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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 4, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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parade in illinois the terror putting a damper on some of celebrate here in the bay area abc 7 news at 11 is next. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. hi, sir broken for the victims and their families. as we always do we support each other. we are highland park strong. tonight heartbreak in illinois
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and across the country after six people were shot and killed at a fourth of july parade in a suburb outside chicago a person of interest now in custody. tomorrow chicago tribune calling it holiday horror with an image of a wary police officer walking the abandoned parade route with that. we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lin and i'm larry beale two of the victims killed in the highland park shooting have been identified. one of them was a grandfather nicholas toledo who came from mexico to visit relatives. his family says several other members were injured in the gunfire the other victim jackie sondheim who worked at a chicago area synagogue video shows the moments a man wanted in connection with the mass shooting at the highland park parade was taken into custody. he was tracked down in a matter of hours robert primo. the third was spotted by a north chicago unit at buckley and 41 his vehicle the vehicle that we were looking for. the initiated attempted initiate a traffic stop on that subject
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that subject did flee a brief pursuit was went on alternately. they were able to get the subject. video captured the panic at the parade as gunshots rang out and people ran for safety. i was in the parade with the american legion. we were in the back of a pickup truck. we were firmed down the street and we heard pop pop. my dad and i were watching the show and all of a sudden we just heard quotes. we thought were fireworks at first and i just grabbed my dad's arm and i i just was like something's wrong. something's wrong and i grabbed him. we started running and the sea of people started running. same time at least six people have died and more than two. dozen have been injured the victims range in age from 8 to 85 years old most of them with gunshot wounds. the rest were just caught up in the stampede of people trying to escape. witnesses described two bursts of gunfire while parade goers did everything they could to protect themselves and their children as the bullets flew.
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i remember hearing shootings and going like that's a and then reloading and then again we started shooting again and we ran behind the building and i put my my son in a dumpster, highland park, illinois the latest city to be racked by gun violence drawing familiar phrases. we've heard over and over again. saw people running one way. i sorry, i knew my girls were up here. it's not something that's supposed to happen here. men had to put his son in a dumpster to protect him unbelievable. today's mass shooting cast a shadow of sorrow and concern over july 4th celebrations on across the bay area sausalito held an independence day parade for the first time since 2019. this is horrible. this is not the time is absolutely i mean people are trying to celebrate what this country represented. just just see i'm glad that the senate did their job and started but they're not are just getting
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started we need to ban on assault weapons. as you just heard the mood shifted as word of the mass shooting spread a parade also made its way through the streets of antioch one person there said he'd like at least one gun law relaxed. i definitely would like if there was a it was so hard to get a concealed carried license. yeah, i mean just to feel like i protect my family if anything happens. antiox mayor says the city had a safety plan in place for this holiday weekend at plan included speeding up response times having at least 40 officers on patrol and using drones to help stop or prevent crime to philadelphia police officers were shot tonight during that city's fourth of july celebration one officer was hit in the shoulder the other suffered a graze wound to the head it all happened as a huge crowd was gathering for fireworks and live music the gunfire set off a chaotic scene as hundreds of people ran for safety and we sent out this
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notification tonight on our abc 7 news bay area app when the news first broke about the chaos in philadelphia if you'd like alerts like this in the future or updates on the illinois shooting you can download the app from the app store. tonight the south bay was host l fireworks shows across the bay area, but residents and first responders were still on high alert worried about illegal pyrotechnics. here's abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo. i came here to see a show and i'm expecting a show the south bay meta discovery meadow park in downtown san jose. monday crowds came to marvel at one of the region's eight professional fireworks displays planned for the fourth though. not quite as packed as pre-pandemic years. it's kind of like a family tradition an entertainment event in courage by local fire agencies, san jose and santa clara county fire recently asked people to leave the technics up
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to the pros pushing residents to attend legal independence day celebrations at a time when severe drought means the danger of fireworks caused fire is extreme. at discovery meadow the smallest spectators shared their excitement. i like to see them explode and the seeing them go up because it looks like rockets but they're not like that big but they're smaller and then also when they burst because it looks like a really cool. and for 12 year old angel diaz his favorite moment the finale so much happens and so little time but when it comes to illegal fireworks shows elsewhere in senator county this holiday. it's that idea of so much happening. and so little time that has jeff levine and others on alert. i'm gonna be vigilant tonight. certainly not enjoying it. just keep my eyes and ears open garden hose ready, san jose fire reported nearly 90, july 4th fireworks. related fires over the last two
