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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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fires in the area and they contained one of those fires. >> this is a live look from sky 7. you can see the smoke. the fire has been giving off a lot of smoke and making it difficult to see the flames. we have periodically seen the helicopters doing the water drops. >> the fire is burning near crestwood drive and edgewood road, not far from interstate 280. drivers can see the smoke driving down the freeway. we are now live, where we got an update from calfire. >> yeah, they wrapped up that press conference a few minutes ago with confirmation that a firefighter was injured, but no details as to the extent of those injuries. we know they were called here just before 2:30, the battle two fires, the one fire that has been contained, and the edgewood
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fire now burning towards the city of woodside. it is 25 acres at the moment. calfire says they are babbling hot temperatures. we can feel the triple digits out here in redwood city. also, the wind is not challenging, which is fantastic news for firefighters. several agencies from south san francisco to palo alto have responded to this. that evacuation order and those evacuation warnings pretty significant. >> you have a lot of valuable homes threatened. there are a lot of resources throughout the county in the bay that have helped us. we want to make sure the public is heating the evacuation orders and warnings. if you're getting an evacuation warning, it's a good idea to
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leave at that time to give us all the opportunity to fight the fire the best we can. aircraft, there are people that will fly drones or something like that. do not do that. allow the professionals to do what they are doing. they are making a good attack on this that is helping, so any ability to hinder that, we don't want that to happen. >> they are calling it a six-alarm fire with all of the response mentioned earlier. speaking with residents in the area evacuating or preparing to evacuate, all of them talked about hearing an explosion from the pg&e substation. that was asked at the press conference, calfire saying that substation was/is being threatened. no other damage to report is what calfire is telling us. the only injury from that is the
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firefighter we know about. calfire will update us throughout the day. we know this heat will keep first responders on scene. they are saying the wind is not playing a role right now, great news and his fire, but again, one of two here along the peninsula, the edgewood fire burning 25 acres so far. >> thank you for that update. taking a live look. that sweltering heat is not helping. temperatures well above normal. our meteorologist has a look at the hotspots and when we might get some relief. >> yeah, beginning tomorrow, but before that, let us talk about the fire conditions. 98. hot, dry. relative humidity is 13%. that was disgusting to 13 miles per hour. not terribly strong. not a major issue now. hopefully they are able to continue to make progress as she talked about the wind picking up
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a little bit at 7:00, then dying down. this is a live view from the east bay hills, blue skies, hazy view, record-setting heat. 98 at sfo, a new record. 102 san jose, passing the record by one degree. and downtown, tying the record in 1981. triple digits inland. 105 fairfield. 103 san martin. the heat advisory continues for much of the bay area until 10:00 p.m. tonight for solano county, 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. the risk of heat illnesses remains high. i believe chino how much relief you will get and who will feel at first, coming up. >> thank you. thousands of pg amd customers don't have power. most are on the peninsula in the area of that san mateo county fire. more than 13,500 outages on the
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peninsula, 20 to 450 plus in the east bay, in just under 200 and san francisco and 118 in the south bay. >> abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area focuses now on the big issues that affect us all, including health. the latest on vaccines for children. today, santa clara county began giving covid shots to children six months the five years old. our reporter has a look at the turnout and spoke with some parents. >> i am not sure i have ever seen a happier child about to get a shot. the only person with the bigger smile was his dad, knowing all three of his children are now vaccinated against covid-19. >> it has been a long time since we did a lot of what people consider normal things, and the same has been that once the vaccines get here, the pandemic will be over. for him, today is the day we get start making that happen. >> dozens of families and their
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children under five years old. by the santa cl fairgrounds to receive their vaccines. his sisters could hardly watch, but said they were excited for the brother. >> really, really, really happy. >> i want to be saf my dad once his family to be safe. i think it is a big deal that we are vaccinated. >> for many today with the entire family finally received at least one dose of the shot. >> i am happy it is out. i have been waiting for this. >> she signed up as quickly as she could to get her kids the vaccine, her family looking forward to enjoying things safely together again. >> hopefully we will be able to go out more. the kids are tired of being cooped up in the house all the time. >> it slowed down after the first hour. many parents may be skeptical about vaccination, but the county ensures the safety. >> these vaccines are absolutely safe and effective. >> the director of health care
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preparedness for santa clara county since the vaccines protect against severe sickness, hospitalization, and deaths. he encourages the community to sign up for an appointment. >> it is a matter of safety in keeping children healthy and doing everything you can to provide the best protection for children. >> you can book on the county website. >> children six months to four years old and san francisco could also get vaccinated today. the department of public health says most families can get vaccinations for this age group through their health care provider and pharmacies. they opened appointments today and information can be found online. >> the family of two young boys has filed a lawsuit against the state after the brothers were killed while in the care of their adoptive parents. our abc seven news anchor is here to expand why the family is
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taking legal action. >> the biological family of the little boys announced a $40 million lawsuit against the state of california, the county human services, and adoptive parents now charged with murder. let me give you some background on this. these are the two young brothers . in 2016, kern county took the boys away from the birth mother and they were adopted by the couple. they reported the children missing in 2020, and in march this year, they were arrested in bakersfield for the murder. in today's press conference, the boys biological mother, grandmother, and their lawyer detail the lawsuit, saying the state and county took the boys unlawfully from their mother and did not follow the federal mandate to try to unify the family in place them with the grandmother. >> i did not deserve this.
