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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ama: now that the fda has authorized the monkeypox vaccine to be stretched what are some counties doing to implement the strategy? dan: our reporter joins us live from the newsroom. reporter: the plainest events make five people with one by of the monkeypox vaccine. there are still several challenges. the main one is supply. and note the need for special needles and trained professionals. it is the latest energy targeted to attack the monkeypox outbreak. this doctor is marin county's public health officer. he was part of a call this morning. >> the main topic was how this might rollout across the state. we were encouraged to learn the
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studies are very reassuring. this is an effective way of administering the vaccine. medical professionals will need to inject the vaccine differently. literally into the skin layer. there are so many immune cells in your skin. reporter: this sector has seen firsthand how fast monkeypox infections are happening in san francisco. the strategy will be helpful but chances are it will not be as protect. >> we do not know if that will work as well. we have to do a study and i would not give it to people with advanced hiv. maybe people will get fewer lesions. reporter: the doctor believes this is better than nothing. >> it is giving partial immunity
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to a larger group of people. reporter: as of now, san francisco said they are awaiting federal and state guidance to use this strategy. >> it will be a few days before we will be able to implement this. reporter: marin county is planning to train more medical professionals in the coming days. despite the fda giving the green light to maximize doses, people still need two doses of the monkeypox vaccine. dan: let's talk more about the importance of the training. what happens if the medical professional does not implement the technique? >> if they do not do it right, the vaccine dose will slip underneath the skin and you will get one for of the dose.
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she says that will not be enough. it has to be right in the skin to work. training is crucial. dan: we have everything you need to know about monkeypox, including vaccines. you will find that on our website. ama: a dive team has during the search for a missing teenage girl. kiely rodni has not been seen since saturday morning. today investigators released photographs of the honeyed that she had with her when she was last seen. they say her cell phone was turned up around the same time and has been up since. a dive team spent the day searching for evidence. authorities are also using canines to search the area. >> a ton of information and video from gas stations, private businesses, private homes,
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cameras, etc.. ama: investigators have received more than 100 tips, but very few from those who attended the party. dan: when and how should somebody who has been detained be given a sedative? that is the question at the heart of a federal lawsuit filed against san francisco. the woman who protested at an nba finals game engine sensor civil rights were violated when a paramedic injected her with an unknown substance. >> i want everybody to support this case. reporter: an abortion-rights activists announced a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco. kareim mcknight says after protesting overturned and the overturning of roe v. wade, paramedics injected her with an unknown substance without her consent. >> that is a chilling attack on civil rights. reporter: this video shows the
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moments before the incident. security forcibly removed her and her friend in the chase center after they made it on the arena floor. outside, she was restrained by members of the san francisco police department. she says the fire department paramedic injected a sedative into her shoulder. >> i flinched and i said no. reporter: she started livestream and from inside the ambulance. the paramedic says he gave her a sedative for safety. she says she did not learn until the next day what she had been injected with. she was given 5 mg of the sedative. her attorney says the incident is a violation of her civil rights.
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both the san francisco fire and police departments deferred all questions to the city attorney's office. a spokesperson says they have not yet received the complaint. a sedative can be given for adults with severe agitation pose an ad danger to self or others. >> the question is what is the criteria? you cannot just inject somebody with a sedative without having more facts. ama: lawmakers gathered in san francisco pushing for governor newsom to sign off on a bill aimed at preventing overdose deaths. it would allow a safe injection
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site protocol program. reporter: sb 57 would make way for a few cities to pilate safe injection sites next year. -- safe injection sites next year. >> please understand the importance of harm reduction strategies that save lives like supervised consumption sites. reporter: a sense of urgency from san francisco. lawmakers calling on governor newsom to sign off on sb 57. >> the crisis in overdose deaths has surpassed 1500. reporter: the bill would make way for san francisco, oakland and los angeles to set up a safe injection site, places people
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can go to be monitored while using illicit drugs. >> not a single overdose death and the many state consumption sites that have been around. reporter: safe injection sites will make way to get more people into drug treatment according to this woman. but the bill does come with controversy. >> we just keep doubling down on more harm reduction and not rehabilitation. reporter: jackie is the founder of mothers against drunk deaths. her son battles addiction. >> i see more resources putting into enabling insane drugs are ok. reporter: meanwhile the san francisco aids foundation is counting on safe injection sites getting the sign off. >> it is part of our strategic plan.
