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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- the police video sparking protests in ohio. graphic body camera video showing the fatal shooting of jayland walker. officers allegedly firing 90 rounds walker unarmed and running away what authorities are now saying and the questions being raised by the video. the developing story overseas. gunfire erupting inside a busy shopping mall. the death toll rising, what we're learning about the shooter. travel turbulence. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed, what travelers can expect on the way home from july 4th celebrations. high gas prices ignite a new war of words between amazon founder jeff bezos and the white house.
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caught on camera. a glacier in the mountains breaking apart, raining down on hikers down below. the terrifying crash on this racetrack, how a formula 1 driver was able to escape uninjured. later, the law against ice cream trucks finally overturned. and a real pickle. the streaker on the field is no match for this pickles mascot. good monday morning, everyone. happy fo we begin with the police shooting of jayland walker. prompting the city of akron, ohio, to cancel some of its holiday events today. >> he was killed in a hail of bullets after a vehicle and foot chase. the city has released dash cam footage. >> some of these images are disturbing. city officials in akron, ohio, are releasing what they're calling extremely disturbing
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body camera video. showing the moment officers shot and killed 25-year-old jayland walker. >> the video you're about to watch is heartbreaking and very tough to take in. >> reporter: authorities say early monday, officers tried to pull walker over for a traffic violation when they say a shot ws fired outside the car door. a chase then happened. minutes later, police said walker slowed down and ran away wearing a ski mask. authorities say the officers tried to deploy tasers but missed. police then opened fire. authorities have said they don't know yet how many shots the officers fired. >> based on the video i anticipate that number to be high. a lot of rounds were fired.
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>> reporter: officers tried to render aid but walker died at the scene. his body has more than 60 wounds. >> it was absolutely excessive. the law requires to use force that's reasonable. we've heard numbers as high as 90 on the ground. >> reporter: police say walker was unarmed when he was shot and say this handgun and magazine were later found on the driver's seat on the vehicle. walker's family has called for peace as protesters take to the streets demanding accountability. >> this is also devastating to us and the family. >> reporter: the eight officers who fired shots are on paid administrative leave. pending the outcome of the investigation. the family attorney said police handcuffed walker before trying to provide first aid. the naacp is calling the shooting murder. now to a developing story in europe. authorities in denmark said a deadly mass shooting at a mall in copenhagen was likely not
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terrorism-related. [ gunfire ] gunshots erupted late in the afternoon sending shoppers racing for cover. two teenagers and a man were killed. at least four other people were seriously injured. denmark's worst case of gun violence in seven years. 22-year-old danish man is under arrest. police believe he acted alone and the victims were selected at random. investigators say the motive remains unclear. they say there's nothing suggesting terrorism. 800 miles to the east, a major setback for ukraine. a stronghold has fallen. ukrainian troops have withdrawn. russia says the area is quote liberated. russian troops are one step closer to taking over the donbas. >> reporter: right now, it's looking pretty bleak for the ukrainians out in the eastern donbas, they're outgunned and outnumbered, they're losing land and a lot of soldiers. >> more financial help is on the
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way to ukraine, australian is sending $100 million in aid. back in this country, more travel trouble for the holiday weekend with thousands of flight cancellations and delays as air travel returns to pre-pandemic levels. meanwhile, a new war of words has erupted over high gas prices between the white house and amazon. em nguyen has the very latest. >> reporter: this holiday weekend, flight issues hitting airports hard. the top three most affected, hart hartsfield-jackson in atlanta, newark in new jersey and jfk in new york. this morning, travel chaos on the fourth of july making it difficult for many to take to the skies. >> my flight got cancelled. >> reporter: on friday alone, the transportation security administration screened nearly 2.5 million people, a record
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high since the start of the pandemic. since then thousands of flights cancelled and many more delayed. >> i spent $656 a ticket. >> reporter: contributing to issues nationwide bad weather along with increased demand for travel and persistent pandemic employee shortages at airlines. >> we're seeing an airline industry that's stretched and it doesn't help that the faa is also stretched. >> reporter: roads are also congested this holiday, aaa saying a record of 42 million travelers on the road. >> with the airplane prices it was ridiculous. >> reporter: in washington, pentagon spokesperson john kirby firing back at amazon ceo jeff bezos' criticism for the call of oil companies to lower prices at the pump after he said that the administration is misdirecting or misunderstanding basic market dynamics.
