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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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potent than heroin, and responsible for 74% of last years overdoses. what can be done to save lives? dan: we're are looking at possible solutions with team coverage, luz pena looks at how close california is to legalizing safe injection sites here in the bay area. as hear from leeann melendez about policies from the new district attorney to hold drug dealers accountable. reporter: dan, if you remember in mid july, brooke jenkins told her staff she wanted to review all plea offers that were still active in -- and made by the former da. at the time, she said she might reconsider some of them. well, she has done that. more than 30 have been revoked because of the nature of these cases. people arrested for selling large quantities of fentanyl and being offered only misdemeanors. the people selling drugs on the
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corner of eddie and larkin in the tenderloin district took their business elsewhere once they noticed our camera. because they have been allowed to operate since 2020, nearly 1500 people have died of drug overdoses. that is the statement made today by the district attorney, brooke jenkins while announcing new policies within her office. >> my new policy will prohibit drug dealers arrested with more than five grams of fentanyl or controlled substance from being referred to our community justice court. reporter: that court and other programs are meant to connect low-level offenders to resources to get their lives in order. jenkins supports the program but said the previous da would often refer people dealing heavily in the sale of fentanyl to this court. jackie braylen is with mothers against drugs. she welcome jenkins the policies. >> she is adding enhancements if
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these dealers sell within 1000 feet of school. she is trying to protect the children of san francisco. and the attics. reporter: according to jenkins, she did not get a single fentanyl conviction in his time in office. >> san franciscans should be outraged. reporter: for cases like this. >> i will be seeking felony charges. reporter: let's clarify. not only here in san francisco but statewide, the number of drug-related trials was low because of the covid pandemic. here, this woman is in a march 22 town hall. >> i took office in january. less than a month later i was told by the public health department that i couldn't go to office. reporter: the offers are off the table. in one case the alleged drug dealer had six open cases arrested for having a combined amount of 100 grams of fentanyl. >> let me explain, it only takes
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two milligrams of phenol -- fentanyl to be fatal in the average person. reporter: san francisco's public defender issued a statement, saying these kinds of policies have in the past you old -- fueled the mass incarceration of impoverished people and harmed communities for decades. jenkins was asked, if by taking this action she was returning to the days of the war on drugs. dan and ama she clarified that she would only be targeting drug dealers and not drug addicts. ama: thank you so much. dan: a bill allowing drug users to inject themselves is headed to government newsom's desk. three california cities could have safe injection sites here in the area. luz pena is in the newsroom to take a look tonight at how that might help. reporter: we are going to have to wait and see. it is a pilot program.
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if the governor signs it, safe injection sites will be allowed for a five-year period. these sites would include staff that could revive people who overdose. the parents you are about to meet from mothers against drug debts is pleading for the governor not to sign it. it is a controversial bill that would legalize a pilot program for safe injection sites to open in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. senator scott wiener is behind it. >> if used, so as not in front of people, it can be offered as treatment. reporter: it highlights one of the most urgent health crises in the country, fentanyl overdoses. nationwide, overdose deaths have increased to 30% in a one year period. in san francisco, according to the latest medical examiner's data, over 200 people have died from a drug overdose this year. the majority, from fentanyl. senator wiener believes opening a space where drugs can be used
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at a supervised facility will prevent overdoses. >> it is a model that has been in effect for 30 years. around the world in europe, canada, australia. it had positive results. reporter: for -- safe injection and site is a mistake. her son is addicted to fentanyl. jackie is the cofounder of mothers against drug deaths. >> it is frustrating because i feel like we are normalizing drug use. they are building this community of, it's ok to use all the time. i'm not trying to stigmatize anybody. but the drugs on the street today are so deadly, it should not be ok. reporter: jackie wants the state to focus on resources to help addicts recover, instead of enabling more drug use, even if it is supervised. gary with health right 360 says more rehab centers are necessary. but they are short staffed.
