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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 2, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tonight's infant school board meeting. dan: remembering a now you can save big on supersonic wifi from xfinity. can it handle all of my devices? oh, all that. and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee. what?! ok! no annual contract. no equipment fees. oh, and a free streaming box. oh, i like streaming. it's all just $50 a month when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. will you add a motorcycle? no... did you say yes? the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: tonight, outrage and chaos at the san francisco school board meeting. emotions ran high before a special vote to reprimand a board member over racial comments that divided the board and families. good evening, inc. you for joining us. ama: abc7news reporter was live at the meeting. reporter: that meeting turned ugly at times between those who support ann hsu and those who want to have her not just admonished, resign. she has only been on the job a couple of months, her recent comments about black and brown students in the district of
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caused controversy. she voted to admonish herself tonight. the san francisco school board meeting descending into chaos tuesday night. they held a special meeting where it unanimously voted to admonish commissioner ann hsu. audience members began fighting with each other in the meeting had to be recessed for a period of time. ann hsu came under controversy over statements you made about black and brown students and their family learning environments. >> i'm trying to discuss the serious so, i unintentionally perpetuated stereotypes. reporter: she apologized following the uproar and again at tuesday's meeting. >> not enough. reporter: reverend townsend is the vice president of the san
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francisco chapter of the naacp. he calls on her to resign immediately. >> if allison call in's words hurt asian children, certainly what do these words due to black and brown children. reporter: his frustration shared by others in attendance. many people came to say she has no place on the board. >> we do love our babies. we do value education. we do believe in black and latin excellence. reporter: but not everyone felt that way. dozens turned out in support, saying her calm -- comments were taken out of context. many of her supporters say she was trying to point out systemic qualities in education, not because she harbors racist views, but because she wants to help those children in particular. >> if we want to talk -- fix the
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problems that we have to talk about the root causes. reporter: she was appointed by mayor london breed to replace former board members who were recalled. she will face voters in this november's election. ama: we sent this notification tonight on our abc7news app moments after the district voted. if you are breaking news event -- alerts, download our app. dan: the suspects accused of kidnapping a baby boy from his grandmother's at san jose home pleaded guilty today. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. this is new video of baby brandon cuellar, coming out of the santa clara county courthouse. he was taken back in april and found unharmed, thank goodness, within a day. the pleading guilty to all charges, the suspect avoid the maximum sentence. portillo faces up to five years in prison. he was believed to be in a romantic relationship with
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jessenia ramirez. prosecutor sake she faked a pregnancy and plantar prep -- pass -- plans to pass off baby brandon as her own. dan: ramirez faces up to 14 years in prison. she and portillo will be sentenced october 28. ama: turning to the spread of monkeypox. california second pediatric case has been confirmed in long beach. j.r. stone dug into what information parents need to know. >> covid-19 is still much bigger front -- much bigger threat. reporter: this stanford dr. reassuring those, word california's second pediatric case in long beach, the fifth nationwide. >> someone under 18 were close contact to someone else who had monkeypox.
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they are recovering and doing well. reporter: this doctor is the health officer in long beach. she can't say much about pediatric case, i spoke with her tuesday about how you can catch monkeypox. >> this is a virus. it is passed by having sustained close contact, including intimate contact. that can include cuddling and kissing and feeding and bathing. a lot of things that children do with their family members. >> monkeypox is pretty much transmitted exclusively by close interpersonal contact, so skin to skin contact or mucous membrane contact. reporter: data shows men who have sex with men make up a majority of monkeypox cases nationwide. now a small number of women and children have become infected. dr. davis says that while
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sharing bedding or towels with someone who has monkeypox blisters could be a dangerous, trying him back to school close is low risk. dr. winslow says parents should not panic over news of another pediatric case. >> i have children and grandchildren, i am not particularly concerned about them going back to school because of monkeypox. i would like to reassure viewers that their children are not at particularly high risk for this disease. reporter: while the monkeypox vaccine is not regularly available for kids, it will be in certain situations where a child has come into contact with monkeypox. j.r. stone, abc7news. dan: house speaker nancy pelosi met a few hours ago with taiwan's president, despite threats from china and concerns the visit could strain relations between the two countries. she arrived today amid heavy security. earlier she visited the american
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institute of taiwan then met with top government officials. this is the highest level visit from a u.s. official in 25 years. pelosi received taiwan's highest civilian honor and then address the relationship between taiwan and the united states. >> 33 years ago, for the taiwan relations act, we made a bedrock promised to stand with taiwan. to date, our delegation, came to taiwan to make unequivocally clear we will not abandon our commitment to taiwan. we are proud of our enduring friendship. dan: taiwan is self governed, but china has viewed it as a breakaway province. in response to pelosi's visit, china has started military exercises around taiwan. ama: tonight was the annual law-enforcement event known as national night out. nearly every bay area city celebrated.
