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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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away the constitutional right to an abortion. >> governor newsom says that california will be a sink should for patients seeking abortions. but it appears the state will not spend taxpayer money to help -- help people travel for the procedure. >> and abortion fund that will be put up for vote by state lawmakers tonight. >> it includes millions of dollars to support abortion access across the state, including for the first time, funding for support organizations in california. the grant money cannot be used for out-of-state travel to california, some advocates say that they want that changed. tonight, the california legislature is set to vote on gavin newsom's state budget. within it, 200 million dollars
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of additional funding for reproduction and abortion services. how happy are you with the budget that is being voted on? ask i am pretty filled -- pretty thrilled. >> she says the budget contains many of the recommendations made by the state's first ever future of abortion council released late last year. that includes a 40 million dollars to offset the cost of an abortion for people without insurance. 20 $1 million to help reproductive suit -- reproductive facilities increase their security. there is also money for abortion support fund. this will help people seeking an abortion in california cover their in-state expenses. access reproductive justice is thankful for these funds, but she has one concern, the grant
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money doesn't cover out-of-state travel to california. >> it is imperative that we include funding for out-of-state travel. >> at a press conference friday, the governor said that organizations should be able to use their own money to help women travel to the state. >> that would give them capacity to increase their efforts and those areas. >> transportation can be the largest barrier, and the state should offer that support she says. >> if they cannot afford it, -- >> even though the money cannot be used for out-of-state travel to california, that grant money can be used to support anyone regardless of residency or status once they are in california. the vote is happening tonight. starting right now. she was hopeful throughout the
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date that the restriction could be changed, but so far no indication that it could be. in the news room, >> is there information about how many reproductive groups should expect to now here? >> it is difficult to see big who will be seeking care here in california, but already this calendar year they have seen a doubling of their volume compared to last year as long as you can get access to these funds the grant money will go to practice till -- will go to practical support groups. anyone seeking care in or out of the state should reach out to those groups. >> interesting. thanks liz. that topic of abortion brings up a lot of sensitive issues obviously, if you are looking for an ally or a way to take
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action, we can get you started. >> a shark attack off the monterey county coast. it was confirmed as a white shark. the state's department of fish and wildlife got shark dna at -- he was in lovers's point beach in pacific grove exactly one week ago. he asked -- he experienced a severe leg injury, thanks -- but he is expected to recover, thanks to the quick thinking of by standards. off california's coast, there are usually fewer than three shark attacks per year. >> at six, police are looking for help finding the people who recently stole a kitten from the animal shelter. >> the kittens name is mo chi, and the four suspects are seen
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on the surveillance camera. they put the kitten into a purse and then drove off in a gmc suburban that was also seen on camera. she just wants the kitten returned so that she can get proper care before she is legally adopted. >> the biggest wildfire actively burning in california, called the rices fire sparked about 2:00 afternoon yesterday. it has already burned 900 acres, so far zero containment on this. four buildings are said to have burned down and 500 homes are threatened. evacuation warnings are now in a fact -- evacuation orders as well as warnings are now in effect. in the east bay, grizzly peak will of our is being -- grizzly peak boulevard is being closed because of very high fire danger over the fourth of july higher
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-- for the july holiday. there have been no confirmed fires and fewer crowds to navigate. >> let's talk about the conditions in terms of the weather over the holiday weekend with abc's meteorologist, >> it's our driest. combine that with the drought twitches in the severe to extreme category and the fire do me -- the fire danger remains elevated. if you look at the fire danger index, you will notice that parts of the bay area will be in the modded it to high area for tomorrow. when have -- will be in the moderate to high area tomorrow. you will notice the marine layer is pretty much along the entire california coastline. the wind and marine layer are helping to drive temperatures down. 10° cooler in napa right now. down 13 in palo alto.