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sb 57 will be used as a path to treatment. >> it will benefit san francisco, not only in lives lost, but giving us another tool to prevent overdose deaths, and also in savings to health care system that is already impacted and understaffed. reporter: this bill has been introduced multiple times in california. it passed in 2018 in a previous form and was rejected by jerry brown. it is up to governor newsom, if approved it will go into effect generally first next year. in the newsroom, luz pena kgo. abc7 news --abc7 news. dan: to get help with drug addiction you can find your ally by going 87 -- action. ama: park known for protesters, they are set -- upset over construction for a new buildings for cal students.
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protesters just marched from uc berkeley to the park. cruiser called off construction today due to what they call unlawful protest activity and violence. abc7 news reporter tells us some construction equipment was damaged. reporter: people's park in berkeley has a history of resistance. >> if we all come together, there's an opening here. reporter: even on the first day of construction, to tear down the historic arc. -- park. >> it is painful to see a park built by the community for the community being torn down. reporter: their resistance was met by police force. officers, pushed back protesters trying to keep them from getting into the fenced off area. a few, like bryce smith broke through. >> you go back to the 60's, the people in berkeley will not stand for this. i feel that culture is still here. that is the whole point.
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those trees were there during that time and they are older than me and a lot of other people. they are rooted in the energy that comes from berkeley. >> we want the storm to be open and ready to roll two years from now. that is a tight construction schedule for a building of the size. as soon as we have the green light from the court, we were going to be ready to roll. reporter: the university attempted to begin construction wednesday morning on a new student housing project. almost -- the omo three acre project was approved but delayed by an environmental lawsuit. the university says it has strong support from the city and students to build on people's park. >> we conducted two random sample surveys, the student population, and buyer to-one margin, students at uc berkeley support the construction project here at people's park. reporter: luna is a nearby resident. she admits there is a need for new student housing, but there are other sites where dorms can be built, which would have been less controversial. >> this bit of housing was not
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going to make a huge difference. instead of pushing people out, you bring people in. that is another way of problem-solving the world we live in. ama: the legacy of people's park began on may 15, 1969, dubbed the bloody thursday, a violent confrontation between police and antiwar protesters turn deadly. any plan to change the park has been met by protests. in of 1991, missed rations raged for a week over the construction of volleyball courts and rushed from. -- restroom. dan: coming up next from the i team, a social media nightmare, all over handle someone had that someone else wanted. ama: 7 on your side michael finney helps a woman with a 34-year-old cashiers check that the bank says it will not cash. sandhya: mild to hot and muggy today. i will let you know what is in store for the weekend, abc7 news
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ama: one person was killed and another hurt on his san francisco muni bus. that is not far from geneva avenue, no arrests have been made, it is the second deadly shooting in this neighborhood this week. 17-year-old was killed on brookdale avenue. dan: from threats to fake food deliveries, to the son's elementary school being put on lockdown. former silicon valley tech executive and his family continue to be harassed over social media handle. abc7 news i team reporter
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stephanie sarah is digging into what investigators are calling the black arcade for social media. what a story this is. reporter: it's hard to imagine there's a black market for social media accounts. this story paints a bizarre picture of how works. the suspects do whatever it takes to harass victims and family to the point where they fear for their own safety. it is all over in instagram and twitter handle. for chris everly this bizarre nightmare started in march 2020, with the strange text. >> i couldn't figure out if it was a joke. reporter: the former netflix executive received this message that said, hey christopher, gonna need ginger on instagram. >> my heart dropped a bit. this was super weird. i replied with lol, and they replied with haha, ok. reporter: he thought that was the end of it until 30 minutes later he gets a phone call.
