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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: building a better bay area. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i cannot wait. we're so excited. kumasi: yes. there's your invite. the place to be today. the dub dynasty parade. the prep and parade route, race for gear and how you can watch. reggie: there's a lot going on. juneteenth holiday continues today from over the weekend. the bay area making the day its own. kumasi: more kid size shots are arriving. the bay area that got to test ahead of time. reggie: welcome to monday,
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june 20th. kumasi: it's juneteenth and it's parade day. we got to check in with francis for the forecast. francis: plenty of suggestion. it's one of those days where you don't need a jacket in san francisco. no fog out there. here's a live view as we look south towards san francisco. it is going to hit high around 73 and 74 today in san francisco. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. much warmer by lunchtime, inland areas in the mid-80's. we'll see mid-90's for warmest spots inland around the bay. lots of low to mid-80's. at the beaches, low 60's to upper 60's. sunsets at 8:34. we have hotter days ahead. kumasi: thank you. well, let the party begin. this is the dub nation celebration all day today. the warriors are kicking off their fourth championship parade in eight years. for the first time, it's going
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to be rolling right now market street in san francisco. reggie: that is where we find abc 7 news reporter ryan curry who will be buzzing along the route and some tips. reporter: good morning to you. live here from downtown san francisco. the middle of market street, this is where playersth bes fs r their big champ lot of them are lining up early, trying to get the best spot they can. of course, we're talking about the preparations going on in all day yesterday. fans getting ready for this big day. some of them planning to arrive bright and early and they're already here. the parade goes for about a mile and it ends on market and eighth street.
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you gate good section of it where you will get see the players come down, the players bring their trophies and everything like that. it's going to be very exciting day and lot of them really excited to see what's going to be going on down here. reggie: what is the outfit? what is going on beneath the jacket? kumasi: there's so much gear to be. i'm trying to figure out what kind of gear you have on. reporter: it's just a blue shirt. i don't have any other warriors gear. reggie: just the blue shirt. kumasi: somebody come take ryan his jacket. you can probably fit this, ryan. reggie: we have gear. all you have to do is ask. kumasi: this is an emergency. reggie: do i need to walk over there during this show and deliver it? kumasi is out of the chair. reporter: i love it.
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kumasi: ryan, how come you don't have warrior swag? do they have beads or something? reggie: go to that woman over there, she will be willing to lend you something for a minute. [ laughter ] reporter: she might be able to. they seem to have more gear to share. reggie: when is your next hit? 6:30. kumasi: you got 20 minutes. reggie: you have 20 minutes to figure this out. when you come back, we don't want to see this. this is not it. kumasi: hat or something. reggie: all right. work on it. we'll see you then. we look forward to it. here's a look at today's parade route. it starts at 11:20 at market and main street and ends at market and eighth. if you can't go, you can watch here on abc 7. our live coverage starts at 10:00. we have everything you need to know. kumasi: across the bay area this weekend, people marked a moment
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that shaped our nation's history. the day when enslaved people in texas learned they are free. in berkeley, the juneteenth festival returned after two-year hiatus because of the expand. -- pandemic. they had it yesterday. >> it means us having a day for us and our people and all the struggles we've been through. just rejoicing and life getting better. kumasi: there's oakland and san francisco over the weekend. organizers say that juneteenth is a chance to focus on the past with the positive movement toward the future. reggie: on juneteenth the bishop of diocese released a video. >> i apologize to anyone here who suffered any form of racism from members or official representatives of the catholic
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church in your lifetime. reggie: the videos from last month it includes the discussion with bishop michael barber, the most senior african-american priest in it diocese. in 2020, bishop barber announced the formation of the diocese the racial justice therese -- task . since it falls on a sunday the federal holiday is observed today. that means government offices and the stock market will be closed. most banks will be closed and there will not be mail delivery. kumasi: the moments many parents have been waiting for here is. cdc authorized covid vaccine kids under five. the good family from palo alto enrolled their two son in it pfizer trial last spring. they were just four months and three at the time. then the family contracted covid including the boys. >> the reason why we wanted to get the vaccine for our kids is
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to prevent long covid and to make the symptoms more mild. kumasi: doctors say children in the trial reported no adverse reactions to these shots. the good family is encouraging family to get their kids vaccinated. parents hoping to do that to get their kids vaccinated will have two vaccine options, moderna and pfizer. the white house's covid-19 response coordinator says the data is clear. >> what i say to parents, we're lucky to have two choices. they are both effective. if you really -- either one is fine. there's some nuance subtle differences. you can talk to your pediatrician about them. we got two good choices. kumasi: you can watch the full interview today on "good morning america" at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. if tough any questions about the covid-19 vaccines or need finding an appointment, you can
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ask our vaccine team. go to and click on the big blue box. we are following a deadly shooting in vallejo. a sheriff's deputy pulling the trigger many are questioning. your central guide to pride. abc 7 is proud sponsor of the parade. it's this sunday and it means we know the special guests and the new twists you can expect. frances: if you headed to the parade. temperature will start off in the upper 60's. we'll be warming up in the low 70's in the afternoon in san francisco. things will heat up tomorrow. i'll tell b -- about that coming up.
