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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 31, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news, the justice department filing a blistering response overnight to former president trump's request for a so-called special master to review documents seized at mar-a-lago. >> the doj claiming trump's team likely concealed and removed classified documents and made false statements. >> we're live in washington with the new allegations and what's next in the investigation. it's being called the worst heat wave of the year, the extreme temperatures ahead and the challenge for schools with no ac. what it's going to cost to cool down the classrooms. frustration growing.
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the water crisis in mississippi, no clean water for more than 150,000 people. the struggle now to find bottled water for everyday needs. urgent action from the u.s. military. why it's grounding an entire fleet of widely used helicopters. one mother's nightmare as her young child is put on the wrong school bus. and later, the new legal battle involving the monkees and the fbi. ♪ hey, hey, we're the monkees, and people say we're monkeying around ♪ good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news, the justice department has responded to former president trump's request for a so-called special master to be appointed in the mar-a-lago document investigation. >> that special master would review the documents seized, but the doj's response urges the judge to reject that request. in their blistering response, doj officials claim trump's advisers may have hidden or
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moved classified documents. the response includes this revealing photo from the fbi. >> so let's get right to abc's justin finch with the details this morning. justin, good morning. >> reporter: andrew, good morning. a sharp response from the justice department filing its response to that request late tuesday, detailing months of back and forth between justice officials and former president trump's team about those classified documents and including picture proof of what they say are some of those highly sensitive materials. >> reporter: this morning, the justice department issuing a scathing rebuke of former president trump's legal team urging a judge to reject a request for a special master to review the seized records. the landmark filing details repeated efforts by the government to obtain those records and includes this image, which justice officials say shows top secret records seen here alongside a box of framed photos. >> this is a blistering rebuke
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by the justice department of former president donald trump's legal team basically dismantling almost every argument that they've put forward. >> reporter: the doj alleging it's discovered efforts to obstruct its investigation into those fbi seized documents saying government records were likely concealed and removed from a mar-a-lago storage room. also noting the fbi found three classified documents outside of boxes and in desks in a room called the 45 office, records doj explains it had been working with trump's team for months to recover, even issuing subpoenas. they say trump's lawyers never made any attempt to assert executive privilege. >> the justice department here is essentially alleging that trump's legal team engaged in obstruction in order to prevent the handover of classified materials. >> reporter: that mar-a-lago probe reverberating on the november midterm campaign trail tuesday. >> it's sickening to see the new attacks on the fbi.
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>> reporter: president biden in pennsylvania condemning, quote, up rhetoric and threats following the fbi's search of trump's home. >> there's no place in this country, no place, for endangering the lives of law enforcement, no place. >> reporter: a florida federal judge is set to hear arguments regarding trump's special maste request on thursday and has indicated preliminary support for granting it. andrew. >> justin, thank you. and to read more of the justice analysis, head to or the abc news app. the other big story this morning is the weather. extreme heat impacting people on both the east and the west coast. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning, dangerous heat tightening its grip on tens of millions of americans. >> excessive heat warnings up for much of california. watches, as well.
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record highs possible, and this is going to last through the holiday weekend. >> reporter: los angeles bracing for its worst heat wave of the year with an excessive heat watch issued this morning, temperatures in parts of the state expected to hit 115 degrees. officials now on alert for brush fires. >> we're just going to keep everybody safe as possible and making sure that any fires we do catch, we catch them small. >> reporter: across the country in philadelphia the hot and humid weather is forcing 100 schools to close early again today as they did yesterday with temperatures hitting the mid-90s. several schools in baltimore doing the same. why? no air-conditioning. some schools bringing in fans. >> it was like hard to stay focused because it's so hot in there. >> reporter: about 60% of schools in the u.s. don't have air-conditioning because they weren't neeed when the buildings were built decades ago and upgrades could cost billions of dollars. >> we're actually talking about going back to the design drawing board and saying, how do we
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retrofit 100-year-old schools to take modern cooling equipment. >> reporter: in southern california the l.a. unified school district says many of its classrooms do have air-conditioning, but with its systems running at full capacity right now, some units are breaking down. andrew, rhiannon. >> andrea, thank you. president biden has approved an emergency declaration for mississippi as residents of the state capital try to find clean water. thousands of people in jackson lined up for hours at distribution sites for bottled water with some supplies running out. the mayor says the city's water treatment plant failed after years of neglect, staffing shortages and recent flooding. >> these are challenges that first and foremost are beyond partisan. these are human rights challenges, and so we've been saying that it's not a matter of if our systems would fail, but when our systems fail, and we've seen it far too frequently. >> he says it may cost billions of dollars to fix the water treatment system. h's vowing to organize more water distribution events in the