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it is a local number. >> i answer and the guy on the other and says hey i am outside with your tow truck. i said, sorry. he said, this chris everly? and he said, yeah you called for a tow truck. reporter: he walked out there and saw no one there. everly figured it was a prank but little did he know it was just the beginning. >> when i got up in the morning i had a barrage of missed calls, voicemails, texts from delivery drivers. it was a papa john's guy, hey i am here with your order, hello. reporter: the suspects taunting him with this text. >> did you like the tow trucks? reporter: the next day doesn't stop. his phone blowing up with texts and calls. >> from chicago, san diego, upstate new york, brooklyn and new england. all places where my extended family lives. reporter: he says this continued intermittently to the course of several years.
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the first wave hitting in march and april of 2020 were hundreds of fake doordash delivery orders were made in his name all across the country. >> this is not cool. reporter: his phone overwhelmed with voicemails like this. >> you keep placing orders and you are wasting a lot of time. i don't know what your deal is. reporter: he says the suspects even research the names and addresses of his extended family, so his daughter, mom, sister and all of his in-laws became bombarded with nonstop food deliveries sent to their house. even his own office at netflix. >> all of these angry people were trying to find chris everly to give them as pizzas. except i didn't order them. reporter: after a barrage of angry callers and threatening texts, the suspects hit closer to home. >> weapons and my son. reporter: everly got an urgent call and email, warning his son's elementary school was placed on lockdown due to a threat of an active shooter nearby. it turned out to be moreno
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avenue. >> he spoofed my number, so look like these calls were coming from my mobile number and to call 911. the person who called said they had killed their girlfriend, they were barricaded inside the house and they gave the address, my former address and said they would kill anyone who came cults the house -- close to the house. reporter: the suspect was swatting, faking call to 91 want to get a large police presence to a particular address. >> every emergency vehicle descended on our previous residence. reporter: all of this over social media handle. >> all of this for social media handle that i assumed they were going to take. i tried or -- or try to sell on the black market. reporter: chris is not alone. other victims supported a support group and contacted the fbi to investigate the harassment. >> what can you do? if you are this person or anybody your helpless. reporter: tech ceo ben
6:17 pm
specializes on social media market research and trend analysis. there's a growing black market for where social media handles. >> how do they get this misinformation and leverage over someone, public information. to know where you live and where your family is, that is frightening to begin with, let alone that there is that much desire to take an account. reporter: two years later. the people behind this still will not stop. >> it is still happening, a couple of weeks ago, my mom received a pizza odor at her house in my name -- order at her house in my name. it doesn't make any sense. ama: it really doesn't. chris everly giveaways instagram and twitter handle @ginger not to the suspects but to a company that provides mental health services. reporter: he says this harassment has happened to former facebook colleagues as
6:18 pm
well. even today, it will not stop. the fbi told us the investigation into his case is ongoing. for the i team, abc7 news. dan: that is unbelievable. if you have a story with -- go to or call. ama: let's check on our weather. it's gone quite warm. dan: sandhya patel is here with the forecast. sandhya: change is fine too. let me show you right now of you from prospect peak in the mountains where it is a gorgeous view. it doesn't look like that everywhere. i want to show you live doppler 7, very active weather across the sierra, parts of northern california. you can see numerous lightning strikes, as thunderstorms have a repton. hundreds of lightning strikes, 133 to be precise.
6:19 pm
there is an emergency that has been declared for the markley bill area, flash until 7:30 tonight. to an half inches of rain has fallen causing severe flooding. as you take a look, they have seen debris flows in the area. they need the rain but it is too much rain all at once. when it falls on the burn scars areas, it is causing excessive runoff. we take a look. it is up and down from the sierra toward southern california that we have flood watches, not just through tonight but down south through tomorrow night -- friday night. as you take a look at what is happening, it is left over moisture from a former tropical storm and the monsoon moisture. high-pressure pulling that in. the area of low pressure pulling up some of that left over moisture. you get the heating from the sun and you have the active weather. fortunately in the bay area, all we have is a bit of the humidity in the air. 61, dew point in palo alto, 60 in napa.
