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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 27, 2022 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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prepackaged meals. enduring seasickness, extreme wind, and rough seas. their legions of fans following online put wind in the team's proverbial sails. ♪ heads-up play my song ♪ >> i think something that i want people to take away is these women are so incredible. but we're not superhuman, there's nothing that we were born with that made us any different than anybody else. >> our thanks to will. that's "nightline." you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks
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dan: tonight the show went on in santa rosa despite controversy, hundreds showed up to watch comedian, dave chapelle, despite calls from the lgbtq+ community for the performance to be canceled. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. we were in santa rosa where the show went off without incident. reporter: hundreds lined up to see dave chapelle amidst a call from lgbtq+ advocates for the show to be canceled. >> the cancel culture is out of control. reporter: that opinion was echoed by those who showed up to see dave chapelle performed. >> political correctness gone too far. is it thought control next? >> i am not saying that to say it, that trans women are not women. i am just saying those --
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reporter: the jokes about the transgender community recently led to his minneapolis show canceled, more than 530 people signed an online petition calling for a show cancellation in santa rosa. those in the bay area's trans community are outraged it was ignored. >> my organization is very upset. we are appalled. espousing the transphobia that he does normalizes transphobia. reporter: dave chapelle's four shows sold out in hours. >> he is a legend. i am excited to be here. reporter: those with the luther burbank center issued a statement saying we appreciate feedback from the community, and we have shared the concerns we perceived with live nation. dave chapelle fans making their voices heard before the show. >> if you want to look at it as
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hatred, you are looking at the wrong things. you are looking for hatred and not to laugh or relax. >> some things deserve to be canceled, some points of views need to die away. cancel culture is not for comedy. reporter: no protesters showed up tuesday. going forward, dave chapelle will have additional shows wednesday and thursday nights. abc 7 news. ama: developing news, the current path of the oak fire is giving crews the upper hand. flames have reached portions of the burn scar from the ferguson fire, where there will not be as much dry brush to burn. evacuation orders were reduced to warnings. it is 26% contained. the san francisco fire department has 17 firefighters battling the flames members from other bay area fire departments. dan: the oak fire is having an
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impact on our local air quality. we go to sandhya patel. sandhya: we saw it earlier tonight and it is still with us. me show you a time lapse, layers of smoke from the oak fire can be seen above the layer of the marine layer. this was before the sun was setting. those were layers of smoke. we do have fog around, air quality advisory through tomorrow due to the smoke in the upper atmosphere. at the lower levels it is good air quality, not the case around yosemite or the sierra foothills. as you look at the smoke forecast, at the upper levels we will see more smoke move in our direction around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. by 11:00 p.m. the concentration will be in the south and bay but covering a good part of the bay area.
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i will be back with tips to keep you safe, coming up. dan: we have tools to keep tabs on air quality where you live 24/7. check out our online interactive air quality tracker, you will find that at ama: the award leading to arrest of the shooting of a ride-share driver has increased. patrick fung was shot two weeks ago while getting ready for work. immunity members are looking for justice and change. >> we are hoping we can find ways so that online resources will prevent crimes from happening. >> until someone is caught, this will continue. you will see more press conferences, more victims, more armed robberies. ama: oakland police say a new the a's on officer fluent in vietnamese has been assigned to patrol the area. dan: on to monkeypox, the latest
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on that case, cases have rocketed up by 33% over the last four days. there are 3900 confirmed cases, the most in any country in the world. the vaccine clinic will be closed again tomorrow because of a shortage of shot. san francisco's health department asked the federal government for 35,000 doses but has only received 7800. the head of new york city's health department once the world health and his agent to rename the virus. he says this to avoid stigmatizing patients who are reluctant to seek care. ama: in a south bay a recent celebrity siding has gilroy buzzing about what a superstar left behind, a wallet belonging to william shatner had to be overnighted back to the cultural icon in beverly hills.
