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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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police say this man was operating an entire fencing operation from his 10 by 10 -- 10 by 12 bedroom should always items were neatly stacked up against the wall and in his closet. there was only enough space left for his bed to sleep in. the doors to an old courtroom opened to reveal a textbook example of an organized retail theft fencing organization. if you are amazed by the amount of stolen goods, so were re-from early because effort disco police say only one person ran the show. >> we are suspecting they are making upwards of half a million per year. you looking at over-the-counter medications, beauty products, the things you would find in your cvs, walgreens, that type of story. >> in the past few years, have seen other cases of people shoplifting large quantities of items off the shelves. they are called boosters.
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investigators told us the suspect who was called a fence would meet with the boosters in the midmarket air -- midmarket neighborhood and mission district. >> they are offloading them to him as quickly as they can because no one wants to hold onto the stolen products for long. >> the items were then sold online. >> selling them on ebay. shipping these things to customers buying it throughout the united states. >> police arrested the 38-year-old of san francisco at home. he was living in a rented single room in the saint mary's neighborhood not far from glen park. >> going into the bedroom, these items were way more organized than they are right now. he had it set up like it was storage for the back of a drugstore. >> it was through the retailers police were able to track him down. >> he was very open about what he does.
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>> lieutenant scott ryan believes taking out the so-called fences would be instrumental in reducing the number of retail theft in the city. >> our job is to go after the fences, take away the demand and that is what we need to go after. that is the one person consistently dealing with everybody. >> this just happened yesterday. the suspect is in custody and has been charged with the session of stolen property. >> that is a whole lot of stuff so what does the burglary unit do with these items? >> we notice when we were there, most of the items have labels on them. walgreens, cvs, safeway so police will contact them to say we have got your stuff. some of those items will be put back on the shelves but a lot of the medication is thrown away because what if they were tampered with? they don't know so they can't risk that type of liability. >> police are sharing new details about a retail theft that led to a chase to oakland
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yesterday. a chevy truck weaved through traffic and onto a sidewalk. the suspects were first spotted at a store putting clothing into the truck. the third suspect was able to escape. a fiery crash in the east bay left one man dead along a road notorious for street racing. it happened on james donlon boulevard. leslie brinkley was at the scene and has more about the deadly history plus help police are responding. >> this is what is left of the nissan 300 involved in a fiery crash that killed the driver around 10:30 this morning along james donlon boulevard near contra loma in antioch. witnesses say two people driving the white acura integra walked away unharmed shared the cellphone video was shot by a
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man who says he goes by the name of paradise. >> i heard a loud boom. i looked to the right and i seen a car on fire. when i walked up to the car, i seen a guy lying on the side. i walked upon them, he started breathing a little bit. trying to fight but he did not make it. >> antioch police launched an investigation saying speed definitely played a factor. >> it appears a tree was hit. once we get more details, we are still looking at the evidence to re-create the collision. >> neighbors describe james donlon boulevard as a tory us racetrack saying it is lined with memorials to others who have lost their lives in accidents including a memorial at the base of the eucalyptus tree at the scene of this accident. >> they do 100 and more down this road. i need to do something about this road. several people lost their lives on this road.
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>> this area comes down from a slope just east of us. cars, motorists tend to get a lot of speed coming into this area. >> antioch police say they have a reckless driving problem in the city and are trying to crack down. >> new details just in about an east bay rape suspect appeared he reportedly targeted homeless women. that is with the contra costa sheriff's office says about christopher owens. deputies arrested him on multiple counts of rape going back to 2017. they believe he drey believe hed looking for homeless women, offered them a ride in his car and assaulted them. we are showing you his picture because investigators believe and went on to come forward. a woman arrested for lewd and lascivious acts with teenage boys. oakley plagues -- oakley police think there may be more victims. she committed sex crimes with multiple boys between the ages
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of 13 and 16 at the start of this year. they say she met them through family and friends. the investigation started in march and officers arrested her in may. she has been charged with 21 felonies and remains in jail on more than a million dollars bail. >> just south of redding where a fast-moving wildfire is or sing people out of their homes. the peter fire has ballooned to 200 acres in matter of hours. it is burning near the town of anderson and shasta county. mandatory evacuations are underway and they shall there has been set up at west valley high school. calfire says structures have burned but they have not said how many. first responders are asking drivers to avoid state route 273 so evacuees can get out. a steady air attack is helping crews make progress against the washburn fire in yosemite. this is new video from the front lines. comber winds helped firefighters regain ground in the last 24
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hours. containment is at 23%. the fire has crossed into the sierra national forest prompting road closures. the highway 41 and turns into your set -- highway 41 entrance to yosemite is closed. air quality officials are advising some people in eastern contra costa county to stay indoors with windows and doors closed. the fire is sending up smoke a six weeks after it started. the fire is burning into large amounts of decaying vegetation. contra costa fire says it is hard to get to and virtually impossible to put out. these fires are often left to burn themselves out. >> i was driving to work on the weekend, i had to turn my lights on. you need and 95 and people that cannot be outside right now. >> and air quality advisor is set to stay in place through tomorrow.
