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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 17, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to the middle of everything! >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. jobina: police aren't just getting a deadly shooting after a fight outside of a bowling alley. good morning, everyone. we are first going to start with a quick check of the weather with lisa. good morning. lisa: good morning to you. sunshine definitely revealing itself across the city right in time for the aids walk. there is fog at the coast. we go in and you will notice it is holding on for now, but the airport is clear with temperatures ranging in the upper 50's to low 60's. look at the upper 60's from san jose and even 70's in our inland valleys from concord. livermore is at 70.
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it is a warmer start. four to seven degrees warmer. partial coming later on. as temperatures climb throughout the day, they will continue to heat up inland with 9:00 temperatures passing the 70 degree mark. 80's by noon time and mid to upper 70's around the bayshore. inland once again will be hot in the 90's but cool, comfortable, breezy at the coast. jobina: police are looking for the suspect involved of a troubleshooting out of a bowling alley. one of the victims is a 28 euros man who died at the scene. two others are also shop and stable at the hospital. the incident started as an argument in the bar area around 6:00 last night. it turned into a physical fight. the suspect pulled out a gun and shot three people before taking off. >> we believe they knew each other, but what caused the
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verbal altercation that led to the physical altercation and ultimately the shooting we do not know exactly what it was at this point are allowing the progress to unfold and tie everything together so we can get the person. jobina: police say they are following leads. a double shooting on 6th street between market admission, officers responded around 7:45 p.m. last night. the victims have non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect left the scene and has not been arrested. the search continues in mt. view for the man who shot a police officer. policing officer was conducting a traffic stop downtown early yesterday morning when the driver shot the officer and drove off. he crashed in a nearby neighborhood and has not been found. >> mountain view pd has been
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involved in officer-involved shooting. the officer was shot. >> dispatcher recording to be on the lookout for a suspect moments after the shooting. my to do -- mountain view policing the shooting unfolded within seconds. >> within seconds, the driver of the car opened fire on him. >> katie nelson is a spokesperson for the police department and says shortly after midnight, the officer initiated a traffic stop in downtown while working on overtime dui shift. he took a bullet to the upper body, was treated at the hospital, and released. the officer did not return fire. >> i think any officer expects or wants to encounter like what our officer did last night. >> after shooting the officer, the suspect drove off and crashed his suv a few blocks away and then fled on foot. >> the conflict is coming out so we stayed inside. >> the suspect crashed into this man's daughter's car. >> otherwise, it is a pretty
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safe neighborhood? >> yes. >> many residents did not want to show their name or give -- show their face or give their name in fear of retaliation. they were told to stay inside as officers investigated for about seven hours. >> there were around five or seven police cars around here and i believe two over here. they were looking for someone. >> they have a possible lead on a suspect but will not give any description at this time. they are thankful the officer was not seriously injured and others were not hurt. >> people are always downtown, so who knows what could have happened if the suspect continued to open fire and potentially who else they may have hit. we are just very grateful this did not turn into something incredibly tragic. jobina: starting tomorrow, you will not have to wear a mask when riding bart, which would
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lift its requirement for the second time in three months, but the mass mandate could come back to get the requirement could be reinstated if the current uptick in covid cases continues. some medical experts say with the newest covid variant looming, now is not the time to stop wearing your masks and some passengers we spoke with agree. >> because of the happy foot traffic the city gets and personally around the whole bay area, i think covid is not completely over, so i think in a smart to kind of still stay safe. jobina: bart lifted his original last-minute in april when a federal judge ended across the country and reinstated the mandate after the board of directors approved an amendment to the district code of conduct. happening today, thousands will be got in san francisco for a great cause. aids walk 2022 returns to golden gate park and abc 7 is a proud longtime sponsor and our very
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own dan ashley is at golden gate park with a preview of today's walk. good morning. good to see you. dan: it is we to see you. good morning from robin williams meadow in golden gate park where aids walk 2022 is about to get underway. it has been a long rich history of this event. the last two years have been virtual. this year we are back in prison. this is one of my favorite days of the year for so many reasons. it is a chance to get together with old friends and make a difference. channel seven has been a long time supporter, sponsor of this event. i think this is my 28th you're doing this. such a terrific way to get involved and make a difference in this community. let me give you a quick tour of what is going on. there will be speakers at gatherings. it is a little different this year even though we are back in prison. it is a little scaled down of the pandemic. we have sponsorship tense, people gathering. the walk will begin at 10:30.
