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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. ♪ >> passengers forced to evacuate from san francisco airport's international terminal after a bomb threat and a suspicious package was found. this all unfolded during one of the busiest times of the week to fly. good morning. much more on the evacuation at sfo in just a moment but we will begin with a quick check of the forecast. lisa: we do have low clouds and fog this morning. in fact, even some mist and
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drizzle. closer to the coast, visibility at three miles around half moon bay and some drizzle from mount tam. the murray layer is compressed. that's why it looks like you see half of the sky and a of the deck of low clouds. 52 in the city, 59 palo alto. another view from sutro, where you can see the sun coming up. upper 40's santa rosa, 10 degrees milder. livermore at 58. look at sfo, pretty picture of the low cloud deck. low 70's by sfo today. as we take a look at the next few hours, 9:00, clouds at the coast. near 70 inland. low 70's around the bay by noon time with mid 80's by noon. you know it's going to be a hot day, mid and upper 90's for midland valleys. >> breaking news in mt. view, police are looking for a suspect
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wanted for shooting a police officer during a car stop overnight. the officer is in the hospital. is expected to make a full recovery. police say the shooting happened in downtown mountain view after midnight. the officer was conducting a stop at villa and wild cherry when a person inside the car shot at the officer. the suspect drove away from the scene before crashing and run away. right now, mountain view police say large-scale perimeter search for the suspect is underway around the downtown area. developing news, all clear at sfo after a bomb threat forced passengers to evacuate the international terminal. the international terminal is back open. san francisco police say they have cleared several areas of concern. officers have safely removed multiple suspicious packages. no word on what those packages were. this all started last night. thousands of people, including
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travelers and employees, had to evacuate. many people posted about it on social media. police say they have made no arrests but they are talking to a man in connection to what happened. >> officers made contact with an adult male who they detained and discovered that there were suspicious packages that could possibly be an incendiary device. so it has not been determined at this point whether those items are in fact incendiary devices that could be set off. at this time, the adult male that we detained is still speaking with us and is still part of our investigation. >> if you are flying out of sfo this morning, the airport is urging passengers to check with their airline for flight information, and of course, allow extra time. when the sfo evacuation broke last night, we sent this
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notification on our abc 7 news bay area app. if you want alerts like this, download it. turning to monkeypox, as your health is a key focus of building a better bay area. more local counties are saying they need more vaccine. oakland's vice mayor wrote an open letter to health officials. marin's is requesting more doses. in the south bay, theirs is a vaccine distribution policy that -- there's potential for some relief across the region. >> it seems like we just can't catch a break. amanda: from covid-19 to monkeypox, southbay assembly member evan lowe pointing to the overlapping public health concerns. he's witnessed the urgent demand for the monkeypox vaccine, hours long lines amid limited supply. >> while the percentages are relatively small, given our
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population, we know that this can easily grow quite rapidly. it's incumbent upon us as government officials to nip this in the bud as soon as possible. amanda: a member of the lgbtq legislative caucus, he says it's imperative the lgbtq+ community has the public health support needs. reasons why santa clara county says it connected with local outreach groups early on. >> that is an effort we think will be quite fruitful in reaching the people who are at highest risk of getting monkeypox right now. >> dr. george han said the county had 11 cases friday. he says the majority of close contacts have been from sexual contact. santa clara county received 742 doses of the vaccine, administering 30 so far. the vaccine is being made available by invitation only. >> identify people who have monkeypox and getting them tested, interviewing them to see who their close contacts might have been. amanda: different from the
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county's covid-19 response. dr. han does not anticipate monkeypox will rise to the level of needing mass vaccination events. >> the public needs to understand -- the government needs to understand the importance of getting to these communities safely, quickly. >> he is supporting other bay area leaders and the federal government to do more. >> we are already working with other counties to think about, you know, how we could set up vaccination efforts that make sense, that aren't necessarily limited by county borders. amanda: in san jose, amanda del castillo. >> the san francisco health department announced it is expecting more than 4000 doses of monkeypox vaccine next week. earlier this week, san francisco said needed 35,000 doses.
