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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 6, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the event goes to charity always such a good time. well, thanks for joining us for this edition of tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. record rainfall unleashes flash flooding at a popular national park. the historic vote on climate change and prescription drug prices in the senate. and a massive search for a killer in ohio. we begin with that flash flooding in california's death valley. more than six months of rain falling in a matter of hours. nearly a thousand people left stranded. all roads in and out of the national park closed. tonight we're hearing from someone who is trapped, and we're tracking severe weather threats across the country. more flooding in kentucky and extreme heat. rob marciano timing it all out. the urgent manhunt for a killer. four people found shot to death at multiple crime scenes near dayton, ohio. the fbi joining the search, now spanning several states. suspect. e now learning about a-
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a major climate package on the verge of clearing the senate. the biggest investment in fighting climate change ever. what it could mean for lowering some prescription drug prices. republicans blasting the bill, accusing the democrats of ramming through billions in tax hikes and reckless spending. we're live on capitol hill. the new abortion ban in indiana. the first state in the nation to enact a new law of this kind since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. the near total ban on abortion services does have some exceptions. reaction pouring in from both sides of the issue. the investigation into a fiery crash in l.a. a representative for anne heche confirms the actor was behind the wheel. tonight, in stable condition, what we're learning. overseas, massive explosions sparking renewed fears of a major escalation in the middle east as fighting between israel and islamic jihad intensifies. the death toll climbing tonight. the devastating lightning strike sparking an out-of-control fire at an oil
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storage facility in cuba. 17 firefighters missing. dozens of other people hurt. and the historic honor. the u.s. marines recognizing the first ever black four-star general in the branch's 246-year history. >> good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm whit johnson. we're following several developing stories as we come on the air. the historic vote on president biden's agenda. climate change and prescription drugs. the massive search for an armed and dangerous killer. and the northeast bracing for more extreme heat. but we begin tonight with the flash flooding in california's death valley. the record rainfall, more than six months' worth of rain falling in just hours. the water coming fast, trapping cars and stranding nearly a thousand people. the flood sweeping through the valley, catching many by
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surprise. one man saying the water was above his neck. tonight, the rain moved through, but all roads in and out of the national park remain closed. some roads destroyed and cars buried in mud. this is the second major flood at a national park this summer. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, death valley national park in california remains closed after record rainfall triggered dangerous flash flooding, stranding about a thousand people. more than half a year's worth of rain falling in a matter of hours, turning roads into rivers. jeff moreno from vermont staying at a hotel with his wife and three children. >> when i stepped out, it probably came up to just below my knee. up by the park itself, the water was probably -- in spots, probably over your head. >> reporter: it took six hours for the family to make it out of the park. and this is the second significant flooding event at a national park this summer. back in june, raging floodwaters wiped out roads in yellowstone national park. this bridge collapsing into the
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yellowstone river. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: several homes swept away in nearby gardiner, montana. studies show that extreme rainfall and flooding events will become more frequent and intense due to climate change. and tonight, the same parts of eastern kentucky ravaged by flooding now bracing for more rain. >> let's get right to rob marciano. and rob, you're tracking more extreme weather across the country. >> reporter: yeah, whit, first off, the flash flooding. a new warning posted for parts of west virginia. now that flash flood watch has been extended into eastern kentucky, where all that devastation occurred. let's go to the wide radar. the monsoon still very active where the flooding was in death valley. those watches remain up. now across parts of the upper midwest, the cluster of storms move across minnesota will get to wisconsin and illinois tomorrow. eventually, chicago. moderate risk of seeing flooding there. the heat persisting in the midsection of the country, looking for a heat index of 105 in kansas city, 104 in st. louis. goes to indianapolis and buffalo. 99 expected tomorrow in albany.
