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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 30, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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there are ballpark plans are still alive. [applause] those were the chairs following a nearly unanimous vote that allows the plans for the ballpark to move forward. ama: here's what happened. the san francisco bay conservation commission voted to remove the priority designation from howard terminal. that means the land can be developed into ballpark. if it had not been in favorites of the plan would have died. no one has been on top of this project more than 87 -- abc 7 news reporter. dan: he life treated today's meeting. he is in the newsroom with more. a fantastic and interesting development. reporter: how about decades. it's been a while. this thing has dragged on for some time. somebody that knows very much about how long this has dragged on is the a's president who joins me now.
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23-to win. something like to see in any box score. >> it was a massive when, overwhelmingly positive. more than we thought. it is a critical approval for the project. reporter: we know this is just a step. somebody described as being to second base. third base is what i'm more worried about, that would be getting the city council to vote on development agreement, community benefits agreement. how likely is that to come before the end of the year? >> it really needs to happen by the end of the year. the mayor is leaving office. she has been the biggest proponent of this project. without her leadership, i don't see it getting across the finish line. we have six months to get the approval. we urge the city council and everyone involved to schedule the vote as soon as possible. build on the momentum of this positive vote and bring it in front of the council for a yes
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no vote. reporter: this is a big piece of momentum. is there any possibility -- there was a sense that they were waiting to see how the bcdc reacted before finalizing this? how close are you to getting this done? >> we offered to the city a path where we would spend our dollars to pay for all the community benefits. that is a big deal. something's city council voted on last summer. i'm hopeful that with that proposal and concession on our side, the city council and city staff would schedule the boat and we could move forward, hopefully by september or october. reporter: i've heard september could be possible. you have to come to terms on everything. is this more a matter of time or are there still gaps? >> a little bit of both. the ball is in the cities tour -- city's court. we are doing everything we can
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to advance this forward. we are running out of time. we only have the next six months to figure this out. we want to see if we can pull it off. it would be an incredible project on the waterfront. ensure that the a's here for generations to come. the waterfront is an incredible vision. reporter: i like inch today to a playoff series, you lose, it's done, you win, you get to move on. we are going to make up our sports metaphors -- makes up our sports metaphors. what mile are we at in the sports process. >> i think we cleared 28, we are in a stretch drive here. we can get across the finish line and not collapse and get positive vote. we just want our date in front of the city council, even if it is no vote. that would be tragic, better than never having a vote. reporter: mile 20, that is --
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impressive. thank you for joining us. hopefully you can get through this next week as well. i know they were talking about putting something on about next week. >> we will see how that goes. that is july 5, i am sure we will be talking more. >> have a good one. dan: big development today. thank you. ama: his twitter account is the best thing for all things about the a's ballpark. we get breaking news now, a big fire burning in vallejo. you see that big plume of smoke coming off that. this is a commercial fire. buildings are burning. we believe it is on broadway, which parallels highway 29. it is a commercial area. a lot of buildings at risk right now. also lumberyard nearby. we will continue to monitor this as we see that smoke coming off his fire.
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we will update you as soon as we learn any new information. dan: stay with us. we will keep tabs on that. two northern california families are blaming a dog trainer with san francisco ties for the disappearance and death of their dogs. michael finney has been following this and is here with a heart wrenching story. >> it's terrible. the same dog trainer is facing four counts of misdemeanor animal neglect and operating without a kennel license in nevada county. in placer county, the sheriff's department is recommending similar charges be filed there. reporter: megan badger introduces us to her one-year-old son. she became nervous when her four-year-old french bulldog became jealous of her newborn. >> he did show a little aggression. as soon as that happened i look into training. reporter: maureen kelly says these broke being best friends. she wanted them to get basic training.
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>> just basic obedience is what i wanted. i want him to sit and obey and come to my command. reporter: megan and maureen set their dogs to this trainer. they both regret it. they want to know what the trainer and co-owner did with their dogs. >> i feel hopeless. i can't physically make him talk. reporter: maureen says the dogs were never the same after they returned. physically, she described them as abused. >> it was evident that they were abused, they were skinny, they lost weight. they were malnourished, dehydrated. reporter: she says both appeared nervous and always on edge after they returned. one day it she says a delivery driver left her gait slightly ajar. from paul prince she saw on the ground, she believes the dogs were confronted by a mountain lion. >> when they were found 12 days
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later, i am so sorry. when they were found by a hiker, they weren't together. the note was in one -- lunna was in one piece but quinn was in many pieces. >> they believe the two were too weak to defend themselves. >> i don't know how me as an animal trainer can leave a dog defenseless against mountain lion. she felt wronged. megan hasn't seen her dog since april, when she dropped it off at auburn canine. she woke up one night to a text from him about her 4.5-year-old french bulldog.
