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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 27, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," state of emergency. millions of americans in the pacific northwest now experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. the high temperatures blanketing areas where less than half the residents own air conditioners. this after storms dumped record rain on st. louis. where the weather threat is heading today. new this morning, the justice department now investigating former president trump's actions on january 6th in a criminal probe. it comes as trump returns to washington, d.c. for the first time since leaving office. what he told a crowd of supporters. your money. the federal reserve expected to announce another interest rate hike today. how it impacts everything from your car payment to your credit card.
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and survivor story. >> we walked out, and we're like, how are we alive right now. >> a teenager talks about walking away from a plane crash. who she credits with saving her life. and could a federal law save the beloved choco taco from being discontinued? plus, breaking overnight, no winner in the mega millions drawing. bigger on this wednesday, july 27th. good morning, everyone. we begin with yet another rare weather event unfolding in america. >> daily high ur in the pacific northwest are hitting 20 degrees higher than normal. the governor of oregon has declared a state of emergency and portland is expected to reach 100 degrees every day possibly until friday. >> it comes after historic flooding in st. louis where more than a foot of rain fell in just hours breaking a century old record, but we begin with the grueling heat wave. this morning, millions of
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americans in the pacific northwest are bracing for a lingering heat wave. the governor of oregon declaring a state of emergency in 25 counties. portland is expected to remain in the high 90s through the rest of the week. >> they have opened cooling centers here in the portland area. this could go down as their longest heat wave on record. >> an excessive heat warning in effect in seattle, washington, where just 44% of residents have air-conditioning. the city's first responders saying the heat has kept them busier than ever. >> there were more 911 -- calls to 911 for aid in the county than we've ever seen in the history -- since we've been keeping records. >> reporter: more triple-digit temperatures are expected in texas. the heat along with extreme drought is making every spark a danger. authorities believe a grass cutting crew ignited this fire outside dallas, which damaged more than 25 homes. in california, the oak fire has now burned more than 18,000 acres along with 42 homes.
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>> you see crews taking this tree down right now. they had to. it suffered so much fire damage, it was a threat to any car driving down this road. in fact, firefighters call those trees widow makers. >> reporter: meanwhile, at least one person has died from historic flooding near st. louis after more than a foot of rain fell in some areas in less than 12 hours. >> 911 is on the way. hold on there. hold on. >> reporter: more than 100 people were rescued across the st. louis region as roads and apartment buildings flooded, and this train station almost completely underwater. st. louis received more rainfall in that one event than it normally does in all of july and august. breaking overnight, a major settlement stemming from the opioid epidemic. an israeli drugmaker has reached a tentative deal to pay more than $4 billion over its highly addictive opioid painkillers. teva pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest manufacturers of generic opioids.
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the payout to be made over 13 years could resolve thousands of lawsuits. now to former president trump facing growing scrutiny over the attack on the capitol. the justice department is reportedly investigating trump's actions as part of its criminal probe. it comes as he returned to washington for the first time since leaving office. let's get right to jay o'brien this morning who joins us from washington, d.c. jay, good morning. >> reporter: andrew, good morning. both former president trump and his vice president spoke in d.c. yesterday at separate events, trump referencing law and order also discussing his election lies, pence urging the republican party to move forward, all as investigations intensify into the former president's attempts to overturn the 2020 election. this morning, "the washington post" reporting that the department of justice is investigating former president donald trump's actions as part of their widening criminal probe into the january 6th capitol attack and efforts by trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election. abc news sources confirming that
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prosecutors have asked witnesses about trump, as well as other former officials in recent interviews before a federal grand jury. but sources say there's no indication at this point that trump is the target of the doj's investigation. attorney general merrick garland not ruling out prosecuting the former president even if he runs again in an interview with nbc. >> we pursue justice without fear or favor. we intend to hold everyone, anyone who is criminally responsible for the events surrounding january 6th for any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer of power from one administration to another accountable. that's what we do. >> reporter: the house january 6th committee is conducting its own separate investigation revealing last week evidence that shows trump waited hours to tell his supporters to go home as rioters rampaged through the
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capitol. trump returning to washington tuesday for the first time since leaving office. >> there is no longer respect for the law, and there certainly is no order. >> reporter: in the speech the former president also repeating his election lies. his former vice president mike pence also in washington saying he and trump differ on the republican party's focus. >> now, some people may choose to focus on the past, and i be on the future. >> reporter: meanwhile, the january 6th committee has made it clear their work is not over. the panel is gearing up for more hearings in september, and sources tell abc news that former trump secretary of state mike pompeo is in discussions with the committee to testify behind closed doors. andrew and mona. >> jay, thank you. now to the major decision today regarding your money. the cost of borrowing is expected to increase again as the federal reserve raises key interest rates. it's all an attempt to stop the rising cost of just about