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the cooling trend will continue around the bay and inland. averaged temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. the low 80's inland. the coastal be in the upper 50's to low 60's. we will have your four date forecast coming up. >> happening now, focusing on safety. san jose is now on pace to set a new record for the most traffic deaths in one year. city and leaders are having a difficult -- dustin dorsey explains how education may be the way to save lives. >> memorials like these are more than just an arrangement of flowers. they often represent a life lost on the rose -- on the road. the city of san jose continues
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to combat traffic deaths. yesterday alone, three people died on city streets. >> it is so concerning. it is absolutely not commonplace to see three fatalities happen in one day, two of them being pedestrians. >> around 5:00 a.m. a woman was killed wking across a jackets -- jackson avenue. a solo driver died after he crashed into a tree. another pedestrian was killed in a crossed -- in a crosswalk on arden way. they are 23 deaths away from tying the grim all-time record. >> compared to last year, -- >> in the past few days, they have written more than 200 tickets as they try to stop bad drivers. >> that's not to make them feel like they are bad people, that
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is to change driving behaviors so we can prevent tragedies from occurring. >> the department of transportation and police says it comes down to people to make a change. so we asked the question, what will it take to save lives? backs but your phone away before you start driving. -- >> put your phone away before you start driving. >> opinions like these are what officials are looking for. tonight the city and county dod are holdingheirst of virtual discussions highlighting roads and how to make them safer. community insight is invaluable. >> we are trying to do community engagement, hear about experiences traveling on a core door or particular intersection and use that information to you help us -- information to help us think through safety solutions that will help us every day and will be something that people will use. >> all in the hopes that we see
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less of these around town. dustin dorsey, abc news. >> states average is down to 620 94 -- $6.29 for gas. the most expensive gas and all of california is now the count goni -- the most extensive gas in all of california is now in the county. also coming friday, several other transit related price hakes -- price hikes. it is a delayed increase. it was originally scheduled to happen in january and will be the first one in two years. the average three dollars 78 sent fair will increase $.15. most rates are going up by $.35. soon fasttrack users will pay
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joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor if leqvio is right for you. lower. longer. leqvio. >> tomorrow is a big day for the future of the oakland a's, will the plant ballpark open -- will the planned all park open? if the commission votes to
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remove priority use from howard terminal, that clears the land for ballpark development. if not, the project is essentially dead. some oakland city leaders want voters to decide on the new ballpark, they held a rally today outside of city hall. >> i want to make sure that the public got involved because the investment that we are going to make is tremendous. >> tomorrow's commission vote is what she is focused on. >> tomorrow is a do or die vote for howard terminal. as we envisioned it, as a publicly accessible site with public parks, affordable housing, and yes, a privately financed ballpark for the oakland a's. this commission is looking at whether or not our whole day area -- whole bay area can
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accommodate egg growth -- can accommodate a growth. they are recommending that the commission votes to remove howard terminal so we can move forward with this amazing project. >> joining us now is abc7news insider phil, it is always good to have you. do the a's keep the ballpark after all of this time and back and forth and consternation? yes , no, why? backs tomorrow -- >> they will hopefully get the look at -- everybody agrees that. the big question, dan, and the yes or no is going to come down to the cost of that and how much public money weather for infrastructure around the area or for the neighborhood is
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involved. and where that money is going to come from. even now, at this late date, no one has an answer for that. i can't predict yes or no until i have a price on that. >> let's shift gears and jump across the bay to a new topic, voters have recalled san francisco d.a. in this month's election. he is telling the chronicle that he is not ruling out running for da again, trying to get back in office after getting kicked off. does he have a realistic chance of winning? >> in san francisco, in regards to politics, it ain't ever over. p is the option of running this november, and -- he has the option of running this november and next november as well. his basis for saying that he
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should or could run again, is based on the fact that he got 45% of the vote in the recall. he says that is more votes that he got the on when he initially ran because of the ranked choice voting system. for him to run in november would be very difficult. if anything, the voters might say, we just had this discussion with you. you are out. november is a different story. this november he will need to make up his new -- make up his mind in the next couple of weeks. next november there's time. he needs to announce is to -- he needs to announce his replacement and we will see if he chooses to run. >> time heals all wounds, maybe next november he has a better chance, we'll see. >> that's right. >> eight coyote has been seen wandering around a san francisco area.
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the animal walked on the sidewalk for several minutes. animal care and control tells us they received several reports of a coyote at the laurel hill playground. coyotes often wander into residential neighborhoods across the city. >> at least he's ok. let's turn to the weather forecast. >> it is looking great for the holiday weekend, if you don't mind cooler weather. let me show you the winds right now. they are onshore, blowing from the ocean to the land blowing at 45 miles per hour toward san francisco. 26 miles per hour. that reason is certainly carrying the marine layer across the bay. you can see port of oakland is already sucked in. you have to get into san jose to see blue skies now.
