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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 8, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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christmas movie "elf" with will ferrell. >> i think we should call security. >> good idea. >> i like to whisper too! >> in 2017, "the godfather" cast reuniting in the tribeca film festival. al pacino writing, "jimmy was my fictional brother and my lifelong friend." that's "nightline." watch full episodes on hulu. see you back here at the same time tomorrow. thanks so much for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news.
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>> violent and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequence. >> brook jenkins named the new district attorney starting tomorrow. more on that in a moment but first, the breaking news out of japan which is shocking. the former prime minister was shot while giving a campaign speech. he was airlifted to a hospital. but officials say he was not breathing and his heart had stopped. sounds grim. authorities havea suspect. a man in his 40's. he's in custody. they recovered a weapon at that time scene basically hand made the news has shocked japan where gun crime is extremely rare because of the country's strict gun control laws. i'm larry beal the local story, mayor london breed announcing her pick during a city hall conference this evening exactly a month after
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voters recalled the d. ample. who is brooks jenkins and why did the mayor pick her for this job. j.r.? j.r.: a much different and harder tone heard today at san francisco city hall and her new district attorney brook jenkins. >> as your next district attorney, i will restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system here in san francisco. >> strong words from brook jenkins, a former assistant attorney who has been apointed by london breed as the next district attorney the move comes after san franciscans recalled the former d.a. >> violent and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequence. hate crimes will no longer be
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tolerated. >> jenkins resigned with boudine's office and then led the recall campaign against him. tthe mayor's appointment of jenkins makes sense r. she wanted to have a progressive but not go to the extreme ends that she saw chessa did. >> she did a way with cash bail. vowed to not charge minors as adults. but jenkins has not been specific on what she'll change. >> we don't want to become, you know, some traditional tough on crime environment where we only use incarceration as our only tool. for me it's finding that balance between when have we given enough -- you know chances, right? to where we have to move to a different, you know, course and finding that balance, so that we can maintain our status as a compassionate city but also
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restore public safety. reporter: while jenkins has been apoint there will be a special election in november where san franciscoians will decide on the next district attorney. she could face oust boudine. but that was not her focus. >> we are a city of second chances but the true is we have to draw a line with people who choose hate, violence and a life of crime. larry: she wants to end the existence of open air drug markets in the se and said that laws need to be enforced. calling ate massive human health cry swiss people dying on our streets. so lots of work ahead of her in a an election that could happen in four months. larry: developing views on yet another shooting on an east bay freeway. c.h.p. officers respond around eastbound near 150 and san
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leandro at about 4:00 p.m. a victim with a gunshot wound ended up at eden medical center as amanda dell castillo explains, this is second shooting on the same stretch of road in a few weeks. >> two cars riddled with bullet holes being toed from eden medical center. >> multiple shots. that's fivele >> the alameda sheriff's office confirms that's one victim was shot ton freeway. it happened on eastbound 580 and san leandro on thursday after 4:00 p.m. sky 7 captured the scene and the traffic backup that fold. cars stretched for miles. thursday's incident comes one day after an east bay couple decided to share their chilling story and the shocking video. >> honey, hundred -- honey. garrett mason and tina doe in the middle oh a shootout
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the pair was living work and similar to thursday's incident they were heading eastbound on 580 and san leandro. the city's mayor addressing the violence. >> it's got to be a two-pronged approach. we have to attack it and go after the people that are doing this now. but we also have to bring generations up to not have this kind of gun violence. and quite frankly, i believe that we need do much more than we're doing right now at the federal level with gun control. >> c.h.p. hasn't released details on what led to the shooting on thursday now adding to 80 freeway shootings in the bay area in the last few years. >> unfortunately, we were at the wrong place at that time wrong time -- >> also at the right time. >> i mean, you know, people have commented, right, if we were a second faster or slower how could this have changed where the bullet is. but can't think too much about that. it's just where we're at. >> dozens of drivers and
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passengers on the freeway hit by bullets sometimes caught in the crossfire. other times targeted. >> it's not something that we should tolerate. >> i'm amanda dell castillo. >> cam las be installed at some intersections at 580, highway 24 and international gloved help police identify people suspected of the freeway shootings. now to the late nest the deadly parade shooting just outside chicago. authorities tonight facing questions about possibly missed warnings signs. abc news spoke with the father of the suspected shooter who insists there was no warning that this was going happen. >> the father of the man who police said open fire killing seven says he had no clue what his son had planned. >> i had no -- not an inkling, a
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warning that something like this was going happen. i was shocked. >> it comes as questions continue how his son was legally able to buy guns despite multiple red flags. his father who sponsored the application because he was under 21 telling abc news that it was up to law enforcement to vet him. >> they do background checks whatever that entails, i'm not exactly sure. reporter: his threat had threatened suicide and later threatened to kill family members. he didn't know aa about the suicide threat. the other i don't think was real r. it was just a child outburst, whatever he was upset about. reporter: now, authorities say robert crimo jr. could face criminal charges to sponsor that gun application. >> we've seen more prosecutors being more aggressive with parents who should have done more to stop something like this
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from happening so the maximum kind of charge that he could potentially face would be something like involuntary man slaughter. >> we're learning that the police were called, domestic calls very few of them involve the season. -- suspect. >> wnba star brittany grind pleaded guilty to drug charges. grind said she accidentally packed vape cartridges. back in the u.s. calls for her to be' re-leased are growing louder. greiner says she wants to give further testimony. she's expected to be back in court on july 15th the 31 year-old faces 10 years in prison if convicted. but the u.s. is working on a prisoner swap. second case of monkey pox has been declared in santa clara county.
