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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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us to explain. tim: jenkins, who is half hispanic, will be the first latino to hold the office of san francisco district attorney. . she cited her years of work as a prosecutor, as well as her personal and lived space. jenkins vowed that on day one, she will crackdown on things like smash and grab robberies, vandalism, and theft, things that make many. >> people feel unsafe. >> violent and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequences. >> hate crimes will no longer be tolerated. our asian community can no longer continue to live in fear of being attacked simply because of who they are, as they go about their daily lives in the city.
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tim: jenkins says she views the top priority as being the protector of public safety. she wants, in her words, to restore san francisco's image as the shining city on the hill for both residents and visitors alike. >> we are a city of second chances, but we have to draw a line people who choose hate, violence, and a life of crime. tim: her first day as district attorney will be tomorrow. in the studio, tim johns, abc 7 news. larry: a lot of reaction from around the city. police chief bill scott tweeting his congratulations, saint, quote, "i know her to be a person of principles and integrity. i wish for success and i am looking forward to work with her to ensure the safety and security of everyone in san francisco." the police officers association says, quote, "we urge miss jenkins to hold criminal offenders accountable, provide compassion for those in the criminal justice system who need and deserve it, and assist crime victims seeking justice." on the news at 4:00, i spoke with our insider phil matier about who jenkins is, and why her numeral is in
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closely-watched. >> a homicide prosecutor born in san francisco, and as you will find out, she can be very personable. very easy to talk to. people in the defense and prosecuting side in the bar today, they both had praise for her and said it was a smart but in that we will see. also this will be watched by the rest of the country as well, because san francisco has become the forefront first of judiciary reform through kamala harris, and george gascon and now, it is going to be perceived by the rest of the country as pulling back. we will see. by the way, signatures today were delivered for a recall against the los angeles district attorney george gascon, and is having some of. larry: the same problems. larry: chesa boudin had appear use that abc 7 news app to push out this alert. you can be the first to know when news breaks by downloading
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the app for your phone. it is free and customizable and you can choose which topics and places you want to get alerts about. karina: right now a big traffic backup in the east bay because of the reported freeway shooting. sky 7 shows you how bad it was. this is eastbound 580 in san leandro. the backup is now clearing up. sky 7 also shows you the car that may be the one that was shot. you can see the damage to the windshield of this bmw on the left side there. that car is outside eden medical center in castroy. athat locatir car also showing signs of damage. look at the rear passenger side window of that honda, there are several marks. police are also there, and we are making calls to find out if people were hurt, and to get more information about what happened. we will keep you more updated. today the former theranos president sunny balwani was found guilty of all five charges
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of fraud. the jury deliberated for 4 days and determined that he defrauded both investors and patients. that theranos founder, elizabeth holmes, west tried but only found guilty of defrauding investors. by one he will be sentenced in november, and holmes in september funerals will. larry: begin tomorrow for the people shot in the head. shooting in illinois. comfort dogs have been brought in to help people cope. a dozen dogs have been in highland park for days now and, prior vigils and informal meets and greets. that dogs are trained and organized by the lutheran charities comfort dog ministry, and there is no charge for the services. prosecutor say the suspect shooting at the parade, and now we're hearing from the suspect's father. morgan norwood has the story. reporter: the father of the
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21-year-old charged in the rampage at highland park, illinois says he is not culpable in the attack, though he signed a consent form for his son to apply for gun ownership while a minor. >> this has taken us before surprise. three days before my wife asked him, do you have any plans for the fourth? he said, no. reporter: authorities say criminal charges could be on the table for robert crimo, jr., who sponsored his son's application for a gun license before he turned 21 despite, a previous suicide attempt and alleged threats to kill his family. he says he was unaware of some of those incidents when he signed the paperwork. >>. >> i sent the form to allow him to do the process. reporter: the suspect's father also denies involvement in the sun's weapons purchases, some of which happened after his 21st birthday. police say the shooting suspect stared down the scope of his rifle from the rooftop of a building and began firing on the crowd, killing seven and hurting dozens more, and he left the ribbon behind and fled.