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she said it read something like this. >> when i was putting the leash on him, he nipped at me and bit me and got away. reporter: it happened at mclaren park in san francisco where his bio says he grew up. more told some non-our side -- pulled seven nonart on your side, i didn't mean to lose her dog. >> our other dog, when we say where's winston? he looks around. it is the unknown. i think if we found -- if we could question him and we were told he did die or he did sell him. reporter: no formal charges have been filed in placer county. he remains under investigation. >> he engaged in fraud. he made numerous victims believe he was going to train their
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dogs. he took their money, thousands of dollars. their dogs weren't trained. reporter: placer county forward -- placer county sheriff's department has forwarded their case to the das office. a decision whether to move forward with the case is pending. jason left his dog with moore. training did not go as planned and the trainer agreed to extend the training for free. then he gave the news where -- he said one day i overslept and the dog peed in the crate. jason says the nevada animal control officer put it differently. >> she told me the conditions were deplorable. the are dog was caked in feces and urine, she was in a small travel size crate in the garage with no ventilation, doors were closed.
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reporter: they're charging more with three misdemeanor counts of unlawfully permitting the animal to be in a building without care and tension. a four misdemeanor for operating or maintaining a kennel without a proper license. dogs have been sound -- have been seized four times by animal control since december due to poor living conditions. the trainer says that is not accurate and the dogs were seized once due to a storm that caused flooding. inspired by our coverage of dog trainers, it would require trainers to disclose their training methods, a licenses they have or training they received and mandates of a civil judgments. >> what this bill will do is establish accountability and recourse of being able to take
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trainers to court. >> jason believes that bill will protect dog families in the future. >> we absolutely would not have used him had we known there was no licensing, and his dogs had been seized due to the conditions in the past. reporter: the bill has already been approved by the assembly. this week, passed out of the senate judiciary committee. we will keep track. go on your side to share your stories. dan: so disturbing to hear of those dogs behaving differently. ama: take a look at this animal, the stone kitten has been found. heyward police tweeted these photos of the kitten along with the officer who found her. just yesterday, the police asked for the public's health. -- public's help. moji is safe and sound and back where she belongs. dan: the games, the funds of the
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food. it is all back in the north bay. we are going to take you to the marin county fairgrounds, where family traditions back for everyone to enjoy. sandhya: continuing our cooling trend, what is in store for the holiday weekend, coming up. ama: leaving you with a live look at our breaking news, this is a fire burning in vallejo. you can still see some flames as firefighters are putting water on it. back with more information on this after the break.
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these are live pictures from our sky 7. the fire it was first reported about 5:30. ama: you can see a lot of vehicles in that area. firefighters are putting multiple streams of water on the area. we take a closer look, those are shells of vehicles where that water is being poured. three alarms, you can see firefighters are doing the best they can to make sure this is under control. vallejo firefighters association is tweeting about heavy smoke in the area. it seems to have dissipated a little. it is pretty light smoke. dan: some of those older vehicles, this is an industrial, commercial area, as i am -- as we point out the we came on the air at 6:00, there was a lot of smoke. this was still really burning. it looks like they are now getting a handle on it. it did look like, when we first
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came on with that wide shot, you can see the smoke being pushed around by the wind bit. we can find out here how windy it really was. ama: we still see a few flames. let's get to sandhya patel, who is tracking the weather situation. sandhya: as we take a look at the conditions right now, it is 70° in vallejo, relative humidity is up there, 58%. which is helpful. breezy but not terribly windy. right now gusts to seven miles an hour. otherwise calm conditions in terms of sustained wind. as we look at the trend, it is going to be breezy through the evening. hopefully the crews can get this under control pretty fast. that tends to be a windy part of the bay area. windsor gusting in san francisco subsisting 33, gusts at sfo are 28 miles an hour. it is not sure -- it is an
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onshore breeze, cooling, two degrees cooler and heyward. seven in concord. here's a look at the july 4 forecast, there will be some fog around. this is your planner for 10:00 a.m.. mostly sunny in the early afternoon, kool smiles at 6:00. fog will be around at the coast line the evening hours. if you're going to check out the fireworks, your best viewing will be away from the coastline. we look at the water vapor imagery, generally speaking there is a trough. one under another will keep us under its influence, which means average temperature -- cooler than average temperatures through the weekend. it was below average, without a doubt. you could see some lingering clouds from emeryville and golden gate bridge came up nicety is from san jose and sent hers. -- santa cruz. below average temperatures through the holiday weekend.