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everything. this morning, the federal reserve is expected to stay on its aggressive path toward fighting america's record high inflation by raising interest rates for the fourth time in the year. the fed is likely to increase interest rates 0.75 point, the same as last month's rate hike. that means for the average credit card balance of $5,010. today's hike would cost an extra $283 in interest before it's paid off. payments would also be higher for anyone borrowing to buy a car or a home, though it would only affect people buying after the rate hike. the fed's goal is to slow the economy down by making borrowing more expensive, which should bring down inflation. now some signs previous rate hikes are having an impact. walmart cut its profit outlook saying customers are spending less, and gas prices are falling fast. the average price of a gallon is now $4.32, down 58 cents from one month ago. yesterday the president's top economic adviser would not say
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if he believes inflation has peaked. >> the reduction in gas prices that you've seen over the last couple of weeks is providing some measure of breathing room, not enough but some measure of breathing room. >> reporter: another bright spot, prices for airline travel are dropping significantly. the average airfare for a round trip domestic flight this fall is only $298, down from may when the average fare topped $400. and a report out tomorrow will show if the economy shrank for a second straight quarter, the technical definition of a recession. now to uvalde, texas, where the police department's officers face backlash in the wake of the shooting at robb elementary school. at last night's city council meeting, family members of the victims called for the 24 uvalde police officers who responded to the school to be suspended. the families say the officers should be held responsible for the botched police response. the city's acting police chief and its school district police chief have already been suspended. and newly released surveillance video shows a woman shooting a
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gun inside love field airport in dallas. the suspect is seen arriving in an unuber then wandering into the ticketing area and opening fire shooting toward the ceiling as passengers run for cover. a dallas police officer shoots the suspect leading to her arrest. >> our men and women must also be warriors. that is what officer cronin was. he didn't hesitate in engaging, managing to give commands to potential victims. i know his actions saved lives and prevented more injuries. >> police also say the suspect has a history of mental health issues. she's been prohibited from possessing a gun since 2018. investigators are looking into how she got the weapon. the effects of russia's invasion of ukraine are reaching space. russia announced it is leaving the international space station after 2024. moscow says it wants to build its own version. a u.s. state department spokesperson called the news unfortunate. nasa hoped the partnership would run until 2030. time now for a look at your wednesday morning weather.
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flooding alerts are up for most of arizona and across the southwest due to monsoon season storms. rescues from high water have already taken place, and more flooding is expected. on the radar a stationary front brings more storms and potential flooding in the st. louis area, as well as the midwest and parts of the northeast, and checking today's high temperatures, more triple-digit heat in texas and the southern plains. also extremely hot in the northwest. 80s from the great lakes to the northeast. 99 in portland, oregon. coming up, the mega millions jackpot getting even bigger. also ahead, a robbery victim narrowly escapes being shot when the suspect's gun jams. the dramatic moment caught on camera. and the family suing for $50 million after a funeral home mix-up.
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we're back with a manhunt underway in las vegas after a frightening scene. take a look. security cameras captured a suspect trying to shoot someone but his gun jams. a frightening scene there. the suspect is wanted for attempted murder and robbery. a new jersey funeral home is facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. after a family claims the wrong body was placed in a casket. >> reporter: this morning, a funeral home's casket confusion has led to a new jersey family filing suit for $50 million. >> the last memory of her was
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very painful, and disturbing and horrible. >> reporter: 93-year-old kyung ja kim was to be laid to rest last november in a traditional open casket korean funeral. at the church service, her daughter said she recognized the clothes, but not the person in the coffin. >> when she opened the casket, i told them, this is not my mom. >> but she said the funeral home director assured her, work was done to make her mother look younger. then at the cement as kim's casket was being lowered, chaos. >> the casket is directed to come up out of the grave, and the staffers whisk it away in a hearse and off they go. >> the family said that's because employees from the funeral home realized their mistake and tried to correct it before the wrong person was put in the wrong grave. the family claims the funeral home later admitted their mistake, that the bodies were not properly tagged, and a
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younger woman with the same last name was placed in kim's casket. the next day the family held kim's funeral again, but by that time out of town loved ones had to return home. kim's daughter said the funeral home offered to refund $9,000, but they're seeking $50 million, they say, to make sure a blunder like this never happens again. kim's daughter so distraught. she fainted at the gravesite. >> shameful and humiliation. all those things. we can never get rid of it. >> reporter: we reached out to the funeral home for comment but did not hear back. the family said any amount they receive from the lawsuit will go to kyung ja kim's two favorite churches. coming up, a teenager talks about her survival story, walking away from a plane crash. also, the man accused of killing his wife on their honeymoon appears in rt could as we learn new details about their relationship.