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san francisco aids foundation had 500 people on the waiting list for the vaccine last week. that number has since grown exponentially. some people are concerned that upcoming street fairs with large gatherings will spark an outbreak. >> i wish we would have learned from the previous epidemic that we had to be more proactive, taking action. >> the federal government ordered an additional 2.5 million doses of the vaccine yesterday. those doses are not scheduled to arrive until next year. in berkeley, the management of a club that held a vaccine clinic is explaining their planning changes for next time. some people who were waiting in line to get the vaccine at steam works on wednesday complaint after paying members of the club were allowed inside first. yesterday, the general manager explained that many of them were wearing robes and bath towels and had to receive the vaccine inside. he said it was a misunderstanding and sold abc 7 news from now on, all vaccines will be administered outside.
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>> next week, the plan is outside only, one line, have them coming to check out our parking lot, which is where we may have it. hoping to get 500 doses again. that's the deal. >> steam works says as administered 800 monkeypox vaccines so far. want to know more about monkeypox? visit took information on cases, testing and vaccines in the bay area. more shakeups in the san francisco district attorney's office. yesterday, da brooke jenkins announced some promotions and there were some layoffs, too. here's phil matier's. >> there's two kinds of changes. one is when you take over from someone you are friendly with. these transitions are usually very slow. second one is when you take over from somebody that you are opposed or aren't in sync with.
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that's when you have a new governor or president, you bring in new people. this is happening quickly. brooke jenkins does not have a lot of time. she wants to make sure that she has a full line in front of her that's going to help her out. >> jenkins is expected to be on the november ballot for san francisco da. now to new developments on the washburn fire in yosemite. it grew to more than 4700 acres and is just 31% contained. the highway 41 entrance remains closed. the fire has crossed into the sierra national fort, prompting morroad closures. sowe gk at mariposa grove and all the trees still standing. the causes under investigation. fire officials say it appears to have been started by a person. in the east bay, efforts to put out the smoldering marsh fire in pittsburg ramped up. sky 7 was above the scene of
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contra costa water district flooding the area. millions of gallons will be needed to flood the marsh for the next week to reduce the smoke. the marsh fire has been burning nearby vegetation for six weeks. if the fire is not put out soon, pete in the marsh could cause the area to burn for months. the ongoing smoke has caused an air advisory to extend through monday. let's get a quick check in with lisa. lisa: good morning to you all. we are looking at a beautiful view from our sutro tower camera. the deck of low clouds shallower in the north bay. it is deepening as we had south across san mateo peninsula. otherwise, we are looking at a typical start to your mid july weekend, where temperatures are cool at the coast and hot inland. we are clicking up the heat today. i will have the details, next. . >> the family of alexis gave resumes another search this morning. why a piece of evidence is keeping the family hopeful.
