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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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expand monkeypox vaccinations. thousands of dollars in collectible dolls stolen from an open home. oregon's dirt is pretty cool. it grows some pretty soft grass, pretty sweet berries, and pretty, pretty flowers. it's the secret ingedient to everyone's favorite wine, and builds forests that everything wants to live in. yeah, our dirt's the coolest, because that's where oregon grows. ♪
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because that's where oregon grows. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. ♪ ama: tonight, a story you will only see on 7, thousands of dollars worth of collectible dolls missing after being stolen from an oakland home. the owner and artist devastated. the collectibles, known as blighted dolls, and are often loosely associated with big eyes paintings of the 1960's. j.r. stone explains for this oakland woman, there's no replacing that history. j.r.: if you are not familiar with these dolls, don't feel bad, they not sold in many stores. take a good look at them, because all 12 of these were stolen from a home in oakland. >> they are very unique, they are about as tall as a barbie
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no, but they have a large head with unique eyes that really have a lot of emotion and character. j.r.: the dolls belonged to kiersten seymour of oakland, who is a collector. these dolls have quite the history, originally released in 1972 as a rival to barbie, but inspired by betty boop, with influences of those big eyes paintings created by late bay area artist margaret keenan, ones that have swept the nation in the years prior. , this is her passion creating scenes for her characters, showcasing that on social media and in schools. >> they are part of my life, my work and my art. and they actually brought a lot of joy and happiness to a lot of people and kids, especially during the times of covid. j.r.: in less than two hours during a family move, her dolls, her characters, her loves stolen. while the dolls only lasted a year in the 1970's due to concerns over them being too
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scary for children, they made a comeback, according to expert and collector lauren. >> in 2001 and it became a much bigger deal in japan. they are all about the american culture. they love the big guys and everything and they found appreciation for it. nowadays, depending on their condition, they can range anywhere from $500, less than that if you are lucky and you find one at goodwill. otherwise, they can go all the way up to $3000, $4000, $5,000. they are worth a lot of money. >> seymour says many of her dolls were custom made by artists in ukraine, poland and spain, to name a few. she is offering what she calls a large award and remains optimistic -- reward and remains optimistic that the thief will have a change of heart. >> the dolls have this whole life and these suitcases and now they've been stolen. it's like they've been kidnapped. and please, somebody, no
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questions asked please return them,. j.r.: j.r. stone, abc7news. ama: san francisco police have arrested a man for organizing one of the largest retail theft fencing operations. investigators suspect he was making up to half $1 million a year from selling stolen goods. police say the man, who is known as a fence, sold stolen items online to consumers all over the u.s. eggs, known as boosters, with steel items from shelves. the 38-year-old man was found with $200,000 worth of stolen items near san francisco's glen park. >> going inside and into the bedroom, this, these items here were way more organized than they are right now. he had it set up like it was a storage for the back of a drugstore. ama: police were able to track down the suspect through retailers. authorities believe going after the fences will reduce retail theft and san francisco.
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air quality officials are advising some people in eastern contra costa county to stay indoors with windows and doors closed. the marsh fire is still smoldering and sending up smoke six weeks after it started. the fire is burning into large amounts of decaying vegetation in a pittsburg marsh. contra costa fire says it is hard to get to and virtually impossible to put out. pete fires are often left to burn themselves out over time. >> when i was driving on the weekend, it was so bad i had to turn the lights on. you need n95 and people that cannot be outside right now. ama: an air quality advisory is set to stay in place throughout lease tomorrow. let's get to sandhya patel for more on our air quality. sandhya: the air quality just got worse in that area, which is likely air district has that air quality advisory through tomorrow, so it's good reason. let's take a look at purple air. latest sensors, pittsburg reporting unhealthy air quality.
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some parts of eastern contra costa county sing moderate to poor air quality right now. the air quality advisory, once again, through tomorrow for eastern contra costa county, even though the rest of the bay area is looking at good air quality. tonight, tomorrow, smoky conditions, pollution levels may rise. avoid exposure, keeping your windows, doors closed, bring your pets inside, put your ac on recirculate. i know it is cooling off nicely right now, west wind, it's lighter. those winds are expected to pick up again towards tomorrow, which will push that smoke. unfortunately, with the heat coming up, especially over the weekend, it might be a little bit hard to stay inside if you don't have the ac, but find a place where you can avoid exposure to that smoke. ama: thank you. . we care about your health it is a major focus in our continued effort to build a better bay area. due to the limited supply of the monkeypox vaccine from the federal government, doses are being made available in santa clara county by invitation only.
