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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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shovels in the ground tomorrow. all this means is they've cleared yet another hurdle towards getting this project done today could have made this thing go away. it could have been the end, but they passed so now they get to move on. that's what this means. so how many more steps are there from the hideout from this vote a thumbs up to actual shovels in the ground? yeah, one of the bcdc commissioners joya actually made a really good point. he said that certifying the eir was kind of like getting to first base. getting past this vote is second base getting a vote on the community benefits agreement development agreement from the oakland city council would be third base and then it'll circle all the way back to the bcdc again these same people will vote on a final permit and approval of the project. that would be like getting to home and then you can get out those shovels larry. what's the timeline here because obviously the azer on the clock
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they want to get this done while libby schaaf is still the mayor because she's going to be termed out here if they get to november and they really don't have a vote to go forward it gets a little dicey you start to get into election season and politicians who may or may not support this project. yeah, i'd seen november 8th is really a key deadline because that is the actual election in oakland. and as you said the mayor is termed out that will also bring a whole bunch of un. you with the city council what i'm hearing is around september is when they want to have the development agreement community benefits agreement terms done. that way they can look them all over make sure they all pencil out and then take a vote before the end of the year. that is critical. they have to get something done before the end of 2022. okay any final thoughts on this because you sort of new going in that the bcdc was was leaning in favor of the project. there was a lot of public comment. which you somehow managed to listen to in this entirety, so a
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metal should go to you for that. but but beyond that the a's have to be feeling positive about this and i imagine the unions who really want this project to go forward feel similarly. yeah, you brought up a very good point with the unions. what happened today is the labor unions really showed up. they showed up in person to that bcdc headquarters as did the fans. they really made their clear now. remember if these unions want this done. they have a lot of influence over the people making those votes in a monetary fashion. they have a lot of influence because these unions represent a ton of jobs if the a's leave there goes a lot of jobs if they stay here comes billions of dollars in construction revenue that just building the thing alone will raise a ton of money and produce a lot of jobs. so that is key. all right, so basically follow the money kc. i know you'll have more reports coming up later. on this afternoon and abc 7 news at five and six we will see you then.
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thank you, casey. all right, abc7 news reporter anza hassan was actually at the meeting in san francisco that just wrapped up and he joins his live now with more hunter. yes, 23. yes is two knows and seven hours of debate in discussion in the end the final report suggested that the a's be allowed to move forward with this project and the commission agreed. those cheering are celebrating a vote that brings the oakland a's one step closer to a new stadium at howard terminal at the port of oakland the 27 members of the san francisco bay conservation and development commission or bcdc are responsible for development along the bay the bcdc subcommittee voted against the new stadium back in march but bcdc stuff issued their final recommendations two weeks
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ago bcdc staff finds that the oakland athletics have demonstrated that removing howard terminal from port priority use area designation would not detract from the region's capability to meet projected growth in cargo and has demonstrated that the cargo forecast can be met with existing terminals. fundamental ne cessary it is not christian connolly's president and ceo of east bay leadership council which represents hundreds of employ. is in the east bay she was one of many who encouraged the bcdc to vote in favor of the new ballpark with the theme this is bigger than baseball. they say the new stadium will be an economic engine for the city generating hundreds of new jobs and millions in tax revenue. even christy mckenney chief operating officer for the port of oakland says the port can meet future cargo needs without our terminal. it's just simply not operationally viable nor financially feasible and if it's
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not today, it's not going to be future those against releasing howard terminals say the report is flawed because so much of it is based on speculation as you say a forecast is just that it pacific merchant shipping association, they represent port tenants and ocean carriers. he says the pandemic exposed the problems at the port and the port needs more land essentially says they don't care that they're running out of of land. they don't care that they're limiting opportunities for growth. now vice chair eisen raised concerns about the report but in the end she did vote. yes that's important to point out that this vote is not a vote on the merits of a new park just if the port of oakland can handle future cargo needs of yes
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vote allows the city in the a's to move forward reporting live on san jose. seven years hunter thank you thousands of tenants who haven't paid rent in california could be at risk for eviction in the next 24 hours abc 7 news reporter loose peña has been covering the housing crisis and spoke to a mom of three who says her plan is to move into her car with her family. in less than 24 hours thousands of people across california could be on the verge of homelessness. the states rent relief program expires at midnight tenants who were unable to pay rent during the pandemic or still waiting for their rental assistance applications will now no longer be protected from eviction suilman. navarrete is one of them. she's six months behind in rent an owes 6600. it's got into the point that you're having conversations with your six year old. eating her know that there's a possibility that you might end up sleeping in your car.