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reporter: the nonprofit says they have the staff capacity and know-how. as far as if the bill gets vetoed, she says it is not the end. >> we have a long and proud history of doing the right thing in the face of state or federal law. reporter: oakland's mayor also signaling she may be ready to take matters into her own hands. >> we have a proud history of being unafraid to demonstrate where these laws are actually failing the american people. reporter: i asked the mayor's office for clarification, is she ready to move on safe injection sites with or without sb for seven. i was told she will not advocate for unlawful behavior but she will direct the police department to de-prioritize enforcement against safe harm
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reduction -- efforts. reporter: the mayor was not in attendance because she had scheduling conflicts. she is in full support of sb 57. dan: the new 988 crisis hotline appears to be helping people since it launched. there has been an increase in first-time callers. people seeking mental health support or substance abuse help. it is now receiving about 1200 calls per month. staff members undergo six weeks of training. >> trained counselors drive to approach each call with empathy and heart. dan: the state senate is debating a bill that would create mobile crisis units that could respond to suicide and crisis calls.
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you can also get mental health resources at our take action page. ama: still to come, michael helps homeowners at risk of losing their insurance due to wildfire risk. a new protection proposal has a loophole. plus, historic inflation is easing. could the worst be over? >> temperatures in the comfort zone today. i will let you know how long that lasts before the heat returns.
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dan: stocks surged today with every index closing in the green. the dow gained and the nasdaq and the s&p gained as well. the market was wrecked in 20 an inflation report that said prices were a .5 percent higher in july. -- 8.5% higher in july. it is better than experts expected. reporter: a potential sign of hope in today's inflation report showing prices are 8.5% higher compared to a year ago, which is high but better-than-expected. >> we are seeing a stronger labor market and we are seeing some signs that inflation may be getting under control. reporter: wall street was looking for a .7%.
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we were at 9.1% of prior month so definitely some welcome news. americans are still feeling the pain come up with rent up and food prices up. but there is belief that the pump. gas is around four dollars per gallon nationwide after dropping for 57 consecutive days. >> i do believe for now that the national average will continue to decline. reporter: airfares also dropping. round-trip flights are now expected to drop nearly 40%. >> usually you see a drop in september travel season. one leisure travel slows down -- when leisure travel slows down. reporter: shoppers may see retail items like clothing become cheaper. this report could be assigned
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inflation is speaking. >> we do believe it is in the process of peaking. we are encouraged by what we are seeing. reporter: only time will tell if the inflation report is the start of a trend. if it remains this high the federal reserve will likely continue raising interest rates. ama: a man accused of a tech in a san francisco community leader will remain in jail until he goes to trial. the judge made the ruling today. on august 2, he beat a man in an unprovoked attack. the man who was in the 70's as a former san francisco commissioner. his friend was at the hearing per >>. this person is a senior citizen who is very small. i worry about all the senior citizens throughout san francisco. if we cannot protect them how can we protect anybody else. reporter: protesters against a
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api violence rallied outside the courthouse. he will be assessed to be determined whether he is mentally competent to stand trial. coby bryant's widow had an emotional day in court as the trial began against the la county sheriff's office. she is suing over claims law enforcement took photographs of her husband's crash site without have been a legitimate reason to do so. she says the photos have caused her emotional distress and she lives in fear her daughters will stumble upon them. the county and use of the photos were never posted or shared online. kobe bryant and eight others died in the crash. dan: let's turn our attention to the midweek forecast. >> we will have some hotter conditions coming our way but not immediately. i want to show your high temperatures for today. it was so pleasant.