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they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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frances: we're starting off with a gorgeous view. hazy skies out there. the air quality could be little bit moderate as temperatures start to warm up. it's 53 in san francisco and oakland and mountain view. san jose 67. we're looking towards san francisco, it will be a busy day. in santa rosa 51, petaluma 59. check out the highs today under plenty of sunshine except at the
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beaches. temperatures warmer than average in that warming trend will continue over the next couple of days. san francisco 74, oakland 80 and then watch out for that triple digit heat. sue has been keeping track for bart trouble. >> sue: let's go down rundown for the mass transit for the parade. lot of muny lines will be reout. bart, here's what's going on, there's a power problem on the richmond lines. no direct service into san francisco and the richmond line. you can take transfer at mcarthur and get into san francisco. bart says they will be adding red line and orange line trains later this morning. arrival every 15 minutes to head into the city. there will be four stops along the parade route for bart and
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cal trains have dimensional trains as well. kumasi: weekend side shows in the north bay. the busy weekend for police officers in santa rosa. >> it's time to celebrate our diversity. i want to wish everyone a happy pride month. kumasi: as we head to break, live look outside at 6:13. we'll be right back. i have literally tried everything. i was on the verge of getting gastric bypass surgery, and i saw the golo commercial, and it was the last thing i tried 'cause it worked. where does your almondmilk come from? almond breeze starts here, with our almond trees and our blue diamond orchards in california. my parents job is to look after them, and it's my job to test the product. try new almond breeze extra creamy, our creamiest almondmilk ever. some home fragrances can be... overwhelming.
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reggie: good day for a parade. the dubs will be heading down market street in a few hours. you're seeing how it looks right now. look, people are really coming out there. kumasi: they are not playing. look at these chairs. reggie: they aren't. see all those warriors gear? [ laughter ] they are not alone. okay. i like this. our official coverage gets under way at 10:00 a.m. as you can see, the set up has been happening and been in the planning stages ever since the warriors reached the finals. according to san francisco chronical the city kicked into high gear on championships. calls were made on friday to community leaders at cleaning of market street. they're hoping the parade will
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boost downtown's economic recovery. kumasi: developing news about a deadly police shooting in vallejo. it happened last night after solano county sheriff's deputies were called to the parkway. at some point sheriff's deputies started so shoot. one person was killed. there's no other details released about the shooting, what led up to it. we have calls into the sheriff's office for more information about this incident. reggie: police in the north bay dealt with multiple side shows over the weekend. the biggest happened in santa rosa at summer field road. a 150 cars and 250 people gathered. authorities say there were reports of gunfire, assaults and cars being burned during the side show. three other side shows reported. kumasi: two instances of an anti-asian graffiti at the same house is being investigated. someone vandalized a forsale
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home with an anti-asian messag. investigators say the realtors, the property owners and most recent tenants of the home are all of asian descent. reggie: abc 7 is proud ohelp separate pride month. san francisco's 67th annual pride parade happens this su sunday. abc 7 spoke to suzanne ford who explain whys this is special. >> the resilience. lgbtq community in the face of the pandemic will be on center stage this year. the history of the lgbtq community in san francisco is marked with resilience all the way to the last 52 years. that's essential. then, also, just for the city of san francisco. we're back. this festival is the biggest thing that happeneds to san francisco for the whole year.