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we are looking at a warmer pattern the middle of next week. first thing tomorrow morning, some drizzle around 5:00. low clouds will be pretty extensive as we head into the new -- noon time hour, they come back and then pull away but not completely clearing. do expect gray skies to linger. morning temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's with some spotting drizzle. you will need those windshield wipers along the coastline for the afternoon. 75 in san jose, 72 in milpitas. on the peninsula, low 70's from palo alto to mountain view. upper 50's, windy end still cloud eight for half moon bay, pacific. north bay temperatures mid-seventies from napa, 79 in santa rosa. east bay, grazing, sunshine mixing with some clouds, 66 oakland, 70 in fremont.
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had in months of this temperature is not where they should beat, 75 in livermore except 82 in fairfield. accuweather forecast, mid to upper 70's inland, 50's because side. milder for the fourth of july. the temperatures will come up a few more degrees through wednesday and thursday. dan: in the north bay, a long-standing family tradition is back after a two-year pause because of the pandemic is of the marin county fair is back on. look at the fairgrounds to look at the favorites camp making a comeback. >> three, 2, 1. ♪ >> welcome to the marin county fair. reporter: all the fun is making a comeback at the fairgrounds. from games of chance to all that
6:20 pm
that i habit fair food. >> chicken on a stick. reporter: is it good? jennifer brought her kids for the day. >> we are glad to have the fair back. getting ice cream early in the day. reporter: the pandemic put the brakes on the past two years. this year it is nice to be back. >> young the excitement from the kids and parents, it is time for us all together again. that is why we themed it so happy together. reporter: all exhibits have pivoted to outdoors including the livestock competition. >> feels good to be back in the fair. covid, it was all shut down and we were doing online shows and auctions. he did not feel like we were there. reporter: how do you feel about the fair being back? >> reporter: no comment. marin county high schoolers made these unique peace signs, they will be auctioned off to benefit
6:21 pm
relief efforts for ukraine. >> is good for the community to get involved in the high school students represent the community. reporter: the fair keeping it local light comes to food. this man and his brisket from san rafael. >> covid is almost over it at the same time this is a family affair. you can bring the kids, parents come, there's something for everyone. reporter: if you're coming out for the fair, don't miss these highlights, with the funnel cake, something new this year, lobster fries. this is a cotton candy mimosa, described as all the fun of a county fair in the glass. it is very sweet. public crews performs tonight, she lee on friday -- sheila e on friday. ama: now were all hungry. costing you more money. making you more money. july 1
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plus, its recommended by doctors nearly 2x more than any other probiotic brand. just one a day naturally helps promote a balanced gut. and soothe occasional bloating gas and discomfort. align probiotic. welcome to an align gut. ama: we will turn the calendar to a new month tomorrow. july 1 brings more changes the most months. that's give you a look at what could impact you where you live. some people get paid more. minimum wage is going up in a dozen cities. many of them in the bay area. alameda is a berkeley, fremont, san francisco, emeryville,
6:25 pm
foster city and milpitas. extra money it might not stay in your pocket. tomorrow, mark raises fares 3.4%. this is a delayed increase, originally scheduled for january. the first increase since 2020. golden gate bridge tolls are rising, fast-track users will pay $8.30. the state gas tax goes up. it will raise three cents. dan: new laws also take effect tomorrow. dealing with guns, schools and your local bar. to keep drunks off the roads of bartenders will need to undergo new training to better recognize when someone is intoxicated. their new limits on how early school can start so kids can get more sleep. for middle schools no earlier than 8:00. four high schools not before 8:30. the state will also expand requirements for stamping.
