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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 19, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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today. for the first time in its 76-year history a woman is joining the famed blue angels aerial demonstration team. next year lieutenant amanda lee joins one of the world's most prestigious and second oldest aerobatic teams. the elite squad rorn entertains enthusiastic crowds with dazzling displays of their flying skills. lee will take to the skies in one of the squad's classic blue f-18 jets. history. good for her. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right >> building ,
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moving forward in findinglding ,
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solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan:an oakland neighborhood is reeling after a ride-share driver is shot and killed. opd's chief worries there is no easy answer to stop this violence. good evening, i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. dan: it was one of several shootings this weekend. we have more on the police chief's message tonight. reporter: in 60 hours oakland police responded to three homicides tense friday, a total of 64 people killed in this city 2022. one of the latest victims is 52-year-old kon fung. flowers were left on the sidewalk where he was sunday morning when two men ambushed him. >> we believe this was a robbery. reporter: his girlfriend
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said he is a uber driver. video that has not been released to the public shows two men opening his door, words were exchanged, and in less than five seconds he was shot and killed. >> people getting robbed at 3:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m., it does not make a difference. reporter: anthony smith has lived in the area for 15 years, and said the last two years have been the most violent. what were you telling the police? >> i was telling them this is ridiculous. i understand they are understaffed, but that is no excuse to the violence that is going on. reporter: oakland's police chief said the area is considered one of the most violent in the city. it committed he members and opd to increase resources. >> resources were diminished.
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>> as the councilmember representing this district, we hear you and are working with you, we will continue to partner with you. reporter: chief armstrong said the majority of the crimes are being executed by 1% of the population, nearly 4500 people. he said there is no indication sunday's homicide was targeted. >> we will shift resources again, but the question is, are we displacing violence? reporter: opd did not give specifics on the suspect. abc 7 news. ama: a livermore bowling alley has reopened with modified hours after a deadly weekend shooting. family and friends are on edge as police search for the suspect. reporter: right now livermore police are looking for this man, 27-year-old roger garcia. detectives believe he shot and
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killed antonio vargas at the granada bowl bowling alley. >> i hope they catch him. reporter: the soft words of nancy suarez speak for a community at lost. her friend, antonio, was just 28 years old. >> i could not sleep last night. i got to work, they were like, are you ok? he was a loving person and deserved the world, he did not deserve to go through any of that. reporter: police say garcia is a convicted felon with extensive prior criminal history, including assault with a deadly weapon. he was prohibited from possessing a firearm. >> she said there was a shooting at the bowling alley. we were having a birthday party. i saw the man, i yelled, gun. reporter: that witness is
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describing her talks with those inside granada bowl for an eight-year-old's birthday party here with that girl ran to a garage and hid. others helped find the girl. >> she was terrified. she did not want to come out of the garage. reporter: the focus is on finding garcia. police believed shots were fired after a fight. >> i just want him to be found. i want him -- he does not deserve to be out living his life when we just lost a great angel, the sweetest ever. reporter: garcia's whereabouts are unknown, but friends and family of the victim worry that if he is not in the area, he is attempting to cross into mexico. dan: the marsh fire is still
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burning near pittsburgh but progress is being made tonight. 20,000 gallons of water per minute are being pumped onto that site. the flooding is an effort to smother the fire burning deep in the peat of the marshlands. some parts of the east bay are seeing an impact on air quality. we want to turn to meteorologist, sandhya patel. sandhya: the air-quality advisory is extended for eastern contra costa county. air quality for the entire bay area is moderate. the smoke from the marsh fire impacts the air-quality. pittsburgh is unhealthy. brentwood, antioch all reporting moderate air-quality. this air has more sensors. discovery bay, 32, in the good category. 75 degrees, winds are light near the marsh fire.