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coming days. the u.s. army has temporarily grounded its fleet of 400 chinook helicopters because of engine fires being blamed on fuel leaks. the army says a small number of choppers were affected, but the grounding was ordered out of an abundance of caution while they fix the problem. the navy has foiled a brazen attempt by iran to capture a u.s. drone. it was a four-hour confrontation playing out in the persian gulf. abc's martha raddatz has the video. >> reporter: the iranian military vessel had the american drone in its clutches latching on and towing it through the waters of the arabian gulf. the captured sea drone explorer is an unarmed, unmanned vessel equipped with sensors, radar and cameras to collect data. once the u.s. navy saw iran was trying to steal it, their response was quick. the "uss thunderbolt"
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approaching the iranian ship nearly pulling up alongside it. the standoff lasted hours until the iranians finally disconnected the tow line releasing the drone. >> this is just the latest clash between the two countries amid talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. now to the death of mikhail gorbachev, the final leader of the soviet union. the man who ended the cold war and lifted the iron curtain, but his legacy is a complicated one. this morning, people around the world are remembering mikhail gorbachev, a man who played a complicated and unique role in history. [ speaking non-english ] gorbachev sought more peaceful relations with the west when he was named president of the soviet union in 1985. the birthmark on his head made him instantly recognizable, and he quickly gained star power in america. >> i just dropped by with present for warming of house.
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instead find you grappling. >> brought some of your commie friends to help you fight dirty. >> reporter: then president reagan addressing gorbachev in his famous speech at the berlin wall. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> reporter: gorbachev would later say moscow was not impressed at the former actor's iconic moment. >> translator: not at all. [ speaking non-english ] [ laughter ] >> translator: and i said, you know, we were very well aware that the president had another profession as an actor. >> reporter: gorbachev ended the cold war without bloodshed before resigning in 1991, but he filed to prevent the collapse of the soviet union, which fractured into 15 territories. he ran for president against boris yeltsin in 1996 coming in seventh with less than 1% of the vote. gorbachev later writing in his book, in russia i am still accused of having given away eastern europe. my responses to this is, who did i give it away to?
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poland to the poles, hungary to the hungarians, czechoslovakia to the czechs and slovaks? [ speaking non-english ] it was this pizza hut commercial that perhaps best displayed gorbachev's complicated legacy. [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: during an interview with larry king, gorbachev said this about how he wanted to be remembered. >> translator: history is a precious lady, but i hope that it will judge me fairly. >> gorbachev reportedly died after a long illness. he was 91 years old. time now for a look at your wednesday weather. >> strong storms brought much needed rain to the northeast yesterday. this video is from pennsylvania where wind gusts reached 60 miles per hour. in frederick county, virginia, severe weather forced 25 power poles to come crashing down, and
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repairs could take days. now on the radar those storms have now moved into new england. heavy rain is falling in parts of massachusetts and vermont. checking today's high temperatures, 80s in the northeast, 90s across the south where rain is expected and 108 in phoenix. coming up, alec baldwin has a new job. but first one mother's nightmare as her young child is put on the wrong school bus. the technology that could now prevent these mix-ups in the future. and later, one teacher's struggle to buy supplies for her classroom highlights a growing need and the generosity of st
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we are back now with new details about the hero supermarket worker credited with
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stopping a potential mass shooting in oregon sunday night. police say donald had time to hide from the shooter inside the safeway store in bend, oregon. instead of hiding, the 66-year-old army veteran took the position behind a produce cart, waited for the suspect to look away, and then attacked him with a produce knife. investigators say surratt was the second person killed before the gunman shot himself. as more kids go back to school, a mother from north carolina is sharing her story about a school bus mix-up involving her young son. it was a mistake that could be preventible thanks to new technology. >> reporter: tracy williams said her 6-year-old was mistakenly allowed to get on a bus after his first day of school, even though he was never scheduled to take any bus. she was supposed to pick him up. >> i got to the front of the line. they know me because he went to the school last year. where's avery? immediately, you lost my kid? so no, he's not lost. he should be in the cafeteria. >> reporter: but her son was not
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in the calf tear. i can't the bus driver took him home and he was locked out for hours. she said it took her two hours to find out where avery was. >> the school assured me. because he's 6, he's not allowed to get off the bus. okay. the bus driver originally said, there are no kids on the bus. maybe he fell asleep. the bus driver said no. i dropped that kid off. >> new technology could make mishams like this a thing of the past. the transportation company zoom is teaming up with school districts to allow parents to track their kids using an app that notifies them when the bus is arriving and when the child is boarded. so far, buss in four states are signed up for the tracking. coming up later on good morning manager, more on how the app works. alec baldwin is reportedly landing had it is first acting job since the set of his movie rust. he is now headed to broadway to appear in the revival of the play w holding a prom gun
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when cinematographer hutchins was killed last year. coming up, what we're learning about monkeypox infections among kids. also, a new message of hope from that little league player who nearly lost his life after falling out of a bunk bed. overactive bladder? i've been there. i also used to plan my days around finding a bathroom, in fear of an embarrassing bladder accident. you're not alone, and you don't have to live like this. i don't! i found real relief with axonics therapy, a proven non-drug solution, and i got my life back. go to to get started. ask a bladder specialist if axonics therapy is right for you and to discuss potential risks. results and experiences may vary. your life is waiting! pure leaf says no to settling. yes to more favorites. no to fake. yes to real flavors. no to blah. yes to... ahhhhhhh. no to artificial flavors and sweeteners.
