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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 2, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it is infuriating and it is sad. >> the fourth of july is supposed to be a fund raise her but instead it is fizzling their fireworks. good morning. i'm liz kreutz. let's talk about the holiday weekend. let's get over to meteorologist miss arjun. -- lisa argen. lisa: the roads are wet.
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we have 2000 feet is the depths of the marine layer. you can see the wet on the lens. light drizzle and mist. temperatures slowly coming up into the 60's and 70's. it looks like the 80's not with us today or tomorrow. perhaps the mildest date will be the holiday. we will see clouds clinging to the coast, only in the 50's at the shoreline. we will talk about when we up in just a few minutes. liz: the holiday weekend is getting off to a rough start after being the victim of a burglary. they sell fireworks every year with proceeds going to help children in need. tim johns has the story will see here on seven. >> to have somebody take away our livelihood was very
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disappointing. tim: a less than explosive start on this fireworks stand. the stand sells a variety of fireworks every year, but on monday night, the day before they started selling, someone broke into their storage shed and stole a quarter of their inventory. >> in 7 -- $7,000. tim: all of the money they raise this weekend goes to help disabled youth in their community, money that now the kids want to see. >> scholarships, to the kids, special ed, a christmas party with santa. tim: it is not the immediate impact but the long-term impact on the budget of the nonprofit organization. in addition to the $7,000 lost, they invited spend extra money
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on a security guard in is left of their stock, despite the hashbe lifted up by their friends and neighbors, many of whom have a donated to help them get the money back they lost. >> now that i know i would like to see how i could help and the best i can do for the community. tim: whatever comes their way, they will move forward, determin>> if we have to cut bae will come back, but we will keep doing what we do. liz: if you would like to help, you can mail in a donation. fire department across the bay area are beefing up patrols for the july 4 holiday weekend. they said there has been a surge in illegal holly works -- fireworks during the pandemic.
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500 pounds worth of illegal fireworks were recently seized. residents in the north bay are worried that illegal fireworks will spark another fire. the east bay is also another spot for that, particularly in oakland. >> we put the word out that fireworks are illegal in the city of oakland and proactively closing the peak. liz: firefighters encouraging people to think twice before liking any fireworks, legal or illegal. oak and city officials anticipating a large crowd at lake merritt for the holiday. there will be a number of road closures and restrictions. you can see the areas in red on the east side of the lake. officials say road barricades in limited arcing help keep the lake safer for everyone by giving emergency vehicles better access and helps to cut down on parking congestion, doublend tre
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in the -- jams. for more, had to our website. let's go to the war in ukraine where russian missile struck an apartment complex in odessa friday afternoon, killing at least 21 people. tara campbell spoke with a local ukrainian who said this when hit to close to home. tara: a frantic search for survivors friday in the ukrainian port of odessa. reston -- russian missiles strike this building, killing 21 people, including a child. >> i am like, get my family to safety first. tara: hitting too close to home, his father and friends living nearby. >> with my friends in everyone is ok and then try to emotions.
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tara: coping from his home in san francisco, his homeland under siege. >> trying to separate myself from it for my own sanity. tara: both devastation and frustration. >> this is a constant act of terror and it could happen at any time. tara: this time it happened before daybreak in a town 30 miles from odessa. >> peaceful people who were sleeping in their beds, sleeping in their homes. tara: and as the war rages on, a nonprofit is pouring millions of dollars into medical supplies and more, trying to keep up. >> missile bombardments and civilian casualties in ukraine are heartbreaking and continue. there is no end in sight. tara: it has raised more than $40 million the start of the
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war, and right now he said the focus is on medical supplies, prescription drugs, surgical equipment. >> making sure hospitals continue operating. we also want to show support and be there for the people of ukraine. tara: scenes like this punctuating the country's pain and persistence. >> we need the help and we need any help we can get, so please keep rallying up. don't forget about us and don't forget about ukraine. tara: tara campbell, abc 7 news. liz: a rally in march in burlingame for abortion rights. it starts at noon at washington park. it will start at the park or go to city hall and back to the park for a vigil. the march is in response to the supreme court's decision to
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overturn roe v. wade. authorities trying to identify party crushers who tried to ruin a private celebration. >> closed the door, close the door. liz: this is body camera video released by the woodland police department. you see men trying to rush into this bar who was hosting a drag show. the group stayed outside and yelled home cope with -- homophobic slurs. >> there was also a presence by the woodland police apartment and that made us feel more comfortable. liz: the owner of the bar so the show was initially canceled afterward about this event reached tiktok but after receiving support from the community, organizers put together a scaled-down version. a similar confrontation happened in the bay area when members of the white nationalist group the proud boys disrupted drag queen