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new details about what it took to return the lost item. reporter: the fruit barn in gilroy has attracted customers from near and far for decades, but a recent stop by a famous celebrity has them considering new to core. >> i thought about putting up a shine that william shatner was here. reporter: william shatner left behind his wallet. he showed up to work and saw the wallet. after his initial shock, he texted a friend with the police department. >> i told him we found this wallet, and he was not sure if i was telling a joke. >> i tried to figure out why gary of all people has mr. shatner's wallet. reporter: the race was on to connect with captain kirk who
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stopped to purchase cherries. >> he paid for it prior to getting corn. i am assuming he had his wallet in his pocket. reporter: the thought is he bent over to pick some items and lost his wallet. it took two hours and teamwork to connect with shatner's agent. the officer says celebrity status aside, the department did their due diligence. >> we wanted to hear them correlate not just the wallet but the contents. reporter: then this tweet by shatner thanking them for returning his wallet. >> when you get to talk about something and laugh about it and pass on the experience, to include my family and parents, it is cool. reporter: shatner said there is no such thing as the unknown,
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only things temporarily hidden. in this case, his wallet. abc 7 news. >> let's see if i cannot make you a multimillionaire tonight. ama: it did not make anyone a multimillionaire. mega millions officials announced no one won tonight's $830 million jackpot. dan: you can check your ticket for a winning prize. you will almost certainly want to try your luck friday. the jack pot is over $1 billion. ama: we are all losers tonight. reporter: we are. i did go ahead and bought my tickets but unfortunately you will be seeing me at work because i did not win. the chances of winning tonight were 1:330,000,000.
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you 20,000 more times likely to be struck by lightning. people still be hoping the odds are in their favor on friday. from the east coast -- >> if i win that much, the first thing i have to do is sail away. reporter: to the midwest. >> it may be my lucky day today. reporter: two right here in the bay area. >> i get more excited about it. reporter: lottery fever has swept the country. tuesday nights jack ott of $830 million was the third largest ever. >> all of those states and jurisdictions come together and look at the sales and how it is doing. growing sales are what supports the jackpot. reporter: the mega millions website crashed for about an hour as people rushed to see if they had struck it rich.
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no one struck it rich but there is good news for one californian who hit five numbers, that means they will get a prize of about $1 million. the drawing for the $1 billion jack ott will take place friday. abc 7 news. dan: try again friday. ama: a disturbing story out of southern california, a woman posing as a nurse to steal babies. how prosecutors say she tried to for her family. dan: also, a strange noise kept bay area residents all weekend. >> the 49ers report to training
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southern california is accused of posing as a nurse to steal newborn babies. she faces kidnapping charges. prosecutors say she claimed to be a new nurse and tried to take a baby when she was stopped by the child's parents. it happened at the riverside medical center in riverside county. a second mother is making similar claims against her. a judge today denied bail. >> snatching someone's child. dan: the da's office says she
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had ultrasounds from two other hospitals with her name on them, and she had been telling her family for months that she was pregnant. ama: did a mysterious sam keep you awake in the richmond area? the mayor of richmond set out to solve the mystery and offered a $500 reward. late this afternoon we spoke to one man who says he knows who is responsible. >> it literally sounded like -- duh-duh-duh -- reporter: this is the sound she cannot get out of her head. >> i would drift for a few minutes, but it kept me up. reporter: spanning from 8:00 saturday until 9:00 the next morning, she heard it in this area. >> it was kind of creepy because it kept going and going.
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this can only mean one thing -- aliens. reporter: she was not the only one. the richmond mayor says it was heard across richmond. >> facebook was lit up, hundreds of people all over west county were complaining about it. nobody could figure it out. reporter: he posted a $500 reward sunday for anyone who could identify the sound and where it was coming from. tips started to roll in, and two came from people attending a party. that led the mayor to this empty industrial lot in the middle of nowhere near richman parkway. you can see signs of the claimed up party. beer cans, bottle caps, speaker wires are a few of the only signs left from this party that was kept under wraps. the mayor says it was a party
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with electro-funk music. >> it is a cultural thing where people get a pickup truck and pack the bed with high powered sound equipment. then they come together in some venue and play all this stuff at once. reporter: we found a flyer for the event appeared to be in portuguese. we tracked down a man who claims to be the father of the organizer, and he said it was his son's 20th birthday party. >> what they did is illegal and punishable as a misdemeanor. a $1000 fine or six months in jail. reporter: i spoke to the dad who sent his son to talk to the mayor directly when he heard about what happened. the mayor's office the boys did come down but the mayor was busy so they did not meet. we called the police department to see if the young men might be facing charges.