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amanda del castillo highlights the education and outreach effort happening on the local level. amanda: it's preparation over panic in the south bay as community members shift focus to monkeypox outreach. jordan house worth with project moore says there is a level of added urgency. seeing so many seeking the monkeypox vaccine facing long lines at 11 supply. >> especially coming out of covid, you never really know what could happen. it definitely is a concern and priority to us. the company. that the community stay safe. amanda: project moore is working with the county to bring a monkeypox vaccine clinic to the community district in downtown san jose, a community he describes as being small but mighty, a community across the country sing many monkeypox cases. for santa clara county's vaccine distribution, the public health department says it is aligning with the latest cdc strategy,
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explaining in part, this prioritizes vaccination of individuals at highest risk first, which are those who have been in direct physical contact with someone with market parks. the department says it has received 742 doses of the vaccine for the entire county, most arriving within the last week. as of thursday afternoon, it had already vaccinated 30 people who fit this criteria. >> what that tells us is that there are more cases, that there are chains of transmission that we have not identified, there's ongoing spread. amanda: there is also promising news different from the covid-19 pandemic. >> we don't have to go through that process of developing a new vaccine. it's a matter of scaling up inventory. yes, the rollout was pretty bad, especially given we did not learn what we now know from the covid rollout. i think they will ramp up pretty quickly. amanda: until then, health experts encourage being proactive, especially for the most at risk populations. >> it's a huge thing, so we are
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definitely working together as a community, definitely doing our due diligence and outreach and making sure people stay educated and reformed -- informed. amanda: i'm amanda del castillo, abc7news. ama: thousands have lined up, sometimes for hours, over the past few weeks and san francisco open to get a shot, only to be told there are none available. rafael mandelman has been pushing agencies like the cdc to act faster and getting vaccines out to those who need them. so far, he says the response has been lackluster. >> does it reflect an unacceptable level of indifference and maybe incompetence? i think so. ama: state senator scott wiener is demanding action, issuing a statement saying "we are veering toward a public health mass of uncontrolled monkeypox spread in our community and many other communities." the white house has promised to have 2 million doses by the end of next year. some 800,000 of them may arrive as soon as the end of this month. there are currently almost 1500
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confirmed monkeypox cases nationwide. we are tracking all the latest information about monkeypox cases, testing and vaccines in the bay area. find those stories on our website, new details tonight about a deadly crash on a bay area road known for street racing. ivana trump has died at the age of 73. the tribute from her ex-husband, the former president. a look at how bastille day was celebrated in san francisco today. a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc7news at 11:00. >> hello, san francisco! i am filling in for jimmy kimmel. , tonight we've got demi lovato, plus science bob and i mess up the studio so badly he will never be invited back, next on "jimmy kimmel live." ♪
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ama: new concerns about the very transmissible ba-5 subvariant. covid deaths in the u.s. are up 10% in the past week. morgan norwood has more on one county taking action. >> with the ba-5 variant quickly spreading around the country, the nation's largest county is bringing back its mask mandate in two weeks. residence in los angeles county bracing for the change. >> the only way to combat these surges of what's going on is you have to be as prudent and careful as possible. >> the lady cdc data confirms that los angeles county, home to 10 million people, is sing hike over transmission, meaning this high potential for health care system strain and a high level of severe disease. the federal agency suggests wearing masks in indoor public spaces, including schools.
