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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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more than 200. there are vaccines for monkeypox. there are not enough to me to the demand, especially in places like san francisco that has some of the highest case numbers in the country. luz pena is live in the newsroom. reporter: i spoke to the cdc's senior advisor for the monkeypox response team. the federal government is working on getting more doses, but we need to manage expectations because supply is limited. san francisco continues to be the city with the most monkeypox cases in california. the latest count, 222 infections. >> we have monkeypox coming from west africa and monkeypox coming from the congo basin. the congo basin one is more aggressive. the one that is currently spreading is the west african one. and has less mortality than smallpox or the congo based monkeypox. reporter: as a number of cases
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increase vaccines are limited. the monkeypox clinic in san francisco closed after running out of vaccines. sf aids foundation has some of the last doses in the city, but they are accounted for. >> even though we have 300 doses, those will be used to address our waiting list which is currently 6500 individuals who have been deemed eligible. reporter: we question the cdc senior for the monkeypox response team on why the supply has been so scarce. he said, they are depending on the one company that makes the vaccine. >> we have a supply and demand program with vaccines. it is important that we get folks vaccinated as vaccines are available, but also they know there are strategies could prevent transmission. some examples are avoiding anonymous or multiple sex partners, avoiding sexual interactions or other skin to skin interactions. reporter: there is no timeline
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as to one the cities will get vaccines. when will san francisco get more monkeypox vaccines? >> depends when shipments come and how it moves. the expectation is that there will be more in the near future. overtime time, building into 2023. reporter: dr. melanie oat, senior investigator at the gladstone institute, said the outbreak would not be this bad of people would have had the smallpox vaccine in their system. >> we have less and less people that have received the smallpox vaccine. protection has waned across the world. reporter: the challenge is there is one vaccine for monkeypox and treatment is also limited. the silver lining is according to the dock your, many people -- dr. many people can clear the virus in two to four weeks. even though monkeypox is very painful there have not been any fatalities in the u.s. dan: that is good. luz, at the top, 200 cases in
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san francisco, will san francisco get priority in the next monkeypox vaccine shipment? reporter: i asked the senior advisor that same question. he said yes. their strategy will prioritize cities and states were cases are increasing. as to a timeline or number of how many vaccine doses, san francisco will get, that remains to be seen. the numbers they requested have been 35,000 so far. the city has received seven 800. dan: long way to go. we have everything you need to know about monkeypox including vaccines and treatment. just had to our website, kristen: fire crews report progress in slowing the spread of california's largest wildfire of the season. the oak fire in mariposa county has been burning since friday and is 26% contained. it has destroyed 41 buildings and burned more than 18,000
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acres, 28 square miles. the fire has forced thousands of people to evacuate. take a look at this map which shows the evacuation area. the red zones are mandatory, the yellow are mandatory. we are in an air quality advisory because of smoke from the oak fire. this is not reached the level of an alert. this is from our camera where you see mostly fog. let's bring in our meteorologist. dan: question is where's the smoke going? mike: we are seeing it in the upper parts of our atmosphere. this is the view from our east bay hills camera you're looking at that layer of haze right above the marine layer. you see it there. it is that grayish brown tinge. if you are particularly sensitive to smoke, a good idea, to definitely stay indoors, keep your windows and doors closed and put your ac on recirculate. air quality advisories up tomorrow due to the smoke aloft from the oak fire. we're looking at good air
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quality, it is good to moderate, but it is worse errani somebody near the fire -- worse near yosemite. now, you look at the smoke forecasts, and the upper parts of the atmosphere you will see the smoke get pushed away, then returned back to the bay area. we are looking at an increase in the smoke. here is a view from yosemite. you see how thick the smoke is there. we are not expecting this, but a bit of haze. i will be back with a full look at the forecast. ama you can track wildfires burning right now in california by using our online interactive wildfire tracker. it shows current air quality in the same map. dan: let's move on. the reward for information leading to an arrest in the fatal shooting of an oakland ride-share driver has increased to $20,000. patrick fung was shot and killed near little saigon neighborhood two weeks ago while getting ready for work.
