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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 25, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- deadly heat on the east coast affecting 90 million americans over the weekend, with no relief in sight for many. while in california, a dangerous wildfire rages out of control, 15,000 acres scorched as thousands are forced to t ground with hundreds more under threat. the january 6th committee says it wants to talk to the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. why they say a subpoena might be necessary. and the brooklyn pastor robbed at gunpoint while live-streaming a sermon, the surprising chaul the thieves mae off. all that plus the new scandal involving elon musk.
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and straight out of a science fiction movie the robot going rogue injuring a child. plus, caught on camera. the moment a breaching whale lands on top of a fishing boat. it's monday, july 25th. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with the top story, that really acted definitely both of us and many other people, of course we're talking about the deadly heat wave that affected millions of americans. >> not a lot of signs that it's slowing up, many cities are seeing record-breaking temperatures, readings hitting triple dimgts in the northeast. >> at least four cities set new marks includes boston, for some areas, the heat give way to
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storms later today. in california, the oak fire has burned at least ten structures, these newlyweds coming back to their home to find it reduced to ash. many wondering if they'll have a home. wildfires sending residents fleeing in the west. emergency crews in yosemite national park working day and night from the ground and in air trying to contain the more 15,000 acre oak fire. >> it really is a challenge because of the amount of heat and it makes it challenging for our firefighters to fight these fires. >> reporter: thousands have already evacuated in mary posa county. >> this is the new reality for so many residents who live here. charred remains of a once-normal
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life. >> reporter: meanwhile back on the east coast, scorching temperatures are expected to last all week in the new york tristate area. meteorologists say it could be the longest heat wave in nearly a decade. >> too hot. too hot. extremely too hot. >> reporter: in boston, temperatures hitting a record 100 degrees. newark, new jersey seeing five straight days of 100 degrees, the longest stretch on record. officials in new york city cut the distance of its annual triathlon in half for safety precautions. in philadelphia, misting stations were set off to help cool the masses. there are more deaths from heat than any other weather disaster. from texas to maine are sweltering are dealing with dangerously hot weather. experts blaming the record-breaking heat on climate change. former vice president president
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and climate activist al gore telling abc the survival of our civilization is at stake and the time for action is now. >> if we don't stop using our atmosphere as an open sewer and if we don't stop these heat-trapping emissions things are going to get a lot worse. >> officials in new york say a man died after succumbing to heat exposure. in other news, a car show became the scene of a deadly shooting in los angeles, two people were killed and five others injured after gunfire broke out sunday afternoon in the sane pedro neighborhood. two of the victims were critically injured. no arrests have been made. the january 6th committee is not ruling out a subpoena for the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. vice chair liz cheney is hoping that ginni will talk to them on their own. she's a conservative activist who repeatedly pushed to overturn the 2020 election. >> the committee is engaged with
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her counsel, we certainly hope that she'll agree to come in voluntarily. we'll contemplate a subpoena if she does not. >> without objection the presiding officer is authorized to declare the -- >> cheney is facing a trump-backed primary challenger next month, and she also said if she loses a congressional seat over her role on the committee it will be worth it. the biden administration is considering whether to declare monkeypox a public health emergency. w.h.o. has already sounded the alarm, topping 16,000 cases in at least 75 countries. such a declaration in the u.s. would give the health and human services secretary more freedom to allocate emergency resources. >> right now we have over 2,000 cases but we have ramped up vaccinations, ramped up testing and we're going to continue to look at policy options. >> demand for the monkeypox vaccine in the u.s. is soaring, officials have ordered 5 million
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more doses to add to the hundreds of thousands already going into arms across the country. president biden's doctor said his covid symptoms have diminished considerably. and biden's vital signs remain normal so far. none of the 17 people identified as close contacts have tested positive either. abc's jay o'brien has the latest from washington, d.c. good morning, jay. >> reporter: andrew, good morning. the president's doctor says president biden is getting better. as of this weekend the president was using an inhaler to deal with his cough and taking packlovid. this morning, the president's symptoms improving according to his doctor, dr. o'connor. saying the president's cough and body aches have diminished. his oxygen levels are excellent. his main symptom now is a sore throat. the white house defending the decision not to put the president's physician on camera. >> we have a team of people who are involved.