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caltrans has announced it will close a homeless encampment in oakland. the word street encampment will be closed by the first week of august. expected to start the process next week. a large fire at the camp this week but if enough smoke for officials to briefly close part of the macarthur maze, raising more concerns about safety. caltrans escorted netting with oakland and alameda county to get the nearly 200 people living at the site access to shelter beds. the family of alexis gave is going to look for her -- alexis gabe is going to look for her once again this morning. the search is planned in oakley, where her screen protector was found. she was last seen leaving the antalya come of her ex-boyfriend
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-- antioch home of her ex-boyfriend. jones was killed by law enforcement when he reportedly charged appellees with a knife. crews have also scoured pioneer in the sierra foothills. based on notes investigators say were in vi jones. the leader of a san francisco nonprofit is in the hospital after being be in yesterday morning. friends say it happened outside the community center in the fillmore district. the incident is turning into a call to action. tara campbell has the story. >> anyone be hit, it with a two by four, that serious. and its series for the community to be challenged with lawlessness and violence. >> reverend amos brown is san francisco's naacp leader and pastor at third baptist church,
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just blocks from the ll clutch community center, where james was attacked friday. >> was beaten by two homeless persons with two by fours because he simply asked them to leave the ground, which he had directed. >> police responding to a call after 11:00 in the morning outside the community center. in a statement saying, one suspect was arrested on scene and they are working to locate a second. and as far as james' condition, we know his injuries are not life-threatening. >> he's had a great swelling in his head. but thank god it's not worse. >> why do you think, do you think james was targeted? why do you think james was -- >> not justin james, the black community has been targeted. . it has nothing to do with one individual. it's a systemic problem. >> calling on san francisco's board of supervisors and others
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to do more to tap down on the homelessness crisis. >> we have not put forward the collective efforts on the part of our leaders and citizens of all walks of life to say enough is enough. >> and that's exactly what reverend arnold townsend is saying. . he's lived and served in the fillmore district for decades and knows james well. >> his leadership around many of the issues and the difficult issues in our community has been essential. >> describing james as someone deeply devoted to the community and to its youth. >> someone intensely concerned about young people to help them set a path and a course for themselves where they become contributors to the community. >> he too calling for more accountable and more help for people on the street. >> without giving people an opportunity to live well, it is really just setting them up for a lifetime of failure. we got to do better at
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approaching these issues. >> tara campbell, abc7news. >> reverend brown says they are planning a community meeting next friday in the fillmore district. they are inviting the police chief and other local leaders to discuss a way forward, trying to find some solutions to the violence and growing homelessness crisis. the city of pacifica is investigating another possible hate crime. pacifica police say two portable classrooms were broken into at sunset ridge school district. both were ransacked. in one, an officer found a dog with a swastika inscribed on its forehead. another hate incident happened last month when someone stole a pride flag. it reappeared a few days later tattered and burned. police are asking for help identifying the suspects. san jose's parks department is asking for help renaming columbus park. the large 10 acre park located south of the airport was named for the famous italian explorer
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but columbus has been criticized for his treatment of indigenous people in recent years. on the community was asked if they wanted to change the park's name, 75% said yes. the department has posted an online survey listing 19 names. among them, freda kahlo, harvey milk and rosa parks. the top three vote getters will be put to a final vote. the presidio tunnel top park will officially open tomorrow. this weekend's ribbon-cutting was six years in the making. the 118 million dollar project began with the construction of the presidio parkway, which opened in 2015. there are 14 acres of park with thousands of native plants, benches made from fallen trees and even a playground. aids walk sf 2022 returns to golden gate park tomorrow. to register, call the number on your screen or visitsf.aids the fundraising walk benefits
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hiv-aids cobeneficiaries. abc 7 is a proud sponsor and coverage of start sunday 9:00 a.m. with dan ashley. at 10:00 a.m., watch the kickoff on the abc 7 bay area streaming app wherever you stream. turning now to the weather. sa argen is tracking the forecast. we were talking about the aids walk, it be nice, mild weather. lisa: definitely. very comfortable with upper 50's. you will need the jacket to start out 60's later in the morning. . closer towards noon time. and then that sea breeze will be with you in the afternoon. and has been pretty typical downtown. the deck of low clouds getting compressed. we are not going to see a whole lot of fog unless you are right at the coast. live doppler 7 picking up on the clear sky inland and closer, it's merely along the san mateo coast. you can see a mile and a half visibility by half moon bay. up above. , the upper elevations, it is
6:20 am
dry. 7% relative humidity with 77 degrees on top of mount diablo. this is the view from vollmer peak with low clouds. 52 in the city, 55 in oakland, 59 in san jose with some clouds. it is clear inland but there are scattered clouds about. sutra right here. the deck of low clouds, it is pretty typical. as that high pressure builds, it is compressing, pushing it closer to the surface. that's why we have mist and drizzle at the coast. 48 santa rosa, 49 petaluma, upper 50's in livermore. you can see how compressed it is. sunshine on the way on the peninsula. and nice afternoon. it was in the low 80's redwood city yesterday, mid 80's today. numbers coming up about the sea breeze will continue to keep it pretty comfortable. coastal fog and drizzle heating up inland. we will see a good 10 degrees jump with temperatures mild that the coast. a gradual cooling trend into the week ahead.