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let's bring in sandhya patel. let's talk about the air quality. >> what you need to know is the air quality has been fluctuating. it has gone from good to moderate. the latest image i can pick up showing some moderate air quality in eastern contra costa county. the air district has extended the air quality advisory for that region because of the fact they are expecting the smoke to impact the area even though the rest of the bay area is looking at good air quality. between overnight and tomorrow, smoky conditions, pollution levels may rise in that area so you want to avoid exposure by keeping your windows and doors closed, your ac on recirculate. if you don't have ac, it is going to be hard so you might want to get a fan. windsor out of the west northwest so you may see some of the smoke going elsewhere. winds are expected to be gusty through the night going into tomorrow and the temperatures,
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it is going to get hotter on saturday so this is going to be hard if you do not have ac or a fan but you definitely want to avoid exposure. >> a new three digit phone number is set to go live this weekend and it aims to save lives. 988 is the new number for the suicide prevention lifeline. mental health professionals hope it will be as easy to remember as 911 zach fuentes has more on the change and what experts say it is so needed >> the national suicide prevention lifeline is a critical resource for people in distress. >> just making that call has an impact in terms of well-being. >> the number is not the easiest to remember especially in times of crisis. >> even as a mental health professional, i have to look up the correct talk line. >> starting saturday it is being simplified. >> when people call or text or chat 988, they will be connected
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to trained counselors. it is >> a resource data shows is sadly necessary. >> for the 2020 statistics, suicide was the second cause of death for individuals between 10 and 14 and 25 to 34. the number of deaths by suicide in california was over 4000. >> a lot of work and more than $20 million in state funding have gone into shortening it and that money is to equip call centers who are expecting an increase in calls to come through. >> for decades there have been 13 call centers. >> the california council of community behavioral health agencies includes those call centers. she had concerns last year when the new number went live. she says she's feels more confident but adds there is always room for more. >> as 988 goes lives and the -- goes live and those numbers turn over, that there is enough volunteers, and of trained and
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paid staff available. >> for mental health professionals, the number is not only a new resource. it is also a sign of hope. >> it sends a big message this is -- this happens to a lot of people and there is help available. >> if you or someone you know is having suicidal lots, there is help available now. some groups let you reach them by text message. you will find a list of resources available at abc >> after nearly a quarter-century century in san francisco, and iconic store is closing its doors. >> this is about saving people's lives than it is about caring about people's feelings. >> a former drug addict shares >> a former drug addict shares his story about what it takes to flex alert! flex alert! a power outage is looming. that's just alert, he's always getting worked up about something. flex alerts notify us of preventable power outages. that way we always know when to help stop one.
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>> to build a better bay area, you have to be able to afford to live here. the economics of this region are even hyder -- are even harder with historic levels of inflation. a san francisco favorite is closing one of its locations, part of the trend hitting stores across the city. stephanie sierra is here with the story. >> on beyond is an institution -- ambience a's institution. the women's clothing chain went from four locations now down to two. traffic never fully recovered. a trend we are seeing across the city hitting retail stores the hardest. for 23 years, ambience has styled up san francisco.
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but today, the owner is bracing to say goodbye to her most popular store nestled in know you valley. >> from an emotional standpoint, it is the end of an era for us. 23 years. it is a big deal but it was a business decision. >> o'leary says during the pandemic, there landlord was generous reducing rent but now it would be 70% more expensive to go back to the pre-covid lease price. >> the pre-covid price of the lease would have been more than we could afford now. >> o'leary lost the lease and the building sold. a reality hitting small businesses across san francisco especially in retail. >> a retail foot traffic has gone down 33% since 2013. >> emily abraham with the san francisco chamber of commerce as small businesses make up 93% of the business community and a majority are facing rising rents.