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it's essential to the recovery to the city. reggie: celebrity grand marshals for the pride -- members of george floyd's family will be special guests marching in the front of the parade. abc 7 proud to be a sponsor with special coverage of the parade for the very first time. you can watch it live this sunday june 26th right here on air and abc 7 news app. to see the pride month coverage, just go to kumasi: is exercising more actually better for you? that might not be necessarily true. according to "wall street journal," researchers is evaluating the possible damage of heavy exercise if people are not able to get adequate rest. exerts say over exercising can be detrimental for people looking for health benefits. excessive amounts can dampen your motivation, it can hurt your performance and lead to insomnia, fatigue and stress
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fractures. this is the thing, scientists can't pinpoint the correct amount of activity for individuals, but, they say your age, gender and fitness level all play a part in working out for the right amount. reggie: i don't know what that means. [ laughter ] kumasi: what does that mean? don't do too much but we can't tell you what's too much. frances: i definitely push myself during covid, i got injured. yeah, you can way over do it. i got little too excited working out at home. [ laughter ] we can't get excited is the gorgeous weather today. let's go to live doppler 7 and show you what it's looking like. i it's clear out there. we have coastal clouds. temperatures are mainly in the 50's. san francisco and oakland 53.
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check out brentwood, 67 degrees. they're going to have a tough time into tomorrow. here's a beautiful shot looking out towards the bay bridge. lot of folks heading into san francisco. it is going to be sunny and warmer for the parade and all the juneteenth celebrations today. then triple digit heat starts tomorrow for the first day of summer and hangs on through wednesday. the heat gradually eases towards the end of the week. let's check out those highs today. at the coast, we'll see this sea breeze pick up. 68 in half-moon bay. then check out 90's in santa rosa, antioch 94. tonight we will drop mainly in the mid to upper 50's. it is going to be a mild night. for inland areas they will drop in the 60's. here's a look san francisco for the week ahead. today, we have the parade, 74 is our high this afternoon.
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check out tomorrow, well above our average, may be 15 degrees above average. we slowly ramp down. but it is looking pretty good. near 70 degrees for all the pride festivities. hot tomorrow, triple digits inland. tuesday, wednesday, even around the bay, 90's and 80's. great time to head to the beach and plenty of sunshine hangs on as we dropped temperatures to be cooler and closer to average for next weekend. reggie: thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> good morning. great to be with everyone. coming up, the covid vaccine for children as young as six months old is starting to roll out. the white house coordinator will join us what parents need to know. chaos at the airports across the country again because thousands of flights canceled this weekend. it may only get worse.
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now the government saying there could be consequences for carriers. plus, tennis legend chris everett opening up about her health after finishing chemo for ovarian cancer. we are celebrating juneteenth. you don't want to miss it on gma. kumasi: talking about juneteenth, it was wonderful. it was an evening that was full of black art, culture and community. the event was in partnership with the linda hand foundation. it's an organization that's been providing backpacks and scholarships to students in the east bay for 25 years. now the event also honored trailblazers in the community. there's a cool part. it was held at the historic mexicali road which is now a black-owned establishment named for the culture. reggie: i saw a video. you were getting the crowd
6:24 am
hyped. kumasi: it's juneteenth. it's the celebration. reggie: it goes all the way into today. kumasi: all weekend long. i went to the juneteenth in fillmore. it's great to celebrate it all weekend long. reggie: there's so many things happening this week. that's a good time to be here. we'll be right back.
