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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 19, 2022 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it means seeing all my people come together, doing better as a community. not just for one, but the next generation. >> juneteenth in full swing. the bay area this important day in history, looking forward and learning from the past. good morning, happy father's day. let us start with a quick look at the weather. >> it is looking gorgeous outside, i want to share a live view from emeryville looking toward the bay bridge. winds are light, happy father's day. plenty of sunshine. by lunchtime, inland areas will be in the upper 70's. still breezy at the beaches, on
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the coasts temperatures in the low 60's. by this afternoon, inland areas in the mid 80's around the bay, upper 70's. a nice evening and even warmer weather with triple digits on the way. i tell you about that coming up. karina: developing news, a grass fire in oakland just west of the golf courses under control. tense moments in east bay last night, take a look. the four alarm fire was reported just after 11:00 last night. multiple crews got a quick handle on this, no evacuations were needed. teams will be on fire watch through tonight, just in case. the cause is still under investigation. now, to the juneteenth celebrations across the u.s. the day honors when the union army general rode into texas, claiming for the first time that enslaved african americans were now free. it took more than two years for that to happen after president
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abraham lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. in the bay area, the city of oakland is one of many places coming together this weekend. people gathered for the first day of holiday festivities, here is tim johns. reporter: the sights and sounds of oakland came alive saturday around the shores of lake merritt for the first day of juneteenth celebrations. >> this is a day for black excellence, being out here celebrating everything we did in life. reporter: dozens of people came up to experience the culture and remember what the holiday means to them. >> being awake, aware of who you are, where you come from. reporter: those in attendance could partake in double dutch. just the diversity here at lake merritt, you can't really get nowhere else in oakland. reporter: in preparation, the city blocked off several streets around the lake and increased
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security. it comes on the back of a deadly shooting at last year's celebrations, something people in attendance saturday said should not overshadow the joy of the day. >> i feel safer, the crowd is smaller, more mellow. the bad people are reading their self out. the good people are sticking around. reporter: while festivities are getting started, many say it is a good chance to make memories with friends and family, creating traditions for generations to come. >> seeing all my people come together, changing our ways, doing better as a community. not just for one, but the next generation. reporter: tim johns, abc 7 news. karina: if you are spending the day in oakland today, there are some road closures in effect for juneteenth celebrations. several roads around lake mirror closed off today, it give emergency vehicles access. lakeshore avenue is closed near east eighth team street, parking is off limits.
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-- 18th street. there are a lot of events to commemorate juneteenth from hikes to life music to movies. we have a full list up now on since juneteenth falls on a sunday this year, the federal holiday will be tomorrow, monday. government offices and the stock market will be closed. most banks will be closed. there will not be any postal delivery. abc 7 is proud to celebrate pride all month and year round in an exciting week ahead, the culmination of celebrations here in the bay area. just about this time next week, the parties, music and dancing will be packing the streets of san francisco for the 52nd annual pride parade, one of the biggest celebrations in the entire country. there is a lot going into it this year, finally back in person for the first time since 2019. to get fully prepped on what to expect, there is no one better
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than suzanne ford joining us life. good morning. >> good morning. karina: we are one week out. >> it is crazy, it is here. we know it is here, we are working hard. we are coming to you from harvard court hotel, that is the official headquarters for pride, for the parade next sunday morning. we are excited and really happy to be back. karina: we are so excited, back in person. it feels like it has been such a long time coming over the last couple years, we have waited and waited. what is new this year? we hear there are some new stages of them place. >> yeah, for the first year in a long time there is going to be a stage on saturday, we are super excited about that. there will be stages saturday and sunday, a total of eight community stages.