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you may be feeling a bit of the muggy nest out there. live you from our -- live you from our tower camera. pier 39, there's a few people there, low clouds and it is sucked in from the old and gay bridge. today's high in the mid and upper 90's. 59 in half moon bay all the way to 95 in brentwood. here's a look at the forecast, patchy morning drizzle, hot inland mild at the beaches and the afternoon. heat eases on friday and continues to the weekend, where you have some near-normal temperatures. fog along the coastline will advance along the bay tomorrow morning. we will see the patchy drizzle in the mountains, expecting another round of the active weather once again. as we check out our temperatures first thing in the morning, comfortable with the fog and drizzle, 50's, 60's, i would call it warm inland. a mix of clouds and fog. in the afternoon, breezy along the coast, 65 at half moon bay,
6:21 pm
86 san jose, 88 san rafael. 90 in santa rosa, 94 lake fairfield, antioch id3, -- 83. your acuvue 70 forecast -- accuweather 70 forecast, we will start to lose the humidity over the weekend and it is going to be brighter. temperatures will be in the upper 80's to low 90's. low to mid 60's coast side. seasonal pattern continuing into the middle of next week. ama: coming up next, on the move to make a difference. a 350 mile journey on
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(♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ama: in the central valley, hundreds of farmers began a march today from delano to sacramento, banding together to convince governor newsom to sign a bill making it easier to unionize. tara campbell has the details. reporter: hundreds of farmworkers are on the move, marching to make it easier to unionize. >> i hope i can do it. reporter: making the 355 mile trek from delano to sacramento, putting pressure on governor newsom to sign a bill protecting them from voting intimidation. >> we want to be able to vote and not be intimidated by ranchers supervisors, or contractors in our workplaces. >> the current way of
6:25 pm
farmworkers vote for union representation is at the employer's premises is. reporter: they called the labor relations voting choice act, giving farmworkers more options on one, -- when and how they vote. >> when you have the option to do it in person, by mail, asking someone to deliver it for you, promotes participation. >> i'm going to march from here to sacramento because we need to have rights. reporter: but the bill is not being well received by dozens of local chambers of commerce. the california chamber of commerce calling it a "job killer". in a statement, in part the bill seeks to eliminate an agricultural limited -- employees democratic right to cast an independent vote in a secret ballot election, regarding whether to unionize, making them susceptible to coercion and misinformation. a similar bell landed on the governor's desk in september, only to be vetoed one day into the march. >> we are doing it again.
6:26 pm
we are marching to share with consumers, how difficult the work is. reporter: this time around, this march might not be abandoned. >> governor newsom's office tells me they have been working with the bills officers since march to come up with language they can agree on. dan: coming up next, the new health threat that has broken out in napa county. >> it really gave me a huge sense of relief to know he is behind bars. ama: relief, that is what this survivor is fielding and she is
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just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor if leqvio is right for you. lower. longer. leqvio. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. dan: san jose police have arrested a man suspected of shooting at least seven women and girls in the south bay, with an air-powered rifle. some of the victims face life-threatening injuries. thankfully no one was killed. ama: dustin dorsey learn more about the investigation and arrest. reporter: these two south bay
6:30 pm
residents don't know each other, have never met and don't live in the same city, but they share a near-death experience that happened two days apart. gianna and ramona were both shot in the back with an air-powered rifle, causing serious damage to the women, coming within alameda's from their hearts. >> moving forward anytime i go outside i guard will be up. nowhere is safe. >> i have been dealing with a lot of ptsd since the shooting, feeling very unsafe walking on the street, because i know he is just out there targeting people. reporter: both learn news that return some sort of peace back to their lives. police have confirmed to us that a suspect connected to at least seven shootings has been arrested. this man, 38-year-old nicholas montoya is charged with seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon and is now behind bars. >> our detectives work
6:31 pm
extensively on this case. what was interesting and challenging for them, all of these incidences, there was no physical evidence left behind. it was a textbook whodunit? we are glad to get this individual off the streets. reporter: all seven victims in the case were women in san jose. a nine-year-old and 15-year-old among those shot. montoya appeared in court for the first time today is the motive behind the shootings are investigating -- investigated. as they women recover -- the women recover, they are thankful the shooter cannot hurt anyone else anymore. >> it has brought relief that he is behind bars and cannot hurt anyone else. he has already hurt too many people. >> i'm glad the guys caught. i feel a lot safer. reporter: police are asking for any additional information to come forward as they continue with their investigation. dan: new details, napa county health officials have identified the source of legionnaires disease outbreak.