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police releasing this photo of another rifle that police say was recovered from his vehicle when he was arrested. >> we seriously contemplated -- he seriously contemplated using the firearm in his vehicle to commit another shooting. reporter: candles and flowers lining the street near the parade route. the director of the u.s. marshals service, talking with abc news about the epidemic of violent crime in this country. >>. >> if it is causing you not to go shopping, you are a victim. if it is causing you not to go to a parade, you have been influenced by a violent crime. reporter: the fbi is assisting in the investigation. police say they are in touch with federal prosecutors about federal charges against the suspect. morgan norwood, abc news. larry: if you are looking for an ally or a way to take action when it comes to gun violence, we can help you get started. go to karina: the electra fire now.
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road closures have been lifted and evacuation orders downgraded. the fire has burned more than 4200 acres of amador and calaveras county's since it started monday, it is now 40% contained. no structures have been burned, although more than 1000 are still threatened. today at san francisco city hall, community advocates demanded accountability for pg&e, citing wildfires as one of the reasons why the utility company should be replaced. the group wants to see a public utility company designed and governed by the people of california. they say would make energy cleaner, more affordable, and more accessible. >> let's not forget it was pg&e's gross negligence of directing money that we pay in our bill to upgrade infrastructure, and actually moved it into bonuses for. >> lifesaving vertical equipment and if you are for, what plan do you make?
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oh, i am steadily going to not have my power go out, not need oxygen, not need a power chair? karina: today the san francisco supervisor introduced a resolution urging governor newsom to withhold pg&e's safety certificate which allows the utility to use ratepayer dollars for damages that their equipment causes. pg&e provided a statement saying, quote, "pg&e has a valid certificate that was issued by the office of energy infrastructure safety, and our 2022 wildfire mitigation plan outlines the bold, comprehensive set of actions we are undertaking to continue providing safe and reliable energy amid a changing climate and evolving wildfire threat." we reached out to the governor's office and they told us, quote, "the governor does not have a role in determining the issuance of a safety certificate." larry: we now know what the november ballot propositions are the big one, prop one, on
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abortions. there is also one on online gaming, kidney dialysis, and more of a reporter from a sister station in los angeles explains in less than two minutes. reporter: california voters will have seven propositions in november. here is a breakdown, to get a head start on your research. proper one has to do with language protecting abortion. even though abortion is legal in california, dropped 1 would amend the constitution, saying the state will not be allowed to interfere with or deny with a person's right to abortion or contraceptives if it passes. prop 26 and prop 27 legalize sports betting. prop 26 would legalize in-person sports betting at tracks and casinos run by native american tribes. a proportion of the tax would pay for enforcement of gambling laws, and programs to help those addicted. prop 27 would legalize sports betting online through established companies.
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a proposal and programs tied to mental health and homelessness. prop 28 would require the state to set aside 1% of tax funding for art education programs in public schools. a majority be used to hire staff. prop 29 would require a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant to be on-site at kidney dialysis clinics during all treatment hours. clinics would also be required to publicly list any physician who owns 5% or more of a clinic. prop 30 would raise taxes on the wealthy defined environmental initiatives, like wild fire prevention programs and incentives for people to buy electric cars. it would raise taxes on anyone making more than $2 million annually. prop 31 revisits flavored tobacco. it asks voters if that tobacco ban signed by governor newsom should take effect or be overturned. the law is delayed until voters make a decision in november. he will get to vote on these
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propositions on november 8. karina: coming up next, federal help for the homeless in the bay area in the counties that need help the most. sandhya: i am meteorologist sandhya patel. a warming trend started today and will continue
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larry: joy and laughter could be heard once again at a playground that was once again renovated. abc news anchor dion lim. the playground which is located on telegraph hill, near lombard and mason streets.
