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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 31, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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about what exactly happened and they have not given an official statement nor have they talked about what happened but here outside of the children's hospital, there is a heavy police presence and witnesses told us a five-year-old had been shot. they're not confirming that but a number of witnesses told us that earlier this athese officen canvassing the area near oakland tech not saying what exactly they are looking for. i want to go to the video we shot earlier. this is what it looked like shortly after gunshots rang out. witnesses tell us a 10-year-old pop warner football team from the fresno area was playing the oakland team when gunshots rang out in the stands. witnesses say an adult male was shot, a five road girl was hot and did not -- was shot and another female grazed with a
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bullet. >> i heard these kids running and screaming. you see these kids faces and how they react, it makes it even worse. kids do not deserve to be seeing and witnessing things like this. kids do not need to be around things like this. once you come to these events, things should not be going on. it hurts that it happened here today. >> at this point, police have not said if any additional arrests have been made or anything on that. while we are waiting to hear from police, we know officers are working at least one homicide, possibly two other homicides in oakland. it is a very busy day for oakland police. >> a story you will stay on top of tonight.
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moving on, we remember and superstar bill russell. he was a trailblazer at of the world of sports and a civil rights icon. while he anchored a boston celtics dynasty, he started playing in oakland and san francisco. chris alvarez joining us with a look at russell's incredible career. >> bill russell is one of the greatest athletes not only in the bay area but all of american sports. moving to oakland as a child, went to mcclymonds high school before a legendary career at the university of san francisco. he was inducted into the hall of fame. once he went into the nba, he won 11 championships in 13 seasons with the celtics. here is russell in 1996 on the social impact he made for how athletes reviewed. >> i think i had a lot to do with the respect athletes are
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treated with, black and white. >> one of my dad's favorite quotes as he is not sure about heaven. heaven could be a step down for him. for him, heaven was playing for the boston celtics with those guys. >> in 2011 at the age of 77, russell was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. nba commissioner adam silver released a statement saying bill russell was the rate is champion in all of team sports and highlighted russell's impact on civil rights and social justice issues. he will be missed. we will have much more on the life and accomplishments of bill russell including what warriors head coach steve kerr had to say about the bay area and american icon. >> a popular adults only summer street fair return to san francisco with some changes. the fair is back for 2022 with strong precautions against monkeypox. cornell barnard spoke with organizers and attendees about their concerns.
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>> it is good to see the last vestiges of the whole kink out and about things still surviving. >> russ from palm springs never misses the annual up your alley or dory alley street fair, a celebration of all things fetish. >> i like to think of it as the biggest leather block party. >> executive director says this year the timing of the recent citywide date of emergency over monkeypox has changed the game plan. >> i don't know if you came in previous years but you would be body to body. clearly that is not the case. >> the scaled-down event stretched for several blocks. alcohol is not allowed. near the front gate, the san francisco department of public health was doing outreach about monkeypox. >> i hope we get a lot more vaccines. >> tim was taking precautions in the crowd. >> it seems awful. i'm definitely not touching anyone right now. >> my precaution is i will
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probably not be doing anything, any close contact with any person. i am vaccinated for monkeypox. that is a big concern. >> renegade bio was doing the key box testing outside the eagle bar for a research study to help stop the spread of the virus quicker. >> we are trying to understand if we can detect monkeypox on an asymptomatic population. >> it is hard to predict if this event will be a super-spreader but arming the community with information and resources is the first step in prevention. >> we are working to make sure we can still gather and connect and give people a lot of room to assess the risk and act accordingly. >> we have everything you need to know about monkeypox including vaccines and treatment at our website. taking a live look outside peered see everything looks clear. what you don't see is the humidity. isolated thunderstorms rolling
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into the bay area as we speak and let's talk about the timing and how much rain we could. >> looks like we will not get more than a hundred of an inch of rain. some sprinkles are falling right now. you can see as we close in on the east bay and mount hamilton, we have some sprinkles. i don't know if any of these are struggling enough to qualify as actual showers. have your activity is over the sierra. moving along the edge of the central valley with an outbreak of thunderstorms. we have the potential for an isolated thunderstorm in the bay area but as you look at the overnight animation, looks like it increase and the possibility of showers. we don't see anything showing up yet that indicates a thunderstorm in the bay area. we welcome whatever rained we can get. if we do happen to see lightning strikes, that could create a concern. >> developing news, new
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mandatory evacuation orders are anyplace triggered by wildfire raging in siskiyou county. the mckinney fire is burning near the oregon border in the calla math national forest -- the klamath national f forest. there is no containment. you can really hear the powerful wind gusts as they push those flames. the fire started two days ago and has exploded in size quickly becoming the largest wildfire and of the state this year. an unknown number of structures have burned. one man in the path talked about his race to safety. >> when i got to the community center, it was almost on fire. this is not good. so i put the pedal to the metal and i both need. -- i boogeyed.
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>> that fire is dangerously close to the pacific crest trail. filed cache fire crews expect a wildfire burning near yosemite to be contained august 6. they report no growth overnight and containment is currently 64%. the fire started eight days ago and has consumed wonders 16 homes and 66 out outings. flames have burned 30 square miles. no exact cause of the fire yet but calfire says it was started via person. gunfire injured two people on a freeway last night. it happened on 10:00 on northbound i-8 80 near the marina boulevard offramp in san leandro. investigators say it appears two groups of people in separate vehicles were shooting at each other. officers say they found a white dodge durango and a green toyota camry stopped on the right hand shoulder. people inside the toyota had already left will two people in
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the dodge were struck by gunfire and taken to the hospital. remembering an actress who broke barriers for black women in hollywood. will most likely were member her from star trek but did you know actress michelle nichols was involved in actual space travel? her connection with nasa ahead peered a store owner and the east bay defends his business against thebes but then has his own encounter with oakland
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>> actress and singer michelle nichols best known for her betrayal in the star trek tv series has died. her son released stement saying she died of natural causes. she was a television rarity in 1966. a black woman on a notable role in primetime television series. following star trek, she helped make nasa more diverse helping to recruit women astronauts. she was 89 years old. in the east bay, oakland police are investigating a store robbery on telegraph avenue. two suspects entered you and i liquor attempting to steal items.