6:32 pm
the year of an update saying all 12 -- they gave an update saying all 12 people who were sick are napa county residents. one person has died and three are in hospitalized, it is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria that grows in warm water. health officials now know working from. >> samples taken from a rooftop cooling tower, preliminarily identified high levels of legionnaire of bacteria at napa valley. this cooling tower has been taken offline, which mitigates any ongoing risk to public health. dan: the county says no staff or guest at the hotel got sick. those effective live nearby. it is not transmitted person to person. you can only get it by breathing and water vapor containing their bacteria. san francisco has a 400 monkeypox cases, the most in the bay area.
6:33 pm
there are at least 71 cases inen alameda county, 24 in contra costa. ama: as the new school yearapprn on how our youngest learners did the first year in the classroom. how are their reading skills, was the learning lost, did the kitchen -- kids catch up? reporter: when we first met union school district susan lavelle, the student on special assignment was teaching students to read over zoom. now that distanced learning started to feel like a distance memory, how did they do? >> how are the young readers when they came back where the first year -- when they came back to the first-year class? >> summer doing just fine. a l -- some were doing just fine, a lot were not. 20% of the student population needed reading intervention to happen right away. reporter: most were first-graders. susan's has the right first-graders coming and needing readings of what was three times
6:34 pm
greater than in any other grade level. >> we had a lot of first-graders coming in with no letter and sound recognition. we were doing a full kindergarten year and then jumping right into what they needed to know in first grade. reporter: most of these children were english-language learners, there were also kids who missed 20, 30, 40 days of school, some had been in four or five different schools before second grade. there were also behavioral issues that got in the way of learning. >> it seems like the ones who were struggling the most are the ones who were hit the hardest by the pandemic. >> absolutely. children trying to learn english. children whose families had to move a lot. children who didn't have the ability to get on campus at all last year. that is what we are seeing. reporter: did we get them caught up? >> we got 40% of them caught up, which given what we were faced with, was pretty remarkable. on average, each of our readers made a year and a half of
6:35 pm
reading growth. we've got a lot of kids in summer school now. reporter: those kids are getting four weeks of daily soup what so they are ready to go for the coming -- support so they are ready to go for the upcoming school year. susan points out every student grew. >> we had a first grade guy who came in with just a few letters and sounds. by the end of the year he was leading -- reading at a third-grade level. amazing. so, we have a lot to celebrate. and we still have a lot of work left to do. ama: that work is about to start. school for union begins august 17 in two weeks. teachers have been working to get things ready for the classroom. dan: the last couple of weeks at least. nice update. slow down and save lives. made to the kids with the successful campaign to convince cargo ships to slow down. it is saving the lives of whales. >> san francisco woman finds a
6:36 pm
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dan: looking for a little extra cash you may have stuffed it in a sock somewhere not have known it. michael finney found one bay area woman. >> she didn't have it socked away in her drawer, but it was socked away. here is what makes it so interesting. she got her hands on the check, she just couldn't get her hands on the money. she has been a long-term bank of america customer. some two decades ago she received a call from the bank that a branch would be closing. they told her she would have to retrieve her possessions out of her safe-deposit box. >> i told him i don't have the key anymore i lost it. they said, well, you're going to open it and have to pay us. they opened it. i paid them and that is the last i heard. >> fast forward 20 years later, she received another call from b of a this time telling her to come to the bank in san francisco. >> i went to the bank. there was a safe-deposit box. they said here take the
6:40 pm
contents. >> she had not open that safe-deposit box for ages. among the items she found, this cashiers check worth $900. it was made out to her in march 1988, more than 34 years ago. she went back to the bank to try to cash it. the bank refused, saying the check was too old. >> i said, you know what, this is a good cashiers check. it doesn't say void anyplace, anywhere. you guys need to give me my money. >> instead the bank center to unclaimed cash at the state comptroller's office. the agency has a vault filled with unclaimed items, including gold coins, rare baseball cards and even saving loans. the items turned over to the state are worth billions. unfortunately, the comptroller's office had no record of any money belonging to patsy. it said financial institutions are required to do cashiers check uncashed after three years.
