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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 18, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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mike tran threw a towel over the gator and took his children to school. he wrangled the reptile once he returned home. drawing on his martial arts training and -- >> whoo, this boy. here's a good boy. >> and the late crack dial hunter, steve irwin. >> got a knee on it, spinned it back, grabbed the mouth. once you grab the mouth, that's it. that's done. >> he loaded the animal in his truck, releasing it into a nearby pond. way to go, dad. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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ama: two different targets, to different cities but the same intent. a family business getting ready for the day ahead. a woman after leaving her bank with her rent money. dan: a key piece of evidence could bring the victims justice. good evening and thank you for joining us. ama: a robbery at a beloved bakery in san jose were some bakers were held at knife point. dan: amanda del castillo jo has a look at security video that peter's bakery hopes will lead to the capture of those thieves. reporter: anyway you slice it, it was business at usual at peter's bakery. the family owned southbay staple had shelves stocked with fan favorites. >> i got my burnt almond cake here. >> my favorite is always the chocolate chip cookie. >> almond cupcakes. reporter: before the shop opened to customers, five young crooks entered through the shop's back
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door, interrupting acres hard at work, grabbing one man by the neck, holding him and others at knife point. surveillance footage shows the group demanding money and a safe. >> started looking around frantically. what's here? they tried to go after the cash registers. they couldn't get into them. reporter: suspects got away with less than $1000. mostly petty cash for vendors and tips for workers. two minutes is all it took for the group to get in and out, missing police by moments. bakers were uninjured and got right back to work. >> mitigated a situation, didn't confront the assailants, didn't try to aggravate them. nobody's life is worth $50 out of our cashbox. >> literally within walking distance. that's concerning. reporter: surveillance video was posted to their instagram account, reaching thousands of followers.
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many making the effort to stop by and show their support. >> it's not much but something is better than nothing. >> this is getting out of control. we are hearing about a lot more robberies of mom and pop shops. reporter: the co-owners says warm nights and hot oven's resultant cracking open the back door for a breeze. crooks used that as an opportunity to strike. >> i wish that i was in the position where i could reach out to them and say, we will give you a job. if you are struggling, work for us. you don't need to do this. reporter: i'm amanda del castillo yo, abc7news. ama: another piece of video evidence of a crime that has left a woman struggling to make ends meet. burglars store -- told $2400 from her. tim johns tells us she is now working two jobs. reporter: you can find yolanda at work cleaning people's homes. on august 8, her life was turned
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upside down after she and her daughter were robbed. >> why did it happen to her? she works really hard. reporter: we caught up with her. they tell us that on that day, they went to a wells fargo in vallejo where they took out about $2400 in cash to pay their rent. after leaving the bank, they stopped at an rv park not knowing they have been followed. once in the leasing office, security footage shows two people accessing their car and stealing their money. >> instead of them working hard to earn the money, they have to steal other people's that actually worked hard. reporter: the financial hit has been huge. her mom is now working two jobs trying to make back everything they lost. >> she wakes up at 5:30, and all the way to 10:00 she takes care of these kids. from 10:00 to 5:30 or 6:00, she cleans houses.
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reporter: they are speaking out not just to make their stories heard but also to warn others so that they don't become victims. after the robbery, her mom filed a police report with vallejo pd. nothing has come of that yet. the pair tell abc7news they've heard of other latino families in vallejo who have also been followed and robbed in a similar fashion. the police say they can't confirm that any suspect was targeting a specific group of people. >> we feel bad for the other people. they worked hard to earn money. for them to steal it at any moment. reporter: despite the hardship the family is enduring, they say they are happy it wasn't worse. finding a silver lining in an otherwise dark moment. >> at least nothing happened bad to us. they could've had guns. reporter: tim johns, abc7news. dan: health is a very important component in building a better
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bay area. let's focus on monkeypox and the effort to vaccinate people in san francisco. zuckerberg sf general hospital vaccination clinic will be back open tomorrow and friday. hours are 8:00 to 4:00. san francisco's department of public health says that 574 doses of the monkeypox vaccine were administered today. all walk-ins were served. the department plans to update us more on clinic hours once a gets information about additional doses. ama: taylor booster shots for covid could be available as soon as september. they will protect against omicron subvariant's ba.4 and ba.5. the fda and cdc must approve the new booster. the biden administration has announced it will stop by in covid vaccines starting this fall. those products will transition to health care providers and hospitals. dan: ice has deported a former in pate to cambodia. he escapes that country as a child. supporters held a rally in oakland last month, calling on
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governor newsom to block his deportation. he was convicted of murdering arrival gang member at the age of 21. he served 26 years and was he fleiafis stencenuy. four, surviving the genocide. ice flew him back there today. family members and advocates in the bay area are calling on governor newsom to pass the vision act, a bill that would end the practice of handing formally incarcerated people over for deportation. ama: a cluster of wildfires burning east of eureka and humboldt has grown to 36 square miles. the six rivers lightning complex fire started 11 days ago. two of the 12 are strack -- still active. the fire is 23% contained. a crew from the fire department is assisting in the fight against those flames. it's being called a first in the nation. military personnel will join crews fighting wildfires in california to get j.r. stone is
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here to tell us about this new type of strike team. reporter: these may look like big pickup trucks. you can see them right there. they are four-wheel-drive fire engines that carry 300 gallons of water each. they will have military personnel in them, ready to fight wildfires in california. >> so this program is going to put five fire engines and 20 soldier firefighters out on the front lines. >> it's called a strike team which you may have heard of. what's new is the partnership. state fire engines with california national guard men and women inside those vehicles. it is said to be the first of its kind in the nation. the goal here is to help better contain fires. >> from my perspective, this agreement is important because it means there are more units that can get to fires faster. reporter: crisfield is a reach worker who is a director at the stanford woods institute for the
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environment. he has written extensively about fighting fires. while he's optimistic, he believes we need to do better in all areas, fighting fires, fire prevention, and funding those methods. >> we are still struggling to make a level investment that will be necessary to get ahead of the problem on a timetable that really works for folks. reporter: the chief says the trucks and military individuals will respond to fires together and go into areas where bigger engines are unable to go. even then, there will be challenges. >> what you saw in northern california over the last several weeks was a series of lightning fires that occurred. during these lightning, thunderstorm type offense, you end up with high wind. you end up with a fire that starts with lightning strikes and burdens 20,000 acres.
