to the bay. it's got to be a great fall light. i know we will feel pretty good going back to the bay come tomorrow reporting live in boston jr.
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stone abc 7 news. yeah great night there jr. thank you. remember abc 7 is the exclusive home of the finals. we'll have pregame and scheme programming throughout this series continuing with game 5 on monday tip-off is at 6 pm. all let's move on now four years after the parkland, florida school shooting students launched the massive movement, march for our lives is back now tomorrow students and supporters across the country will take to the streets demanding tougher gun laws tonight abc 7 news reporter tara campbell speaks with two bay area brothers helping to lead the way. from parkland to uvalde and the near hundred school shootings in between students are saying it's time to march again lives are at risk more days. we wait lives are being gone because of gun violence christopher and nicholas quoc were in middle school in 2018. they watched as parkland students rose rallying for tougher gun control laws more
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than a million students and their supporters marching in washington dc because happen when we were graduating middle school in transitioning into high school. the shooting actually made me more conscious about my transition and also my safety the bay area twin brothers band together joining the march for our lives movement working year-round to end gun violence this mural in downtown redwood city a small piece of their efforts. we were determined to put up a mural and work with the local artists in order to raise more awareness about gun violence prevention. saturday they will take to these streets along with students nationwide march for our lives events taking place in cities across the country and they say the goal is clear to make a statement to a government and people in power really the federal government to start taking action taking this seriously encouraged by this week's hearings in the nation's capital where the house passed
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sweeping gun reform legislation. uvalde was really a turning point to press for this fair world change in order to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again students should go school and feel safe that going to live through that day and also have their lives protected that fear. he says a constant distraction and one of the many reasons they will continue to demand change tara campbell abc 7 news. we have some new information about a deadly shooting last night in oakland abc 7 news has learned the 16 year old boy who was killed was a student at hayward high school. another boy was seriously wounded in the shooting no arrests have been made but oakland police say the gunman used a high-powered rifle the hayward school district put out a statement. it reads quote chies was a well-liked young man by both teachers and students and it's a very emotional time at hayward high schools are tight-knit communities. and tragedies such as this are felt widely as you can well
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imagine. all right, let's move on now. we'll talk about the weather real scorcher in parts of the bay area today meteorologist. sandy. patel is here with more on the heat sandia. yeah, dan, it felt like the summer sizzle even though it's still spring. i want to show you the high temperatures for today up into the triple digit territory from santa rosa to fairfield conquered livermore got warm even in places like oakland and san francisco in the 80s 94 in kentfield 97 degrees in san jose half. moon bay was a comfortable 71 degrees still very warm. look at these numbers in the 70s and the 80s and excessive heat warning remains in effect until 11 pm tomorrow night solano county as it's not going to cool off much and then it's going to be another hot day's risk of heat illnesses will be there. he does ease tomorrow. here's a sampling of your temperature is 94 in concord low 90s napa san jose in the 80s for oakland and palo alto in san francisco 74 degrees even bigger changes are ahead for the second half of your weekend. i'll be back with those coming
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up, dan. all right. thank you. so you shortly in the south bay today residents found. fun ways to try to stay cool in this heat. here's abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo. now dozens and cooling down crowds friday. i love to take my kids out here. i'm glad they cut the water back on because unfortunately water parks are expensive a cost-effective way to keep comfortable after the national weather service issued a heat advisory for santa clara valley through the evening, but even with afternoon temperatures reach a high 90s some residents considered the south bay's hot weather to be a bit of a break. we just came from sacramento today and yesterday announced up in the hundred and hundred and seven degrees. it's human not as hot hot but it's hot enough to come have fun here. across downtown the scorching temps sending customers into powell honda shave ice. well typical hawaiian shave ice is like creamy and like melts in
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your mouth and it's all made to like this special game. the golden state warriors new to japan town. this will be thomas laredo and the crews first summer under the san jose sun the hot weather. no doubt helping business like numbers wise, you know people coming in. it's a little bit more busy than it would normally be so i mean the weather and then kids getting out of school all plays a factor, but the hot conditions also bring about serious concern with high temps drought and dry fuel fire experts and first responders are at the ready any in today, you know, there is some wind out there and so you add the hot temperatures the dry fuels and any wind that can make fighting these fires difficult craig clements is the director of the wildlife research center at san jose state university. he says there's some fortune and what is forecast to be a short-lived heat spell we should be cooling off in a few days. and so that will really bring our fire risk down. it's encouraging news for those