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will feel like 100 degrees in boston. the heat advisories in the northeast have been extended into monday. whit? >> multiple weather threats. rob, thank you. we turn now to the urgent manhunt across several states. authorities say they're looking for a suspect in the killing of four people near dayton, ohio. shot to death at multiple crime scenes. officials say the suspect, 39-year-old steven marlow, may be armed and dangerous. police telling everyone in the area to be on alert. here's abc's phil lipof. >> reporter: a massive multistate manhunt underway tonight for a man authorities consider to be armed and dangerous after the murders of four people near dayton, ohio. the fbi joining local officials in the search for 39-year-old stephen marlow, adding him to their most wanted list. authorities charging him in the shocking shootings. >> upon arrival, officers located multiple crime scenes with a total of four victims suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police say marlow has ties to the area and believe
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he left in this white 2007 ford edge suv. the community stunned and horrified. >> it's like, this is a quiet neighborhood. younger, older, retired. i could not even imagine why. >> it's kind of shocking, really, to me. i mean, all these neighborhoods are pretty close-knit. >> reporter: the police now asking everyone who lives in the area to be on heightened alert. >> we encourage neighbors to be aware of their surroundings and review any video camera footage that they may have. >> reporter: late this afternoon, police charged marlow with four counts of aggravated murder. they're now asking anyone who might come in contact with him, even see him, to not approach him. they consider him to be armed and very dangerous. they ask that you just call 911. whit? >> phil, thank you. in washington tonight, senate democrats are on the verge of a major victory for president biden's agenda, working around the clock this weekend. debate is now under way to bring the most sweeping climate measure in the nation's history to a vote. the package includes investments
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in clean energy and health care. agreement on the bill coming after months of wrangling with democrats and a deal with arsz senator kyrsten sinema. republicans are in strong opposition, saying it includes billions in tax hikes and reckless spending. here's abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks. >> reporter: senate democrats on the brink of a major victory for the biden agenda, working around the clock this weekend. tonight, formally kicking off voting on their historic climate, health care, and tax bill. >> i'm rejoicing. this is an historic day. on wind, on solar, on all electric vehicles. >> reporter: the bill makes the single biggest investment in clean energy in the nation's history, allows medicare to negotiate some prescription drug prices, sets a cap on drug costs for seniors, and locks in a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. the deal coming after months of negotiation among democrats. last-minute holdout, arizona
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senator kyrsten sinema, finally getting on board. >> of course there's a ton more that i want to do, but you know what? this is a big deal, so let's book the win and then get right back in the fight. >> reporter: using a special budget process, democrats able to pass this bill with only a simple majority, just 51 votes. no republicans planning to vote for it, instead blasting the tax increases. >> democrats want to ram through hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes and hundreds of billions of dollars in reckless spending. >> reporter: democrats, though, rushing to get this to the president's desk with only three months to the midterms. >> now we are giving our candidates something that they can be excited to talk about. >> maryalice parks joining us from the capital. maryalice, debate is happening right now. so, what's the bottom line here? when do democrats hope to get this passed? >> reporter: the democrats i talked to, clearly excited. they say this is a game changer in the senate, they want to get this done this weekend. they're committed to staying as long as it takes, but this does have to pass the house before it goes to the president's desk. >> maryalice, thanks.
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be sure to tune into "this week" tomorrow morning. as senate democrats seek to pass their climate and tax bill, george stephanopoulos will go one-on-one exclusively with democratic senator chris coons and gop senator mike rounds. we're getting word from the white house that president biden tested negative for covid-19. his press secretary saying he is doing great. it's the first time in a week that the president has not had a positive result. president biden had been experiencing a rebound infection after completing treatment with the covid drug paxlovid. but he will continue his strict isolation until he receives another negative test. we turn now to the battle over abortion. indiana passing a near total ban on the procedure. the state's republican controlled legislature becomng the first in the nation to pass such a measure following the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. there are some exceptions but opponents, including the white house, are blasting the legislation. here's abc's faith abubey.