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when the store owner confronted them. one of the suspects broke a lurched her window to escape. police detained the owner after receiving phone calls of a man with a nine industry. it is unclear if police arrested the two suspects. new details on a local story that made international headlines. a safer cisco couple i introduced you to last week says the city reversed the ticket they were issued for parking in red zone that was repainted while they were parked there. they say they have parked in the spot at larken and union streets for 25 years and sf mta says the spot has always been a red zone. the paint was just extremely faded. coming up, a bay area skating rick continues to let the good times roll. how and east bay community rolled in to show their support. once again taking a live look
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outside peered little bit of cloud cover. looking a little damp as well. your monday could start off i would not say saw you but a little damp as well. spencer christian is tracking the little bit of rain. >> in sports, deebo samuel is staying in san francisco. breaking news on his contract extension and the life and legacy of bill russell.
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>> in the east bay, golden skate in san ramon has been a treasure for more than five gates. it was on the brick of closing before the community rolled in. it was scheduled to be replaced with housing. news of the closure shocked the community so people came into the rink in droves sharing their memories. >> before the pandemic, we not really busy at all. >> look at all the people there no. after the tremendous support, the general manager says he plans to keep the rink open for the foreseeable future. that is good news.
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>> good story. >> skating into the forecast. what did you say? one 100th of an inch of rain? >> that is what we are expecting if we have any rain at all. it is possible some locations may get more than that. here is a look at what is happening right now. surface wind speeds up to 18 to 20 miles per hour near the coast. fairfield, 23 mile per hour winds. 24 hour temperature change shows most locations south of santa rosa. a degree or two warmer than this time yesterday. east, we have a couple places that are cooler than they were this time yesterday said looking over san francisco, mid-level and high clouds surging over the city. temperature readings are 63 in san francisco. low 70's in palo alto.
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from emeryville, we present this view showing the fog stacking up along the coast. 71 up north to 73 at napa. mid-seventies any fairfield, concord and livermore. these are our forecast features. mostly cloudy and humid with sprinkles likely. chance of showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two tomorrow as the atmosphere becomes a bit unstable and we have the continuing surge of moisture and humidity. let's take a look at our overnight future radar. fog and low clouds expanding. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, we expect to see some areas of sprinkles or light showers in the bay area but steadier rain over parts of the central valley. midday, we expect showers to lift into the north bay. tomorrow evening, we expect showers to taper off.
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we could see another shower or two. we will keep that possibility in the forecast. overnight lows and maybe upper 50's to low 60's. it will feel a little humid. tomorrow, another mild to warm day with highs ranging from mid-60's to here is the accuweather forecast. we expect the ability to taper a little bit on tuesday but it could still feel lucky on tuesday with lingering clouds. sunnier and warmer and dryer on wednesday and thursday with and lend highs in the mid 90's. minor cooling will occur on friday and that will take us into a steady and seasonable pattern going into the weekend. >> abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> one of the greatest athletes in sports the bay has ever known. bill russell has died. the former university of san
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francisco and boston celtics legend passed away earlier today at the age of 88. on the court, russell did it all. olympic gold medalist and the first black head coach in north american pro sports history and the nba's 25, 50th and 75th greatest teams ever. in 2011, he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. here is steve kerr on the life and legacy of bill russell. >> those life meant so much more -- bill's life meant so much more than his exploits on the court. he was an incredible voice in the fight for an equal and just society. during a time where it was very difficult for athletes to speak up, bill russell was fearless in his quest to ask for and demand social justice for
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african-american people around this country and around the world. bill has always been somebody who the entire nba has looked up to and revered and today is a day to celebrate his incredible life and to mourn his passing and to also send our thoughts to his family. bill russell, from the warriors organization, rest in peace. you were an amazing man. >> shifting gears to football, deebo samuel is staying in san francisco. the niners star has agreed to a three-year contract extension. this comes one day ahead of tomorrow training camp practice and a which the team is going to put the pads on for the first time. earlier this week, we saw him working out on the sidelines. according to espn, it is a three-year, 71.5 million dollar extension with 58.1 million guaranteed.
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the oakland a's have a chance to pick up a series win on the south side of chicago. this family of a's fans making the trip to the windy city. ramon laureano taking that one deep to left. it is 1-0, green and gold. bottom of the second, white sox get it right back. jose abreu taking it to left center. eli gimenez lifting it to left center. what a play that was. flying in the air to make the catch. he would not be denied in the seventh. white sox up 3-1. solo shot to right center. oakland off before beginning a three-game series. denied baseball from oracle park. -- sunday night baseball from oracle park. bottom floor, bases loaded for jason vosler. dropping it into left. next batter, austin wins from
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fresno state should that ball is going to go off the wall. two more runs are going to score. carlos wrote don was feeling his ninth strikeout game in the sixth. it is still 4-0 in the seventh. we will be right back after
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>> a quick reminder you can always get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and much more on our bay area app. just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. coming up tonight, a batmobile. a bay area sheriff. a raid in indiana. the i team has a wild story you don't want to miss. squeed and havno roowh yo f?travelers will soon get a e to let the airlines know what they think about their seats. all that and much more coming up at abc7news at 11:00. if there was ever a day to
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