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it is a fundraiser to support the aids hiv organizations in this community that make such a difference in the lives of so many people, and they have done that for the past several decades. before covid, we used the word pandemic often associated with hiv and aids and then covid hit and when we say pandemic that is what we first think. aids and hiv is still an issue in this community. much different than it used to be when we first started coming here to golden gate park, but it is still very much something that needs our attention. i want to introduce to you my friend robert mansfield forget great to see you as always. on the board of hr foundation. i was saying that before covid, we said pandemic and referred to hiv and aids but things are much better now than they were when we first started walking here many years ago but it is still an issue. >> still an issue. still a need. so much has pivoted to covid
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recently. all the money and research. we want to let people know other are still people who have been living with this for years and we have the agencies out here doing the great work they do, and they really need our help right now because a lot of the funding has been shifted to other things. dan: that is true. as the hiv-aids pandemic has shifted and improved in terms of no longer being a death sentence, people do live with it now in many respects, i think people have assumed who are not plugged into this issue that it is not as big a deal or as much of a crisis. in some ways, maybe it is not, but it is still very much a crisis an issue. >> very much a crisis. the unrestricted funds from the walk divided help that other money could duplicate golden compass program for aging with hiv, so that was just simply a quality of life issue. we gave them two years of funding. they were able to build data to take to a permanent funder forget it now it is a permanently funded program.
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dan: all of the money raised here goes to a very worthy organization. highlight a couple of them. >> everything goes straight back in the bay area. we have the eight memorial grove, the castro country club, ucsf field is a big team. we via for competition within ucsf. there are so many agencies that really benefit from this money. all of the agencies that field a team here get to keep the bulk of the money they bring in. dan: have a great day. nice to be back in person. >> is coming alive. dan: thanks very much. as we were saying, this event has such a rich history over many years. let me show you some but you of years past for those of you not familiar permitted literately 25,000 people -- familiar. literally 25,000 people would gather here to march and raise money and awareness for hiv and aids and all the worthy organizations that this event supports every year.
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you are talking about lifesaving, life-changing work for those people who have been affected by this disease. over the years, literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised. we will raise a lot of money again here today. as i come back out, i want to show you some of our great sponsors. francesca, where are you? >> here i am. dan: vice chancellor. i know you are glad to be here. >> i am. i am thrilled. whh iting, especially given the history of the ucsf support. since 1987, ucsf has been such a partner and leader, not only in research but only with our efforts at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital, but from a community level. i was telling someone that it is touching for me, us coming out and reuniting after two years of
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not having this opportunity, it is a different energy focusing on community and where we have come. it is a really amazing time. dan: it feels good to be back in person after years of virtual, which were great events, but there is nothing like being boots on the ground. everyone seeing one another once again to make a difference in this community and with this hiv-aids pandemic that is still very much an issue. things have changed for the better but it is still a problem. >> yes. we have a way to go forget it is now a manageable disease that we don't have a cure for so everyone needs to keep top of mind we need to continue to focus and think about as we are walking today we have come such a long way but are not there yet. still have to find a cure and continue the services we are providing for those suffering from hiv and aids. dan: that is why we are here today. think you so much and for everything you guys do at ucsf. the vice chancellor at ucsf. we will have a great day out here.
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the walk starts in one hour and 15 i will be back with another lab report shortly. aids walk san francisco is on and we are thrilled to be here and be part of building a better bay area by making a real difference in this community with all of these great people who are out here showing their care and support. jobina: the walk is on and so are you. everyone out there. i like to see it forget for now, -- i like to see it. for now, let's check in with lisa. lisa: looks like a fun time and sunshine. socked in at the shoreline. temperatures in the upper 50's. we will talk about the rest - you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels...