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>> in terms that everybody can understand, so i think we obviously take greater exception that is misdirection. >> reporter: kirby instead touting biden's efforts to lower gas prices. inch colluding trying to cap the price of russian oil. the national average gas price has dropped to $4.81, down from the record high $5 a gallon from last month. mona. >> em, thank you. a school police chief in uvalde, texas, is facing growing call to resign. he's been blamed for the delayed police response to the school massacre which left 19 children and 2 teachers dead. parents held yet another protest yesterday demanding answers and calling for the release of police body camera and pushing the resignation of the district attorney who's overseeing the investigation. there won't be traditional fireworks displays in some of the drought-stricken areas of the country.
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due to fears they could spark large wildfires in the extremely dry conditions. experts say history proves it's the right decision. >> on the fourth of july, we experience about twice as many human-started wildfires as we do at the highest point of the year on any other day of the year. >> other concerns about the fireworks displays include air pollution. some are planning drone or light shows. an annual july 4th tradition will have a different look today. joey chestnut will participate in the nathan's hot dog eating contest. on coney island, new york. he'll be on crutches due to a ruptured tendon. he's looking for his 15th title. he's hoping to break his own record 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. time now for a look at your july 4th weather. severe storms are possible today in the northern plains and upper midwest. celebrations in chicago, minneapolis and parts of wisconsin could be affected by thunderstorms. it's hot today in the central
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plains and dry for much of the west, but there will be some rain in the pacific northwest and some showers across the southeast. checking today's high temperatures, 84 in boston and new york. 77 in l.a. and portland. not even 70 in seattle. 104 in phoenix. coming up, a glacier breaks apart crashing on to hikers down below. also ahead, the capture of a yoga instructor wanted for an apparent love triangle murder. new details about how she allegedly tried to hide. another shark scare at a busy beach, this time a lifeguard is the victim.
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at least six hikers have been killed after a chunk of a
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glacier broke free in the italian alps. eight others were hurt in the avalanche. the search for survivors is resuming today with initial fears that as many as 15 people could be missing. two beaches on long island, new york are expected to reopen today for july 4th. they had shut down after a shark nipped a lifeguard. the encounter came during a lifeguard training exercise. the man needed stitches to bites on his chest and hand. shark sightings, by the way, have been on the rise across the region, prompting police to step up beach patrols. singer r. kelly is suing a brooklyn jail for placing him on suicide watch claiming it's a form of punishment that will force him to endure harsher conditions. they reportedly include no showers and eating without utensils. the prosecutors say the move is for kelly's own safety following a psychological evaluation. kelly was sentenced last week to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking and racketeering. new details about the capture of a woman wanted f apparent love triangle murder. w're learning more about the life kaitlin armstrong tried to set up in costa rica before
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authorities tracked her down for the alleged murder of a pro cyclist in texas. here's abc's rhiannon nally. >> why did you flee out of the country? >> reporter: this morning kaitlin armstrong is back in the u.s., no longer an international fugitive, as we learn more about the new life the texas yoga teacher was allegedly trying to make after fleeing the country, accused in a deadly love triangle. police busted kaitlin armstrong last week, ending a six-week manhunt. they say she was hiding in a trendy beach town in costa rica. >> she really was going to these yoga studios. she was taking classes. she was signing in under an alias. we believe she was trying to become some type of instructor. >> reporter: investigators say back in may armstrong murdered anna moriah wilson after she suspected wilson was having an affair with her boyfriend. armstrong is accused of tracking wilson to this house in austin. wilson was a professional
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cyclist in austin for a race. police say armstrong, a scorned girlfriend, shot wilson may 11th. they say armstrong's jeep was seen on surveillance video nearby. two days after the shooting police questioned her but let her go. then she vanished, showing up days later in new jersey, where she boarded a flight from newark to costa rica with someone else's passport, eluding authorities each step of the way. armstrong had also changed her look. >> she also changed her physical appearance a little bit to where she shortened her hair length a little bit, about shoulder length. she dyed it dark brown. she had some type of bandage on her nose. with some type of bruising fixated below her eyes. >> reporter: kaitlin armstrong could end up facing a capital murder charge. for now her bond has been set at $3.5 million. mona? andrew? >> rhiannon, thank you.