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i am not a criminal. i don't have a bad record. i don't have a record at all, so for me to take my child to the hospital, being a responsible parent, and to lose my child, and for my second child to be born into it and for me to take him home for a weekend lose him, it hurts. >> why? why, kern county? what is the purpose of not giving them to me was my house was approved to have them? i am the grandmother. what makes them think that a foster family was better than their own family? what makes them think that? i have no idea. >> the boys bodies have not been found. the murder trial is scheduled for july. i reached out to the california department of social services in
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the kern county department of human services, kern county said they cannot comment because of a gag order, and the california department of social services that they are unable to comment on the litigation and there is more background to the story. he might have questions. you can go to for that. >> thank you. there are new developments in a series of lawsuits involving roundup weed killer. the supreme court has rejected an appeal by the parent company of the maker of roundup to shut down the lawsuits. the decision aids in place a $25 million judgment in favor of a bay area man says he got cancer from using roundup. the abc7news team has been looking into the danger of the active ingredient in roundup since 2016. an international research group classified it as probably carcinogenic to humans. that was one year earlier. the epa has repeatedly concluded
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that it is unlikely to cause cancer. >> it is one of the longest man hunts in our nations history. today, those prisoners who escape from alcatraz in 1962 are still wanted fugitives. the latest efforts to find them. >> a verdict in the civil trial because bill cosby. the details in the case that accused him of sexual assault involving a 16-year-old girl decades ago. >> and expanding the animal family, the latest
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>> back now to our breaking news out of san mateo county. flames, wildfire in the edgewood park, forcing evacuations. it has burned 25 acres in the woodside area. people are being told to leave their homes if they have been afforded to evacuate. there are some evacuations. there is a report of a firefighter injured. calfire said the heat is presenting a challenge, but the winds fortunately are fairly calm. the u.s. marshals service is hoping for a break in one of the nation's most infamous prison escapes. the federal agency released an update of three missing convicts who escape alcatraz 60 years ago. our reporter spoke with a former fbi agent who specializes in finding people. >> yes, this is what summer calling a wildly optimistic attempt to put these inmates back behind bars after escaping
6:15 pm
alcatraz six decades ago. the question is why release these photos now? is there evidence to suggest they are still alive? a possible clue into one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. these are newly released renderings of three convicts who managed to escape alcatraz, the nation's ultimate maximum security prison in 19 62. the u.s. marshals service release these pictures as projections of what the trio would look like in their 80's, but today they would be in their 90's. the federal agency has been investigating the case for four decades after the fbi turned it over, following a 17-year probe. >> the u.s. marshals service has been investigating this for 41 years. why release these now? >> it is interesting they would release them today. in a sense, it is better late than never. >> a former fbi agent who served for nearly 30 years is leading a
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squad that specialized in finding fugitives. he says releasing these renderings signals there is a potentially credible tip that at least one convict me still be alive. >> the possibility there are witnesses who have called in and said there are individuals who appear like these folks and these renderings could maybe confirm or deny the news. >> frank morse, john england and his brother clarence and put fake heads in their beds, pushed through a concrete wall, and made a raft from prison raincoats. >> that is months of labor without being caught. >> in 2016, we spoke extensively with a deputy u.s. marshal task to track down the convicted trio, who knew each other from previous stents in prison. >> they did what nobody else could do, get off the island and never be found, if they live. >> they have received multiple
