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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 30, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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good for them. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> tonight, an investigation is
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underway at the oakland police department. the chief said they have been finding very serious potential misconduct among two officers. this comes after sunday morning's sideshow and a fatal crash afterwards. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. ama: and i am, dates. j.r. stone has the story. j.r.: oakland chief police leronne armstrong announcing wednesday that he has released two police officers from their police powers. this is while the department investigates their actions during and after a sideshow and crash that took place sunday morning in oakland. >> we identified potential misconduct, very serious potential misconduct within our investigation. that has led to the additional administrative leave. j.r.: oakland police have been chasing the driver because they believed he was part of a sideshow a mile away.
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>> we know that at some point, the license numbers were off. j.r.: the cars raced officers at 100 miles per hour, lost control, and crashed into other vehicles that struck and killed 28-year-old lolomanaia soakai. soakai's brother reacting, saying they are upset with the drivers speeding and the officers' actions. >> the officers approached to tape off the scene and left. j.r.: they believe lolo could have been saved. >> he was still alive when he was on the floor. if they had not taken off, the two of them, one of them could have checked on the driver and the other would have did what he knows on situations like this.
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j.r.: chief armstrong said he was unable to give specifics as to what happened. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: developments from sacramento where the legislature has approved a $300 budget tonight. now goes to the governor's -- $300 billion budget tonight. this now goes to the governor's desk. lawmakers signed off on spending $20 million to pay for things like airfare, hotels, gas, and meals for those in need of abortion services, but the money is air marked -- earmarked for those who already live in the state. >> it is really imperative that we include funding for out-of-state travel. dan: the approved budget also includes tens of millions more for clinics to serve uninsured
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californians expand outreach. ama: the countdown is on to the fourth of july weekend. that's get to sandhya patel -- let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: it is cool outside right now as we take a live picture from our emeryville camera. oakland under gray skies. over 2000 feet now, and you can see it is solid along the coast. winds blowing from the ocean towards the land, transporting that marine air into the east bay hills. parts of the north bay down to the peninsula, you will see the change in the air and already feeling it tonight 10 degrees cooler in fairfield. here is a look at your holiday weekend. below average temperatures saturday, sunday, mid to upper 70's for the warmest inland valleys. fourth of july will feature milder weather with low 60's to low 80's. a full look at the seven-day
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forecast coming up. dan: thank you. developing news in oakland where parents are vowing to continue fighting against school closures. the oakland unified school board voted earlier this year to close the roles schools as a budget saving measure, and tonight they voted down a new resolution that would have reversed the closure of seven schools. tim johns is in the newsroom with the story. tim: this is the last ditch effort to prevent those schools from closing. over the past weeks, we have seen parents and community numbers protest these closures closely, some even staging a sit in at one of the schools. >> please don't come up. tim: the oakland unified school district meaning on wednesday night, with at least one person meeting with the audience members. the board once again decided to proceed with the closure of several schools from the district this fall. >> i do not believe we have the resources to maintain the number
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of schools we have. we restructure -- this stretches our resources too thin. tim: they say although difficult, it is necessary due to the school's budget deficits. the long-term health of the district remains bleak without the closures. that message wasn't received well by some in the community. >> i am going to ask you guys to hear us again. put the community and the children first. >> this whole board process is a sham. there is no community interest factored in. tim: a group of parents took part of a sit in protest on school grounds. >> me and some others decided to occupy the school. tim: some schools at least look like they will be shutting their doors for good.