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>> small business owners are not seeing the foot traffic or consumer spending they need to meet the demands of increased rent and inflation. >> abc's analysis found since january of 2021 rents have gone up 14% in san francisco. inflation back and was 1.4%. today it is nine .4%. the slower pace of the pandemic has come at a cost for both o'leary and her dedicated customers. >> it is sad to see them go. >> i have gotten my prom dresses and my sister's prom dresses, oliver graduation -- all of our graduation dresses. >> the charming black-and-white store now covered with closing signs. as hundreds of customers lined the street to get in to shop and say goodbye. ambience will begin its closeout sale tomorrow and officially
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close the doors august 31 so you have some time to shop. the haight street location previously closed during the pandemic. the staff will now move to two locations on urban and union. that is the silver lining. seven days a week. >> we know other small businesses are struggling trying to figure out what to do. so what is the city doing to help them? >> the board of supervisors has passed $10 million for next year's budget to be used toward this. loans aimed at helping small businesses lunch, scale up and adapt. there is a lot to go around. there are 94,000 small businesses across the city so we will be tracking how the money gets disbursed. >> stocks closed in the red today after two major banks took a big hit in the second quarter. j.p. morgan and morgan stanley
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reported a drop in investment revenues. the nasdaq climbed into the green or the s&p was down by 11 points. gas prices have dropped below six dollars per gallon in california. the average is 599. ok go, the average price was 618. the lowest price can be fined -- to found in solano county. the highest is 617 a gallon and in the napa area. you can find gas prices as well as 530 -- as low as 539 per gallon. >> that is just that we are saying look they are dropping. let's talk about other numbers. the weather. how are our temperatures looking? >> they are rising. let's take a look at the air quality first. you will notice it is good to moderate across the region. temperatures came up into the low 90's inland so definitely
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starting to see some impacts as the temperatures rise. the air quality at yosemite is moderate. the latest physical satellite picture shows you the smoke has been moving northward toward tahoe and making a northeastward turn into nevada so this is going to be the case as we head into tomorrow. if you are traveling to yosemite, yosemite is going to be smoky but if you're going to tahoe, expect some smoke and haze but the majority is moving toward nevada. we do have some patchy fog out there. winds have been on -- onshore winds have been gusting at times. 31 miles an hour at sfo. here is a lovely view from our emeryville camera. low to mid 60's san francisco, oakland. 74 in san jose. pier 39 camera. i see some birds. i don't see any see lines. up above we do have sunshine. 80 in santa rosa.
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79 in napa. golden gate bridge camera, there is a breeze out there. coastal fog spreads across the bay overnight. a wide range of temperatures for tomorrow and expect the summer says will inland on saturday. coastal flood advisory 11:00 tonight until 3:00 a.m. friday for the king tides. it is going to be just above seven feet so minor flooding is expected along the bay shoreline. first thing you're going to start out with some fog. the fog will be around or the coast in bay and later in the afternoon and evening. your temperatures first thing in the morning of the 50's, 60's tomorrow afternoon. 80 degrees in santa clara. it is going to be a warm day. 63, half moon bay. breezy with some lingering clouds. 62 degrees. 67 in downtown san francisco.
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90 degrees in santa rosa. 82 in vallejo. 74, union city. it will be a warm day but not expecting any extremes. 87 in livermore. 86 in pleasanton. a wide range of summertime temperatures tomorrow. low 60's the low 90's. turning up the hood on saturday. mid-60's, coast. the heat gets to back off for a little bit. cool and continues through the middle of next week when we will bring you down to the 80's. >> a new drought map came out today and it shows we are slightly worse than last week. the only change is in the central valley are small portion is in the worst category. state why the situation is still better than last year. >> coming up, getting ahead of the monkeypox out rake.
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>> local leaders say they are growing increasingly frustrated with the federal government's response to the monkeypox outbreak. so far he says the response has been lackluster.