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tips, and a raft and paddle possibly covered from the island, and this photo taken of the brothers in 1975 by childhood friend, claiming the brothers were alive, plasticine at at a bar in brazil. while the feds did not think it was credible, to date, no bodies have been found. >> i hope those brothers call in in the u.s. marshals will be able to get there guys. >> we have reached out to the u.s. marshals service for common but have yet to hear back. the message they have indicated to the press so far has served as a warning to fugitives, that regardless of the amount of time that has passed, the federal agency will not stop looking, even if these people are in their 90's. >> thank you. today, jurors in a civil trial found bill cosby sexually abused a 16-year-old girl at the playboy mansion in 1975. the los angeles county jury delivered the verdict in favor
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of her and awarded her $500,000. the 64-year-old who called her legal battle torture and said it was such a big victory, a year after bill cosby's criminal conviction for sexual assault was thrown out and he was freed from prison. >> breaking news in the east bay, a part train has derailed, near oak grove road and david avenue. we are told that no one is hurt, but they had to evacuate people from the train on the tracks. we have a live picture for you there, the part train stop here there is currently no part service between pleasant hill and congress stations due to this. i will mention that bart has tweeted they have a bus bridge set up for folks continued on to antioch. again, you can see it stopped on the tracks right there. so obviously it is not flipped
6:19 pm
over, but it is derailed. that is how it's being reported. this is happening in concord. no injuries. we are bringing you this live picture. emergency crews and air seven is on the way. we will bring you details as we get them, but there is disruption to the east bay commute on bart. >> thank you. the weather got so hot today. >> thankfully the wind is staying down for the fire, right? >> yes. that should help the firefighters. it has been a hot day. but enough records. let me show you those records. sfo 98 was a new record today. 102 san jose is also a record. oakland tying at 98. 106 fairfield. 104 santa rosa. 92 in the city. 95 santa cruz. i pressure bringing the heat, but attention turning through this area of low pressure that will draw up monsoon moisture in
6:20 pm
raised the possibility of thunderstorms. it is dry with the down sloping wind. a percent humidity in concord. 9% in livermore. this is a live review from emeryville. clear skies. golden gate bridge. 88 in mountain view. san jose. santa clara. upper 90's to low 100s. sunny view from san francisco from the tower camera. 99 santa rosa. triple digits fairfield, concord, livermore, napa. live view one more time. you can see the wind does not effective right now. but inland tomorrow. cooler at the coast. higher humidity. risk of heat illness. a chance of thunderstorms the next two days. we have to keep it in the forecast. first, we get the southerly surge. the fog will come up the coast tomorrow morning. the area of low pressure is expected to draw up the monsoon moisture, while the greatest threat of thunderstorms will be south and east of the bay area
6:21 pm
tomorrow. we are right on that border, so if we do get any thunderstorms, some may be accompanied by light showers, but some of them will be dried lightning that could touch off more fires, so something you want to keep in mind. temperatures in the morning from fog, clear skies inland, mild to warm, 60's, 70's do the coast. we will go with 50's. the numbers for the afternoon come humid. 95 san jose and south bay. 94 sent clara. the santa clara. believe it or not, this is an improvement over today. low 70's coast side. downtown san francisco, 76. as the muggyness arises, it may not feel cooler. north bay, 94 santa rosa, 92 novato. gunman 8591 union city. 89 castro valley. sunshine. high clouds. and hot. 98 fairfield.
6:22 pm
livermore 96. 99 brentwood. the accuweather 7 day forecast, hot inland, possibly of thunder, 70's to 90's, the chance of a thunderstorm lingers into thursday before drier, cooler afternoon. low 60's the low 90's. for the pride parade sunday, the weather should be beautiful. not too hot, not too cold. just right. wide range of temperatures monday. cooler into tuesday. >> thank you. homeowners thought someone was trying to break into their house. house. >> it was the d - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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>> two big cats rescued from our rundown roadside soup arrived from -- zoo arrived and what they said were deplorable conditions. they are now unnamed and will stay permanently. they say they are adjusting well to their new environment and said the previous keepers may have had connections with joe exotic, the tiger king himself. >> a dog escaped and found his way back home, while his owners were on vacation. >> what a smart boy. good boy. >> supersmart.
