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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 10, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: now at 9:00, defending yosemite. part of the california gem going up in flames. the historic meadows in serious danger. good morning, it is sunday, july 10. we are going to get to the fire danger in a moment. good morning, lisette. -- lisa. lisa: temperatures are hot, there is a light wind that will aid to the smoke up to the sierra nevada. back home, it is about low clouds and fog at the coast that will work to bring free ac again today. despite that, the fog will burn
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off quickly and we will see warming temperatures. there is a look at what is left of the marine layer. 58 in san francisco, 66 in san jose. there is the deck of low cloud providing drizzle at the coast, 71 by the delta with low 60's in santa rosa. a quicker warm up, two-mile visibility of the coast. you weaker sea breeze today. noontime temperatures in the 80's inland, 70's bayshore. it is along the peninsula, that is a warmer day. mid to upper 90's inland and 90's near wine country. a warm start to the workweek coming up. liz: not to the california wildfire season, taking aim at the yosemite valley. the washburn fire is jumping in size this morning, the intense fire zone is near the historic community and mariposa grove. see the southern entrance on highway 41 is closed. here is the latest on what we
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know this morning. firefighters just updated the acreage, nearly 1600. a 400 acre jump from last night. containment is 0%. there are hundreds of giant sequoias and are under mandatory evacuations. the exact cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning, will car is following the handful of wildfires overtaking the west. reporter: this morning, wildfires intensifying across the western united states. in utah, a fire burning more than 2000 acres, threatening buildings with evacuation orders in effect for the area. yosemite national park, fires blazing through mariposa grove, the largest sequoia grove in yosemite with over 500 trees. >> you feel afraid for the people in the town, then heartbroken about the trees.
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reporter: hundreds of campers traveling for the summer, between 600 to 700 people given evacuation orders. some are choosing to stay in the area, hoping flames will pass through. according to officials, over 1000 acres have burned already. firefighters are arriving on the ground, cutting lines and planes are dropping retarded to contain the flames. -- retarded to contain the fish retardant to contain the flames. the fire began with park officials think it was fueled by dead and down trees. the historic park is home to vast wilderness, all threatened by the devastation. >> it is terrible. every fire is scary, our helps collect all the folks. -- hearts go out to all the folks. reporter: in los angeles, will car come abc news.
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liz: it is considered the most renowned of the giant sequoias, the grizzly giant. it is under threat, firefighters are taking those trenches -- no changes in their strategies to keep it safe. >> it is arguably one of the most famous trees on earth, we g to veprveir a. ma sure that if the fire comes over here, this tree is protected. liz: the grizzly giant is a solid 209 feet tall in the second largest tree. based the diameter, researchers estimate could be between 2000 to 3000 years old. good news on the fire front in the east bay. firefighters stopped forward progress of the brush fire on the pittsburgh waterfront. the smoldering fire was first reported last month, it flared up again friday night. around 200 acres have burned. crews have been on scene all
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night, monitoring multiple hotspots. right now, no reports of damage or injury. a powerful new tool could one day save your life in the event of a wildfire. it is now online. the map attracts active major wildfires burning across the country. that includes the washburn fire in yosemite. the platform is many months in the making i the western fire chiefs association, you can find on their website. it uses real-time 911 calls and fire tracking data from the feds to map fires. users then have the ability to know how close the fire is. >> if you are at home and have a bit of access, that is great. if you're in a rural area, it makes a difference in the data loading. how much time it takes, if it loads at all. liz: they say the technology is improving annually to help firefighters and public deal
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with more ferocious wildfires throughout the west. you can see all wildfires in california at a glance by using the online interactive tracker. you can find that on our website. moving on, and 90 person task force investigates the assassination of the former japanese prime minister. the people of japan continue to mourn his death. citizens cast their vote in the key election for the parliament's upper house. exit polls show his governing party with the upper hand in what could be perhaps from a swell of sympathetic support. the nation is still reeling from the shocking daytime shooting. this morning, we have the latest. reporter: japan now mourning the death of former prime minister following his assassination. >> we are feeling the excruciating pain. reporter: secretary of state antony blinken is set to pay his respects during a visit to japan.