6:21 am
as we look at the highs for your sunday, still warm, in the mid 90's. that should come down. numbers should be about three degrees cooler. you will notice the 70's instead of the 80's closer to the bay. as we get into monday, you don't notice a whole love change. but each and every day, we will see a bit stronger of a sea breeze and the low cloud deck really not going anywhere. is going to keep san francisco and the coast kind of gray an temperate. as we look at the highs today in one country, near 90. average high should be in the low 80's. a little change into sunday. it is really into next week where temperatures get trained anywhere from two to four, even five degrees. highs today, check it out. in our inland valleys, those pinks represent temperatures getting close to near 100. 97 in antioch, fairfield 98, concord 95. that's a good 7 to 11 degrees warmer. 77 in oakland. look at the north bay, warm day
6:22 am
for santa rosa, 93. 86 in san jose. that is up about four or five degrees. tomorrow, coming into the city, it's going to be gray,. some partial sunshine. by the afternoon, it is bright but cool, in the 60's. that accuweather 7 day forecast, summer heat inland. the heat lingers into tomorrow. by monday, some minor cooling will keep the forecast for each and every day. but the thing you notice here is we don't have those extremes. triple digit heat and we have those comfortable readings with the sea breeze at the coast. >> still hot in the north bay. fire danger always a concern. how would you rank the risk this coming week? lisa: it's going to come down a little bit this week because we are going to see more of an onshore flow with the fog and low clouds. today near 90 for much of my country. certainly elevated fire danger. >> good to know. just ahead, when you think of
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>> everyone is excited about the espy's next wednesday on abc seven. those crazy crab sandwiches at oracle park are hard to resist. when you think about your favorite team, what is your favorite food? we asked some of our sister stations for theirs. chris alvarez also waiting. > when you think of new york and think of food, as anything more synonymous with new york them pizza? patsy's pizza has been a classic. let's give it a try. patsy's pizza. we got the oil. this is how you know this is real new york pizza. >> when you come to philadelphia, you have to get yourself a cheesesteak. it's the best food going.
6:26 am
i like to order mine with wiz, that means with onions and with cheese with being my cheese of choice. there's no real wrong way to order a cheesesteak but don't ask for ketchup on it. >> bag of peanuts and giant pretzel. and guaranteed rayfield, those options are borderline offensive. food is next level at this park. the hot dog, best in baseball. chicago style, only way to go. >> coming here to houston and catch a game at minute maid park, your knowledge going to watch the reigning american league champs, but you're also going to gay taste of texas. the bayou doug is a hit, y' all.i am outside oracle >> art. when you go to the game, you have to get the garlic fries. the stadium smells like garlic fries and it's one of the best foods in all of major league baseball. the garlic fries make san francisco's signature. >> i will have to go with the doghouse grill across the street from fresno state.
6:27 am
it's got that central california tried to, get the tri-tip sandwich, barbecue sauce and a basket of fries, you are all set to go. >> when it comes to food at the ballpark, in l.a., i am a traditionalist and a dodger fan. you have to have a dodger dog. get the full-blown carney asada nachos and the dodger helmet and extra jalapenos. if you are not sweating, you are not doing it right. >> i agree, those garlic fries hard to resist. you can get a special look at the espy's at 10:00 on abc seven. catch the espy's featuring steph curry as host, that's coming up next wednesday starting at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc seven. still to come, removing a barrier to getting help. the new simplified suicide prevention phone number that just went live today. the abc7news i team digs into retail theft rings, how they work, and what's being done to crackdown. stay with us. stay with us.
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♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. ♪ >> good morning. it is 6:30. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. lisa argen joins us with what to expect this morning. lisa: we are looking at low clouds and fog, even some mist and drizzle at the coast. we have sunshine on the way and a warmer afternoon. 52 right now, 55 in oakland. there is fog on the coast and you can see the clouds at the shark tank but the sun coming out. upper 40's santa rosa, petaluma. a mile and a half visibility half moon bay. two mile visibility no votto.