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the playground got new structures and new turf as well as a climbing wall, basically a backyard for many kids in the city. >> we don't have yards. we are city people with city kids. we don't have patios or decks. this is our patio. this is our deck. larry: the playground was designed by an architect who is also a parent of children attending the programs. . also, building a better bay area, a major announcement today in the fight against homelessness. santa clara county was named the 100th community to join an initiative created by the biden administration. reporter zach fuentes has a reaction from two homeless advocates. reporter: homelessness continues to be a tragic issue in the bay area, and santa clara county is one of the areas hit hardest. most recent, it sure has some of the highest number of homeless in the bay area, something the federal government has taken notice of. >> santa clara county has the fourth-largest homeless population in the nation. reporter: the secretary of the
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u.s. department of housing and urban development announced center community is now the 100 community in its initiative. >> in this initiative, leaders have pledged to use the historic resources of the american rescue plan which provides to address our nation's promise crisis. reporter: a national goal of the initiative is to put 100,000 homeless individuals or families into stable housing by december 31. it also aims to develop 20,000 units of affordable housing by that deadline. now that santa clara county is a partner, it has to set its own housing goals, something the county says it is already doing with its heading home campaign. >> heading home campaign uses vouchers to house families and young children including pregnant people and is on track to has 100 families by october of 2022. reporter: this homeless advocate says she is in favor of the housing first approach but that the local and federal government have to keep working to provide important tools to people once they are housed.
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>> later how to do laundry, groceries, to do anything. you can't be like ok, here is your house, and walk away. reporter: now that santa clara county has joined, the san jose mayor says more streamlined collaboration with the federal government can help make strides to tackle one of the artist issues facing our communities. >> as long as we are together, we will be able to get people housed faster. reporter: zach fuentes, abc 7 news. larry: we have tracked and charted data for each of our local counties and homelessness going back decades. you can see what has changed and what hasn't where you live. find the story at karina: best get a check of the forecast right now. . we are getting closer to the weekend and people are starting to make plans. how does it look? sandhya: we have a nice variety of the weather. let show you a nice picture from
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our roof camera. he wanted to show you the trees blowing around in the wind along the embarcadero. we have a strong sea breeze, 39 miles per hour, 30 miles per hour at sfo. even out towards the delta, 25 miles per hour in fairfield. live doppler 7, we have patrick clouds. as you check out the temperatures compared to 24 hours ago, they are higher, 8 degrees warmer the warming has started. blue skies over mount diablo. 63 in san francisco, 67 in oakland. comfortable around san jose. santa clara in the low 70's. the view from our camera looking out over san francisco, santa rosa and napa are in the upper 70's. petaluma, 69 degrees. low 80's from concord to fairfield. livermore at 77. people are already starting their weekend enjoying the beach. fog overnight, sunny and warmer
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tomorrow. a brief cool down on saturday, and then we have hot weather on sunday and monday with king tides next week, over seven feet, so we could see some low-lying flooding, just keep that in the back of your mind i know that we talk about king tights normally in the winter. warming up to the 60's to the 80's tomorrow afternoon, then we will bring you some warmth as you will notice, 90's by 3:00 in the afternoon. your morning temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's. -- allergies are acting up -- fog early in the morning around the coast and around the bay tomorrow afternoon. 81 in san jose, 87 in gilroy. 79 in cupertino. in the peninsula, upper 70's from redwood city to palo alto. . still breezy along the coastline. downtown san francisco, 69
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degrees. north bay temperatures, made 80's from san rafael to vallejo, 88 in santa rosa. nice day. warmer than today in the east bay 76 in fremont. inland, you will feel the warmth, 90 in fairfield, 86 in livermore. the accuweather 7-day forecast, it's a weird day but, the cold front will pass through and bring lower temperatures, temperatures in the low 60's to the mid-80's. and then the heat returns sunday and monday, mid-to-upper 90's in, mid-60s coast side. if you don't like the hot weather, the good news, temperatures slowly start to come down in the middle part of next week. back into the 80's inland, 60's coast side, and a little bit warmer for those of you who like the heat. karina: sandy obama, thank you. we will get you some water. [laughter] people at a starbucks in cupertino got a shock at lunchtime today when a car slammed into the window at the coffee shop.
