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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 31, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> growing concerns about the monkeypox outbreak as san francisco is about to hold a major event today. thanks for joining us. let'slisa: good morning to you. moid also thlow clouds and fog. as we go in closer, you will notice the green representing the moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere we are dry and we will stay dry today but with more cloud cover and then the chance of a shower and thunderstorm increases late tonight.
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61 in san mateo, and a pretty view. 60's and 70's with partly to mostly cloudy skies today. moving back into the 80's inland. tonight, more cloud cover, more instability. a better chance of rain and thunderstorms will be in the mountains, but we will detail that in a few minutes. liz: the chp is investigating another freeway shooting that was first reported as an accident just after 10:00 last night on interstate hundred 80. to the victims inside a white suv were taken to the hospital. the suspects ran from the scene before officers arrived they did leave the green toyota that they were driving. they say shell casings were found in both the suspect's car and the victim's vehicle. officers also recovered two guns which were carried away and a brown paper bag.
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today marks the return of the up your alley fair in san francisco which is drawing people from across the bay area. it comes as there is growing concern about the monkeypox outbreak but tara campbell tells that there is also growing frustration. tara: this is the scene saturday in san francisco, home to sunday's up your alley event, also known as dori alley and top of mind is monkeypox. >> the challenges not having a quick response from the government agencies to supply the vaccine. tara: he is the owner of the san francisco eagle bar and eagle plaza and he says frustrations are mounting. >> we are definitely feeling like this is going to be taken care of easily. tara: steve floyd and larry jackson are visiting from portland, maine. >> i talked to my doctor about a
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month ago and said we are going to san francisco, any possibility we get a monkeypox vaccination? and he said no, it wasn't an option. tara: the couple has been together for 30 years and didn't want to miss out on the event. >> we've always wanted to go to folsom or dori alley. tara: and they are already putting safety precautions into action. >> still trying to avoid contact with other people. we stayed up in the outer skirts. tara: angel is the executive director of folsom street, the nonprofit putting on the event, and they are working closely with the department of public health. >> we are putting informational banners up all over, a qr code that takes you to the department of public health informational website. they've tara: also been filling their social media feeds with messaging. plenty of people know how to stay safe. and while vaccines won't be
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available, testing will be. tara: >> we are going to be offering the tests right here. tara: a little relief for those trying to stay safe, but they say it is not enough, calling for the vaccine. >> it is frustrating. it seems like a simple solution. i hope they ramp it up quickly. liz: san francisco health officials have requested 35,000 doses. 4500 of those are expected this week which will bring the total number of shots to roughly 12,000. new york city has declared monkeypox a public health emergency as positive cases continue to soar. the city has over 1200 cases, most found in men. it comes just two days after san francisco became the first city in the country to declare an emergency because of the outbreak. mayor eric adams says approximately 150,000 residents are at risk of becoming an actor.
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new york state has received over 100,000 doses of the vaccine. and we have everything you need to know about monkeypox including vaccines and treatment. developing news out of northern california now where another wild fire has erupted and is burning out of control this morning. the mckinney fire has burned more than 30,000 acres and destroyed many homes. containment numbers improved from 0% to 1% last night. evacuations are currently in place. we talk with a hiker from san francisco who was stranded in california last night. >> devastating fire images coming from far northern california, close to the oregon border with mckinney fire asked loading and size, now the largest fire in california this year. >> still pretty breezy.
