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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 13, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> bay area residents lining up and in some cases, paying for access to monkeypox rack means. tonight, and details about an event in berkeley where some patrons tell us they waited twice the amount of time because they would not pay a fee. it comes amid an urgent plea for more doses for the region. san francisco is expected to run out of vaccines this week as the city waits for federal supplies. good evening and thank you for joining us. i am ama daetz. let's get to j.r. stone who has been tracking this urgent need for days. you spoke with several people who lined up in berkeley today.
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jr: i talked with a man who waited nine point five hours for a monkeypox vaccine. i talked with another man who told me he paid a fee. >> if you pay to get in, there were assurances you would get a shot. >> he is describing what he says happened in berkeley, a location that held a pop up clinic in partnership with the city of berkeley and others. you can see hundreds of people lined up. it was open to everyone but person after person telling us wednesday that those paying money for memberships or other fees benefited over those who did not. >> there were employees walking around and telling folks waiting in line that if they paid to get in as a guest, they would be in a shorter line and they would be
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allowed to way inside. >> shawn osborne did not pay but he did wait. >> we waited 9.5 hours. >> it is a little sad for people who could not pay or did not want to pay. >> representatives say they talk with management from the steam work location. >> they told us they are working to make sure that people know that there's no priority system. >> even those who paid admitted to us that they benefited. instead, it did not seem fair. this man waited for hours for a shot. have the time, it took some others. >> the experience i had was very fortunate and i paid for it. i think in giving priority to their customers in this particular instance is a bit unethical. >> city officials positive about the 500 monkeypox vaccine shots that were given but willing to
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address concerns going forward. >> it is one thing if a mistake happens once. what you don't want is for a mistake to happen twice. clearly something happened today where there were some misperceptions. it's hard to know exactly what happened. >> i did reach out to steam works on the phone. social networks and emails and did not get any responses although a bit frustrated, everyone i talked with was grateful to get the first of a two shot vaccination. back to you. ama: thank you so much. the white house is teaming up for a monkeypox briefing aimed at influencers. politico says they hope the influencers will share information about the disease with their followers. it will focus on how monkeypox spreads, who is most at risk, who can get the vaccine, and why the community seems to be so hard-hit. raphael man-on-man says the
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briefing is tomorrow and he hopes to take part. one of the leading clinical labs is testing for monkeypox. it says it has developed a pcr tests that will disconnect dna and it is now available nationwide. the company expects to provide testing for 60,000 specimens a week by the end of july. last month, the department of health and human services announced five companies would soon begin offering the testing. the cdc confirmed 920 fine -- 929 cases as of yesterday. we are taking a closer look at supply issues involving the monkeypox vaccine in the bay area. you can find those stories on our website, abc 7. -- the highway patrol is trying to determine what caused a bus to catch fire tonight. take a look at this video shot by a motorist who passed by the bus as it was on fire in south san francisco. the chp says no passengers were
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on board but they are trying to locate the driver of the bus. there are no reports of injuries. part of building a better bay area is finding solutions. in the south bay, that is the effort following the discovery of an underground bunker filled with $100,000 worth of stolen items. san jose police, city leaders, and school officials spoke with amanda del castillo about what is next. >> franklin mckinley school district headquarters and the senior elementary school recently outfitted with new cameras, locks, fencing, and other measures to strengthen the perimeter. district officials say they are familiar with challenges that come with being located near a large homeless encampment. >> we see the regular traffic but this is beyond that. >> the superintendent referencing the sophisticated bunker uncovered along coyote creek on tuesday.
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inside, 100 thousand dollars worth of stolen items including power tools, equipment, and firearms. six people were facing felony possession of stolen property, burglary, and weapons charges. >> we are going to treat it as seriously as possible. >> it is that level of criminal activity most alarming to the superintendent. he says the safety measures must extend beyond school grounds. >> we have to work on the city and county in terms of how does that translate and the safety to and from home. >> paul joseph says established patrols along coyote creek have provided a level of security. >> the success of the patrol program has been the absence of any incidents on the trail. >> the bunker was built into the side of the bed. more motivation for the councilmembers ongoing push to clear encampments, especially
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near schools. she has come to council meetings with examples focused on the senior elementary. >> i had to resort to making a powerpoint to show pictures of what children needed to walk through every single day. >> on wednesday, she weighed in on the discovery of the elaborate hunger bordering campus. >> we have realities here where folks don't have that in other parts of the city which is why it is so important for people to share their stories so everyone can really understand what is going on. >> i am amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. ama: firefighters are keeping watch of a fire. the blaze near lake clement is 40% contained and crews are working to strengthen containment lines and put out hotspots. the fire is in both directions. officials say no homes are threatened and there are no evacuation orders.