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♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. ♪♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. jobina: in ukraine, the civilian death toll is rising as pressure continues to strike residential buildings, schools, pumping more bay area ukrainians and beyond to call for action. our reporter has the story. >> another search for civilians after another russian missile attack on another ukrainian city
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in a week going to bring dozens of deaths. this is the aftermath. multiple missiles striking multiple buildings, including this school zimmerman grew up in. >> she has seen the video. it is very hard for her to talk about this because, again, this school is seen from the windows of our apartment. >> her mother fled the country a couple months ago. now living with her in the bay area. >> when i woke up to the video at my school blowing up, you know, i went through the first to 11th grade there i had this -- there. i had this flashback. >> for maria, it is too much. >> all of her children went there. she has good friends that were teachers there. >> and the continued attacks on
9:17 am
civilians or capturing attention here. a group gathering saturday calling for the designation of russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. yulia agrees. >> civilian targets have been hit. children, mothers, even in areas that are deemed safe. >> fuming, she says, for those beyond the borders of her homeland. >> people might think that ukraine is far from their home and their backyard, but as long as putin is in power, not only is ukraine not safe, no one is safe. >> but for now, they hang on. maria hoping to someday return home. >> we must reach a moment where there will be peace. and when that moment comes, hopefully some of our building will stand so she has some were to return to. jobina: a group that has been assisting the blind and visually impaired for decades celebrating
9:18 am
a milestone. guide dogs for the blind marked 80 years of service with a 1980's themed celebration yesterday. the event honored those who raise dogs to become trusted guides to humans in keeping with a 1980's theme. some of yesterday's event included lots of neon colors and a few legwarmers as well. also, 10 recently born puppies were delivered to their new raisers. volunteers spent time cleaning up damaged by vandals. four schools were vandalized. they trashed rooms, brook furniture, appliances, and compyesterday, 20 volunteers cld up the rooms. >> it is disheartening for the community, for the kids. kids need to be in a clean learning environment. so we want to make sure to come or the makhe s have a nice lea greenwood academy,
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bayview elementary enrichment, and two other schools have been hit -- in richmond, and two other schools have been hit. the san francisco art institute says it is persimmon -- it is permanently closed. in february, u.s. officials said they were in discussions to acquire the art institute and could begin offering classes as soon as this fall. sfai has been struggling financially. starting today, the school said it basically seized operations. the school was founded in 1871 and is among the oldest art schools in the country. fire crews say they made good progress on the marsh fire burning in pittsburgh. water is flowing through the burned area in an effort to flood the marsh and mitigate the smoke, which is already causing an air-quality advisory. the fire has been burning decomposing wetland vegetation for six weeks now.
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that could continue to burn for months. this morning, the fire burning in yosemite is 39% contained. flames have scorched more than 4800 acres. that is 7.5 square miles. the highway 41 entrance remains closed. the town will open to residents only and property owners today with safety escorts. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking our forecast. what is going on? lisa: looks nice. a little sun coming out. temperatures are comfortable. we will get into partly cloudy conditions for a really nice afternoon. the sea breeze will keep temperatures cool. if you are headed out further to the beaches, highs will be in the low 60's. as we look at live doppler 7, our visible image up and down the coast, we have the cloud deck and the fog not only today but for the week ahead not really going anywhere. as we get in a little closer, you will see it is scatting out over the city.
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sunshine on the way. winds will be over 20 miles per hour later today. 67. it has been sunny for a while in san jose. 58 in the city. 62 in oakland. palo alto, 63. mid-50's at the bay. it is certainly sunny on our way to another warm to hot afternoon. low 60's in santa rosa. low 70's in concord. livermore at 70 degrees. everyone this morning is warmer. two to five degrees warmer. sunshine on the peninsula with more 70's today. close to 80, upper 70's perhaps. the sea breeze allowing for the wide temperature spread. still foggy at the coast. warm to hot inland. cooler days to the middle of the week. we have two things going on.
9:22 am
an area of low pressure offshore allowing the low cloud deck to stay with us, burn off in the afternoon come back in the bay. low pressure east of us is building in and bringing in a lot of heat for the san joaquin valley. also to the sierra nevada, dry conditions for northwestern nevada. reno, northeastern california, a red flag warning while the bay area stays pretty temperate. looking at numbers at the coast, low 60's in pacifica. a couple degrees warmer up the coast. 79 in santa cruz. looking at the next several days, numbers will hover around 90 and inland valleys from dental to -- danville to concord. slightly cooler temperatures in the in the valleys which will take us to be average. 78 in fremont. 86 in napa. nice afternoon in san jose, 84.