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abc 7 news. dan: twitter is going to ask its shareholders to vote on elon musk's $44 billion takeover offer. musk wants to walk away from the deal and the issue is going to court. the company filed a lawsuit to keep him from backing out, and the trial is expected to start in october. there has been a bitter back-and-forth with musk's attorneys saying twitter is lacking producing documents. ama: every year since 1986 in the last week and of july, the festival has drawn thousands to the berkeley marina but the pandemic forced the cancellation in 2020 and 2021. this year it is canceled because of increased permit fees. >> we would pay the fees, but in addition to those we were asked to pay $45,000 additional. ama: the city of berkeley said
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the city council passed a new ordinance that mandates organizers must pay to hold an event to cover expenses the city takes on. dan: if you would like to fly a kite, will it be windy? sandhya: it will be windy along the coastline. a good day to fly a kite. it is a bummer to see that story because we get a nice breeze, and that is a good place to go. i want to show you what you need to be aware of, a smoke alert. avoid exposure to smoke tomorrow, we will see more of it in the upper atmosphere. keep your doors and windows closed, and put your ac on recirculate so you are not breathing smoky air. near the surface it will remain over the sierra nevada through tomorrow night. a little bit towards northern california but in the upper atmosphere, that is where we are concerned because that smoke
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layer will shift towards the bay area, and the wind direction will drive towards us. area of low pressure off the coast drawing up monsoon moisture. we saw thunderstorms earlier in the day. stockton and sacramento getting traced amounts, daily records for the day. it does not sound like much but we do not usually get a lot of rain in the summer. 5:00 in the morning you will notice activity south of tahoe. clouds as we go into tomorrow afternoon and evening. monsoon moisture will remain over the sierra. seven-day forecast for tahoe, slight chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. hazy sunshine, and we are looking at a better opportunity for thunderstorms next week.
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40% chance on monday, 10% on tuesday. gray skies from our roof camera. fog, clouds and patchy drizzle overnight. hazy skies tomorrow with minor temperature fluctuations through the weekend. fog around the coast and the bay and in the usual spots. temperatures in the 50's and 60's for most of you with a nice breeze towards the delta, 26 mph. 21 in fairfield. this wind is keeping smoke from the surface. up above we see the signs of it. watch out for the fog, hazy skie s. inland areas will be in the 80's i and 90's. haze lingers on thursdays with a minor warm up friday before temperatures fall a few degrees, then a bump up next week with
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dan: fans showed up early to bay soccer history at oracle. thousands turned out to be part of the champions tour, a match between world renowned soccer power houses real madrid and club america. real madrid is the defending your league champ while club america is the most successful team in mexico. this was the first match real madrid has ever played at oracle. ama: the 49ers had the practice field tomorrow, but some big news. dan: chris alvarez is here with sports. chris: trey lance's era begins with the 49ers.
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rock casino. chris: the 49ers reported to training camp today. jimmy garoppolo passed his physical and will be traded at some point, clearing the way for trey lance to officially be named as the starting quarterback. the move was inevitable after the niners made that huge draft trade last season to acquire the number three overall pick. time for trey to take the reins. >> this is trey's team. we made that decision a year ago when we are not going to mess around with that. jimmy understands that. it is nothing against him, it is a business decision. chris: david quinn has been hired as a 10th head coach and sharks franchise history. he had stops at boston university, team usa, and the new york rangers. >> we want to bring back the
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winning culture that has been here. the last three years have been difficult but it is a byproduct of the success the sharks have had over the last 20 years. sometimes you go through a dip when you have been as successful as the sharks have. chris: san francisco giants looking to snap a five-game slide. flores two run shot. game tied 2-2. arizona quickly responds. christian walker got all of that one. three run shot. 5-2, diamondbacks. rodon kicks a bat in the dugout. that is a bad look. rodon with an unreal play peered six innings, struck out 10. arizona picked up seven runs. it is a six-game losing streak. giants drop below the .500 mark.
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a's and astros, bases-loaded for chad pinder. grand slam, the second this month for him. montas got help from the deep fense. top of the ninth, trivino on for the save. nice pic, the throw across. a's win 5-3. a's win 5-3. thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by 50 bucks or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours.
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thank you for watching. dan: for all of us, we appreciate your time.
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