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that protest at parker elementary is still ongoing. one of the organizers tell me they plan on meeting tomorrow to discuss what their next steps will be following the school board's vote tonight. ama: tim, thank you. vice president kamala harris is in the bay area. air force two touched down at the san francisco airport tonight. the bp -- vp pointed out how important it is for the biden administration to stay in touch with leaders at the local level. >> we have always collaborated and relied on the perspective of the mayors of america to help inform what we have done. to see them and talk about all of the work we have done with the work that is still yet to do is important. ama: the vice president is spending the night in san francisco. barricades are up and police officers are stationed around the hotel where she is staying. dan: tomorrow is a big day for
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the future of the oakland a's. with a plan for a new ballpark move forward or will it be dead in the water? tomorrow is a binding vote as a san francisco bay development commission. if the commissioners vote to remove court priority use from the terminal, that clears the land for ballpark development. if not, the project is essentially dead. some community leaders want voters to decide on the a's new ballpark. they held a rally today outside city hall. >> i want to make sure the public gets involved because the investments we make will be tremendous. dan: putting the issue on the ballot is a stall tactic. it is tomorrow's commission coat -- foot she is focused on. >> tomorrow as i do or die vote for howard terminal as we envision it. that is as a publicly accessible site with public parks,
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affordable housing, great jobs and a privately financed ballpark for the oakland a's. this commission is looking at whether or not our bay area can accommodate the growth, and its professional staff has said yes. howard terminal is not necessary for the bay area to meet its cargo needs and they are recommending that the commission votes to remove howard terminal so we can move forward with this amazing project. dan: we sent this alert on our abc 7 bay area mobile app today as we live-streamed today's rally. if you want updates as they happen on tomorrow's vote, download the app now. ama: new video of a sinkhole in the east bay that swallowed a car. the latest on the repairs. sandhya: coming off of hot girls and mental health conversations.
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-- hot grills and mental health conversations. dan: and delivered to the wrong house. what happened when it showed up on the doorstep of an unsuspecting couple. ama: first a look at what is happening tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> i am chelsea handler. watch me treat the show like a rental guard. feed me twinkie. this is weird. [laughter] i feel so close to you. ♪
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>> in the east bay, it has been a rough day for a toyota sienna at kensington. water main broke this afternoon. this caused a sinkhole that swallowed that minivan. the east bay tells us that they called my trucks to pull the car out of the sinkhole. repairs are underway right now to fix the broken main. dan: history will be made at the u.s. supreme court tomorrow. ketanji brown jackson will be sworn in as the first african-american woman to serve on the nation's highest court. she will take those starting at 9:00 a.m. this follows significant rulings on gun rights and abortion. legal scholars say it will take a while before we see her imprint on the judiciary. >> overtime, suddenly will the influence of the voice of a black woman either moderate the
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way the court approaches some questions like that, or eventually change some minds? it could well be. dan: jackson replaces retiring justice stephen breyer. briar is -- breyer is a self bait native. we will broadcast live ketanji brown jackson's swearing in ceremony. tunes in for a special report around 9:00 a.m. ama: we are days away from the fourth weekend and if you're gathering involves friends and family, your conversations might surround current events. amanda del castillo you connected with mental health experts about the best ways to deal with community. reporter: grills will not be the only thing heating up. conversations will too. according to the american
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psychological association, things are leading to stressful behavior. >> you have got frustration that often leads to aggression under stress. amanda: dr. thomas plant says this summer, there are certainly added tensions and we divisive issues being debated across the country. >> whether it is roe v. wade, politics, climate change, covid, racism and discrimination, all of these issues can be hot button issues. amanda: the fight over gun rights, frustration over gas prices, the whole gamut. entering into the pandemic, distance was necessary. the younger generation not wanting to expose older family members to covid. >> that is where traditions are passed down and morals are learned. values are accepted or rejected. but because there has been this
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separation, people have gotten their values and ideas from other sources. amanda: licensed family therapists -- therapist dr. lisa hiltz is the holiday is the opportunity to reconnect,ance tl beliefs and practice respect for those that do not reflect our own. >> we are all getting back on the horse for social communication. read. amanda: dr. michael stanton encourages us to be kind to ourselves, courteous to others, and keeping the fourth of july fireworks in the sky. >> there is a lot of room to walkway from the conversation, and that is ok. you would rather have that than say something you regret later. dan: disney is welcoming the fifth ship to its cruise line and brand of faction. welcoming the disney wish to the fleet before its main voyage out
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of port canaveral, florida. there is something for everyone amid the boat. thrillseeker's are on for a treat as they hop on disney person -- disney's first ride at sea. >> it takes you through the animated shorts of mickey and minnie mouse. it takes the apps through the plastic tube that goes 760 feet around the top deck. this is fun for families and it is going to be the adults that are going to have the most fun on a -- on that. dan: there is an immersive star wars lands where galactic travelers can enjoy drinks while going into a journey into hyperspace. disney is the parent company of abc 7. when do we all climb aboard? sandhya: let's go. [laughter] ama: let's get away. sandia, what are we waiting for? sandhya: if you are traveling by
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chris, here is what you can expect while you are driving. if you are flying down to palm springs, it is going to be cooking. los angeles, san diego in the comfort zone. mid 70's to low 80's. you are looking at sunshine in yosemite, 70 degrees. the rices fire that is still burning has been putting up some smoke, although not as much as yesterday. we are expecting that smoke near the surface to get transported to the northeast and towards lovelock. if you're traveling, keep that in mind. nationally, as you will notice across the plains states, looking at the potential for severe thunderstorms. also along the gulf coast states, tropical moisture expected to bring heavy rain and potential flooding problems there. deserts will be looking at hot weather. in the bay area, forget about the heat. deeper marine layer from our camera just washing across the bay.