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appearance in court today. bradley dawson remained on the island. his wife was found beaten to death in their room at a luxury resort. her family said tlrs a lot of unanswered questions. >> he left his gps watch on the island outside the room but took his wallet and passport. and jumped on to a kayak trying to escape the island. the intention was to, i believe, arrive on the mainland and perhaps catch a in it back to the united states. >> chen's family said the couple got married just three months after meeting. now to the teenager speaking out after surviving a plane crash. she kresds her uncle's piloting skill for saving her life. this morning, a plane crash survivor is talking about her near death experience. >> all i really remember is realizing something is wrong and
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then we were crashing. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was on this small plane on sunday when it went down outside detroit, michigan. also on board, her uncle who was the pilot of the plane, his wife and their dog charlie. the plane had just taken off and was about 100 feet in the air when sienna could tell something was wrong. >> the plane started shifting a litle bit. and then like an irregular movement. just wobbling. i knew that wasn't turbulence. wasn't really weather. so i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: sienna's uncle, an experienced pilot, was able to carry out a controlled crash and avoid a nosedive. >> if it weren't for him, we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: when the plane landed, everyone was alive. >> there were shards of shrapnel from the plane on the ground and stuff. i just kind of crawled out. and charlie came out behind me. she just ran off. >> reporter: thankfully, charlie was found 13 hours later by a person out delivering newspapers. >> she came right up to the car.
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she was not going to let me leave without her. >> reporter: sienna, her uncle and aunt, a four-time olympian, were all hospitalized for burns and cuts and broken bones but sienna feels fortunate they all survived. >> how are we alive right now? >> reporter: the cause of the crash is still under investigation. her aunt has represented lebanon in the olympics in both skiing and long distance running. >> incredible. coming up, aaron rodgers like you've never seen him before. >> and the senator calling for the defense production act to be the defense production act to be used to save the it takes energy to take on the world.■ so whether you■re breaking a sweat, breaking down barriers, or breaking the laws of gravity, keep moving with the ultimate energy bar. we bake in delicious, wholesome ingredients, purposefully crafted with a blend of protein,■fat and carbs. because the more good you put in, the more great you get out. clif. baked in goodness.
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last night. the lottery says after the drawing, its website was down for two hours because of increased traffic. an uproar over the impending doom of the choco taco has reached capitol hill. >> a day after they announced they were discontinuing the treat, chris murphy said he would introduce a bill for an act to save the choco taco. >> was it all in vain? he was just joking. next, a parking ticket battle in san francisco. >> a couple is fighting their $180 fine. they say their usual corner spot became illegal when city workers painted it red. they even painted around their tire. they said the spot was off limits. but the old paint had worn away. and finally, aaron rodgers doing his best nicholas cage impression. >> that would be from con air. he arrived at training camp with long hair, a short beard and a white tank top. he's basically channeling con
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:00, new details
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on the january 6 investigation, the criminal probe underway and what former president trump had to say on his return to washington. kumasi: how much police are offering for information leading to the arrest and the deadly shooting of a new bird driver. reggie: progress fighting the oak fire. how a fire from 2018 is helping people on kumasi: the front lines. kumasi:mega millions turning into mega billions. the who jackpot that you could win. reggie: please, someone when this, i cannot talk about this anymore. kumasi: what if it is you? reggie: you will not hear me talk about it anyway. kumasi: it is wednesday, july 27. drew: this morning we have a lot of dense fog. a half moon bay down to a mile and a quarter visibility. visibility around petaluma.


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