6:26 pm
how firearms stamp numbers on partridges. ghost guns will be included in the red flag laws and courts to seize firearms from people who might be considered dangerous. it will also be included in domestic violence restraining orders. they were unlicensed accepted until now. ama: a sign of relief for millions of migrants of the mexico border. could the biden administration put an end to a trump era policy? dan: what a supreme court decision could mean for you and the environment. ama: we are going to leave you with a look at that fire burning in vallejo. these are live pictures from sky 7. you can see the smoke as firefighters are working to put
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>> cap from abc 7 supplied breaking news. dan: the latest on the fire burning in vallejo. the fire started an hour ago as of and went. ama: it is in between broadway and highway 29. not far from the intersection
6:30 pm
with 37. firefighters have made progress, you see a chart mess left. dan: a blockbuster supreme court session ends with two more landmark decisions and a historic swearing-in. today the course -- court released rulings on cases related to environment and immigration. ama: one curbs the epa's -- remain in mexico policy which originated under the trump administration. it said certain non-mexican citizens who enter the u.s. sends them back to mexico instead of releasing them into the u.s. while there immigration proceedings lab. we have team coverage on both topics. dan: we will begin with immigration. a long fight now over for the biden administration. abc 7 news reporter tara campbell explains how today's ruling could bring reassurance to thousands of migrants at the next go border.
6:31 pm
reporter: this families calling the shelter mexico home, along with hundreds of others fleeing their homelands. >> desperation and fear. a lot of desperation and fear. reporter: the family escaped honduras a year and a half ago. one witnessing his neighbor beaten by a gang. becoming the next target. >> at that moment, the only thing we could do was sleep. we can with what we had. in god we had some money saved up. reporter: they are among millions of migrants impacted by trump era order policies. this lawyer in east bay. >> the normal path to seek asylum in the united states is crossing over a land border. and ask for asylum. reporter: the path hasn't been normal for years. pointing to title 42, a policy put into place amid the
6:32 pm
pandemic. it has turned awake nearly 2 million migrants. remain in mexico has forced thousands more to wait in the country other cases are processed. thursday, the supreme court making way for president biden to end the policy. >> hopefully the biden administration will work hard to make sure the program is ended. reporter: as per title 42, she says there is no clear end in sight, meaning migrants will continue putting their lives on the line, as seen in san antonio. >> title 42 needs to be ended. there is no longer a justifiable health reason for it. reporter: this families holding onto hope. a lot of it for their daughter. >> i long for a better future for my daughter, where she can study and grow in an environment that is different. reporter: telling us she wants to be a doctor. >> to be able to study and help my family. >> we complained to god that he
6:33 pm
-- we pray to god that he gives us the opportunity to cross into the united states. dan: let's move next to today's other big supreme court decision which affects the environment. the new ruling is worrisome to leaders or working to combat climate change. dustin dorsey explains how this could be damaging to the environment and to people. >> another day, another supreme court ruling. this time with impacts to the environment. six conservative judges ruled the environmental protection agency cannot regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. >> the court said that as an overreach and the government can't tell power plants they have to limit because of carbon emissions. reporter: supporters of the fossil fuel industry consider this a major winds of putting control back where they say it belongs. here in california -- >> the idea that the u.s. supreme court moved to take away
6:34 pm
one of the most significant and historically powerful tools to address the ravages of climate change is incomprehensible. >> the clean air act has been in effect for 50 years. and is more important now than ever. that they would simply break from 50 years of precedent, they are out of control. reporter: california congresswoman says her concern is the -- it could extend. >> health and safety measures. food safety measures. transportation safety measures. basically, the wild west. people are going to be harmed because of it. reporter: what does it mean locally? san francisco state climate researcher says the damage could impact us all. >> ultimately, it is easier for power plants to put pollutants into the air that affect the personal air quality and climate change. reporter: which could mean higher risk of fire danger and
6:35 pm
worsening drought conditions. california continues to be a leader in climate change. we need to keep it up to combat potential harmful rulings like this one today. >> what gives me hope is let's do stuff in our state, our cities. let's talk for city council members and say what more can we do to be more clean and efficient with our energy so we have a healthier environment for everyone. reporter: he says the work starts with all of us. ama: for the first time in history, there is a black woman justice on the supreme court. ketanji brown jackson was sworn in today by retiring justice stephen breyer is of a man she once clerked for. her addition means for the first four time for women on the court at once. the next term begins the first monday of october. dan: speaking of changes, there's a big shuffle in the bay area's biggest school district. see what is changing at the top. now it is time for the california housing watch with a
6:36 pm
housing market update. >> this california housing much -- housing watch is sponsored by redfin. >> people are concerned about the housing bubble, are we in a bubble? no. there's been very little construction of new homes. we have a big generation starting to bite homes. we have a housing shortage, coupled with a population that is buying more. people buying homes today have the financial resources to do so. for more information visit >> the california hot housing watch is sponsored by redfin. want to w
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ama: abcs on the red carpet storyteller spotlight is shining a light on two women in the c suite. they are showing us what to expect at this year's essence festival culture. >> chief executive officer as well as the -- >> i'm the chief revenue officer essence ventures at essence communications. >> the brand was created when black women were not seen in the full light and foundation.