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sky 7 was overhead as the santa clara fire department responded along with sheriff's deputies. two people suffered minor injuries and went to the hospital. the driver was not hurt. it took more than one hour to clear the area. road repairs on highway 11 this weekend are expected to cause a traffic nightmare. caltrans will cause two lanes from the robert williams tunnel to the rodeo avenue offramp in sausalito. the closure starts tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and goes through monday at 7:00 p.m. crews will be repaving and replacing a damaged drainage system there. two northbound lanes will still be open. delays are expected to last one delays are expected to last one hour, so plan for this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill. like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. karina: some sad news to pass along, james caan has died. his family shared the news on twitter, saying the 82-year-old passed away last night. he was nominated for an oscar for his role in "the godfather." ." he was in more than 100 movies and his popular roles include "misery" "brian's song" and "elf." larry: we are highlighting inspirational people in our community who will not let anything stop them.
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palo alto's justin steinberg was told as a child that he wouldn't be able to attend school, but he persevered to earn multiple degrees as well as succeeding in the special olympics. reporter dustin dorsey shows us how he is hoping to inspire others. dustin: a sound of a dribbling ball and the swish of your net, sounds that bring peace to the life of justin steinberg. he is legally blind and on the autism spectrum, that could be considered disabilities, but for him, disability is nothing more than a label. >> a label does not define you, it is how you approach your life and go about doing things. without disabilities, i wouldn't have had all of these cool opportunities. dustin: he defied expectations thanks to his heart of a champion, one of the many things learned what participating in the special olympics over 18 years. >> i have learned a lot of things were improving my strength, self-confidence and hand eye coordination.
6:25 pm
i get to do a bunch of different parts. dustin: steinberg is a 16-sport athlete, swimming, track and field, hockey and flag football. and the games have given back in more ways than one. steinberg's dedication not only allowed him to become a global messenger and athlete of the year for special olympics, but helped him earn an associate and master and bachelor degrees ultimately leading him to become a researcher at university. after doctors told him his iq would not pass that of a, six-year-old's parents can't help but not be proud. >> there is never a i cannot do this factor. we are incredibly proud of him. he is an amazing individual. dustin: dustin stenberg has similar pride in himself and as well as in his disabilities. he hopes to make everyone understand that everything is
6:26 pm
possible. >> i don't give up. i am more than just a label with a disability. go out and work, hard especially at my job. i offer important perspectives on issues. and just because someone tells you you can't do something, doesn't mean you have to prove the right. dustin: defying the odds, one shot at a time. in palo alto, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. larry: he is amazing. i don't know how you can be legally blind and he is dribbling the ball and making baskets, catching footballs, remarkable. karina: he could beat you, larry. larry: that is a pretty low bar at this point. he is tremendous. karina: i love that he said it. larry: gave him opportunities. larry: a positive way of looking at it. awesome. way to go,
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>> from abc 7, late-breaking. larry: that breaking news, the announcement for a new san francisco district attorney.