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story our at the library. with pride week over, the 27th anniversary of the display on twin peaks is being dismantled. volunteers needed to remove two miles of streamers and equipment. the pink triangle is a symbol of resilience and pride for the lgbtq plus community during june. volunteers will meet this morning to remove the rest of the display. if you miss the san francisco pride parade, you can see all the content on our bay area app. you can download it on roku, amazon, fire td wherever you stream. let's get a check outside. lisa: cool and breezy. you can see the lens as wet. we have measurable rain. rain. temperatures in the 50's and the
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clouds extend into the delta. we will talk about some clearing, more wind and below average temperatures for the holiday weekend ahead. liz: also, pac-man versus the pigeons. a look at bart's unique strategy to fix a bird problem at one of its stations. a daily harvest customer after getting sick tried to warn the ceo that it was worse than the init
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the general election. the a -- the wage has increased and is due to climbed to $15 in january could supporter said a current minimum wage is not enough, especially as housing costs and gas prices soar. the federal government has ordered 2.5 million additional doses of the monkeypox vaccine, on top of the half million doses the u.s. has already purchased. this is part of the biden administration's efforts to stop the spread of monkeypox infections. at least one daily harvest customer attempted to warn the ceo that the company' is now recalled product was creating much more than gastrointestinal discomfort. hundreds of people have been sickened, hospitalized, and in some cases had gallbladder's removed. melanie woodrow has more on when and how the company alerted the public.
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melanie: he is a marathon runner and healthy eater, from june 8 to june 18, he was hospitalized three times with elevated liver enzymes eating daily harvest lentil and leak crumbles. >> it felt like nothing i had ever experienced before. melanie: on june 17, daily harvest emailed customers who were shipped the product and for others who had contact information, it stated a small number of customers have reported gastrointestinal discomfort after ingesting our lentil crumbles. they must be thoroughly cooked and added out of an abundance of caution, please dispose of any have received and do not eat them. he got the email in his hospital bed at 7:34 p.m. >> i had to read it twice because we have been searching for three weeks what was going on.
5:15 am
melanie: he contacted customers with similar issues. he reached out to the ceo and realized they had gone to the same business school. >> i thought hearing from a semi like myself would help get the word out. i said if you are not certain, i am certain period time in the hospital in of going through torture for three weeks. melanie: any discussions he wrote in part, i wholeheartedly do not believe this has anything to do with cooking rentals. i basically chard mine. this is a major sub look -- public safety problem. she wrote back that we are investigating and taking this seriously. as soon as we got wind of an issue, we asked all customers that purchase to discard the products. >> he responded and said his condition was well beyond gastrointestinal problems and had to talk surgeons out of removing his gallbladder. she wrote that we would be in touch.
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he asked if they had informed the fda and she didn't respond. >> if i could save one person, i wanted daily harvest to do the same thing. melanie: they would not say when daily harvest contacted the fda. they tell abc news enacted the voluntary recall on june 17 when it sent out the initial email to customers. he worried about the customers who didn't check email or spouses and children who weren't main account holders and prepared and ate the product not knowing about the recall. on june 19, he emailed her again and i am pleading with you and please let medical professionals know what is going on and that the -- let the news outlets no good that afternoon they posted it on their website. it wasn't until june 23, six days after the voluntary recall in the form of an email that daily harvest had released an
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announcement that was posted public for anyone to see. >> having a food product that makes men sick is one thing but not doing everything in your power as a human being to address it is a whole other. melanie: he writes, spite exhaustive testing over two weeks, daily harvest has not identified a possible cause. she says the company is working with top doctors, toxicologists, and three independent labs. she writes, i'm sure you will not stop until we get to the bottom of this. on monday she posted that they said it was related to the leak crumbles. melanie woodrow, abc7news. liz: if you have a story for the eye team, go to the website or call. it appears bart has solved the pigeon problem at the del norte
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station. a hawk named "pac-man" is scaring them off. they hired falcon force after trying to solve the problem in an inverse ways to handler says when he and pac-man first came in late may, there were pigeons everywhere and now their presence is effected. >> usually when they see me walking, they start to take off. if not, i let him go and he usually flies perch to perch and i call him back and that is enough to get them out of here. liz: freaky and pac-man come to the station three days a week for eight hours a day. -- friday -- freddy and pac-man come to the station three days a week for eight hours a day.