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temperatures in the 60's to 80's. most areas a few degrees above average. 89 degrees in fairfield. the lack of bowel -- the hot summer weather is welcome. 68 and half moon bay. as you check out the climate prediction center's outlook for august 18, most of the southern tier states will be below-average, but the northeast will be baking once again. out west, we will also be dealing with above average. right now it looks like a 60-70% chance that the temperatures will be above where they should be for this time of year. an area of low pressure that has been sitting here kept us in this deep marine layer pattern which allowed more moisture, which means fire danger has come down a bit. the low will shift north. high pressure builds back and he
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will bring a little bit more -- warmer weather. we have been seeing ocean temperatures in the low to mid 60's. when you get the wind coming off the warm ocean water you can see why it is humid. 64 degrees dew point. winds have been helping. sea breeze 20-24 miles per hour. we have the fog over ocean beach. 69 in the city. 68 in half moon bay. son -- sun sign in that shining. good day to be out on the beach in santa cruz. mild afternoon near the coast. it will be warm and leaned and hopped her days are expected next week.
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tomorrow morning we start out with drizzle and for the afternoon hours fog pulls back to the coast. a few patches will linger in the evening hours. the 50's and 60's tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon in south bay, 83 san jose. it will be warm. 77 on the peninsula and palo alto. 71 in downtown san francisco. north bay numbers upper 80's. 86 santa rosa. 91 degrees pittsburgh. here is your seven-day forecast. mild to warm the next few days. mid-60's to low 90's. it will get to the mid-90's on saturday. the temperatures will come up into the mid to upper 90's
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tuesday, wednesday. ama: we are about to see the end of an era in san francisco. the final bow for a ballet teacher. dan: we have a new way for you to watch us. you can lapse or newscast live throughout the day on abc news live. it is a combination of the best live news. it is available to all hulu subscribers. you can find it within the news hub within hulu. this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way.
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support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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dance icon who has been teaching ballet for more than 50 years. our reporter sat down with matilda, otherwise known as miss tinley. reporter: a small dance studio is where thousands of young girls took their first steps in ballet. her dance studio first opened in 1969. >> one of my first mothers was nancy pelosi. reporter: richard nixon was president. people were protesting the vietnam war. san francisco was the heart of the hippie movement. bellbottoms were in.
6:25 pm
and miss kelly was about to become a household name. >> it is just a lot of years. it is most of my life. reporter: matilda did not always teach kids between the ages of three and 12. at a young age, she joined the san francisco ballet, even taught there. she then started her own school. >> it is a question of learning how to come having them learn how to follow words -- rules. and how to respect each other. >> i had an older sister. reporter: she was in one of ms. kiely rodni classes. i think she has the formula down
6:26 pm
and she is doing it for years and years. unforeseen circumstances have forced her to retire. the pandemic was very difficult. reporter: when her lease expired, she found it difficult to keep the space. >> it was a struggle to pay the rent and now they are asking more. reporter: miss tilly never had a chance to say goodbye to all of her students. >> i won't be seeing them in the community. -- i will be seeing them in the community. reporter: her teaching style insured every dancer developed and group toward achieving their full potential. ama: i love seeing those photographs. dan: coming up next, can a
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: one person is under arrest after assaulted a firefighter this afternoon. cruise responded on race street for a report of multiple small fires. they are all under control and no buildings were damaged. san jose fires as a homeless person assaulted one of the firefighters on the scene but they were not seriously hurt. ama: new regulations will be released to cut down on the number of home owners who lose their fire coverage. dan: several consumer groups warned the proposal includes one big loophole. ama: michael finney joins us. reporter: the latest statistics
6:31 pm
show more than 200,000 california homeowners lost the fire coverage in 2020. these new regulations are seen as a step forward, but there are concerns tonight they do not go far enough. this one acre property has belonged to mike and his wife for 30 years. we ask them what their home means to them. >> everything. along with my wife, this is all i need. reporter: they have done everything to keep their home fire safe. the department of forestry recently gave their home a passing grade for fire protection. they received a notice from allstate informing them that they would need to make changes to the roof to improve fire protection. orsing their fire coverage.
