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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 12, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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♪ delighted travelers demanding an encore. ♪ and the band played on. up until the flight was cleared for takeoff to germany. one student spoke to us today. >> we were on a plane with people from many different countries who spoke so many different languages, but everyone understood what we were doing and it brought them joy. [ applause ] >> good for them. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> it is not a win or lose. we have lost already. >> after her case had gone cold for decades, the family of murder victim lori house is again hoping for justice. authorities announced new evidence and an arrest in the 30-year-old case out of mountain view. a bay area tech executive facing a trial. i'm larry beil. ama: amanda del castillo you set down with her loved ones today. >> bittersweet is how friends and family of murder victim lori house are describing recent developments in the decades-old mountain view cold case. a bay area tech executive, john kevin woodward, was arrested after landing in new york after amsterdam. he is being charged with the 1992 strangulation death and this isn't the first time. >> my first reaction was like, yes, and then you come down from that and go, she is not coming
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home. >> i sat down with her sister and good friend after monday's announcement. the two say they are reliving 30 years of trauma in a matter of days. on september 5, 1992, the 25-year-old was found in her car near a garbage dump. beyond obvious signs of a struggle, officials say the rope used to kill her was still around her neck. shortly after, woodward was arrested and tried twice for her murder in the early 1990's. the case was dismissed by a judge for insufficient evidence when the jury could not reach a verdict. today, with improvements to dna technology, additional evidence and fingerprints collected at the crime scene were matched to woodward. >> the biggest hurdle from those cases was being able to find new evidence, so since then, these advancements have really given the district attorney the ability to file charges here.
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>> investigators believe woodward was jealous of her because of her relationship with his roommate at the time. sergeant david fisher says the suspect woodward has been living in the netherlands, working as the ceo of readytech, and online trading company. he was arrested after landing at jfk saturday back in the u.s. on vacation/ woodward faces life in prison if convicted. >> she's not coming back. and that makes us angry and sad. we hope that justice will come, but our hearts will not heal. >> her family has launched a girls athletic scholarship, reflecting her love for sports and stem, focused now on seeking justice and finding closure. >> it is not like if we when we get her back. she is not coming back. >> in mountain view, amanda del castillo. ama: if you are interested in
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the memorial girls athletic scholarship, we have a link on our website. had to the story on . larry: the race to stop the fire burning in yosemite national park, the washburn fire has grown to 2700 acres since it started last thursday, but the park service is optimistic it will not burn farther into the grove of giant sequoias. morgan norwood with more on the aggressive fight to contain the fire. >> fueled by extreme drought conditions, the washburn fire near yosemite national park continues to grow. more than 1600 people are being ordered to leave the area as hundreds of firefighters have fought the blaze on air and on the ground. >> we have seen fire crews attacking this area. this brushes bone dry, perfect
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fuel for this fire, and you can feel the heat coming off the flames. >> the fire tearing through more than 2000 acres, exploding over the past 24 hours. >> i'm just hoping the firefighters, they know what they are doing, i'm just hoping they keep it that way as much as possible. >> some flames are closing in on the iconic sequoias of the mariposa grove. firefighters working to protect the thousand-year-old trees. sprinklers set up to increase the humidity and soak up the base of the trees. >> the fire is on the outer skirts of the mariposa grove and it has backed into that, but it has not backed intensely into the grove. >> the biggest concern is we still have active fire outside the grove and that fire is a concern for coming into this area and the communities in the area, as well. >> wildfires have threatened the spots for centuries. other temperatures linked to climate change create a perfect storm for these blazes.
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conditions that are hotter, drier, and windier. abc news, los angeles. ama: smoke from the washburn fire is impacting air quality here in the bay area. here is sandhya patel with the latest. >> right now, we do have green, which is good air quality, but it has not been like that all day today. just before the sun was setting, you can see layers of smoke and haze from the tower camera. certainly saw some of the smoke. the air-quality advisory remains up for tonight. as we head into tomorrow, you will notice the air district has good air quality. look at the latest satellite picture. this is the latest picture before the sun went down. that smoke traveling all the way up toward chico. a little bit of it spilling over toward sonoma county. that is why we have the air-quality advisory.