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marine layer has deepened to 1700 feet. it is going to get into the valleys tomorrow morning, we are checking that out on live doppler 7. believe it or not, it was in the low 60's to low 80's today -- to low 70's today. which is low for this time of year. here is a live view from our emeryville camera, looking at oakland. patchy drizzle in the morning, cooling continues into the afternoon. wins will remain gusty tonight, if you are stepping out you may need to run some errands. tomorrow morning will be breezy, cool winds will be on the 20-25 mile per hour order. over 30 mile-per-hour wind gust in the evening over the higher terrain. that will help push the marine layer along tonight, tomorrow morning not just low clouds and fog, but we will see patches of drizzle around the coast.
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and then the low clouds will pull back to the coast and lingle -- linger around the bay. good sleeping weather tonight, 76 in san jose, comfortable weather for you, sunshine in the afternoon. 66 san mateo. upper 50's, gray skies, from half moon bay to pacifica. it is going to be lingering gray skies there as well. temperatures are in the mid 70's from vallejo. 80 in santa rosa. in the east bay, 64 oakland, 66 -- 72 fremont. had inland -- head inland, here is a look at your seven-day forecast.
6:21 pm
a windy one with a morning gray and drizzle. temperatures in and around the bay, you will notice they are continuing to drop off. they bottom out on sunday, upper 50's to mid devotees. and for the fourth of july, we will get a milder pattern, fingers crossed, the fog layer becomes a little more shallow so that people can see the fireworks, especially here in san francisco. >> sandy, thank you. after one of the best -- one of the biggest decisions at that the supreme court has made in the supreme court has made in g tyour kitchen or bathroom? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom
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>> in less than 24 hours the first black woman to serve on the supreme court will be sworn in. and thaad you brown jackson judn jackson will be sworn in. a look at the -- judge contained you brown jackson -- >> has a strong ties to the area. he graduated from lowell high school and attended stanford for his underground. early this year when reiger announced his a town meant -- announced his retirement, he --
6:25 pm
when briar announced his retirement, he spoke -- we spoke to his son. briar's son told us that his dad loves to joke and watch old movies. the 83-year-old has served on the supreme court since 1994, nominated by president bill clinton. he has authored major opinions, one of which is upholding the affordable care act. judge jackson will be sworn into take briar's place. matthew cole says, eventually we will see her influence even though it may not have made a difference in the recent rulings. >> over time, subtly, will be ill influence, -- will be influence, moderate or change minds? it could well be. that's not how appointments to the court work.
6:26 pm
influence happens over time and subtly. >> again, briar is retiring tomorrow at 9:00 pacific. you can watch judge jackson sworn in streaming on our app. >> we are expecting to hear supreme court rulings tomorrow before justice briar -- justice briar -- justice breyer retires. >> one has to do with the epa's ability to require -- those rulings will be released tomorrow. >> coming up next, the reproductions from the deadliest human smuggling case in u.s. history. 53 lives lost.
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get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> >> an awful tragedy now even
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worse. the human smuggling tragedy in texas is now reaching a death toll of 53. four people are now in custody, including the suspected truck driver. victims came from axa co., hunter s, guatemala -- came from mexico hunter is -- honduras, and guatemala. >> local resettlement agencies say enough is enough in the wake of what is the deadliest human smuggling case in u.s. history. local attorneys tell me today that trump air or border policies are pushing people to the brink. people are risking their lives to get into this country and the tragedies will continue until something gets done. dozens of migrants found dead in
6:31 pm
a truck in san antonio. >> people are taking extreme measures. >> jewish family and community services in the east bay, amanda, says that trump era policies need to end. pointing to title 42 and the trump era protection protocols also known as remain in mexico. it is traumatizing asylum-seekers even more, they are already in terrible conditions. >> a federal judge blocked president biden's attempt to extend title 42 in may. allowing -- president biden's attempt to end title 42 in may. the president's efforts to end it have been challenged. >> people have told me that they have been kidnapped by a cartel in mexico. they need to ask family members,
6:32 pm
to pay the extortion fees and the horrific things that they saw and that happened to them as a result of being kidnapped. >> lily rae is the founder of bay area border relief, they provide basic necessities to migrants in mexico, to supporting those who make it here. she has traveled to the border seven times. >> each of the seven trips were different, but what was not different was desperation of the families we met. >> the tragedies will continue until policies are changed. >> i know the desperation of those people to get into that truck, thinking they are getting -- they are going for a better life. >> the supreme court is expected to rule tomorrow whether present biden can and the remain in
6:33 pm
mexico policies. >> two oakland police officers who chased a driver accused of hitting and killing a bystander, are charged with misconduct. the man was at a taco truck on international boulevard when a speeding car hit several vehicles, sending a car into a group of people. people -- the police officers super chasing the vehicle because -- because they believed he was part of a sideshow a mile away. those police officers have been suspended after serious allegations regarding how they handled the incident. >> there are several areas in this incident that are very concerning. i have decided to place the officers on administrative leave beyond the 72 hour administrative leave. full administrative leave and suspended off of police powers.
