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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 31, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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what you need to know about conserving power as temperatures are set to hit triple digits. >> the feds say classified papers at mar-a-lago were likely concealed and removed. rebuke from the departing of justice. >> life expectancy in the u.s. experience is the biggest two-year loss in nearly a century. what is behind it. >> plus the new technology that could make working remotely on a cruiseship a reality. oh goodness. [laughter] good morning everybody. it is wednesday, august 31. liz is in the house with us, and sue. >> good to be with you guys. drew, we are awaiting this heat wave. drew: today begins our warming trend. the heatwave hits us over the holiday weekend. we have some patchy fog in the north bay as the marine layer is pretty thin. temperatures, i feel like it has been a while since we have seen morning temperatures in the 40's
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. the jacket is certainly needed in spots. patchy cloud cover out there. here's a live look showing you downtown san francisco and that patchy fog. brighter skies quickly come this morning. today is a warmer afternoon. most inland cities will go into the low 90's if not bid 90's -- not mid-90's later today. the coast is comfortable, but watch what happens liberty weekend. the majority of california will go under and excessive heat warning. that does include a big portion of the bay area. we will talk more about what you can expect for the upcoming holiday weekend in about eight minutes. let's check in with sue with the traffic alert. >> we are starting off this wednesday morning with a special traffic alert. if there is good news, it is in the eastbound or reverse commute direction of highway 80. it is a fatality.
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all lanes continue to be blocked at hilltop. you can also use san pablo avenue if you want to use a backup. san pablo avenue is your alternate, or take the detour. right now, all lanes westbound 80, the reverse commute at hilltop blocked. liz: with that heatwave drew was talking about, californians are being asked to cut back on electricity usage. cal iso is worrying about possible power outages through the weekend. abc 7 news reporter lena howland is more with -- is live with more on what we can expect. lena: good morning. once those temperatures reach the triple digit conditions, you can expect places like this, the water park here in dublin which to be packed with people looking to find some relief from that summer heat. in the meantime, the state is
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asking for everyone's help cutting back on energy usage over concerns of our system being overloaded. the california independent system operator which oversees the operation of our state costs electric power system is warning flex alerts could be issued on september 4 and september 5. monday the fifth, which is labor day, is expected to strain the power grid the most. people are asked to reduce their energy use between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. if things get really bad there is the potential for rolling blackouts. during this heatwave, the iso says they will be using all available resources to meet the heightened man for electricity. that means cutting back on scheduled maintenance between noon to 6:00 to make sure all available generation and transmission lines are answers us -- are in-service. they urged all of us to do our
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part. >> like the a stream weather events we have seen throughout the world -- the extreme weather events we have seen throughout the world this summer, our best chance is to do what we can. lena: they encouraged people to raise your thermostat to 78 degrees, avoiding the use of large appliances, and turning off unnecessary lights. those with electric vehicles are being asked to charge those cars before 4:00 in the evening, when more solar energy is available. lena howland, abc 7 news. kumasi: new developments in the fbi search of former president trump's florida home. the department of justice revealing it found evidence of obstruction in its investigation. justin finch breaks down a new court filing found overnight. justin: the justice department issuing a scathing rebuke of former president trump's legal team, urging a judge to reject a request for a special master to review the seized records.
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the filing details repeated efforts by the government to obtain those records and includes this image which justice officials say shows top secret records seen here, alongside a bark of fraying photos. >> this is a blistering rebuke of former president donald trump's legal team, basically dismantling almost every argument they have put forward. justin: the doj alleging it has discovered efforts to obstruct its investigation into the fbi seized documents, saying government records were likely concealed and removed from a mar-a-lago storage room, also noting the fbi found three classified documents outside boxes and in desks in a room called the 45 office. records doj explains it had been working with trump's team for months to recover, even issuing subpoenas. they say trump's lawyers never made any attempt to assert executive privilege. >> the justice department is
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essentially alleging that trump's legal team engaged in obstruction in order to prevent the handover of classified materials. justin: that mar-a-lago probe reverberating on the november mid pain -- midterm campaign trail. pres. biden: it is sickening to see the new attacks of the fbi. justin: president biden condemning maga republicans for the ramped up rhetoric and threats following the search. pres. biden: there is no place in this country for endangering the lives of law enforcement. they have also proposed defunding the fbi. justin: a florida judges set to hear special arguments regarding the special master request, and preliminary support for granting it. justin finch, abc news, washington. kumasi: investigators are looking for the person who opened fire on a south bay freeway. an off-duty san jose police officers for -- police
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officer's personal vehicle was hit in san jose just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. california highway patrol says the officer heard a pop, pulled over, and that is when he noticed a bullet hole in his front passenger door. sky 7 shows the aftermath as part of the freeway with shut down so officers could look for evidence. some drivers who got stuck in the backup started to create their own detours. >> people were turning around and going up the on-ramp, making u-turns on the free way. soft trucks trying to get ash saw -- saw trucks trying to get up the hillside, who people were kind of losing their minds a little bit. liz: investigators are expected to reveal more information today about the poisoning death of an elderly woman in san mateo. 93-year-old trudy maxwell died after she was served dishwashing liquid on sunday at atria senior
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living. her daughter told abc news the family believes she was given a highly concentrated detergent that is red in color. people believe the chemical was confused with cranberry juice. older abuse lawyers who are not involved in this case spoke about what investigators are likely looking for. >> what were the safety protocols? who was it that was pouring the beverages? where were they supposed to get that beverage from? >> either shortstaffed and or poor training because if there is only one person and they are running around too much, they do things like this. liz: two other residents were also given this toxic chemical. they both got sick and had to be taken to the hospital. kumasi: today crews will begin removing the dead fish from local waterways, including lake merritt. this red tide audi bloom that is killing marine life, and now there is another warning from officials. the east bay regional park district wants you to be aware of blue-green algae. it is toxic and can be harmful to humans and pets.