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the state department says he will meet with senior japanese officials and offer condolences to the japanese people. >> this is a tragedy for japan, a tragedy for his family, loved ones and all who knew him. also, the world. reporter: authorities say loan attacker shot him with a homemade gun during a campaign speech friday. security quickly tackling the suspect to the ground. he died at the hospital, an autopsy revealed he died of blood lobs. his body was driven to his home in tokyo, as is tradition in japan. >> the street is now covered with police officers to make it secure. a lot of cars coming down for friends, families, those who want to respect them, pulling up in front of his house. reporter: officials say the accused assassin confessed to the killing. they also say he had a grudge
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against a specific organization, and believed he was part of it. a top japanese police official acknowledges possible security lapses that allowed the shooter to kill him and raised questions about how the assassin could get so close. a 90 member task force is now investigating. vigil will be held monday, followed by a funeral tuesday for family and close friends. liz: the consulate general of japan and san francisco is setting up a book of condolences. it is open to the public to sign and will be available monday and tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the exact addresses on your screen. get ready for the heat, more than 30 million people across the country are under heat alerts today. they range from here to the southern and central plains and southwest u.s. that means temperature starting in the 90's and getting well into triple digits, up to 112
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and parts of the pacific northwest, as high as 117 in parts of the southwest. there might be multiple record highs in texas. a colleague, most of these areas are expected to cool off tonight and into monday. but things get hot here in parts of the bay. lisa: we are flirting with 120 antioch, a live look outside where there is fog lingering around -- 100 outside antioch. the natural ac is not going far away, i will explain coming up. liz: walking in and opening fire. a south african tavern turns to bloodshed and an early morning. abortions at sea. at bay area doctors ready to launch a project in the wake of the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve
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on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. liz: a live look outside, a
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beautiful view. hope you have a nice start to your sunday. some developing news out of south africa, abc news reports at least 15 people have been shot and killed at a local tavern after police say a group of gunmen walked in and opened fire. it took place just after midnight in a suburb right outside johannesburg, a few blocks from nelson mandela's old home. investigators say the group of men were armed with rifles and pistols and started shooting randomly. please have yet to determine the motive. locally, 92 guns including a pair of ar-15 rifles and components for third were handed over during a note russians asked gun buyback event in fairfield. -- no questions asked gun buyback event in fairfield. they received $50 for handguns, $100 for rifles. it was organized by police, the das office and others. a councilman was shot and killed
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in 2008 in the case of mistaken identity, the convicted shooter is serving a life sentence. garcia was only 22 years old at the time, the foundation was established to honor his legacy and teach local youth about the value of leadership. abortion activists took to the street saturday, holding rallies across the country. there were marches in l.a., chicago and perhaps the largest in washington, d.c. some protesters traveled thousands of miles to depart and they sit in outside the white house. 14 states have stopped nearly all abortions, pennsylvania could become the first state to put it on the ballot. back at home, a large neighborhood soccer fundraiser will help the families of three men who drowned last weekend rescuing a boy in the delta. the three men jumped into action near rio vista on the july 4 weekend to save a struggling eight-year-old boy. their bodies were recovered on tuesday. the men lived in oakland, but their families are trying to raise enough money so they can
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rest in their native guatemala. these are details of today's fundraiser if you want to support. it is at remind bay park in west oakland. -- ray mondi park in west oakland. an ob/gyn is serving up an innovative solution for state to have banned abortion. it involves setting to the sea. >> this is going to be a large monetary effort that is funded by philanthropy and may be donated vessel. reporter: the doctor's vision is of a vessel on the gulf of mexico. >> it is a reproductive floating health clinic. reporter: the bay area ob/gyn has been conjuring the idea for the clinic for years. >> it would offer contraception, point-of-care, sti testing and treatment. we are hoping vaccination, as well as surgical terminations. reporter: the plan is called
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prowess, it stands for protecting reproductive rights of women endangered by state statutes. the urgency of amplified and weight -- in the wake of the overturning of roe v. wade. >> the reason for this innovation is, if you look at the golf g --ulf, every state that borders the gulf is restrictive. reporter: women traveling far of state for services, including clinic closer by could be a game changer. >> people that will be served by this are individuals who do not have the money or means or time to go elsewhere. reporter: the plan is ready to set sail. >> we have done all of the detail research that we can do. going forward, it is dependent on what kind of vessel we can get. reporter: it will take roughly $20 million to get the clinic afloat, including retrofitting a
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boat and initial costs of patient care. >> a somewhat optimistic but realistic timeline would be a year. a dream would be something like six to eight months. reporter: what would have to happen for it to happen in six to eight months? >> someone have to give us a vessel tomorrow. reporter: while she is ready to go, she is readying for a load of legal challenges. >> we have a legal team consisting of a lawyer project, a nonprofit attorney group that fights for reproductive health. reporter: fully expecting some rough waters ahead. >> we have maritime lawyers, defense lawyers and we anticipate legal challenges throughout this entire journey. reporter: abc7news. liz: carlos santana has postponed several shows following his collapse onstage earlier this week. the 74-year-old was hospitalized tuesday after passing out during a show in michigan.