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hospitalizations in los angeles county up 80%. in new york city, where new cases are up 30% in the past two weeks, officials have done away with color-coded covid alert system but are now working on a new one, many not willing to take a step back. > i don't feel like i need to wear a mask at this point. >> the latest spread fueled by the highly transmissible omicron subvariant, ba-5. it has experts on alert. >> the thing about ba-5 that is disconcerting is that it is able to escape some of the immune protection that you get from prior infection, as well as vaccination. >> from coast-to-coast, 3/4 of americans now living in counties at medium or high risk of covid. the cdc urging people in those areas to mask up indoors and those in medium risk areas to consider masking based on individual risk. one of the best forms of protection against this ba-5 subvariant, vaccines. according to new data, 78.5% of
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the total u.s. population has received at last one dose and 67% of the total population is fully vaccinated. dr. fauci: the good news is that vaccinated and booster people, particularly those who received the full component of the boosting are generally pretty well protected against severe disease. >> morgan norwood, abc's news, los angeles. ama: the cdc could approve a new covid-19 vaccine from novavax as soon as next week. the company claims its preclinical data shows the vaccine induces an immune response against all covid variants. new details, a man has died in a fiery crash after his car collided with a tree, hitting another vehicle this morning after 10:00 on james donelan boulevard near country loma in antioch, a road notoriously known for dragracing. the driver and passenger were treated for minor injuries. witnesses say both vehicles were speeding before the accident. >> this particular area comes down from a slope just east of
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us, so cars, motorists tend to get a lot of speed coming into this area. once we get more details, we are still looking at the evidence to re-create the collision. ama: the road is lined with memorials from other fatal accidents, including at that tree that was hit today. antioch police say they are working to crack on people driving recklessly throughout the city. new york police are investigating whether ivana trump fell from the stairs in her apartment where she was found dead. the 73 year old ex-wife of donald trump was found unresponsive at the bottom of the staircase this afternoon. authorities are not sure whether she felt or if that would have contributed to her death. ivana trump is survived by her three children with the former president, donald junior, ivanka and eric. a little alleyway in san francisco's financial district took on a parisian field. the celebrations were back at belden place with a mix of french music, wine and food. bastille marks the storming of
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the bastille prison which helped spark the french revolution. there is a reason if celebrated here, too. this was actually historically an area of f in san francisco. celebrating roots, celebrating history and celebrating the people who helped build the city. ama: if you missed tonight's celebration, there's also a bastille day festival on saturday at embarcadero plaza. disneyland will be saying farewell to a couple of beloved nighttime shows this summer. the main street electrical parade and the disneyland forever fireworks will be running their final show september 1. disney did not announce the reason for ending the attractions or if they will be replaced by another show. disney's the parent company of abc 7 news. sad to see those go but they always replace with great stuff. sandhya: that's true but that's
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one of the highlights. ama: i know! sandhya: hopefully, they come up with something even better. we got to think positive. let's show you current conditions. air quality good across the entire bay area, with the exception of parts of eastern contra costa county, where we have seen moderate to even import and unhealthy air quality due to the mush fire -- marsh fire. as you look at the last visible satellite picture from earlier tonight, you will notice the smoke was starting to go into tahoe, then it started making an easter return into nevada -- eastward turn into nevada. it's going to do a similar thing. at times, you might see some smoke in the south lake tahoe area. certainly will be smoky and hazy in yosemite. 101 degrees tomorrow. saturday and sunday still in the triple digits. heart conditions expected. for tahoe, slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms, 87 degrees, sunny and warm on saturday, looking at a slight
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chance of showers on sunday. but the chances of showers, unfortunately, just 10%-15%. patchy fog. it is a shallow marine layer, it's not really deep, it's not going very far tonight. temperatures at this hour, 50's to 70's. it is a lovely view looking back towards san francisco, salesforce tower. coastal fog spreads across the bay overnight, just limited incapacity. wide range of temperatures tomorrow and our summer sizzle will be with us on saturday. we have a coastal flood advisory tonight until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow due to king tides that could cause flooding. minor coastal flooding is expected. the highest tide will be at 12:3 1 in the morning just over seven feet. first thing tomorrow morning, a little bit of fog near the coast along the bay shoreline. it's going to pull away quickly. very little fog will remain right near the coast. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's to start the day. tomorrow afternoon, another one
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day. inland highs in the 90's among the coastline,, 60's you are looking at breezy conditions. if you are taking part in the san francisco aids work on sunday in golden gate park, you really couldn't ask for better weather. 8:00 in the morning, there will be fog around. once the lock starts, is when to be mainly sunny but only 59 degrees. the temperature comes up into the low to mid 60's with 20 of sun. here's a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast. mild coast, warm inland. our hottest today will be saturday, upper 90's inland, mid 60's co-side. the heat using on sunday. temperatures back of as we head towards next week. mid 80's inland, low 60's co-side. i know you're not a big fan of really hot weather. only one day, saturday, so you are good. ama: go get yourself some water. thanks. she mentioned aids walk. we are three days away from this year's aids walk san francisco.
