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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 29, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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owners. it does not appear deputies were injured. officers from the windsor and santa rosa police departments have been here on scene assisting. santa rosa police confirmed with me, that they have and will be taking over this investigation per county protocol. they are expected to be releasing and up late within the hour. this is a developing story and we will bring you any up dates and new information as we get it. >> live in sonoma county abc7 news. dan: thanks very much. we moved to another developing story on monkeypox. cases in the bay area. san francisco continues to have the most with at least 281. san francisco and los angeles counties account for 66 of the cases in california. demographic data released today show anyone percent of people infected -- 91% of people
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infected identify as gay health officials are concerned about the stigma that may accompany this data. is committed to reducing stigma among the lgbt community which has been singled out and treated unfairly because of this outbreak. no single individual or community is to blame for the spread of any virus. dan: the doctor says the state is pushing to get more vaccines, that is critical. he h bn asked declared, officiae reviewing everything and will decide if additional measures are needed. luz peña is in the newsroom with a look at how one companies expanding its testing for monkeypox. reporter: we are seeing how several companies that have been focused on covid-19 efforts are adding to their community response, monkeypox testing. we went inside a science lab, ramping up response to this new outbreak. it is a vital process to prevent more people from getting
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infected. once inside, renegade bios lab to see how scientists are expanding their covid-19 testing efforts to now monkeypox. >> was the sample arrives, -- once the sample arrives, we process total times, about four and half hours, for high-quality pcr results. reporter: each sample goes to multipleheses. ift is t wca or ngo-based>>hine amplifies the genetic information of the virus by fluctuating between hot and cool temperatures. at the end of 40 cycles of temperature fluctuation, the results are on-screen, if the virus is present. reporter: how long does it take this machine to detect monkeypox? >> the average runtime is an hour and a half. reporter: all samples are stored
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in these special freezers. >> the -80 freezer, and a good -- liquid nitrogen, we were goggles. here is where our samples are stored. reporter: the entire process is meticulous. four renegade, a goes beyond a science. this work is personal. >> we are an lgbtq owned and operated business and we feel it is important to protect our community during the monkeypox outbreak. reporter: this company is working with california's department of public health, with their overall state efforts. in the bay area their processing samples for solano county and moving to test in san francisco. >> it feels like we're living inside a pandemic 2.0 with monkeypox. we want to do a testing, as early as possible to our community. reporter: the ceo says there lab
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has the capacity to detect monkeypox in a sample within four hours. that type of fast response is what they're hoping to be the one that prevents the type of virus from spreading in our communities. dan: these types of communities we are testing in the past, and now we are testing for monkeypox, how prepared are they for future virus? reporter: the tools are there. the lab i visited is testing for sti's. covid initiated this wave of a virus testing in response. the goal is for groups to pivot or branch out into future virus is for community safety. dan: thank you. karina: oakland police have increased the reward in homicide investigation from a. they're looking for these three men. police say they attempted a robbery near a food stand on foothill boulevard in 30 5th avenue on may 12. jose was a shot and later died at the hospital. the ward has increased to 17 $500.
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-- $17,500. a brutal robbery was caught on camera. this happened thursday, around 4:30 p.m. on skyline drive. police say the suspect was armed, struck the victim with the firearm and stole his watch. the suspect fled in a wide -- red vehicle with tinted windows. the 71-year-old victim was treated for his injuries, but did not go to hospital. the victim's family tells us they believe they were followed from a bank in san leandro. they also moved from oakland to daly city to be safer. dan: with increasing attacks against the community, many in the aaip community are trying to create more change through civic engagement. karina: they held a meeting with the new district attorney. abc7news reporter has a look at the effort to make sure there voices are being heard. >> you have me with you.