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he said he forgot to eat and drink water, so he was dehydrated and suffering heat exhaustion. doctors recommended rest for a full recovery. six shows have been pushed back. the event was in full swing saturday, bay area residents enjoyed a stroll filled with live music, and local vendors. it is free for everyone of all ages and it takes place every second saturday of the month at the end of the year. you can expect as see live performances from musicians from a wide variety of genres from bluegrass to contemporary pop. a chef and entrepreneur is bringing her sweet july brand to the palace hotel in san francisco. for the month, she created 18 experience and pop up shop at the historic hotel. the experience will serve special menu items, handpicked. the pop up shop will be filled with products from her oakland flagship shop from women and black-owned businesses. the name was inspired by her
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wedding anniversary and children's birth month. >> it is the biggest month for us, a month where we are so full of gratitude and gratefulness in excitement. we needed to bring that into our lives every day, so it is and eat those and a mantra -- ethos and a mantra. liz: you can reserve a spot for opentable. i was able to go yesterday, it was so fun. the food was delicious and the palace hotel is gorgeous. i will say she did point out it sounds like a lot of the saturdays are booked. she is going to announce new dates. lisa: lucky you, that since delicious and fun. good morning, here is a look at the cloud deck that is what this all the way down to southern california. we have a wind shift going on, that is allowing for the upper level wind to usher in drier and warmer air. as we get closer, you notice the fog is in and around the bay.
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here is like the smoke from yosemite. it continues to drift not only north, but we have a late east wind. -- light east wind. it is filtering into the san joaquin valley. from 10:00 this morning, as we take this through the later afternoon, you are beginning to see the haze in lake tahoe and further giant sequoias, we are concerned about that, as this is -- has almost doubled in size. one of the entrances is closed. 6:00 tomorrow, looking at the haze in the warmer it gets, drift more westward. even through the delta. there's a look at the marine layer becoming diffused. as it does, temperatures warm up quicker. 58 in the city, 60 in oakland. mid 60's in san jose, santa clara 67. fog along the coast at 57. looking at the sea lions, no one is there, on the july hiatus
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down to the channel islands. probably be back at the end of the month. 63 in santa rosa, 71 by the delta. a lighter southwest wind. mid and upper 60's inland. already three to six degrees cooler at the coast, that will allow for 60's and 70's to arrive as the deck of low clouds begins to shrink a little. drizzle in some spots, hot inland today and tomorrow, by as much as 10 degrees. cooler days arriving tuesday and wednesday, coinciding with high tide awe a l the king tied tuesday and wednesday. mid and upper 90's as we get closer to the sacramento valley today and tomorrow. tomorrow will be a little warmer. notice the warmth drifting into the bayside communities, where they are shielded from the sea breeze. it will feel pretty warm in spots.