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>> homes have been destroyed and evacuations are in place, but it is not just homeowners being put in life-threatening situations. >> things are looking pretty not great. it is very smoky here. >> catherine is hiking the pacific trail and was stranded with dozens of other hikers when we spoke with her on the phone saturday evening. >> i saw a big plume of smoke and i was like, that is not good. it was quite scary. we knew the fire was close and that was pretty scary. >> because of the flames and intense smoke, pacific crest trail was closed all the way to ashland, oregon as rains tear through parts of the national forest. nearly 47 square miles make up the current fire zone as the crew tries to get a handle on the situation. >> people are having to turn around and come back to the
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highway because the smoke is so bad. we started to see smoke and it was kind of settling in the valley. >> when we learned of her situation, we posted about it on our abc 7 news facebook page. dozens of viewers responded with recommendations and possible solutions. liz: the oak fire and mariposa county has been the largest in the state so far this year, burning over 19,000 acres since starting last friday. containment continues to edge up with cal fire reporting is 59% contained this morning. the fire has been destructive, destroying over 150 buildings including several homes calfire hopes to have the fire fully contained by next week. last night ceremony with the first time it had been held for
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three years because of the pandemic. >> today, we are renewing this emotional but noble tradition of recognizing those who gave their lives in the service of california. liz: the fallen firefighters were honored at the convention center. nearly half of the firefighters died due to fire-related cancer. two were lost to violence. their names were added to the memorial wall in historic capital park. >> jason andrew cortez, san francisco. liz: after the ceremony there was a procession to the memorial wall that pays tribute to more than 4000 firefighters who died in the line of duty. this morning at least five people are under arrest for a smash and grab robbery at the apple store in walnut creek. the theft cap and yesterday morning but the suspects were caught all the way down. there were two vehicles involved. one had stolen laptops, iphones,
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and ipads. they found two guns and the other, one of which was a ghost gun. uc berkeley gave the green light to break ground on housing for students and those in need. in a tentative ruling, the university could move forward with its controversial plan. work could begin when the judge issued a written order, and that is expected week. preservationists had sued to stop uc berkeley from building for more than 1100 students and 125 on housed people there. they say the university has other properties they could use for that housing. they plan to appeal the ruling. a focus now on the environment, there was a call for action in san francisco yesterday against plastic and e-commerce. scott winger joined the group of environmentalists who gathered.
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the group spoke out in support of state bill 2026. it requires online retailers to reduce lasting packaging materials. >> we are drowning in plastic and it is time to --. >> if it passes, california would become the first state in the nation to limit e-commerce plastic packaging. let's get a check outside. lisa: cloud cover from the golden gate bridge, right around 60 degrees. even at the airport, temperatures today, mid-60's to near 70. more moisture headed our way. whether or not we bring out any rain is another question. but we will talk about how long it six around any potential for the thunderstorms next. liz: community on the comeback. one of the oldest chinatowns in the country celebrates its history and resilience.
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and they are still rolling in the east bay. how communities stepped up to save
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>> over 5000 pounds to raise funds for abortion access. people pledged one dollar for every pound lift in the bench press competition. the grand total raised yesterday was nearly $5,500. >> abortion access for everybody's on all of our minds now. i'm from georgia and tennessee, so it is definitely something close to my heart and we want detroit to donate and help women everywhere. liz: donations will go to thew's assistance project. a show of solidarity in chinatown this weekend where the
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summer festival celebrating strength against covid and anti-asian violence the story of a community effort to overcome challenges. >> a big drumbeat echoing through chinatown, signaling safety and resilience. >> this event is to help revitalize chinatown to bring business back in. >> he helped organize the summer festival as a way to hit the reset button and welcome people back after the pandemic had numerous anti-asian violent crimes in the neighborhood. >> you know that chinatown has been inundated with violent crimes. >> most recently, a driver was murdered as he started work. >> a hard-working asian driver was tragically shot and killed in a senseless act of violence on sunday.
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>> police have committed to increasing patrols in chinatown. but a lot of the safety is not just the police department, it is because the community has gotten together to join forces with the police department. >> some business owners are now feeling safer. >> more safe year. many people come here. >> oakland police say some acts of violence and vandalism are still going unreported in chinatown there's always a certain percentage of crimes that go unreported and we are trying to encourage those to be reported more often. >> signaling a new start for a resilient neighborhood that is experiencing so much. >> events like this brings the crowd back in. we are here, chinatown is open for business, welcome. please come back.
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liz: in west oakland, a block party was held with the purpose of reconnecting residencts organizations. this deal will focus its investment io public fe a mo. elso featured food, music and activities. building a better bay area takes a lot. one of the last rollerskating rink's in the bay area is going to stay open range between outpouring of support from the community. tim johns least of his skates to try it out himself and he brings a story. >> look at it from the outside and it looks like it has seen better days. but go inside and you will discover that one of the last remaining rollerskating rings the bay area is having a renaissance.