9:23 am
hot, 92 in santa rosa. a slightly cooler day today in oakland at 74. the seven day forecast. we have the heat holding on inland but not as hot. look for mid-90's again on monday. upper 70's around the bayshore. a little change tuesday but the cooler weather looks like it will win out into the inland valleys, bringing in heat as much as eight degrees cooler than today by the end of the upcoming work week. jobina:jobina: sounds pretty good to me. thank you. just ahead, our countdown to the espy's continues. we are showcasing athletes who we are showcasing athletes who are not letting mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club.
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ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction, and don't take it if you're on dialysis. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. a once-daily pill that goes beyond lowering a1c? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. jobina: the espy's are coming up
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wednesday on abc 7 seven. today, we are showcasing athletes across the country who are not letting their different -- their disabilities stop them. >> it looks and feels like football but we are in a wheelchair. it is intense. there is no begin catching, a lot of the same principles that go along with able-bodied athletes and the nfl. it is happening here. >> from ever thought of the fact i could play adaptive sports. and then bridge to sports came to my element tree school, and it was fantastic because i was able to do these really awesome things. >> it does not matter thdi if you provide the opportunities, they also want to play. >> i stopped the ball three times and i did a great job. >> i have confidence in myself. i will do my best. that is honestly all i can ask myself for. >> they want to win like anybody else. they are just awesome kids to work with. >> when i was born, i had a deformity.
9:27 am
my legs were not functioning the right way and my mom made the decision to amputate them. she made me climb on counters to get to the top shelf to get the cups down for orange juice in the morning and learn how to get around on my hands. >> there is never a no factor, i can't do this. an amazing individual. >> a label does not define you. it is how you approach life and how you go about doing things. i don't give up. jobina: i love that. you can catch the espy's featuring steph curry as host coming up wednesday starting at 8:00 p.m. on abc 7. still to come, we are taking a live look at golden gate park. we are one hour away from the start of the aids walk sf 2022. dan ashley is there with a preview and will be with us
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding
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solutions, this is abc7news. jobina: good morning, everybody. we are going to start out this half-hour with a look at the weather with lisa. lisa: good morning to you. it is brightening up in parts of san francisco. we look from our tower camera where temperatures are still on the cool side. 58 degrees, not attribute oakland, 62. upper 60's in san jose. you can see the fog here where it is 81 degrees already at 2600 feet. 63 in santa rosa. 62 in concord. 24 hours ago, we were cooler. we are warm this morning. it still will be hot inland. the fog wants to fade away but still clinging to the coast. 11:00, 80's inland. 1:00, 70's, bayshore. by later in the afternoon, mid 90's. a few degrees cooler inland. 80's to 90's in the north bay with low to mid 70's -- i should
9:31 am
say east bay. i will talk about that in detail coming up. jobina: happening today, a big event in san francisco. people are starting together around golden gate park for a good cause. aids walk sf 2022 is back after a two-year virtual hiatus. abc 7 is a proud longtime sponsor. our friend dan ashley is already there. i unloving the outfit. you have the cool jacket, white pants, but the best energy and into seattle for today. it is amazing. how is it going. -- how is it going? dan: it is going great. thank you for good good morning. i have some energy because this is such an exciting event. we have been here for decades doing this at abc 7 is such an involved and proud sponsor and i have been proud to be a part of it as well. i have energy because this is my first day back from vacation so i had some time off and ready to go. we will have a great day.
9:32 am
after two years of ritual aids walks, which were wonderfully successful and a lot of fun and went great, we are back in person this year and everyone is so excited about them. here live at robin williams meadow in golden gate park where thousands of people will gather for this annual walk this year, a 5k walk that is often 10, but i think it is a little more palatable for a lot of people. it is a nice day. a little chilly and windy but not bad at all. you guys ready to go? u.s. coast guard. we left the coast guard. you guys ready to do some aids walking? thank you. good to see you. teams from all over the bay area have come here and put together organizations to walk. you guys ready to go? thank you for being with us. lots of great stuff. people are in like to get some food and get ready to go. here we go. come on over here.
