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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 9, 2022 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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>> announcer: this is "nightline." tonight, breaking news. former president trump saying fbi agents raided his mar-a-ago estate. what were they looking for? and election deniers. republican candidates wrongly disputing the 2020 presidential results racking up primary victories. >> the maga movement rose up and voted like their lives depended on it. >> across the country in key swing states, why democrats and some republicans say this is a threat to our elections. >> buying into the big lie does not help our democracy. plus, "bullet train." >> hey, this is nice. >> a wild action comedy romp about vengeful killers on a mission. >> bad bunny lifts me up and i
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say "i don't even know you." throws me over the bar. and we were off and running. >> why bad bunny took the part. >> i heard the name brad pitt and my mom say, you have to say yes, please. you have to say yes. and olivia newton-john. ♪ you're the one that i want ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ remembering the legendary "you're the one that i want" singer for movie roles, and cancer research. >> announcer: "nightline" will be right back.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. we begin tonight with an unprecedented ed development. the home of former president donald trump. sources tell nbc news that mar-a-lago was raided by fbi agents. our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl joins us with more. jonathan. >> byron, this is quite a nmar-a-lago. prerumpays s raided by the fbi. in a lengthy statement he says that agents, quote, even broke into my safe, and that his home, quote, is currently under siege, raided and occupied by a large group of fbi agents. no comment tonight from the fbi, although federal law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the raid did happen and is related to allegations that trump improperly removed documents from the white house. byron? >> our thanks to jonathan.
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we turn now to politics and primaries and a campaign strategy that embraces trump's false election claims and has republicans racking up wins. >> no more stolen elections. >> we want to make sure that our elections are fair and honest. >> when we get into office, we are going it reform our elections for once and for all. >> rob: republican candidate for arizona governor kari lake fueled her campaign with unfounded claims of fraud in u.s. elections. >> kari! kari! >> hello. oh, my goodness. >> rob: before all the ballots were even counted in her race last week lake claiming victory. >> we outvoted the fraud. we didn't listen to what the fake news had to say. the maga movement rose up and voted like their lives depended on it. >> rob: when pressed on her allegations of voting issues in her own race, lake responding with vague accusations. >> you said this election was messed up. you said you have evidence of cheating. why should voters trust that you won this election fair and
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square if elections are just such a mess? >> well, we have a lot of evidence of irregularities and problems, and we're going to address those. >> will you release the evidence? >> i'm not going to release it to the fake news. but we'll release it to the authorities. >> why not release it right now? >> why would i release it to a bunch of people who deny that there was fraud when there was obviously fraud? >> lake was eventually declared the gop nominee. the former fox newscaster endorsed by donald trump joins a growing number of republican candidates embracing the former president's stolen election lie. and advancing in the primaries. >> in a republican primary it is a definite boon to a candidate to say that you deny the legitimacy of the last election. one thing it does, it gets you on the radar screen of former president trump, who's had a terrific track record through many of the primaries in redder states. the other thing it does is a connection to a segment of the base for whom denying the last election's outcome is almost a mantra. >> across the country, especially in critical swing
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states, election integrity has now become a focal point. the baseless idea planted by donald trump that there's rampant voter fraud and cheating at the ballot box, two accusations that have been repeatedly proven false. but still taking hold in the minds of many voters. >> they cheated. the election was stolen. i mean, you know, it's crazy what they're doing. >> i think it's important that we kind of figure out what happened in 2020 in order to move on as a country. there's so much massive fraud. and i don't understand how nobody can see even just a little bit of it. >> concerns inside the republican party about voter integrity is also something that's been going on for decades. what's different is that you had in former president trump someone who during the campaign actively stoked mistrust in the system. >> abc news partner five thirty eight has been tracking election-denying republican candidates on the ballot. there are now at least 160 senate, house, governor, attorney general, or secretary of state nominees who have
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outright denied the 2020 election results or falsely said it was rigged, and they've won their primary. an additional 54 nominees have questioned the election's legitimacy but stopped short of fully denying it. none of the multiple lawsuits and investigations after the 2020 presidential election ever came close to proving election fraud. in the battleground state of michigan trump-backed republican tudor dixon won her primary for governor last week and will take on democrat gretchen whitmer who's seeking her second term. dixon raising questions on fox news about the 2020 election. >> do you think the 2020 election was stolen? >> well, it's certainly a concern to a lot of folks here in michigan because of the way the election was handled by our secretary of state. >> rob: joining dixon on michigan's ballot this fall is political newcomer john gibbs, another trump-backed candidate who won in an upset last week, beating incumbent congressman peter meijer, who was one of just ten republicans who voted
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to impeach trump after the january 6th insurrection. gibbs falsely claimed the 2020 election results weren't accurate at a round table at a local nbc affiliate. >> i think when you look at the results of the 2020 election there are anomalies in there to put it very lightly that are simply mathematically impossible. >> rob: he's calling for improved election security. >> the vast majority of americans support common sense measures to increase election security such as photo i.d. and others. we'll focus on those. i think that we'll have a very unifying message. >> rob: some michigan democrat voters are frustrated with the misinformation and the role it's playing in elections this year. >> i have actually worked the polls. i think the elections are very secure. the electronic booth, the poll is not connected to the internet. it's safe software. >> rob: as voters in the key swing state of wisconsin head to the polls tomorrow and face a number of republican candidates who've made false claims about the 2020 election being rigged or stolen.