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manwell has been the general manager for the last 25 years. he says the boost in attendance as a recent phenomenon. >> it was going down every single year until the pandemic, we were really thinking we can close down because we were not busy at all. >> it would start to be close down at the end of july but after the proposal fell through, news of the closure spread direct the community. there was such a surge in attendance that now it is that you stay open for the foreseeable future. i haven't done this in about 20 years or so. am ee of on that golden statis trying to get. >> it is also people at william haynes who came out to skate with family and friends first time in decades. >> 40, 45 years ago. >> he says they are more than
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just somewhere to have a good time. they are also places to greet memories with loved ones and pass down traditions generation to generation. >> someplace else for kids to go and enjoy themselves somewhere safe indoors or be together with some music, have some food. >> some for now, the golden state will remain open and if the people here have any say, it will stay that way for a long time to come. liz: tim has got some good moves on those skates. do you like skate parks? lisa: they were big in the 70's. liz: i used to rollerskate growing up. lisa: we are looking at a little more cloud cover today. once we get out of this pattern with the moisture headed our way, we will see a more unusual pattern for july and maybe even
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a little,. as for now, we are watching some moisture in the mid-levels move up from seven, warn you and we have had a you showers read for the bay area, mid to high-level clouds in combination with below cloud deck as we look in little bit closer, this is not reaching the ground. we put it in motion, you can see the trend for the moisture to move on up, and there has to be enough moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere to fall as rain. i've seen some stability that makes us watch out for the possibility of both thunderstorms that will mainly take place in the foothills and the mountains. 58 in black hawk with 60 in pleasant hill. closer to the bay, a little bit of fog. it has been disrupted due to the extra cloud cover.
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live picture right now outside. a cloudy start and mostly cloudy skies today with 60's once again downtown. the patchy coastal fog and drizzle, increasing clouds with maybe a slightly higher kneeling of the community, and then a chance of showers later on tonight into monday. the moisture is there, the instability is off the coast. whether or not that comes together, kind of hard to pinpoint. in the next 24 hours, you will notice the cloud cover begins to thin out for some afternoon sun. here comes some of the shower and thunderstorm activity. then we will look through the overnight hours. still, plenty of cloud cover and you can see the activity, so we will definitely be watching that. as we get into later on monday and into tuesday, looks like much of the pattern will return to what we are used to for this time of year with the low deck
5:21 am
and we will see the mid-level clouds dissipate. here is a look at a potential for rainfall. not very much out there, but if you notice into the eastern sierra, that is what we are looking at in terms of perhaps some wet weather. otherwise on tuesday we are back to the 70's and 80's. here comes a bit of a warm up into wednesday. into the upper 90's in the inland valleys. we stay comfortable along the shoreline. elsewhere today, looking at low 60's. slightly humid, a chance of a late a thunderstorm for the overnight hours the rest of the middle of the week looking and very little change, 60's, 70's and 80's. it is the end of the week we bring in some warning.
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liz: a british mathematician believes she has come up with the perfect formula to wake up any positive mood. she focused on 2000 people who said 6:44 a.m. is the best time to make up for a morning start. activities to stimulate the brain like reading or word puzzles also boost the morning mood and the optimal amount of time getting ready in the morning to 37 minutes. the kellogg's company provided and paid for this video and study. efforts to bring high school students into the field of health care. the programs underway that could help fill the upcoming vacancies which are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.
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it goes beyond to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease. and jardiance may help you lose some weight. jardiance may cause serious side effects, including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration that can lead to sudden worsening of kidney function, and genital yeast or urinary tract infections. a rare life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction, and don't take it if you're on dialysis. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. a once-daily pill that goes beyond lowering a1c? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. liz: the pandemic has caused a great strain on everyone including health-care workers and numbers show hundreds of thousands of health care workers are expected to leave the field over the next decade.
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that is why work is being done right here to inspire the next generation to fill the spaces. zach fuentes has the story from the south bay. >> from an introduction to ultrasound technology to learning how to suture of a banana, please high school students have and an insight into medicine that they will never forget. >> i've wanted to be a doctor since i could talk and walk. tara: she is one of 42 chosen out of more than 200 to be part of this kaiser permanente program, getting students hands-on experience in medicine. the goal is that the program will encourage the students to enter the health care field. the pandemic is not only highlighting the need for health care workers, but shining a light on have challenging new jobs can be. despite it all, she says it is still a rewarding career. >> we are very privileged to be able to be there with people any very difficult time in their life and are able to help them do something that is actually positive impact on their life. >> now, one big challenge is getting the next generation to
5:26 am
realize that. the bureau of labor statistics reported that nearly 200,000 openings for registered nurses are projected year over the next decade. it cites reasons like workers transferring to other fields, leaving the workforce altogether or retiring, but they are working hard to recruit. the good doctor even donating his body to science. >> it is my first time ever doing an ultrasound, let alone one that is connected. i thought it was really cool. >> and from what students have shared with me, the goal of this program looks like it is being accomplished. >> i was hesitant on the medical profession, but after this program, i think my pathway is way more leaning toward the medical field. liz: yesterday, there was a standing ovation for 100-year-old herbert douglas jr.