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lisa: they know how to shoot the fireworks off low before they disappear into the deck of low clouds. we are looking at the mist and drizzle. that trend. by monday, chapters will be warming up a little bit but there is a weather system that will allow for cloud cover and the breezy winds. temperatures have been at least five to 15 degrees below average. as you look at the low cloud deck, sacrament of valley reporting cloudy skies. we are looking at low 50's in redwood city. 50 in menlo park great out toward the delta, temperatures in the mid-50's. 53 in santa rosa. here is a look outside where it looks like a summer scene.
5:20 am
low clouds, patchy drizzle come and breezy to gusty winds over the weekend with cooler than average pattern staying with us but summer warmth continues into the middle of next week. at 9:00, you can see the clouds in the east bay, and we have some clearing in the north bay but the wind will be with us. clouds down the peninsula and over into haywood as bait get into your sunday morning. lots of low clouds. by the afternoon, the north bay looking into more cloud cover. on monday, the holiday, more clouds and fog and a weather system that could provide shower activity to the north around sonoma county. into the afternoon, partly clou cit will not be into the me of the week when we see warmer numbers. tuesday's, the 80's return.
5:21 am
widespread 60's and 70's today. tuesday we sought 83 in concord at the airport -- we saw 83 in concord at the airport. by thursday, we are into the upper 80's inland. it is going to be a little warmer after the holiday. at 71 in santa cruz. 59 at ocean beach. fireworks forecast, temperatures not too bad but looking at cloud eni 72 in san jose and san rafael. cooler tomorrow. by monday, rightly cloudy, more 80's inland, 70's around the bay . after the holiday into the end of the week when we will seek the return to summer. it is certainly chilly out there for july. liz: summer in san francisco,
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when pain says, “it's time to go home”
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“i say, “not yet”. ♪ ♪ aleve. who do you take it for? liz: if your fourth of july conversations include catching up with friends and family, chances are topics include current events could lead to debated -- heated discussions. we talked about how to communicate. >> mental health experts anticipate conversations heat up . according to the american psychological association's stress in america study, high stress levels are leading to problematic behavior. >> people with their heads exploding with stress. when you have that coming of frustration that often leads to aggression under stress. >> the psychology professor, dr.
5:25 am
thomas plant, said this summer there is added tension and deeply divided issues being debated. >> whether it is roe v. wade, politics, climate change, covid, racism and discrimination, all of these issues can be hot button issues. >> fight over gun fright -- bone rights, gas prices, and during the pandemic we know dense -- distance was an issue. >> family is the ecology, where traditions are passed down, morals are learned, values are accepted or rejected, but because there has been this separation, people have gotten their values from other sources. >> but dr. lisa hill says the holiday is an opportunity to
5:26 am
reconnect, chance to reestablish familial beliefs and to practice respect for those who don't reflect our own. >> we are all getting back on the worst for social communication. breathing. >> dr. michael stanton encourages us to be kind to ourselves, courteous to others, and keeping the fourth of july fireworks in the sky. >> there is a lot of room to walk away from the conversation and that is ok. you'd better have that than six of the you would regret later. liz: still to come on abc seven mornings, canceled flights and thousands of delays across the country. with heavy traffic on the highways, how travelers are fearing right now. and a story you will see only on abc seven, a battle over late-night wi-fi in san francisco's castro district.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone. next for joining us. that's head over to lisa argen. not the warmest start to the july 4 holiday weekend. lisa: i wish i had better news, but we are used to this cool, breezy regime for the fourth of july we are in the mid-50's. cool in danville at 54. right now, visibility down to a mile and three quarters in half moon bay. with the low cloud deck, slightly milder this morning but it will take time for fog to pull back. wind at 28 miles per hour. concord gusting to 29. there is a great sky to the delta. it is still cloudy in half moon
5:30 am
bay progress and son in the north bay. sea breeze 25 to 35 miles today and noticed the absence of 80 degree temperatures. it is anywhere from five to 15 degrees cooler than average, the coolest day tomorrow. liz: the average gas prices in the bay area's major cities are down. san francisco is at $6.35, that is $.11 lower. oakland is down about $.12 to $6.32. san jose is where a expensive gas at 6000 $.27. that is $.11 less than it was -- six ounce $.27. -- $6.27. as $.11 less than it was last week. thousands of delays in flights. san francisco international has canceled or delayed over 40 flights so far just today.