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community members are calling for justice and change. more police patrols and more effective -- effective investigations. >> where hoping to find ways so there are more resources to prevent crimes from happening. >> until someone is caught, this will continue. you will see more press conferences, more victims, more armed robberies. dan: oakland police say a new liaison officer flew in to vitamins means and there decided to patrol the area. they are in talks with business to provide a police substation in the neighborhood. ama: san franciscan stand divided on whether the school board member should resign over remarks over black students. the asian american community has mixed opinions. our education of reporter -- reporter says she has no intention of resigning. reporter: the question is whether or not she can weather this highly politicized storm.
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those close to her saying she is not resigning. but then, you have to ask yourself, will she be electable? from here until november, there will be so many, so-called influencers, among them the teachers union, and now another group has surfaced. not everyone is standing behind the school board member. five san francisco supervisors asking her to resign. >> to disrespect families like that be making a decision for over 50,000 students and their families, someone like that cannot be in the position. reporter: even the powerful api council has openly criticized her comments. api is a coalition of nonprofits in the asian community. she still enjoys the support of the supervisor and the mayor, who appointed her. the controversy stems from her statement saying, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to improving academic outcomes is the lack of family support
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for those students in the black and brown communities. she has apologized, referring to her comments as a teachable moment. she will not be endorsed by the united educators of san francisco. when it comes to winning a seat on the school board, endorsements matter, especially if it comes from them, the teachers union. what you may not know is a few years ago, the teachers union created cope. which stands for committee on political education. it is the political arm of the union, what they say as many times followed by voters. in 2020, cope endorsed at jenny, mark sanchez, and matt alexander, all 41 that year and are still on the board. the pandemic brought more awareness of who now occupies the seats. >> coming out of the pandemic, with distance learning, more people in the city are paying more attention to our schools and the board of education, more so than any other time in history. reporter: out of the pandemic
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came a new group of parents. >> the problem i see was the vacuum of parent voices that was missing from the conversation. sf parent coalition in action, this time we are here to do our own analysis and provide our own recommendation of school board candidates. reporter: for the next school board election, that new group of parents told me that they will have a candidate form, they will have town halls and a voter guide to better inform the public. so far they're not said whether or not they will endorse anne hsu. ama: even though this is a large district with many families, why hasn't there been a great interest in the school board until now? reporter: what was being discussed before the pandemic was of little interest to voters in san francisco. everything changed when people with kids and those without children were affected by issues like, proposal to change the names of schools, covering of
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the historical murals, the admissions controversy, keeping students at home, learning on zoom. everyone has something to say about those issues. that is when people here in san francisco started to pay attention. ama: make sense. thank you so much. dan: you at 6:00, 7 on your side michael finney joins us live about the new zelle money transfer app and how scammers are using it to steal your money. plus. >> i identify as someone with an invisible disability. i think it is accurate for how the world treats me. ama: in honor of july's disability pride month, here how this artist expands his life, her struggles and triumphs. >> the naacp demanding answers after a confederate flag was in after a confederate flag was in th oh ms. flores, what would we do without you? leader of many, and pet wrangler too. you report to your boss, every afternoon.