6:41 pm
patsy went back to bank of america. >> everyone kept telling me no. and i kept insisting that this was a good -- this was money. >> that is when patsy turned to 7 on your side and we reached out. they told us this cashiers check dates back 40 years and goes beyond well record retention clients. it agreed to cash the check for patsy. patsy use the money to take a cruise. >> i pulled it down and took care of it. i appreciate it. $900 is a lot of money. >> now, i really appreciate that bank of america did this. they did not have to do that. now, you can check with unclaimed cash to find out if you have any money waiting to be claimed. i have a link at your side. nobody thinks they have any money sitting there, that's why there's money sitting there. dan: billions. [laughter]
6:42 pm
thanks. ama: the heat and humidity, will ease in the next few days. there is a look ahead wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing
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dan: tonight an environmental success story which proves that small groups can accomplish big things like protecting the majestic whales that migrate off the bay area coast our weather anchor has their story. reporter: third-grader talia has been studying whales at the orchard school. >> i think they're really cool because they are big animals. and reporter: the first grade student has learned to appreciate the ocean giants too. >> because it whales are really important for the climate. reporter: but their classmates share serious concern come along with marine experts, concern about whales migrating off the bay area coast in a pattern that crosses into commercial shipping lanes and high speeds, collisions can be deadly. michael carver oversees the ship strike program for the national marine sanctuary. >> ship strikes is when vessels
6:46 pm
coming through the oceans collide with a large whale, usually striking with about and sometimes killing it. yellow is the humbug whales, light blue for the blue whales. reporter: while the program tracks deadly collisions its main purpose is to prevent them. to do that the sanctuary along with noah the national administration is convincing shipping companies to slow the speed of their vessels in sensitive areas. >> when that drops to 10 knots, the wheels are able to get out of the way of the ship. it gives them a chance to avoid it. >> the program is voluntary and relies on the cooperation of the shipping companies. the teachers and students at orchard school thought they could help the cause. together the students created carts -- cards inking the companies for slowing down and included personal messages to the executive on one side and hand-drawn artwork of whales on the other.