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a majority of the beaches and parks listed on the park district site have some type of advisory, so if you do go into the water, the park has this advice. >> when you are swimming, try to keep the water out of your mouth. when you come out, rinse off and towel dry. kumasi: experts say the warmer weather expected in the coming days will likely cause the algae blooms to spread. liz: governor newsom's plan to get hundreds of mentally open people off the street has just passed the state assembly. it would require counties to set up a mental health branch in civil court and provide comprehensive community-based treatment for people living with psychoses. it would also force some people into care. a report accuses governor newsom's measure of stripping poor people of their own life choices. the bill now goes back to the senate for another vote. kumasi: today is the deadline for bartenders to undergo extra
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training to better recognize when someone is intoxicated. it comes as new data shows deadly car crashes are at their highest level in 20 years. there are various theories as to why we are seeing an increase in deadly crashes, including drivers getting by on the wheel after having too much to drink. >> i don't think there is one thing we can point our finger to , but we do know that it appears there have been some who have consumed more alcohol than they did previously, so hopefully we can reduce duis by getting the message out. kumasi: this weekend chp is increasing patrols because of the labor day holiday. drew: let's go outside. a live look at the airport as we see a plane taking off. we have partly cloudy skies over the airport. air-quality today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future in that moderate air-quality range as you begin to heat up.
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high-pressure tends to trap pollutants near the surface. hour-by-hour today, our warming trend will get underway. this afternoon we start to see 90's return in our hottest spots inland, but around the bay shoreline, it is a really comfortable day, 60's and 70's for the most part. a lot of sunshine even along the coast. marine layer is thin right now. the atmosphere pulled away from the coast. 60's to low 80's from half moon bay to santa cruz. 69 in the city, 91 in concord, 84 san jose. the three day forecast come our warming trend begins today. it is a hot start to september tomorrow. triple digits make a brief come back on thursday. it is still mild to hot on friday, but then temperatures really take off for the upcoming holiday weekend. here is some brand-new information we just got this morning. an excessive heat watch for the coast and around the bay shoreline for all areas shaded in red. where we are watching for the risk of heat related illnesses,
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where the highest risk is under the success of heat warning, this is for most of the bay area. all areas shaded in pink, that includes most of sonoma, napa, east parts of the south bay, where we will see dangerous days of heat above 100 degrees. we will show you temperatures for the out of the in about eight minutes, but first let's get a look at your traffic. sue: we are looking at early morning commuters out of the central valley for a pretty typical drive, about 45 minutes now. our real problem is eastbound 80 near hilltop in richmond with a fatal accident. all lanes continued to be blocked. they are waiting for the corner to get on scene, and we have no estimated time of reopening. the silver lining here is that it is in the reverse commute election, but you are stuck cap well into san pablo. san pablo avenue is your alternate. there's a detour in place where you are off the freeway and then
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right back on, but try to avoid eastbound 80 near hilltop for the next bit if you can. we will be back with an update in just a few. liz: still to come, when you will have to start paying for your own covid vaccines and boosters. kumasi: how many more doses of monkeypox vaccine is coming to the bay area. liz:
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you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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kumasi: texas has confirmed the first death of a monkeypox patient. doctors are still trying to figure out if the virus caused it. they say the patient was severely immunocompromised. the death comes as the federal government works to make more monkeypox vaccine available. the new manufacturing plant in michigan will double vaccine production capacity, and the white house announced plans to administer shots at large lgbtq events. several of those are in the bay area. >> we will also be allocating vials to festivals in oakland, california, the pride festival this weekend, and pride fest on september 11. this allocation will allow up to
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2400 additional vaccinations. kumasi: the white house is also launching a new pilot program to distribute vaccine doses specifically targeted to individuals facing barriers to access. if you are still looking for a shot, the clinic at zuckerberg san francisco general is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today, and walk-ins are welcome. liz: the government will stop by and covid vaccines and treatments next year, partly because congress has run out of money to pay for them. that means starting in 2023, you will have to pay for the vaccine out-of-pocket through your insurance. government already bought 170 million doses of the newly formulated vaccine and plans to distribute it for free this fall. kumasi: life expectancy in the u.s. continues to drop. according to new government reports, covid has a lot to do with it. to put things in perspective, and 2019, someone born in the u.s. had a life expectancy of nearly 79 years old. in 2020 that dropped to 77 years.