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enjoying the heat in san jose. i'm amanda del yo abc 7 news. and you can track the weather conditions where you live anytime on the abc 7 bay area app it is available right now on roku amazon fire android tv and apple tv as well. alright coming up covid testing no longer required for international travelers what that could mean for san francisco's beleaguered tourism industry new details about what's next for residents of that luxury san francisco high-rise that flooded so badly last week. for the first time in a decade the aids quilt. aren't to san francisco this weekend. what else makes the display extra special this year all of that to get to as we continue but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11 jimmy. you're already home on friday. why not? i don't think as far as famous people go there are many more people who are loved more than you are maybe oprah. that's really it.
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flooded san francisco high-rise now have a date for when they'll be able to return home the management company for 33 tahoma sent a letter to tenants today saying a building reoccupied date is july 1st one week ago more than 600 people were displaced after a water main break. each person is being connected with an ambassador from the company hines. it's covering their hotels until june 30th those who've declined their hotel offer will be given a per diem until that date in stead. well taking a live look at sfo, which could be in for a boost in business starting on sunday. the united states will officially it's covid testing requirement for international travelers abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns breaks down the benefits
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for the bay area. one of the final travel restrictions of the pandemic era is finally taking off on friday morning the cdc announced that will end the covid coming in the country from abroad the covid test requirement was a huge impediment to americans traveling abroad and to international visitors coming to the us the requirement will officially end on sunday and comes after months of pressure from both the travel industry and elected officials many of whom are eager. get foreign visitors back at sfo airport. the announcement was welcome news to italian tourists giordano fattori and his new wife the pair who are traveling for their honeymoon. tell me they didn't know about the testing mandate until the day before their flight from rome to san francisco. he was nice in italy is what terrible to find one pharmacy to do a covid test because in the night are all close, but the new rules won't just make things easier for international travelers the also bring the us in line with other major
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partners the us was one of the last holdouts and requiring inbound international travelers to take a negative get a negative covid test the expected boost in tourism numbers will have a big impact on both the national and local economies international arrivals make up a significant portion of the bay area's tourist revenue the us travel industry has cited that there is about 54 million dollars that can be brought back into the economy by allowing the international travel market to come back into the us one less thing to worry about if you're packing your bags for a long overdue vacation in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. the aids quilt makes its return to san francisco for the first time in a decade this weekend volunteers are spending the day setting up for the quilt display at golden gate park this year marks 35 years since the first unveiling of the guilt. it's grown to honor about 3,000 men women and children who have
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lost their lives toa 24 foot see will be laid inside of those and so people can walk all the way around. there's a grid work. the quilt will stretch across most of robin williams meadow inside the park. it will be unveiled tomorrow morning and on display through sunday. so if you're nice weather to go out there and enjoy it. it's an important thing to see and it hasn't been here in a while sandia. so if you can get out go enjoy the park and check out the quilt absolutely and in the morning, it's going to be perfect weather dan. it'll be nice and mild but after that it starts to warm up. i want to show you live picture right now from our san jose camera. here's a look at what you can expect the cast is calling for the heat to ease. yeah, 10 degrees cooler in santa rosa from 102 to 92. it's going to be a 7 degree drop in livermore oakland still going to be warm to hot inland but not
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near the coast san francisco from 85 to 74 11 degrees cooler in san jose dropping from 97 to 90 degrees high pressure bringing the heat today. this area of low pressure is going to factor into the forecast. it has been driving an atmospheric river into the pacific northwest where seattle saw record rain here in the bay. yeah what it's going to do is it approaches is maybe squeeze out a little bit of sprinkles or drizzle sunday morning and certainly drive those temperatures way down inland fog is here along the coast on live doppler 7 just nearby temperatures right now still in the 70s and 80s inland. so it's warm there coast side in the 60s. look at the winds on shore that's going to help to take those temperatures down sfo guessing to 24 miles an hour exploratorium camera, san francisco looking good air quality is actually going to good for most areas both days a few pockets of moderate air quality coast and central bay and also for the south bay from our east bay hills camera. it's a beautiful view looking across the bay heat moderates tomorrow much cooler on sunday