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okay. you're not possible, you said? oh, yes. swilma is a mother of three for years. she worked as a nanny but the pandemic left her without a job her oldest son dropped out of community college last month to find a job and help the family with rent this week. they got an eviction notice ahead of the states. oceans expiring i don't need it. see i'm scared. you're scared according to the states rent relief program over 400,000 applications have been completed and about 3.8 billion dollars was paid out in assistance, but many like swilma are still waiting to get their application processed this as a protections are hours from expiring jackie ceneria is a senior attorney for the nonprofit ace 103 tenants who applied to the states around assistance programs have their applic. instinard which is a huge number data from the national equity atlas suggests that in
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california. there's an estimated 3.4 billion dollars in rent debt about 738,000 households are behind on rent in this state in the bay area some counties extended the protections alameda county oakland berkeley the city of richmond sonoma county andarcotd to put eviction protections in place. casa county did not the general protections that this state moratorium has provided will be gone and that individuals. could be evicted for non-payment of rent as a suilma. she's hoping her local protections in richmond will save her from eviction in san francisco luz pena abc 7 news a plan to allow safe injection sites to open in san francisco oakland and los angeles has passed a key hurdle in the state legislature. assembly today passed a bill that would allow for the sites by vote of 42 to 28 san.
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state senator scott weiner authored the legislation and is a big proponent of the idea the sites would give people a safe place to use drugs and connect with recovery services opponents of the plan say enable addicts to consume drugs that imperile themselves and public safety wieners bill returns to the senate for a sign off before heads to the governor's desk. the state senator wiener also issuing a warning about another piece of legislation. this is a law that requires health care companies to provide timely mental health appointments and it goes into effect tomorrow wiener says he's worried that health care providers are simply not ready for its implementation. the same as if someone breaks their arm or has, you know, another serious physical health problem. they need prompt. access treatment so do people with behavioral health problems. this law requires patients to be offered follow-up mental health appointments within 10 days unless their provider says less frequent visits are okay weiner and members of the national
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union of health care workers say they're concerned that providers just aren't ready to comply. they named kaiser permanente specifically in a statement. kaiser says, they've been bargaining with the union and rejected that claim saying in part will also continue to scale up our collaborative care programs that have proven to effectively treat patients with anxiety and depression diagnoses. quote the woman suspected of killing a championship cyclist from san francisco has been captured by federal agents in costa rica authorities had been searching for 34 year old caitlin armstrong for 43 days. they finally found her at a hostel. she's wanted in the killing of mariah wilson in austin, texas. wilson was in austin preparing for a race authorities. say she had a brief relationship with armstrong's boyfriend at the killing may have been motivated by jealousy federal agents. say armstrong traveled from newark, new jersey to cost. using a fake passport. she'll be deported back to the us where she will then face murder charges in, texas. pleasant histor ic day born in
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as the 116th member of the us supreme court as the court wrapped up a divisive term plus excitement in marin county. the fair is back in person where you can expect this weekend. can you smell the fried food another fun that's happening there? all right, let's talk. about june really quick. we're putting the final touches on a warmer than average month, but you would know it by the last couple of days and these last couple of days are going to start july off pretty chilly. i'll show you an updated weekend forecast.
