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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 6, 2022 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> building a better bay area,
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> tonight, fans are sending their thoughts to carlos santana after he collapsed at a performance. good. i am dion lynn. dan: and i am dan ashley. antenna was surrounded by crewmembers and escorted off stage behind a curtain. representatives for the 74-year-old said he was overcome by a combination of dehydration and dehydration. was taken to the hospital for observation. according to his manager, he is now doing well. he was supposed to play another concert in pennsylvania tomorrow, but that has been canceled. if you want alerts like this in the future, download the app on
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the app store. dion: oakland's police chief called for help after a shooting over the fourth of july weekend. people at the a's game were construed -- injured. j.r. stone has the reaction. >> it was a festive day at the park. it was great attendance. and the fireworks j.r.: shows were awesome. j.r.:j.r.: describing the july 4 oakland a's game at the coliseum. gomez throughout the first pitch, but while a fireworks show ended the night, so did reports that people had been struck by bullet fragments. >> they may have come from guns being fired in another location as far as a mile away where those bullets could have been fired from. j.r.: leronne armstrong addressed the incident on
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tuesday. others were struck in the arms and hands. gomez said he didn't even realize gunshots had been fired when he was there. >> when i got home, i received a text from a friend of mine that asked, are you safe? i said everything was peaceful when i was there. >> officers noted there were no fired shell casings in the coliseum or the parking lot of the facility. >> fourth of july and i know people like to shoot up in the air. in that sense, the surprises still horrible. >> people fire off their guns because they do not have fireworks. but those bullets have got to come down eventually. j.r.: fans we talked with say they will keep coming to games. >> i have been here over 50
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years and the security areas are very good. >> it is a risk living in the area. >> oakland police hope that someone will come forward with information on who was firing near the coliseum on monday night. >> tonight, vice president kamala harris visited highland park, illinois. she shared condolences from herself and the president, calling for an end to gun violence. maggie from our sister station
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-- station shares heartbreaking details about the stations. >> entire communities are emotionally guided by what police say was a premeditated shooting. kevin and irina mccarthy had taken their son into the town for the parade. gunfire hit both parents, and a stranger scooped up the little boy. neighbors hoped to reunite the toddler with his grandparents. >> i don't know how they are going to tell him. how do you tell an 18th month old boy that mom and dad are in heaven now? there are no words. >> there are no words to convert any of these families right now. jackie son heim was part of the fabric of her synagogue. >> she just had a smile on her face every time. you just could not find a lovelier husband. >> katie goldstein's family said the same of her. they offer this photo of katie and her beloved daughters.
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stephen straus and nicolas toledo-zaragoza's families are grieving too. in the coming days, these broken families will begin preparing for funerals that they had no intention or warning to plan for. dion: today, the shooting suspect was charged with sense of first degree murder. this surveillance image shows the suspect wearing women's clothing, which police say he used to disguise himself and cover his face tattoos. police say this may have helped him blend into the crowd. police also revealed the suspect planned this attack for weeks. he bought five firearms illegally in illinois over the past five years and had encounters with police in 2019 for he filed paperwork to buy any guns. the first was a mental health
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call and the second came from a concerned family member. >> the second occurred in september of 2019. a family member reported that crimo said he was going to kill everyone and he had a connection or -- collection of knives. the police removed 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword on his home. at that time, there were no problems to his arrest or complaints that were signed by any. of the victims. dan: --signed best. -- signed by any of the victims. >> the electra fire continues to grow tonight in the sierra foothills. it is now up to 3900 acres, but cal fire is making some progress. calfire had pg&e cut power to thousands of customers just as a
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precaution. people in calaveras and amador counties have been ordered to evacuate. this is making it difficult for firefighters to reach. >> it is down a steep road and there is quite a bit of vegetation in that area that is making it hard to access. >> the amador county sheriff's office says that the fire started yesterday at the recreation area. dion: the a's plan to build a ballpark at the terminal after a marathon session that started at noon today. the oakland city council said no to a report -- to a proposal that would have asked voters how they feel on the november ballot. the city still needs to work out a deal with the a's first. >> a call to help clear san jose's animal center.