5:31 am
the tsa had a record yesterday, screening two point 4 million people in our nation's airports. abc news reporter christine sloan has more. christine: as a holiday weekend kicks off, a bump in the road for thousands of travelers, several airports with stops with severe weather swimming parts friday. >> as soon as we got to the airport, the flight was canceled. christine, pandemic related shortages also to blame. >> we had a consolation -- cancellation but it was rebooked. >> we are staying on our toes, knowing last-minute changes. >> we have a long day at the airport. christine, delta, american, and united cutting back schedules for the next few months with insufficient staffing. delta offered eight passengers and one overbooked flight $10,000 cash for their seats, as
5:32 am
the airline also deals with pilots picketing over pay and scheduling. >> we have now flown more overtime in the first six months and we did in 2018 and 2019 combined and those were record years. christine: delta vowing to hire several hundred employees weekly and bringing in corporate employees to help in airports. the tsa keeping 1000 additional agents on standby if needed. the roads also seeing a surge in travelers, an estimated 42 million people opting to drive this year, though prices are lower than last week, and average gallon of gas costs $4.90, the most of any july 4 ever. aaa has this tip for drivers. >> realized that those closest to the high we will be the most expensive your if you can take the exit and drive down the road a mile or so to that gas
5:33 am
station, it will tend to be cheaper. christine: christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: a man brought relief to his community by giving away free gas for a while. cars lined up creating a traffic jam hours before the event. with the cost around 50 dollars per vehicle, organizes gave away $5,000 worth of free gas and the city councilman said he hopes to do more events like this one in the future. building a better bay area is a balancing act. resident of the castro district continued to deal with endless problems with drugs. the local library has become a magnet for those living and using drugs on the streets. we have the story you only see your on abc seven with why they are asking the local library to turn off the wi-fi in an attempt to push them out. >> it is midmorning on 16 street
5:34 am
across from the library, one a most troubled spots in the castro district because of this homeless encampment. we saw families trying to navigate past the tents, thomas ashwood told us why many gather here. thomas: it is because they are safe here and it is not violent. when they go to sleep they don't have to worry about their tent been on fire or some cutting it open. >> they are by a public building with access to bathrooms and they have learned how to generate power from the bicycle docs. >> went i walk by the library you almost always see someone smoking meth and using fentanyl. it is comfortable and the weather is not too bad, no one bothers them. >> another reason for congregating here is the access to free wi-fi. it is no secret. residents have asked them to shut down the wi-fi at night, hoping that will drive them out. >> several wi-fi, are you going to get them all shut down? >> the free city wi-fi along the
5:35 am
market corridor is not reliable but at the public library it is much more robust and allows for streaming. we witnessed many of them doing just that, using the internet from outside waiting for the library to open. we reached out to the public library and they said a 2017 study found crime in the area fluctuated whether wi-fi was turned on or off. they also told us, "they continue to seek to address the digital divide." >> obviously, you want to provide service for patrons and anyone is welcome inside, but there is no reason to let it go on during the night. >> there are signs of vandalism in the area. the surveillance camera in the parking lot was damaged and neighbors report crimes like broken carotid stores -- garage doors. >> i live in this neighborhood and knowing well my daughter to
5:36 am
--we don't have a lot of sticks and fewer carrots. if folks don't want help, they can refuse it, which is very frustrating for those of us who live and work in the castro. >> he said is obvious they need help and treatment but among the hardest groups to reach. liz: that was lyanne melendez reporting. there will be a bill and sacramento called mental health services for the gravely disabled and that legislation would force certain people into treatment but it had a lot of opposition from civil liberties groups and it did not pass. still ahead, a san francisco couple gets a $1500 fine for parking in their own driveway and the city isn't backing down. michael finney breaks it down. a live look outside, it gorgeous start -- not so gorgeous but a gorgeous view but a rainy start
5:37 am
to the holiday weekend.
