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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 23, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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crypto, kevin hart is his new pal ace, joined by john krasinski, diego luna, and the one, the only, keanu reeves. to me "the league of superpets" is like, oh, yeah, why haven't they done that before? >> you have to ask yourself, why hasn't this been done? >> that's "nightline." watch our full episodes on hulu. have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for staying up with us. good night. here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness,
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mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27. ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c ♪♪ call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> now from abc7, live breaking
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news. >> that breaking news. a pilot is in the hospital after his plane came crashing down in san jose. the surrounding neighborhood still roped off as what went song with just beginning. thank you for joining us. ama: the investigators believe the pilot crashed while taking off. amanda is live at the scene and spoke with residents. amanda? reporter: people i spoke with worried about that pilot tonight but also woished about their own safety and the safety -- worried about their own safety and the safety of their children. a chainlink fence separates the sidewalk from the airport but near where it went down it is near an elementary school out for summer. >> like that and then went like that. then it went reporter: a long time san jose
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resident was outside of her home playing with her grandchild when this piper 32 took down power lines and crashed at 7:30 p.m. the pilot was departing from reedville airport going down at carl street. >> this is a residential area. this is not sanmartin. this is not paolo alto. they are in the middle of a residential area. when we're sleeping or play with our grandchildren, no, this is too much. reporter: video shared with abc7 news shared the moments that followed. residents rushed to the scene. the pilot laid out on the pavement. we're blurring the victim because of the nature of his injuries. >> to make that loud noise and just the fact that he hit the gate and he was bleeding and he
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was still moving. it was pretty overwhelming. reporter: police say residents living near the downed power lines were evacuated and late friday the pilot sustained life threatening injuries but had been stabilized. >> we're trying to close the airport. this is good ammunition for us. reporter: this is just one of many aircraft crashes they have seen. on friday some assisting others in the emergency response. >> there were some people that were helping out, blocking so the cars could go around but there were people helping the pilot. reporter: this scene an you have the reality according to residents. all of their concerns resurfacing. >> yes. i'm very scared. reporter crewed working to restore power. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. dan: thanks very much. more breaking news tonight.
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a fire to our east has forced evacuations in mariposa county and has reached the sierra national forest. the fire broke out around 2:00 this afternoon and has now burned more than 4,000 acres. you can see on our abc7 news fire tracker the so-called oak fire is burning outside merced. tim johns is in the news room tracking this closely for us. tim? reporter: evacuations have been issued for several areas around yosemite national park because of the oak fire. it exploded in size in just a few hours. it has grown to more than 4300 acres and is spreading pretty rapidly still at zero percent containment. it started off highway 140 and carstens road. the devastation is pretty intense. it appears some structures are
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being burned. i spoke with someone who lives in downtown mariposa. he said his neighborhood is extremely vulnerable. >> it is extremely dry and right now it is really windy out there. all the trees are blowing around. pretty much the worst conditions you can imagine. super dry. soorp hot and windy. >> they -- super hot and windy. >> they came by and told us everybody has got to go. about 4:00 the power went out and the fire has been coming towards us faster and faster. reporter: now evacuation centers are open for residents who had to leave their homes with the red cross on hand to assist. one center had to be relocated due to how fast that fire was spreading. deputies and an malmall rescue crews helped people evacuate their horses and small animals. this is a fast moving and developing story. we will continue to bring you the very latest.
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dan: tim, thanks very much. let's go to sandhya with a look at weather conditions in the fire zone now. sandhya? sandhya: it is still very dry in the area. they are still dealing with the drought. en conditions are not favorable. it is 83 degrees. 15% relative human. winds out of the knot -- relative humidity. the winds will back off a bibt overnight only to pick up again and change direction tomorrow. it is going to be hot over the next seven days in the mid-to-upper meantime. that is not going to be helpful to the firefighters. you can see the smoke is traveling just before sunset quite a distance. the smoke was about over 100 miles as far as where it traveled which is why the air quality has been impacted. air quality from purple air showing unhealthy to poor for parts of that region.