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we did split up a little bit, with saturday and sunday, to make sure we have full representation. we are excited about that. the parade is a little smaller this year, we are excited it is over 200 contingents will be going down market street. karina: i cannot wait for the parade. as you know, many of us here at abc 7 will be participating, we are streaming it live. we are excited about that. we know celebrating the lgbtq plus community should be a year-round event, but this year it seems more important than ever, given new nessus that -- legislation that is circulating. what does this year mean to you? why should this be so important? >> for a few reasons. i think the resilience of the lgbtq community in the face of the pandemic will be on center stage this year. the history of the lgbtq community in san francisco is marked with resilience, the last
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52 years. i think that is essential. also just for the city of san francisco. we are back, this festival is the biggest thing that happens to san francisco for the whole year. it is essential to the recovery of the city. gay, straight, does not matter. in san francisco, you are impacted by san francisco pride. we feel that responsibility and we love being in the fabric of san francisco. karina: well said. it has been a long discussion, back and forth all pride month on the western of having law enforcement arch in the parade, with or without uniform. with that the mayor, catch us up on all of that. what other feelings now? -- what are the feelings now? >> we are happy the mayor will be in the parade. we reached an agreement with law enforcement, most of the contingent in law enforcement
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will be in casual attire. there will be some of the brass in dress uniforms, then some officers for security. we accomplished what our board set out to do, and we brought light to that discussion and will continue it later. i think it does the two or three things we set out to do, it is inclusive and the mayor will be there, a great friend of pride. we wanted to include her. i think it is a great solution. there is more work to be done going forward, we are anxious to get started on that next month. but right now, we're just going to focus on the celebration and the parade, make sure people are safe and they have a great time. karina: love will keep us together, that is this year's theme. i love that. let us talk about some of the special guests of the parade, that is always a highlight. who are some of the people we want to see? >> there is an abc star coming,
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sherry will be there. actress, comedian from the series good trouble. she will be celebrity marshall. and amy schneider of jeopardy fame will be one of the other celebrity grand marshals. are excited about that. our board president, carolyn, has invited some of the floyd family, the george floyd family will be marching at the front of the parade. i think it is great. you can see we are celebrating the celebrities coming and also we are focusing on some more work to be done on policing in the u.s.. we are checking a few boxes, i think san francisco pride can do that. karina: you are doing great work, thank you so much for joining us this morning, getting is pumped up. we have one week to really get ready. we of course are going to be celebrating all month long, all year long area [laughter]
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-- long. >> we are happy with the partnership with abc, we appreciate you all. our heart goes out to all of the work you all are doing in conjunction with us. pinky. karina: >> thank you. karina: best of luck to you. i know you have a lot on your plate. have a great rest of your day. abc 7 is a proud sponsor with special coverage of the parade for the very first time. you can watch it live next sunday, june 26. market on your calendar, it is on air and on your abc7news app. see all of our pride month coverage at the dubs are back where they belong, nba champs once again after beating the boston celtics to win their fourth title in eight seasons. the team is back in the bay area, ready for tomorrow's parade. it is a familiar sight for the
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dubs in recent years, but this one is the first one in san francisco and a first for many of the players. >> it has been amazing, mind blowing. still crazy, it has not sunk in yet. monday will probably help. karina: after a few years of the warriors missing the playoffs, the bay area seems ready to go all out tomorrow. here's a look at the full parade route for tomorrow. it kicks off at 11:20 at market and main street, it ends at market and eighth. if you cannot go, do not worry. you can celebrate from home on your phone, computer. we will be streaming it live on live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m., we have everything you want to know in the parade guide up on our website, francis, we need some good weather for this. francis: the weather is going to improve today and tomorrow, here
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is a live view from the east bay hills, looking out toward san francisco. a little hazy right now, you can see the triangle on twin peaks. there is a little bit of cloud cover along the peninsula and coast, most of us will be under sunny skies, warmer temperatures and even warmer for the parade tomorrow. triple digit heat heading our way. karina: also next, the cost crisis. wall street is fearing the worst with a recession. one of the top voices in the u.s. economy just said, not so fast. more kid-sized shots here at last. the ages now able to get the covid vaccine as one bay area county, officials they are say you should start signing up now. when it comes to cybersecurity,