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the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's dan: a confederate flag flying at a sonoma raceway event has the local ncaa see questioning how serious the track is of a banning offensive symbols like that. cornell bernard is on the story. reporter: burning rubber over the weekend, drag at sonoma raceway, this event drawing thousands of fans, many camping out overnight. the flying of a confederate flag at this rv campsite was disturbing, for sonoma county ncaa the resident -- president. >> there is a symbol the confederate flag carries and it is one that does not feel welcoming or belonging. reporter: the flag spotted by
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one of the chapter members. when she called the raceway to report it, the news was met with pushback. >> vice president of committee occasions followed up and said they would look into it. even when said members drove back, the flag was still mounted. reporter: sonoma raceway has had a strict policy posted on its website for fans, banning confederate flags and banners during race events. the ncaap questions how dedicated is to enforcing it. >> when we set policy to enforce processes in place to make sure they follow through it. reporter: they monitor the property for offensive likes but wanted spotted this like the campsite was unoccupied. campers remove though flag when they returned. in statement, sonoma raceway said while having a policy and believing in the policy are the important first steps, the crucial work is to monitor and act on the inheritance -- adherence to it for all of our guests. the procedure to manage incidents like this are top priority. it will be further refined to
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prevent future incidents. have you had a response from the raceway yet? >> i have not. reporter: shipped savo conversation soon. >> this is a great opportunity for our community to revisit how we are responding to matters that involve diversity, equity and inclusion. and when we have items that are representative of the confederacy, that definitely is not an opportunity to move us forward. ama: let's get a check on our weather. dan: sandhya patel checking that. sandhya: our weather is quiet here locally other than the smoke we have been at dealing within the upper layers of the atmosphere. let me show you the live doppler 7. area of low pressure spinning off the coastline. this area of low pressure is continuing to draw up some monsoon moisture over the severe gaseous year nevada, where we have seen -- sierra nevada where we have seen the thunderstorms.
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the monsoon moisture and thunderstorm activity along with the showers will remain over the sierra going into tomorrow. tomorrow morning, bit of drizzle, a lot of cloud cover to start off the day. as you will notice, that moisture remains confined to the sierra tomorrow afternoon and evening. on live doppler 7 we have the fog or the coastline. it is going to advance. it has crossed parts of the bay. we are seeing low clouds. 30 man hour winds. on shore in san francisco, 23 in oakland. this is keeping that your surface smoke from the oak fire in the bay area. hears live look for more golden gate ridge camera. visibility is low. 60 in san francisco, 65 in oakland, low to mid 70's from palo alto saccharin -- santa clara and san jose. there's a breezy view there, 71 santa rosa, 68 in petaluma, low 80's for concord, fairfield 78.
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this is a nice view of the low clouds pushing over the bay. . here's a look at the forecast low clouds, fog, patchy drizzle, hazy skies. we are expecting minor daily fluctuations right on through the weekend. near the surface, watch the smoke. it moves northward from the oak fire over the sierra, south of lake tahoe. here, locally we do not have to worry about it near the surface but in the upper parts of the atmosphere, showing some of that smoke and haze is spilling over towards the bay area. that will create hazy or skies tomorrow in the upper parts. keep that in mind. thunderstorms are not encouraging but some rain is expected for parts of eastern california. hopefully that helps to dampen some of the fires that are burning around the state. if nothing else, increase the humidity top the cruise on the fire lines. temperatures in the 50's and 60's, bit of drizzle to start the day.
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tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, temperatures, 82 and senator hoeven -- san jose. 63 in half moon bay. it will be breezy and cloudy on the coast. 65 downtown san francisco, north bay temperatures, 80 in san rafael, hazy skies at times. east bay 69, oakland, castro valley, it is going to be hazy, no weather extremes, low 90's. 87 in livermore, 86 concorde. we will call it hazy and mild to warm tomorrow. 60's to 90's, really seasonal pattern, a little cooler as we head into the weekend. ama: thank you. the americans with disability act, was signed into law 32 years ago today prohibiting discrimination in paving the way for people with disabilities have the same opportunities. july's disability pride month. we have been celebrating almost
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long on abc7news, highlighting the joys and struggles of the disabled community. today, abc7news race and culture reporter julie glover takes a look at invisible disabilities and the local artist raising awareness. >> i let the painting take on a bit of a life of its own. reporter: for this artist, behind each stroke of her paintbrush as power and pain. >> disabilities not a dirty word. reporter: it's a title she probably claims, though not one most people would attach to her. >> i identify someone with an invisible disability. i think it is accurate for how the world treats me. reporter: her invisible disability is a chronic condition that affects your hands, the diagnosis she received several years ago that affects her art and everyday life. >> people see me on the bus. i need to sit in a chair on the bus because i can't hold my weight up with my hands. i will literally follow my face. they try to give me -- get me kicked off the bus because they