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with those morning sprinkles, and it's warming up again next week. so warm start tomorrow morning inland in the 70s mild along the coast where you'll see the fog 60s there and right around the bay. we're looking at 60s afternoon highs still going to be hot in the south bay not as hot as today 96 in gilroy 90 jose 85 in sunnyvale on the peninsula 86 redwood city 66 in pacifica a nice seabreeze daly city 66 degrees downtown san francisco 74 in the north bay. you're looking at 87 in san rafael low 90s from napa to sonoma 92 in santa rosa in the east bay low 80s from berkeley to oakland 86 degrees in castro valley temperatures. well above average for this time of year, and it's going to be summer like hot inland 98 in fairfield 93 livermore. 94 degrees in concord. nascar is back and there might be a few sprinkles. this is the system that could produce those early sunday morning. certainly a lot of fog and high clouds and so if you are going
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to the races tomorrow, it's going to be warm and breezy low 60s to low 90s sunday the possibility of a few sprinkles not a game changer mid afternoog change from what we're expecting tomorrow. so the accuweather seven day forecast heat easing tomorrow morning sprinkles sunday followed by a much cooler day. i mean when you're only 80 degrees from a hundred 103, that's gonna feel good temperatures will be rebounding next week. will be noticeably cooler on friday dan. well after today, i may need a sweater on sunday. yes, you will. i'd say you're ver
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is a little over a week away in san francisco has kicked off its celebration a large crowd gathered at city hall for what was the first in a series of events planned over the next several days there were musical performances speeches and raising ceremony juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the united states. all right, let's go back and talk sports and this incredible warriors game in boston sports director. larry beale is here with a phenomenal show by steph tonight. larry dan. i can't prove it, but i think steph might be from another planet. i think you're right. i mean we're running out of superlatives for steph curry an absolutely super human game in boston the warriors absolutely needed. most sports is next.
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by river rock casino good evening in a virtual must win situation. steph curry was absolutely incredible for the warriors unable to be guarded by mere mortals aka the celtics curry went for 43 points. he basically willed golden state to victory to even the series foot injury clearly. not a problem in this game first quarter from way out. and he is fired up in boston and and barking at the third quarter steph. splash two-time mvp. i mean he doesn't get a call. he they knock him down and he's one. what do i have to do here? the refs just swallowed the whistle. steph was clearly not happy fourth quarter marcus smart to beat the shot clock. it was a three-point boston lead getting really tense. the question was who's going to help staff clay into the rescue, finally. to three 18 points and the warriors would take a one-point lead under four minutes to go steph. against the world and i'll take
1:33 am
steph. trains to float or come on. hit 7 threes 43 points warriors victorious 107.97 evening this nba final series of two games apiece game 5 is monday at chase center. if they get to win they take you know control of the series so it's all that mixed into the experience knowing how fickle momentum is in in the finals, we've been through it all so try to rely on past experience to understand. how important i was you still got to go do it, you know, and but it's helpful for our guys to have been here are kind of mainstays and you know, they usually respond after a tough night, and that's what they did. you don't do yourself any. good if you're looking ahead to game six or seven. championship you just got to embrace these moments as special to be one of the last two teams playing and i know we're all going to bring it monday. alright giants and dodgers 49ers
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linebackers fre wne ang with jovan. kinlaw and as he's all shire throwing out the first pitch former dodger jock peterson key bassist loaded two out to run single to make it five two giants and darren ruff hit a couple of homers in this game as the giants beat la by a final of seven to two. how about the a's in cleveland retired wrestler the milwaukee mauler big a's fan always goes to their games in the midwest oakland trying to snap a nine-game skid they led to nothing. of a ninth jose ramirez leading off for the bomb off danny jimenez to make it 2-1 the guardians would tie it up on a sack fly ruining an aidening. shutout gem from paul blackburn and then winning run third luke maley fly to right we got to play at the plate ramon lauriano the throw oscar gonzalez. good night game over drive home safely ten straight losses for the ace three two, cleveland. you're finals sports on abc 7 you're finals sports on abc 7 sponsored by riv meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple
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moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward. to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those. tough questions. is it worse now real solutions? we will all be okay for you for all of us. where did you learn to do? what you do? this is the moment to build a us. all right. that's our report this friday for sandia patel larry bill all of us. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate. your time. hope you have a great weekend right now on jimmy kimmel jeff bridges.