6:40 pm
it is a 50 something-year-old bryant that was started and timer a lot of other black friends also existed. -- black brands also existed. they started this thing called essence. halfway through, a festival came about that is still the largest festival in the nation. >> we call it the super bowl of culture. storytelling permeates through the festival. we have the filmmakers series, a festival that the walt disney company will be sponsoring. >> we've got icons like janet jackson, that is just -- miss janet, can i just touch the hair. kevin hart is coming and giving us some joint in his comedy. we got over 20 events happening throughout the day and in other places. >> it is important that we create community commerce. for we are giving back to the
6:41 pm
black community. after serving the black community, but to be in service of the black community except creating economic equality and opportunities across entrepreneurship's of education. if you want to start a business, you're going to know how to protect your product, not just look good but feel good. ama: i want to tell you about hulu, which has partnered with the festival this year and is offering a select stream. it will stream tomorrow through sunday from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. at no additional cost to hulu subscribers. dan: today is the last day of pride month. this year it was extra special. here at abc 7's of the full in person celebrations are back, we broadcast the pride parade for the first time. one of our hard-working and talented editors put together a behind-the-scenes look at the work and fund that went into the
6:42 pm
parade that we wanted to share with you. ♪ >> welcome to pride 22. the vibes are immaculate. were happy to be back in person. >> can i get some love here? [applause] we are with the walt disney company right now, marching down market.
6:43 pm
abc 7 is here. ♪ >> our team just in labels today and so proud to be here. >> this is the feeling today. thanks to abc 7, this pride is live on abc 7. we will be back.
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ama: happening now, vice president -- -- kamala harris is at eight -- is that a dnc function. she leads the bay area from los angeles later this evening. dan: to say the school districts in the bay area have gone through some challenging times in the past three years is an understatement. covid and other related challenges have taken a toll on many administrators. today, after five years leaving the sin of -- the san francisco
6:47 pm
unified school district, the superintendent retired. our educational reporter explains what is next for san francisco public schools. reporter: today, dr. vincent matthews left a position he held for five years. what would you say is your main achievement? especially during the last three years? you get to say only one. [laughter] >> i would say the team is working through the pandemic and bringing students back. two years ago we went out. >> he led the district or some of the most challenging years ever, including once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. reporter: following his lead are they topped three deputy superintendents. the chief of policy and operations and the assistant superintendent of high schools are also leaving. >> it is not typical. i have not seen in my career. it is definitely taking a toll,
6:48 pm
not only in this district but around the nation. reporter: deputy superintendents are among those leaving after 16 years. >> we were working around the clock. i don't say that lightly. going to bed at 1:00's of getting back up at 6:00 and working. information was changing so rapidly. >> reporter: the high school graduation rate increased, but there were goals that were not accomplished likely during the higher achievement -- like reaching a higher achievement for students of color and those in special education. not finding the resources to build a school they the arts downtown. with a new superintendent arriving, many hope he will be able to reach out to a city willing to show more support for public education. >> if we engage in that process and build -- we will get to uplift those important outcomes that we all want to see in our learners. reporter: the new superintendent will inherit the meanings of a
6:49 pm
new -- financing for million-dollar investment to make students here are college ready. ama: let's get to check on the weather. dan: meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya: if you're traveling this holiday weekend, i'm going to shade the forecast. it looks really quiet up and down the state. mostly cloudy and eureka, 59 degrees, sunshine and tahoe, 78. the deserts will continue to see triple digits, 81 and los angeles, 74 in san diego. the tahoe forecasts of mild saturday and sunday, morning pods followed by sunshine as we had sunday. great for the fourth of july. clear skies. as you look at live doppler 7, we do have some fog. it is going to stick around tomorrow. wendy both sides a breezy inland. temperatures upper 50's to low 80's as you check out your saturday most areas are going to be out of the 80's.