6:32 pm
the couple agreed to pay a contractor $6,000 to get the work done however before the work could begin, they received bad news. allstate ruled their area posed an extreme fire danger and decided not to renew their coverage. >> it was devastating. it was the last straw. reporter: the law passed by ricardo lara in 2019 imposed a temporary moratorium on nonrenewal's in 2019 and 2020. but that moratorium has now expired. the insurance commissioner has proposed offering discounts to homeowners to take steps to eliminate fire danger. 60% of insurance companies
6:33 pm
currently do not offer discounts. >> it is critical for the insurance market that consumers are given the writing and tips. reporter: the proposal calls for greater transparency about the fire risk scores homeowners received and disclosures about what they can do to decrease their score. it does not prevent an insurance company or from refusing to renew a policy. >> he should be sticking his neck out for consumers, saying you cannot cancel policies without considering steps. reporter: among those who have lost their fire insurance is a fire commissioner. he wrote an op-ed about it. he says the regulations will drive down costs for consumers
6:34 pm
to make the property safer and will increase competition. they think he needs to do more. >> in most cases you are spending a lot of money to comply and now they drop you. reporter: the insurance commissioner's office tells us the regulations could go into effect by the end of the summer. we will report back. dan: it is frightening for a homeowner to lose their insurance. thanks. ama: the oakland mayor is hosting a second night of town hall discussions. this after the crime filled weekend. a man who was shot dan webster street died today. oakland's future are a part of the discussion to meant to. there is another town hall tomorrow. east bay neighbors are banning together to fight crime.
6:35 pm
it is designed to encourage school and learning to keep kids out of trouble. reporter: more than 200 backpacks are being donated to kids in this neighborhood. >> highlighters and blue. -- glue. reporter: organize or say something more important >> is happening. >>the cycle is all too normal to us. we are at the point where we are ready to change it. reporter: the cycle is a cycle of violence. she grew up on the streets. she says the local schools lack resources to compete with other schools. it puts the kids to a disadvantage which can lead to disillusionment. >> kids go to school feeling depressed.
6:36 pm
how would they know to be good if they never had good? reporter: volunteer say providing kids basic school supplies could help them stay in school. organizers call it a form of violence prevention. >> stay in school. it is a good and positive thing. go to college and become something. reporter: the community managed to collect enough donations to buy these backpacks. >> if we were to start with the younger generation and give them something to look forward to, that would be a way to change things in the future. dan: still to come, the battle of traffic and building a better bay area. bay area. ama: donald trump takes the
6:37 pm
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ama: donald trump answered only one question during a deposition today. that one question was, what is
6:40 pm
your name? for all of those he invoked his fifth amendment right. the deposition by new york's attorney general's office as part of an investigation on whether trumps business provided misleading statements. there is growing outrage from republicans about the department of justice's refusal to release documents authorizing that search. >> what is dangerous is that some members of congress had been quick to jump on the extremist rhetoric bandwagon without knowing the facts. ama: the doj's remaining silent. standard procedure in an ongoing investigation. dan: president biden signed the pact act which helps veterans who work exposed to toxic burn pits pits during the wars in iraq and afghanistan.
6:41 pm
the president says this issue is personal for his family. his son died of bring cancer. -- brain cancer. >> many of the fittest that we sent to war were not the same. my son was one of them. dan: the new law provides coverage for up to 3.5 million veterans. kamala harris will return home to the bay area tomorrow. she will be in san francisco for a discussion about reproductive health care. on friday, she will attend to events in oakland. >> that heat wave is coming but it is not here yet. it is not here yet. the seven-day fore thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by $50 or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day
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a better bay area by building a better highway. >> this whole flat land here was a mosaic of tidal wetlands. >> when she gazes across the
6:45 pm
farmland she can envision the tidal marshes. a vast expanse of wetlands at the sonoma land trust they are working to restore. >> california is investing in climate. we think this is the natural infrastructure project. >> to make the vision a reality, the trust has joined with save the bay urging the state to remove the one barrier that could open up natural marshland. highway 37. it helps to understand the highway is a 21 mile v with bridges. it is also one of the most notorious bottlenecks in the bay area.
