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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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member of our vaccine team and she joins us live to break down the top reasons doctors are concerned. stephanie: the ba.5 variant is spreading so fast, doctors say it has never been easier to get infected with covid, even if you are vaccinated. everything from heightened transmissibility to more severe symptoms. we are looking into the top five reasons why ba.5 is shaping up to be the worst. it is not often we hear california called a wright state. but when it comes to covid transmission the cdc could not be more clear. nearly every county across the state with the exception of six is red, signaling high levels of covid community transmission. that includes the entire bay area. so is a new surge coming? >> i think it is at least the second worst surge. stephanie: the cdc estimates more than half of new cases stem from omicron subvariants ba.4 and ba.5. but he explains why the latter
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is the want to worry about. >> the real superpower of ba.5 is re-infections. because ba.5 is new, if you got infected maybe two or three weeks ago, it was likely not ba.5, so you are susceptible to reinfection. stephanie: here are five reasons why ba.5 could be the worst variant yet. first, preliminary evidence from the kirby institute in australia shows false negatives on rapid antigen tests may be higher with ba.5, and it could take up to five days to get accurate results. >> some tricks are combining the throat and the nose, although not official. repeating the test multiple times, which lots of people are doing. stephanie: second, ba.5 is the most transmissible variant, at least 20% more transmissible than omicron, now tying or surpassing measles, the world's most infectious viral disease. >> the more transmissible it is, the easier to get.
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if you are in a crowded outerspace it is very possible. stephanie: third, symptoms of ba.5 may be more painful. >> people are reporting a lot more sore throat, like your throat is on fire. it would not be so serious that you would go to the hospital, but it certainly will be very uncomfortable. stephanie: the fourth and fifth reasons go hand-in-hand. covid hospitalizations in california and the bay area are not overwhelming hospitals, would have reached the highest point since february. but,. with a blind spot of covid cases. several hundred new thousands -- the question is, does all this mean more restrictions, like mask mandates, could come back? >> as we start to enter the fall and people come indoors, and schools are back in session, it's on the table. it is always a possibility. stephanie: an important reminder to add to that, he says we are not currently in a surge, but it
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could be soon. he described it as a holding pattern. so within the next two weeks we can see any impact to hospitalizations and that will likely drive decisions on something like mask mandates. ama: what are you hearing about the chances for additional instructions? stephanie: the san francisco health department says for now they are strongly recommending masking indoors and in crowded public settings, meaning outdoors too. so no mask mandates planned yet. that is the case for most of the bay area counties we reached out to. but that could change depending on what happens over the next couple weeks. so in the meantime, you cannot be too careful. larry: a fire under an oakland freeway stopped traffic today in both directions of interstate 80 near the bay bridge. the fire started for 10:30 this morning on the corner of 34th and wood street.
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leslie brinkley showsy shows usa hazardous situation this was for the public and firefighters. reporter: the fire roared to life 10:20 monday morning. the smoke rising and enveloping traffic on interstate 880 to the point it had to be shut down. the timber from an old railroad trust earned along with the debris, the rv's, and the cars parked illegally in the area, as propane canisters exploded. >> it is very hazardous for the public as well as for our firefighters. numerous explosions for pressurized cylinders on the scene that, at any moment, could take the life of one of our firefighters. reporter: the chief said firefighters were forced to battle the fierce blaze downwind and had to ask -- had to do with extremely toxic fumes. this stretch of land 18th to 34th is a notorious crisis zone,d fire activity
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because of the sheer number of cars, rv's, and homeless encampments here. the oakland fire pio said from spring of 2021 to this year, there were 90 fires in the area, most on railroad or caltrans property under the freeway. there was aitalatn iyonfire crd the fire by early afternoon and reopen the freeway and affected ramps. at this point in the investigation there were no injuries or deaths. officials said the area of origin appears to be right under a burned-out train trust in parts of a homeless camp. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. larry: we send out this push warn you about the traffic impact. you can customize the appet ama: the fire burning inside
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yosemite spread another 400 acres. the washburn fire is now more than 2700 acres and threatening the giants a queers. firefighters -- giant sequoias. waghhi r41y closed and they are under a mandatory evacuation order. >> everyone is spread out throughout this entire part of the park. really a main priority on protecting the community. ama: firefighters posted this infrared droneintensity of the . officials say no giant sequoias have burned at this point. larry: a fire in contra costa county is stillldmo sginer ignited. the marsh fire flared up overe a decommissioned power plant in pittsburgh, burned about 200 acres. firefighters got it under control and they stopped it from damaging structures. it is burning not far from the