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tomorrow, onshore winds picking up. it is going to be mainly in the eastern portion of the state, unfortunately impacting the tahoe area. a full look at the forecast coming up. larry: fire burned for hours today at an oakland homeless encampment. it broke out around 10:00 this morning nearly 34th and would streets. it spread to a train trestle that is no longer in use. look at the thick, black smoke billowing from the fire, forcing chp to close all lanes of northbound interstate 880 for the better part of an hour. crews were battling the flames that engulfed abandoned cars. they also had to deal with hazardous smoke and exploding propane tanks. >> numerous explosions from pressurized cylinders here on scene, that it any moment could take the life of one of our firefighters. and breathing and very, very dangerous smoke. larry: the chief says his crews
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have fought fire at the same location several times. fortunately, nobody injured today. ama: new developments, the battle over what to do about two of san francisco's major streets is headed to the ballot. the debate that heated up over the course of the pandemic is coming to a head. one street, jfk drive, a major artery through golden gate park. the other impacted road would be the great highway along the coast. j.r. stone explains what changes we could see. j.r.: all eyes are on san francisco's closed to traffic john f. kennedy drive in the city's great highway, closed to traffic on weekends, both of which could be changing. >> i'm very excited that the voters will be able to decide the fate of the streets, whether they can be shared with vehicles or vehicles have to be banned from them. j.r.: supporters of the campaign to reopen these roads turned and thousands of signatures monday, which if verified will bring the
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issue to voters in november. >> i'm convinced the voters in san francisco are flat-out tired of closed streets at every turn. let's do all we can to punish people who drive vehicles. j.r.: the measure would restore car access on jfk drive during weekdays and keep the road closed to traffic on weekends and holidays. it would also fully reopen the great highway, which is currently only open on weekdays. but not everyone is a fan of the plan. >> my opinion is they should keep it closed, because it is just a good time for everybody. >> would like to see people running and riding bikes, the family atmosphere, the dog walking, holding hands with my wife. >> some believe the roads closed put traffic and fumes on their neighborhood streets and the added commute times. >> it does add a lot of time to get through the city.
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19th avenue is not very fun. j.r.: whatever happens, it may not end even after a vote. neighbors on the great highway questioned the city's current maintenance of the road. those who enjoy the closed streets say it can be a madhouse with near collisions on the regular. >> there are two things that can predict, it will be an interesting battle and no matter what the outcome, they will keep fighting it. j.r.: the signatures will have to be verified. the group collecting them needed 9000 to get the measure on the ballot -- they turned in more than 17,000 monday. in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. larry: a covid subvariant is hitting the bay area hard, could be the worst subvariant to date. ba.5 has become the most transmissible form of the virus, 20% more transmissible than the original omicron. infections have reached their highest level since earlier this year. part of the problem is the early
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data showing it could be producing a number of false negative tests and it could take negative to get an accurate result. there is talk of mask mandates possibly returning starting with los angeles. >> as we start to enter the fall and people come indoors and schools are back in session, it is on the table. it is always a possibility. larry: ba.5 symptoms appeared to be more painful. there are reports of people saying their throat feels like it is on fire. ama: a manhunt is underway in southern california after a string of shootings at 7-eleven stores. why investigators are focused on one suspect. larry: bay area residents signing up for the monkeypox vaccine. ama: and a new view of the universe, a sneak peek of nasa's latest discovery. larry: here's a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live with guest coast anthony anderson. anthony? >> thanks.
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i'm anthony anderson. jimmy ain't here. let's touch his staff. and we had to jump out of the car. why is that you never wanted to stop the car? >> i was in a hurry to get to
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have been committed by the same person. investigators are looking into the others over -- for connections. they started at a 7-eleven and op terrio, followed by upland, riverside, santa ana, la brea, and la habra. larry: taking a live look at capitol hill, where the next public session of the january 6 committee hearings will be held tomorrow. you can watch them right here on abc 7. tuesday's hearing is expected to feature testimony for the former spokesman of the oath keepers, former president trump's white house counsel is expected to speak about what he saw and heard during the last days of mr. trump's presidency. steve bannon says he is ready to testify before the panel, a week before his criminal trial is set to begin for contempt of congress for ignoring the committee's previous subpoena. coverage is expected to start at
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10:00 a.m. live on abc 7 and wherever you stream. ama: more people are getting vaccinated to protect themselves from funky pox -- monkeypox. we blurred the image to protect privacy. the san francisco aids foundation is hosting a virtual town hall tomorrow to help people get more information about the disease. you can get a zoom invitation on their website. larry: twitter facing a certain future -- uncertain future after elon musk tried to put an end to his offer to buy the company. it will all be settled in the courts. he could be forced to go through with the deal, which opens up possibilities like the headquarters being forced out of san francisco. >> i have seen some messages on