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they original called ate probably case on june 30th. now confirmed to be monkey pox. according to state health officials, the number of monkey pox cases in california has more than doubled over the past week. about 300,000 u.s. children under the age of 5 have received that's one shot of the covid-19 vaccine the white house says that's about one and a half per sect of the 19.5 million children that are eligible. officials say that number is in line with their expectation. both the pfizer and moderna vaccines received emergency use authorization for kids under 5 on june. the supreme court made it easier for people to carry con sealed weapons. up next how california is trying to put on some limits. also a car smashes right into the front of a bay area starbucks. we'll explain what happened.
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a verdict is reached in the trial of theranos president, sonny balwani. >> i'll show you when hot weather returns in just a few minutes. larry: but first here's what's coming up on jimmy kim hell live. -- jimmy kimmel live. >> this is weird. [laughter] >> you never had an interview -- >> you never had an interview -- >> , no i feel so close to y when a truck hit my car, >> you never had an interview -- >> , the insurance company y wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes.
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larry: the u.s. supreme court has made it easier for anybody in the country to carry con sealed weapons. but a new bill in california aims to change that. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra explains how the process could become more costly for taxpayers. reporter: under state law it is a crime to carry a con sealed firearm without a valids will. california is among a half dozens states that no longer require to carry a c.c.w. the impact is hitting the bay area as several county that is legally have to as long a theill applican meets criteria like good moral character and is a resident of the county and completed the program. >> i think now, our hands are a
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little bit tied. >> since the supreme court ruling, demand for these lee senses is spiking. in alameda county, the lieutenant explains that he expects it to double from 300 to 600 and maintaining the influx won't be cheep. >> it's going cost the taxpayers more money, couple three or more deputies. that's going to cost $a million a year. >> a similar trend in san francisco county. >> i can say i haven't issued a c.c.w. since i've been the sheriff now for over two years. >> the san francisco sheriff said only 28 people applied for a c.c.w. less than half were issue add license. >> but now -- >> we've received over 50 calls regarding applications. >> with more applications coming in, more con sealed weapons will be circulating our community. >> but a new bills aims to restrict where these con sealed fire arms may be carried and
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among other things required 16 hours of training which is double the current requirement. >> we're creating concrete criteria making sure that a weapon goes to a lawful person who is not going to do arm and go to a school and shoot up a school. >> anthony portentiino sponsored the bill. iwe'll have this ton governor's december income august. i know he's going sign it >> the legislation require as 2/3 vote. and if passed wouldn't take affect until january -- effect until january. >> they will be look ago t policy to make sure there's a balance between one ice constitutional rights and public safety. stephanie sierra, abc7 news. larry: former theranos president
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sunny balwain been convicted of fraud. a jury deliberate and determined that he defrauded investoril o . the u.s. attorney read a statement outside the cour courthouse. >> wait to thank the jury for navigating through the complex issues presented by case. larry: he is scheduled to be sensed in november. holmes in september. customers got a shock. a b.m.w. slamming into a large window at that time coffee shop on homestead road. santa clara fire department responded along with sheriff's deputies. two people suffered minor injuries. the driver was not hurt the sheriff's office provide us with this image. caltrans will close two lanes in
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salcale do. it will last 57 hours and that's going mean delays of up to an hour. the closure starts tomorrow at 10:00. goes through monday at 7:00 a.m. caltrans says it needs to replace the damage drainage system and repave a lane. sandhya patel joins was the forecast. people may be stuck on 401 but that's still have nice senior nice weather to enjoy. sandhya: if you are stuck ton roadways that be comfortable but sunday forget about it. it's going to start to warm-up. larry, let me show you a beautiful sunset from tonight. mown tam cam, sun went down at #:30. yes, it was a little breezy out there. but just a beautiful view with a little bit of fog rolling in tonight. not a lot of fog tonight from our east bay hills camera. you can see clearly across the bay back towards the sutros tower. tomorrow, we continue the
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weather. six degrees warmer there. you will notice san jose coming up about three degrees from 78 to 81 degrees. here's a gorgeous view looking at downtown san francisco. good air quality tomorrow. now, as the weekend goes on, and we start to see the heat building, we're going to see the air quality become moderate on sunday. live doppler 7 tonight just a few patches of fog as we look at your temperatures anywhere from the 50's to the 70's. that's we've lost some of that humidity which obviously i think some of us can live without. from san jose camera, clear skies over the shark tank. sunny and warmer afternoon well do have a brief cooldown coming on saturday. hot inland sunday, monday with the king tides coming in. tomorrow at 7:00 you're going to see tells in the 50's to 60's so pretty comfortable. at noontime you see 80's popping up inland as we go into the low afternoon. some low 90's for our inland