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waterfront. crews are still on the scene and they are monitoring hotspots as we bring in sandhya patel. amli? sandhya: it has improvedr. so let me show you the views from yosemite. the top two you can see how smoky it is near the washburn fire. these showing you blue skies up above the marine layer. air quality at yosemite is unhealthy, it's red. looking at the bay area, which is reaoderate air quality. the sea breeze has kicked in, and that is helping. airistran r today. air quality for today as smoke impacts from the keep windows and doors closed. during your pets inside and put the a/c on recirculate. as we look at the visible satellite, you can see how much smoke was traveling northwestern from the washburn fire prude
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looking out thegog sto push that smoke away from the bay area for your tuesday. ama: you can track all wildfires burning right now in california using our online interactive tracker. larry: an update now, a san francisco ce at wh a fine for parking in their own driveway can now park there again. they had b parking in the driveway of cottage for the past 36recently they got a t from the planning department saying it is illegal to park in front of a house unless it is accompanied by a garage or a cover. today the plann evidence shows the space has been used for parking since the 1950's, so it has been grandfathered in as legal. ama: next, building a better a -- better bay area. where kids have to walk
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serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pai don't wait for a break. call your doctor now and ask how prolia® can help you. larry: they say pictures speak louder than words. well, how about this video? we keep talking about the drug problem in san francisco but one video shows kids getting off of a bus, than having to walk past an entire block of people who are on drugs, summer passed out, shooting up, everything. we are trying to build a better bay area. there is definitely room for better on san francisco street. leeann melendez went to the site and you say nothing has been done about it? lyanne: you know, it was hard to believe that three days after this video was posted, it was
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business as usual today. drug dealers were there, the drug addicts were openly using. it appears that some of the people who were in the tenderloin have been pushed out into other areas of the city and that is where you are seeing more of that open drug use. open drug use in san francisco's south of market area has become predictable. drug users nodding off, shooting up, or smoking fentanyl is a matter of course for residents living near eighth and mission streets. >> i started filming things and at first i was not even -- i didn't know what i was going to do with the video. lyanne: richie finally posted a video showing a group of kids getting off of a bus tr tgate their way through an entire block of open drug use. three days after he posted the video, we found that nothing had
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changed. he was not surprised. >> there is a lot of madness going on down here. lyanne: at one point we had to pause the video because we were interrupted by a man yelling at us. we first brought this block to your attention last march as part of our ongoing coverage of the problems that plague the nearby tenderloin district. >> this is what i do every day. i walk them to school because of safety. lyanne: today we witnessed how hard it is for the city to push drug users into rehab. >> i don't use drugs so i don't understand. how hard is it to get help? to reach out and get help? >> the thing with programs, programs are meant for failure. lyanne: i asked if he had tried to stop using drugs. >> i try my own program. my own program is love. lyanne: around midday, a paramedic came to clear the area so city workers could clean the
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sidewalk. for many, the drug crisis is become unacceptable. number one, close the open drug scenes. they are helping no one. they are not helping the users, they are not helping the community. lyanne: how do you close them? >> you have to use law enforcement. lyanne:but ellen of moms against drug deaths says it doesn't have to be punitive. she says the money should put more money into treatment. >> this is crazy. lyanne: on the other hand, he says the city be to target the drug dealers. otherwise users will never get help. >> when they are getting swarmed by drug dealers and solicited drugs right on the street, it is hard for them to have the tenacity and the willpower to say no. lyanne: so, arrested drug dealers, otherwise nothing will ever change. that is what people like wynn as asking the city to do. it will be interesting to see if san francisco's newly appointed district attorney will be more aggressive towards these drug
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dealers. ama: san francisco just got a new district attorney. what is her role in all this? >> she is the bridge. in her first days of office, one of her first directives to staff is she wants to re-examine the city's drug policy in relation to users and dealers. she wants to personally go over whatever plea agreements are being struck right now with people picked up for repeatedly selling those drugs. right now as it stands the average drug dealer only spends 5.5 days in jail and that is back on the streets. so she is going to try and get that changed. she is also going to try and work i believe with the sheriff's department to say maybe we can get some rehab in the jails where we have taken them out in recent years. larry: how does the city actually make the streets safer kids? is it money, programs? you just told me during the