6:34 pm
>> he would not elaborate on what the police officers accused of doing that caused so much concern here. a 19-year-old driver was arrested for the fatal crash. >> vice-president kamala harris is in the bay area. meeting her at the airport where the mayors of oakland and san francisco, the vp pointed out how important it is to stay in touch with leaders at the local level. >> we have always collaborated and relied on the perspective of the mayors of america to inform what we do. to see them and to talk to them about all of the work that we have done and the work that we still have to do, is important. >> barricades are up and uniform police officers are staging around nob hill hotel where she will be spending her time. at a nato summit, president biden underscored the a lot --
6:35 pm
the alliances commitment to defending its territory. two new nations are making progress to join nato. karen travers is traveling with the president and has the latest. box with the war it -- >> the war in ukraine has intensified, and -- >> putin has attacked the very tenants of warfare. >> the president is announcing the extension of some troop deployments in europe. the first permanent american forces on nato's eastern flank. the u.s. is also considering increasing f-35 squadrons to the u.k. and increasing rotational deployments to the baltics.
6:36 pm
>> we are going to ensure that nato is ready to meet rats across -- to meet threats across land and sea. >> no specifics from the president or senior officials on how long that permanent u.s. presence will be in poland, and if deployments will continue to estonia and lithuania. >> we are in close consultation with the allies. >> two new members on the eve of the madrid summit, turkey drops -- from sweden and finland. >> their decision to join the nato alliance is going to make it stronger and more secure. >> nato leaders are also discussing challenges posed by china. president biden's met with the
6:37 pm
leaders of south korea and japan to do -- to speak about china. >> a possible case of monkeypox. one person is in good condition and in isolation. three other bay areas have confirmed cases, san francisco, alameda, and santa clara. the risk to the general population from monkeypox is still low, and the virus doesn't spread easily between people with close contact. symptoms include source and a rash on the skin. 66 of the nationwide cases have been diagnosed in california. >> disruptions
6:38 pm
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>> dr. anthony fauci says he is experiencing paxlovid rebound. it is two weeks since he tested positive for covid-19. when he first experienced symptoms, he was prescribed paxlovid. four days after that, the covid test came back positive.
6:41 pm
he is on a second round of the drug. covid sub variance ba four and five have officially surpassed other sub variance in the u.s.. why this virus is spreading so fast. >> over a month ago, omicron's subvariant ba.2 12.1 became the dominant strain across the country. now the cdc has confirmed that the a4 and be a five combined our response both for -- ba for and be a five are responsible for most of the cases in the u.s.. it makes up over 52% of infections nationwide. as more research goes into how these subvariant behave, there are two data points. the a4 and the a5 -- ba four and
6:42 pm
ba five escape antibodies. >> even if you have prep -- if you have experienced prior infection, you are not protected. another stood -- study suggest that they target the cells in our lungs. >> sometimes these mutations lead to greater ability to bind to cells, specific types of cells called -- cells that are deep in the lung tissue. as opposed to those in the upper airway. that may be what's going on. whether it has clinical significance or not, is another question. >> associate investigator at gladstone institute is working on research to help the human body fight at the entry point. stanford universities dr. karen says that getting your
6:43 pm
vaccination and wearing a mask still works against these sub variance. >> we could do a better job of the risk of infection in the trust -- in the respiratory tract. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc news. >> there are many disappointed families in san francisco right now after being notified that there week at the popular -- that there week at the popular camp neared -- near you somebody has been suspended. they are unable to probably staff the cap -- staff the camp after several employees contracted covid-19. >> the camp is primarily open to city residents. facts it is so different from the city, and the fact that it is city grounds and it is sad to
6:44 pm
hear that they have closed. >> the camp was closed this week, and now the following week, week five. the hope is that the staff can recover quickly enough to reopen for the rest of the summer. >> the health of our campers and staff has to be the most important thing. we are up to 15 staff members tested positive for covid. too many staff members are out to serve 200 to 300 people every week. they have a total of 11 weeks to choose from, not everyone gets in, those that do consider themselves lucky since the demand is so high. >> we did apply and got in, and we got lucky because we were week two. >> but those assigned to week one in early june, were told, they cannot attend for the same reason, covid. >> he has been camping before,