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>> reporter: tonight, indiana now the first state to approve a near-total abortion ban since the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> we have heard from a number of individuals who are saying protect -- protect these children, protect life. >> reporter: republican governor eric holcomb signing the ban into law late friday night. former vice president and indiana native mike pence tweeting, "life is winning!" currently, indiana law allows abortions for up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. under the new legislation, all abortions would be banned, except in cases of fatal abnormalities in the fetus, when a mother's health is at risk, and some instances of rape or incest. >> this is going to be very, very restrictive, and it's going to hurt hoosier women. >> reporter: dr. caitlin bernard entering the national debate when she performed an abortion on a 10-year-old rape victim who traveled to indiana after the procedure became illegal in her home state of ohio. indiana now joining at least
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15 states that have ceased nearly all abortion services. those states having previous laws on the books before the supreme court decision. indiana's republican-controlled state legislature passed the bill. however, some republicans still say it doesn't go far enough. >> abortion is always murder. >> reporter: the white house today blasting the legislation as, quote, another radical step by republican legislators to take away women's reproductive rights. >> our bodies! >> our choice! >> reporter: indiana's near-total abortion ban comes after an overwhelming majority of voters just last week defeated an effort to remove abortion rights from the kansas state constitution. >> faith abubey is back with us now. faith, like we saw in kansas there, democrats in indiana were also hoping that their voters could weigh in on whether abortion should remain legal in the state. so, what happened there?
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>> reporter: indiana democrats were you pushing to get the nonbinding abortion question on the ballot, however that measure actually failed. the near total abortion ban will actually go into effect september 15th. whit? >> faith, thank you. next tonight we're learning more about the horrific fiery crash in los angeles. a representative for anne heche confirmed she was hurt in the accident. the lapd saying the car was traveling at excessive speed when it slammed into a house. here's alex presha. >> reporter: tonight, an investigation is under way into a fiery crash in los angeles, involving actress anne heche. >> respond to the physical rescue. 1802 south walgrove. >> reporter: authorities saying her car barreled through a front yard in mar vista and slammed into a two-story home. >> it erupted into flames. so not just the vehicle, but the entire home to where we had to fight a structure fire tame. >> reporter: a neighbor telling our los angeles affiliate heche's 2020 mini cooper stopped just feet from the house's owner. >> there's nothing left in the house. everything's ruined. >> reporter: the los angeles
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fire department pulling heche from the wreckage. aerial footage showing that woman being carried on a stretcher by emergency responders. authorities say she suffered serious burns. her representative telling abc news, she's currently in stable condition. sources telling abc she was speeding and investigating whether or not drug or alcohol were involved in the crash. they have been unable to speak with the actress because of her condition. a key for the investigators is going to be finding more video. police trying to piece together exactly what happened. whit? >> all right,ing alex, thanks. to the middle east now and the conflict between israel and islamic jihad is intensifying. gaza firing back. at least 24 killed. israeli jets hitting parts of gaza city today. the destruction the heaviest yet in this latest round of strikes. overnight rockets fired from the gaza strip into israel, triggering israel's iron dome air defense system. and tonight, renewed concerns the conflict could escalate.
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>> reporter: israeli forces for the second day hitting residential buildings in the gaza strip, allegedly housing members of islamic jihad, a militant palestinian group. earlier, air-raid sirens sounding in israel sent people scrambling. palestinian militants firing more than 450 rockets, according to israel defense forces. the vast majority intercepted by israel's iron dome. the volley starting friday after israel claimed to have killed a senior islamic jihad commander. israeli prime minister yair lapid saying the operation was launched in response to a concrete threat from terror groups. according to the palestinian health ministry, so far at least 26 people have been killed, including 6 children, and more than 200 injured. whit, this latest violence marks the biggest escalation since the war last may. security experts worry, if the palestinian group hamas gets involved, that could result in a much bigger conflict.
5:45 pm
hamas is in power in gaza, but have so far stayed on the guide license. whit? >> inez, thanks to you tonight. taiwan is accusing china of simulating an invasion as tensions in the region escalate following house speaker nancy pelosi's visit. chinese state media releasing images of more than ten destroyers in joint exercises off taiwan. chinese troops and planes also participating. the white house calling china's actions deeply irresponsible. "world news tonight" this ad on- saturday. news just coming in out of new mexico. police are investigating what they're calling the targeted murders of four muslim men, saying they're likely connected and tied to the victims' race and religion. and the devastating lightning strike sparking a massive fire at an oil facility. new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes,
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religion and race. the latest shooting happened friday night and was the third in the past two weeks. police say all of the victims were ambushed and shot without warning. the fbi is also investigating. a horrific crash in houston killing a toddler when a concrete mixing truck flipped off an overpass, landing on its family's suv. the 22-month-old boy was riding with his twin sister, mom, and grandmother when the incident occurred friday afternoon. shaken onlookers tried desperately to help the family, freeing everyone but the boy who was trapped inside. overseas tonight, a devastating lightning strike in cuba hit an oil tank, causing a massive fire and multiple explosions. dozens hurt. at least 17 firefighters battling the flames are now missing. authorities ordered an evacuation of nearby communities. this comes as the island struggles with an energy crisis. when we come back, after 246 years, the marine corps finally has its first black four-star general. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless.