6:46 pm
engineers expect more challenges as sea levels expand. >> everybody agrees the ultimate solution for highway 37 is to build a four lane elevated causeway. >> there is a debate over when and what to build to. estimates for an elevated causeway run from 6-8,000,000,000 dollars. >> and not have to build the mega project all at once.
6:47 pm
those pieces of infrastructure can be added onto. reporter: critics are concerned it would still cost hundreds of millions of dollars. >> you really have to look critically at that. nobody in their right mind is going to tear out a brand-new freeway that cost half $1 billion 15 years after it was built. >> with the recent passage of claimant legislation, they also see the raised causeway project as a historic opportunity to build green infrastructure, combating sea level rise. creating new habitats for wildlife. >> about 30,000 metric tons of carbon, which is the equivalent of taking 6000 cars off the road
6:48 pm
each year. >> it would also help restore miles of habitat on a scale that would be historic. >> this is that you jerry and if we can get it right -- this is a huge area and if we can get it right, then we could attract attention for this project as a project of national importance. dan: planners estimate widening highway 37 would save commuters half an hour and it would cut down on accidents significantly. ama: one last check on our weather. >> the forecast looks fantastic. our air quality is green pretty much everywhere.
6:49 pm
it is safe to get outside and enjoy this. plenty of sun out there. when air quality remains with us tomorrow. it will turn moderate in certain spots, like the santa clara valley, and linda east bay. we have a few patches of fog. some of the low clouds will linger by the coast. inland areas turn in warmer, upper 80's to low 90's for thursday. the seven-day forecast shows a little bit above average temperatures. saturday gets warmer and sunday down a few but look at next week. we will approach 100 degrees inland by wednesday. that will be our how to stay in the seven-day forecast. -- that will be our hottest day in the seven-day forecast.
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year. the giants continued to fade from the wild-card playoff chase. scoreless in the first. beatty davis connecting. his third homer since joining the giants. austin slater going the opposite way. juan soto coming in hot. the giants built an early lead. that is when things went terribly wrong. the padres answer was six in the third. the padres scored six times in that frame. another base hit. 7-6 giants. but the padres another great and think. -- inning.
6:54 pm
the are hosting the angels. three-zero angels in the seventh. this one was settled in express. -- extras. to the 12th we go. that turns out to be the game-winning run. angels when it 5-4 in 12. -- angels win it 5-4 in 12.
6:55 pm
there are weapons on offense. they can both make big plays. lance will play against the packers on friday we just do not know how much. >> playing in preseason games is to see the guys who are young guys, to see those guys when the lights come on. no coaches on the field with them. nobody holding their hand. they have to go out and compete and do what they have done to get them here. reporter: steph curry and snoop dogg teaming up to refurbish a basketball court. snoop dogg had a surprise for steph curry, his very own death row records gold chain.
6:56 pm
what a cool moment. steph curry with the reverse jam. the kids were rallying around him. look at snoop dogg, he is 50 years old and still as popular as ever. ama: tonight on abc, it is the commoners. the goldbergs is on at 8:30 p.m. home economics at 9:30 p.m. abc 7 news is streaming 20. at the app and join us whenever
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you want. that is that for this edition of abc7news. thank you for joining us. dan: have a great rest of your evening. we will see you again for the evening news at 11:00. hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp
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you can really bring your living room to life. from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants. a software developer from san francisco, california... a school librarian from buffalo, new york... and our returning champion-- an editor from los angeles, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. now there was a tough final jeopardy! on yesterday's show, and it left dane reighard with less money than he earned the day before, but he remains our champion, and he'll now face
7:00 pm
mary and andrew, two new challengers. good luck to all three of you. let's kick off the jeopardy! round with these categories. ♪♪♪ starting off... then... some... and finally, some... dane. what strikes your fancy? celebrity entrepreneurs, $600. - andrew. - who is rihanna? - yes, that's her last name. - celebrity, $1,000. - andrew. - what is wahlburgers? - wahlburgers, yeah. - up all night, $1,000. 90,000 enter, and 90,000 leave sambadrome marquês de sapucaí, but we'll samba all night there in this city during carnival.


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