6:47 pm
this mother works with no one helps organize the program. >> we colored in with the program then he watercolor it over the top. so, they did a beautiful job. >> she says most of the companies responded right away. the ceo of one line, the mediterranean shipping company was moved by the card, he adjusted his company's policy to forgo financial incentives connected with the program. >> i was really blown away. we did not expect to even hear back from the shipping companies, let alone for there to be an actual policy change. >> now the managers at the sanctuary are hoping the card campaign might also convince more shipping companies to join the program as well and for the kids it is a valuable lesson in the power of positive reinforcement and working together to protect these majestic and endangered creatures. spencer christian abc7 news. dan: the program is known as blue whales, blue skies. it is a partnership with air
6:48 pm
quality control districts. along with protecting the whales, slowing down reduces air pollution from cargo ships. ama: let's get our last check on the weather. dan: sandhya patel is with that. sandhya: we have good to moderate air quality outside. if you're stepping out you can enjoy some fresh air and good air quality. it is not so great near the mckinney fire. it is unhealthy and the red and parts of this year is fine. here's a look at a live view from san jose where the sun is shining. expecting really good conditions if you want to be outdoors over the next few days for the weekend. fog along the coast. still tracking some thunderstorms in the sierra. i want to show you a look back at what happened earlier today. there were a couple of showers that moved their parts of the north bay, not much reached the ground. heavy duty thunderstorms in the mountains, markley ville under the flash flood warning. mid 60's coast side, but 90's in
6:49 pm
lynn. a little cooler on a friday, we are going to hang onto the humidity until the weekend when we lose the mug eunice and enjoy some seasonable -- mug eunice and enjoy some seasonable weather -- mug eunice -- mugginess and enjoy some seasonable weather. >> remembering the legacy of the doctor announcer, a man some doctor announcer, a man some considered ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> now abc 7 sports with larry beil. . >> the sports world continues to mourn vinny. he was a national treasure, weaving life's stories into baseball play-by-play's. scully called baseball games by himself, that is incredibly difficult talking for 3, 3 and half hours, just solo for tonight's giant dodger game memories of the great vin scully. >>'s legacy will live forever. part of our responsibility as people in baseball is to continue to tell those great stories and how he impacted our lives. i've use the word gentleman a lot. that is the way i viewed him. there is no sadness. i think there is just joy and gratitude that i had the chance to call him a friend and spent time with him. >> on a personal level. i will miss just knowing that he
6:53 pm
is there and all of his broadcasts. and on a more global level the industry is going to miss vin scully. dan: no doubt. a look back at the life and legacy of a man who was the best of the best. >> hi everybody and a very pleasant good afternoon to you, wherever you may be. >> he was the voice of the dodgers four 67 years. cash for 67 years. but he was so much more than a baseball announcer. >> for me vin scully was the best there ever was. i think there ever will be. >> scully called 25 world series. many other iconic moments including the catch. >> montana, rookie throwing in the end zone. >> scully always understood the magnitude of the moment. like when henry arun broke the homerun record. >> a black man is getting the
6:54 pm
standing ovation in the deep south. >> the last game scully called was in 2016, a giants/dodgers game. >> i've said enough for a lifetime. for the last time, i wish you all a very pleasant good afternoon. >> vin scully passes away at age 94, a man who can never be replaced. >> you and i have been friends for a long time. but i know in my heart that i have always needed you more than you have ever needed me. so, this is vin scully, wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon, wherever you may be. >> one last thought on vinny. as legendary as he was, he had virtually no ego. kind, sweet, just a treasure. we miss him. moving onto football, 49ers offensive tackle missed the final 10 games of last season, he had surgery that -- now he's
6:55 pm
back. he was shaky, especially last of late -- as of late. the question now, who was his inspiration as he battled back after surgery? >> struggles he has had is well documented in the time we spent away from the game of basketball and to come back and help our generation's greatest franchise in the nba. 68, another championship. that is pretty dam cool. >> he was talking about klay thompson there. the raiders playing the jaguars tomorrow in the nfl hall of fame game in canton. they will not let hunter order over his anymore -- ubers anymore. he set up a car for davante adams. if you are an offensive lineman, an uber may be your worst possible nightmare. his knees were up in his face. how many ubers are there in ohio
6:56 pm
when you get into the hall of fame weekend. happy birthday to tom brady. the pride of sero-, 45 years old, there is else in the nfl at age 40. that tells you about his legacy, which you still building. >> he will be back again this year. >> after the fake retirement. ama: coming up tonight, it is cma fest, followed by abc7news at 11:00. remember abc7news's streaming 24/7, get the bay area at and join us whenever you want, wherever you are. i will do it for this edition of abc7news, things were joining us i am ama daetz. dan: i am dan. we appreciate your time and we hope you have a nice evening and we will see you again for abc7news at 11:00.
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