6:30 pm
mayor breed made the introduction of brooke jenkins just about one hour ago to replace chesa boudin. we hope to speak live with jenkins in the next couple of minutes. karina: in other news, the u.s. supreme court has made it easier for anywhere in the country to carry concealed weapons. that are new bill in california is to change that. larry: reporter stephanie sierra explains how the process could become more restrictive and costly for taxpayers. stephanie: under state law, it is a crime to carry a concealed firearm that a valid license. california is among a half-dozen states that no longer require people to show good cause in order to qualify for a license to carry a concealed weapon, often referred to as a ccw. the impact is especially hitting the bay area, as several counties that rarely issue these licenses legally have to, as long as the applicant meets the criteria, like good moral character, be a resident of the county, and complete a course of
6:31 pm
training. >> we have been bombarded for years for being conservative about our concealed carry program. now our hands are a little bit tired. stephanie:. stephanie: since the supreme court ruling, demand for these licenses is spiking. the attorney expects that number two double in the next few months from 300 to 600, and maintaining the influx will not be cheap. >> it will cost the taxpayers in a country more money, three or four deputies that we have to bring in will cost bb $1 million a year to do that. stephanie: a similar trend is expected in san francisco county. >> i have not issued one concealed carry weapon permit for the past few years. stephanie: the san francisco sheriff says since 2002, only 28 people applied for one, less than half were issued a license. but now -- >> we have received over 50 calls regarding applications. stephanie: with more applications coming in, more concealed weapons will be circulating in our communities but a new bill moving through the state legislature aims to
6:32 pm
restrict where these concealed firearms may be carried and among other things, require at least 16 hours of training which is double the current requirement. >> we are creating concrete deck criteria, basically making sure that a weapon only goes to someone who is a lawful person, who is not going to do harm and shoot up a school. stephanie: this state senator authored the bill. if passed it would prohibit a concealed weapon permit for places like schools places of worship, government buildings, places selling alcohol, amusement parks and sport seven is. >> we will have it on the governor's desk in august. stephanie: the legislation acquires a two-thirds vote and if passed, wouldn't take effect until january. meantime, local county sheriff's issuing licenses will be reevaluating their approval and denial policies to ensure there is a balance between one's constitutional rights, and public safety. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news.
6:33 pm
larry: checking today's pandemic headlines. pharmacists can now prescribe paxlovid, the drug that treats covid symptoms. previously you had to get it from your doctor. a survey shows most americans think the worst of the pandemic has passed, and many are less than impressed with how the country has dealt with it. roughly 40% of adults say they have little or no confidence in the country's health care system would be able to handle another major global health threat. karina: a former deathwatch officer got a celebratory homecoming aboard a coast guard shape in vallejo today. the coast guard admiral visited the island shipyard. 37 years ago this week, she reported for duty aboard this ship and now she returns as commander of the coast guard. the admiral is the first woman to ever lead a military service. >> that young officer is still in me, but i have obviously had a lot of experience and opportunity. it has been nothing but just an
6:34 pm
incredible journey. karina: it has also been a journey for the polar star, the nation's only heavy icebreaker in commission. the ship just returned from a mission in antarctica. larry: wnba star brittney griner dated guilty today in a russian court to drug charges, saying she unintentionally act vaped cartridges in her luggage. she was arrested in february and has been in custody ever since, while calls grow louder for her to be released. reena roy has the latest. reporter: cellphone video shows wnba star brittney griner walking into a courtroom thursday, pleading guilty to drug possession and smuggling. >> i had no intention on breaking any russian laws. reporter: the two-time olympic gold medalist who plays for the phoenix mercury, says in february she accidentally packed vaped cartridges filled with hashish oil in her luggage,
6:35 pm
which is illegal in russia. >> i was in a rush, in the cartridges simply ended up in my bags. reporter: she was visiting in the off-season to play basketball. instead, she was detained at the moscow airport. embassy officials have been attending her trial, which began last friday, this time speaking with griner, and hand delivering a letter from president biden. griner wrote the president earlier this week, pleading for help, saying, "i am terrified i will be here forever." the national security council says griner has been unlawfully detained and that the government continues to work aggressively to bring her home. >> i would like again to emphasize the commitment of the u.s. government at the very highest levels bring home safely miss griner and all u.s. citizens wrongfully detained. reporter: back in the u.s. 5000 miles away, her family, friends and fans are demanding action. >> brittney griner, bg. >> president biden, these help
6:36 pm
bring her home. reporter: president biden calling her wave directly. >> let's make sure the administration knows they have our support to do whatever is necessary, and that we will never be quiet until she is home safely. reporter: griner beck says she would like to give further testimony at some point during her trial. she is expected to be back in court on july 14. if convicted, the 31-year-old faces 10 years in prison. reena roy, abc news, new york. karina: british prime minister boris johnson has resigned after 50 lawmakers quit the government. the embattled leader made the announcement to the british people this morning. johnson was badly tarnished by the so-called party gate scandal, a series of gatherings at his official residence that pandemic rules. but this final straw was lying about a lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct johnson was unrepentant.
