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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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back at jack in the box. >> this is abc. >> they used the fist to hit my head multiple times, and then they pulled me down and kept hitting me. >> we are going to begin with a brutal attack on a 70-year-old woman that happened in san francisco. i am dan ashley. >> i am liz cori. dion lim sat down with the victim at her bedside. she joins us live with this story will see only on 7. dion: i have spent the last several years reporting on
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attacks on asian-americans in the bay area, and this is one of the most heinous acts i've ever seen. unlike many victims, this family was not afraid to speak out, and for a reason. this is the housing complex where she spent the last two sides hiding inside from covid until yesterday. >> yesterday was one of the days in a long time that she went out, and this is what happened. dion: she now hides inside for another reason, bedridden from the extreme pain she received sunday. >> they searched my body, and i quickly realized they were up to no good. dion: that's when the suspects realized she had an iphone 7. video of the housing complex
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shows the suspects followed her into the elevator when she refuses to give up her phone. already dion: on the ground, she is kicked squarely in the face. she used their fist to hit my head multiple times, and then they pulled me to the ground and kept hitting me, kicking me. dion:dion: when she tries to hide in the hallway and is unable to close the door, the suspects return again, not to steal her watch for earings, but her keys. >> i never expected this would happen to us, even though we saw -- saw a lot of reporting. dion: while they can't sleep because of the trauma, they without hesitation wanted to speak out for a purpose.
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>> i want this story to come out so that people know and for other people to be aware and to be safe. dion: sfpd says their community engagement program is working with the family and offering resources to heal. the family is so incredibly brave. while conducting the interview, police officers from the central station brought over a fruit basket and flowers and offered support to the family. it is a story i will continue to follow. dion lim, abc7news. tonight in oakland, we are hearing from the president of the youth football team playing a game yesterday when a shooting erupted, injuring a six-year-old girl. lena howland has the story and what the police chief is saying.
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lena: 24 hours after this video was taken, oakland police are offering a $15,000 reward for anyone with information on who is responsible for shooting and hurting three people including a six-year-old girl at a football game. >> >> this is an oakland problem. liz: the coach is president of the oakland dynamite. he was there at oakland technical when he heard shots ring out. >> i tried to protect these kids, including my daughter. now i've just got to think about the next plan of action. lena: he said it was street beef that spilled onto the field, but it wasn't the first time it happened. a man was killed last february.
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>> a father is watching his sons participate in peewee football, and an assailant fired rounds fatally injuring the father. lena: oakland police provided security at games the rest of the year, but he said the security ended after last year's season. >> witnessing this violence by adults who have come to this football field armed with guns, it makes no sense that children are out playing football and family and friends are playing these games and people would be armed with guns. lena:lena: he says oakland police have agreed to provide officers starting next week. >> nobody is safe until we figure out who is responsible. yes, we believe individuals know one another. it is important that people are
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brought to justice. all three victims are in the hospital recovering. dan: happening now, a community meeting in siskiyou county is about to begin for people affected by the mckinney fire. calfire has gathered people at the local fairgrounds. it is now the largest wildfire anywhere in california. it has burned more than 55,000 acres and has turned deadly. abc 7 spoke with a husband and wife in the bay area who bought a ranch in the fire zone last year. they say they are prepared to evacuate but hope they won't have to. >> we are going to try really hard not to go because we can stay in the middle of a big gravel pit, and hopefully that won't burn. dan: calfire is investigating
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the cause of the fire, but officials say it was not started by lightning. liz: in the bay area, there were thunderstorms and rain earlier today. take at this video tweeted out by the santa rosa fire department. you can see light rain falling on the truck. there were no reports of any lightning in the area. dan: it was a similar scene in oakland an hour later. mackenzie stop shot this video of light rain around 11:30. nice to see that. liz: definitely not what you expect. dan: meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya: in august, we get 61 hundredths of an inch. we been seeing the monsoonal moisture moving in.