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(music throughout) kumasi: officials say a large earthquake that rattled taiwan
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was a 5.91 magnitude quake. you can see the shaking in those videos. so far there were no reports of injuries and only minimal damage. reggie: disney newest cruise ship, the disney wish will set sail from port canaveral, florida. officials say it will be unlike any other cruise experience. the ship as new attraction called the aqua mouse which is a water ride. guests can see what it takes to be an imagineer and create a rollercoaster. disney the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: i know you're on it. reggie: mentally i am. next a new policy banning transgender swimmers from competing in women's events. the growing criticism this morning. kumasi: pool party, there's one reason today's victory parade is bit more special than any other bit more special than any other
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>> announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: right now, a championship party fit for a dynasty. the bay area ready to roll. >> steph curry. >> who else? >> draymond green. >> who else? >> klay thompson. >> we said we wouldn't make it back. they proved everyone wrong. kumasi: listen, everybody is excited about this parade.
6:31 am
the route is set. we have tips if you are taking transits. how you're going to be able to watch at home. if you trying to watch it in person, these people are already out here ready. they got their spots. look at this. reggie: they are dancing already. kumasi: they got the gear. reggie: yes. kumasi: listen, when i say ready, this is what we mean, ready. [ laughter ] reggie: i love it. this is so cute to me. kumasi: i love it too. good morning, everybody. it is monday june 20th. it is parade day as you can see. reggie: it's 6:30 in the morning. keep that energy up. make sure you can maintain. there's many hours of it. kumasi: i feel like where was sue. i was looking at sue. she's in the celebration. she's in the celebration colors and everything. [ laughter ]
6:32 am
it might be little chilly out there now. it's going to be really nice today. frances: yeah, exactly. right now, folks out there are wearing a jacket. that's because temperatures are in the low 50 east. we'll see plenty sunshine. temperatures will be warming up above average. currently 53 in san francisco. you are headed to the parade, at the start time it will be 67 and sunny and then we'll see the low 70's this afternoon in san francisco. it is going to be gorgeous out there. live look at live doppler, satellite and radar image mostly clear skies. i'll have above average temps coming up. reggie: golden state warriors championship parades, we have seen that before. editor the dub nation dynasty celebrates its fourth time in eight years. this setting is all new. the warriors will parade down market street in san francisco for the first time. kumasi: abc 7 news reporter ryan curry is there. there's really big plans in
6:33 am
place when the party starts. reporter: yeah, good morning. live here from downtown san francisco. where the parade is getting under way just after 11:00 a.m. fans are already here, definitely excited to see and get their spot in line when the parade does start. i want to share with you about what i'm wearing. i picked this up from my dad. i don't know if you can read it, it's a curry thing, you wouldn't understand. you know, just going to go ahead and share with you. it's a curry thing. you guys wouldn't understand. that's why you don't need to know. reggie: we do understand how to get gear. reporter: i don't see you guys wearing a sweatshirt. reggie: we have it right here. kumasi: where was your dad? did he come down and bring to
6:34 am
you? reporter: my dad is here. he gave this me. reggie: that's cute. we like that. show your dad at the end of the shot. kumasi: can we talk to him? reporter: he's right here. reggie: go over to him. we want to say hi. kumasi: you got your daddy freezing because you didn't bring gear? [ laughter ] reporter: no, it will be a nice day. he'll be fine. he's looking out for his kid. kumasi: that's good. this is cute. reporter: i want oshare with you couple of other fans that are now on this parade. what time did you get out here? >> four in the morning. got here basically 4:30 we found a parking space. we're excited to get this going
6:35 am
and celebrate championship of the bay area. our team making a statement out here. we're here to spent. here we are. reporter: why did you want to get out early? you want to get a good spot? >> to doubt. family members were telling me you better get here early. i brought my girls and my family and friends. we're all here. we're going to celebrate all together for bay. here we are. reporter: what does that mean for you being here with the family and seeing the warriors parade? >> it's been -- we've been fans since back in the day. just seeing this run, this special run the last eight years, winning the title four times out of the eight years, just seeing the results is a great feeling. not jumping the gun, we know we'll come back next year as well. we're a young team. just the way they are building the culture. reporter: thank you.