6:26 pm
the couple were on vacation when they got a notification that someone was at the door. they saw the beloved dog dexter scratching and whining. he tried to calm the dog down while someone came and picked him up. dexter hopped a fence at the daycare to get home. jeremy says the dog takes his role as family protector very seriously. wow. >> don't jump the fence, dexter. could a new way to build homes and our housing crisis? one bay area company thinks it has come up a way to disrupt the construction industry. >> holding social media accountable, the latest effort by lawmakers to stop online hate and harass
6:27 pm
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>> now from abc7, live breaking news. >> back to the fast-moving
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wildfire forcing people to evacuate from their homes in san mateo county. it started in the edgewood park area and has grown to about 25 acres. the smoke is visible from 280. folks have slowed down on the freeway. calfire said in an update one firefighter has been injured. we spoke to one woman who said she heard something around the time the fire started. >> it was a huge bang. i didn't really understand, and my neighbor called and said to get -- he might have to evacuate. >> firefighters on ground and aerial support covering it. and they were dropping retarded. there was a second fire in the area, but it has been contained. >> we have an update on breaking
6:31 pm
news and the east bay. a bar train has derailed in concord near old grove road and david avenue. here's sky 7 flying from the derailment site. nobody is hurt. bart had to evacuate people from the train. there it is. you can see it is still upright. one passenger told us the trouble started when the train suddenly lurched forward. >>'s started shaking violently, came down to a stop. the conductor went ahead walking through the train, and said -- initially said it was a fire. then the last card actually derailed. now we are on the hottest day of the year. >> apparently the last train car
6:32 pm
derailed. there is currently no bart service between the pleasant hill and concord stations because the train is sitting there. that investigation has to take place. there is a bus bridge set up. >> and east bay company may have come up with a way to reduce the cost of housing in the bay area. a plant in union city is using technology to build a better bay area by cutting the time and cost of new home construction. abc7 news reporter david louis has a look at the results. >> wood and drywall have been material to use multifamily housing. but that is changing in an effort to keep construction costs down and make homes affordable. the revolution is happening in union city, where the fabrication plant is taking lessons from advances in the aviation and auto industry by using new materials. instead of drywall, they are turning to hps, high-performance
6:33 pm
surfaces. >> this is a very high quality material, super rigid, cannot be scratched or stained. it is an antibacterial material. >> hps can be polished to look like granite or marble, molded into seamless countertops and sinks. grooves can be cut, making it unnecessary to add a metal vent. and designs can be printed for an artistic touch. it can be fabricated and sent to the building sites. because it is scratch free, there is no risk of damage. hps is about 25 times more expensive than drywall, but managed to cut the cost of new construction. >> we still managed to be by 5% to 10% less expensive than traditional construction. we intend to push this cost significantly lower. >> they have built 140 units in the bay area. developers are taking notice of the efficiency while not
6:34 pm
sacrificing quality. one of the interesting characteristics about this house is it is very quiet. you don't hear people walking upstairs. we wonder why am holding an umbrella. the secret sauce is the ceiling. it is not solid. it is made out of fabric that absorbs sound. new materials and innovation helping address the needs for more housing. in san carlos, david louis. >> an effort to stop hate and harassment focuses on social media. supporters gather to push for an assembly bill making sites take on greater responsibility. annable munoz from our sister station breaks down how that would happen. >> california lawmakers and community organizations stress many deadly attacks across the u.s. in recent years and weeks are bound together by a common thread. >> their link to social media, shooters who are radicalized often with a toxic brew of white supremacy and extremist ideology through the incredible power of social media. >> it aims to require social
6:35 pm
media companies to file quarterly reports with the attorney general's office on their content moderation policies. >> we are not telling you what to do, but tell policymakers what you are doing. >> a new report by the anti-defamation league found 65% of those in a marginalized group experienced hate based harassment over their identity. for youth in that category, 72%. asian americans reported an increase from 21% to 39%. >> we implore our elected officials to take a strong stand and take action and making our online communities safer. >> facebook states it publishes regular transparency reports on how it enforces policies. the white house is also taking on the issue. vice president harris launched a new task force targeting online harassment and abuse. the lgbtq community reported
6:36 pm
harassment more than any group surveyed. >> i am a jewish gay man happy to be here with the leaders of my caucuses. >> senator scott wiener said he was harassed and received thousands of death threats. they give social media companies address of some of the issues. >> for everyone like me, someone in elected office getting harassed and threatened, there are thousands of regular people who have no access to those resources, no real ability to get attention when they are being threatened and intimidated. >> animal munoz, abc7 news. >> twitter's board of directors recommended shareholders vote to approve the company's sale to elon musk. that is according to a regulatory filing. twitter plans on holding a special meeting for the acquisition. the board said in the filing it determined none of the possible alternatives to the merger, including staying independent or pursuing a different buyer.