9:33 am
glenn good is a good friend of mine. every year, one of the top fundraisers. great to be with you. >> good to be with you on another beautiful day. very happy to report $51,000 this year. over $51,000 in donations. dan: that you have raised? >> so far this year. we are really happy with everybody's outpouring of support on a beautiful day in san francisco. dan: nice to be back in person. >> yes. better than the two years of ritual. even though we loved seeing people virtually, it is better in person celebrating such great remembrance of people who have passed and what we need to do to make sure we address this pandemic going forward. dan: could not have said that better myself what is the secret to raising money? >> you have to keep asking. persistence. a lot of times, you have to keep asking and hopefully they say
9:34 am
yes. sometimes people can. some people can't. most people have great hearts. we want to be able to ask them year after year. dan: why is it so important after all of these years to you personally to still be doing this, and why should people still care and get involved? >> june 8, 1981, was the first diagnosis in san francisco of someone with aids. that has been over 41 years ago. the aids pandemic is still here. it still needs to be on the forefront. science has done a great job for us, but we still have a pandemic that needs a cure. that really needs to be addressed. dan: we have a lump treatments and preventative measures but we still don't have a cure. >> correct. that is why we are here, to put it in the forefront so people don't forget. dan: glenn good raised over
9:35 am
$51,000. you are doing good. thank you so much. the walk gets underway in about one hour. people i really started together now at golden gate park. i want to introduce you to another friend of mine who has been here for many years. >> thanks for being back. dan: of course. nice to be back in person. >> after three years, yeah, wonderful to be back in the meadow again. dan: you are one of our star walkers, people who raise a lot of money. >> as of a half-hour ago, $11,100 but i am still going. dan: still making calls? > my regulars come in on the day of. dan: why is it important for you to do this and still be raising money? >> that is a good question, still. i have been doing it since the darkest days of the epidemic. i started with the second aids walk in 1988. aids is still with us. we still don't have a cure or vaccine. now, long-term survivors are dealing with so many issues, especially since covid.
9:36 am
we need to support this community. we need the help. a lot of funding and attention was pulled away from hiv and aids during covid. we need to support this community, so that is why i am here year after year presented so many others who cannot be here in person. i am the designated walker. you look around the meadow at all of these people are supported by a group of other people. dan: there is so much care and love and support in this part. it is motivating and uplifting. >> absolutely. dan: i will let you get back to making the calls. >> i have more money to raise. dan: a great point that covid, not only did it compel us to not be live and in person and do virtual walks the last couple years, it took attention and money and resources away from aids and hiv research and relief efforts. understandably because we had such a dire emergency with covid. but remember, so many people with compromised immune systems were even more at risk of covid
9:37 am
and that involves people who have hiv and aids. the pandemic was another blow to people already dealing with serious health issues because of hiv and aids. we will be back as the day continues. aids walk 2022 is back in person and we are delighted to share with you. let's go back to you. jobina: sounds good. thank you so much. i love the perspective we are getting from you out there. still to come on abc seven mornings, the grand opening of san francisco's newest park. the festivities planned for today. and here is a live look outside. beautiful view. beautiful view. lisa my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years.
9:38 am
we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you.
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the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. jobina: as we come back from break, the seals are nowhere to be found at pier 39. lisa will have your full
9:40 am
forecast in a few minutes. san francisco's newest park is officially set to open. >> 3, 2, 1. jobina: house speaker nancy pelosi and the mayor took part in a ceremony yesterday. today, everyone is invited to head over for the grand opening for the public good will be food music, that of other activities -- food, music, other activities. it connects two of the main areas, the main post section and the waterfront area below. heads up if you are heading to danville for the car show. several streets in downtown will be closed from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you are wondering about parking, dental is offering free parking around the venue. the car show starts at 11:00 and will be over by 4:00 but the crews will need an hour or so to
9:41 am
clean up so all downtown streets should reopen by 5:00 p.m. lisa: nice and sunny away from the coast right now. it is about 60 degrees here. highs in the mid-seventies with an afternoon sea breeze but still well into the 90's inland. we will get a little cooler throughout the week. it will take some time. i will have the details, coming up. jobina: also next, a chance to get the game-winning hit for the giants for a second straight day. chris alvarez shows us how a chris alvarez shows us how a bulk meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really?