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everyone gets the best of you. court session ends with two more landmark decisions and an historic swearing in katanchi brown jackson took the judicial and constitutional oaths becoming the first black woman to serve on the supreme court reporter. chris winn has more a historic day at the supreme court. i catanji brown jackson do solemnly swear following the retirement of justice stephen breyer. catanji brown jackson was sworn in thursday as the 116th member of the supreme court making her the first black woman to serve on our nation's highest court. jackson swearingen comes as the court wraps up divisive term that included a decision overturning roe versus wade thursday the court released rulings on two big cases related to i met an immigration one
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curves the environmental protection agency's ability to broadly regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants. we've focused a lot on what this court has done to individual rights. especially with abortion butan rheot this court has been stripping regulatory authority from the federal government the court also gave president joe biden approval to end the remain in mexico immigration policy that originated under the trump administration which sent certain non-mexican. into injured the us back to mexico instead them or releasing them into the us while their immigration proceedings played out. they do also hold firm to this notion that administrations are allowed to change their policies when the white house changes hands and that does trickle down the supreme court's next term begins the first monday of october in washington. i'm chris winn. back here in the north bay of long-standing family tradition is making a comeback. the marin county fair is back in person this year after a
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pandemic pause abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard soaking it all in including the sunshine live in san rafael cornell before you start mike. nico would like a funnel cake and anything fried if you could bring that back. be careful what you wish for mike. yeah, we got it for you. it is all here. we got music rides lots of fried food. it is all here for you. larry and mike here at the marin county fair gates open about five hours ago and after two years of having it gone, so many families are saying welcome back. two one welcome to the marine county fair. all the fun is making a comeback at the fairgrounds. and games have chance to all that gotta have it fair food. the good jennifer g brought her kids for the day. we're very have the fair.
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we love coming to the fair riding the rides. eating ice cream early in the day the pandemic put the brakes on the past two fairs, but this year it's nice to be back. just feeling the excitement from the kids and the parents. it's time for us all to gather again. and that's why we themed it so happy together all exhibits have pivoted to outdoors for health and safety including the livestock competition colin mcleodland was showing gabby and clarity. it feels good to be back in the fair because you know covid it was all shut down. doing online shows and online auctions. it just didn't feel like we were there. how do you feel about the fair being back? hello, no comment. marin county high schoolers created these unique peace signs. they'll be auctioned off to benefit humanitarian relief efforts for ukraine, and it's a great way i think for this community to get involved and just for the high school students to to represent this community and it's the real deal
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right there. the fair is keeping it local when it comes to food jim modesitt and his think brisket are from san rafael. it's more of the fact that covid is pretty much almost over but at the same time this is a family affair. you can bring the kids here, you know, the parents come here and there's something here for everyone. and if you are coming out for the food, don't miss these highlights. check it out. we got the og of the fair the funnel cake. we got lobster fries here, and this is described as a cotton candy mimosa and i'm told it is all the fun of a county fair in a glass and yes, it is. very sweet and entertainment wise we've got pablo cruise performing tonight sheila e tomorrow night kids and seniors get in free today. don't miss the fun. we're live at the marin county fair. i'm cornell bernard abc 7 news cornell when you said i think lobster fries mike went. oh, i mean an audible gas there, so please bring blinking bring
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away. oh my goodness. take a bite of oh, yeah for everyone. yes. all right for everybody. thank you cornell. all right in addition to the marin county fair. there are a lot of events happening around the bay this fourth of july weekend. we have so much information for you including list of fireworks shows and abc 7 kristin. you think mike's gonna be okay. oh, i don't know that better make it back here. that's all i have to say. you too. yeah. yeah, of course. i love fried stuff. all right. yeah. really good, didn't it? right? well lobster fries. i have not. i've never heard of that. lobster fries for everybody then. let's do it the stacey thursday. where are they? where are they? all right. hey, i want to show you something speaking to the holiday weekend. i want to show you from the east bay hills camera our 2000 foot marine layer. now the closer you are to san francisco and the coast the more likely you're going to have colorful clouds come monday night while farther away from that. you will definitely be able to see more of those fireworks. so let's talk about what's going
4:20 pm
on out there. the sea breeze is ramped up. once again, it's 37 in san francisco was up to one last hour just like it was yesterday. so watch out. it's good to be a tough. go on our north south bridges. you're gonna have a little bit of a tugging at the wheel there whether it's the golden gate bridge or the carquinas bridge or the benicia bridge and it ushered in even cooler weather than yesterday. so the cooling trend continued today. look at these temperatures, i mean 50s and half moon bay in san francisco and with that wind. yeah, you might want to dress in some layers because it will cut through some of our lighter jackets. it's still 61 in oakland and san mateo 66 in danville is that comes up crow canyon there and deposits that cooler weather for you and san ramon in 77 right now in santa rosa. so we've got this bowl. cooler air that's bringing down weak disturbances, and they're reinforcing the faster winds and also the cooler conditions. in fact, you can see the winds out of the golden gate right now at about 10 to 21 miles per hour. the clouds are breaking up just a little bit but this is temporary because they will