6:25 pm
>> does it reflect an unacceptable level of indifference and incompetence? i think so. >> state senator scott demanding action saying we are veering toward a public health mess of uncontrolled monkeypox read in our community and many other communities. the white house has promised to have 2 million doses available by the end of next year. some 800,000 may arrive as soon as the end of this month. almost 1500 confirmed cases nationwide, monkeypox is rarely fatal peer the most optic -- the most obvious symptom, a rash. the cdc says the illness typically lasts two to fouro for weeks. people who do not have symptoms cannot spread the virus to others. it is spread through close physical contact including kissing, cuddling and sex. you can also get it by sharing clothing and towels.
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>> coming up, working to build a better bay area in the tenderloin with a man who spent years on the streets as a drug addict. >> before you can take the first step, there has got to be a step zero which is the end. >> the end lead that man to a new beginning. phil matier joins us live to share the conversation he big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> san francisco's tenderloin district has been the city containment zone for veneration's. today, the crime, addictions and drug dealing spelled out will be the blocks that make up the district. for those that are able to get off the streets, there is hope. >> as phil matier found out, as gaping the tenderloin often comes at a steep price. >> brad reese started a nonprofit called healers without borders and they are basically out on the streets. they're passing out the essentials to people living on the streets. things like socks, hygiene kits,
6:30 pm
clean clothes. he also spent a large part of his life living on the streets. he did get out eventually but you are not going to believe what it took. so you have been clean for how many years? >> 16 and a half years. >> but you're are still working i the tenderloin helping other people out. >> i am supplying essentials for folks struggling with their illness. >> how many years did you spend on the streets? >> i spent seven years specifically in the tenderloin should >> how many times did you get arrested? >> i cannot count. well over 15 times. >> you went to jail? you went to prison? >> correct. >> did it do any good? >> from me, it did. it interrupted the cycle of addiction and we call it step zero. before you can take a first step, there has got to be a step zero which is the end. >> what do we see on the streets today? >> we see people cannot take care of themselves. >> what do you see?
6:31 pm
>> i see people suffering. i see people with lots of pain. as far as the incarceration goes, i know you cannot lock up pain for long periods of time that separation from the drug, to get them separated, to get them an opportunity to do something different i feel is mandatory. >> what has changed on the streets? >> what has changed is fentanyl has been industrialized. it has flooded our streets. it is so inexpensive that san francisco is a hub and people come from all over the bay area. >> they are buying it and dying here. is it going out to the suburbs? >> it has been. >> this 50 block area, you have known it for sick -- for 17 years. you're back here as a volunteer. some people have said it has become a containment zone. the city has said if it is going to happen, let it happen here so it does not spread. you think that is a real? >> i think that might be real
6:32 pm
but the truth is it is here and they are trying to contain it but if you go to any other neighborhood, some of the other neighborhoods, it has spilled over. ict.>> what w it and make this a place where families and kids across the street and go to school without being escorted. >> i think we need to work together, all the agencies and i think we need to industrialize the treatment for this addiction people are suffering from. >> human industrialize? -- what do you mean industrialize? >> industrialize on a bigger scale. everything coming here is coming on a bigger scale. we need to industrialize the solution to what the problem is. >> when you're using drugs, did you see the number of overdoses we see now? >> nothing like this. >> what has changed?
6:33 pm
>> the synthetic drugs. >> do you think this will be allowed in any other neighborhood to this extent may san francisco? >> no, it would not. >> why do they let it happen here? >> because it has been going on here. we have normalized it. >> if you have one silly session -- one suggestion to make it better, what would be? >> one change, i think way to start caring about our people. the people who are suffering and give them opportunities that might not be pleasant at first to them but i guarantee you their loved ones are going to feel a little different about the energies that we spend on trying to -- this is at this point saving people's lives then it is about caring about people's feelings. >> some people say you have to hit rock bottom. do you believe that? >> like i said earlier, you have got to get to a step zero.