5:27 am
the street where he has lived for 69 years was named after him. douglas won a bronze medal in 1948 for the long jump at 24 feet nine inches. he is a civil rights pioneer and one of the first african-americans to help lead a major corporation. his friends say he is the -- responsible for the popularity of hennessy cognac during his tenure. still to come, tales of survival. >> probably one of the worst disasters around here. liz: how people who managed to escape the devastating flooding in kentucky are sharing their stories. also, close calls with covid. some people say they have never had the virus more than two years into the pandemic. what they are doing to stay he
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liz: good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. let's start with another quick look at the weather. lisa: the sun coming up, only below cloud deck. we are looking at mid to high level clouds throughout the day today and temperatures a couple of degrees milder. you can see all the low to mid 60's. looking at a mild visibility, 58 there, 58 downtown. 9:00, we are cloudy with low to mid 60's bayside and inland. new time, trying to see a few breaks out there. low 60's downtown and by 3:00 we are partly cloudy with low to mid 80's arriving inland, feeling a little bit monkey. -- muggy. tonight, maybe a thunderstorm to take us through monday. we will jot that all down for you in a few minutes. liz: at least 25 people have
5:31 am
died and many more are missing in the disastrous floods in eastern kentucky. first responders are working around-the-clock right now to rescue and recover flood victims. as residents try to pulled together what is left, heavy rain is forecasted to move into these areas starting today. dave has the story. dave: governor andy beshear got a firsthand look at some of the devastation on friday from the air. hundreds of people have been rescued from the floodwaters, many of those carried out by air. >> we came out, it was so swift that even a jet ski was hard to handle. dave: first responders continue to search for those who are still missing. >> continue to pray for families who have suffered unfathomable loss. what they are experiencing firsthand is tremendously stressful and difficult. dave: service should be restored
5:32 am
to most areas by sunday. >> everybody needs power but as it gets hot this next week, it could create its own emergency. dave: many residents are now staying in shelters. >> i don't know what we are going to do. we don't have any place to live now. dave: they all lost their homes. >> i live in the first house, my mom lives in the second, my mother and father, the third. >> this town is economically depressed. hard times. not the kind of place where people lose something and go out and buy it again. >> it all went away. dave: the president has approved a disaster declaration for the region, paving the way for federal-aid and support to start to help these communities. meanwhile, andy beshear is asking for donations, water, kleenex lies -- anything anyone can spare.
5:33 am
liz: take a look at this video that appears to show images of a chinese rocket booster burning up in the atmosphere over malaysia. it was taken around 12:50 local time in malaysia. space command confirms that the remnants of a massive chinese rocket reentered the atmosphere over the indian ocean at that time. this is space debris falling from the sky. the rocket was on an uncontrolled dissent after delivering a new modules of the space station. coming up this week ahead of the upcoming primary, one on one with rusty bowers about how his bombshell january 6 testimony has affected his race and former president trump's hold on the republican party. you can watch the full interview with george stephanopoulos stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7. just three days after president
5:34 am
biden was cleared to exit his coronavirus isolation, he has now tested positive again. the latest on his condition. >> after days of testing negative for covid-19, president biden is isolating once again. he tested positive saturday morning. biden: i tested positive this morning and will be working from home for the next couple days. >> biden said that he has no symptoms and his doctor says in a memo that he continues to do quite well and there is no reason to reinitiate treatment at this time. find initially on july 21. he later tested negative for four days before ending his five-day isolation on wednesday. this latest positive test result is considered a rebound case, which refers to a relapse of covid-19 some patients deal with after taking paxlovid, the antiviral given to those with mild to moderate symptoms who are considered high risk for
5:35 am
severe illness. that group include biden since he is 79 years old. >> kit is still unclear whether or not people who have a positive test after taking paxlovid are contagious, but the cdc does recommend that as a precaution, people assume they are contagious and go back into isolation. >> the coronavirus response coordinator was asked how long the president could have immunity as a result of his covid infection. >> what we know because ba-5 is so invasive that we have seen lots of people get reinfected within 90 days. >> jill biden has tested negative for covid-19 consistently since she last saw the president on july 20. liz: with the variant running wild in california, like new the everyone has had a brush with covid, but there are exceptions. leslie brinkley caught up with some people who never t e virus. >> is getting it covid
5:36 am