4:21 pm
surge east again as we head into the evening hours and look at these temperatures that are barely holding on to 60 inland by nine all of us in the mid-dupper 50s by 10 o'clock and looking ahead to some patchy mist and drizzle tonight through tomorrow. morning commute. so that's going to be the first thing of what to expect breezy the gusty and cool afternoons. clouds returning monday evening as we talked about look at this moisture. the latest drought data just came out. we're the same but look at this. the four corners states are improving because of that wet weather. the only thing we have to look for is that mist and drizzle in the morning. so let's watch the cloud cover roll in cover all neighborhoods again by tomorrow morning. look at this surge. the way up to the foothills, i think tomorrow just a little bit quicker. we'll see some sunshine, but it won't matter because it's cooler and slightly drier that's coming in and it's not going to have much of an effect on our temperatures. in fact, we'll start mainly in the 50s again tomorrow and we'll end up 58 at half moon bay to 60s whether it's 60 in san francisco, richmond 68 oakland
4:22 pm
66 san mateo 67 and then seventies for the rest of the bay. we'll hold on to just a few 80s loud around morgan hill as you head out towards antioch, fairfield, santa rosa. short and ukiah this trend will continue another chunk of energy faster breezes even cooler weather are too coolest days are saturday and sunday. we'll try to rebound a little bit monday, but even monday tuesday and wednesday as we're slightly warmer, we're still just a little bit below average some summer warmth back to average. we'll hit us by thursday. i'm 79 your side. it's michael finney coming up next mortgage decline plus important news for nissan pickup truck owners. hang around.
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♪♪ consumer news. yes seven on your side's michael finney here with a look at today's headlines starting with inflation michael. yeah, let's start with this a key measure of inflation held study from april to may. that's a good news. the bad. the rate was a staggering 6.3 percent the personal consumption expenditures price, index. measures changes in the prices of goods and services purchased by consumers here in the us now while the index stayed the same year over year in april and may it was down a little from march of 6.6 percent now that was the and almost 40 years. we are already seeing the impact of the fed pushing interest
4:26 pm
rates by three-quarters of a point mortgage rates declined slightly this week kind of odd, although they still are a significantly higher than last year's rates freddie mac shows a 30 year rate is now 4.7 percent last week. it was 5.81 increasing rates have contributed to a slowdown in existing home sales. if you drive a newer model nissan frontier or titan pickup, you should set your parking brake every time you leave the car. that's a warning from nissan 180,000 model year 2020 through 22 trucks are under recall because the transmission may not properly put the pickups in the park. that means it could roll away. nissan says four people have actually been hurt. it doesn't have a fix yet, but the car company is working on it. the automaker says it will not. owners later this month about the problem and will contact them when effects is available. back to you thank you coming up
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aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. don't touch my piano. bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 wshere at abc 7. we're inspired by people working. create change and we're committed to sharing their stories so that we can all be allies in action. and today we meet nicole santa maria who was forced to flee el salvador because of her advocacy work for human rights with the lgbtq community. she has brought her expertise to the bay area and provides
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support to transgender women. here's abc 7 news reporter liam melendez. life liberty and pursue of happiness. these three components are key. for the life itself to have dignity of life. i became an activist for the lgbtqi community in particular trance intersects and gender diverse community backing on salvador for human rights and women's rights that also brings consequences and that consequence i had to pay almost with my life and that was the reason that i fled el salvador and came to this country. my name is nicole santa maria and i am the secretary for ella para translatina here in the of the mission of san francisco, california so recall santa
4:31 pm
maria, your organization is on the same block as the first latino gay bar. and that was huge in the 70s. now you're here. almost in the heart of the mission you've carved this for yourself. do you believe? that this is your space and the importance of that we are building together this space to make the paradise for translatinas translatinex and the gender diverse community here in the heart of the mission and continue. our labor our labor of love. we need to see our communities thriving but also flourishing and being happy, you know be having the opportunities to get access to job to get access to a health to get access to education so that's what we see here at the la para translatina. so we see a gender life and an improvement in their life parent has the re-engaged and education
4:32 pm
of their children if bills are approved a lives are erased. and we are gonna see more hate crimes. we have this this space as an spiritual. to honor their lives to honor their struggle we are trying to create this space as the sanctuary city that it is and we are working very hard to create the opportunities for those who are seeking help. i've been in the white house several times and it is opportunity to continue giving the message around the world that human rights. people that human rights can be achieved when we have a real democratic government. yes family.