6:31 am
in the next few hours, we are in the 60's inland, sunshine spreading westward. noontime, mid and upper 80's. closer to the bayshore, you're going to notice the sunshine earlier in oakland and el cerrito down towards hayward, mid, upper 70's. this is 3:00. helzberg, calistoga, it's a hot day. the fog comes back. we will talk about a slightly cooler outlook in the lookahead. >> thank you. developing news at the san francisco airport. police say the international terminal is now reopened after a bomb threat forced passengers to evacuate. here's a live look from our sfo camera. san francisco police say they have cleared several areas of concern and officers have safely removed multiple suspicious packages. this all started around 8:50 last night. thousands of people, including travelers and employees, had to evacuate. many posted about it on social media. this happened on friday night
6:32 am
during the height of summer travel season. abc7news went inside the airport to show people waiting not knowing when they might take off. police have made no arrests. they are talking to a man in connection with the suspicious packages. >> it has not been determined at this point whether those items are in fact incendiary devices that could be set off. at this time, the adult male that we detained is still speaking with us and is still part of our investigation. >> definitely when we landed and i turned on the signal on my phone and i was getting these alerts that everything is getting shut down and evacuated, that was a little worrying. it seems mostly ok now. >> if you are flying out of sfo this morning, the airport is urging passengers to check with their airline for flight information, and of course, allow some extra time. happening now, a new three digit phone number is now live and it
6:33 am
aims to same lives. 988 is the new number for the suicide prevention lifeline. mental health professionals hope it will be as easy to remember as 91. zach fuentes as more on the change and why experts say it is so needed. >> the national suicide prevention lifeline is a critical resource for people in distress. >> just making that call has an impact in terms of individuals' well-being. >> the number is not the easiest to remember, especially in times of crisis. as a mental health professional, i have to look >>. >> starting saturday, it's being simplified. >> when people call or text or chat 988, they will be connected to trained counselors. >> it's a resource data shows a sadly necessary. >> for the statistics, suicide was the second largest cause of death for individuals between the ages of 10 and 14 and 25 through 34. the number of deaths by suicide
6:34 am
in california was over 4000. >> a lot of work and more than $20 million in state funding have gone into shortening it. that money is to equip the call centers, who are expecting an increase in calls to come through. >> for decades, there have been 13 call centers across our state who have responded to crises. >> the california council of community behavioral health agencies includes those call centers. the ceo says she had concerns last year of the new centers being overwhelmed. months later and with more invested, she says she says she feels more confident but adds there's always room for more. >> as 988 it goes live and those numbers now turn over to 988, volunteers, there's enough trained staff to answer the needs. >> for mental health professionals, the numbers not only a new resource for the community, they say it's also a sign of hope. >> i think it sends a big message that this is,, that this happens to a lot of people and that there is help available. >> zach fuentes, abc7news.