6:45 pm
but not at this camp, it would have been his first time camping at yosemite. >> many of you have reached out suggesting, even willing to volunteer to fill those spots. as one parent who was recently bear told us, it is not that easy. >> i can't imagine imagine suddenly having to do the ropes course. everyone is an expert in their field. those that work with children are fingerprinted. we have lifeguards. we have people who are first aid certified. unfortunately, we do need trained staff. those who were unable to attend will be reimbursed. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> i'm sure you notice the cooler weather today, what to expect for
6:46 pm
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6:49 pm
layer which is deepening. it is questioning -- it is pushing along the coast already. the temperatures are in the low to mid 80's, and average high and san jose is 81 degrees. you will remain below average for the next seven days. even though it does get warmer for fourth of july going into next week. the air quality is good for the entire bay area for the holiday weekend. it is nice to get outside and enjoy. wendy tomorrow, cooling continue -- windy tomorrow, cooling continues away from the coastline. fourth of july will be a little bit milder and we will carry the warming trend through to wednesday. >> here with the baseball news, larry. >> the shortest amount of visit evert today for the giants. -- ever today for the giants.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
>> now abc 7 sports. >> a incredible 107 win season for the giants, seems like ancient history now. they are trying to hang around despite a bunch of injuries. they wrapped up a two-game miniseries with the tigers today. autumn of the first, as a --
6:53 pm
longoria -- bottom of the first, longoria. autumn three, -- look out the barrel, a hobby but bias -- javi bias load the bases but did not score. wood was not good. eric haase, two run bottom giants lose. he is trying to avoid being swept. it is a good start. to up into one double. next man up is elvis andrus. based knock, they are up 3-0.
6:54 pm
all eyes because, here comes the dg aaron judge is 25, judge has 29 bombs, the a's need to cut to the bottom. so inviting, a three young -- a three run homer. that is your final right there. the a's, five and 20 with one more to go tomorrow in seattle. steph curry has a new job, a one-day gig, he is hosting the sp's -- espy's. he has been a guest of four but this will be his first time hosting. -- he has been a guest before but this will be his first time hosting.
6:55 pm
this is a california classico. so was first-round pick patrick baldwin junior, we already knew that he wasn't going to play because of those ankle issues. he will not play, will not be playing in the san francisco games. should plate in vegas in a few weeks. >> i couldn't contain myself and practice today, i was smiling the entire time. it is a great process injury -- great process and journey. it is a dream. i can't wait for everything else coming forward. i really want to play every game. it is based on the coaches, staff, and everything. >> i hope he doesn't miss the entire season. coming out in the open with authority, becoming a warrior.
6:56 pm
the team did not extend his qualifying offer. that counts 10 million dollars for luxury tax purposes. warriors, they will be spending a fortune, perhaps over $400 million for next season's squad. that's real money. >> isn't the payroll now, 350 or something? >> yes. just under 350. >> followed by home economics at 9:30, press yourour luck at 10:, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time, as always, we hope to see you again for abc 7 news at 11:00. ♪
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it's more than clean. ♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a real estate attorney from waukee, iowa... an associate professor from murfreesboro, tennessee... and our returning champion-- an attorney from washington, d.c... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert, and welcome to "jeopardy!" when it comes to good-luck charms, the orange tie of our new champion, pete chattrabhuti, certainly seems to be a powerful one. pete started yesterday's double jeopardy! round
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in a distant third with only $800. but following a run of correct responses late in the round and a strategic bet in final, he walked away with the win. pete may not be wearing the orange tie today, but he made sure to bring it with him to the podium. [audience laughs] will pete's good luck continue, or is it lauryl or halley's turn to reign as champion? let's starfiinhe "jeopardyd with these categories... and... pete, as our returning champ, you'll select first. time machine movies for $200. - halley. - who is austin powers? - correct. - movies for $400.


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