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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 17, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> thank you for joining us today on this interactive show, getting answers. we will be here every weekday at re-:00 answering your questions. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the head of the cdc ordering a complete overhaul of the agency. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky with the scathing review of her own agency's handling of the covid pandemic here in the u.s. calling public guidance confusing and overwhelming. preparing for sweeping changes, including faster responses to new health threats. all of this coming as the biden administration says new covid boosters targeting the original strain and omicron subvariants could now be available to millions of americans within three weeks. also breaking tonight, once nicknamed america's mayor, former trump attorney rudy giuliani tonight testifying for nearly six hours before a special grand jury in georgia.
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the target of a criminal investigation about his false claims of election fraud. what we've learned tonight. steve osunsami live in georgia. a crushing defeat for congresswoman liz cheney. an outspoken critic of former president trump. he fought back, endorsing her opponent. and tonight, cheney will now leave the congress at the end of this year. but what she's now vowing and what she's now saying about running for president. jon karl back with us again tonight. tonight, the suspect accused of attacking author salman rushdie sfrom behind bars sayin he's surprised rushdie survived. tonight, the suspect's own mother reportedly disowning him. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we have several developing headlines as we come on tonight. rudy giuliani, once known as
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america's mayor, spending nearly six hours questioned under oath, the target of a criminal investigation in georgia over false claims of election fraud. also tonight, the resounding defeat for liz cheney. the strength of the former president, donald trump, with the republican party, and what she's now vowing. but we do begin tonight with those major changes now in store for the cdc. the head of the cdc announcing a sweeping overhaul in the wake of the handling of this pandemic. a report finding the cdc failed to meet expectations. problems now emerging, as well, in response to the monkeypox outbreak. the report finding the cdc's covid recommendations were, quote, confusing and overwhelming. and its website not easy to navigate for the american people. director dr. rochelle walensky herself ordering the review, now promising change. we remember the changing guidance on masks and the delay in ramping up the testing. so, tonight, what this all
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means, and it comes amid a new and important headline involving covid there is news tonight on when millions of americans will have access to the new covid booster, which will help fight the newest strains of the virus, omicron ba.4 and ba.5. abc's erielle reshef leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, a scathing review of the cdc, finding the agency repeatedly botched its pandemic response and failed to meet the moment of crisis. the cdc long under fire for its guidance on masking and vaccines over the last two years. >> it's just really confusing. so, it's just like this patchwork of different, like, rules. >> it's like, contradicting. it's, like, a lot of stuff going on. don't do this, don't do that, and then we have to listen to both. >> reporter: the cdc's own director, dr. rochelle walensky, calling for the review, studying the cdc's handling of the pandemic during this and the previous administration. the review found the center's covid recommendations "confusing and overwhelming" and
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its website "not easy to navigate." dr. walensky vowing a major overhaul of the agency. she is also calling for internal staffing changes, and sharing information faster in "plain language, easy to understand." this comes as millions of americans might soon be able to get the new covid booster, tailored to target the original covid strain and the omicron ba.4 and ba.5 subvariants. white house covid coordinator, dr. ashish jha, saying those revamped shots could be out in three weeks if the fda and cdc both give the green light. >> these are substantial upgrades in our vaccines and those vaccines are coming very, very soon. >> reporter: those boosters expected to be for those who are 12 years and 08der for pfizer and 18 years and older for moderna, with an expectation of the new boosters for younger children to follow. >> let's bring in erielle reshef with us tonight. dr. jha saying the new boosters could be available in three weeks time. that's really soon.
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so, give us a reality check. do health officials really think it's plausible they'll have the cdc and the fda both signing off on these new boosters in time for families to get these protections, many preparing to go back indoors and many back in school already. >> reporter: well, david, that is the question. the fda is expected to give its green light in the coming weeks. then the cdc advisory panel will meet and the cdc director is likely to sign off shortly after that and officials say they do believe these new boosters will roll out as early as september. >> dr. awalensky saying today they need to move more quickly. this is the first test. erielle, thank you. now to the other major headline today, rudy giuliani testifying in atlanta. prosecutors have told the man once known as america's mayor that he is the target of their criminal investigation into potential criminal meddling in the 2020 presidential election in the state of georgia. so, abc's steve osunsami tonight at the fulton county courthouse.