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i stand with you. thank you for standing with me. together, we will protect each other. reporter: the new district attorney held her first meeting with the asian-american community. >> her coming to the community and speaking to us direct, that's a great first step. reporter: mark young, organize the event. his was one of eight community groups took part. >> we want to feel represented and heard. we are trying to change the fact that the silent majority doesn't want to be so silent anymore. reporter: he says asian americans are galvanized by the rising violent attacks against the community. a recent poll finds nationally, almost 50% of these adults want stronger hate crime laws. 14% want more police present -- presence in their communities, even though some advocates say that tough on crime policies heat -- lead to more hate crime
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prosecutions or service a deterrent. will new and but beliefs change must include more civic engagement. >> you have to give her some time to show the community what that looks like. but for us, the most important things, for us to be engaged enough to be paying attention. >> i want to be the symbol of our unity. this is the symbol of our unity. reporter: carl is president of the oakland china association. he attended the event. one reason is because he communs seen as a role model for communities across the country. what happens in san francisco can impact the entire bay area. he likes what da jenkins had to say. >> the job is to making sure there will be consequences for those who are committing crimes, whether there -- they are hate crimes against the community or all communities, especially against our seniors and women. i think that is a good message.
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dan: the oak fire near yosemite national park is up to 45% contained now, one week after broke out. 19 200 acres -- 19,200 acres have been burned. more than 600 homes are still threatened. cooler weather and increased humidity next week should help them increase containment even more. the weather is now a bit more favorable. our -- sandhya patel is here with a look at how the conditions are. sandhya: fortunately the winds are not strong there. it is hot, 96 degrees, 22% relative humidity. sustained winds are calm but it is gusting to eight miles an hour. winds will remain 15 miles or under is a good thing. the firefighters can continue to gain ground. another hot one tomorrow. temperatures start to slide and lower as we head into the second half of the weekend and into early next week. air quality near the oak fire is moderate. parts of the sierra are good to moderate, here locally,
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fortunately we are seeing good air quality. as you look at the smoke forecast, really light haze is not out of the question, not just here locally but around parts of the sierra nevada. this will be primarily in the upper parts of the atmosphere. locally there is no advisory. a full look at your we can forecast coming up -- we can forecast coming up. dan: you can track wildfires burning up with our interactive wildfire charter. you can find the current air quality in your neighborhood on a website karina: dreaming big, the mega millions jackpot continues to grow. designs of the future from classrooms to the real world, architecture taking shape in san francisco. waging peace inside vietnam war exhibit in san francisco, all about vetera
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dan: the 24th annual or national aids conference is underway in canada. it includes many speakers and workshops to discuss the latest science and how to help people dealing with hiv and aids. korel smith is live in montréal with a look at the first day of this important conference. reporter: hey dan. hello, bonjour i should say from on trail in 24th annual world aid conference. it is the biggest gathering of
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the very best, who come together to fight in the hiv and aids. the conference got underway today, with a bit of a bang. protesters took to the stage at the opening ceremony, demanding medical equity for those living with hiv. they allow the -- talked about not allowing the canadian government and many issues of immigration. i also had a moment to speak with dr. fauci, talking about where we are at in the aids handling. >> it is essential that we bring back hiv/aids on the global radar screen. that doesn't mean we are going to neglect covid. we can't. this doesn't mean we're going to neglect monkeypox, we can't. it doesn't mean we will neglect the other diseases. >> all of our work is that we want to have no stigma. health is a human right. there should be equity and