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just a few hours. reporter: new engines are equipped with military crews are something additional that we didn't have in the past. he believes we are on the right path. >> this summer, we have seen some catastrophic fires. the total area that has been burned is not as bad as it has been in the last few years. i'm optimistic that we are beginning to see some of the results of the investments that have been made. dan: when we will see the strike team in action, the chief tells me the trucks were delivered on tuesday. crews are now training in the goal is for them to be ready for fire deployment before the summer is over. that comes in just over a month. j.r. stone, abc7news. dan: thanks very much. an industrial fire in pleasanton sent smoke into the sky. it ignited around 7:00 tonight. this is a concrete plant on stanley boulevard in pleasanton.
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the fire department tells us no one was injured so that's good to hear. no word on what caused the fire. ama: a musician who was racially profiled at a restaurant gets his say. the new move by the restaurant to make things right. dan: a big change for a group founded by a bay area man who made it his mission to help find missing children after a personal tragedy. why the class kids foundation will search no more. >> have you noticed this brown murky water that is blanketing the san francisco bay? tonight, we follow the scientists trying to figure out what is behind it. sandia: get ready to get ready for fog and drizzle tomorrow. the forecast is coming up. ama: a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. the cold buyer. >> thanks. i'm nicole buyer. watching tv makes you hotter.
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and soothe occasional digestive upsets. plus, it supports vaginal health. it's recommended by gastroenterologists two-times more than any other probiotic brand. try align. and tonight's winning number, 43 yes! noooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. bounty, the quicker picker upper. dan: the family of alexis gabe met with the contra costa district attorney to review new evidence against the mother of her suspected killer. the district attorney's office says there's insufficient evidence to prosecute alicia
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coleman clark for aiding and abetting her son. this meeting comes after the family and their supporters protested outside district attorney's office demanding justice for alexis. jones was shot and killed by police when officers attempted to have them arrested for murder in june. gabe has been missing since january. the class kids foundation that helped in the searches for alexis gabe has decided to disbanded search and rescue operation. the announcement follows the resignation of class kids president brad dennis. he worked directly with the search and rescue team. team members plan to reorganize. they were founded in 1994 following the murder of his daughter who was abducted from her home in petaluma. ama: a famed musician has received an apology from a napa valley restaurant where he believes he was racially profiled. he says the manager in st. helena followed him to his car after he dined last sunday.
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the man asked if he had taken care of his server. insinuating that he didn't leave a tick. they say the owner and butler have had a heart full discussion. a statement reads in part, mr. butler accepted the apology. we agreed that the incident never should have happened and an important opportunity exists for the restaurant to learn and improve. dan: financial support ended for residents of 30 three tahoma, a high-rise in san francisco that flooded two months ago. many of the 200 displaced tenants still have belongings inside the building and theft is certainly a concern. the company that owns 33 tahoma has agreed to move people's belongings into storage pods to keep them safe. now 131 displaced residents are wondering where they are going to go next. they had a month to prepare for this deadline and abc7news question the developer about it today. >> [inaudible] >> we are providing options.