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mr. giuliani, when you met with georgia lawmakers, did you lie to them? >> we will not talk about this until it's over. >> reporter: this was not a trip to georgia that rudy giuliani wanted to make. the man once known as america's mayor, who has defined his reputation these last few years with lies about the 2020 election, was put under oath today in this georgia courthouse, where he's the one who's suspected of trying to help steal the vote. he was called here by a special grand jury investigating claims that former president trump and his friends tried to change the election results in georgia, so that trump could win. and there's tape. while testifying before state lawmakers, jegiuliani made fals claims about election fraud, including comments that didn't sit well with election workers. >> they look like they're passing out dope, not just ballots. and it is quite clear they're stealing votes. >> reporter: he famously claimed that this video showed fulton county election workers producing suitcases of illegal ballots, charges that were investigated and proven a lie by state republicans.
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those same election workers told the january 6th committee that people started threatening to kill them. this investigation here could stretch for months and will lead to a report. it would take another grand jury to decide if anyone faces charges. u.s. senator lindsey graham has been called to appear, but he's fighting it. the governor of georgia has also been called to appear, but he's fighting it, too. and then, there's the person at the center of this. the former president, who could also be called. david? >> steve osunsami live in georgia tonight. thank you, steve. tonight, former president trump's most outspoken critic suffering a major primary defeat. wyoming congresswoman liz cheney losing to the former president's hand-picked candidate running against cheney, and this was a landslide. showing the strength of the former president in that state. liz cheney, a central figure on the january 6th committee, suggesting she's not done, vowing after this resounding defeat, now the real work begins, she said. and what she said when asked if she'll run now for president. possibly challenging trump if he runs in the republican primary.
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here's jon karl again tonight. *>> reporter: donald trump vowed to take down liz cheney, and he did. his hand-picked candidate in wyoming trouncing her by more than 37 points. but for cheney, it's now full steam ahead on the next phase of her mission to deny trump a return to power. this after she did what trump has never done -- admit she lost. >> tonight, harriet hageman has received the most votes in this primary. she won. i called her to concede the race. this primary election is over. but now the real work begins. >> reporter: cheney announced today she has set up a new political organization, not just to challenge trump, but also any candidates who deny the truth about the 2020 election. it's a move that pits her against some of the leading figures in her own republican party. >> no american should support election deniers for any position of genuine responsibility, where their
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refusal to follow the rule of law will corrupt our future. >> we were winning everything. >> reporter: cheney isn't just calling out trump's lies about the election. she accused him of sowing the seeds of more january 6th-like violence with his attacks on federal agents after the fbi searched his mar-a-lago home. especially trump's baseless claim the agents planted information. >> this is yet another insidious lie. donald trump knows that voicing these conspiracies will provoke violence and threats of violence. it is entirely foreseeable that the violence will escalate further. yet he and others continue purposely to feed the danger. >> reporter: today, cheney's dire warning to republicans was echoed by former vice president mike pence. >> these attacks on the fbi must stop. calls to defund the fbi are just as wrong as calls to defund the police. >> and jon karl back in washington tonight, just back from wyoming.
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and jon, former vice president mike pence also making news on another front tonight. he actually said he would consider testifying before the january 6th committee if he's actually invited before the committee. obviously liz cheney is the vice chair of that committee. you have interviewed cheney often. she was asked again today if she's thinking about running for president. she said she was thinking about it. but jon, a reality check here, she lost her primary last night by 37 points. she's convinced that outside wyoming there would be greater republican support for her? >> reporter: david, it's hard to see a path forward right now for liz cheney in a party where donald trump remains the most popular figure by far among the party's rank and file voters. but liz cheney has emerged as the most high profile and outspoken critic of donald trump in america, and she sees this as a movement, a battle that she will fight both inside the republican party and outside the party. >> jon karl just back from wyoming where he talked with voters going into that primary last night.