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assume i am someone who is taking up the space someone deserves, without even taking the time to talk to me or ask me about it. they're not trying to learn. reporter: for those who are willing to learn, rachel is willing to teach through her art. raising awareness for folks like herself with invisible disabilities. >> i paint a lot about the intersection between clearness -- queerness i disability. reporter: for disability pride month she curated this digital art show, for the online disability meet eddie, diverse ability, featuring works from disabled artists across the country. like this photography series and this papier-mâché sculpture. and this multimedia piece, putting real faces turn neurodivergent mental health disabilities that go in discussed. >> anxiety. it is easy to judge the outside when you don't know what is going on inside. reporter: oakland based artist
6:21 pm
created the piece. >> it was cathartic and heartening, to be able to do the piece. talking about invisible disabilities on the things people don't see. reporter: recently diagnosed as bipolar, this artwork had an urgent meeting for her. >> it easy to see one something has only physical on the outside and people still judge them for it. or consider them different. it's a lot harder to see when people are living in a world that doesn't appreciate and honor their neurodivergent sees. reporter: how can able-bodied people lead with empathy and forgo assumptions? advice from this therapist. >> we cannot possibly know what is going on for a person behind their face. that person can be smiling, but we don't know what brought them what they struggle with, to even get there to that point. be open and remain humble. again, if someone takes the time to share their invisible disability, that took a lot of
6:22 pm
courage. reporter: a message that resonates with rachel. >> i value my disabled self. i value my disabled community so much. reporter: showing the power in disability pride. ama: so true. you just do not know what is going on with somebody else. dan: i love the line, lead with empathy. ama: taking action is about supporting all people in our communities. we have created a list of resources to help support people disabilities and provide information for those who want to learn more about the diore ad community. it on our website. dan: in just hours, someone could be a multimillionaire. could it be you? ama's convinced it is her. the odds of winning
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injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio. ama: u.s. stocks nosedived as walmart slashed its profit outlook. they blame surging prices for food and fuel for his lackluster sales. the dow dropped to 20 points -- 228 points. the nasdaq down 220. the s&p lost 46 points. a dip in consumer confidence drove down stocks. dan: here at 8:00 m tonight, life could change -- p.m.
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tonight, life could change. your hours away from the next megamillion strong, the highest ever estimated at $838 million. the odds of winning are not great, one in 330 million. ama: coming up next, the story about kites, costs and cancellations. dan: is your water safe to drink? there are failing water systems in some bay area counties, find out where and what is being done. >> thank imposters trick a bay area man into sending them thousands of dollars through zelle, a head on 7 on your side, how sc
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. dan: nearly one million californians face long-term health problems because they are receiving unsafe drinking water. that is according to a report from the california state auditor who says the state agency with the power to deal with this problem is lacking the urgency to fix it. ama: zach fuentes spoke with the auditor and has more on the impacts being felt in bay area.
6:30 pm
reporter: water and the lack of it has been a topic in the state of california, now, new report, is exciting many accessing water we have would be harmed by yet. the control board identified more than 370 failed water systems in the state. the systems are going above the safe level of contaminants like arsenic or uranium. >> when water is too saturated, it becomes unsafe to drink. sometimes it can be safe to wash with, but if it is unsafe to drink, it is unsafe or public health. reporter: and includes liver and kidney damage and an increase of cancer. san mateo, napa county have up to 10,000 people impacted by failing water systems. some counties in the central valley have more than 100,000. >> it is communities that are the breadbasket of california. if they are sick our agriculture economy goes out the door. reporter: the state waterboard lacks agency to fix the water systems. the board has low interest loans
6:31 pm
to help those impacted but the auditor says the board is not doing enough outreach and the application process is too slow. >> it used to take about 17 months in 2017. now it is taking twice as long, 33 months in 22 anyone. reporter: the state waterboard gave us a statement via zoom. they say ensuring access to safe water is a priority. they say they have taken action. >> we provided 84% more grant funding that we have in the past, just over the last few years. we have been able to augment technical assistance to the communities to really accelerate project development throughout the state. reporter: as for what happens next, the auditor's office laid out new objectives that include better reporting on how fast to get funding to water systems most at risk. ama: today's coronavirus headlines, president biden has completed his five day course of paxlovid. his doctor says all of the
6:32 pm
symptoms are gone. president biden was infected by the ba.5 subvariant, which accounts for 80% of the new cases in the u.s. we are seeing a drawn red -- downward trend in cases and death rates. los angeles county is implementing it ski mask mandate -- it's mask monday because transmissions are high. dan: we have been importing -- reporting on bank imposters sending their money through zelle. it happen to san francisco man. 7 on your side michael finney helped him out of a jam. they are slick. >> there is irony with this one. the imposters told this guy, scammers had changed his zelle account, to send themselves money, when in fact that is exactly what the imposters themselves are doing. thousands of dollars, gone. >> i had a panic attack. >> eduardo is still reeling from that day. >> i couldn't believe it.