6:37 pm
board members agreed to sell the company to elon musk for $44 billion in april. new life for a shop that was one of the few safe spaces in the 1970's. for san francisco's gay community. the story behind the revitalization of what was once harvey milk's shop. >> worldwide harmony during make music day. musicians in san jose taking part in a day recognized around the globe to
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> in the south bay, stages were propped up celebrating international make music day. along with more than 1000 cities worldwide, san jose also took part in the 40 year long tradition. music lovers, enthusiasts, amateurs, singers, all are welcome and encouraged to participate.
6:41 pm
the melodic street party started at noon and ran until 6:00 p.m. it was also livestreamed on youtube. as we celebrate pride month, we want to share a new community space that was once a historic site. harvey milk's castro camera shot. abc 7 took a tour and met one of the faces behind the transportation -- transformation. >> this is harvey milk sitting in front of his camera shot. it became the center of the gay community in the 70's. sitting in this historic place roughly 50 years later, it is serial. did you ever imagine you would have a business here in his old camera shop? >> absolutely not. >> he's a photographer. in 2020, looking for a place to show a series of photos when a friend connected him with this space. covid those plans on pause. then the idea involved, inspired by the space. >> this was a community spot, place for people to organize.
6:42 pm
so we wanted to bring that vibe back in, bring a space for queer people who don't feel seen or need space to have that and be creative. >> here's what the shop look like when they started. this is what it looks like now. transformed into queer arts featured, or queer af. >> it is a space for local bay area artists to show and sell their work and come and gather and be creative. >> in the front, a gathering space. then a boutique for creators to sell jewelry and other works. in san francisco, one of the most extensive cities in the country, the co-founder said it's vibe -- vital. >> it is important providing that access to provide that representation and allow folks who would not normally be featured become featured. >> the goal is to present a diverse group of artists and creators. 60% of artists represented are
6:43 pm
people of color. >> you can do yourself, many sides of itself. >> this is our first artists more -- >> erika poppa showed the rotating art gallery and exhibit space featuring a different artist every month. she said galleries can sometimes feel exclusive and competitive and take high commissions. not here. >> we wanted to be a space that could be a jump off point for artist and those who want this exposure and gain an understanding or opportunity to display. >> you can feel his legacy of community, connection, and inclusion. and they are building upon it in their own way. >> we have big ideas and big plans. i think that will keep evolving as people come into this space and we learn from the community. really it is a community centered project. >> abc7 is proud to be a sponsor
6:44 pm
with special coverage of the parade for the very first time. watch it live on sunday, june 26. starting at 10:30 in the morning. go to >> summer is coming in hot. >> we will check in with the latest on an extended heat advisory and the areas sweating it out again tomorrow. (ding ding) let's enjoy illinois! come on! oops. ♪ ♪ ha ha. ♪ ♪ ahoy illinois! can i get you guys a drink? okay, hold on.