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access to testing, treatments,, invention efforts for all of these infectious diseases, including hiv around the world. reporter: that -- she is from the world health organization. we talked about monkeypox. a lot of concern as similarities in the sense that they are -- there seems to be a movement, aligning gay men with monkeypox. it ag wit wasay aot a gay man's di otigmatizing. great in out o that's an importt to make. up until two and half years ago, when we use the word pandemic we were referring to aids. then covid came on the scene and
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that became the word we associated with that disease and virus. how challenging is it -- we just had an aids walk in san francisco. we talked about shifting focus back to aids after spending so much time talking about coronavirus. aids took a backseat. what is the thinking about making sure we continue to focus on aids? >> exactly. reporter: well, the head of the international aid society open the conference this morning, saying we are set back. we are not on target to end hiv/aids by 2030. the world and you and a could add a goal to hit 90% of diagnosis, 90% on treatment and 90% on viral were behind.the aids conferenceg at throughout the day was we need to get the focus back on
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hiv and aids if we willeaas a me have the tools to end this epidemic. we have the signs. if we can get people tested and on treatment, then that is what we call a win win. dan: things have come so far. it is important to sure you are also living with hiv. that important message is you can live a healthy life and a full life with hiv. however, we need a cure. very quickly, if you can, the hiv/aids community got a double whammy during covid. first, things got put on the back burner of attention being focused on aids and this community with weakened immune systems are much more susceptible from dangerous reactions from covid. reporter: yeah. all the more reason, if you are living with hiv, you need to get on the treatment. once you get on that antiviral treatment, and become
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undetectable. that is the save the viral load is so low in your body that it can't be detected by normal test, your immune system and everything else is just as healthy an a living in w oxbo dr. fauci rt said, yes, right now it is a lot of men who have sex with men who are being diagnosed. the world health organization said, we a way, like a canary in the coal mine. we are letting people know that the monkeypox has resurfaced. it is not a gay man's disease or virus. it is transmissible by many ways. but we are aware of it. they are on top of it. dan: korel smith, you're the best -- karl schmid you are the best. karina: a new exhibit in san
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francisco aims to educate the public on the u.s. soldiers and veterans who opposed the vietnam war, waging peace in vietnam is on display at the veterans memorial building. it shows how the g.i. movement unfolded with antiwar coffee houses and newspapers giving an independent voice to soldiers. >> what people generally do not know was that there was a strong antiwar movement within the military. there was some very powerful, very potent things done by people who are in the military, to try to end the war. karina: the exhibit is open wednesdays through sundays from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. admission is free. dan: the weekend is upon us. karina: it is friday. let's check in with sandhya patel. hopefully we can have some great weather for outdoor plans. sandhya: it will be fabulous. the weather that you are seeing is what you will see tomorrow, but sunday thing start to change. let me show you live you from
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our emeryville camera. it is overcast, as he looked toward san francisco. low clouds hanging around and drizzle overnight. cool at the coast in warm inland. we have slight chances of showers and thunder late sunday going into monday. that is where the interesting part comes in. a live view from our east bay hills camera. notice some of the hayes from the oak fire. it is not impacting us at the lower levels but we have high clouds making it a little hazy out there. measurable drizzle this morning. san francisco 207 inch. berkeley lab to hundreds. o 400 ih. it was definitely damp out there with the deep marine layer. as you look at live doppler 7 there is some thunderstorms firing up in northern california and parts of the sierra. the activity has been staying there. some of the higher clouds and the subtropical moisture is moving in our direction and has an all day long. temperatures have been kept in check by the marine layer.