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[announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! liz: parking is always a challenge but for one couple it turned into a deep dive into san francisco. they were slapped with a fine for parking in their driveway as they have for 40 years. michael finney has their perplexing story. michael: parking in san francisco. >> there is not enough parking. ouarind -- find a spot and get a ticketet onne micelair. -- michael: for ed and judy craine, it seems unfair. they have parked on their hand
5:40 am
every day for the past 36 years, but not anymore. ed: we got the email that we can't park on the parking pad and i said that is crazy. michael: i got this for parking in their own driveway. judy: it was very surprising. michael: it came with a $1542 fine plus another $250 a day if they didn't get the car off of their car pad. judy: i wrote back and thought there was a mistake. michael: there is no mistake and no ordinary parking ticket. it came from city planning department saying it is illegal to park in the front yard of a house. judy: if we were found parking there again it would be $1500 fine. chl:car out but none of it made sense. ed: why are you taking or something has great utility for ninfothe
5:41 am
chl: as far ay nelwas used for e was built in 1910. ed: to be told we have been using for years we couldn't is a challenge. michael: they could park if they proved it was a horse -- a historic use and they might be grandfathered in. judy: we could be grandfathered in showed a historic photo showing a car or a horse-drawn buggy in the carport. michael: they dug up this photo of their daughter 34 years ago, part of the car barely visible but officials said not old enough. ed: i did online searches and tried to find historic resources. michael: they combed through hundreds of historic photos and plenty show the early days when there were few streets or homes. ed: our house and our neighbors house had empty fields around
5:42 am
it. michael: but to find a car or a horse in their particular driveway before iphone cameras, nearly impossible. and then, bingo. ed: to me it is evident it was a car. michael: this photo from 1938 shows the exact home. ed: this is our house. michael: he can see a car pulling into the driveway or a buggy. ed: this black blob looks like it is pulling into our driveway. michael: ed said it must be a car like all of the other blobs you see along the road. ed: i don't know what else it would be is pretty compelling that was a car pulling in or out of the parking pad. michael: they rusted to the planning department, the proof they needed but they were wrong. judy: they said it was too fuzzy. michael: officials tell us the come -- couple was violent a
5:43 am
code banning couples from parking in front of a house, though it is ok to park in front of a garage like this. they say it was enacted decades ago for aesthetic reasons to "ensure that front yards don't parking lots." why enforce it now? he said someone made an anonymous complaint. two neighbors got tagged for a violation. they wrote in email that they recognize the resident is frustrated by the code doesn't allow grandfathering illegal uses on account of their having flown below the radar for a length of time. so the carport sits empty as they struggle to park on the hill. judy: this feels very unfair, like we are being punished. michael: i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. liz: we want to hear from you and share your stories.
5:44 am
we know how hard parking is in san francisco, i feel for them. lisa: for sure. this morning you may need the wipers. here is a look at sambar fall where the sun is up. look at the cloud cover. headed closer to the city, more mist and its result. it is going to be a cool weekend, attempt is well below average. we will explain, next. liz: also, the warriors are shuffling the deck in free agency. we
5:45 am
5:46 am
liz: walk back. let's get a check of the weather with lisa argen. lisa: half moon bay, a mile and three quarters visibility. elsewhere, the deck of low clouds is taller in the breeze is making it to the inland valleys. low 50's at the coast, upper
5:47 am
50's at the delta. you can see the clouds stacked up. low clouds and drizzle, receipt to gusty wind with five to 15 degrees of cooling today. tomorrow should be the coolest day, but some are returned by the middle of next week. here is a look at the cloud cover through the day. beginning to get sunnier in the north bay. 9:00, a lot of cloud cover. along the peninsula, mist and drizzle into the east bay. early sunday morning, gray skies again. by the afternoon, the north bay has workloads and the south bay looking writer for sunday. into monday, the fourth of july, patchy clouds. a week boundary will allow for more drizzle at the coast. by noon, partly cloudy skies and fog moving into the bay area.