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jon, thank you. in the meantime, next tonight here, the suspect accused of attacking author salman rushdie speaking from behind bars, saying he's surprised rushdie survived. and what he said when asked if he'd be in contract with iran's revolutionary guard. tonight, the suspect's own mother now reportedly disowning him. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time since he was seen attacking famed author salman rushdie, hadi matar is talking, telling "the new york post" in a jailhouse interview he thought he killed him, saying, "when i heard he survived, i was surprised." rushdie, who has faced death threats for decades after publishing his novel, "the satanic verses," was set to give a talk at the chautauqua institution in western new york when matar rushed the stage, allegedly stabbing him more than ten times. matar's own mother reportedly disowning him. while iran has officially denied any involvement, at least one iranian paper called it divine
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revenge. matar would not say if he was inspired by the ayatollah's call for rushdie's death. but did say, "i respect the ayatollah. i think he's a great person." and while he admitted he only "read like two pages" of the book, he did say he watched his lectures onlin and accused the 75-year-old of being "someone who attacked islam." matar has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. he's expected in court on friday. david? >> all right, eva pilgrim with us tonight. eva, thank you. now to a troubling new discovery at lake mead, as we continue to report on the why mat crisis. tonight, authorities are trying to identify now a fifth set of skeletal remains. the call coming in this week of this newest discovery, found because water levels have fallen to historic lows. lake mead is the largest reservoir on the colorado river and our chief national correspondent matt gutman back on this tonight on this new discovery. >> reporter: the ever-receding waterskeead vealg yet another grim find. park rangers and a police dive
3:43 pm
team recovering a set of human remains tuesday. >> they've been finding bodies. i feel like every week or >> reporter: they are the fifth human remains to be found in the lake's receding waters since may. some of the remains from earlier this summer were found in a barrel. authorities believe the victim likely died of a gunshot wound 40 or 50 years ago. they're investigating it as a homicide. and as alarming as these findings are, they reveal something else -- the climate crisis. the lake, a vital source of water for more than 25 million people across several states and mexico, now setting historic low records. and for more than a year, we've been reporting on the drastic changes to lake mead. decades ago, the water level here at lake mead was so high that they were actually worried it would lap over the hoover dam. but tonight, lake mead is just 27% full. more than 70% of the western u.s. experiencing moderate drought conditions or worse,
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amplified by climate change. and david, authorities say that multiple investigations into those deaths are ongoing, but they also warn that as the waters at lake mead continue to recede, as they are forecast to do, it's very likely they will find additional human remains there. david? >> and of course we'll stay on all of this. mat, thank you. we turn next tonight to the newest battle over abortion rights in this country, after roe versus wade was overturned. the new firestorm tonight in florida involving the case of a 16-year-old girl, arguing she should be allowed a waiver to get an abortion. the court denying that request, and abc's victor oquendo from "nightline" now. >> reporter: tonight, a 16-year-old girl is at the center of the debate over abortion in this country in the wake of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. that the girl is not sufficiently mature enough to terminate her pregnancy. the teen referred to as jane doe
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22-b was ten weeks pregnant. described as "parentless," living with a relative and has a state-appointed guardian, she asked the judge to waive the state's parental notification and consent requirement for minors. arguing "she is sufficiently mature" and "is not ready to have a baby," adding her guardian supported her decision. retired florida judge jerib. coeen was not part of this case, but has presided over countless cases like this over her career. >> if she's forced to carry a child to term that she does not feel she has the emotional, physical or financial capability to do, that could be extremely traumatizing. >> reporter: the girl, who doesn't have a job and is studying for her g.e.d., can make her case against, but time is of the essence. florida republican governor ron desantis signed a 15-week abortion ban into law this year. and now one state attorney,
3:46 pm
suspended from his job for vowing not to prosecute those who violate that law, filing a lawsuit in federal court after desantis removed him from office earlier this month for what the governor called incompetence and neglect of duty. >> this is about the governor's ability to violate the law. >> reporter: and as for that 16-year-old girl, a dissenting judge saying if she's able to come back to court and adequately articulate her request, she may still be able to get a waiver for about abortion. david? >> victor oquendo following this case in florida tonight. victor, thank you. next tonight, the fight to help victims of the opioid crisis in this country. $650 million in damages rewarded to two ohio counties in a landmark lawsuit they won, claiming the way those ompanies distributed opioids to customers caused severe harm to their communities. the money will be used to help fight the continuing opioid crisis and the families
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destroyed by this in lake and trumable counties. all three companies say they will appeal this. when we come back here tonight, the new video coming in after that coach was shot and killed on the youth football field. witnesses now accusing a former nfl star of starting the fight. it was that n fl star's brother accused of firing the gun. and then, the horrific fall from a drawbridge. a tourist visiting from milwaukee. and authorities asking tonight,? g a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. "preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies" "and its from the eye experts at bausch and lomb" so, ask your doctor about adding preservision. and fill in a missing piece of your plan. like i did with preservision" avoiding triggers, but still get migraine attacks? qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. qulipta gets right to work.