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dr. o'connor and i are talking multiple times a day. he's speaking to dr. fauci. we're being very transparent. > reporter: the white house releasing photos late last week showing the president working, appearing virtually friday >>et me stt by apolong, my voice, much better than i sound. >> reporter: dr. ashish jha said that biden is sick with the ba.5, the most contagious variant of covid. it can reinfect people who had the virus a few months ago, the most recent data showing ba.5 makes up nearly 80% of the new covid infections in the u.s., causing another summer surge in cases. >> the thing we're concerned about hospitalizations are going up, people need to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the white house attributing the president's mild condition to the fact he's fully vaccinated and he has two boosters shots. he's also taking paxlovid.
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most effective when taken soon after tested positive. president biden is expected to continue working from the white house residence until he tests negative. the president plans to speak visually to the national association of black law enforcement executives today. a migrant boat tragedy in the bahamas leaves at least 17 people dead. authorities say at least when i capsized off nassau. a number of them are still missing. a 9-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a deadly attack on his family at a campground in iowa. arlo schmidt was found safe on friday but his parents taylor and sarah schmidt were killed. a 23-year-old suspect apparently took his own life. relatives of the victim said he
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had no connection to the family and no possible motive. time now for a look at your monday morning weather. the northeast heat wave comes to an end today in dramatic style, a cold front will bring severe storms from virginia all the way to maine, that region will see damaging winds and frequent lightning. meanwhile, heat watches and warnings are posted in the northwest. temperatures there will rise into the 90s and it remain very hot through the midweek at least. checking today's high temperatures. everywhere still extremely hot. 80s near the great lakes. coming up, the new scandal involving elon musk. also ahead, the
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back now with a volcanic eruption in japan. flames, smoke and ash spewed frn main s a warning for falling volcanic rocks has been issued for as far away as two miles from the crater. a shocking and deadly shooting in one of canada's most well-known ski towns. authorities in whistler, british columbia, say two people were fatally shot in broad daylight sunday near a hotel. two suspects were arrested, but the incident ended outdoor activities for the day. the shootings were reportedly gang-related. police are unsure if they are connected to a recent burned-out car found in the area. today pope francis is poised to apologize in person to canada's indigenous communities for the catholic church's role in the abuse of generations of native children. the pope will meet with
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survivors of the country's residential schools, where children were forced to assimilate to white society and where many died. a report found kids were punished for speaking their own languages and abused physically and sexually. the pope is calling the visit a trip of penance. >> it's a validation of what has happened with the church and how they've hurt and abused our people. >> the pope issued an apology earlier this year, but many still called for him to go further by doing it on canadian soil. the world's richest man elon muck is denying a report of a love triangle. according to the "wall street journal," musk had an affair with nicole shanahan, wife of google co-founder sergey bryn. the incident reportedly prompted bryn to file for divorce and ended the billionaires' friendship. in a series of tweets musk denied the reports, saying he has only seen shanahan twice over the last three years and there was nothing romantic between them.
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he added that he and brin are still friends. a chess-playing robot in russia has gone rogue, injuring a child. we see the robot taking one of the boy's pieces, but when he makes a move quickly the robot grabbed his finger hard enough to break it. officials say the 7-year-old didn't wait long enough before that next move, but he was back playing the next day. ooh. that could have turned out a lot worse. good for that boy. hopefully he wins that tournament as well. all right, coming up, the newest inductees into the baseball hall of fame including a red sox legend. also ahead, the terrifying moment a breaching whale lands on top of a fishing boat. are you feeling sluggish or weighed down? metamucil's new fiber plus collagen can help. when taken daily, it supports your health, starting with your digestive system. metamucil's plant-based fiber forms a gel to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down, helps lower cholesterol and promotes healthy blood sugar levels. while its collagen peptides help support your joint structures. so, start feeling lighter and every nergetic takl
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ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. consider it done. back now with a new york pastor robbed at gunpoint in the middle of his livestreamed sunday sermon. three masked gunmen barged into the church and made off with $400,000 worth of jewelry from bishop lamoore whitehead and his wife. whitehead did not appear to be harmed. he later defended his flashy lifestyle saying it's his prerogative to buy what he wants if he works hard for it. take a look at this video. police in new york are looking for three people linked to a violent hit and run. a man is seen crossing the street in the bronx over the weekend when he was hit by a car. as the victim lies on the ground, two people rob him before taking off. when they -- then they come back and do it again. the victim was hospitalized in critical condition. three people are hurt after a plane crash outside of detroit. the aircraft went down moments