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break that after they cleaned that whole area, all the drug users were back already in a matter of hours. lyanne: absolutely. and he posted it again. people in the tenderloin had complained before that the same thing was happening to them. their kids were not safe, they needed to be shielded. and the city responded by bringing in community ambassadors. and those community really paved the way. they would clear the area of those who were shooting up and he drug dealers. and people saw a real change when it came to kids. that has not happened in the midmarket, south of market area. for some reason. and you are asking should we pour more money? maybe that is the solution. but at what point do we stop? let me tell you, escorting kids by community ambassadors is one of those images, i don't know,
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it is probably not good for san francisco. ama: there are a lot of image problems right now. how does san francisco fix this image problem? all these videos like what we saw today. phil: it's been going on for years and the question is what is san francisco going to do? it is affecting tourism, shopping. you are downtown now and the businesses are not doing well. one of the key reasons is the open drug dealing and open drug use. it is also a mental health issue. but yes, it is an image problem. as long as these videos keep going out, it is going to be changing the way people feel about san francisco both in the bay area, the nation, and the world. lyanne: and i will add to that that i saw these kids today, some of them my son's age, 17, 18, as young as that, just passed out, laid out. the one thing that we cannot be here as a society, i believe, is
6:18 pm
just be complacent. i see a lot of people going by there, sort of nodding their head, and shaking their heads and saying nothing, basically, and just moving on. and that is really hard to see. and i believe that we really have to talk to our kids about our drug problems here, and not only have a conversation, even though it will be uncomfortable, but really have several conversations, because they need to hear it. and by the way, we have a drug problem, drug image, because we have a massive drug problem here in san francisco. larry: yeah, one that appears will not be fixed anytime soon. thank you for your insight. we put together a 30 minute special called 50 blocks, streaming right now. download or open the streaming app on demand right now. ama: let's turn now to the heat. a couple days of really hot temperatures. larry: please tell us relief
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will soon be here. sandhya: as early as tomorrow. how does that sound? larry: perfect. sandhya: let me show you the high temperatures today. upper 90's concord and fairfield. 96 in livermore. napa 95. san jose, redwood city, kentfield, all in the 80's. 74 in oakland, 66 san francisco. half moon bay, 62. we do have a coastal flood advisory tonight from 8:00 until midnight for the king tides. san francisco's high tide, 9:53, just over seven feet. these are the highest astronomical ties of the year. minor flooding in low-lying areas not out of the question. another advisory goes tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. the high tide be at in case you want to walk off some of the hot air we have been dealing with inland and go for a
6:20 pm
walk, keep in mind there could be some flooding. big changes are coming. this area of low pressure going to enhance our sea breeze, deep in the marine layer. tomorrow we are going with a cooler day, already starting to see the marine layer reestablished along the coastline and the sea breeze kicking up. inland areas are still in the 90's. 94 in concord, 92 livermore. a nice refreshing 59 in half moon bay. upwelling is happening. the ocean temperature is 54 degrees. you will notice one common denominator, the fog. that fog will be a bigger player into tomorrow. so, morning fog, areas of drizzle, much cooler afternoon. cooling continues wednesday and the king tides this week would low-lying flooding through friday. now, hour-by-hour, tomorrow morning will be damp across the bay area, certainly widespread low fog for your morning commute. into the afternoon and evening some of the fog and low cloudiness will linger.
6:21 pm
morning temperatures, 50's, 60's. watch out for the fog and drizzle tomorrow afternoon. it is a cooler day. 84 in san jose. 77 palo alto. 60 three half moon bay, breezy along the coastline. lingering clouds, 66 in san francisco. north bay temperatures, 77 in napa. you are really going to feel the marine influence. in the east bay, berkeley 69, oakland 72. head inland and it will be warm, not quite as hot as today. 90 in brentwood and fairfield. 84 concord. your accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy and much cooler. we are talking the bay and inland tomorrow, low 90's. temperatures do bounceback a few degrees thursday, then really remained within that range going into the weekend, would low 90's inland. low to mid 60's co-side. a little cooler for your sunday.
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monday in the upper 80's, low 60's right along the coast. really nice looking weatherhead, certainly getting out of the hot weather we have been dealing with. ama: looks great. dueling lawsuits could determine if elon musk buys twitter. it is a big deal with a big it is a big deal with a big price a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans. more flavorful immune support. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community.