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coming up, buyer beware. the special deals and discounts this july 4th. but first, a wild crash on the track. how a formula one driver was able to escape this dramatic wreck. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪
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explosion. the 40-year-old truck driver, chris darnell, was killed. his father says he died doing what he loved, performing in the jet truck. darnell leaves behind a wife and two children. we turn now to a wild crash in formula one racing. a crash that the driver was lucky to walk away from. >> the british grand prix and it's lights out. norris, as does lewis hamilton. is already ahead. and takes the lead. and at the back that's george russell. out of this race. >> a terrifying moment at the british grand prix sunday. >> there's the initial content. that's where the car then is upside down. >> reporter: at the start of the race driver guanyu zhou's car is hit, flipping the nearly 2,000-pound car. the car sliding hundreds of feet upside down. the driver's head only inches off the ground. the car then slamming into the side of the track, flying up and
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over the barriers the race stopped as medical teams raced in removing the driver, taking him away on a stretcher. >> the halo very much doing its job before the car digs in. >> reporter: many crediting his safety to an innovation seen here called the halo, introduced into formula one just a few years ago. zhou posting to instagram "i'm okay. all clear. halo saved me." the halo has already been credited with saving multiple lives including in 2020 when the driver involved in this horrific crash walked away with only minor burns and a broken rib. zhou has transferred to a local hospital as a precaution but was released after being checked for injuries. a very salty pickle got the best of an unwelcome guest at i abaseball game in oregon. a guy ran onto the field of the portland pickles game. the mascot dylan the pickle, yeah, dill pickle, wasn't having it. dillon flattens the guy sending him to the turf. security came out, cuffed the
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good deal. so is this cooler for the long camping trips on the arctic website. >> andrew, you have a future with qvc. if you're looking for clothes, victoria's secret and abercrombie are advertising 25% off everything. "good morning america" will have more tips for july 4th savings later at 7:00 a.m. >> sxwierkts you'll still have to pay uncle sam, sales tax and all that. patriotic duty, right? >> exactly. well, next, a very cool change to the law books near denver. >> and it took effect just in time for july 4th. ice cream trucks are now legal in aurora, colorado. a license was issued friday for the first time in 65 years. the trucks were banned to cut down on noise, specifically their ever-present jingles. oh, you know the ones. but they have to be off the streets by sundown. next, a special guest at a backstreet boys concert in canada. who else could it be? >> the '90s boy band brought out not britney, not christina, but
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toronto native drake to perform their hit "i want it that way." and boy, did he deliver. ♪ i want it that way ♪ ♪ 'cause i want it that way ♪ >> drake said he has fond memories of dancing to that song at his dar mitzvah. and i have fond memories of jimmy from degrassi. next a big win at the box office for the minions. >> minions the rise of gru is on track to become the biggest july 4th opening ever for an animated movie. making $108 million so far. hollywood analysts say this is the first real sign that families are returning to theaters after covid concerns kept them away for so long. it really has been the summer of movies. "top gun: maverick" and now "the rise of gru." and finally, celebrating the 4th in style. >> check out these patriotic pooches in their red, white and blue get-ups. yeah, they will be on the grill. >> they will be under the grill
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: citizen bracing for potential illegal fireworks. jobina: with large crowd expected, some street closures. reggie: fight issues hitting travelers. what is could you begin. >> good morning. reggie: you can tell people are running out of vacation time. jobina: with all four of us here. drew: father on the coast and bay shoreline. elsewhere, clear skies. this morning, not too dense when it comes to a fog. mostly cloudy skies to start out
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our fourth.


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