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jobina: as we come back from break, gorgeous shot of san francisco. really clearview with beautiful blue skies. lisa has all the details on the weather in a few minutes. in sports, the giants and a's will play their final game before heading to the all-star break oakland takes on the
9:44 am
asterisk minute maid park. logan webb text about for the giants against the brewers. first pitch is that when a 5:00 p.m. -- is at 1:05 p.m. here is chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: good morning. i kissed him ski caps off a rally with a grin's to be the brewers saturday afternoon. he was up at the plate again with the game on the line. a sellout crowd at oracle part. ruff homered friday. two dingers in two days. alex cobb pitching into the seventh inning. hunter renfroe off the end of the bat. austin slater, all kind of trouble. the ball drops. renfro goes to third. cobb can't believe it. at bottom of the eighth, bases-loaded -- bases loaded.
9:45 am
call for the balk. not much of a move. 2-1, giants. the brewers got the time went to third in the ninth. strike three called, ballgame. he is excited. giants win juiced bart -- bart is juiced. asterisk fans, that is intense. two outs with no one on. maldonado makes him pay. grand slam. 4-0, houston. justin verlander increase control -- in cruise control. he struck out the side in his sixth and final inning. he leads the majors with 12 wins this season.a's lose . the final game for the all-star break is today. celebrity softball game at dodger stadium. hunter pence playing the
9:46 am
villain, wearing the orange socks. pence nearly takes it over the fence, showing off the san francisco shirt. great celebration from hunter. in the third my bryan cranston, mr. breaking bad. bad pitch, and he got hit. hunter charging. next pitch, pence puts a charge into this one. see you. his team ended up winning the game. draymond green among the stars in attendance for the drew league pro am. lebron james rocked the rim often. inbound plate in front of dray. lebron showing off the hammer. his first appearance in this since 2011. he went for 42 points, 16 rebounds, and 4 steals. that is your look at sports. have a great day. jobina: i have been teasing her
9:47 am
also long saying she has the details if you are ready to get outside this weekend. what has been happening? lisa: it is nice out there. and a lot of sunshine. the marine layer has been pretty sparse. it is up along the coast it has not extended locally inland. as we look at live doppler 7 right now, you can see golden gate park cloudy. the beaches gray -- gray but it will pull away. the breeze up to 20 miles per hour. you can see all the sunshine. nice-looking day on the way. 62 in oakland. 65 in palo alto. 57n n permitted here is a look from our east bay hills camera. you can see the deck of low clouds getting shallower. 63 in santa rosa. 68 by the delta.
9:48 am
low 70's and i were in the valley. this morning, it has been warmer. as much as four to five degrees warmer in the inland valleys. yesterday, it was 100 degrees at livermore airport with 99 in concord at the airport. right now, it is 60 degrees in santa cruz. sun trying to come out. we will trim a few degrees and then but not much. still warm to hot in our into your valleys with the coastal fog pulling back temporarily the afternoon sea breeze. the cooler days is slated for the later part of the upcoming work week. here is a look at the low cloud deck where you can see some sun but low to mid 60's should do it. half moon bay and pacifica, hazy with the clouds. another push of clouds tonight. the sea breeze up to 30 miles per hour today right at the coast. certainly breezy there. into your monday, it clears back
9:49 am
in the south bay -- back. in the south 8s in the area. it was a hot one yesterday on the peninsula. downtown will come out of the 70's. upper 60's and some limited sun. temperatures in the low 60's from the sunset. mid 80's in the votto, napa. sonoma near 90. comfortable here. mid 70's for most from hayward to newark. looking at 77 in union city. you had inland and we are pretty warm. 95 in pittsburgh and antioch with upper 80's to low 90's around the valley there. a typical summer afternoon.