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♪♪ >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪♪ on today's show, inside
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ty call it the first taste >> decadent desserts. >> i've always wanted to have my own business. >> a storybook world. >> what we try to do is provide an oasis for all families to safely play. >> and hogwarts in sf. >> you'll have an amazing time because there's just so much to watch. >> but first, a taste of peru. >> welcome to jaranita, the best peruvian party in san francisco. ♪♪ >> it's so fun and so colorful and feels very vibrant. it's fun to go somewhere that feels like you're somewhere else. >> yeah. >> might as well be an alpaca walking through. >> from the decor, the drinks, the food, it feels like you've got a little bit of peru in san francisco. >> look at this tree -- this tree is just beautiful. when you enter this place, you just feel happy. >> if you want to go to peru
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without leaving the country, we got you. we have authentic peruvian food, we have amazing cocktails, we have great peruvian decorations, and the vibe. you have to check it out. ♪♪ >> what is jaranita? jarana, it means party, and we are jaranita -- small party. like a block party, we're a small, neighborhood restaurant where you want to go and celebrate any occasion. >> this is my -- the manager of my business's birthday, and i decided this is where we were going to celebrate his birthday because it's really fun here. it's a fiesta. >> i rate the vibes a 10. i love the vibes, and i love the colors and just everything. ♪♪ >> i saw the tree and i was like, "oh, wow, this is really fun because i really appreciate ann gos." ts ing like, the
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rions d popoms around it, have, like, their private events, or just a regular dinner. ♪♪ so when you come to jaranita, you're coming to try traditional peruvian cuisine, and we're focusing here on our charcoal rotisserie grill. >> we have 100% the peruvian flavor here. this is the chicken brasa -- pollos a la brasa in peru. right? this dish is the most popular in peru. >> it comes with french fries and salad. it's very traditional for peruvian culture to have this combo. this is my favorite dish. this is the lomo saltado, which is a wok-fried dish. >> beef tenderloin, onion, tomatoes, garlic, french fries. everybody loves it. so this is a beef skewer, barbecued with peruvian barbecue sauce on top, and then we put it on the bed of chimichurri potatoes and top it off with chimichurri sauce and molcajete sauce. it's just delicious and you have
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to try it. >> this is the panceta i like it because 'ss weet potat traditional peruvian sauce, refreshing mint and onions on top. you have to come and try all our drinks, such as nikkei sour, which is a twist on a pisco sour, but we're using sake instead. this is called zen-gria because in jaranita, we have chill vibes and you can relax and have your party here. cheers. ♪♪ >> i think the best thing about this place is you know you're always going to get good food, good drinks. >> very authentic. i have peruvian food many, many, many times, and that's why i come back here, because the food is really good and very authentic. >> it's a great spot to, like,


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