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the july 4 holiday typically leads to an increase of lost pets, but this year the center was already at capacity. amanda del castillo shows the race is on now to help reunite pets. amanda: the animal care center is at capacity. kennels were completely filled days before july 4. >> we do feel like there were early fireworks going on and that probably resulted in some of these dogs coming to our shelter early. amanda: the director says monday's fireworks use further overwhelmed the shelter with runaway pets. by tuesday, there were 520 animals on site. receiving close to 40 lost dog since friday, 10 more than last year. they are encouraging adoptions and fostering and leading on
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residence to house temporarily lost pets. >> the next step would be to come to our shelter and drop off animals they did find. amanda: the shelter is offering incentives to ease impact and offering free adoptions for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. there is concern any additional detonation could send more dogs running. >> that illegal fireworks use continues in our community. amanda: preliminary data released by the san jose pope -- fire department shows that they received nearly 1800 reports made online. >> with improvements to the reporting tool, we had fewer reports this year. that is a testament to the type
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of -- that has been improving the tool. amanda: the best tool for owners is to get pets microchip. now, staff are challenged with managing awful shelter and the threat of more fireworks. -- managing a full shelter and the threat of more fireworks. dion: new tonight from san francisco community health advocates, why they say they need more monkeypox vaccines. asap. . >> this weekend's travel issues unraveling today. how one local congressman wants to punish airlines for the issues. sandhya: i will let you know when we will break out of this weather pattern coming up. dion: and the steph curry jersey that sparked a war this week. that sparked a war this week. are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean?
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. >> three men are missing after they jumped into a river to save a drowning child. piping people -- five people were fishing on the riverbank, so all of them went into the river to rescue the boy. three of them did not make it out. they went to the area every year this albert the fourth of july. >> coming every july 4 to go fishing.
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every year, right here. >> the three men have been identified as edwin rivas, edwin perez, and the neo-sellers on our -- danilo solorzano. dion: according to a new study, repeatedly catching covid appears to increase chances of a person to face ongoing and new health problems. that is based on records of more than 5 million patients. and covid was the leading cause of death for many people this year. >> a san franciso group is warning the public about a potential monkeypox exposure during a pride weekend event. it says -- this is cases of the virus are rising around the world. tim johns spoke with the event
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organizers as well as public health officials, telling us what people need to know. tim: a facebook message warning people about exposure to monkeypox. they received a possible report that one person had been infected with the virus. >> we had an email that a friend of the person had tested positive for monkeypox. tim: the virus can be spread through skin to skin contact, sexually, or through clothing. it is important for people who have been exposed to monitor themselves. >> if you attended the event and you do not see any symptoms or rashes, it is likely that you are in an ok place and just watch for the next two weeks. tim: for those who develop symptoms, health officials say it is important to reach out to
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health officials. >> we want to know people who have been directly in contact with tim: somebody in order to vaccinate them. tim:-- contact with somebody in order to vaccinate them. tim: they warned it is important to not let foster information stereotype any group. >> there is nothing about queer people that -- for us to transfer this disease. tim: infectious disease experts say there is no need for panic. >> it is still not going to be a big risk to the general population at this moment. tim: in san francisco, tim johns. >> today, the san francisco a's released a statement saying we need vaccines for monkeypox and we need it now.
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the clinics as we do not want to scare you, but we are now seeing cases on a regular basis and will now see more cases if we do not act swiftly and boldly. they have only received 60 doses of the monkeypox vaccine, not nearly enough for everybody who could benefit from one. dion: travel made a strong comeback -- come back during the weekend. it was about 75% of pre-pandemic levels. friendly skies might not have been so friendly for some. nationwide, thousands of flights were delayed. air travel troubles have been a frequent problem and something members of congress want fixed. >> there is an unfair business practices and is a lot. he has the authority that if an airline is selling you a ticket, they are representing they are going to have a flight and you
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-- they cannot just cancel it. it is a misleading business practice and we need to set a consequence for that. dion: yesterday, it screened more than 11 million passengers nationwide. >> there is no need to go anywhere. our weather is really nice. sandia is here with the forecast. sandhya: we will lose that sticky feeling. in a couple of days, we will get rid of it. right now, i will show you what brought it and what is still bringing it. area of low pressure and moist flow coming off the pacific ocean. the onshore winds coming off. up at temperatures in the upper 50's. we are getting that humidity. it is still in the monkey range for most of the bay area -- in the muggy range for most of the bay area.