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the man who survived a shark attack off the coast of monterey last month is out of the hospital and sharing some chilling details about the encounter. >> i was 150 yards from being down near the beach. >> steve was attacked mere levers point in pacific grove. today, he was discharged after spending three weeks there. the surgeon who operated on him said the shark bite came within millimeters of severing a major artery. he did not suffer any broken bones or major organ damage. >> it pulled me up in the water. it spit me out. we are not their food. it spit me out and it was looking at me, right next to me and it thought it could bite me again so i pushed it with my hand and i kicked at it with my foot and then left. rex shark attack survivor.
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other swimmers rushed to his aid and pulled him out of the water and administered first aid until paramedics arrived. he is expected to make a full recovery. the community is rallying around several east bay elementary schools that were vandalized on back-to-back weekends. schools in richmond were broken into along with a school in san pablo. police say they believe the culprits are teenagers. officials are trying to assess how much money it will take to repair the schools and they are getting a little boost along the way. >> it has been touching to get the outpouring of support we have received from businesses who said they would like to help. ama: classes are still set to resume ontime on august 16. turning now to another aspect of building a better bay area and a topic each of us notices no matter where we live, the economy.
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stocks dropped in response to a key inflation metric that showed prices increase year to year in june at the highest rate since 1981. the dow lost more than 200 points. the nasdaq and s&p were down by 17. while inflation is making is difficult for consumers, it is not all bad news in the bay area. rent prices have not fully rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. according to -- san francisco and oakland are enjoying lower rents brought on by covid. in san jose, prices have started to rebound aztec workers have returned to the office. >> we have seen some increases in compensation to mitigate the impact of inflation but not to the extent that inflation is matching. >> many bay area employers continue to be flexible when it comes to working from home, saving employees on costs like
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childcare, gas, and food. tonight in illinois, the first official vigil, the remembrances and other ways that community is coming together. >> i know that change is difficult, especially under the circumstances. ama: the voice of change but will it be the change san francisco needs. the district attorney talks pacific -- specifics with us about her fighting strategy. yosemite business owners are worried about what is next as the washburn fire continues to burn. sandhya: i am meteorologist sandhya patel.
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ama: the city of highland park lead to a vigil to remember the victims of the july 4 shooting. hundreds gathered to honor the seven people who died in a rampage and dozens of others recovering from their injuries. it comes one day after the youngest victim was laid to rest. it was an emotional evening. the mayor says nine days after the tragedy, the grief is still fresh. >> tonight, we mourn for those who are murdered and their families. we mourn for their friends and neighbors. we mourn for our community. ama: ada mccarthy is being cared for by relatives. a gofundme campaign to support the toddler has raised more than $3.2 million. the vigil is the first city in
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that event since the shooting. the covid-19 vaccine is not authorized by the fda for emergency use for people 18 and older in the u.s.. both experts think some americans may be more inclined to get the vaccine because it is a traditional protein-based technology. the two dose regimen was 90% effective that venting mild, moderate, or severe covid-19. the biden administration secured 3.2 million doses. as part of our efforts to build a better it bay area, we are asking the tough questions of leaders. today, abc 7 news i team reporter stephanie sierra sat down with jenkins to talk about the change at the office and some of her expectations. >> i know that change is difficult under the circumstances. you have to have a management team and structure that ensures the policies and guidelines you set forth in the office are followed by the attorneys who are appearing in court so that is the biggest thing, making
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sure that all of the attorneys in the office understand what the policies are and what the vision is and what those guidelines are. >> you can watch her full interview on our website, one of the most dangerous streets will soon be a bit safer. san jose spotlight is reporting the to will receive $10 million from the state to improve the road and it will be used to build out bike lanes and upgrade crosswalks from monterey -- monterey road two-story road. there have been 570 accidents along the road since 2016 and last year, san jose hit a record high with 60 traffic deaths. 2022 is on track to beat that number with 36 deaths to date. the washburn fire burning inside yosemite national park has grown to more than 4200 acres and it is 23% contained. the fire forced the closure of one of the main entrances,