6:36 am
such a pleasure to meet you. hope you guys have great day with your family here enjoying the parade. there you have it. market street very electric atmosphere. you can see other fans over there. the parade hasn't started yet. we're hours away from it. it's going to be a fun atmosphere. i can't wait to see what the place look like around close the time the parade starts. reggie: we're wearing our gear now. it's kumasi, it's reggie and daddy curry. [ laughter ] reporter: i love that. reggie: all right, belated father's day to him. happy warriors day to everybody. thank you, ryan. kumasi: all right, ryan. go get him his jacket.
6:37 am
[ laughter ] it is a very extra special parade for jordan poole. he's celebrating a birthday he turned 23 yesterday. the warriors partying in vegas all weekend. he became the secret weapon for the warriors. hit two half court buzzer beaters in his first nba finals. moments after, abc 7 caught up with him about what the moment feel like. >> people worked their entire life for this. the first year, we were the worst team in the league. lot of people wrote us off. wrote me off individually. stick with it. stay with the process. being able to be in this moment now, it's amazing. [ indiscernible ] reggie: it's the cigar coming out the hat for me.
6:38 am
kumasi: i'm doing too much. i'm already excited. poole party became a fan favorite catch phrase during the season. the first big pool party of the summer and parade later this morning. here's a look at the parade route. it starts at 11:20 a.m. people are already out there. it's at market and main streets. it ends at market and eighth. it you can't check it out in person, you can watch right here with us on abc 7. our live coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. we have everything you need to know in our parade guide that's a story you'll find on don't forget you can get much more inside coverage and special warriors content any time. you can download the app wherever you stream. reggie: public hearings are resume tomorrow on the capitol insurrection. one committee members saying former president trump action may rise to level of criminal charges. new poll shows 58% of americans believe that donald trump should
6:39 am
be criminally prosecuted. his staff and allies also can be in jeopardy. the charging committee could turn over transcripts offal of their witness interviews as early as july. >> i think the president is guilty of knowing what he did, seditious conspiracy being involved this these segments of pressuring d.o.j., vice president, etcetera. reggie: the committee says they will plan to show how president trump also pressured state officials. two more hearings are scheduled this week. the international gonnaing body for swimming is banning most transgender athletes from competing. na is restricting athletes who transitioned after 12 that is very young. the world professional association says do not recommend sg hormone treatment until 14. 72% of the members voted in favor. advocates for transgender inclusion argue that not enough studies have been done on the
6:40 am
impact of transition in the sport. >> a huge impact on the policies from different states. some states like california, other states are somewhere between texas and california, are going to look at this and absolutely say, may be we should follow suit. that, again, to me, is the real crime. the fact that this policy may end up affecting 14-year-old in high school, it makes me sad. reggie: the new policy is not final yet. it includes proposals for creating a open competition category as a way to balance inclusion for transathletes and promote fair competition. kumasi: new details about a bta employee threaten gun violence at work. the employee was upset over the transit agency's vaccine
6:41 am
mandate. another employee call the sheriff's office to report the threats. a vta shot and killed coworkers at the guadalupe rail yard. reggie: our media partner reports that berkeley city council is considering a new empty home tax for vacant homes. landlords will get tax between $3000 and $6000 annually until they rent, renovate or sell. a final decision is expected by next month for the measure to make the november ballot. if it's passed, it will go into effect in 2024. back and better. his prize warriors bike stolen until we were there for the ultimate surprise. forget spiders, do sharks have a sixth sense? the new study showing they may be choosing to live closer to us. at 7:00, countdown to the warriors parade continues. we're lyre with the organizers of the juneteenth event
6:42 am
happening today. frances: if you are headed to the parade, lot of folks are right now. you will need a jacket during the early morning hours. temperatures in the low to mid-50's during the next custom hours. by the time the parade starts, plenty of sunshine will be in 67 and then we'll be warming up to the low 70's this afternoon. here's a look from east bay out towards san francisco. under clear skies. few patchy coastal clouds out there. then it's going to be a much warmer day for everybody. inland areas by in afternoon, it's going to get hot in the low to mid-90's. around the bay, we'll even see low to mid-80's at the beaches, we will climb up into the upper 60's. the sun sets at 8:34 and then we're going to not cool awful very much inland. temperatures are going to get very hot, tuesday and wednesday will be 15 to 20 degrees above average. that does mean triple digits.