6:34 pm
it sounds simplistic in the language used but it is so much deeper than just the language. >> when did you hit rock bottom? >> i hit rock bottom in 9205 was shot by the san francisco police department. i went to general hospital. i was shot because i was a criminal. i was selling drugs and other criminal behavior. > it took you being shot to get off the street? you could have been dead. >> that is correct. i was killing myself already. i just had a little extra help from the san francisco pd. i needed a little extra help. people need a little extra help and help is not always what you might interpret as help but to continually leave people unaddressed in their addiction has not worked and it will never work. >> shot. that is what it took to get brad off the streets but that is also how bad things have come with
6:35 pm
fentanyl and trying to change lives in the tenderloin is no easy task. >> so insightful to hear from brad who experienced all of that. early this week, we were talking about a video of kids eating off a bus and walking past drug users. we saw it in your story. can this neighborhood change? >> it can but it is going to take a lot of effort. it is going to take money. we have the money up in the question is whether we have the will. if you ask mayor breed, she will say it can be done and you don't have to look any further than who she replaced with the district attorney. she has said she will come down hard on drug dealers. not necessarily users but drug dealers. the tenderloin has been a neighborhood of vice for generations and it is not about crackdowns. we have seen crackdowns before. it is about meaningful action and getting people help further substance abuse issues whether they necessarily want it or not. >> thank you so much.
6:36 pm
we put together a 30 minute special about the tenderloin called 50 blocks. it is streaming right now on our abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. coming up next, brittney griner back in court. issued any closer to coming from russia? now it is time for the california housing watch with tips for making the homebuying process easy. >> there are many steps to buying a home but here are some tips to stay on top of the process should once you have hired an agent, asked them what homes are going on in your target neighborhood and start touring homes on once you have found a home you love, make an offer. then it is time to get the keys and move in to for more information, visit
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moscow. the hearing ended without a verdict. she is expected to return for a
6:40 pm
fourth hearing tomorrow. she pleaded guilty to drug charges last week saying she did not intend to break any laws. she said she was in a rush while packing and inadvertently put cannabis cartridges in her luggage. she was arrested five months ago in moscow. >> new york police are investigating whether ivana trump fell from the stairs in her apartment where she was found dead. the 70 three-year-old ex-wife of donald trump was found unresponsive at the bottom of the staircase this afternoon. she is survived by her three children, donald junior, ivanka and eric. we are expecting former >> -- expecting warmer weather. >> that couple threatened with a $1500 fine for parking with her -- parking in their own driveway. tonight we have some great
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6:44 pm
their plight went viral and viewer step up to help them get their driveway back. michael finney is here to tell us what did the trick. >> a 7 on your side report did the trick. viewers from all over the world responded from this -- responded to this couple story. many would not believe a city would threaten a huge fine for parking in your own driveway. the proof this couple needed came from an amazing source. >> it just seems wrong. >> judy and ed had been parking in the car pad of theirs -- of their cottage for 36 years when suddenly the planning department said it is a legal they had to remove the car or face a huge penalty so they quickly pulled the car out but none of it made sense. >> to all of a sudden be told you cannot use something we had used for years to >> the city
6:45 pm
planning code makes it illegal to park in the setback of the house to prevent the front yard from looking like parking lots. if the couple could prove cars were parked there before the law was passed, the planning department said they might it away from it. >> we could be grandfathered in if we show them a historical photo. >> finding a historic photo of their exact driveway seemed impossible. until ed found this. >> this is our house. >> this aerial photo from 1938 shows their exact house and ed was sure he could see a car pulling into his driveway. >> this little black blob looks like it is pulling into our house. to me, that is pretty compelling that was a car. >> city planners said the photo was not clear evidence. after our story aired, the couple was flooded with offers of help and then a gift from the
6:46 pm
sky. > i happen to be watching channel 7 michael finney and i saw this couple who was in a tough spot to >> david manages the photo collection at pacific aerial surveys in nevada which has millions of photos from flights over the bay area all the way back to 1928. >> i went through our flight database and found numerous flights and was able to for loud -- to pull out some photography. >> david found two aerial photo showing a car and their exact driveway including this one from 1958. >> here's the house in question. right here is a nice car parked. it definitely looks like a nice big american sedan. >> it is crystal clear to david should he happens to be an expert trained any the army to analyze aerial images especially vehicles. >> as an imagery analyst from