inevitable? not according to those who have somehow walked through the minefield unscathed. you could call them covid virgins like this woman who took care of her mom and sister unmasked. >> i was lysol-ing the house, everything was getting sprayed and disinfected but i didn't catch it. i don't know how i didn't. it was a miracle for sure. >> just a few weeks ago my dad actually had it and i have been living at home with them so he would wear a mask and go upstairs to his room and i just tested negative. >> these two friends have avoided covid despite a college roommate testing positive. >> somehow i have just always managed to test negative, which is good. pretty lucky, i'd say. >> for people out there who have still not gotten covid i think it is a combination of what the community looks like including most contacts, their level of protection, and luck. and there is some research out
5:37 am
there to suggest that it might also be genetics, but nothing definitive yet. >> this man says he did not get covid despite sitting next to someone recently on a plane who had it. >> if i were to speculate, i would credit it to overall lifestyle and health. going to the gym, watching what i eat. if you are asking me, it is probably 80-20. 80% lifestyle, 20% block. -- luck. >> for anyone out there, please know that it sucks and assume that you are going to run into it. >> so whether you credit masks, vaccines, luck, or genetics, getting the ba-5 variant is likely, but not inevitable. liz: still ahead, making movie magic starts right here in the bay area. >> digital effects creates the magic that makes people want to go to the movies. liz: meet the rock stars of
5:38 am
visual effects behind the scenes with the masters. and here is a live look outside this morning. still dark outside right now. we will check in with lisa when we get back.
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liz: high temperatures in oregon are helping to revive crops damaged by heavy rain in the spring. they were particularly hit hard by the record rainfall which slowed production near portland, down by 40% compared with the five-year average. of the heat is not allowing them to catch up, so long as it is not too hot. a wet fall could spell trouble, but if the weather stays dry, they will be in good shape. and while they may be making less wine this year, the hope is that it would be high quality. when it comes to the drought in the bay area, large and lush
5:41 am
greens should not be a thing. however, small drought-friendly gardens can be and cannot only enhance your home, but the world around you. ginger shows us how. ginger: our garden is an extension of us. >> your apartment is part of a broader whole. you are actually helping the environment. ginger: that is if you follow some simple rules. five from local nurseries and choose native plants. >> native plants often require no chemicals, no extra water, they are suited to climate. it is just a far better choice, and less mittens for you. >> why have grass when you can have food? when you can have this thing that is doing things for other elements? >> instead of a picket fence with a green grass lawn, is now a garden. >> share and conserve. don't let that rainwater go.
5:42 am
>> you can even do it on a countertop. 2.5 times the water saved and if we all did it, it would be like taking 7.8 million cars off the roads every year. there are such great power that we have even in our garden. liz: lisa, i know that is something you're are paying attention to as well. lisa: right. the drought-resistant ones, definitely looking pretty nice throughout my neighborhood. as we look outside right now, cloud cover, even a few showers. moisture is out there in the atmosphere, increasing throughout the day and the overnight hours. a slightly unusual weather chris alvarez willme back. have the highlights coming up in
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
liz: in sports, the giants will try to get there record back with a win over the cubs. san francisco bay for chicago at 4:00 p.m. and if you are not going to the game, you can watch it on espn. last night, giants fans had a couple of things to celebrate. never be wornheai again by a san francisco giants. the number was retired as he becomes player in franchise history to earn that distinctive honor. will clark, the legend he was, let's go to the ballgame on saturday night. father and son, the giants scoring in the third. austin slater nearly goes deeper left-center. 1-0 giants. the very next pitch, a base hit to left. slager scores easily.
5:46 am
2-0 san francisco. taking the cubs deep to write. 4-0, and look at will having a great time. solo shot to left, his seventh of the season. love and what he sees, but a scary moment here in the fifth. tyler estrada hit in the head by this pitch. he would stay down for a bit before being helped off the field. a's and white sox from the south side. all smiles for this one, top of the third. deep to right, his 15th of the season. it is 2-0 oakland. iran are on for givan sheets, and that ball is long gone. tied at two after that swing. liam hendriks trying to keep it skyhigh. we go to the bottom of the
5:47 am
ninth. winning but on third for the white sox. and that is the ballgame. let's kick it. christian espinosa kicking the ball in. espinoza got a yellow card. what was happening? the game is tied at the half. a golden opportunity, but nathan with an amazing save to help out the goalie. look at that, saving a goal for sure. a great pass, 2-1, salt lake breaking san jose's hearts. jefferson scores to end in a two-to type. that is -- 2-2 tie. liz: hopefully it is going to be a decent sunday for us.