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valley temperatures in the 50's and 60's first thing in the morning. we'll see some patches of fog to start the day. for the afternoon, here's how it's going shape up. 18 in san jose. 83 in loss georgia toes. 78 in redwood city. breezy, 69 downtown san francisco. 23469 the sunset district. north bay mid 80's. 88 in santa rosa. mid 70's from san leandro to oakland. 76 free month. east it's going to be warm in brentwood. 86 livermore. 83 in san ramon. now to the king tides. so next week, they're going to be above seven feet on tuesday and wednesday. monday you will notice seven feet there. late thursday night into friday, it's at 12:3831 in the morning. but these king leads to be later at night as opposed to during day. low lying flooding is possible. so keep that in mind. it's a warmer afternoon.
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a little bit of a cooldown saturday with some drizzle. and then the heat spikes mid to upper 90's inland. mid 60's coast before temperatures drop off. larry? larry: getting today toasty, sandhya, thank you. coming up, olympic gymnastics similar moan biles a big smi
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>> one of the most decorated gymnasts in history became the youngest recipient of the presidential medal of freedom at 25 years old. talking about simone biles who is among 17 recipients of the country's highest civilian honor. biles has won 32 medals across the olympics and world championships. biles is a foster child who has become an advocate for mental health awareness and victims of secondstial assault. >> for hearing i was the youngest is a huge honor. it's scary because sit the best
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award you could receive for your whole life. larry: law rinne powell jobs wife of steve jobs received the award in his nonnor as the co-founder of apple and revolutionized of the way by communicate. with the iphone, the mac and many other apple products. i'm in for dan and casey pratt is handling sports. giants and padres, extra, extra ex. k.c.: the giants waited until the last minute to strike. we'll tell you if a clutch hit would be - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next?
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what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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reporter: good evening. after snap ago six-game skid last night, the giants look to make it two in a row. you have to start somewhere, right? look at that time pure joy from these kids when they get a foul ball. that's just amazing. one mistake.
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manny machado make made him pay. 1-0 padres. eight inning of one-run ball for webb. only allows six hits. stop tommy la stella pops it up. they both make a play for it he knees profar on inn the neck. he tried to walk it off and collapsed on the field. he's been transferred to the hospital. back to baseball. giants down to their final out. trail big one crawford by one. austin slater and webb loves it jorge alfaro walks it off for the padres be the base loaded single. two on the final. the giants lose yet again and the a's were off the american century celebrity golf tournament was in tahoe. stephen curry going for his first title after three top five finishes. while charles barkley guarantees he will finish the top 70.
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>> curry doesn't think he has a chance. >> no. hell, no. let him playing on every t. there's no way he's doing it. as much -- as much faith as chuck has had in the warriors winning championships, there's not amount of faith in him hitting the top 70's. >> it's a good smack talk. first round of the nhl draft, the sharks took phillip -- f filip bisted. >> it's been a long grind. and without having a g.m. in place, i've got to give them a ton of credit. they ground it out. dougie did a good job with the european scouts. we're excited to have himle >> the raiders new president made history. sandra douglass morgan is named team president.
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larry: only 10 days away from this year's aids walk san francisco it taken place sunday july 17th at golden gate park the fundraising walk benefits diverse h.i.v. and and aids. to register call the number on your screen or visit that's our report tonight. thanks for watching. i'm larry biel. up next, jimmy kimmel. chelsea handler is your guest host. have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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which is responsible for its caption n n rapinoe, freedom rider diane nash, civil rights attorney fred gray, and the president's longtime friend, the late senator john mccain. >> and others who were also awarded medals and who weren't at the ceremony today, apple co-founder steve jobs and actor denzel washington, who also could not make the ceremony. >> just an eclectic group right there. >> congratulations to all of them. >> very accomplished. all right. coming up, the emergency landing in north carolina caught on camera. plus, new video being released of a stunning incident at sea-tac airport. a baggage handler stealing a commercial passenger jet, taking it on a wild ride, and eventually crashing it. and later, lacing up and taking off. how a growing number of young people are rediscovering the joys of roller skating. you're watching "world news now."
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