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as you check out the smoke forecast, you will notice the smoke will stay out of the bay area but unfortunately it will be impacting parts of south lake tahoe. here is a view looking from the livermorearea. you can see the smoke from hundreds of miles away. dan: sandhya, thank you. we sent out this noteification on our mobile app tonight as we live streamed video of the oak fire. if you want news alerts like this. download the app in the app store, search abc news bay area. >> an east bay bakery is reconsidering the way they run business because a customer decided he didn't want to follow protocols.
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the man did not want to wear mask and was wearing a military shirt and asked for respect. >> one of the employees was able to block him off with his hands. ama: the bakery's owner suffered a broken finger in the altercation. dan: governor newsom today signed a first in the nation law that allows people affected by gun violence to sue. >> if they are going use this framework to put women's lives at risk, we're going to use it to save people's lives here in the state of california. dan: the california law lets state residents sue anyone who distributes illegal assault weapons or parts that can be used to build weapons. plaintiffs can seek thousands of
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dollars for each weapon. if the supreme court strikes down texas law, it will invalidate the california law. ama: an ongoing outbreak of monkeypox. the first two confirmed cases in children, one a toddler in california. in the case of children, it can be spread lu holding, cuddling, feeding. texas has second most cases in the u.s., behind new york. most cases are here in the bay area. dan: president biden isolated after testing positive for covid-19. he is eager to tell americans he is feeling fine. his doctors say he is responding well to treatment taking the anti-covid drug paxcovid.
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ama: the santa clara countykes s will be the only attractions at the fair this year which runs through next friday. organizers say much of the fairgrounds is dedicated to administering covid tests and vaccinations which the county wanted to keep up and running. people we spoke with say they understand but are disappointed. >> the deep fried hot dogs and all the good stuff. we have to travel out of the area, that will be the only way, go out of the area. too bad. they are going to lose all of this business and all this means money for the county. ama: fair organizers say they hope to host a full scale fair next year that is better than ever. dan: a megamillions jackpot is continuing to grow.
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ama: no one won tonight's drawing raising the jackpot to $790 million. no one has won since april. it is approaching historic territory. only three lottery jackpots ever won have been bigger. dan: i could use $800 million. ama: me too! we'll split it. dan: people did win smaller prizes tonight. check your ticket. 14, 40, 60, dan: a monterrey city stuck with crooked roads of its own. ama: the extra special
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its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. dan: new at 11:00, a nightmare scenario unfolding for a group of bay area high school students following a successful band trip around europe. ama: currently about 80 of them are stuck in prague after their flight was canceled. they still have no return date. reporter: for a group of saratoga high school students, their tour of europe has come to a less than desirable end.
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they have been stranded in prague after their flights home were canceled by german airline luftanza. >> you can't make this stuff up. reporter: they were meant to fly back home and the school had even decorated for their return. after the first leg was canceled unexpectedly, they have tried to find other ways to make it back but with no luck. >> one gentleman said i can get all of you home in september. get you all on a flight in september. reporter: saratoga high school officials have reached out to everyone around the world trying to get their people home. friday night a potential break thrthrough came. they said they would make the students get back home as soon as possible. they are asking the airlines to provide one of two options.