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ama: a bad monday for the market. the dow lost 164 points that i. the nasdaq let the losses with a drop of more than 2%, which translates to 262 points. the s&p was down 45. a new covid variant threatens to close chinese ports and investors are not feeling optimistic about upcoming reports. larry: twitter facing an uncertain future after elon musk decided to try to put an end to his $44 billion offer to buy the company. this is all likely going to be settled in the courts, a process that could take months, maybe longer. musk could be forced to go through with the deal, oh which would open up a world of possibilities, including the headquarters being relocated. other tech companies are looking to take advantage of the turmoil. >> i have seen some advertisements on linkedin from companies like amazon and microsoft offering employees at
6:26 pm
twitter, telling them if you are not happy with the situation, if you want to have a hybrid option of working, we would be more than happy to continue it. larry: any projects that twitter is working on could also be in jeopardy due to the uncertainty surrounding the company's future. ama: gas prices are not setting records anymore, but they are nowhere near what we used to pay. tonight, the i team digs i
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illinois is in the middle. and what do you find in the middle? ♪♪
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>> this is abc 7 news. larry: gas prices have dipped recently but aaa tells us they could be headed to new records, and not in a good way, because of the summer driving season. ama: we wanted to take a deep dive into why are prices soaring, why do californians pay more, and what will it take to bring prices down. larry: dan noyes is here with some answers. it just feels like we are being gouged, but i know in your report it will indicate it is even worse overseas. so maybe we are lucky? dan: it still feels wearable either way.
6:30 pm
i have been -- it still feels horrible either way. i came up with a clear picture of how we got here and where we are headed. we have seen gas prices easing. aaa says today the california average for regular is down $.35 from a month ago to $6.08 a gallon, but expects it to rise again. >> july is where we see the highest increase in demand as more and more people are taking summer vacations. so any decrease in the price of gasoline right now may be short-lived. dan: that is our first question, why are guys prices so high? -- gas prices so high? andrew campbell is exact executive -- he tells me gas prices are the highest ever, even after adjusting for inflation. >> the main driver of gas prices being higher is high oil prices, by far. dan: it is simple supply and demand. when covid hit, people stopped
6:31 pm
driving, so gas prices fell. when the pandemic eased up we started driving again and prices began to climb. then russia, which produces about 10% of the world's oil, invaded ukraine. >> that drove prices higher, especially because a lot of western countries have stopped buying western oil. dan: another factor, the conditions of refineries that turned crude oil into gasoline. >> the scaled back on maintenance during covid. now demand is roaring back for gasoline and refineries are not producing at full capacity. some have even shut down. dan: kevin represents the major oil companies and refineries operating in our region. why can't you just flip a switch and turn them on and get it back to the way it was? >> refineries are incredible chemistry sets. so you cannot simply just ramp them up. it takes work to get them ready to go. dan: he says companies are reluctant to invest in a state that wants to end sales of gas
6:32 pm
powered cars by the year 2035. for now, his clients are making record profits. in the first three months of the year, the top five oil companies brought in more than $35 billion in profits, up 200% from last year. why can't companies take less profits and maybe pass on some profits to the consumer in the form of lower prices? >> look, we all feel the pain at the pump, and we all get it. no one wants to pay these prices. when you look at the role of companies in this, number one, we need to provide an affordable and reliable supply. hopefully that will bring down costs. dan: those profits have the attention of the white house. >> my team will be sitting down with the ceo's of the major oil companies this week, and they need a and how they justify making $35 billion. dan: do individual gas station owner's share in the massive profits? some drivers think you must be
6:33 pm
doing great. is that the case? >> not really. we would prefer just like the drivers to have low prices. dan: he owns more than a dozen gas prices in san jose and san francisco. he says his profit per gallon stays about the same, no matter how much the oil companies raise prices. >> if you give me $2 and i sell it at $3. but if you give me $6.50 and i sell at $7, i only make $.50. my purchase price has gone up significantly. dan: he also says customers spend less in his convenience stores when gas prices are high. california drivers pay more than any other state. take a look at the latest aaa numbers for a gallon of regular. $6.08 for us compared to the national average, $4.67. i spoke with an economist with the price tracking app gasbuddy. why are prices always hired