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the residents are looking at the options we are providing. we are working closely with the city. there's a process in place. dan: the housing department has implemented an emergency plan to house those tenants. ama: looking at our changing climate. a toxic algae bloom is spreading across much of the san francisco bay. as liz kreutz reports, while it's not harmful to humans, it is impacting our ecosystem. reporter: you might notice the bay is looking a little murky. experts say the reason is the potentially harmful algae bloom that is spreading in waters throughout the bay area. the algae is called hetero sigma and it is literally turning the bay brown. it is something scientists at san francisco bay keeper are keeping -- studying closely. this morning, we followed their team as they went out on the bay. the staff scientist says there
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hasn't been an algae bloom of this kind since 2004. there are a lot of unknowns about why it is growing again now but that the nutrients polluting the bay are a major factor. >> there are about 40 wastewater treatment plants that discharge a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen into the water. that's the building block for algae such as this. reporter: there's been reports of it from oakland to san francisco. scientists say it is likely to get worse before it gets better. >> we are going to go in and grab some of this water. reporter: samples are being gathered and sent to a lab in richmond. >> and then we are going to write where the sample was taken. reporter: experts say the algae can kill shellfish and other marine life. it's not toxic to humans or pets. >> however, the cities of alameda, oakland, county of alameda, east bay parks have
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issued warning postings that advise against recreating in the water. reporter: the way to prevent future outbreaks is to reduce the amount of nutrients flowing into the bay. if not, the current conditions could lead to even more common and potentially worse algae outbreaks. >> it is conceivable that in other years, a different type of species could take off. with much more harmful consequences. reporter: abc7news. ama: oakland celebrated the 60th anniversary of its sister city bond with fukuoka japan. the mosaic artwork is on display at the lakeside park japanese garden. the city bond was created under a program by president dwight eisenhower in 1962. dan: long tradition. let's turn our attention to the heat in the lightning we had
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today. ama: the rain. lots going on. sandia: it was an active day. not something you expect in the middle of summer but we do get it occasionally. i want to show you a live picture right now from our golden gate bridge camera. you will notice that it's foggy tonight. it is socked in. we have a moist air mass and visibility down to a quarter of a mile. something you need to watch out for is the fog along the coastline. i want to show you what will happen. drizzle tomorrow at 5:00 along with fog. 8:00, parts of the north bay and east bay getting that foggy condition going. for the afternoon, we hang onto it for the coastline. yes, we had showers. four hundredths at may -- mount st. helena. ben loman with six hundredths of an inch. we will take any rain we can get. this is an area of low pressure
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that drew up the monsoon moisture along with high-pressure and that is what brought showers and thunderstorms not just locally but also across parts of the sierra and northern california. right now, pretty quiet weather. a lightning strike in the nevada side. there's a red flag warning going for northern california until tomorrow evening because of the fact that there is still the risk of lightning starting fires. here's a look at the lightning strike wit -- risk. the focus is outside of our area but still a concern this time of year. you can see the fog rolling in over san francisco. it will be a foggy morning. not as muggy tomorrow but still hot inland. we will get a break from the heat on sunday. we got a break today. temperatures in the mid-90's inland. around the coast, you felt the relief. 60's, 70's for most of you. 80's showing up. it has cooled off nicely at the coast. inland areas on the mild to warm
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side. tomorrow morning, fog and drizzle. 50's to 60's for most of you unless you are out toward antioch. low 70's. tomorrow afternoon, some areas will go up a few degrees. we will go mid-90's inland, east bay. low 60's & co. side. fog will linger. inland areas still hot until 8:00 friday. reese -- risk of fetal this is there. stay hydrated and keep cool. morning fog drizzled followed by a hot day inland. heats up more on friday and then saturday is not much change. a break from the heat dropping you down to the 80's for sunday before a bump up next week.
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into a bear proof garbage container. the video shows him holding up cars as it tries to open the trashcan. ama: look at the cubs looking on from the sidelines. the bear manages to get the container open and swipes a bag of trash before running off with the baby bears
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> the giants detailed by one before brandon crawford delivered a walkoff win. they entered the ninth trailing tonight by one. giants on a five game win streak hosting the d backs. reggie crawford in the house. nice swing. carlos wrote on on the hill, dealing 11 strikeouts, only giving up one-run. autumn six. jd davis, just dingers. it checks out. his fourth hummer since joining the giants two weeks ago. same score in the eighth.
1:36 am
21 for jake mccarthy. he delivers. two out to run single to give the diamondbacks the lead. more late inning magic. tying run on base. mike yastrzemski, ground or into the shift. geraldo perdomo runs to the bag and makes a tough throw for the double play. giants snap their five-game winning streak. ladies and gentlemen, elvis has left the building. dedicated to the youth movement, elvis andrus. they punted on the season before he even started when they traded metals and and matt chapman. now it's about getting playing time for those youngsters. a's visiting the rangers. sean murphy went deep yesterday. didn't waste any time. he gets the a's on a board -- on the board with a shot to left. murphy up again with a man on. this time he goes opposite field. second of the game. he has eight homers. that's the most by any opposing player.
1:37 am
shape -- he has his first career homer. he's from texas. his family was there. they went crazy. they try to take the series tomorrow. walnut creek. wnba playoffs against the chicago sky. new york ended the game on a 13-zero run in game one. 22 points. they win98-91. their first playoff victory in seven years. new york could pull a big upset with the win on saturday. the earthquakes introduce their head coach today. he was drafted as a player in 2002. he coached for three years and is currently an assist on the u.s. men's national team. he won't be able to take over until the world cup in ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪ ♪♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪
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