6:50 pm
it is about the sunday, mostly 50's to 70's. monday we start to see a bump in temperatures just in time for the fourth of july. no extreme heat in the accuweather seven-day forecast. pleasant weather, there will be some fog around for the fourth. we will warm up the middle to latter part of next week. dan: busy and the weather department. and the sports department. ama: a lot to track today. larry. larry: one of the biggest days in sports in recent memory. huge news all over the place. we had about the a's. kevin durant once out of brooklyn. how about a reunion? note, he is not com
6:51 pm
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wow! agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovations specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! >> now abc 7 sports with larry beil. larry: one more big hurdle today in the a's quest to build a news stadium at howard terminal. the howard terminal is not needed for a port used so the stadium proposal moves forward. we've been following the stadium saga for years now. just so there's no confusion, this boat is not an endorsement of the project, it just means the land that the team wants is available, correct? reporter: all they did was vote today on port priority use area designation. all they did was say howard terminal is 56 acres, no longer needed for the port.
6:54 pm
that clears the way for the way for the a's to build a stadium, housing, parks, hotel. it wasn't an endorsement for the entire project. right now it was do you need this land or not? larry: and they don't need the land at the port, so it is open for the a's. what is next in this process that never seems to end? [laughter] reporter: the very next thing is coming next week. the oakland city council is going to take a vote on whether or not to do an advisory vote on the project. which in my opinion was a stall tactic. to slow things down. we will see how the city council votes. i'm not sure they will get that resolution passed. they would need a majority to do so. a lot of the clamor is coming from some mailers that may or may not be on the up and up. larry: you're being too nice. they are completely bogus. how close are we to a final binding vote, the shovels in the
6:55 pm
ground, it is or it is not. >> we just had a binding vote. there will be more binding votes. the next, with any luck will come september or october. the a's and the city have to come to terms on the development agreement, community benefits agreement. if they could do that before the end of the years, it is possible they could get the big ones of the big vote to approve this project. but they still have not come to an agreement. larry: you and i will do the stencil hundred more times. thank you. -- do this dance of hundred more times. larry: kevin durant requested a trade. his preferred destinations are phoenix or miami. last year, he signed a four-year extension for almost $2 million -- $200 million. this one hearts. the lakers are musk, reportedly signed -- the terms are not
6:56 pm
disclosed. jt in addition to dunking on people plays defense. that is a novelty for the lakers. the warriors can't pay everybody to bring the whole team back intact. another jar enormous bombshell that could basically end pac-12 as we know it. usc and ucla are heading to the big ten in 2024. both announcing that move about an hour ago. this scratches -- stretches the big ten from california to new jersey. they are basically heading to a world where you have two super conferences. what happens to stanford and cal? right now it is a complete mystery. maybe they go along, maybe they do something with the big 12. nobody knows. it is mind-boggling this even happened. dan: sort of confusing two. ama: tonight on abc 7, from 8:00 to 10:00, three episodes of press your luck.
6:57 pm
stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc7news. think you for joining us. dan: we appreciate your time, enjoy the rest of your evening and make time for some abc7news at 11:00.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a portfolio manager from naperville, illinois... a philosophy professor from syracuse, new york... and our returning champion, a real estate attorney from waukee, iowa... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny, and welcome, everyone. as we prepare to wrap up the month of june, our new champion, halley ryherd, a cross-stitcher of tiny masterpieces,
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is hoping to extend her win streak into july. we want to welcome david and hoa to the game. let's see who the month's final champion will be as we look at the categories in the jeopardy! round. ♪♪♪ we'll get started with... and... halley, you will select first. let's start with first lady firsts for $200, please. - hoa. - who is clinton? yes. first ladies for $400. - halley. - who is mamie eisenhower? no. david. - who is lady bird johnson? - that's right.


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