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tracking showers and to dangle at 5:12, and walnut creek, 5:14 this evening. one thing we are keeping an eye on is this. we see lightning strikes about 59 miles away, so thunderstorms not out of the question. this area of low pressure has been drawing up the monsoonal moisture, which is giving us the humid air. also the thunderstorms we are seeing not just in the sierra but off the coast line. liz: you can keep track real-time on the weather conditions where you live, including the latest forecast and live doppler 7. just head to our website dan: san jose police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead and another hospitalized. it happened sunday just before 4:00 a.m. police responded to reports of gunfire off of grandstand way. officers found one man dead at
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the scene. >> he is believed to have been at the location. he is believed to have been shot at the location. dan:dan: that victim has non-life-threatening injuries. detect are still -- detectives are still investigating. liz: abc 7 committed to following the humanitarian crisis unfolding in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. our month of reporting began when mayor london breed declared a state of emergency. at a 25-year-old is pushing for the city to declare a state of emergency for the entire city of san francisco over the fentanyl crisis. he says he was at the walgreens yesterday morning when he saw a man come into the store and take several items off the shelf and stuff them into his pants. in the video, you can see an employee of the store trying to do her best to stop the man
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while he casually walks out with the items. darren told me he believes one man -- one way to stop the rampant shoplifting is for the city to do more to stop the drug crisis. >> the cr isu thex is solved, we won't have to deal with such crazy things every day. we have to declare a state of emergency for all of san francisco. liz: he started a petition and is asking for people to sign it. you can watch 50 blocks: stories from the tenderloin on demand on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app for apple tv and android tv. dan: it's been a long day for hundreds of people waiting in line in san francisco to get the monkeypox vaccine. the line stretched for blocks outside of zuckerberg general hospital. it included supervisor rafael medlin.
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d arrived at 5:30 and found 150 people ahead of him. >> we are the epicenter of the monkeypox epidemic. we've got about half the cases in california and 2% of the states population, so it is right that we get the vaccine. we just wish we had more. dan: hospital officials say they gave up 950 doses. the city asked for 35,003 weeks ago and has received 12,000 doses so far. officials say they believe they need 70,000 doses to meet demand. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in california. liz: house speaker nancy pelosi sparks a protest outside of her san francisco office. why some are concerned her action could escalate tensions with china or provoke a war. dan: president biden addresses the nation to announce a successful operation against al
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liz: one of the most wanted terrorists in the world has been killed by a u.s. drone strike in afghanistan. i'm an hour zone -- ayman al-zawahari has been blamed for numerous terrorist attacks, including 9/11, as well as the bombings of the uss cole. president joe biden announced the strike happened saturday in kabul and promised to find terrorists no matter what. >> no matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide, if you are a threat to our people, united states will find you and take you out.
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the liz: fbi had been offering a $25 million reward for the capture of the terrorist. dan: protests outside of nancy pelosi's office over her proposed visit to taiwan. organizers say the speakers trip would escalate tensions with china and might provoke a war. pelosi is touring asia. she met with officials in singapore. the white house is exercising caution while trying to tamp down concerns and supporting her trip. china has called the visit a provocation. >> it is not uncommon for congressional leaders to travel to taiwan. it is in keeping with our policy and consistent with our support for taiwan under the taiwan relations act. we as a country should not be intimidated by the rhetoric. dan: reports say that she will visit taiwan wednesday. china views the island as its
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own breakaway province. liz: city councilman loren taylor filed his paperwork to run for mayor. the move makes him the first candidate in the race to file. he currently represents maxwell park, eastmont neighborhood. more than a dozen other people say they plan to one for mayor, including councilmember reed and shane tao. dan: new details for founding -- surrounding school board member and shoe. a special meeting has been called for tomorrow to decide whether to admonish her. this comes in the wake of her racist comments about black and brown comments in the district. despite her apology, the naacp and the city's democratic party have called for her to resign. she was one of three people appointed by mayor london breed after the february recall elec
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dan: a reminder that you will get our live newscast, weather and more with our area streaming app on apple tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 to make it happen. as we move on, the death toll from the flooding in kentucky continues to rise. 35 people have been confirmed dead, including four siblings ranging in age from two to eight years old. hundreds of people are unaccounted for, and tonight, search-and-rescue teams are continuing to look for them. more than four inches of rain fell last night, and the national weather service says there could be more flash flooding tomorrow morning. it is a terrible crisis. liz: dan, it's nice to see some rain. dan: we don't get this very often sandia. sandhya: the entire month, we get a few hundredths of an inch