6:47 pm
the army, one of my specialties is identifying vehicles. >> member the black blob ed found? david says that blob was indeed a car. he shows us a clear copy of the photo. >> it verifies this is a vehicle. i told them there is no doubt in my mind as an expert this is a vehicle. the shadow gives it away. also the position of where it is parked. >> the couple showed the city david's photo and that did the trick. the city declare the car pad a legal parking space grandfathered in thanks in large part to david. >> i am glad it helped them out to they seem like wonderful people who were just in tough spot. >> all the work he went to. there is some major help coming from a neighbor who rummage through old boxes and found a 1972 photo showing a car in that driveway. others in the neighborhood also got violation notices for
6:48 pm
parking in their own driveways. all came from anonymous complaints. here is our request. if you are the anonymous complainant, give me a call. . i would like to g talk to you. >> thank you so much. michael's original story about this was one of the most popular on our website, we will post this online so you can share it with your friends. >> oof the weather. >> the weather looks fantastic. we are approaching the weekend. let's take a look at a life picture. you have one good-looking weekend ahead. a beautiful view looking back toward san francisco. a little bit of patchy fog. that will be changing come tomorrow morning. will see around the coast and
6:49 pm
bay. tomorrow afternoon, similar weather today. 91 in antioch. 63 degrees and a half moon bay. summertime pattern for you. saturday will be our hottest day. this model is trying to bring in triple digits. sunday, the heat begins to back off. sunday is the day the aids walk is taking place. that starts at 10:30 in the morning. before that, it will be foggy but as the walk begins, the son will be breaking through. comfortable weather for walking. wide range of temperatures tomorrow. the heat starts to moderate on sunday, monday and a cooler pattern midweek. >> let's get a check on sports. >> tiger woods with a rough opening around at the british open and you want to see the
6:50 pm
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>> good evening. we don't know how many more times tiger woods will play in the british open. tiger does not know if he will be playing this weekend. the 150th open championship on the old course. tiger won here in 2000.
6:53 pm
double bogey. never recovered after that to tiger tied for 146. young poulter on nine. you can barely see him putting. we would not show it unless it is going in. they say it is the longest p utt shown on tv. first shot is rejected so he tries again. needs this to go in for par and you are not going to believe it. he holds it. from that angle, you can barely see his head. cameron young, rookie on the pga tour. he seeks his first win and leads by two over rory mcilroy. the warriors summer league team is back in action in vegas. the warriors summer league, using it --
6:54 pm
as a 43 inch vertical. that is getting up to the warriors caught a break today with deandre ayton signing a four year for with indiana. the sons quickly match that offers so phoenix cannot trade until mid january. kevin durant has phoenix and miami at the top of his preferred baseby royals are not allowed to travel to canada for their series in toronto. that is almost half of their 26 man roster . whip merryfield says the only region that only reason he might change his mind as if he was in a playoff position. if you would take the shot then, why wouldn't you do it now? some players are giving up
6:55 pm
$250,000. colorado rockies picture i'll freeman not happy about being pulled out today against san diego. taking out his frustration on the dugout roof. he will be pitching again as in pitching in to pay for the roof repair pin the sp's will air on abc 7 next wednesday. stephen curry hosting for the first time. he is up for four awards. one is the best team category. a bunch of them i am told will be in a lay for the sp's. you can vote online. the show starts at 8:00 p.m. next week wednesday here on abc 7. it is going to be fun to see steph on stage. he has never done this before. i don't know if he gets nervous. he is going to be good.
6:56 pm
he is steph curry. everything he does, he does it well. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, you can watch press your luck and generation gap at 10:00. then don't miss abc7news at 11:00. coming up next on the bay area app, livestream a national geographic shark fest. download or open the bay area app to check it out. that is it for now. thank you for joining us. >> we hope you have a great night.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are... a lawyer from new york, new york... a shelter veterinarian from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion-- a middle school band director from st. louis, missouri... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" to prepare for her "jeopardy!" debut, our new champion, emily fiasco, practiced for hours on the makeshift but elaborate game board and buzzer system
7:00 pm
her engineering husband created for her. practice paid off, and emily is backed today facing two new challengers in mark and anjali. good luck to all three of you. let's get into the "jeopardy!" round with these categories... we will start with... and... emily. tv shows for $200. - emily. - what is "the simpsons"? - yes. - tv shows, $400. - mark. - what is "breaking bad"? - yes. - tv shows, $600. - mark. - what is "the good place"? - yes. - tv shows, $800. - mark. - what is "friday night lights"? - yes. - tv shows, $1,000.


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