6:37 pm
>> the herd instinct is powerful and when the herd moves, it moves. in politics, no one is remotely indispensable. >> mr. speaker, isn't this the first recorded case of the sinking ships fleeing the rat? >> he will serve until his replacement is picked by the conservative party. larry: free food for students. the government made that happen amid the pandemic, now, see who is stepping up to make sure the kids don't go hungry. karina: plus, fire department that can help save people in ukraine. larry: now it is time for the california housing watch, with tips for buying and selling a home. >> this california housing watch is sponsored by redfin. >> happen to balance and -- having to balance and sell your home can be stressful experience. if you need equity, you can put your house on the market and make it look so attractive that you have multiple offers.
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karina: steve jobs was among those who received a presidential medal of freedom today from president joe biden. his widow received a medal on behalf of jobs, who died in 2011. president biden said he honored jobs because of the vision he had to transform the way we communicate and entertain ourselves. also getting medals today were olympian simone biles, actor denzel washington, and soccer start megan rapinoe. larry: help for ukraine is coming today from the bay area. in san jose today, a donation has been put together with dozens of self-contained breathing apparatus and air masks being donated to first responders, critical equipment for firefighters.
6:42 pm
>> they are working to save lives and property in a situation where they are not expecting to have to do that. >>. >> nowhere is life-saving needed more right now than ukraine. larry: the mayor of san jose there. the equipment is being donated because the san jose for department is upgrading and replacing its inventory. the department and the city partnered with a nonprofit to make all this happen, and said more donations are needed, especially financial help. if you want to help those in ukraine, we have put together a list of verified groups as well as nonprofits and our website, karina: noticeable humidity in the bay area this week is starting to drop. we are looking ahead to the
6:43 pm
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>> california and maine will be the only state in the country to offer free meals to our public school students regardless of income. the decision was made after the federal government announced it would no longer feed everyone. senior education reporter lyanne melendez explains where the money will come from in california. lyanne: when the pandemic first schools to shut down, it meant millions of students are suddenly had no access to lunches.
6:46 pm
but our national school lunch program quickly granted waivers, allowing families to pick up meals to take home. later when schools reopened, the government continued to feed our students, regardless of their family's income. that is now going away. except that california decided to continue with the universal school meal program for all public school students. >> we still are getting federal funding for the students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch, in the state is kicking in the money for the other students. lyanne: there are several advantages for having students seated at the table and eating the same meals. . for starters, every student gets a healthy meal. >> we work with a great meal partner that designs meals for some of our schools, and then the food we could hear, we also work directly with a bunch of california forms to get the high quality produce so that we can make really healthy, nutritious food that is minimally processed. >> the other really big piece of
6:47 pm
this is just building community at school. it is a public school system and we are not differentiating access to something like a textbook based on income, so i would we do that for something like lunch? lyanne: another advantage of providing meals for everyone, is that it eliminates the so-called "shaming factor," which the district started to address more than a decade ago. and are there 2009 feed every hungry child program, everyone is entitled to a meal, and the school district covers all the unpaid charges incurred by students. >> under california universal meals, the general fund is strapped. we. don't have to worry about that because the state will kick in that money, which is a big deal. lyanne: breakfast will also be included in the program. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. karina: leeann has been reported on bay area school issues for decade which is why she is ovy she is overseeing education reporter.
6:48 pm
you can get in touch with her online. her twitter and facebookram hanr screen right now. larry: joining us right now is san francisco's newly named district attorney, brooke jenkins. thank you so much for your time. i know that this is a busy day for you. you said in your news conference that so many people feel that san francisco does not feel safe. how do you fix that? brooke: we have to start with setting new tone, that crime is not something we will simply tolerate because we are a big city or compassionate city. that we are a city that still believes in accountability and in order and in justice. larry: what do you plan to do differently than your predecessor chesa boudin or george moscone in the office before that? brooke: we have to first restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system, and we also have to be responsible in the way that we implement reform.