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of rain, something we have to prepare for. let me show you live doppler 7. just off our coast line, we are tracking thunderstorms that have developed. if it holds together, it will be around point raise 6:52. as long as we see some rain, we are good, but if there is right lightning, concern for fires. lafayette, we are seeing some showers. not all is hitting the ground, so keep that in mind. we had lightning strikes earlier this morning, not just her on the coastal areas but around lake county, as well. as we show you what is happening, we may get another push of tropical moisture in the form of the remnants of tropical storm frank expected to move northward. it's the leftovers later this
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week that could add to the humidity. it is humate across parts of the bay area. when the dew point is 61 in places like half moon bay and fairfield, it's humid is now anywhere from these, and the water temperature, 57 degrees. a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. these are not official totals. san jose, a trace of an inch. concord picking up 100 of an inch. you are seeing some of the clouds right now, the possibility of showers lingering tomorrow, remaining humid for the bay area as we head into tomorrow. a couple showers tonight not out of the question, but we will certainly see another push of moisture. this model wants to bring in the
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chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. i would hang onto the umbrellas because the models are different. if we get any rain, it will be only a couple hundredths of an inch. it might be a little misty tomorrow afternoon, looking at still humid conditions, temperatures ranging from the 60's to 90's. mild to hot on wednesday, a little bit drier, although as we head towards the weekend, the humidity will be increasing. be prepared for the muggy pattern, but be ready for the potential for more showers and isolated thunderstorm or two. dan: it's nice to see at this time of year. liz: a celebration was held at san francisco city hall to kick off transgender history month. mayor london breed raised the transgender flag and said there
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is still a long ways to go. last year san francisco became the only city in
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>> it was not a hard decision. liz: the warriors introduced one of their key signings of the off-season, forward john michal green. he was released and joined the warriors. he was in jamaica when head coach steve kerr called him. after another call with draymond green, he decided to sign with the team. dan: finally tonight, nba superstar bill russell who died yesterday at the age of 88. liz:liz: he was a trailblazer in sports whose basketball career started in the bay area, but as dustin dorsey explains, as incredible as russell's accomplishments were on the court, it was his impact off the court that will be immortalized forever. dustin: with the passing of nba legend bill russell, the world lost not only one of the greatest athletes but a monumental figure in human history. >> to see how he has carried
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himself over the course of his life is a testament to all of us who are standing in his shadows, standing in the path he has created a. dustin: after growing up in oakland, russell worked his way to a hall of fame nba career before becoming the first black head coach in all of professional sports. he was a game changer from the bay area. his civil-rights impact on basketball and sports will be felt forever. >> when you look at what we are experiencing today and how many african-american coaches are in the league, i think you can see the direct line to his legacy and the space he has created for so many. dustin: his work off the court is perhaps where he has remembered most. he sat side-by-side with mohammed ali in his decision to not fight in the vietnam war.
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jackie robinson said he viewed russell as a hero, and he heard the "i have a dream" speech from dr. martin luther king jr. >> he was a giant among giants. dustin: professor sean fletcher met russell when he was in his 20's. fletcher said he always admired russell for standing up for what he believed and with so much to lose. >> bill russell was an individual who put his principles over the laurels and accolades that many wanted to heap upon him. in many ways, he paved the way for modern-day activism overall, not simply for black athletes. dustin: dr. fletcher says as far as we still have to go, we wouldn't be as far as we are now without bill russell. dustin dorsey, abc7news. liz: "world news tonight" is
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next. dan: we appreciate your time. see you in a half-hour for abc7news at 6:00. seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you
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breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the leader of al qaeda killed in a u.s. air strike in kabul. pesident biden addressing the nation just a short time ago. the president announcing al qaeda leader ahman al zawahiri has been killed in an operation taking place over the weekend. the successor to osama bin laden. the news comes just 11 months after the last u.s. troops departed afghanistan, and nearly 21 years after 9/11. late word coming in at this hour. martha raddatz and cecilia vega standing by. also tonight, catastrophic flooding. the death toll rising to at least 37 in kentucky. the governor warning that number could climb even higher. hundreds of people still unaccounted for. dramatic video is emerging of rescues in the rising water. residents brace for more heavy rain in the flood zone.


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