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governor tony evers is running against several of them. >> i am the last person that is standing in the way of changing our election system in the state of wisconsin in a way that will threaten our democracy here in the state of wisconsin. it's a big deal. i take that seriously. that's why i'm going to win this race. >> donald trump holding a rally there this past friday to gin up support. >> you probably saw that the trump-endorsed candidates blake masters easily won nomination for the u.s. senate in arizona. kari lake won the nomination for arizona governor. >> trump's endorsement golden for his supporters. >> he knows more about, you know, the candidates than we do. he knows a lot. he knows what he's doing. >> so i expect that we'll see a republican primary electorate that looks very different than wisconsin's general election electorate, which could spell trouble for wisconsin republicans if they keep nominating folks who only appeal
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to a small percentage of that republican base. >> really unfortunate that we have a former president and republicans that are trying to run for this office and are spending their time, again, sowing doubt. it just didn't happen. >> and in washington the january 6th house committee's investigation shedding light on what was going on in the trump white house after the 2020 election, including trump's refusal to admit defeat even the day after the insurrection. >> this election is now over. congress has certified the results -- i don't want to say the election's over. i just want to say congress has certified the results. without saying the election's over. okay? >> but defying trump has so far had serious consequences. >> donald trump's plan to falsely claim victory in 2020 no matter what the facts actually were was premeditated. >> republican co-clair of the january 6th committee liz cheney is fighting for her political life. she seeks re-election in wyoming
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this fall. even releasing a powerful campaign ad featuring her father, former vice president dick cheney. >> he lost his election, and he lost big. i know it. he knows it. and deep down i think most republicans know it. >> rob: the ad blowing up on social media. but it may not be enough to help cheney hold on to her seat. she's trailing her republican opponent heading into next week's primary. >> people don't even know really anything about the person running against her. but they feel like she's betrayed the team, the republican team in this case. and has sided with the democrats too many times. >> would anybody like me to run for president? [ cheers ] >> so far this primary season trump has not won everything but he's certainly won enough to remain a force and to leave his imprint on the republican party for the foreseeable future. >> that imprint playing out in states across the country. the question now, will republicans reap the rewards of standing with the former president come november? or pay a steep price.
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brad pitt's latest movie "bullet train" speeding to the top of the box office. abc's chris connelly chats with the all-star cast, which includes bad bunny and brian tyree henry about why they decided to join this wild ride. >> reporter: brad pitt is 58. >> brad! >> reporter: with an oscar for producing, one for acting, and a 35-year hollywood track record anyone would envy.
12:54 am
>> talk to me. >> i am ready. you're getting the new and improved me. >> reporter: so before signing on to star as a down on his luck assassin in the action thrill ride "bullet train," the script had to pique his interest. and it did. >> i read this thing, and i got to like page 30 when bad bunny lifts me up and i say i don't even know you. throws me over the bar. and we were off and running. >> i heard the name brad pitt. my mom say, you have to say yes, please. you have to say yes. yes. i'm here. in "bullet train." >> reporter: yes. making his big screen debut. benito martinez ocasio, known to the world as music sensation bad bunny. >> we had two great days of fight scenes. and benito just jumped right in as a pro. >> i come here for revenge. >> i like to fight. so. to fight with brad pitt is
12:55 am
better than fighting with my brother. so. >> reporter: how did they reach out to you and get you to come on board for this? >> money. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he and brad are part of bullet train's coterie of vengeful sociopaths and hit people fighting, feuding and outfoxing one another. >> hey, this is nice. >> he's definitely the chump of the story, which is really good fun to play. he's had a bit of therapy. he's read his self-help books. >> reporter: you have a deckerous fight with brad's character in which you pause at one point. just because that's not what one does, is to fight in front of the people on the train. >> yeah. brad had to put that in. he was getting a bit exhausted, you see. he asked for a bottle of water. >> oh, dear. the old jokes. >> where's the briefcase? >> reporter: 3-year-old aaron taylor johnson is partnered with rising star brian tyree henry, who must do battle with brad in the quiet car. >> what did you enjoy about
12:56 am
that? >> it was quiet. no one got to hear my screams. when you're sitting there across from this guy, you're in a train car that is this big, wide. >> personal space. >> personal space. brad goes all the way. he wants to really let you feel that he's trying to kill you. >> reporter: and while revered japanese actor hiroyuki sanada brings gravitas -- >> i loved my name. the elder. exactly i'm an elder here. and we had an international cast. i'm so proud of this project as a japanese. >> reporter: two easily underestimated joey king's character is, well -- >> just like a stone cold evil b-i-t-c-h. it was so cool to go back and forth in the role between being like oh, i'm just like a -- oh, god. i'm so helpless. please help me. and next flipping to a really, really horrible human being. >> i got it. >> for a week and a half i thought she was british.