4:20 pm
44 mile an hour winds out in san francisco. we have a nice wind long through. it will remain gusty tonight, going into tomorrow morning, winds ease but they pick up again, 25, 35 miles an hour near the coastline. be prepared for gusty conditions. air quality is good, both saturday and sunday. as we check out the marine layer from our camera, we check out the numbers. 61 in oakland, 67 san jose, half moon bay you are 61. we have a nice breeze along the embarcadero. 81 in santa rosa, low 70's petaluma. 85 in concord. when we are in july and we don't have extreme heat we should be thankful, considering what is helpful -- considering what is happening across country. the monsoon flow, sunday going into monday while the thunderstorm activity, most of it remains east, there is a
4:21 pm
slight possibility we may see a thunderstorm here, possibly with showers and possibly without. the concern is fires. the temperatures are in the 50's and 60's in the morning, clouds will drizzle tomorrow afternoon. wendy coast side, breezy inland. anyone -- anywhere from 61 in moon bay, to 70 in antioch. you'll have to go towards cloverdale to get those 90's. the accuweather seven-day forecast morning drizzle followed by a windy afternoon. increasing clouds for sunday, on different levels. we are looking at the potential for a thunderstorm or shower or both. numbers will start to really remain in the 60's to 90's range near to slightly below average. the heat is back on thursday. dan: thanks. from a classroom concept to real tativearitecture taking shape n francisco's presidium. karina: who can resist cute and cuddly pets? the doctor up
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dan: this afternoon we are getting the chance to see innovative architecture that started as a classroom concept. karina: now it is taking shape in san francisco's presidio. spencer christian has the details. reporter: architecture student is leading us into a secluded corner, an intersection of
4:25 pm
nature and design. we havcreated thug modules, where birds can come and nest. reporter: wh aooknchiarng visithe califoa college of the arts. that is when students work test of turning locally sourced materials into structures that would have -- be habitats. the insulation is a chance to scale up the theoretical. >> these structures were done digitally first. that is the beauty of using tools to be able to visualize. reporter: fellow students spent multiple weekends assembling the installation, joining the parts using knots and techniques inspired by native peoples. >> we have learned the methods from indigenous elderly's on how
4:26 pm
to tie a self tying not. reporter: other concepts include habitats designs to include a wide range of environments, areas around levees to open urban spaces. they say the common thread is thinking about how communities can help restore urban environments to be more eco-friendly. >> can you imagine how much greater the impact would be if we had a community action? >> it's an interesting novel idea of how you can improve the infrastructure for plants and animals. reporter: presidio trust wildlife ecologist jonathan young say birds have been perching on the tower, an early sign of approval for a student design that is made from the drawing board toheand dunes ofhe presidio. cisbcnedan:snkarina: the mat meant toor litednm's animal
4:27 pm
rescue foundation held a mobile adoption in concord. and got the superhero assist from you -- from action heroes, to their special sidekick. the foundation places hundreds of cats and dogs with qualified families every year. to date, they have placed more than 46,000 dogs and cats and graduated 48 rescue turned service dogs with their veteran handlers. dan: amazing. the foundation does such incredible work. boosters -- boosting the boosters. >> this virus has continued to prove more than a formidable foe. dan: the continue to battle against covid-19 and the omicron variant. for the government is doing now. karina: in vegas, instead of a jackpot, some gamblers received an unwanted surprise.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. dan: we will start this half hour with major flooding from las vegas to kentucky, where at least 16 people have died. more rain is in the forecast through the weekend. flood watches are likely to stay in effect because of that. derek dennis has more. reporter: entire neighborhoods in eastern kentucky are underwater after heavy rains brought on flash flooding. >> this is the worst i've ever seen. probably 95% of the people here have lost everything. reporter: resident sifting through the debris, trying to salvage what they can. >> anything i say will fall short of what it is that is being experienced. i know people personally 12 lost everything they have. reporter: our reporters there.