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it will get hot in the mid 90's. obviously, if you have ac, avoid exposure to smoke. keep your doors and windows closed. if you do not have ac or a fan to keep cool, you may want to find a place like a mall or library that has air-conditioning so you are not closing the doors and windows and trapping the heat in. i will let you know when the bay area heat back off a little bit, coming up. >> this is the kind of stuff movies are made from. ama: millions of dollars worth of gems and jewelry were stolen from a brinks truck traveling from the bay area to southern california. the fbi and l.a. county sheriff's department are investigating the heist. we have new details on what was taken, and where this leaves a dozen exhibitors. reporter: a multimillion dollar jewelry heist that we only hear
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about in movies. luxury items in a brinks truck. the merchandise was being transported by brinks from the san mateo county event center to a show in pasadena. >> they carry all the money printed at the u.s. mint to the federal reserve. there is no question we trust them. reporter: big ticket items including diamonds, gold, luxury brand watches that are engraved with traceable serial numbers. former fbi agent rick smith says this sophisticated crime is systematic. >> as soon as they stole it, they got rid of it so they cannot be identified as possessing it. reporter: the l.a. county sheriff's department says this was not a typical armored car, instead the trailer was targeted near frazier park in the mountains along i-5.
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>> these used to be so prolific. one of the most dangerous jobs was being a brinks driver and garden. reporter: there is discrepancy in the value of items taken. according to the information, information was provided, the total value is less than $10 million. exhibitors estimate the value is $150 million. >> it is a common practice to underinsured simply because if you ensure everything, it is very expensive. reporter: at least 16 exhibitors, part of this weekly traveling show, are now out millions worth of luxury items. their livelihood, according to do. -- according to duke. brinks is cooperating with officials. >> the fbi and police were at
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our show in pasadena interviewing everybody, including my employees. anybody that was there could be potentially some kind of suspect. reporter: he says the outcome of this case has the potential to impact the entire jewelry industry. abc 7 news. dan: residents of san francisco high-rise damaged by a massive water main break may not be able to move act in until later this year or next year. residents can terminate their lease or choose to return one of building -- when the building is inhabitable. the supervisor is calling on city agencies to protect the tenants. he said he wants to accelerate basements or tenants of about 60 below-market units. it is a bad situation that has caused serious upheaval to
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residents. the low and moderate and corm renters are the least able to afford housing arrangements on their own. ama: decades after her death, the trial begins. tonight, new insight from an attorney. dan: a wedding washed out by a massive wave in hawaii. coming up i hear from the bride and groom. ama: a sneak peek from steph curry's plan as he prepares to host the espys. >> watch me tonight. it will be special. >> i'm doing the romero zombies.
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the kristin smart murder trial. paul's father is helping his son hide smart's body, which has never been found. an attorney says the prosecution will have to stick to a theory of foul play. >> they have to use all of his statements that contradict themselves over and over and over. this person is clearly so incompetent in so many ways
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there is no way this is the person that could pull off the perfect murder. ama: there are two juries hearing the case, one for paul flores and one for ruben flores. there are concerns they could not get a fair trial in san luis obispo. dan: you probably remember this video, this man was arrested and sentenced to 16 months in prison but recently released. he has been arrested again, accused of doing the same thing. jean romero was arrested for shoplifting at a san francisco cvs. he has stolen up to $15,000 of merchandise from that store alone. an employee showed us what he was trying to steal when he was arrested. >> all of this. reporter: in one day? >> yes. he comes two or three times a day. he goes straight to where the
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garbage bags are, he opens one up, grabs a couple of bags, fills them up. like this. then he helps himself to a beverage. dan: he is in custody again facing multiple charges. police are looking into whether he is responsible for other robberies. ama: the number of hospitalizations in california from covid has quadrupled in the last three months. more than 4300 people are hospitalized, compared to 1000 in april. daily cases across the country have tripled over the last three months. today, bart's mask mandate expired. it could be reinstated. dan: in the south bay, hundreds of employees at the amy's kitchen plant are looking sadly for new jobs. they were informed the plant shutdown in september. today was their last day on