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holidays highlighting preventable property damage living monday pointing to the sheer power of the pyrotechnics being detonated there seems to be less aerial activity but more of the explosives. he says the city's efforts to crack down the severe drought fire risk impacts to animals and people even the threat of serious injury have done little to stop people from sending illegal fireworks into the skies above the south bay. that's not enough incentive not to do that stuff. i don't know how to reach the people. i truly don't in san jose. i'm a medical studio abc 7 news. contra costa firefighters say two grass fires today were caused by fireworks including this one in bay point the so called driftwood fire burns six and a half acres a witness told firefighters. somebody was setting off fireworks from a car and then the blaze broke out crews got that fire under control quickly no structures. while our nation celebrated the red white and blue one group
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went green the color designated for abortion rights members of the organization rise up for abortion rights say they're taking a stand for women this independence day, they held a protest outside san francisco's ferry building this evening and early during alameda's july 4th parade a new abortion rights group that began after the reversal of roe v. wade handed out flyers. i've gotten you know, i can honestly a small. bit of pushback. some people are a little more vocal than others. some of them just very graciously say no. thank you many many people excited and saying thank you for being here because i feel powerless. abortion rights proponents also share their opinion during a parade in martinez bringing signs to express how they feel tonight in san francisco thousands made their way to fisherman's wharf to watch the fireworks and celebrate the fourth of july abc 7 news reporter jr. stone was there as well and spoke with many tonight. we're proud to celebrate america.
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of july in san francisco definitely one of a kind. you may not actually see all of the fireworks, but where else can you see fog of all colors? i don't know. i haven't seen them. in before machine over here more than over there thousands packed fishermen's wharf to cheer on our country. it's still the greatest country in the world. all over san francisco's proud of their heritage mid to lots of my family because my grandfather within the army and this is a blessing for us to come out here and celebrate them and celebrate celebrate america and those from other countries who just moved to the usa hoping for a better life. and why do a lot of people emigrate to the usa because it's still the place to be like from your work, we're sitting with all european people today.
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we all emigrated in the past year under the reason we emigrated here the american people in san franciscoig now are absolutely brilliant. they love these guys here. they're waving us here. hello guys. everyone celebrating america's independence as the fog pushed into san francisco we came across good luck charm ryan hanley who we interviewed in boston when the warriors won you were good luck in boston. are you good luck for fireworks too yes. actually i'm gonna have the fog disappear for us and have this clear up for us tonight. you can see that didn't quite happen on this night. no complaints among those in this crowd those proud to celebrate america rain or shine or in this case fog or no fog in san francisco jr. stone abc 7 news almost ryan almost coming up tonight. we're tracking a fast moving wildfire in the sierra foothills the rush to get people to safety including some trapped in a pg&e
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plant plus president biden. capital tonight his message to americans and break through infections once rare now. it's much more common to hear a fully vaccinated person getting cold, but tonight why experts still say those vaccines work? spencer christian fogg and and drizzle and high humidity are going to linger for a while. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11 continues.
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we have developing news out of the sierra foothills. people are being told to evacuate tonight because of a fast moving wildfire in amador county south of jackson near highway 49. about a hundred people were
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stuck at pg&e's facility this according to the sheriff's office the electra fire as it's being called has burned nearly a thousand acres. it's in some really rugged terrain hard to get to cal fire has called in aerial support at least three people have life-threading injuries after a crash that ended with a car slamming into a muni bus stop in san francisco police say one of the cars was rear-ended just before six tonight at the intersection of 9th avenue and lincoln boulevard it then hit the bus shelter, which did people in it at the time no arrests have been made. the rockets red glare lit up the sky tonight over our nation's capital. fourth of july fireworks were launched from both sides of the lincoln memorial reflecting pool of the national mall. there's also a concert leading up to that big event the shooting in illinois earlier in the day was top of mind with president biden saying he's shocked by the senseless gun violence. we got a lot more work to do. we got to get this under control. we got to get some under control.