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tuesday, the sea breeze strengthens the south wind, that takes to the middle of the week where we bring temperatures down. a nice break, we do not get too hot. it is summertime, third year of the drought. upper elevations looking at relative humidity pretty low on top of mount diablo. remember to use extreme caution if you were hiking, biking and barbecuing. 82 in palo alto, 90 in napa. accuweather 7 day forecast, 60's coast side, into the 80's around redwood city and palo alto. pretty warm, mid 90's hot weather from danville to pleasanton. hopefully you have the pool. by monday, little change. the coast is warmer, we get more fog and more of a breeze through the middle to the end of the week. some summerlike readings inland. liz: certainly feels like summer, except for san francisco. we are a week away from this year's aids walk. it takes place sunday, july 17
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and golden gate park. it benefits diverse hiv-aids each delivering essential programs to the community. to register, call the number. or, visit their website. wonder what the popular game jingo would look like on television? this is not quite zheng jie, it is closed. a sneak peek at the new game show
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liz: peyton manning has drafted janelle james to be on his team. entertainment group with our sister station in l.a. tells us about the final straw. reporter: janel james is spending her summer break away from abbott elementary with a
9:26 am
fun side job. she is hosting the game show, the final straw. it is a premise that is unique, to say the least. the concept is, contestants face off in a battle against gravity and physics as they attempt to remove items from giant stacks. jenga style. >> team latin twins, you are up. ready, set, pole. reporter: james was cautious while on set. >> part of the front of the show for other people will be seeing me running away screaming. every time it starts to fall over, even though i knew intellectually that safety was a factor. these things are huge. you really feel like you are going to get smashed by them. reporter: hosting just adds to this high point of janel's career. being part of the critically acclaimed ensemble, abbott elementary. >> having people tell me how much it means, something they
9:27 am
watch with the whole family, it has been a bright light in hard times for a lot of people. that is what i hope this show will be, as well. reporter: what is it worth for players? a grand prize of a quarter of a million dollars, or as janel says, that is like changing money. in los angeles, abc7news. liz: the final straw permits tonight at 9:00 on abc seven. still to come, president biden is about to make another trip abroad. the nations he will touchdown and for the first time since he took office, and the reason for the visit. plus, imagine taking a trip to check out the golden gate but you are stopped at a healthy dose of traffic. tourist talking about jammed up
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, things for joining us. we are starting this half hour with another check of the forecast. inns are heating up. -- things are heating up. lisa: today and tomorrow, the fog is fading. evidence in this view from mount tam, you can see the brakes and the overcast. current temperatures are warmer than yesterday at this hour. 58 downtown, mid 60's in san jose. two mile visibility and half moon bay and another beautiful view. 63 in santa rosa, 71 by the delta. looking at the 24 hour temperature change, six degrees warmer in santa rosa. a couple degrees warmer by the delta. upper level winds are strong at the northeast. we are warming up quicker. at the coast, temperatures will be moderated by the sea breeze. as we get to the afternoon,
9:31 am
notice the 70's and 80's become mid 80's to mid 90's from the work through castro valley. it is going to be a warm day. d. out toward the san ramon valley, will san francisco climbs to the 70's with the afternoon sea breeze. still hot tomorrow. liz: it is another crucial test coming this week for president biden and suffering low approval numbers. his first trip to the middle east since taking office. the first stop will be in israel. he will then meet with saudi arabia crown prince. he is the oil-rich nation's controversial member, who u.s. intelligence determined approved the 2018 killing of a journalist. in an op-ed yesterday in the washington post, the president acknowledge the controversies, saying fundamental freedoms are always on the agenda when i travel abroad, as they will be during this trip. just as they will be in israel and the west bank.
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after a two-year h janeseudt stival back the honors the dead and dates back decades. his weekend celebrations take on new meaning after the assassination of the former japanese prime minister. tim johns was at the festival this weekend and brings us the story. reporter: centuries of culture and tradition were on display saturday at san jose's festival. it is a japanese buddhist tradition dedicated to remembering at honoring the dead. >> we do not do this a whole lot. being able to do it once a year is really nice to come together with everyone. be able to celebrate. reporter: ashley mcdonald is a fourth-generation japanese-american. she dances in the festival every year, something that has become a family tradition. >> we dance in remembrance of those who have passed, friends and family. we have a lantern for a grandpa who passed away. reporter: this festival is about more than remember and personal loved ones lost. it is a chance to reflect on recent events.
9:33 am
one of the events on many minds was the assassination of the former japanese prime minister. he was japan's longest-serving prime minister and one of the most influential since the end of world war ii. gun related deaths are extremely rare in japan, and his killing sent shockwaves through community here in the bay and around the world. >> you never heard that kind of things in japan. reporter: while it is one of the highlights for the japanese community in the south bay, organizers say everyone is welcome, regaining it since of community after the pandemic force to support. >> we are very open, there is no requirement. you do not have to be buddhist or japanese. come down and enjoy the food and dancing. reporter: in san jose, tim johns, abc7news. liz: a vigil for the prime minister's plan tomorrow night in japan. the funeral will be tuesday.