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the job. they make frozen meals found at the grocery store. >> when i got this job, it meant a lot to me. i support my family. i have to pay my bills. dan: the company issued a statement saying, we are working to meet the challenges posed by widespread supply chain disruptions, and persistent inflation. federal prosecutors and the department of labor are inspecting amazon warehouses or fulfillment centers around the country as part of a civil investigation into potentially unsafe working conditions. authorities want to know if injuries were reported properly, and have questions about the pace of work in the warehouses. the investigators investigated amazon warehouses outside of new
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york, chicago and orlando. ama: a humpback whale that washed up will likely be towed to see tomorrow. -- to sea tomorrow. it was a juvenile female 30 feet long, believed to be killed by an orca. when a dead whale is taken to sea it will be far enough that it will not end up on another beach. dan: a big lena in several oceanfront committees in hawaii after a huge swell sent waves crashing into homes, businesses, and even weddings. watch. >> oh! dan: that is video from a wedding saturday evening on the big island. the waves came, combination of a southern swell on saturday evening, unusually high tides, and rising sea levels from climate change. >> high tide was at 6:00, so we
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knew that would go a little bit but not as much. >> we were lucky we did not move our food or wedding cake. dan: the couple went ahead with the ceremony and cleaned up the mess after they exchanged vows. ama: that video. sandhya: unbelievable. we are seeing scenes this more and more. a high surf warning for all south facing islands. they are not expecting those waves 12-16 feet through tomorrow morning. a live picture from the bay area, you can see some fog over downtown. that keeps our temperatures in check. in san francisco, in the 50's. inland areas are holding onto the warmth from earlier today, upper 90's and our hotspots. our heat is nothing compared to
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the intense heat in the southern plains. tomorrow, 111, oklahoma city. 110, dallas. phoenix, 112. there are numerous warnings and advisories, excessive heat warnings for this area. this heat will continue and remain intense. here in the bay area we have monsoon moisture that brought thunderstorms. it really did not produce anything other than a few sprinkles. here in the bay area we are tracking fog and a beach hazard advisory. 6=7 waves right now. a southerly swell through 9:00 p.m. wednesday. i higher risk of rip currents.
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believe it or not, this hurricane category-1 is bringing swells along cabo san lucas. it is expected to weaken and become a tropical depression by the weekend. at this point it will be swells in case you are traveling to mexico. you see the fog over san francisco. warm to hot days inland the next few, and a cooler pattern by the end of the week. watch out for the fog, it will be dance around the coast -- it will be dense. tomorrow afternoon it will stay near the coast. the rest of you are looking at sunshine. starting off with the fog tomorrow afternoon. low 60's. inland areas, mid 90's. the heat is easing compared to what we saw today.
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penetrates and hydrates to rejuvenate surface cells; so, skin looks firmer over time. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. a new team member, and for the first time they chose a woman to be a pilot. amanda lee will join the squadron after a five month training program. she will take to the skies next show season, which traditionally includes san francisco's fleet week. dan: let's turn our attention to the all-star game tomorrow, who has the best swing in baseball? ama: larry beil is here with sports. larry: we saw a legend in future
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larry: juan soto made news turning down a $440 million extension, and what i have million player looks like and homerun derby in l.a. acuna jr. julio rodriguez draw his own fireworks, he crushed 32 home runs. this was total domination. albert pujols hit 13 homers in his first round match up, then took a 32nd break. -- 30 second break. pujols with 20 upsets kyle schwaber.
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onto the finals, rodriguez was out of gas, 18 homers will not get it done against juan soto. the win worth $1 million, with many more down the road. >> it is amazing. all the hard work i have put in. larry: the all-star game will be a homecoming for joc pederson, played with the dodgers for seven years. will joc get cheers or boos? >> it is special. i made the all-star game in 2015, 7 years ago. >> he has had a really good season, and it will be fun to watch him. also being a former doct --
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former dodger. larry: steph curry hosting the espys. what is he thinking before taking the stage? >> i will be myself and have fun with it and embrace the opportunity to host the espys. it is something i never thought i would have the honor to do. larry: curry is up for four espys. espys. sports on abc thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by $50 or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. i didn't want to feel like i was wearing the pads i wore when i was twelve. then i tried the always discreet pads. they fit perfectly
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tonight. dan: for all of us, we
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