4:31 pm
>> you torce o floodwaters tossing cars and sweeping away homes. look what it did to this firetruck, carrying it over here and wedging it underneath this overpass. reporter: bsa around natural ga, electric power, and be safe moving through this water. don't walk-through or drive-thru water with the current. reporter: president biden approving a disaster declaration for kentucky. >> this is a very dynamic event. there are so many hazards. reporter: officials are unsure how many people are unaccounted for. the governor believes thousands may have lost their homes. >> to all the families, i know you have sustained a loss, we are going to agree for you. we will support you and we will be with you. reporter: st. louis is underwater for the second time this week after heavy rains, caused more flash flooding. >> kentucky's governor call this one of the most deadly floods in history and it may be the
4:32 pm
deadliest. derek dennis, abc7 news new york. dan: now to the flooding in las vegas. this video showing the water pouring in from a hole in the roof of the casino. roads were flooding across the city. several people had to be rescued from their cars after they became stranded in rising water. karina: to the latest covid-19 developments. after a small incline and test positivity like california, the 70 averages going back up. it is 15.8%. face masks aequirethe arofirectl decide studylirn sws pies who d. on our 3:00 p.m. show, our special correspondent weighed in on that. >> what this is looking at is the possibility that kids, spitting and coughing in our faces, were giving us some cross
4:33 pm
immunity against sars-cov-2. one of the theory is, a common coal that circulates -- cold that circulate among kids is a common thing for coronavirus. they gave these adults in the study partial immunity. that's why they fared better against it. karina: he said it is important to note of the study was done in 2020 before mass vaccinations. he thinks it is a good jumping off point as doctors continue to study cross immunity. the biden administration is preparing to roll out new boosters that target the dominant omicron variant. second boosters will not be going out for those under 50 white yet. morgan norwood has the latest on this. reporter: the biden administration securing 171 million variant specific doses to help fight the spread. officials say the current vaccine was designed to work against the original strain of covid. while it continues to reduce the
4:34 pm
risk of hospitalizations and deaths, its effectiveness has waned as a virus mutated. >> this virus has continued to prove more than a formidable foe, with varying concerns emerging, it keeps bumping up the prior variance as we see with the highly transmissible ba.5. reporter: ba.5 accounts for more of the new daily cases in the country with 80% of americans now living in a county with medium or high covid-19 risk level. in l.a. county, the nation's largest county, health officials declining to impose an indoor mask mandate, citing an increasing decrease in cases in hospitalizations. milwaukee's requiring masks only when covid-19 levels are high, based on county cases and hospital stays. president biden was just tested negative on friday morning after battling the virus for days,
4:35 pm
urging americans to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. >> this covid is still with us. what is different, now, is our ability to protect ourselves from serious illness due to covid. reporter: the biden administration has decided to hold off on rolling out second stirrers for everyone under 50 -- boosters for everyone under 50 until september. at that point, the administration hopes to start a new campaign to get people under 50 to get will would then be a fourth shot. i am morgan norwood, abc7 news t is climbing. we will do dreaming. coming up next. now you can save big on supersonic wifi from xfinity. can it handle all of my devices? oh, all that. and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee.
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karina: time for the four at 4:00, the mega millions jackpot keep going up. nearly $1.3 billion is on the line. ryan curry looks at how you can spend those winnings. reporter: the luxury collection could be an option. any sports cars from lamborghinis, clarence, for rory's, or classier options like a convertible bentley. cars many of us dream of driving fit in a billion-dollar budget. >> we are in this bubble where we forget, how special these cars are. we need to remember, it is exciting. reporter: like this, a pair of four gts the cost 1.3 million each. a perfect fit for a lottery
4:39 pm
winner. >> it is a different type of ownership lifestyle. reporter: a nice card doesn't have to be in option. a nice home could be. this 6300 square-foot home has it all, a dream kitchen, a closet the size of a bedroom and an enormous backyard with two cabana, one which has a pizza oven. who wouldn't want one? it is listed by danny green real estate. they said, this is one of the most expensive listings that nearly $10 million. it has a luxury gain room with a special wine cellar. dan: a lot of ways to spend that money. karina: that wine cellar. dan: what you think? what are you going to buy first 20 win tonight? >> this is breaking news what my wife called as i was walking set. she said she just bought us a ticket. i said what would you wife you one? she said a big house in a bowl. and then my daughter said, tesla, sports car. karina: is there anything you
4:40 pm
would do first if you won? sandhya: i was just talking about this with my oldest daughter. here is what i would do, i would first buy a vacation home, travel a lot, donate money to those in need. save some to give away to immediate family, for college, for our kids. then just enjoy life. dan: you've got a plan. sandhya: now have to play to win. [laughter] dan: for the record i haven't bought my ticket yet. if i win, i am buying the tv station and giving all of you raises. >> you are the best, dan. dan: will smith is making his first on camera polish to chris rock for slapping him -- apology to chris rock for slapping him at the oscars. >> there is no part of me that thinks that is the right way to behave in that moment. dan: the actor released a video this morning a social media titled, it's been a minute. in the video he apologized and
4:41 pm
answered question. smith has been silent since the oscars, when he slapped a rock, for making a joke about his rock. casey, we will start with you. i watched most of it. did you buy it? was it sincere? chris rock says he's not ready to talk. >> i think it is sincere. it had been in a minute. it has been a long time. now we are talking about it all over again. if he apologized in the first place right afterward we could have moved on. dan: good point. did he way too long? sometimes you need time to process things. sandhya: it is better late than never. he did apologize. it seems sincere. it was probably not the best way to go about this, but you could understand his sensitivity with his wife jada and what she was dealing with. it is better late than never. karina: 3:00, we interviewed an apology expert who agreed, even though it took four months, he had time to think about it, and better late than never.