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it was kicked up by a strong weather system moving through this week. health officials are looking into the first death of an american killed by monkeypox but it is not clear if the virus was to blame. officials say the patient was immuno compromised. the cdc is stressing that monkeypox deaths are rare. meanwhile more than 30 children in the u.s. have contracted monkeypox but so far there is no evidence of any transmission in schools. now to the little league player inspiring people all across the country with his grit and determine aation to recover from a devastating injury. >> hi, everyone. this is easton. thank you for all your prayers. >> reporter: this morning, easter oliverson, the little league player critically injured after falling from his bunk bed this month, is back home in utah. he's now speaking out following the accident that nearly took his life. a smile on his face as he thanked his supporters. >> please keep praying for me as i continue to get better.
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i know that prayer, blessings have worked and my heavenly father is blessing me. >> his family has documented the remarkable progress the 12-year-old has made since being flown to a pennsylvania hospital two weeks ago, suffering a skull fracture after falling from the top bunk at a dorm where he was staying for the little league world series. easton had to be placed in a medically indeuced coma. he emerged and finally, started eating on his own last week. he said after surgery, he was able to enjoy some nachos. one of his favorite snacks. in a post on social media, his family saying, there are no adequate words that we can use to describe the gratitude that we have for these two men. the doctors that saved easton's life. while there is a great step forward, it's bitter sweet leaving behind the people that have put their heart and souls into easton's recovery. >> easton, his nickname, by the way, is tank, will now continue
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lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. join the millions already taking ozempic®. ask your health care provider about the ozempic® tri-zone. announcer: you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪ hey, hey, we're the monkees and people say we monkey around ♪ all right, time to check "the pulse," and we begin with a lawsuit from the only surviving member. >> micky dolenz is suing the justice department to obtain secret fbi files of the band. the website shows there are two files on the monkees including one that is completely redacted. >> in the other file an informant claims the group played to live audiences using subliminal messages associated with left wing politics. no comment from the fbi.
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all right, next a florida kindergarten teacher using tiktok to highlight a very important issue. >> yes, this is important. her video helped fill her classroom with much needed supplies. she was in tears after first visiting her classroom, finding it empty. there were only desks, nothing else. she shared this video hoping to raise awareness. instead the video raised cash. >> here's a look at the classroom after she got help from fellow teachers and other strangers. the average teacher spends $500 of their own money each year on supplies. that is a problem. >> yes. next this is really cool. a new image from deep space courtesy of the james webb telescope. >> it shows the phantom galaxy, 32 million light-years away from earth known for its two spiral arms, a cluster of young stars can be seen glowing blue in the heart of the galaxy. and finally the nfl player who knows how to make a return. washington commanders rookie brian robinson was shot in the leg during an attempted carjacking. he is okay. he has returned to the team's headquarters yesterday and he brought oreos with him.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> get ready for the heat. what you need to know about conserving power as temperatures are set to hit triple digits. >> the feds say classified papers at mar-a-lago were likely concealed and removed. rebuke from the departing of justice. >> life expectancy in the u.s. experience is the biggest two-year loss in nearly a century. what is behind it. >> plus the new technology that could make working remotely on a cruiseship a reality. oh goodness. [laughter] good morning everybody. it is wednesday, august 31. liz is in the house with us, and sue. >> good to be with you guys. drew, we are awaiting this heat wave. drew: today begins our warming trend. the heatwave hits us over the holiday weekend. we have some patchy fog in the north bay as the marine layer is
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pretty thin. temperatures, i feel like it has been a while since we have seen morning temperatures in the


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