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we quote and design each project and help customers select all finishes without having to leave their home! wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! >> i'm going to go with stifling. >> scorching. >> sizzling? sandyah. all of the s's. >> here's the good news. the heat is going to back off tomorrow. but it is still hot near the fire. 95 degrees. this is the fire burning in san
6:48 pm
mateo county. humidity is 15%. winds coming up out of the west. gusting to 70 miles an hour. 7:00 tonight, expected to be a westerly wind. dropping off a little bit. hopefully they can make good progress on the fire burning. air quality across the bay area even though we have a spare the air alert, it is good to moderate. decent, a live view from the east bay cameras. the air quality over the next three days ranging from good to moderate. no spare alert, even though we expect another hot one. this is interesting. fog down here. area of low pressure is going to not only draw up fog so we have a southerly surge to bring the front back to the coast, but the low will pull up monsoon
6:49 pm
moisture that could bring the possibility of a thunderstorm or two. some include rain or dry lightning, which is the last thing we need to, but be careful. highs in the upper 90's in places like fairfield, livermore. 70's near the coast. adc and 90's going to be humid. the forecast will feature a thunder chance the next couple of days. cooler afternoons. definitely heading in that direction saturday and sunday. for the pride parade, it should be just fine and comfortable. >> good timing. >> no rest for steph. >> no. did you say sweltering? i thought i had a new word. >> we have to write them down. >> steph, first win -- getting off of the win for the nba title, now pursuing his next
6:50 pm
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>> now, abc7 sports with larry beil. >> fresh off of his fourth nba championship and first finals and bp award, steph curry will turn his attention to his other sports passion, golf. he will play in the american century championship, the celebrity golf event held near lake tahoe every year. the chronicle reported the news in official announcement on his participation expected later this week. only the 10th appearance for him in this event. he and his dad have been there the past few years, with the loser having to jump into lake tahoe. desll should probably plan -- dell should probably plan on jumping again. straight from the parade to sacrament a. mike brown formally made the transition from assistant coach to kings head coach. he has a monumental challenge
6:54 pm
ahead of him. the kings did not invent losing, but they perfected it. they have not made the playoffs in 16 years, the longest drought in the nba. coach of the year with cleveland in the 2008-2009 season. a brief stint as head coach of the lakers. assistant for the warriors six years ago. one thing on his mind right now in sacramento is winning. >> i'm not coming here to have fun, be excited, join the area. i'm coming here to win. we will embrace anything in front of us that talks about winning. i truly believe the potential is off the charts. it gets me excited thinking about it. i'm ready to get to the public and touch the people in sacramento. give back to the people for being so passionate and loyal to the kings. >> giants in atlanta. baby braves fan taking in the game. three run homer down the left
6:55 pm
field. out to a 4-0 lead. it is matt olson, high and deep off of anthony desclafani. 5-5 in the fourth. luis gonzalez to the center. that is the problem. feeding the tag, but jams his leg on the play. he would leave in discomfort. they call it a left knee contusion. the giants are leading 9-7 in the seventh. a star-studded group of women's soccer stars bringing a women's pro team to the bay area competing in the national women's soccer league. another former santa clara university soccer standout, daniel slayton told me they have been working behind the scenes for an expansion team. >> you look at what is not only produced on the youth side, but the college side, and coming out of the bay area is massive.
6:56 pm
it makes total sense to me and us, absolutely this place needs a next step in the development for the youth came into the college game and professional game. >> yesterday, klay thompson lost his nba finals hat. so today he was back on the boat a different nba finals lid, and perhaps a few adult beverages. >> those boat days hit different when you're a champion. let me tell you something about that. 2017, best postseason in nba history. we are back five years later. >> so much fun to be klay for a day. just out on the boat and the water. >> i'm thinking all of the hat makers want to sponsor him. >> absolutely. >> thanks. that will do it for this action-packed edition of abc7 news. >> a lot going on today.
6:57 pm
for sandhya patel, larry beil, the entire abc7news team, have a great evening. we will see you at 11:00. >> when it will be much cooler. >> it will still be warm, i'm sure. take care, everyone. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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7:00 pm
and what a tournament it's going to be with super champs like amy schneider, matt amodio, mattea roach, and ryan long. but there's still time for more to qualify. so today we welcome rob and jenny to the game. good luck. and let's take a look at the categories you will be facing in the jeopardy! round... and... for example, if the response was "monopoly," that would contain n-o-p. megan, you'll select first. red all over, $200. - megan. - what is scarlet fever? - yes. - red all over, $400. [beep]


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