4:33 pm
yes. let me ask you about carnaval. oh, yeah, carnival is the mission. the mission is carnival. so they waited 43 years to invite you, but they did this year that was special for you. to 43 years to make some steps of inclusion respect dignity and recognition of the most marginalized latinx community, which is the trans-latina community. bfheseeople herw e that make r dream? create a better, san francisco. can be possible. when you see this amount of people gather in this space being their true self showing to
4:34 pm
the world the rich that they have the beauty that they have. in this space that means that we can create. these safe spaces for everybody. so i think that society is gonna continue growing and continue to towards the knowledge of what makes us humans. and what makes you humans is precisely the diversity. and you can watch more stories of allies in action and get resources to help find your ally by visiting abc 7 now it's time for the california housing watch with the housing market update. this california housing watch is sponsored by redfin. people are very concerned about the potent bub
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four and we have sandia joining us along with mike. so, you know today is is world social media day. was introduced in 2010 to highlight the influence of social media and its role in worldwide communication today. the united nations is asking people to pledge to pause and verify content before you share it online because sharing this information as we know is very harmful. all right. well, how are we celebrating or should we be celebrating? what are our thoughts on this big day sandia? yeah, you know kristen i think social media has a very powerful ability to get information out. i mean certainly i embraced it when it was first introduced and it has been very helpful in gathering information, but it also can be a place where like we all know false information is put out there and people
4:39 pm
actually believe it so i think that we do have to take a step back and we do have to kind of pause as you just mentioned to make sure that we are double checking our facts and people who are posting are posting accurate information. yeah, i do like on twitter now they say do you want to be the article before you read tweet it right? oh, yeah, right. i think the bigger concern actually is in just blatant disinformation and people that have you know, they're looking for outcomes to create. chaos knowing full. well, it's not like an accident. oh, i got this article and i'm going to retweet it. this is a system-wide attempt to create chaos that the platforms don't do enough to try to suppress you would hope it would enhance i will say our images media and journalists that the people would come to us more often on social media knowing that we have checked in fact checked and double checked and
4:40 pm
three checking for you know, all of our sources and before we posted anything you would hope that becomes a trend. yeah. i'm not sure people are paying attention exactly. just see yeah what they saw on facebook and then go visitor speaking of going berserk. this is just a huge story in the world of sports today mercury news reporter john wilner who covers athletics like nobody else around here a huge scoop today usc and ucla are leaving the pac-12 to join the big ten. yes the conference that's in the middle of the midwest for the most part. it's unclear if this would be in all sports could happen as early as 2024. it has to be approved at the highest level of power at the tools and in the big ten but all signs point to this happening and i simply do not know how the pac-12 continues to exist. i don't know. i mean where we're really headed is to the formation of two gigantic mega conferences with all the biggest of the best
4:41 pm
teams from the sec and the big ten and so you can understand why usc would want to be a part of this. i'm not sure what it does or where it leaves stanford and cal all of this is driven by television money because big 10 tv contract is like twice the size of the pac-12 right contract and so everybody's chasing dollars and i mean any notion of amateur athletics is completely out the window at this point. this is all about professional stuff and kristen you went to call i'm sure you went to a bunch of games and things like all of a sudden what you see la is in the big tent like what does that road trip gonna look like ever tried to get to madison wisconsin from the west coast? what does that mean? how wouldn't play usc and la and our basketball games are football games and our regular schedule not in the regular schedule. who knows we don't even know what it means you forward to those rivalries. i think that's a real disappointment. it's it's awful. it's and the pac-12 has been around for over a hundred years. it's a pact. well get it you're on the
4:42 pm