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we will start to see some changes. tomorrow morning, mid to upper 50's, so when you get going, it will be uncomfortable if you don't like this kind of pattern. as we head into thursday, by evening, you start to see dew points dropping off into the comfortable range. live doppler 7 showing you a good push of the marine layer into the east bay. tomorrow morning, we will all wake up to gray skies. 60's on those temperatures and for most of you, it is mild outside. a live look from our camera looking at san francisco. cloudy with areas of drizzle tomorrow night. the heat returns inland later on this week. here is a look at the temperature trend. average high for livermore is 87 degrees and you are going to be below average for a couple of days before those temperatures rebound. as we head into the second half of your weekend, and pictures are above average for this time of year. tomorrow morning, overcast skies
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will see body drizzle, so give yourself extra time if you are commuting. coast will remain -- foremost in the day. inland areas will see the sun. 50's and 60's on those temperatures but it is not going to be a cold morning. tomorrow afternoon, a breezy coast side. we will be in the low 80's similar to today with the humidity lingering for your afternoon. the accuweather 7 day forecast, a humid day, but thursday will be warmer and you will notice the warming continues, bumping you up into the 90's and mid-60's coast side. we will have some mid nine sent -- mid 90's on sunday and we will continue that similar range for monday before week will it off on tuesday in the mid-80's for our inland valleys. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent— that's why more dishwasher
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larry: a steph curry jersey just had one hundred one bids. the winning bid was over 203 -- $203,000. experts say this is a solid sign that curry's collectibility is soaring. everything about him is soaring at this point. dion: we need to get it while we can. larry: chris alvarez is handling sports. the san jose sharks with a new era and a dion: historic higher. dion:dion: chris alvarez joining us now. chris: mike grier talks about his future for the
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: this is a crucial stretch of games for the giants. they will not have a break until the all-star game and they are looking to snap a five game losing streak. the giants down in the desert. geraldo perdomo and the rb a single to right -- rpi single to right. they can't hang on. originally a foul ball, but the giants challenged it was fair. autumn of the eighth, it all falls apart. donna lyons, that gets to the back and it ties. arizona scored five runs did -- five runs. arizona wins 6-2. how about the a's and blue jays
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at the coliseum? these kids bringing the energy. matt chapman and goes to center. this is time for a jacket. that is a cool celebration. bottom of the fifth, oakland at 4-3. let's bash bit top of the sixth, here is chapman again to left-center. jack pindar throws it back into the infield and nick allen fires home and the winner is -- the runner is out. mike grier was named the new general manager of the sharks today, coming the first black manager in nfl history. most recently, he was hockey operations advisor for the new york raiders and says he is excited to lead team teal in the future. >> my job is to lead the san jose sharks for the future, and hopefully that opens the
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opportunities for minorities to get higher up positions as well. chris: worriers and heat. -- warriors and heat. the court or triple is good and dubs down nine. santos had five assists. this one goes down to weatherspoon. santos went between the legs and a great pass. he scored a team-high 14 points. back to moses modi, the hammer. the worriers will fall -- the warriors
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instead of just masking it. so pull it in close. secret works. larry: thanks for watching,
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everybody. i am larry beil. dion:
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an injured climber is recovering in an oregon hospital after a daring rescue on mount hood near portland. a national guard blackhawk helicopter airlifted the man to safety after he lost his grip and fell about 700 feet. the chopper had to balance on a small ridge of snow 11,000 feet up. nearby climbers caught it all on camera. the fda has suspended its ban on juul cigarettes. >> just last month, the agency


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