6:33 pm
$3500 is a lot of money. >> it happen when he was busy at work. >> i got a call from bank of america. >> a woman on the phone said someone was transferring $3500 out of his account. was that him? >> no was it me, cancel it. let me get back to my work. >> the woman said he had to quickly reverse the transaction or she would loses money. >> i started, red flags. i googled the number that was calling me. >> eduardo was suspicious. the caller id showed a real b of a phone number. then a man came on the line. >> he knew my debit card number, my checking account number, address, pretty much my information. so that point i was trapped. >> the man told eduardo to type his own name and cell phone number into his zelle account. then send that $3500 back to himself. >> i should've hung up. i thought about hanging up. the other thing i thought, well,
6:34 pm
find the recipient, was the worst thing that can happen? >> he sent himself $2500, then $1000. as soon as he hit send, the trap snapped. >> they hung up immediately. >> it turns out the imposters entered his cell phone number into their own zelle account. $3500 was gone. >> i went into a panic attack. i can breathe. i -- i couldn't breathe. it was terrible i knew had been scammed. i called bank of america and i initiated a claim. they didn't give any confidence at all. it is as out payment. its uninsured or protected -- it is not insured or protected. >> he went online and found our was about the skim -- scam. >> there was the helpful thing on the internet. >> after we told be available on his gaze, eduardo got an email. >> i was convinced it would be
6:35 pm
denied. lo and behold, i was approved on the money had been refunded. i was ecstatic. i cannot believe it. >> so, remember imposters may have your personal information. where do they get it? data breaches. they can use that to scam you. the bank says zelle offers no fraud protections. bank regulators say if you're into sending money with zelle, you may be entitled to a refund by law. bank of america says it considers each case individually. i want to think bank of america forgiving at wargo his money back. this is -- eduardo his money back. look at this guy, he thought of all of the right things. the scammers are doing this all day and night. they are one step ahead of us. dan: anyone can fall victim to this. less so with your advice. ama: the east bay skies will be a little less colorful.