12:57 am
i just thought she did a really good american accent. >> playing american all the time. >> reporter: in pursuit of this special briefcase you beat up a mascot. >> i used to be a mascot. so i took a lot of offense to this -- those scenes. >> that says it all. by the way, i was a chicken on sunset boulevard, and i got flipped off like -- >> in the full chicken costume? >> yeah. >> they gave you the bird, did they? >> ooh. look what you did. >> oh, no. >> reporter: brad's chicken costume days. a look back to the start of his career back in the '80s. >> i moved out here with, you know, 275 bucks in my pocket. you know, i went for it. started with extra work. there are so many talented people out there. to get in the room it's luck. to stay in the room is another thing. but to get in the room is luck. >> reporter: what's happened along the way makes him one of the very few who can appreciate where bad bunny finds himself now. >> you said, "the more i succeed, the more i do, the more
12:58 am
pressure i feel." >> i think the pressure is because maybe people expecting something big from you. i just try to not feel that pressure. so but it's impossible because my name is like everywhere. >> reporter: brad, that sounds like your '90s a little bit. >> yeah. it does sound like my '90s. and then i learned you just keep making it, you don't pay attention to any of it, and it doesn't change the outcome. and you enjoy your life much more. >> reporter: what's the secret to surviving the kind of thing that benito's talking about? >> well, one, it's like being surrounded by people you love and respect. and then it's just following what interests you. i've always believed if i'm interested in it there's going to be some others. i did notice in the '90s, you know, i would read some negative comment and that negative comment would be bouncing around my skull. it would be like infiltrating my decision-making. and that pissed me off. so i stopped reading everything, good things, bad things, any of
12:59 am
it. and it didn't change anything on the outside. so i said blissfully naive. that's my vote. >> reporter: for "bullet train's" up-and-comers, meanwhile, there's newfound power in saying no. >> it feels good because there's a part of being an actor, especially an actor of color, where you feel like you have to take everything given to you. and i find now more people are in the room, there are more people behind the camera who look like me, there are more people writing who look like me, because your story is uniquely your own. so why not just be in spaces that will serve that? so yeah, no. >> i'm also harnessing more of an ability to say no, and it's feeling really good. because that really opens up room to say yes to the things that really matter to you. >> absolutely. >> so i really found that i love to do action this year. >> reporter: all while the man whose yes made it all possible is just happy to be on the train. >> i really enjoy what i do.
1:00 am
just enjoying it more than i ever have. >> reporter: why do you suppose that is? >> i'm just content with my choices. i walk on set -- i actually had moments where i was just like i am so fortunate to be here. >> our thanks to chris. up next, celebrating the life "physical" singer olivia newton-john. ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪ ♪ body talk ♪ ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪ h ♪♪ in wash-scent booster ♪♪ downy unstopables ♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ (vo) for over 50 years purina cat chow has been helping cats feel at home. it's time to love food back. with trusted nutrition,
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♪ and finally tonight, remembering olivia newton-john. here's abc's david muir. ♪ you're the one that i want ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ honey, the one that i want ♪ >> reporter: capturing hearts and catapulting to stardom,
1:05 am
olivia newton-john as sandy in "grease." ♪ the one i need ♪ ♪ oh yes indeed ♪ the 1978 blockbuster playing opposite john travolta as danny, becoming a movie musical beloved by families for generations. winning four grammys over her career, selling 100 million albums. there was the early hit "i honestly love you." ♪ i honestly love you ♪ but it was her role as sandy that would make her a household name and an icon. hopelessly devoted to you. ♪ i'm hopelessly devoted to you ♪ constantly reinventing herself. two years later in 1980 her lead role in "xanadu." ♪ they call it xanadu ♪ the following year, her hit "physical." ten weeks at number 1. ♪ let's get physical ♪ ♪ physical ♪ and it was while she was preparing for a concert tour in 1992, she discovered a lump and was diagnosed with breast
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cancer. >> say the word. this word always freaks everybody out. it's just a word, you know. it's a word that describes your condition. strange it may sound it was probably the best thing that happened to me. >> reporter: tonight her co-star and long-time friend john travolta writing, "my dearest olivia-u made all of our lives so much better. your impact was incredible." her husbands john easterling writing "olivia has been a symbol of triumphs and hope for over 30 years, sharing her journey with breast cancer." >> olivia newton-john was 73. that's "nightline" for this evening. thanks for the company, america. good night.


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