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chart aeroflight to take them back to the bay area or finance new tickets to be purchased on other airlines. many students say they are missing out on plans they made weeks ago. >> we're going to miss a scout trip theoretically to the minnesota boundary waters. reporter: in san francisco, tim johns, abc7 news. dan: a small plane carrying a banner crashed into the ocean today in front of beach goers in southern california. >> it is going into the water. it is going into the water, guys! dan: this video of the plane happened as it lost altitude and smashed into the water. it went down about 30 feet from the beach where there was a lifeguard competition taking place. the pilot was rescued and taken to the hospital. ama: hollister may be able to lay claim to having the world's
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crookedest road. at least for now. a city contractor painted a little too far outside the lines this week. the strange zigzag markings are not what city officials had in mind. a massive do-over is on the way. they have to replace the quickle with lane markings that meet code. dan: comic jo koy is doing his part to build a better bay area. his film easter sunday takes place in the city and celebrates the city's rich filipino culture. he was thrilled to shout them out in the philadelphia it is home to about 33,000 filipino americans. koy's message is simple. you can do it. you're being heard. >> that's why a movie like this is so significant. now my mom can get to see
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something that looks like her, talks like her, acts like her, lives here in america like her and she gets to celebrate it. dan: city officials say honoring koy means keeping the door open for others who look like him. ama: the 46th san francisco marathon starts sunday morning at 5:30. today thousands of runners picked up their race packets including a two-person rung team making their tandem debut this weekend. the first wave will start at 5:30 a.m. on the embarcadero at mission street. dan: one of the world's rarest and smelliest flowers in bloom. it is commonly known as the corpseflower. when it blooms it smells like rotting flesh. it is very rare.
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san jose state has the flower on display now and it is expected to bloom sometime between sunday and tuesday and then stay open for about 24-236 hours. it will be the first -- 24-36 hours. it will be the first bloom in silicon valley. it can be watched on live stream but seeing it from afar, you don't get the full effect. ama: you don't. really. what is the points? well, the point for us is the weekend is here. dan: it is indeed. sandhya is tracking a nice looking weekend. sandhya: nothing is going to stink about our weekend that's for sure. i want to show you to forecast, the oak fire burning in mariposa county. in case you are wondering whether that will impact us, no. the wind also transport the smoke toward the lake tahoe, reno area. we don't want to see the smoke anywhere in our state. it has grown tremendously.
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we are expecting good air quality here saturday and sunday. stay tuned in case anything changes and the winds start to change direction. here is a time lapse of the fog rolling in. this is what it looked like a couple of hours ago. tomorrow morning we're going to start out with fog around the bay and coast. a little drizzle near the coastline by noon. the fog has pulled away to the beaches and is just sitting there. inland areas will be seeing the sun well into the afternoon. here is a view of the fog over san francisco from our south beach camera. it is going to be ideal weather for the marathon, 4:00 this morning. fog early in the morning. 8:00, 55 degrees. temperatures coming up to the low 60's. live doppler 7 tracking that fog at this hour. temperatures anywhere from the 50's to the 70's while inland. today's highs in the low 90's.
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we have nothing to complain about. stifling hit across much of the u.s. in triple digits. 98 degrees in d.c. 95 in new york. the northeast will have to deal with the humidity as well. sunday still 100's here with heat advisories. 100 in d.c. monday looks like a cold front will start to bring some relief back east but still going to be baking as far as the central u.s. is concerned and they are looking at more record high potentials and lows as well. san jose camera. a lovely view of the shark tank. cool at the beaches. warm inland this weekend and there is a possibility of higher humidity next week. your morning temperatures will be in the 40's to 60's. watch out for that fog and a little bit of drizzle out there for the january. 8 is in san jose. 845 gilroy on the peninsula. 7 -- 845 in gilroy 85. breezy near the beaches.
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87 in santa rosba 70.oaklan 7e n innd warm. 91 fairfield. 81 livermoore. 60's to 90's. sunday a little warmer. the heat eases going into early next week. we'll bring you down to the 80's by tuesday and humidity coming up later in week.
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>> i'm just going to bring her right out. please welcome mickey. ama: that is abc's performance by country music star mickey guyton. a four-time grammy nominee and performed the national anthem at this year's super bowl. before tonight's stage show she answered some questions from fans inside chase center. dan: how fun is that? ama: incredible. a busy night of baseball.
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>> the giants are on the outside of a third and final wild card spot in the national league and with less than two weeks until the major league trading deadline the giants hope to improve position in order to be buyers at the deadline. giants and warriors fans representing in l.a. tries to bunt. gabe kapler with a what are we doing kind of laugh? two pitches later. mercedes at the plate still. how about a flair right? that will work. game tied at 1-1. logan webb walked in a run in the first. webb went six and gave up just one run. bottom of the eighth. tied at 1-1. bases loaded for cody bellinger and he takes sam long deep to right. that was a hanging breaking ball grand slam. second straights night the dodgers hit a go ahead homer in the eighth with the game tied.