pacific ucla and usc see pack. what do you let me ask you larry? what do you think about maybe the big 12 in the pac-12 merging or the big 12 pack 12 and acc. i mean, they're the three that are left out right now. where what are they going to do? yeah, i mean they may have to join ranks. the problem is this because it's all driven by television revenue, you know adding kansas state doesn't do much for your demographics. it doesn't add large, you know numbers of humans to your viewing audience. that's the dilemma there, but they may have no other choice. otherwise, i mean, i don't know. what are they going to play laney college? i don't know. i don't know what they're gonna do. i mean, i can't only hate on stanford. come on. stay using ucla day. all right some british. politicians say they now know how women feel during menopause they put on special vests to simulate a hot flash. fellow member of parliament carolyn harris said it's easy to underestimate the intensity of hot flashes and the impact they have on daily life the men who put on the vest called hot flashes deeply unpleasant.
4:43 pm
now, how about we simulate pregnancy? oh, let's do that. i thought you're gonna say child birth. yeah. i just passed the kidney stone a couple weeks ago. does that count? sandia i mean i don't want to say sometimes women go if men had to do those things those big babies. sorry guys, nothing personal but don't i mean i think that's a good idea right empathy. yeah. absolutely kristen. i mean look, there's no question about it women have to go through not only having children -- cycles hot flashes. i mean, there's a lot and i think that it would really make men understand where women are coming from. so i think it's all good, right? there'll be more massages when those things are happening right more honey. you're right. you're so right. i'm so lucky to have you. hey, larry, we can't win. it's funny. you're right coming into the last conversation. feels like we deviated here a
4:44 pm
little bit off course and i were just waiting for the story to throw it all out say this i will say this the world in general would be in a much better place if women ran it. i suppose to the dudes that are in charge now. oh, in fact, let's cheney said that last night or this morning in. a speech yeah. yeah, she's like it's not going very well. yeah. all right pride month is wrapping up you can still. port of the effort there susie cakes is celebrating with special pride cakes and cupcakes available to all california locations, even though june is obviously coming to an end. you can still get these treats through the end of july you want to talk about treats? have in studio kristen, this is incredible. i'm going to start looking i'm trying to hold it without tipping it right founder and ceo of sea cakes joins us now. hey, this is not only good looking susie. i'm so happy to have you here susan because i can tell you having eaten your products. they are all delicious like top
4:45 pm
quality ingredients here. thanks for joining us. thank you for having me. i guess we should start with private because we're still on the final month or final day, i guess but your pride products and celebration and donations continues. so tell us about it. you do we're continuing selling the cake, which you showed. there are rainbow swish cake, which can be on any flavor cake you like and our love cupcakes they come in a dozen box and you're all enjoying them now and we're donating all proceeds through july 31st to the san francisco lgbt center on mission street, so you can continue supporting pride even through the month of july. that's awesome art. so i'm gonna try to hold this cake up because we're gonna transition to the fourth of july. this thing this is if i tilt it forward i'm just afraid something terrible is going to happen because it's so heavy, but you can see it. i don't want to go too far. how many layers in that one? so, yeah, so this is six layers
4:46 pm
and this is our vanilla celebration cake, which is our most popular flavor. it's susie cakes and it is our ombre. i've got a sort of a close up here for everybody as well decoration, which is super popular. so with july 4th on monday lots of opportunity to celebrate over the weekend. well, can i tell you can i just -- in here because i normally don't like too much frosting but this has such a cheesecake-ish really rich delicious flavor susan. like you might are you eating the red velvet are the chocolate the red velvet? this cake is so heavy. i feel like it could feed 50. i don't know. it's sandia is very silent listen, this is the first segment. sandy is set a word. red white and blues
4:47 pm
snickerdoodle cookies as well. so these are also starting tomorrow. they're available all weekend. super fun. what is the turnaround? how quickly can you put out something like this for a big party that wants to buy a bunch? you can you can actually go in the store and buy it. i'll cart. we've got everything ready to go or you can order online. it's and we have six locations throughout the bay area. so whichever area you've got you. susan sarah's founder of susie cakes all delicious stuff. we're pride before the july. what have you all good stuff? thanks so much. thanks for having me. appreciate it. appreciate it. alright, we'll go right back.ta, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® bels®'fole wies.