6:43 am
for today, sue is tracking some of the trouble on bart for lot of folks heading into san francisco. sue: there's no service on the richmond line into san francisco. bart says they will be adding red line and orange line train this morning to accommodate for parade goers. we'll have more on that. we want to catch up on traffic accident issues. this accident just being cleared southbound 680 but the backup continues all the way into dublin and pleasanton. we had a sig a sig alert remove. you can see track is now stacking up beyond east richmond and towards elsa bronte. we'll check on that in a few. >> we want to wish everyone a happy pride.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
reggie: live look at sfo airlines across the nation have been experiencing travel glitches again, canceling thousand --thousands of flights. the airlines are blaming staffing shortages and severe weather. since friday, about 3000 flights
6:47 am
were canceled. >> we were doing everything we can, including trying to get in touch earlier and more often with our passengers. then again trying to hire people back and get more people on the job. reggie: concerns for summer vacation continue to grow. transportation secretary pete buttigieg putting pressure on airlines to hire more staff. he's adding this warning, the u.s. government could take action if airlines continue to cancel flights. [ indiscernible ] kumasi: according to the chronicle, the hospital is started to dish charge patients as it prepares to close later this summer. hospital currently fighting to get recertified after state inspectors found health and safety violations back in october. if those recertification efforts fail, the hospital will lose federal funding and be forced to close in september. reggie: for your morning money report, reminder, the u.s. stock market so closed today in observance of juneteenth. as concerns grow that the u.s.
6:48 am
is headed for a recession. treasury secretary janet yellen is arguing that's not a guarantee. >> i expect the economy to slow. it's been growing at a very rapid rate as the economy and labor market recovered and we reached full employment. it's natural now that we expect to transition to seed and stabled growth. reggie: yellen made those comments during the interview on this week. she says the federal reserve is taking aggressive action to address rising inflation. secretary yellen suggested that the biden administration is looking at a possible pause on the 18-cent federal gas tack as a way to fight inflation. wal-mart and roku are joining forces on so called shoppable apps. this allow you do buy items directly from ads on your tv. there's no need to switch to
6:49 am
your phone or computer to make a purchase. kumasi: new study has found that sharks are becoming drawn to densely populated urban areas. due to nutrient runoff, sewage discharge and marine food waste. it shows that sharks can be exposed to toxic pollutants which could lead to a shorter life span. it's important to remember that shark attacks are very rare. approximately 70 bites were reported around the world every year. is that comforting to you? reggie: no. [ laughter ] kumasi: it does make me not want to go in the water. frances: it's pretty cold in the water if you want to cool off. the temperatures in the ocean are near 50 degrees. you might want to feel like you're -- you fight like you want to jump in tomorrow and wednesday. right now, we're in the low to
6:50 am
mid-50's for the most part. it's pretty look now. it's going to be sunny and warmer if the parade day at juneteenth holiday, triple digit temps inland on tuesday and wednesday and then the heat gradually eases towards the end of the week. check out the highs today. 60's, upper 60's at the beaches to mid-90's inland. soft warmer spots will be fairfield and antioch and santa rosa getting up to 93. san francisco 74, still breezy at the beaches and this afternoon. the breeze will pick up. lot of folks headed to the dub nation celebra celebration at ad 11:00. tonight overnight lows will not drop too much for the inland areas. only in the 60's we'll see mid-50's around the bay. this is triple digit htl wait fn
6:51 am
jose. enjoy the holiday and then tomorrow, it's going to feel sweltering for the first day of summer into wednesday, it starts to ease little bit. then we cool off towards next weekend but we will still be slightly above average for the pride kumasi: tonight is game three the stanley cup finals here on abc 7. you can watch the colorado avalanche against the tampa bay lightning starting at 5:00 p.m. then abc 7 news at 8. after that the '80s hosted about rob lowe and wheel of fortune. reggie: as bay area gears to up celebrate the warriors championship young boy who had something special stoaten from him -- stolen from him is grating thanks to the team. 9-year-old benny romero had his