5:48 am
lisa: we are looking at more cloud cover so if you are hoping for some son, today is not your day. increasing sunshine and a bit of a warming trend. all of that moisture headed out from southern california, and we go in closer. some showers out there. moving out from the east, southeast, and this trajectory will shift a little bit throughout the day. we see the possibility of better chances of rain or even a thunderstorm late tonight into monday. we got a system offshore interacting with this moisture i can bring out the possibility more likely of thunderstorms in the mountains and foothills. current temperatures, 60 in oakland, 61 in hayward. a couple of these milder with all the cloud cover. mild visibility year around the coast. santa cruz, you can see the
5:49 am
cloud cover and temperatures will be held up today with the extra cloud cover, the breezy wind. we do have some spotty drizzle at the coast, but not as much in the last days. it will feel slightly more humid. you will notice the change certainly with clouds, several layers out there and for the next 48 hours, looking at the possibility of maybe a few showers. with this forecast model comes into play right now, it is depicting the moisture pretty well offshore into the south bay. through the afternoon, it pulls back into partly cloudy skies and you can see the main activity here in the mountains. we will continue this into the overnight hours. there comes the possibility of more rainfall on highway five, sonora. right on through monday, can see right into the north bay the chance is there. when we see these possible shower and thunderstorm pockets,
5:50 am
it is hard to pin outerwear, and we will focus on the satellite and radar imagery in the next today's to help us out with the forecast. overall, looking at all that cloud cover today in the south bay for some hazy conditions, upper 70's to low 80's. of the peninsula, we are in the low 70's. 74 in san mateo. along the coast, just low 60's, 65 downtown. in the north bay, partly cloudy with 80 in sonoma and about 81 near east bay. starting out slightly milder. heading england, we got the mid 80's for most of you as we look out toward livermore. we have the extra cloud cover, slightly more humid chance of a thunderstorm mainly tonight into tomorrow. then we get back into a mix of clouds and sun.
5:51 am
the usual pattern and by the end of the week, we are warming up bayside and inland into the mid 90's, keeping it cool let the coast. t iialght andagic arespial-effe to lifeplayed out in a new sern disney plus. joyce has a look behind the scenes. >> visual effects create the magic that makes people want to go to the movies. movies are special-effects. >> george lucas certainly knows that. industrial light and magic is a division of lucasfilm. the director takes us behind the curtain to capture its history from the disney plus series "light and magic." >> who was behind it? what directions make what demands, and how are they able to fulfill the demands in ways that no one had ever imagined before?
5:52 am
>> when i was writing star wars, there were no special-effects officers in the world. so how are you going to do the effects? >> in the case of george, even though he was very tough, he created an atmosphere in which people could take a chance to come up with things that george had thought of, that no one had thought of before. and it would be reinforced by this gang of outsiders that he had assembled. >> ilm gold standard for special visua animation. 's 47 yrs, the mpy has 16 oscars and been involved in more than 350 movies. the promo for this series says the only thing more special than the effects are the people who make them. and those are some of the stories shared here including creating the world of star wars. >> i spend my day just drawing. could be this, could be that. i talked to george, and he takes
5:53 am
one. >> when you say tell me how this happened, it is a pretty rich starting point. liz: all six episodes of light and magic are available right now on disney plus. disney is the parent company of disney plus and abc 7. holy guacamole. it is national avocado day. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers.
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you building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. growing concerns about the monkeypox outbreak is san francisco is about to hold a major event today. good morning everybody. it's sunday, july 31st. i'm liz scored. thanks for joining us. let's over the quick. look at the weather with meteorologist lisa arjun. hey, lisa. hi liz. well, we're starting now with the entire radar for state of california because there's a lot going on moisture moving up from the southwest. we'll be influencing our day today in the form of extra cloud cover and you see some of those showers in the atmosphere. reaching the ground but many layers of clouds. it is 72 on top of mount tam where it is 60 in oakland 63 in san jose and i'll look at emeryville we can see how cloudy it is 58 in santa rosa 61 by the delta visibility about a mile at the coast and here is a look at santa cruz where temperatures today will be a little coor


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