4:42 pm
it is up to chris rock to decide when he wants to accept that apology or have that conversation. dan: it is ultimately bar chris rock. he was the offended party. >> he said he wasn't ready to talk to will get. sandhya: chocolate may be in short supply this halloween. hershey says, they just can't keep up with demand for regular halloween themed candies. there are several factors including the candy boom during the pandemic. supply chain issues and the war in ukraine. hershey says, they are working to ramp up production and will have plenty of candy next year. i was think it is interesting when we do these stories. there's always candy on the clearance rack that i end up buying after all the wing. maybe they will make enough for everyone to buy yet and not have to put it on sale. dan: i don't know why this didn't lead our newscast. [laughter] sandhya: from the chocolate lover, dan. karina: is this going to change how you buy chocolate for halloween?
4:43 pm
sandhya: now. -- no. there are other chocolates you can buy. just get what i can. i am not going to stress over that. there's a shortages of everything during this pandemic. dan: we will start hoarding. >> i have been hoarding for the last three years. we get a pillowcase every year at halloween. i give my kids one candy a day. i have three years worth of supplies. karina: your kids are eating old chocolate? dan: while we are talking about treats. those choco tacos we told you about arun high demand. klondike pulled the plug on the product and people are scrambling to get one last one. one woman even said she would pay $150 for an open -- an unopened box. sultan straw says they will make their own -- assault and straw will make their own version. you will just have to wait until
4:44 pm
october. karina i know you are a fan. you are sorry to see these go. karina: yeah. it is perfectly balanced, ice cream and chocolate and the crunch on the outside. that's why liked it so much. $150, no. dan: salt and straw makes a great product. sandhya: absolutely they do. i really like the choco taco. it was the perfect mix of everything. dan: i never had one. sandhya: you are missing out. the cone had most of the ice cream on top. then you have too much of the waffle cone at the bottom. choco taco, made it even. [laughter] dan: i missed out. >> i haven't thought about them in a while until the story. i am like, whatever. dan: that's it for this
4:45 pm
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karina: at abc 7 we are inspired by people working to create change and we are committed to sharing their stories so we can be allies in action. we meet laura, of the down syndrome. connection of the bay area. dan: she is helping haven area of independence for those with intellectual disabilities by using two wheels. leanne melendez wrote a long. reporter: we are going to warm up on this and get you on your bike. learning to ride a bike is a life time memory. >> everyone remembers when you learned how to ride a bike. where they were.