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children were able to check out the police vehicles, take pictures with mycroft the crime dog and have a conversation with their local law enforcement. >> to get to meet the police, but in a way you are going to work together to solve crime. the more we can share the information with law enforcement and make it a safer community. ama: national night out is celebrated in 38 million neighborhoods across the nation. dan: the sports world lost an icon and bludgeoned tonight with the passing of longtime dodgers broadcaster vin scully. he grew up as a new york giants fan before the team moved to san francisco. sports director larry beil has a look back at his life. reporter: vin scully was the ultimate broadcaster. almost more of a poet an announcer. the man most closely associated with the dodgers was beloved by all. >> heights of everybody eats up a pleasant good afternoon to you. reporter: he was the voice of
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the dodgers 467 years. -- the voice of the dodgers four 67 years. >> vin scully was the greatest broadcaster in baseball. the biggest sports broadcaster there was. reporter: he called 25 world series. many other iconic moments, including the catch. >> going in the end zone. >> scully always understood the magnitude of the moment, like when henry aaron broke the home run record. >> a black man is getting a standing ovation in the deep south. reporter: the last game he called was in 2016, naturally a giants dodgers game. >> for the last time, i wish you all a pleasant good afternoon. reporter: vin scully passes away at age 94.
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a man who can never be replaced. >> you and i have been friends for a long time. i note in my heart that i've always needed you more than you have ever needed me. this is vin scully, wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon, wherever you may be. dan: he was something else. that is sports director larry beil. if you want to share your memories of vin scully or pay tribute, we have a bad you can share on social media. -- a badge you can share on social media. dan: tonight for the first time since roe v. wade was overturn, te in e state weighed in on abortion. the historic result. sandhya: muggy condition sticking around tomorrow. i'll let you know things will improve by the weekend. ama: a look at how san
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ama: the number of dead from the mckinney fire has doubled tonight to four. victims were found in separate homes by crews searching through the rubble. cooling weather and rain helped slow the fire's growth. it has burned more than 56,000 acres. even with the break and that weather except containment remains at 0%. dan: the fda is investigating complaints from people who say they have acute liver failure after consuming products from a food delivery service. the fda has investigated daily harvest and is also investigating revive super foods. melanie woodrow has been covering the story since june and has the latest tonight. >> never had anything like this before. reporter: vincent said he was
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hospitalized in june with elevated liver enzymes and put on watch for acute liver failure. >> i saw a gastroenterologist, resident doctor, nurses came in. we had no idea what it could be. at the time. reporter: he says he was drinking revive super food slew -- smoothies. on july 9, a month after he was hospitalized, he received this email from revive super foods, letting him know one of the company cycled suppliers found microbial contamination and its raspberries. the email advised him not to -- the company waited three weeks to notify him, who said he continued drinking the smoothies. >> i didn't even consider that smoothies i was taking for health reasons could be detrimental to my health. reporter: it wasn't just the
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smoothies. he was also drinking their mango and pineapple smoothies, a flavor of the company has not recalled. >> i have two left. reporter: he recently heard about the davey harvest -- daily harvest recall. he also learned interpreting is an ingredient in revive super foods mango and pineapple smoothies. in july 19, revive's ceo said the company contacted authorities. the ceo told abc7news the company was contacting customers directly. on july 29, he wrote to the company, asking why. yesterday he received a response that said in part, all indications suggest that smoothie is safe to -- consume. we decide to stop shipping the
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product for now. we are working with regulatory authorities for additional testing and guidance. notification he did not receive until he asked. >> i did not even get a notification. it is an insult. they lost a customer for life. >> she received an email six days after the company decided to stop selling the mango and pineapple smoothie. the emailed let her know that the smoothie it would be replaced by another one. the emailed did not director to avoid drinking the mango and pineapple smoothies she had in her freezer from a prior delivery. >> i would have eaten it without thinking twice. there was not a concerted effort to make sure consumers knew that this product is potentially dangerous to your health. reporter: concern vincent shares. >> there are people out there so consuming them. reporter: they say tests for toxins and allergens in its
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mango pineapple smoothie have come back negative. the fda say they are investigating. they have not made any recommendations about terror flower, -- terror flower -- revive super foods ceo did not respond to recent requests by abc7news. ama: new at 11:00, voters in kansas rejected a statewide ban on abortions, with historic turnout, voters were asked to remove a protected right to abortion. the procedure is currently legal up to 22 weeks in kansas. kansas became the first state in the nation to let voters weigh in on abortion since the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade. dan: san francisco is celebrating transgender history month. mayor london breed took part today. we were there as the neighbor -- the mayor did walking tour of
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the trip cultural district. it was founded in 2017 and encompasses several blocks in the tenderloin neighborhood. san francisco became the first city in the country to recognize transgender history month. ama: let's get a dan: look at our weather. dan:dan: meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking that for us. sandhya: the weather looks fantastic as we inched toward the weekend. let me show you a labview form are exploratorium camera. part of the city skyline secured the fog. things are starting to stabilize a bit. earlier today we did have a few showers. this afternoon some of ground was wet in san francisco. drove through light showers today. as you check out what was happening, an area of low pressure off the coast. high pressure over the desert southwest. both responsible for pulling up some of this moisture. not only left over moisture from a former tropical storm, but monsoon moisture.