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why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. karina: glimmers of hope this morning at the gas station. the national average has dropped below five dollars. a similar trend in the bay area. san francisco's average is now six dollars 54 cents, dropping nine cents from last week. oakland's average is $6.52. drivers are looking at this in san jose, $6.48. many economists are warning of serious fears of a recession in the coming months due to a rise of inflation we have not seen in decades. the stock market wrapped up its worst week since the pandemic. this morning, u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen joined
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abc's this week with george stephanopoulos with a more toned back outlook. >> i expect the economy to slow. it has been growing at a rapid rate as the economy is -- the labor market has recovered, we have reached full employment. it is natural now that we expect to transition to steady and stable growth. but i do not think of recession is at all inevitable. karina: wall street analysts say the u.s. economy currently has a 40% chance of entering a recession next year. earlier last week, the federal reserve raised its key interest rate, with the biggest jump since 1994. now to an eye on your health, exceed ec authorization this weekend for some of our nation's youngest. the final stamp for the covid-19 vaccine given for children six months and older. the sign offer pfizer and moderna vaccine's mean they are now about 18.7 million american
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children now eligible for their very first kid size covid shots. health departments in the bay area said they are ready to start giving out vaccines as early as this week, including this tuesday in santa clara county. real-life mermaids in the flesh. they flooded the streets of new york this weekend for a one-of-a-kind parade. the coney island mermaid parade returned to brooklyn saturday for the first time since the pandemic. from the parties to the music so umbrellas made into jellyfish, that is cool. there were even a few homemade floats. the parade first started in 1983, centered in a neighborhood with cross streets named mermaid and neptune ranking mythology to life. -- bringing the to life. we had the corgi festival here. a lot of fun things like that going on. francis: all the outdoor events going on today, even tomorrow. we have brilliant weather for
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it, it is gorgeous. hope you can enjoy it while you can, it will get very hot. we will start with live doppler 7, the satellite radar image, not much cloud cover around the bay. we have a few low clouds of the peninsula, check out this beautiful shot looking for the golden gate bridge. it is a great time for tourists to come visit, they can see the bridge without fog right now. currently in san francisco, 58. oakland 60, san jose 62. warmer in my view at 66, half moon bay is cooler because of low clouds at 55. emeryville, looking west toward the bay bridge into san francisco. temperatures climbing into the 60's. fairfield, concord in the mid 60's. evermore hanging out at 60. this week, a lot of folks may want to head to the beach. here is a live shot in santa cruz. sunny and warmer for father's day and juneteenth, we see
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triple digit temperatures in london tuesday and wednesday. heat eases at the end of the week for inland neighborhoods. it is going to be breezy, that would keep beaches cool in the low 60's. san francisco seven-day, oakland 76, san jose 81. tonight, temperatures drop to the low 50's, even mid-50's.aiye championship parade tomorrow, you do not need a jacket. starts around 67 degrees. it will be lin san fnc accuweather 7 day forecast, happy father's day. sunny and warmer, even warmer for the observed juneteenth holiday. 102 degrees for the start of summer tuesday and wednesday, a great time to go to the beach. then we start to cool down for pride weekend. lots of events, lots of sunshine.
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karina: at least we have cooler weather this weekend and next weekend for the pride parade and of course tomorrow's big parade for the warriors. francis: it is always going to be a little milder at the coast, that is good news. karina: meet three sisters.
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♪ karina: the 66 annual north
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beach festival is back this weekend and taking over the san francisco neighborhood. the event is put on by the north beach business association with proceeds going to local organizations. ng come, it seems like the past is alive and well. if you have one of these back to the future vhs tapes, you may be in serious luck. we explain
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karina: there is some evidence those vhs tapes may still have big value. a near mint condition, sealed vhs tape of back to the future sold at auction for $75,000. that is a record for a videotape. a collector from new york one the fitting war, it was from a collection owned by actor tom wilson. let us get a final check on your forecast. francis: if you like sunshine and warmer weather, you will like the forecast. temperatures in the 70's around the bay, san francisco 70. san jose 81. it is going to get really hot for the first day of summer on tuesday, triple digit heat inland into wednesday. karina: thank you for joining us on abc seven mornings, abc7news continues at 5:00 p.m.
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happy father's day to all of you dads out there.
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