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after takeoff sunday afternoon in ray township, michigan. the victims suffered burns and other injuries. a dog that was on the plane is still missing. the cause of the crash is under investigation. next, a wild scene on the waters off massachusetts. a humpback whale breached the surface in an area full of small boats, and it landed on one of them. abc's derricke dennis with the details. >> reporter: this morning, a whale wallop. cell phone video showing a humpback whale lurch out of the ocean waters off plymouth, massachusetts, and smack down onto the bow of a 19-foot fishing boat, causing the boat to dip into the water but otherwise stay afloat. pictures on the boat show a smashed skylight but no serious damage. the whale swimming off, apparently in search of food. >> they're there to fish and feed. that's why the whales are here. if there happens to be food closer to shore, that's where they're going to be. >> reporter: sunday's whale encounter was witnessed by other boaters on nearby vessels. and a harbor master boat
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responded quickly, verifying there were no injuries to the two people on board who had to brace themselves for the impact. but this sighting is just the latest in a string of whale pe and it comes amid nearly two dozen shark sightings on nearby cape cod just this weekend. nauset beach was temporarily closed sunday after a confirmed sighting of a great white. and this summer new york has been flooded with shark sightings and several attacks, forcing beaches to close. experts say it's due to warmer, cleaner waters and climate change. but this whale attack versus a shark attack is almost mild by comparison. >> so while it is a very cool thing to see you need to make sure these whales are getting their space. >> reporter: the plymouth harbor master recommends staying at least 100 yards away from a whale to minimize potential interactions, and that includes people and boats. it's a reminder that these interactions can be dangerous for both boaters and whale.
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andrew? mona? >> derricke, thank you. baseball's new hall of famers have been enshrined in cooperstown. the biggest name and biggest person and biggest personality in the class of 2022 is david ortiz, better known as big papi. he spent 14 of his 20 years in boston, helping the red sox win three world series. ortiz was among seven former players, managers inducted including 1969 miracle mets manager gil hodges and negro league pioneer buck o'neil. congratulations to the 2022 class. all right, coming up, the belt that just sold for over $6 million. also ahead, subway offering free sandwiches for life. but just wait until you hear what you have to do to get them. as someone living with type 2 diabetes, i want to keep it real and talk about some risks. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here...
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♪ time to check "the pulse." and we begin with the opportunity of a lifetime for really, really big fans of subway sandwiches to eat fresh all you have to do is get a tat on your flesh. >> yeah. some ink could save you a lot of dough because subway's offering free sandwiches for life to someone who agrees to get a 12-inch by 12-inch tattoo of the new subway series logo on their chest or on their back. >> just a quick reminder, tattoos are permanent. now, small tattoos of the logo on other body parts will earn you at least free subs for a shorter period of time. the tattoos will be done at a block party in las vegas on wednesday. i think i'll just go ahead and pay. >> i promise you you will regret -- you'll have less regret if you just pay for the sandwich. an update now on the 4,000-plus beagles rescued from a breeding facility in virginia. >> the dogs are making their way across the country to find new
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homes. 45 of them arrived at an animal shelter near san diego in preparation for adoption. the beagles were being bred and sold to labs for research and testing. >> yeah, but now they are enjoying their freedom and finally some fresh air. the humane society is spearheading the effort to rehome the dogs within just a few weeks. they're looking for their forever homes. >> that's right. and now to the article of clothing that just sold for millions. >> we're talking about a belt, but it's not the kind you would use to keep your pants up. this is muhammad ali's championship belt. from the iconic rumble in the jungle. the man known as the greatest defeated george foreman to win the green and gold hardware back in 1974. it sold to colts owner jim irsay sunday for a whopping $6.2 million. and finally, some positive news from the actual jungle. >> a leading conservation group says there are 40% more tigers in the world than previously thought. the group says nearly 5,600 tigers are out there, mostly in
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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reggie: raging wildfire. the oak fire burning near yosemite. thousands of people forced to leave their homes. kumasi: and firefighters leaving the bay area in mariposa county to battle the flames showing no signs of slowing down. reggie: and we are taking a live look outside. it looks good but all of the smoke could be drifting into the bay area. drew is tracking what you need to know. kumasi: good morning. reggie: happy to be with you. drew: we find some smoke in our sky. we notice it in the north and the spate. easy conditions as the smoke from the oak fire begins to move into our sky. fog along the coast. we are doing ok elsewhere.
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