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fortunately, this did not start a new fires. here's a look at the left over moisture from that tropical storm. it is post-tropical frank, expected to continue to move in our direction. a little of that humidity will linger as we look going to tomorrow. that low pressure starts to go away, taking the humidity with it as we head toward the weekend. dew points are in the 50's for most of you. 47 in livermore, 50's is in the muggy range. we did have 60's earlier today. as you go hour-by-hour tomorrow, many areas still in the 50's. the mugginess lingers tomorrow afternoon. thursday, i want to turn your attention to this, drier air begins to move in subdural points -- dew points began to fall into the 30's. anywhere from the 50's to 70's. it is mild to warm outside. a fog of you tonight, areas of dense fog and drizzle overnight.
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and isolated showers chance in the northern part of our viewing area in the morning. it is going to be hot inland. mid-60's to mid 90's is what we saw. it out toward fairfield, low 100s. tomorrow morning along the north bay coastline could see light showers. really isolated. the focus will remain of the sierra parts of northern california, they will seek showers and thunderstorms firing up again. morning temperatures as of the 50's to 70's. humid conditions still. a little drizzle. it is missing in half moon tomorrow afternoon, hot weather inland. along the coastline we will keep it in the 60's. we will continue to seep mid and upper level clouds as we head into tomorrow. if you're going to the giants game against the dodgers, 63 degrees. a little breezy, a little muggy. a good idea to take that much -- extra mayor. -- extra layer.
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not as humid as we head toward thursday. the heat will be easing friday, to come back up again. no extreme heat. 60's to 90's for the weekend and lower humidity. dan: yea. dan: yea. ama: i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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my 100% all-white-meat spicy chicken strips are back. look at them sitting there. just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. ama: the warriors showing off
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their new uniforms they will wear next season. dan: the informs feature jersey shore and golden states of the first time the words have appeared so prominently since 1975. see the stars showing up them off here. the warriors became the golden state warriors on the state in 1971 as they moved from san francisco to oakland. pretty sharp. ama: they look good.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now.
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♪♪ >> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: good evening. the giants off to the mets. no major deals for them at the deadline. the cap carlos rodon's up with the idea he might lead them to a
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wildcard birth. with the giants listing the doctors again tonight. there's a rallying cry. mom, hands off to dad, lasted seconds and returns baby. giants played by defensive issue. slater comes up empty. it gets worse for alex in a hurry as that's those types of deep and a low how. dodgers jump up to 6-0 lead. game over it, not so fast. joey barton muscling up on one time giant tyler anderson. bart's eighth brings the giants within iran. but l.a. adds on again. his third head the knights of dodgers make it six straight wins over the giants. non-five is your final. big deal -- non-five is your day.
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summer compactness of the herschel walker trade. san diego making a run at the dodgers. san francisco interested, they didn't have the assets to trade to the nationals. no trades for the a's visiting angels. david fletcher, that is gone off of cole irvin. 1-0. halos in a flash. in the second, elvis andrus, airmail. that ball goes into the dugout. another run scores 2-0. chad pinder, sliding cash in foul territory's of the angels on the wind by 3-1. 49ers start deebo samuel spent months asking to be traded, translation paid me. which the night in your stead. he is fine catching or running the football. >> there's a lot of things that came out i want to speak on. but the end of the day i wasn't allowed to. it shows what kind of player i am. i don't mind, i'll do whatever
11:31 pm
it takes for this team to win. larry: formal one -- former number one player in the world facing -- in san jose. for time grand slam champ with the backhand winner down the line, examines a -- big advancing 64
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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ama: you can watch all our newscasts live and through the abc 7 they area connected tv out. it is available for apple, android, amazon and roku tv. we thank you so much for watching tonight. dan: for all of us, we
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appreciate your time. right now immymel. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host anthony anderson. tonight, henry winkler, marcus scribner, and music from sean paul featuring gwen stefani with cleto and the cletones. and now, anthony anderson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> anthony: all right! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! thank you! okay. all right. welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm your guest host, anthony anderson. [ cheers and applause ]


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