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it having said that i just want to keep this a slight moment of silence for all those families. the president said he is not giving up his fight. against the epidemic of gun violence moving on part of building a better bay area is focusing on your health and covid-19 experts are now setting a lower expectation of vaccine efficacy. has breakthrough infections become more common abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains this only highlights the importance of a vaccine 2.0 set to come out in the fall. as the bay area celebrates independence day. it's safe to say we all wish we were a nation independent from a pandemic. thankfully there were little impacts the fourth of july celebrations, but ucsf's dr. peter chinhong says covid-19 and the omicron variants are still causing issues within the community infections in the community are very very disruptive. people are seeing whom from work. people are staying home from
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school. people are staying home to take care of those soil and that leads a lot of disrupt. a growing number of experts across the country including dr. chin hong says part of the reason for this disruption from cases is due to the efficacy of the vaccines once touted as a way to stop covid in its tracks. the omicron variants are evading the vaccines and case rates remain high across the bay area. however, the cdc recently said vaccinated people are still around 40 times more likely to survive an infection compared to the unvaccinated and dr. chin hong says vaccines mixed with boosters or even better in preventing severe illness and death. i'm thrilled that are keeping our hospitals pretty much intact not having a flood of people in the hospitals despite so many people getting infected in the old pre vaccine days. i can guarantee you that, you know, we would be really behind the 8th ball dr. chin hong says any booster is better than no booster but troubling new data from the cdc suggests single booster protection against hospitalizations drops from 90%
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to 66 to 78% by four to five months out that highlights the importance of a second booster. people over 50 according to dr. chin hong and also the need for an updated vaccine. it's a never ending cycle, and i think people are getting tired of it rightly. so, i mean we need to address that with an updated vaccine that normally deals with severe disease, but can also hopefully prevent infection even more dr. chin hong says the production of the vaccine is an erase against time as the variance continue to mutate. he says funding for the vaccine 2.0 is held up in congress, but but still has hope it will be available. the fall in the south bay dustin dorsey abc 7 news san francisco group is warning the public about a possible monkey pox exposure during a pride event. it involved the afterglow party organized by comfort and joy on saturday, june 25th in a facebook. message the group says it's informing attendees of possible exposure since that disease can be transmitted by close skin to
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skin contact. the afterglow party was promoted as a clothing optional event. the message urges attendees to get tested or vaccinated monkeypox is transmitted by sexual contact contact with infectious sores or infected clothing. an ad by governor newsom is now running in florida. he is inviting those residents to fight for their freedom or move to california freedom. it's under attack in your state here republican leaders. they're banning books making it harder to vote restricting speech and classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california, but we still believe in freedom freedom of freedom to choose. newsom's governor campaign committee posted this on youtube. the governor says he made the ad because florida governor. ron desantis is a likely 2024 presidential candidate representing different politics than the kind newsome favors. the santises campaign spokesperson sent a statement to
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abc news saying in part quote gavin newsom might as well light a pile of cash on fire and continue to say the people of florida pay no mind to the pathetic smear campaigns from the democrats and their allies in the corporate media. all right, let's get to the forecast now earlier in the day spencer. it will either get fireworks that everybody can see or colorful clouds. we've got a little bit of both. yeah, we did get a little bit of both the club. the clouds were very colorful, but from some angles you could see a good measure of the fireworks here in san francisco. let's take a look at what's happening right now. the wind has come down quite a bit. we have very breezy conditions earlier right now. most locations are reporting wind speeds under 10 miles per hour and it's still much warmer than it was a 24 hours ago 90 degrees warmer here in san francisco and san carlos said congress all around the area. it's little bit muggy tonight as our relative humidity is a bit higher than it generally is this time of the year this time of the night currently as we look at back at the part of the skyline of san francisco. these are our current temperature readings 63 in san