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linkedin from companies like amazon and microsoft, offering employees at twitter, telling them if you are not happy with the situation, if you want to have a hybrid option of working at the company, we would be happy to get you in. larry: any projects twitter is working on could also be in jeopardy because of the uncertainty surrounding the company's future. the gap president and ceo is stepping down effective immediately. cap gave no explanation for her departure, but sales have plummeted, as has the stock price. the company recently had a net loss of $162 million in three months. the board chairman will serve as the interim ceo. gap was founded in 19 60 nine in san francisco. ama: happening tomorrow, amazon prime day will kickoff with all kinds of deals lasting for 48 hours, featuring discounts on everything from apple airpods to
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toys and some items you might not normally bother to look for. it is geared toward prime members with the goal of enticing new shoppers into the program. this year, some of amazon's competitors are also offering deals. larry: two days of prime this year as well, i think. perfect point and click weather, i believe. [laughter] ama: i think he is right. sandhya: sure, why not? let's take a look at a time lapse of the marine layer. if you are going to be sitting at home and you are ordering on amazon prime, this is what you will be seeing outside. the marine layer from our tower camera. you can see it rolling in. it has deepened to 1500 feet. these views right now from all four of our tower camera's featuring the deeper marine layer and temperatures are down 80 degrees cooler in fairfield, compared to 24 hours ago. name -- same thing for san jose. we do have some gray skies over
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san francisco as you look for the ferry building. we will keep that downward trend because today was a hot one inland. upper 90's, concord, fairfield. tomorrow concord, you will drop 15 degrees. not so noticeable around oakland, san jose, redwood city. a couple of degrees drop. this is what will bring this cooler weather, this area of low pressure. it is going to enhance the onshore winds, continue to deepen our marine layer, so that is what will drive the temperatures down. gray skies near the coast advancing across parts of the bay. visibility down to four miles in half moon bay. temperatures anywhere from the 50's to the 70's. you are still warm well inland. we do have a coastal flood advisory due to the king tides. san francisco high tide, the flood advisory remains up.
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another flood advisory goes up until wednesday. 1045 we are expecting another king tied just over seven feet. it is a foggy view from our golden state. camera. the king tides will continue this week through friday with the low-lying flooding. hour-by-hour tomorrow morning starting off with drizzle and fog. not completely clearing. temperatures will be in the 50's to 60's with the fog and drizzle to start the day tomorrow afternoon. still warm inland. upper 80's to low 90's. accuweather's seven-day forecast continues. a minor bump up in those numbers, but we are not expecting any heat wave anytime soon, so i think from a fire
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weather perspective, the higher humidity the next two days will definitely help in the next few days. larry: thank you. ama: we are seven days away from this year's aids walk san francisco. it takes place sunday in golden gate park. to register, call the number on your screen or visit the website. it benefits diverse hiv-aids
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ama: nasa has released the first image from the james webb space telescope and it is impressive. larry: it is incredible, actually. it is looking really deep into space. president biden was there as nasa showed off a picture of a cluster of galaxies. they've got to work on naming it, but the light is about 13 billion years old.
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billion with a b. dates to just after the big bang. spectacular. the president clearly impressed. >> america can do big things and it reminds the american people, especially our children, that there is nothing beyond their capacity, nothing beyond our capacity. we can see possibilities no one has ever seen before. ama: it is mind-boggling. nasa plans to release more images tomorrow. larry: wow. i'm in for dan, chris alvarez handing -- handling sports. >> coming up in sports, the giants and diamondbacks go down to the wire. the rare first career homerun in the
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dropped two of three to the diamondbacks in arizona. tonight, a chance to turn it around. baby gamer alert. first giants game for this youngster. arizona up 1-0. down the right-field line. two runs will score. 3-0, diamondbacks. two on for wilmer flores. ground ball gets into left field. 4-2 game. giants down a run. brian crawford with the bases-loaded, but grounds into an inning ending double play. the giants fall 4-3. days beginning a six-game road trip in texas tonight. runner on for josh smith. laureano cannot make the play. smith will round the bases and that is in inside-the-park home run. his first career homerun. laureano makes up with that two run play with a two run shot of his own. later in the frame, chad pinder.
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three run shot to left. oakland scored six in the inning and we've got a ballgame. a's down just two. go-ahead run at the plate. but the rally falls short. rangers win 10-8. the warriors victory parade has calmed down a bit, but the push for another title never ends, just ask klay thompson. >> it feels good to be back in this thing without having to rehab. ah! and with four rings! come on. chris: the splash brother back in the gym sharing this video. he says he is thrilled to be training and not rehabbing. now we wait for the nba schedule release and all of those games on abc 7. tommy cousy had a nice night for the atlanta magic -- orlando magic. saw these moves. dialing from distance. he scored 14 in a losing effort.
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more summer league. final seconds. he banks it in. hurt his ankle, but was able to walk off the court. celtics won the game. warriors and celtics play tomorrow night on espn. wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime.
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ama: just a reminder that you can watch all of our newscasts through the abc 7 connected tv app. you can download the app now and start streaming. that is going to do it for tonight.
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