9:34 am
officials have not addressed the possibility of a public memorial for the former prime minister. his body was returned to his home city of tokyo, roughly 200 miles away from where he was assassinated. u.s. secretary of state is on his way to tokyo to pay his respects. a southern california law firm from social services failed all third teen of the turbine children. 2018, children were found malnourished and chained to their beds by their parents. we were not able to access the $1 million donated to them under social service care. an investigation found some of the younger children were living with people facing child abuse charges and older children were facing housing issues and food insecurity. investigation says the social services system was understaffed and overwhelmed with cases. happening now, lanes are closed on highway 101 for repairs. two lanes are shut down any the northbound direction from robin williams tunnel to rodeo avenue.
9:35 am
at times, traffic has been heavy with the backup being about an hour for some people. we have the story. >> i just got off the plane just now. i was never by traffic. reporter: he made the golden gate bridge's first stop in san francisco. add timing, because this is what he found. a major traffic headache, cars inching their way across the span. are you trying to drive across? >> no, traffic is backed up all the way. i'm not can even do that. reporter: they are due to a caltrans repair project happening all weekend in sausalito. two northbound lanes of highway 101 will be closed from the robin williams tunnel to the rodeo avenue offramp. crews are repairing a drainage system before the rainy season begins. >> we are having wonderful weather in the bay in sausalito. it is important we are able to address concerns to that effect. reporter: caltrans says to
9:36 am
expect big backups through monday morning. >> about an hour delay to get northbound, it will certainly jam up san francisco city streets as well. reporter: here's time lapse video of our journey. we found gdl id i youtes and not alone. reporter this cabdriver got stuck at the visitor center. he is warning passengers about making the trip. >> i tried, they want to come. and let them know about traffic. if you have an appointment, you will be late. reporter: they told drivers to expect delays through monday morning. that is when the project is scheduled to be finished. if you want to avoid traffic, the richmond san rafael bridget may be the best that this weekend. abc7news. liz: ford is recalling tens of thousands of suvs and telling owners to park cars outside
9:37 am
because of the fire risk. more than one hundred thousand hybrids are under the expanded recall notice, including ford escapes, mavericks and lincoln corsairs 2023. they are at risk of catching fire. there also recalling 2021 expeditions and lincoln navigators for a similar problem. starbucks pulled a brand-new sandwich off store shelves. it was yanked off the menu just five days after the debut. all leftover sandwiches will be tossed. a spokesperson says the decision is not linked to any reports of foodborne illnesses. the sandwich was not up to company quality standards. still ahead, renewing old practices. how the ways of old might actually be best. in the changes the fighting wildfires. here is a live look outside this morning. the bay bridge there, beautiful start to this morning, we
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liz: welcome back, here is a live look outside. the fog rolling in, a beautiful summer in san francisco. several bus routes returned to service this weekend for the first time since the start of the pandemic. that includes part of this letter in 21 hayes routes. the full pre-pandemic route is also returning. other lines are being restored to full routes, all other buses will see increased frequency. this month, our partners and national geographic are taking an in-depth look at a growing the among indigenous peoples across the west. these are efforts to take back stewardship of native lands and help build a better bay area. spencer christian has a look at the movement. reporter: right here onhi fe ar f2020 fe.reporter: a senior ,
9:41 am
ian has seen the effects of wildfire on the forest. at the same time, his colleagues have been working to protect and nurture the majestic grove in the mountains by reaching back into the past. drawing on practices like this ceremonial burn, conducted by a tribal bandit that helps manage the forest. -- band that hopes manage the force. it was cleared as a canopy fire break. the benefits of the break clear away fuels close to the ground and are clearly visible with trees standing side-by-side with groves that escape with less damage. the potential lessons from the indigenous ceremonial burn in deeper. >> there is an important ceremony, too. it cleanses the land, purifies the land. reporter: valentina lopez is chairman, indigenous 20 white
9:42 am
area of the south bay and beyond. -- to the wide area of the south bay and beyond. from clearing away damaging insects to purifying water runoff, knowledge that stretches back thousands of years. >> there are a lot of benefits to indigenous knowledge. that is why scientists want to work with us, to bring back that indigenous science. reporter: the value is becoming more visible across the west. this month, national geographic is devoting an issue to the growing work of indigenous peoples reclaiming ancestral lands and way of life, including nations like these that are using traditional fire techniques to manage the land and streams in the northern regions of california. >> recognize indigenous history acknowledges this. reporter: it is happening at a time of increased -- techniques like prescribed burns and canopy fire breaks. in the bay area, they partner
9:43 am
with save the redwoods, the peninsula open space trust and a fund, among others. working to reduce the devastating cycle of wildfires they may ultimately be accelerated by climate change. >> it is incredibly rewarding and along with that comes a lot of humility. >> the creator gives us the responsibility to take care of mother earth and all living things. that is a directive from creator, our ancestors took very, very importantly. liz: that was spencer christian reporting. the leaders says they work with researchers from berkeley, stanford and others to study the benefits of indigenous land management techniques. lisa, this is very timely and important. we are tracking the fire in yosemite. lisa: that is true, they are polity is going downhill for much of the sacrament of valley and sierra nevada.