6:49 pm
reform will still be a top priority under my leadership, but we have to be very thoughtful and measured in the way that we implement progressive reforms so that we are not sacrificing public safety. larry: a lot of us are always thinking, if i was in charge, i would do it this way. so, did you ever envision that this day would actually come, that you would be in charge? brooke: i honestly did not. when i set foot in the das office eight years ago as a volunteer attorney in an unpaid position, i never could have imagined being the appointed district attorney. i am humbled and honored and i have dedicated the last eight years of my life to protecting san francisco enter fighting for its victims, so it is truly an honor to be in this position and i take it very seriously. larry: you have a number of things to take on, the calendar is working against you to a certain degree.
6:50 pm
you have got to get your office together, but also, there is an election in november and you have to deal with that. have you ever actively campaigned in politics outside of the recent recall effort? brooke: i have not, so this is new for me, but i feel that being a career prosecutor has trained me to be in the trenches, to know how to balance your responsibilities. i am a mother of two small children, so i will continue to use those balancing skills in order to now have two balance running our office and making the changes that we need as well as moving forward with a political campaign. it will be a lot of work, but i am ready. larry: you were at odds with your former boss, chesa boudin, who has intimated that he may again run for the office that he held and was recalled from. are you prepared to go up against mr. chesa boudin, and
6:51 pm
what would that be like for you? brooke: at this point, we don't know who's going to run, but i am prepared to run against whoever that is. i think my track record as a prosecutor speaks for itself. i have been dedicated to the city into this career for the past eight years. i have worked hard to find opportunities for criminal offenders in san francisco, to utilize alternatives to incarceration that we have, and i have also had to impose severe consequences for those who have committed very serious and violent crimes in san francisco. so, i believe that with my track record, as well as my vision for the office and for san francisco, that i would be in a great position come november. larry:. larry: what is the first thing people do when you get into the office tomorrow? brooke: i am going to meet with the staff, with the management team, and find out what are the most serious issues on their plates right now and one of the next things is to schedule an
6:52 pm
office wide meeting. we have got to become a united office who is dedicated to our mission of restoring safety san francisco and we went everyone who has been on pins and needles for the past year with the recall happening and with this new appointment to feel comfortable that we are 18. larry: we really appreciate your time, brooke jenkins, newly appointed district attorney for the city of san francisco. i am sure we will be talking with you in
6:53 pm
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larry: humidity leaving and the heat arriving. as is sandhya. sandhya: that's right, here is the forecast. good air quality tomorrow, but noticed saturday and sunday, moderate air quality. still safe, but the heat will build in the second half of the weekend. on live doppler 7, we have a few foggy patches. quick update on the drive situation -- statewide, no change from last week, and that includes the bay area as well. we are still in severe drought in the central valley. here is what you can expect tomorrow, fogg will linger near the coast. 65 in half moon bay, 69 in downtown san francisco. 75 in oakland. 85 in walnut creek.
6:56 pm
as you head into antioch, it is going to be warm, in the 90's. 60 five in half moon bay, 81 in san jose, 88 in santa rosa, 86 in napa. if you like the hot weather, sunday is your day. we are going to see upper 90's inland and on monday, at this computer model is hinting at triple digits. before we get to the heat, you get a warm up tomorrow, equal down saturday, a little more drizzle, and then the heat with mid-to-upper 90's inland and mid-60s coast side. so in a variety to please everyone. karina: sandhya, thank you. tonight at 8:00, "press your luck, followed at 9:00 by" :00 "fatal flaw" in a special edition of 2020, and then stay with us for the news at 11:00.
6:57 pm
abc seven news is streaming 24/7. you can get that abc seven bay area streaming app intranets wherever you are. i am karina nova. larry: i am the repeal. we ran out of time for sports, but chris pratt will be back at 11:00. a big move by the raiders today as to who is taking over the organization, a female team president. never happened in the nfl before. . that is coming up at 11:00. for now, enjoy the rest of your evening.
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