6:52 am
bike stolen last month. the lifelong dubs fan started designing the shiny gold bike when he was three years old. this weekend, he was surprised with the new dubs theme low rider. >> is that cool or what? >> it is. re donated $3000 to the sancisco low rider counsel which was enough for grand pa who owns a body shop and his uncle to work on the brand new bike. >> for benny, it's something special right before the parade, right during the championship. we'll be able to cruise with us tomorrow. we're going to be cruising here in the mission district. [ laughter ] reggie: i know they will. the new bike does come with some upgrades. now, important to note the investigation into benny's original bike continues. hopefully they'll eventually get that back too. police asking for anyone about that bike to give them a call. the bike is nice. kumasi: that bike is really
6:53 am
nice. reggie: that's a cute ride. kumasi: what you got? reggie: i really like this. >> i like that too. just a little something light. you can put on. reggie: it's perfect for this morning. it's not freezing, san francisco morning. kumasi: little brisk. reggie: you don't need -- you need something underneath this. you need a tank top. stell -- kumasi: i'm going to the after party. this is the before party. then the parade and the day party after party. there's so many. i think i found a good one. i'm going to be out there. this is the day. you must live to the max. reggie: it really is a day. is there after after party? kumasi: might be. if it's after 8:00, i won't be there. reggie: then that becomes preparty to this.
6:54 am
which comes real early. up next seven things you need to know. stella: we kumasi: we're taking a live look outside on parade day. we'll be right back.
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6:57 am
kumasi: if you are just joining us. here are seven things you need toe in number onering warriors. this market street downtown san francisco. these are fans that did not come to play. dedicated and ready. they been here for about an hour waiting for championship parade celebration today. the parade actually starts a at 11:20 this morning. they don't care. reggie: number two, here's the route the parade will take. it go from mark street from main
6:58 am
to eighth. frances: we are following road closures near the parade. muny lines rerouted. bart says they will be functioning for your trip in from richmond. the richmond line has no direct service. they will be adding red and orange line. you can come in every 15 minutes. cal train, great way to go. they are adding additional trains. ferries is special warriors boat at 7:45 this morning. kumasi: that is cool. frances: if you are headed to the parade, temperatures will be in the upper 60's during the 11:00 hour. we will be in the low to mid-70's this afternoon in san francisco with plenty of sunshine. you'll need your sunscreen. kumasi: number five, you want to get some warriors gear, there are two places that you can get official gear at the parade today. official merchandise locations near market street at fourth and near montgomery street. reggie: if you're not going to the parade, stick with abc 7
6:59 am
today. we'll have live coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. kumasi: all right, ryan, we got to get back live to market street with ryan curry. apparently it's a curry thing. we could not revisit this moment. this is ryan's dad. thank goodness you got that shirt back on. ryan had you out there cold. we did not appreciate that. okay. look at the curry men. look at that. reggie: perfect last time for this parade. it's all coming together. reporter: the perfect last name. reggie: ryan, tell those ladies behind you, they gave us a whole life. can you please pass the message along? we love them. reporter: i know. our anchors want to let you know they adore you. you guys are amazing. they want to say hi.
7:00 am
good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, as we start a new week with you, for parents waiting to vaccinate their young children, the wait is over. green light. the cdc recommending the pfizer/moderna covid vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. white house covid response coordinator dr. ashish jha joins us live with what parents need to know. recession fear. with inflation soaring nationwide, food, airfare and gas prices all up, will a federal gas tax holiday help ease the burden? brutal heat. new round of dangerous temperatures putting 10 million americans on alert. minneapolis warning of road buckling heat.


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