4:48 pm
if you taught them how to ride a bike, we are happy to be part of that memory. >> you did it. >> people with down syndrome, 90% of them never learned to ride a bicycle. ♪ >> a few years ago we got a tagalong, she has been writing with me and our older daughter as well. she loves going out and doing that but she has always wanted to write her own bike. we are super excited that she would get the opportunity to write a >> bike by herself. >>they have an amazing track program. they see 60% to 80% writing independently but those that are not, the parents are left with the tools to keep the program going at home. i love my bicycle. do you want to go get your rider? >> the volunteers will come in, have a deep briefing, what is going to be the new challenge they can tackle that day and
4:49 pm
then they go and find their rider. >> you pick the direction. >> we are part of team eric all day long. starting monday morning we him t has been this amazing week of progression. seeing him out there today, with his mom, it is what this program is about. for me it is a milestone for him he has a lot. more ways to go. but this is -- i mean it so big. >> in just one week they learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels it took me so much longer. how do they do it? >> we have a series of rollers they go on a roller that looks like a rolling pin. >> as a writer gets more confident with their balancing, the ends of the rolling pin get more and more narrow, creating a
4:50 pm
more stable environment for them. and after they go to the most narrow ends of their rolling pin, they are ready to launch outside on their personal bikes. there is 14 crews that could be anywhere in the u.s. and canada. right now there could be 14 camps going on anywhere. >> how many cities do you visit? >> we have 100 camps of summer. we go to 36 different states at about four different provinces in canada. we travel around from june, july and august. >> i love going fast on the bike. >> so, laura, they say you are only one bike ride from being in a good mood. i am in a great mood watching all of these kids and their smiles. what do you get out of being with them? >> oh my gosh.
4:51 pm
i am so inspired by their determination and their hard work and every day, seeing the progression. for our members with down syndrome, most of them will never get a drivers license. so this will be their primary form of transportation and independence that they have never had besides walking or dependent on other people to get them from point a to point b. now they are no longer the pendant, they are independent. -- dependent, they are independent. karina: allies in action recognizes local people wanting to build a better area. if you are working -- if you know someone working to build we want to share more stories like that one. dan: let's go back. if you haven't made any plans this weekend.
4:52 pm
it's going to be nice. karina: it's going to be a great weekend. i like to hear that. sandhya: who doesn't. let me show you live doppler 7. we have our typical low clouds but we are also seeing some of these subtropical moisture off the coastline and it is coming in from the monsoon flow. we do not expect rain or thunder out of it but sunday into monday that could change. breezy and wendy tomorrow, 60's to 80's on your high temperatures unless you are up towards mendocino county where they will be in the 90's. morning drizzle, followed by a windy afternoon. it will be increasing cloud sunday, leading to the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm or shower sunday night into monday. we will go back to our seasonal pattern after that. dan: thanks. forget the mega millions. there is big prize this weekend. rt ona: the golden girls are
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
look at the golden pop up. ♪ >> grab your three best friends, because the golden girls are back for the first time ever, fans of the iconic tv show can immerse themselves in all things golden. >> girls, this time i think we have really hit the jet. >> from the bedrooms to the hanging garlic. derek is the mastermind behind other pop-ups, like a good burger. with the help of bucket listers he's back at it again. >> is one of the shows i've always wanted to bring to life. it brings me back to a more fun time. i remember watching with my parents. >> a lot of the jokes are a bit inappropriate. if you're watching as a young kid. >> i don't know that nine-year-old derek should've watched that. >> young derek was pink
4:57 pm
attention. >> ma, you are making lasagna, what is the occasion? >> there is no occasion. i just know it is your favorite. >> the main centerpiece of the golden pop up is the food. >> i will tell you what we will do rose, we are going to eat at cheesecake. >> four different kinds of cheesecake on the menu. for the main courses you will find a vegan options too. what are your favorite items? >> i am going to go ahead and say this is the best lasagna have ever had. >> what you think sophia will have to say about this? >> you know what, she will cosign for it. i'm going to go ahead and say she'll cosign it. dan: now, if you can't make it to l.a., san francisco will get its own pop up this winter. we will keep you posted. remember, abc7news is streaming 24/7, get the streaming tv app and join us whenever you want to, wherever you are. karina: that's it for abc7 news at 4:00.
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