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to the "index" now. a north carolina school district is beefing up security by putting ar-15 rifles in every school. come the fall, the weapons will be kept in safes for student resource officers to use if a gunman enters a madison county school. this after the deadly mass shooting in uvalde renewed the debate about arming teachers and other school staffers. an emotional and historic day in the nation's capital as u.s. marine corps general michael langley becomes the first black four-star general in that military branch's 246-year history. the son of a u.s. air force veteran, langley paid tribute to the milestone and those who have
5:53 pm
gone before. >> but let's all think about the significance of what this means to our corps and our country, because it's not about me. it's about the symbolism. >> born in shreveport, louisiana, he has served in the marine corps for 37 years. he'll lead u.s. forces in africa. and the los angeles dodgers honoring the legendary broadcaster vin scully at their first home game since his death. a banner paying tribute to the hall of famer was unveiled during a pregame ceremony. there was also a moment of silence and an 11-minute tribute video with highlights from his storied career. scully died tuesday at 94. when we come back, "america strong." how a little girl started a movement with her lemonade stand. what if you were a global energy company? with operations in scotland, technologists in india, and customers all on different systems. you need to pull it together. so you call in ibm and red hat to create an open hybrid cloud platform.
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finally tonight, "america strong." the little girl with a big heart and the lemonade stand for charity that keeps on growing. >> reporter: 10-year-old payton obert is on a mission. >> i'll take a lemonade, too. >> reporter: and this is no ordinary lemonade stand. the ohio fifth grader is raising money for children facing medical and personal hardships. the idea was born after payton spent time in a hospital. >> she received this special bear. she wanted to give back to kids in the hospital who were in the same situation. >> reporter: years later, that special bear would inspire her to ask her parents for a lemonade stand. >> just the feeling when i got teddy just made me feel so good inside that i wanted to have other kids be able to have that. >> reporter: her dad helping her build it. >> her very first lemonade stand hosted in our driveway raised just shy of $800. >> reporter: so they did it
5:58 pm
again the next summer. and the next. >> you could almost sense that this was the beginning of something bigger. >> reporter: now a yearly fundraiser that has grown into a national non-profit. mom jess even leaving her full-time job to run the organization. >> it was really cool to see this community get involved in philanthropy and get involved in giving back. >> reporter: last weekend, they had 50 lemonade stands in 3 states, raising $85,000. >> it is kids in their driveways. we had four fire departments host this year. we had soccer teams, baseball teams, dance teams. >> reporter: their goal? to reach $100,000. tonight, payton sending this message. >> it only takes one person to change the world, and that they can be that person no matter what. >> already making a big impact. thanks so much for watching tonight. have a great night.
5:59 pm
dion: a working weekend for senators in washington. that could vote on a sweeping healthcare and climate bill. >> in sixth grade, i realized then that the need was there. dion: a tradition of giving started by a young woman in the bay area 10 years ago. she's helped hundreds of students get repaired to return to school. and a historic early prototype of the computer is going up for auction. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. dion: the senate began voting to address climate change and the deficit. the passage would be a major win for president biden and democrats ahead of the midterm election. good evening and thank you for
6:00 pm
joining us, i'm dion lin. a sweeping economic package backed by democrats. as we take a look at the nation's capital where senate democrats debated the bill saying lit bring down inflation and save us money. opponents of the plan say it won't work. reporter: senate majority leader chuck schumer did not speculate on when the senate might pass the bill. but called the legislation a very big deal. >> the american people are going to learn an unmistakable truth about this proposal. it was written first and foremost with the american people in mind. it reduces inflation. it lowers their costs. and it fights climate change. >> saturday's voting comes after arizona senator kirsten cinema announced she's ready to move forward after the party leaders agree to scale back some of