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it takes place sunday golden gate park. to register, call the number on your screen or visit the website. the fundraising walk benefits divers hiv-aids beneficiaries, each delivering essential programs to the community.
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my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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ama: los angeles is getting ready for baseball's all-star game. it is still five days labor fans are already getting into the swing of things at way ballpark. as a fan experience event at the l.a. convention center. get all the graphs from cash you can get out of -- you can get autographs, check out the world series trophy or the world's biggest baseball. some young players from compton got to experience the park before officially opening. >> along with the all-star game is play ballpark. this is an opportunity for the fans to be able to have a close opportunity to see what this game is all about and celebrate it. ama: play ballpark will be open starting saturday. -- are required. the giants open up their final series before the all-star break. larry beil is here with sports. larry: ama, the giants taking on the first-place milwaukee brewers. and they go extras, extras, see or about it.
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and all-star carlos rodon pitched the giants to victory. that's next in sports. >> that was set up by the fastball, huh? >> it really was.
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check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you.
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"poof" burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's >> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rocks casino. larry: good evening. carlos rodon made his final start before the all-star game next tuesday. rodon got in and out of jams as the giants opened a four-game series with the nl central leading brewers. abc 7 intern jake from wake farm at the game tonight. rodon loaded the basis with nobody out in the second, then struck out the next three guys. the all-star lefty, he was dancing in and out of trouble all night long, threw 99 pitches, left after five, struck out seven. no score in the third, fellow all-star corbin burnes, that's a
11:29 pm
wild pitch. mike yastrzemski scores. 1-0 giants. joc pederson r.b.i. made it 2-0. they go to the 10th tide at 2-2. two out, jonathan davis, little roller up the line, scoring christian yelich. no play there. 3-2 brew crew. bottom 10, devin williams throws smoke, gets late-night lamonte wade to pop-out. that strands yas at third and the giants fall 3-2 in 10. nba news. deandre ayton may have just torpedoed the k.d. to phoenix speculation. ayton signing a four-year, $133 million offer sheet. the suns matched it. ayton can't be traded until january. the suns don't have the assets to do a megadeal with brooklyn unless ayton is included so k.d. to the desert, looks like that's not going to happen anytime soon. former saint mary's guards tommy kuhse undrafted but he's turning some heads in summer league action with orlando. kuhse, 25 points on 11-15 shooting for the magic. they did lose to the knicks but kuhse impressive, 24 years old, stayed in college for five years, could be working his way toward an nba contract.
11:30 pm
similar story for warriors guard mac mcclung. donning the cape is what it looks like to throw it down with authority. mcclung, g league rookie of the year last season, 42 inch -- 43 inch vertical. warriors back in action in vegas tomorrow. round one of the british open in scotland. tiger won at st. andrews in 2000 and 2005, unlikely this year. first hole and he finds a watery grave. double bogey, woods, a 78, tiger tied for 146. probably needs a 66 to make the cut. -- the cap tomorrow. -- the cut tomorrow. ian poulter on nine. you can barely see him putting. -- putting from 162 feet away. this is for eagle. it's going in. they say it is the longest successful putt ever to be shown on tv. poulter tied for 13th at -3. on 17, si-woo kim in the bunker. if at first you don't succeed, hole out the next one. he's tied for 13th at three under. what a shot. pga tour rookie cameron young leads by two strokes. sports on abc 7, sponsored by river rock casino. we will be right back.
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ama: we thank you so much for watching tonight. i am ama daetz.
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right on "jimmy kimmel live," demi lovato. have a great night, everyone. >> when from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live with guest host mark roper. tonight, demi lovato and science bob pflugfelder. with cleto and the cletones. and now, mark roper! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> mark: wow! wow, wow! wow! thank you! thank you, okay, okay. this is great. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "jimmy kimmel live"!


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