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potentially devastating nearby businesses during their peak season. the bistro sits four miles from the southern entrance to the park, closest yosemite's popular attractions. the nearest entrance is about two hours away. >> just being unsure of how it is going to affect our business here. the employees having their jobs and hours because this time of year is our busiest season. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation but investigators say it appears to have been started by people. time to get to our weather and what a site out there tonight. sandhya: you are talking about the supermoon. it is stunning if you had a chance to see it. i want to show you a timelapse from our cam as the supermoon was rising, the closest point this year, 16% brighter, 6% larger. you can see craters on the moon but you had to get to a place
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where there was no fog and somebody got a chance to do that. look at this amazing shot of the supermoon. no fog interfering here but we do have some right on live doppler 7 along the coast and parts of the san francisco bay so if you did not get a chance to see it, hopefully, you got a chance to be the timelapse a moment ago. 50's and 60's inland around brentwood. you are in the 70's and the air quality has been good all day long but i want to show you some in. it is poorer for sensitive groups around rio vista. the marsh fire has been responsible for impacting the air quality so because of this, the air district has an air quality advisory for eastern contra costa county through tomorrow even though the air quality will remain good the next couple days during the overnight hours when the winds drop off and pollution levels may come up so stay inside. windows and doors closed, import
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your ac on recirculate. this camera showing you a view of san francisco tonight. warming trend starts tomorrow and it will be sizzling inland on saturday. coastal flood advisory until 2:00 a.m. due to those tides. san francisco high tide at 7.2 feet where it is peaking. prompting another flood advisory tomorrow night until 3:00 a.m. on friday and we are asked acting just over seven foot high tide friday morning at 12:31, so minor low-lying flooding is not out of the question. be careful. 5:00, we have the fog around the bay and the coast. we had drizzle this morning and i don't think we will see as much. the fog pulls away from the bayside communities. though temperatures in the 50's. 60's when you get going. it is 1500 feet deep. a warm day in the south bay.
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warmer on the peninsula. 77 in palo alto. downtown san francisco, 68 degrees. what they temperatures, 83 in san rafael. in the east bay, 75. 75 in castro valley. 86 in livermore. aids walk san francisco is this sunday. it will be a foggy star. perfect weather for walking. temperatures in the low to mid 60's later in the day. warming begins tomorrow and continues for a couple of days. it will be near 100 inland. saturday, mid-60's, and then the heat eases. the second half of the weekend, going into next week. ama: i don't do triple digits
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setting the screen. you haveorford fly by. ama:ama: we have our first preview of steph curry's hosting jump today and a new sp's preview. he will take the stage in one week from today. he has a chance to win a few awards, up her best nba player and best record-breaking performance and the warriors are nominated for best team. >> stephen curry loves to shoot. >> that is cash. poinsettias in the hole.
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>> wednesday, he is taking his shot and something new. stephen curry hosts the sp's. >> my bad. >> you can see his big hosting debut one week away from today right here on abc 7. the giants are trying to build some momentum. larry beil is here with sports. mary. larry: the giants looking to string together some winds. brandon and bnd bh ming through in
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: the giants are hoping to build out their last two winds
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over the diamondbacks. late comeback led by the brandon's. how about the 97-year-old woman, went to her giants game today. brandon belt, hyatt, deep, aloha. the ball ends up in the d backs up and where the relievers refused to go anywhere near it. to the eighth we go, the giants down. it worked. wilmer flores, gametime homer to left. the giants load the bases. there is a drive. good night, game over, drive home safely. giants in walk-off fashion when it 4-3 and take 2-3 in the series. maybe time for a trim? five runs in the first inning. base hit to write. texas in a flash. john gray was dealing. swing and a miss.
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elvis andrus goes down swinging. blackburn did not allow a hit in his last five innings after the shaky first. corey seager. laureano, straight away center field, gone, but they lose by a final of 5-2. brent burns is a former shark. part of the rebuilding process in san jose. he goes to carolina for two prospects and a draft pick. he was traded to carolina. $16 million -- $16 million. the sharks begin their rebuild. >> you can start to feel your heart -- your hockey mentality a bit. i think he will have the chance to be the and carolina. we are not quite at that point yet here. >> the earthquakes seeking their first road game against -- first
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ama: we are four days away from this year's aids walk, san francisco. it takes place in golden gate park. to register, call the number on your screen or visit the website. that will do it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. i am ama daetz.
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en jimmy kimmel, henry winkler. -- on jimmy >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host anthony anderson. tonight, henry winkler, marcus scribner, and music from sean paul featuring gwen stefani with cleto and the cletones. and now, anthony anderson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> anthony: all right! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! thank you! okay. all right. welcome to "jimmy kimmel live."


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