6:36 pm
popular kite festival has been called off again. leslie brinkley caught up with the founder and found out why it was not coming back. >> i'm going to get a kite. reporter: young or old, there's nothing like the thrill of a kite by the bay, every year since 1986 on the last week in july, the berkeley kite festival has drawn crowds of 30,000 over three days. the pandemic force the cancellation of the kite festival in 202021. this year, it is canceled over funding. instead of paying thousand dollar permit fee to the city, the price went sky high. >> has a rhythm to it. we would pay permit fees and food vendor fees. in addition to those, we were asked to pay $45,000 to recompense the city for expenses they felt that occurred because
6:37 pm
of the kite festival. reporter: things like police, fire, garbage. >> that would've doubled the operating cost. reporter: with the marina fund in debt. the city has indicated it is not willing to subsidize special events like the kite festival. they even canceled the fourth of july event this year. the city of berkeley declined to do an on camera interview but told abc7news that the city council passed an ordinance in 2019 that mandates what it costs so hold an event is what it costs in fees to the organizers. other options could include sponsorships or donations. the kite festival is not able to take off this year, most of the disappointment of those who like to see the colorful kites floating by the bay. in berkeley i am leslie brinkley abc7 news. dan: still to come, clean up on aisle ocean. see just how much plastic this ship has pulled out of the pacific, now that is back in the bay area. next, an east bay mystery that
6:38 pm
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ama: to the mysterious sound keep you awake in the richmond area saturday night? the mayor set off to solve the
6:41 pm
mystery and offered a $500 reward to find out what the sound was. between how lance spoke to one man -- a reporter spoke to one man who says he is responsible. >> literally sounded like dun, dun dun. reporter: this is the sound ruby still cannot get out of her head. >> i would probably drift into the first little doze off for a few minutes. but, it kept me up. reporter: spanning from around 8:00 saturday night to 9:00 the next morning. she heard it while she was in the san pablo area. >> it was kind of creepy. it just kept going and going. i'm sitting there, like, this can only mean one thing, aliens. reporter: she wasn't the only one. the mayor says it echoed across richmond, san pablo, and elsa brontë. >> next door was lit up, hundreds of people all over west county.
6:42 pm
they were complaining about it. nobody could figure it out. reporter: he posted a $500 award on sunday for anyone that could identify what the sound was and where it was coming from. tips started to roll in. two came from people attending an outdoor party in richmond. the tipster led the mayor here to this empty industrial lot, in the middle of nowhere, near richmond parkway. you can see signs of the now cleaned up party, left behind. beer cans, bottle caps and speaker wires, a few of the only signs left from this party that was, for the most part, kept under wraps. the mayor says it was the part -- a party with electro style music. >> it is a cultural thing where people get a pickup truck, and packet full of sound equipment and then they come together, in some kind of venue, and they play all of this stuff it wants. reporter: we found a flyer for
6:43 pm
the event online, which appeared to be in portuguese. we tracked down a man who claims to be the father of the organizer. he says the whole thing was just his sons 20th birthday party. >> well, everything they did was illegal. it is punishable as a misdemeanor, which is a thousand dollar fine or six month in jail. reporter: i spoke with the birthday boy's dad over the phone, who sent his son and straight to city hall to talk with the mayor once he heard what happened. the mayor's office confirms the boys did come down, but the mayor was busy, so they did not meet. we called the richmond police department to see if the young men might be facing any charges. dan: we are in a pattern with the weather. sandhya
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6:47 pm
deck of the recovery ship is like taking a voyage straight into a global crisis and the captain showed us the evidence. >> is ago on, it is so sticky, it picks up toothbrushes, you name it. reporter: as huge hall of plastic, netting and destructive trash, plucked from the pacific, known as the pacific dryer or garbage patch. the crew arrives in sausalito after a month of scouring the area. they say the materials they recover poses a specific threat. >> it breaks down into micro plastics. the reason we should care about micro plastics is because the micro plastics hamper the oceans ability and cycle to sequester carbon. reporter: the cargo ships hold was stuff to 96 tons. it is being offloaded with the goal, to make sure the plastic components are up cycle into materials that will never find their way back into the ocean. >> it can be turned into
6:48 pm
aggregate for road construction, building blocks for retaining walls and highways. all stuff that will be sequestered in durable. reporter: the mission is the latest launched by the sausalito waste ocean to do, which is leading -- based ocean institute. they say the debris patch now covers an area the distance from california to texas. while the effects are floating half a world away, the founder believes concern is growing in the bay area. >> more awareness about the kind of people of throw away plastics, because besides what they do with the ocean, they kill birds. reporter: so, for most of the morning, cruise placed bags of ocean trash, clearing room for a future voyages and a cleanup mission that is truly on a global scale. dan: two years ago crew from the
6:49 pm
ocean voyages institute reform, had the largest open ocean cleanup, recovering 340,000 pounds of debris, which is remarkable. fortunately, just a drop in the bucket -- unfortunately just a drop in the bucket. sandhya patel is here covering weather for us tonight. sandhya: right now, we have a lot to be fortunate for. we don't have the extreme heat in the bay area. look at the heatwave gripping the northwest, 92 in seattle. 101 in portland. that heatwave is going to continue tomorrow night 93, seattle 98 in portland. out west we have a number of heat alerts from heat advisories to excessive heat warnings, even in excessive heat watch. that includes parts of northern california. over the next few days, we will notice some changes and the heat will build. take a look at thursday. 106 in death valley, 113 in reading. really hard on friday.