9:50 am
holding onto the warmth and heat inland. the steady pattern with little change throughout the beginning of the workweek. 60's coast.70's around the bay . 90's inland. overall a little cooler coming back to seasonal averages at the end of the week and i were in the valleys. nothing too extreme. it is dry out there. jobina: you are speaking to me. yes. thank you. we will be back with dan ashley we will be back with dan ashley as we count down to a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans.
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jobina: we are counting down to the start of aids walk sf 2022 at golden gate park so we are going to turn it over to dan ashley, who is going to close out the show for us live from golden gate park. dan: that is one of pressure. i have to close out the show. thank you so much. i appreciate it. great to be with you this morning. thanks for tuning in, everyone. so excited to be back in robin
9:53 am
williams but don't go to get park for the annual aids walk that has been going on for decades. abc 7 has been and continues to be a parent sponsor of this event. infterwo go wille sfftwo years past we n virtual because of the pandemic but this year we are back in person. thousands of people gathering for a 5k walk it is a gorgeous day. little breezy and cool but very nice. people are raising a lot of money. i have been talking with a lot of volunteers, a lot of fundraisers who have been raising tens of thousands of dollars for a total that will be well over $1 million in fundraising to support hiv and aids organizations in this community. every year, this event supports dozens of worthy organizations that make a real difference in the lives of people dealing with hiv and aids.
9:54 am
sure, we have made an awful lot of progress in this pandemic over the years, but there is still no cure and that is why people are here, to continue to help people who are dealing with this disease, trying to prevent it, trying to help alleviate some of the difficulty of suffering. i should point out that covid affected people with compromised immune systems more than anyone else. that certainly involves people with hiv and aids. the folks dealing with this pandemic have really been adversely affected by the other pandemic, the covid pandemic. that is what it is so important to continue this effort year after year. let me show you around and set the scene a little bit. you will see a lot of people in matching outfits. those are teams from various organizations. the castro country club ucsf, major sponsor. you will see people wearing paper crowns. those are star markers, people who have raised a lot of money. people with food and drink getting themselves ready for the
9:55 am
walk that will start in 35 minutes. we will can't be that on our streaming apps and websites are stay tuned for that as we continue. i want to introduce you to a very important person. he is the event director this year. doing great. >> we are doing great. we have our amazing sponsors, premier sponsor. we have our grant sponsor, which you all know, abc 7, right here. dan: that is right. we are proud to have been a sponsor all these years, but the organizations you mentioned are critical to making this a success. >> we could not do it without them. and all of the community that comes out and supports us. it is so important. we have some amazing sponsors. we have a lot of teams. all the teams that are benefiting from this like the country club, national aids memorial group, all of those. they benefit from this.
9:56 am
it is important money that will help them sustain throughout the years. dan: so important that we are back alive after two years of ritual, which was a great success. >> is the real deal. we are in person, feet on the ground. we have craig miller out here helping us. that is the founder and senior organizer of this event. we thank crank for all he has done for all these years. this is our 36 to walk and we raised over $96 million so far for all the charities. this is my 31st year and i know you are close with me. dan: i am. this is my 28th year. we are proud to be part of this. we will see you in the tent as we get the program underway. >> absolutely. dan: good job. we are a few minutes away from getting aids walk started with this crowd. they will go out on a five mile walk. everyone here has raised money. they have contacted friends.
9:57 am
they have corporate support. they have done everything they can to try to raise as much money as they can. you heard him talk about nearly $100 million raised in all of these decades craig miller, has been such a stalwart in this effort to make sure this event thrives every single year. i keep showing you around a bit. we have these two little guys. >> this is paloma and penelope come along and daughter. they are french bulldogs. dan: they are cute as can be. are they going to make the walk? >> they are. not all of it but a little bit of it. i am here to raise funds for the castro country club and san francisco aids foundation. my name is jamie. dan: so great to be here. making a real difference.
9:58 am
a great walk. thank you a lot. those are the cutest things.and off they go . everybody is getting involved. we will carry this event for you on our abc7news website and i connected tv apps on roku, it was on fire, apple tv, and enjoyed tv. we will stream this event for you. stay here with us. aids walk 2022 back live and in person, getting underway. join us on streaming. meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point.
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