6:34 pm
california? >> california has myriad taxes, a cap and trade program, a special blend of gasoline. they are also somewhat of a petrol island. dan: we aren't connected to other oil-producing states by pipelines, so we pump from the ground 30% of the oil we consume and import 70% from other countries. and that is expensive. >> there is a saying, the cure to high prices is high prices. that will incentivize oil prices to produce more oil. that will incentivize refiners to refine more oil. but it takes time for those wheels to be put in motion. dan: it is not much consolation, but drivers in dozens of countries pay much more than we do, more than double in some cases. if you had to get one message across to drivers in california, what would it be? >> get use high prices for a while. if your eyes on the global news. that will tell you one rises are
6:35 pm
coming down. in the meantime, look to save a few cents per gallon wherever you can by shopping around. dan: bottom line, we are at the mercy of oil companies reaping record profits. i have posted links for sources in the story, and for the app that can help you find the cheapest gas, at ama: we need to be able to find that cheap gas. if you have a story for the abc 7 news i-team, go to or call 1-888-40-iteam. larry: a stabbing at a walgreens in union square. the online spoke with the victim, security experts, and the da's office. reporter: this walgreens in san francisco is in the heart of union square. a store frequented by locals and tourists. it is also the location where a security guard was stabbed multiple times with a knife the
6:36 pm
morning of july 1. >> it is not news for us. reporter: according to sources, the 61-year-old seen in these images used in the investigation has a history of causing trouble at that store. when the guard, who declined an interview with us, asked for the man to leave, sanders pulled out the kitchen knife. unlikely many high-profile shoplifting incidents abc 7 has covered in recent years were security often looks on, this guard attempted to diffuse the situation using this taser. >> yeah, in california laws have changed over the years, where most shop owners do not allow security to put hands on anybody. when someone pulls a knife on a guard, the guard has every right to protect himself, herself from great bodily injury. that includes also pulling a firearm to stop that threat. reporter: sfpd tells me sanders was arrested later a few blocks away and booked on charges
6:37 pm
including attempted homicide and committing a felony while on bail. i spoke to a number of walgreens employees at different stores who tell me they are not surprised by the stabbing, given how much crime there is on a daily basis. one employee did mention he helps the safety situation will approve with the newly appointed d.a. brooke junctions -- >> as your neck sticks his attorney -- next district attorney, i will restore accountability to our criminal justice system. reporter: i also asked walgreens what they were doing to keep employees and guards safe. this is the statement i received, reading, the safety of our patients and team members is our top priority. we are cooperating with local authorities. sanders remains in custody and has his next court appearance july 19. the online -- deon limb.
6:38 pm
ama: tuesday's january 6 hearing is expected to feature testimony from a spokesman for the oath keeps. pat cipollone is also expected to speak about what he saw in her. steve bannon now says he is ready to testify. it comes a week before his criminal trial is set to begin for contempt of congress for ignoring the committee's previous subpoena. coverage is expected to start at 10:00 a.m. and it will be live here and wherever you stream. larry: sad to report a longtime member of our abc 7 family has passed away. mike dev edge died over the weekend doing what he loved, working as a photographer. his latest assignment was at monterey county where he collapsed. you would know his work from the birdseye view he would give us from sky 7 as an employee of helicopters think -- inc.
6:39 pm
was a volunteer with the pleasanton police department. he was only 54 years old. gone way too soon, and we will miss him.
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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ama: church bells tolled to mark one week since a deadly fourth of july shooting in highland park, illinois. the somber moment started at 10:14 a.m., when the first shots were fired. seven were killed, and dozens of others were injured. the 21-year-old suspect is in custody and faces seven charges of first-degree murder. larry: president biden is hailing the new bipartisan law meant to reduce gun violence, saying it is real progress, but also acknowledging more needs to be done. mr. biden hosted hundreds of guests on the south lawn including lawmakers who crafted and supported legislation, as well as families of mass shooting victims. the father of a teenager killed during the parkland, florida school mass shooting interrupted the president's speech.