6:35 am
>> if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, there is help available now. some groups let you reach them by text message. you will find a list of local resources on ction. covid-19 deaths are backup in the u.s.. 10% more people have died in just the past week. los angeles county is reporting the most death in the nations. also, the cdc says nearly 85% of americans are living in areas that are at medium or high risk for covid transmission. the agency is now urging people to reconsider masking indoors if they are at high risk for severe covid-19. as cases continue to ruge, could we see mask mandate returned to the bay area? we contacted all nine bay area counties to see. they all said no. health officials say even the
6:36 am
hospitalizations are rising because of the ba.5 very, it's not your high enough to reinstate the mandate. dr. john schwartzberg says masking can always help. dr. schwartzberg: if we don't want to get infected and we don't want to infect other people, we need to be wearing masks now. and frankly, if people would do that at a much higher level, then mandates would be unnecessary. >> the latest cdc data shows every bay area county is now in a high level category. the crackdown continues on retail theft operations in san francisco. earlier this week, police seized in nearly $200,000 worth of stolen goods from one man's apartment. police say these individuals often plan months in advance how to steal, where to resell and at what price. many of these cases are going under the radar. how can you tell what you are buying online is not stolen? it was a buster that surprised many, a san francisco man was able to steal, stock and resell
6:37 am
$200,000 worth of stolen goods in his apartment. police said there are many other operations like it across the bay area. >> this one arrest from wednesday could result in opening cases on several other open investigations and lead to several more rest. >> san francisco police sergeant adam lapsing her says there's been a noticeable spike in fencing operations in the midmarket area. how do they really work? he says they often start small, involve using middlemen, the people who try to offload stolen items as fast as possible. >> they are selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods online nationally. >> according to an analysis by the senate judiciary committee, there's more than $500 billion worth of stolen and counterfeit items sold online worldwide each year. and in some cases, it's the online retailers tipping off investigators. as fpd lieutenant scott ryan says ebay contacted them about
6:38 am
wednesday's fence suspect. >> we followed up. there was no crazy undercover process to it. we followed up with what they saw, saw the same thing, and took steps with working with everybody to identify who he was. >> what is being done to crackdown? nancy skinner introduced a bill that puts more responsibility on the online marketplace, tightening requirements for sellers. >> the marketplace has to get information like their business license, the receipt of goods, those kinds of things to prove that they are the owners of these goods in a legitimate way and they have not been stolen. >> investigators say these organized crime rings operate on everyday sites we all use like ebay, craigslist and even amazon. what should we look out for? we brought this to 7 on your side's michael finney. >> what you ought to look for is a seller who is brand-new, they've never sold anything before, especially if it's an expensive purse, watch,
6:39 am
something like that. or if it is bulk. . if it is brand-new, bulk, a whole case of aspirin. you have to ask yourself, where did they come up with a case of aspirin? if it does not pass the smell test. >> another tip from michael, if you buy an item that is stolen, you could be subject to legal prosecution. while that is unlikely, especially if you bought the item unknowingly, it's important to know legally it's not yours. as for senator skinner's legislation, if it passes, it will help protect both consumers and retailers. it is moving to the assembly now. tuesday night's mega millions jackpot has increased to $530 million. is with -- it is one of the top 10 largest jackpots in mega millions history. nobody matched all the numbers and last night's drawing. last night's numbers were 8, 20, 26, 53, 64. the mega ball number is 15.
6:40 am
the odds of matching all six numbers are one in more than 302 million. still ahead on abc seven mornings, tourism is booming in san francisco. the noticeable uptick in visitors to the city and the impact on businesses. and here's a live look for mike cameron santa cruz -- from our camera in santa cruz. going to be a milder date. lisa argen will
6:41 am
every search you make, evy step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified.
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>> new details. two forsaken tigers with po exotic are getting a new home at the oakland zoo. the tigers are named lola and mia and were rescued from a roadside tourist attraction in oklahoma. a concerned citizen contacted the oakland zoo saying the tigers were underfed and lived in small, filthy cages. they traveled thousands of miles and found deformities on both tigers. >> the thing with the neglected animals is we just don't have
6:43 am
any history on the. we don't know their age. they probably have never received veterinary care, preventative care like vaccinations or blood tests to check kidney health. >> after treatment, the tigers will live in the zoo's newly remodeled tiger exhibit. mia and lola could be seen by the public in the upcoming months. before we go to break, let's check in with lisa. lisa: good morning to you. a beautiful view from our sutro tower camera. 54 downtown san francisco, near 60 already with clear sky and inland valleys. that's where temperatures are going to be really warm. we will talk about temperatures in the upper 90's while the coast stays cool, even with some drizzle right now. stay tuned. . accuweather 7 day forecast is next. >> also next, ninth-inning magic at oracle park. the giants rally capped off by something they had done in 49 years -- had not done in 49 years. larry
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>> in sports, both the giants and the a's will try to win their second straight games against division leaders. first pitch is at 1:10 this afternoon at minute maid park. the giants will take on the milwaukee brewers at oracle park. last night, san francisco had one of the most dramatic wins of the season. here is abc 7 sports director larry beil with the highlights. larry: good morning, everybody. talk about saving best for last. the giants were toast until the bottom of the ninth against milwaukee. they came through with three homers off of one of the best closers in the game. you know how i get to work? ride the foil, towel off, good to go. giants were not good to go early. andrew mccutchen makes them pay. 4-2 milwaukee. giants down 5-2 bottom of the ninth. going off of -- joey bart going
6:47 am
off of josh hader, one of the best in baseball. bart has come alive. darin ruf again. high and deep. aloha means goodbye. it is 5-4. is this really happening? bases-loaded. good night. drive home safely. walk-off grand slam. the last giant to do that, bobby bonds in 1973. incredible. the final, 8-5 giants. how about the a's facing the astros in houston? cole irvin, he just pitched against these guys on sunday, lost, although he did pitch well. in this game, irvin allows a run on three hits. two on for elvis andrus. base hit center field. jake myers bobbles. r.b.i. single will make it 3-1. in the ninth, it is a bolt of lightning.