6:50 pm
still 106 -- 116 in death valley. 110 as we look at our local picture. the fog is back along the coast and over the bay which keeps our temperatures and check, along with the sea breeze, 60's to low 90's, hazy skies tomorrow because of the upper-level smoke. 60's to 90's, hayes lingers thursday, little cooler as we hit the weekend. dan: i can't believe how hot it is in redding. thanks. ama: we've got some answers tonight. >> finally. we have an answer. the tray lance era begins. the coach announces qb number one, what the coach and teammates are sing about lances
6:51 pm
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>> now abc 7 spores with chris alvarez. chris: this is trey's team. coach shanahan made qb number five. he enters the season as the unquestioned starter for the 49ers. which means san francisco's moving on from jimmy garoppolo. he reported to camp for a physical and now both sides await trade for number 10. the announcement for lance as a starter, after the 49ers made the huge draft tried for the overall number three pick. here is the coach and players reacting to the official change from jimmy to trey. >> this is his team.
6:54 pm
we made the decision a year ago. we are going with that. we will not mess around with that. jimmy understands that fully. he is a big guy. it is nothing against him either. it is a business decision. that is what makes it not awkward. >> jimmy knows we are going with trey. >> he is the perfect guy to have in the situation. to help passed that mental. i am excited to see what happens for trey and jimmy. >> trey brings a different dynamic to the football field. i'm looking for to it. chris: deebo samuel reported to camp. the gm said both have had great talks to a contract extension, the 49ers are excited about moving forward with part of their team. tom brady is getting a new weapon in tampa bay. julio jones has agreed to a
6:55 pm
one-year deal. he played one season in tennessee last year and has a 61 career touchdowns and more than 13,000 yards receiving in his nfl -- 11 your nfl career. it has been a busy off-season for the sharks. the team introduced the 10th head in franchise history, david quinn. they know each other well. quinn started his career at boston university. he coached team usa in the beijing olympics earlier this year. before that he was the head coach for the new york rangers where he went 97, 87, 25 in three seasons. >> we want to bring back that winning culture. the last three years have been difficult. but i also think it has been a byproduct of the success that the sharks have had over the last 15 to 25 years. sometimes you go through a bit of a dip when you have been as successful as the sharks have. >> he knows how to manage his best players and he believes in some of the player development principles that i believe in.
6:56 pm
when i put it all together, he was really the best choice for this job. >> you want everybody to do the things they can do, just a bit better. you have 23 people, being five to 10% better that is the difference between making the playoffs or not. chris: the south bay at 11:00, was the center of the sports university. san jose head coach. good stuff in the south bay. dan: good stuff. really interesting. we have a fun couple of seasons. thanks. ama: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, catch a celebrity will a fortune followed by generation gap, celebrity family feud stays with -- comes up. coming up next on the cap livestream, a national geographic sharks special. tonight, for his nerves in alcatraz was not the bars or guards, it was the sharks.
6:57 pm
downloader open the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app to check it out. that will do it for this addition of abc7news. think you so much for joining us. dan: all of us here, we appreciate your time, we hope you have a great evening and we will see you again for abc7news at 11:00. thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by 50 bucks or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- an electrical engineer from queens, new york... a physician from flagstaff, arizona... and our returning champion, an economics and real estate professor from dana point, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny. welcome to all of you at home to "jeopardy!" it was the professor from dana point, ed coulson, who schooled the competition yesterday and took home a fair chunk of change
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