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ouch. giants lose it 5-1. a's and rangers. foul ball. a great bare handed catch by the kid not wearing any shoes. definitely the man in that section. you might know the phrase don't run on ramon laureano. have a seat. bottom five. tied at 1-1. laureano. a different kind of laser to right and it is gone. look at sparky right here. this fan has the ultimate swag. a's take the lead. what can seth brown do for you? make it 4-0. a's win 5-4. the blue jays poured it on against the red sox. tapia, bases loaded. duran has no idea where it is. tapia is going to round the bases for the first inside the park grand slam since 2017. toronto scores a franchise record two short of a modern day
1:35 am
record. but jays win 28-5. moreisry. track and field world championships in eugene. a sub51-second mark in the women's 400 meters hurdle considered impossible. cindy mclaughlin making it look effortless. breaking her own world record by almost a second. moses moody returning home to little rock arkansas part of the warriors champions tour. he took shots and a splash and the highlight. ity-the-mayor handing him the ity-the-mayor handing him the key to the city. meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león.
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great weekend. we appreciate your time. we appreciate your time. jimmy kimmel is up all water wants to be oregon water. it's some of the deepest, clearest, and wildest. this stuff is so good you'll want to put it in everything. and we do. so drink it in, and you'll wish all water was oregon water too. ♪ >> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living.♪ on today's show, it's time to ride,
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amazing wildlife displays, home away from home, the world's largest community art project, but first, an unforgettable outdoor experience. >> if you're looking for the best night ever, look no further than transcendence theatre company. eat, drink, and watch live performances under the stars right here in sonoma county. ♪♪ >> well, my background is dance. i've been on broadway, and there was a moment in dance i called "transcendence." it was this moment where you felt free and that actual word means extraordinary. and that's what we're here to give people -- an extraordinary experience. ♪♪ ♪♪ we bring the best of broadway
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talent all the way here to sonoma county. >> we brouo many people and so many broadway shows from "mamma mia!" to "42nd street" to "hamilton." they sing and dance amidst the vineyards and the stars. and it's the most incredible, incredible evening. ♪♪ ♪♪ it's the entire experience. you get to come in for two and a half hours and have a pre-show picnic with the best of sonoma county food and wine. >> all of these people sitting at picnic tables around hay bales eating food, food trucks everywhere, beautiful rock and roll music playing. >> you're able to see the broadway performers before the production. >> this is all the build-up for the show.
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>> the performance, >> it's just an electrifying experience, and the element of nature really heightens everything. so you'll be -- there's shooting stars sometimes or birds flying over. >> there's nowhere else on the planet i can really, truly say honestly where that experience can come to fruition like it does here. ♪♪ >> we were encapsulated by covid-19 for three years, and then now we just want to be alive. we just want to be free. we just want to let go. we want to come back to the sense of community. >> everybody's missed live performance and theater, and it's just amazing to bring people together again and feel that energy of people. and i think people appreciate it even more than they did before to have that connection with an audience and the artists. and really, we're just here to make people happy. >> once the bodies and the faces come up on the stage
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and fill the seats behind me, that's when the magic happens and, you know, i'm getting goosebumps talking about it. so i'm just -- you know, i'm just chomping at the bit, ready to go. [ applause ] ♪♪ >> our 2022 season is just -- it's showstoppers. july 29th through august 14th is "hooray for hollywood," so audiences can expect to go on a journey through the movies. and then we conclude the season september 9th through the 18th with "the gala," which is our big broadway celebration. there's nothing like it. there's just an energy that's here with the beauty that surrounds it. the history of jack london state historic park, and it just adds magic. i think people come here and they -- they are immersed in wine country and they leave with goosebumps. >> you will make friends. you will make connections. you will -- you will be a part of this community.


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