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in person hiatus the highly anticipated essence festival culture is back. it's in new orleans. it's been called the super bowl of festivals attracting some of the hottest performers in the world more than half a million people usually attend initially that festival was solely music-based now, it's evolved into an event that hosts a variety of attractions this year really unique because the walt disney company will be the exclusive entertainment partner and invites audiences to experience this year's theme which is the power of joy and you can live stream select performances as well as celebrity interviews so so much more on hulu tomorrow through sunday 5 pm to 10 pm and disney as you know is the parent company of both hulu and abc 7 pride month coming to a close lgbtq seniors share their coming-out stories next.
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♪ ♪ pride month here at abc 7 today lgbtq. seniors sharing their coming-out stories. being gay would be a curse. being gay was one of the worst things you could. bring upon your family. my name is jim christart. i'm 75 years old and i came out as gay man in. well actually two years ago.
4:54 pm
i am 21 years old. i'm sacramento i started coming out when i was around 14. i never really totally just like came out and told somebody i'm gay. scary no matter who you're telling if even if you know for a fact that they're gonna be supportive. i want to work for chevron in the 1980s. i was 32 years old. but i would have never told anyone there that i was gay because i because i would have been afraid that that i might have lost. job, i had been in a heterosexual marriage for not quite 51 years. and i never came out during that time. i just came out after my wife passed away. about a year into my marriage. i really felt, you know, something is not working with me. my father always drilled into me you make your bed your lie in
4:55 pm
it. so i said well. guess i'm in this for the long run. just stifle yourself get back in that closet and stay there so i did. that is a complicated question. what made me wait? so long, i tried over the many years of my marriage trying to explain to my wife that i wasn't happy. and it was nothing she did. although she took good very personally, and so she would never hear. never wanted to hear anything about my being gay it was illegal for. we met in college. we were both going to cal state long beach at the time. she was she was walking through the gym and i was handing out towels in the gym. and that's where i first saw her. and i said man, i got to know her.
4:56 pm
we got married. and we were 58 years old. because we could not get married sooner than that. yeah, that was the soonest. i knew i would never like lose my job over being gay which is something i'm really grateful for because i know generations before me didn't have that privilege. i know for my grandma it was it was a lot more difficult coming out her sister. it was also gay and she came out before her and i know that there was a lot of just like tension in the family here. i am 75 years old. and i'm trying to figure out. something my life what my life would have been in my 20s or 30s and it's it's impossible. so i'm doing the best i can meeting people meeting other guys who are gay. who understand me? this is what i need to be.
4:57 pm
with people who affirm finally who i am pride means acceptance. for who we are and being able to celebrate that i'm just so grateful to the lgbt generations before me who've paved the way for all of this acceptance that we have, you know, obviously, it's still not perfect now far from perfect, but it sure is way better than it was 50 years ago or even in 10 years ago when was starting to figure out in many parts of our society being gay is more accepted and understood? and i guess i am a little jealous in that way and that i was born much too soon. much too soon. that's it for abc 7 news at 4
4:58 pm
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so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. >> a giant step forward for the and their plan to build a waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. i am ama daetz. >> i am dan ashley. the vote came just over one hour ago now. we have team coverage with abc7news sports reporter casey pratt explain what this actually means. grace what -- nine >> -- >> the final vote was 23 for yes, tw


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