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football brawl between coaches turned deadly in lancaster, texas. according to our affiliate in dallas, wfaa, some witnesses are suggesting that one of the coaches, former nfl star aqib talib, started the fight, running across the field, arguing with a referee and allegedly punching opposing coach mike hickman. police say that's when talib's brother, who coaches with him on that same team, then allegedly shot and killed hickman. that brother is now charged with murder tonight. now to that awful scene in milwaukee. authorities are investigating a deadly fall from a drawbridge in that city. surveillance showing a 77-year-old man crossing the bridge as it was being raised. his wife making it across. authorities saying he held onto the railing before plunging about 70 feet. the couple was visiting from rhode island. his wife says her husband was hard of hearing, wore glasses, and may not have heard the warning bells. tonight, the medical examiner says he's looking at an ipad while walking, the man who died. the bridge operator has been placed on leave as investigators investigate how this happened.
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it's lit! don't miss red lobster's seafood summerfest. to the index now and the simple device that authorities say caught the thief at the airport. apple air tags are being credited for helping authorities catch an alleged luggage thief. police arresting a baggage handler. a traveler reporting her luggage stolen last month with an apple air tag hidden inside. authorities tracking the device right to the suspect's neighborhood and it was there they discovered other stolen items. more than $15,000 in lost items. at least two victims from that airport. nasa taking the next big step tonight in america's return to the moon. nasa rolling out a massive rocket to the launch pad at cape canaveral ahead of the unmanned artemis 1 mission scheduled for august 29th. the spacecraft expected to orbit the moon during its three-week trip and nasa hoping to land astronauts back on the moon in
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click or call for a quote today finally tonight here, the grandmother who just met her 100th great-grandchild. that grandmother definitely america strong. m mar margarite grew up an only child and when she married in 1942 during the war, she knew she wanted a big family. they would have 11 children, 56 grandchildren. and to all of them, she is grandmom peg. one of those grandchildren, christine, just this month, welcoming a baby boy. and this time, it was extra special. because that baby boy is now grandmom pep's 100th
3:58 pm
great-grandchild. with a special name, collar william, in honor of her family name. and this is the moment she got to meet him. grandmom peg and collar, number 100. and right here tonight. >> hi, david. >> reporter: that grandmother with what it felt like to reach yet another milestone, 100 great-grandchildren. >> oh, it's fabulous. it's terrific. >> reporter: and the proud parents -- >> hi, david. >> reporter: cherishing the moment and that special number they now share with grandmom peg. >> how amazing to experience a moment like this, that we know not many get to experience. we are just incredibly grateful for that. we are just so lucky and so fortunate to have that moment and be apart of this family. all thanks to grandmom and grandpop. >> we celebrate her and the entire family and the new baby. i'm david muir. have a good evening. good night.
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>> doing a better bay area. >> a rare sour rainstorm. this video. >> you can see some blue skies but the rain was still coming down. this comes as an alert comes in. dan: thundershowers are in the forecast. both begin with mike with a look at was happening. mi: we had six bolts of lightning and most of those stayed within or jumped within clouds.
4:00 pm
here's a little bit of moisture. green, yellow, orange, no red. it is still a threat, as we head into the evening, radar shows most of that is moving into the north bay. they continue under the red flag morning. that could start a fire. anytime you evaporate the water, it makes it heavier. that's where you get the dusty winds. as far as flex alerts, most of us are mild. we still have heat advisories until 8:00 tonight. we enjoy better weather today.
4:01 pm
it's going to be hot the next couple of days.