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i want to show you how this plays out. when you have the marine layer deepening, throughout the day it gets deeper and deeper and it is over the hills into the east bay hills, and it continues to move across into the valleys. that is what helps to cool us off, which is what happened today. repeat tomorrow. as you look at live doppler 7, clouds and fog getting along a lot of the bay shoreline. seven miles in santa rosa tonight. temperatures mostly in the 50's. 67 degrees in the antioch area and the 70's still in ukiah. the onshore breeze is still going. rio vista, 24 miles per hour. that will help dry the temperatures down even more especially in the inland valleys. tomorrow, pretty breezy as we head into the afternoon. overcast skies in san francisco from our exploratorium camera.
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patchy fog and drizzle in the morning. below average temperatures are expected through the holiday weekend. first thing tomorrow morning, wechat, there might be slippery roads because of the drizzle -- watch out, there might be slippery roads because of the drizzle. 40's and 50's on those temperatures in the morning. you will need a light jacket for the afternoon. inland areas in the low to mid 80's and easy with sunshine. the accuweather 7 day forecast, windy with the morning and a drizzle. temperatures will bottom out on sunday with the 70's in lent. it is going to be milder for the fourth of july with
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dan: it is hockey tradition that each player of the stanley cup team gets a day with the trophy.
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ama: but today instead of being delivered to the home of the captain, it went to a neighbor. >> kitt and demetri were not expecting a delivery monday afternoon. >> i came to the door, shook her hands, like he was supposed to be here, and who are you? >> certainly not a delivery in a giant velvet lined case. >> they opened the trunk and decided to give a shine on it, and the kitchen lit up. >> the moment it showed up. cut by their security camera. -- caught by their security camera. >> it was giant. >> indeed, lord stanley had taken a wrong turn out from the captain's house, misdirected to down the lane instead.
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>> i said, can i touch it? he said, yeah you can touch it. i touch the rim. >> kitt getting one photo when she posted on next door and filed it under lost and found. if they didn't know before, kitt and demetri certainly know now, some of their neighbors. >> location, location, location. quite famous. >> i have amazing neighbors and the community. >> are you guys hockey fans? >> we are now. dan: that was russell hagar and reporting. ama: larry fields nest -- next with sports. >> the warriors star steph curry, can he tell a joke and be funny?
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river rock casino. larry: kapler has been criticized for taking his pictures out too quickly -- pitchers out too quickly. bottom of the first, evan longoria hits home a bunch. we see variety on the park, but 1-0 and flesh. broken back ground or where stuff bobby bryce steps on the floor. that would come out to bite the top six, alex cap arrest. are you ok? next is the shortest better. this turns out to be the game-winner. giants lift with the tigers, 3-2. a's and yankees. good start. top of the first, scotty reaching out. a's jump in front. they would build a 3-0 lead, but
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that would not last long. aaron judge's 29th. he has 29 homers this year. a's still clean to a lead, and that goes away too. kind of a cheap to the right and it still counts. bring on the homer. yankees, 22 on one. a's have a 5-20 record in the month of june. we know steph curry can ace threes, but and he tell a joke? we will know when he holds the sp's -- espys -- hosts the espys. not going to achieve draft picks because james wiseman missed all last week with issues is expected to play in the vegas summer league and he cannot wait. >> i cannot contain myself in
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practice today because i was smiling the whole time. it is a journey and i am blessed to be here and blessed to be in the nba and be a player. everything about this is a dream. larry: anderson has a great story out of oakland, but it looks like his time with golden state did not last. they did not extend an offer to him, but that counts $10 million him, but that counts $10 million for luxury him, but that counts $10 million for luxury i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. i earn 5% on our cabin. hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers.
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ama: thanks for washing -- watching tonight. i am ama daetz. dan: and i am dan ashley. from all of us tonight, thank
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back now with an unwanted intruder on a golf course that was no in florida --


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