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francisco, oakland 64 upper 60s and mountain view, san jose and santa clara and a relatively cool 61 at half moon bay the view from emeryville looking along the bay bridge a little misty out there, but the fog isn't very thick right now and temperature readings are in a rather narrow range in most locations mid 60s from user to petaluma napa fairfield conquered and livermore one more live view from our rooftop camera. looking across the embarcadero as we check out our forecast headlines. we can expect low clouds fog and some patchy drizzle overnight morning commuters may encounter a few damp spots on the roadways morning clouds tomorrow, then sunny are in the late afternoon and expect a warmer pattern beginning around the end of the week. so for the remainder of tonight and overnight. this is what we can expect increasing low clouds and fog and padgy drizzle. not only along the coastline, but perhaps even across the bay and in some inland areas and then we will see maybe the clouds burning back to the coastline by mid-afternoon tomorrow giving away to sunny or skies inland, but a lot of the low cloudiness is going to linger in some parts of the
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south bay and right around the bay shoreline tomorrow overnight low on the mild to a uncomfortable side mainly upper 50s to low and mid 60s tomorrow's highs low to mid 60s at the coast low to mid 70s around the bayshore line and up to about 80 or 82 in the warmest inland spots. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see and and easing of the humidity on wednesday then on thursday the warming trend begins closer to average temperatures are likely on friday and then saturday sunday and monday we can expect high temperatures inland to be around. 32 degrees mid to upper 70s around the bay shoreline and mid-60s on the coast. that's more like the kind of summer like range we expect this time of the year summer arriving with some force cancer. let's force be with us. all right. thank you. all right, and we will be right back.
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designed by frank lloyd wright is now on display in marin county. check it out. the famous architect designed the dog house in 1957. apparently a 12 year old boy who lived in a san anselmo home. designed by right wrote the architect asking for plans for a matching dog house right wrote back including a sketch of a dog house on the back of an envelope the boy who is now a retired
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rock casino coming off a two and six home stand right in a four-game losing streak giants. hoping to get back on track against a familiar face madison bumgarner and the diamondbacks giants in arizona madbum rocking the american flag right there top. the second tied up two david vr making his major league debut just misses a home runner right field instead a double. his family pumped up. what a way to start your career the giants defensive struggles though continued in this game the bunt evan longoria makes the play for the out but then wilmer flores throwing to third overthrows the catcher who was covering adult and varshow scores three two, arizona san francisco five straight games with the least one error. ouch top the third giants down four two. here's vr's first rbi ripping it to write center have a longoria scores. it's a 4-3 game, but that was as close as the giants get bottom of the sixth. rojas liner to left. it's gonna roll all the way to the wall another run scores giants lose eight three.
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they've lost five in a row former a matt chapman back in the house blue jays opened up a three-game series against the a's top four v mile machine. look at that play chapmanesque so nice, we show it twice great defense for pitcher cole irvin'e one ramo. loriano his fifth home of the year makes it for one open the largest crowd of the year 24. 403 soft fireworks before and after the game stephen vogt making it five to one and irvin worked eight innings striking out four gave up. just one run. he picked up his first win since april 24th a's win 5-1 crazy played during the white sox twins game. check this out flag ball to write center. byron buxton makes the catch. that's out. number one throws back towards the infield, but the runners do not take up tag up that is and this ends up as the first ever eight five triple play in major league history. so to wins six three fans at the
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annual nathan hot dog eating contest on coney island in new york. saw the legendary joey chester compete and this year's event with a ruptured tendon in his leg, but that didn't stop him chestnut with a grand entrance and when it was all said and done takes down 63 hot dogs and buns in route to his 15th win. he even battled a little adversary wearing that boot to protect the leg injury. sports onabc 7 sponsored sponsored by river rock casino. we'll be right back.
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constipation, and tiredness. hope you had a safe and happy fourth. thanks for watching everybody. i'm larry beale and dion limb right now. i'm jimmy kimmel shawn hayes with natalie portman. have a great night, and we will
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see you in the morning. >> lou: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host sean hayes! tonight -- natalie portman, b. scott, and music from meghan trainor featuring teddy swims. with cleto and the cletones. and now, sean hayes! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> sean: thank you, thank you. thank you. ah, that's very nice of you. thank you.


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