9:44 am
sunday at sfo, sonny downtown. numbers coming up through the mid 70's today. that means a warmer day for the rest of the peninsula, we talk about the entire bay area and detail the warm up next. liz: next, the showman. a man of many talents, but he is showing up more than his great golf game at the celebrity tournament. tournament. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty
9:45 am
and help californians that are hurting the most.
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liz: locum back, check out the fog at the golden gate bridge. there is the traffic delay, thankfully it looks like things are moving quickly. let us talk sports. tennis star novick djokovic won his fourth straight championship, defeating an australian who at one point complained about a female fan and try to have her remove. the royals were on hand to watch him win the 21st tennis grand slam title. that is the second most of all
9:47 am
time, only behind rafael nadal. more sports this afternoon, they are looking to take the lead today will the giants even things out on the road. oakland takes on the houston astros at home in the oakland coliseum, first project 1:07. giants take on the padres in san diego, that game starts at 1:10. steph curry is showing his doubles portability and the american century championship celebrity golf tournament in lake tahoe. chris alvarez has the highlights. reporter: good morning. another beautiful day on the shores of lake tahoe saturday. day two of the american century celebrity championship. the stars shining as bright as the beautiful blue tahoe water. stephen curry showing off his dance moves. holding out on 13 friday, from almost the exact seam spot saturday. can he do it again? so close. justin timberlake says, what is
9:48 am
wrong with you? you are supposed to slash that. he has a basketball in his hands, step back and splash. then, plain white out for former cal quarterback aaron rodgers. rogers will find his guy for a touchdown. as for the gulf on 17, curry on the attempt, it will slide by. tied for 20th, now trailing in the family jump in tahoe challenge. steph said there was no way charles barkley would finish in the top 70, bertie 16. chuck is tied for 73rd. the leader is former oakland ace picture, a three-time tournament champion. this thing, it almost goes. 45 points, three point lead over mardy fish.
9:49 am
chilling in san diego, giant effort at one point. 22 in a row, striking out. top of the eighth, tied at one. the giants, a run blast. 3-1 san francisco. part of the dugout fist bumps, then bringing the heat in the night. the last pitch, 99 miles an hour. he was fired up. the second complete game of his career, giants win 3-1. astros at the coliseum, struggling to stay awake at the bottom for. down 2-0. sean murphy avoids the tag, safe. next pitch, the ball ricochets off the catcher and he is going to score. we are tied at 2. two pitches later, it gets away. scotty coming on down, oakland takes the lead. dusty baker in shock, he would get ejected later on.