5:48 am
low 70's around the bay on tuesday as we warm up through the 80's. we will continue to see the 60's and 70's through the weekend. a few 80's. wednesday, we are warmer. by the end of the upcoming work week, feeling more like summer with a return to upper 80's, still cool along the coast. santa cruz, 53 right now and partly sunny with 71 there. the cause begin to pull away and santa cruz at 62 but still cloudy, upper 50's in half moon bay. headed to be sierra nevada, looking at mid 70's. it is parisi. -- it is breezy. monday, a lot of sun and temperatures coming up a few degrees here not the warmest fourth but it's not totally atypical. 64 in the city. sissy seven in fremont.
5:49 am
the clouds -- 67 in fremont. the clouds want to cool -- clear. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 by the delta. tomorrow, even cooler, looking at a milder fourth of july in the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. not a lot of change into the end of the week when we got back to average. liz: now to the disney wish, the newest cruise ship making the premier voyage. this is more than just a cruise. it is the parent company of abc 7 paired our reporter was joined by mickey and friends for the christening of the cruise. >> i can't to wait -- wait to meet you very soon. come along. it is going to be wonderful. >> this is a place where you come and relax. the spot is a place where you can't escape. this is a place all the adults want to hang out.
5:50 am
>> we immerse our guests and there are more stories than we have ever done. everywhere you turn and look are the stories we brought to life. >> we are here to join the resistance. >> everything, the heart, the soul, the creation, the building has been many years in the making. >> is this the google expressway? >> shooting my webs. you are so strong. >> welcome to castaway cay. >> it is the most exclusive drinking in the galaxy. [laughter] ♪
5:51 am
>> i also had a chance to ride the aqua mouse, 760 foot water slide, the very first attraction at sea. so epic. they have a number of broadway shows on board. i am personally excited for the little mermaid. liz: disney wish is their fifth cruise ship, the largest in the fleet with two more expected in 2024 and 2025. let's talk sports, the giants looking to even the series while the a's hunting for the second when to finish strong on the road. the giants take on the chicago white sox at oracle park. oakland takes on the seattle
5:52 am
mariners at t-mobile clark -- t-mobile park. the summer league starts this weekend at chase center appeared to warriors face-off against the sacramento kings later today at 4:30. sports director at has more on the warriors. larry: good morning. the warriors lost gary payton and anderson to the lakers, but they are keeping the number one targeted free agency, he is not going anywhere. he has agreed to a three year, $25.5 million deal to stay with golden state. dominated on the boards in the playoffs. james wiseman, hisne but he wase warriors couldn't afford to lose. e d vincenzo -- dante de
5:53 am
vincenzo, a solid defender. he is key in the warrior offense. damion lee is now an e x-warrior. he's breaking the one dear -- do -- he is breaking a one-year deal. there is a man, mike yastrzemski crashes into the wall. alex cobb pumped for giants had only three hits all night. threatening and a, darin ruf, double play. still scoreless in the ninth, two outs and two on. sizzles one to write. the throw was a half second to late, 1-0 white sox. the a's in seattle, that is the very first souvenir baseball for the little guy. tony kemp, he got it.
5:54 am
looking for his first w of the year, and he got it. six innings allows one-run. two outs for sean murphy, kemp after two years, head coach was fired. they're not middle-class and three season are in the market for a new general manager as well as head coach. that is a wrap on morning sports heavy great holiday weekend. i'm larry beil. liz: looking for something fun and free, the department of fish and wildlife might have the perfect idea here we will tell you, coming up.
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liz: splash mountain's days are numbered. it will be renamed based on the princess and the frog and it was inspired by a new orleans chef. the ride will get a revamp in california and florida and will make its debut in 2024. disney is the parent company of abc 7. happening today, the department of fish and wildlife offering free fishing this weekend. today, anyone can fish without a fishing license. it is a low-cost opportunity to give fishing to try if you are to the sport. all stream closures and hours remain in effect. the next free fishing day in 2022 is september 3. next, think twice, that's the warning as people start enjoying
5:58 am
the festivities this july 4 holiday weekend. after a devastating attack in odessa, people in the bay area stepping up to help good how a nonprofit is trying to keep up with the need for medical with the need for medical supplies in with the need for medical supplies in it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it's infuriating and it's sad. liz: fourth of july is supposed to be a fundraiser for one group, but it is fizzling because of thieves swiping their fireworks. thanks for joining us -- i'm liz kreutz. let's start by talking about the fourth of july holiday weekend and the weather specifically. let's get over to meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: we always have high fire danger around here, but with moisture in the city


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