6:48 am
he had a career-high three rbis. nba summer league in vegas, james wiseman getting back into shape for the warriors. jalen williams, rookie out of santa clara, drafted by okc maybe the best summer league , play we have seen. jonathan kuminga with authority. mack mcclung may have earned himself a two way contract. nola condition to wiseman. -- no look dish to wiseman. looking good. as for jalen williams, showing the skills at 10 points. okc beat the summer w's. reality it might be settling in. this could be his last time walking up the 18th fairway at st. andrews. tagger did not make the cut. the gallery was cheering for tagger, who was -- tiger, who was fighting back tears. the leader after two rounds, cameron smith. this is a 64 foot eagle on 14. he is is -13 and has a two shot lead heading into round three.
6:49 am
which is underway across the pond. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> let's get a check of our bay area forecast. lisa argen joins us with the details. lisa: you can see all that fog as high-pressure has built on in. as we look at live doppler 7, you see all the fog off the coast. going closer, hard to detect but it is up 101 in marin county but more so around half moon bay with mild visibility. certainly creating some problems. pretty picture from vollmer peak, where temperatures above the inversion are in the 70's to upper 70's. relative humidity anywhere from 4% to 20%. already dry above that inversion. below is where the relative committee is just f temperatures have dropped off into the 50's. 50 two half moon bay, 53 in the city, 59 palo alto. this is our sutro tower camera
6:50 am
or the deck of low clouds ranges from 600 feet to over a thousand feet. 48 santa rosa, 58 petaluma. vollmer peak care, nice of you. as we get into the afternoon, it's nothing but sunshine. coastal fog and drizzle giving way to partly cloudy conditions. but there will be a lot of fog at the coast. the breeze, not only will it be with us, it will be gusty at the coast. heating up inland today with temperatures well into the 90's. contrast that to those 60's at her beaches and then gradual cooling as we get into the week ahead. here's our inland east around pleasanton and danville. in the 90's today, above average. we should see upper 80's. we will drop off about four or five degrees in some neighborhoods for sunday. that slow cooling trend as we get into the rest of the work week. in the south bay, about four or five degrees above average. san jose, a warm 86 today. 80 in sunnyvale. look for 90 in los gatos.
6:51 am
on the peninsula, numbers are up a few degrees. with the sea breeze, we will not see highs much lower than the mid 80's. 80 in palo alto. looking at san bruno and san mateo in the mid and upper 70's. but no s in pacificaun, half moon bay. mid and upper 80's with the warmth. 90's there sonoma, upper 90's calistoga. look at cloverdale in lakeport, it's going to be hot as temperatures approach near 100 degrees. vallejo, 88, that's a warm day and said east bay. sunshine on the way. that brings a warmer afternoon. pleasant for oakland, up around five, six degrees from yesterday's readings. 81 ai castro valleyn. this is where the air quality from eastern contra costa county and the marsh fire not particularly great.