9:50 am
oakland wins 3-2, the first win over houston this season. in atlanta, braves fan goes for a foul ball and smashes his face in the seats. good hustle, got the baseball. today might be a different story. that looked like it really hurt. that is your look at sports, back to you. liz: lisa, check of the forecast. going to be hotter today than yesterday, some people may be happy about it. lisa: certainly warming up quicker as of the get live doppler 7, a lot of fog. you know that is going to keep us from getting too warm. as we go closer, the fog is lingering in parts of the bay. around southern marin down to pacifica, really dissipating over to the east bay. let's take it to yosemite, you can see the smoke from the fire. this is beginning to drift all throughout the sacramento valley , parts of in the west slope of
9:51 am
the sierra nevada looking at the poor air quality. pretty good for the bay except san rafael. in the red, indicating the fire. as the smoke continues to drift north, it also is drifting a little further westward. this is the first time of the season we are seeing impacts of the smoke from a fire. of course, the giant sequoias are what we are worried about. the air quality going downhill, big vacation time. a look at the fire and smoke drifting north, look how it pushes westward through the sacramento valley. the delta there, perhaps in the days to come. the warm up locally just a two day event. the marine layer, isn't that a cool picture? 61 in the city, mid-60's palo alto and san jose, santa clara at 69. sunny here, numbers, for the 70's today with the sea breeze not quite as strong. so comfortable, 63 in santa
9:52 am
rosa, 71 by the delta. back to summerlike heat in lynn today and tomorrow, six degrees warmer in santa rosa. inland east bay warming up quick. santa cruz about 60 degrees right now. they will make up the difference as numbers come up to around 80 in spots. the fox expect to clear, still some drizzle at the coast in the hot temperatures. 90's inland today, tomorrow. bayshore looking at the 80's. a short-lived warm up as we get more fog. the system in the northwest allowing for cooler days tuesday and wednesday. we temperate the warming trend along the coast in the summer, mid and upper 60's. pacifica, ocean beach with partly cloudy skies. a nice day if you went to hits of the coast, not warm. tomorrow will, more along the shoreline. a warm day at 88 and san jose, above average.
9:53 am
peninsula numbers from the 80's to the upper 80's with the sea breeze backing off. the civic a 67. -- pacifica 67. really nice in the north bay from the low 90's in vallejo, that is getting warm, to 94 in santa rosa. we have some 80's in the east bay warmer than yesterday with 82 over in san leandro. 84 in union city. inland it is getting warm. pittsburgh 96, 94 in livermore. accuweather 7 day forecast, warm up today pretty much everywhere. modest along the coast, still comfortable. mid 80's around the bay, upper 90's inland. tuesday, the cooler pattern will bring temperatures down at of the 90's for the most part. as we get warmer to next weekend , so far not looking too warm. we see triple digits closer to the bay, not looking like that. liz: if you are planning a walk
9:54 am
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liz: if you are planning a workout, you will love the sound of this. a new study published says it does not make much of a difference and you work out, either during the week or weekend. what matters the amount of exercise in a week. the key is getting a total of 2.5 hours of working up a sweat and two days of muscle strengthening. the run or slots count no matter if you do on a weekday or weekend. just make sure you have the balance and keep it up. lisa, it is hard to work out a saturday. or sunday. you want to be lazy. lisa: this is a workout. [laughter] should be nice if the coast today, warming up inland and getting hot. that is a pretty picture from mount tam, we are pretty much in
9:57 am
the 60's everywhere. except half moon bay. look at the sunny city, it is going to be a beautiful day here. sea breezealready in the 70's oe east bay. that is a warmer day.os degrees. upward cloverdale, could be approaching the upper 90's today. lakeport, lake county very warm into monday as well. you see the 100, mid 80's in richmond. mid 90's today, that is a big jump from the 80's yesterday and inland valleys. high-pressure builds, the marine layer is getting compressed. if you are thinking of heading to the coast, partly cloudy skies and a bit breezy at times. accuweather 7 day forecast, low to mid 80's inland, upper 90's inland. mid 80's around the bay. cool down for mid week, we warm it up a little bit as we get to the end of the week. typical july weather throughout much of the weather -- weak, we
9:58 am
are warmer than average. liz: thank you for joining us on abc seven mornings. abc7news continues at 5:00, have a great day. ♪ >> i am now hearing from victims all across the country. their bank accounts were trained in seconds. the banks will not refund their money until -- >> you do not how excited i got. >> my money is back. >> so happy i want to cry. >> i cannot be more thankful to 7 on your side. >> it is really life-affirming. >> we wil
9:59 am
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. we welcome you to at&t wnba a all-star 2022. a gorgeous summer sunday in the city of chicago. what a host it has been to a wonderful all-star weekend as we say good-bye to a couple of legends. sue bird and sylvia fowles playing in their final all-star games and we say hello to a couple of young stars playing in
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