6:43 pm
he said the new law is not enough, and the president agreed. >> yes, there is a right to bear arms. but we also have a right to live freely, without fear for our lives. in a grocery store, in a classroom, a playground, a passive work it -- a house of worship, in our neighborhoods, on our streets. larry: the law does not ban assault weapons but it toughens requirements for young people to buy guns, denies firearms to domestic abusers, and helps local authorities temporarily take weapons away from those judged to be dangerous. ama: our high temperatures are ama: our high temperatures are not going to last fo what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation
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larry: it has become a staple of summer to prevent mosquitoes from spreading the west nile virus. it begins tonight. zach fuentes says the virus has already been detected in the county and he has expert advice to keep you safe. reporter: in the late evening when most are heading to bed, workers and parts of the south bay will be heading out with this equipment designed for an important task. >> we drive at a low speed and
6:47 pm
let out this mist that targets adult mosquitoes. reporter: they say they have found mosquitoes that carry the west mile virus in the city of santa clara. now the goal is to keep them from transmitting the virus to humans. >> a minority develop neurological infection. reporter: lately, bay area cases of human west nile have been low and it is critical it stays that way because in some cases it can cause serious impacts. who would hits hardest is still difficult to determine but doctors see certain risk factors. >> same question you might ask about covid, why some people get sicker. one of them is age. severe west nile is more likely to occur in those over the age of 50. reporter: protecting yourself and your family is crucial and also easy. you can wear light colors and avoid outdoor activities at dawn
6:48 pm
and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. of course don't forget the insect repellent, keeping an eye out for key ingredients. >> it can contain ir3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus. reporter: one more reminder, make sure parts of your home are not creating another home that helps the mosquito population thrive. >> if you have a wading pool, make sure you are changing the water out at least once a week. it's a community effort. ama: one less check on the weather. sandhya: we are moving in the right direction which is down. the windsor onshore 20 miles an hour at sfo. 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa. down six degrees in san jose. some parts of the coast are stocked in with the fog.
6:49 pm
that fog advances tomorrow. it will be cooler tomorrow although warmer inland. upper 80's to low 90's in the warm response. wednesday is even cooler inland. here's look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. much cooler bay and inland tomorrow. the cooling continues wednesday before temps come up a few degrees but we did not expect any major swings in temperatures after tomorrow. so that is the big drop. enjoy. ama: we will enjoy it. larry: i know you are hanging out with gabe kaplan this afternoon. >> the boys of summer in action. the a's and giants begin a key home stand. calais is back in the lab.
6:50 pm
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tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. chris: this is a big week of baseball for the giants. prior to the recent two wins against the padres the giants had been struggling. former giant madison bumgarner and the -- he comes back from an oblique strain. i ttretch games over the next month
6:53 pm
where the further stable travel is arizona and that is it, providing a great opportunity to make a run while taking it easy on frequent buyer models. for those of us who are from california it is nice. there are a lot of us who have families in the state. so that is nice. it is nice to know the travel will be not quite as taxing as it was the first couple months of the season, but i will think it is nice we have shorter flights coming up. >> every home stand game is important, so we have to come out and do our job. just win the day. so, every game is important. chris: a's right now deep in the heart of texas. bottom two, scoreless. that brings in a rangers run, 1-0 texas. later, martinez is having a rough time. here goes a wild which, another run -- wild pitch, 2-0 rangers.
6:54 pm
top of the fourth, two on for seth brown. this is sometimes why you just don't shift. but he beats it. 2-1. at last check, 5-2 rangers in the fifth. one week from tonight will be the major league baseball home run derby. cardinals all-star oliver pool halls will be competing in the derby. they were chosen as legacy all-stars by the commissioner as of now. a's starting pitcher, the only player repping bay area teams. the warriors victory parade, at least publicly, calmed down a bit, but the work towards another title never ends. >> it feels to be good to be back in this thing without having to rehab. and with four rings. come on. chris: the splash brother back in the gym. i am sure captain calais getting plenty of time.
6:55 pm
he is thrilled to be training, not rehabbing. now we wait for the mba is scheduled to be released. all those warrior games are on abc seven. game action happened last night in las vegas. making his summer league debut. defensively blocking shots. he can shoot and throw it down as well. he had 11 points in 19 minutes. pretty nice action. >> i feel good. just being grateful i am out here. it is difficult for me but i was sharp and i was really good with my movements. my knee feels great. i cannot ask for nothing better. chris: nfl training camps open up at the end of the month. jimmy garoppolo still on the 49ers but chatter picking up on when her -- where he might land. the seahawks are showing interest.
6:56 pm
the niners play seattle at week two. can you imagine if he is a seahawk? larry: i don't see how that scenario would actually take lace. the niners would not trade him to seattle so maybe the seahawks wait to see if he gets cut and then try and scoop them up? they have been saying that they are with drew lock. we will see how long that will last. you can see maybe cleveland. chris: another one real quick, who gets treated first, kevin durant or jimmy garoppolo? larry: i would have to say jimmy. chris: i actually think k.d. ama: nobody cares what i say, but grant -- durant. chris: oh, i thought you said nobody cares. larry: you will be more correct
6:57 pm
than us as always. ama: coming up tonight, the premier of the bachelorette, followed by claim to fame at 10:00 and then stay with us for news at 11:00. that does it for this edition of the news. larry: for all of us here, have a good night. hope to see you again at 11:00. thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by 50 bucks or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase.
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