6:52 am
the sea breeze helps out a little bit but there is no advisory. you know the routine. throughout the afternoon, it should get a little bit better but that breeze will be backing off today. highs in the mid 90's for pittsburg, 90 in brentwood, 94 in livermore. aids walk in san francisco tomorrow with cloudy skies, 50's. 10:00, a little sunshine. low 60's with a breeze in the afternoon, partly cloudy. typical day downtown. . the heat is with usoday, it lingers into suing trend keed >> a r, sa, thank you. inflation and other issues continue to be a worry for the broader economy. tourism is proving to be a bright spot for the city of san francisco. numbers have been steadily rising for months now and have seen a dramatic surge since the start of the summer. tim johns tells us why is having a positive impact on your wallet. tim: after a two-year pandemic
6:53 am
break, they are back. everywhere from down on the streets to high above the city skyline. as inflation and other issues because worries about the economy, tourism is proving to be a bright spot for san francisco. >> the pandemic was hard on everyone and everything. it certainly business, most specifically, small business. >> melissa rodriguez is the head of the union square lines. she says over the past several months, the number of visitors coming to the city has exploded. that means support for thousands of jobs around the bay area and more money going towards the city's general budget. >> they are coming>> to our businesses, frequenting shops, restaurants, staying in hotels. >> the uptick in visitors has been noticeable at local hilton properties says send iran mission. figures from sf travel show hotel occupancy climbing from about 30% january 2 nearly every 5% in june. growth that she says is broad-based. >> at the beginning of the year, it was premature our domestic tourism. we are seeing an uptick coming
6:54 am
from europe, especially the u.k. >> beyond economic impacts the return of tourism brings to the bay area, rodriguez says it's also about the intangible things. making the city once again come alive and giving us back a sense of vibrancy. >> it is good for just the morale of the city as we are coming out of a very challenging pandemic and kind of moving forward. >> in san francisco, tim johns, abc7news. >> next, the disney magic is definitely back, especially this weekend. wait until you're here with the park is kicking up to celebrate its anniversary. we will be right back. we will be right back. ♪ thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by $50 or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. of welcome. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting
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and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. >> tomorrow is the 67th anniversary of disneyland. to mark the occasion park , visitors can enjoy magical treats. there are birthday cupcakes and get this, a mickey shaped pie. guests can celebrate this weekend. this is the 50th year of the main street parade. disney is the parent company of
6:57 am
abc 7. happening today, if you are looking for something fun to do, you may want to head over to chase center's thrive city here in san francisco. today is blankets and blockbusters. families can enjoy a kid friendly movie. there will be a kidzone, including games and crafts. also, giveaways and snacks. the fun starts at 3:00 p.m. with the movie beginning before dark. tonight is sports night with a screening of "space jam" with lebron james. klay thompson and draymond green make appearances in the movie. one last check with lisa on the forecast. lisa: we are heating up today. in fact, the temperatures will be above average with upper 90's coming. out towards brentwood and antioch. 94 in livermore, 95 in concord, 93 santa rosa, cool at the coast. breezy winds, 71 downtown. the forecast for aids walk will be comfortable, in the upper 50's for sunday.
6:58 am
a gradual cooling trend for the week ahead. numbers will settle down to about average for this time of year. >> thanks for joining us on abc seven mornings. i am stephanie sierra in for liz kreutz, and for lisa argen. abc 7 continues at 9:00 a.m. have a great day. ♪ meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point. and his a1c? ron is on it.
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good morning, america. middle east meetings. president biden's high-stakes trip. will it lead to lower gas prices?rsy. the outrage this moment is sparking back home and only on "gma." national security council spokesman john kirby joins us from saudi arabia. deadly dust storm. at least six people killed in a massive pileup on a montana highway. high winds reducing visibility to near zero. plus, two people killed when floodwaters sweep through colorado and europe's battle against raging wildfires. summer surge. covid cases rising to the highest level in four months. plus, monkeypox, the new warning


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