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ask your it fell to about 76 -- last year it fell to about 76. this is also the biggest two year decline in a century. the cbcs says covid-19 deaths where the main reason we saw this decline. the second largest contributor was deaths from accidental injuries, primarily from drug overdoses, which killed a record-breaking 107,000 americans last year. liz: this morning a team of international inspectors are heading to a nuclear power plant caught in the middle of fighting between ukraine and russia. russian forces have been occupying the power plant in southern ukraine since march. it has been damaged in the fighting, and nuclear experts are worried about an accident or radiation leak. it was recently cut off from the electrical grid because of fire damage which caused a blackout in the region. the white house has called for the plans to be shut down to avoid a potential meltdown. kumasi: it appears nasa is giving the artemis launch another shot on saturday. the weather still looks bad for
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friday, so it is hoping it is going to be good enough on saturday for launch. they have to launch by monday it will -- by monday or he will be delayed until next month. it is meant to serve as a test flight ahead of nasa's return to the moon in 2020. liz: what do you guys think? do you think it will take off on saturday? kumasi: florida weather is unpredictable. drew: yeah. kumasi: i don't know. drew: i always love this stuff, though. kumasi: that's what it is. drew: it really is. back here at home we are talking about intense heat headed our way. we will start to feel warmer temperatures today. really heats up for the weekend. some patchy fog out there. a dangerous stretch of hot days this week. the risk of heat illness rises significantly over the holiday weekend. remember when it comes to heat,
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it is a cumulative issue. when you have several days in a row of hot temperatures, it can really where your body down. not necessarily the first day, but the second, third and fourth day, it can really take a toll on your body. increased risk for fire danger with these temps. today you will feel the warmer weather. temperatures above average, but around the bay shoreline it is 60's and 70's for the most part. we will go to the mid-80's and mid 90's away from the coast today. we will all see a fair amount of sunshine as our marine layer is pretty thin. overnight tonight, mid-50's to mid-60's with patchy fog out there. everybody is under some sort of watch or warning. close to the coast we are under an excessive heat watch come over the risk is there for heat illness, but it looks like that onshore flow is going to keep the dangerous heat away for most of us near the ocean. however, a majority of us under this pink shading will see excessive heat, four days of temperatures over 100 degrees. future tracker temperatures, it
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is a wide range starting on saturday. that onshore flow is still with us. as we head towards sunday we will see relatively cooler weather close to the coast, but still hot away from the coast. monday is the hottest day over the holiday weekend. i think the beaches are going to be very popular this weekend as the coast rains cool and that ocean water temperature is warming through the 60's. here's the seven-day forecast. a warmer afternoon today. it is a heart stop -- a hot start to the month. extreme heat inland for the holiday on labor day, and that still continues on tuesday. it is not until the later part of next week that we start to cool off. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. liz: and the new advanced placement course coming to hundreds of schools across the country. kumasi: the technology that could make working remotely while at sea a reality. while at sea a reality. liz: time right now 5:20.
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begin on saturday for the holiday weekend, lasting for four days. kumasi: number two, cal iso appearing for the heat by warning that we should expect possible power outages during this heat wave. the biggest strain on the power grade is expected on monday. liz: number three, today crews are excited to start cleaning up the thousands of dead fish that washed up in bay area waterways over the weekend. the deaths are blamed on a harmful algae bloom. kumasi: number four, a bombshell filing from the justice department late last night. the filing lays out a detailed timeline of events leading up to the search of former president trump's home in florida. it also claims there was a clear effort to obstruct the investigation. liz: number five, former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev hdit n sue:following commute th accident in the eastbound direction of 80 in richmond, right near hilltop. all lanes remain blocked. they are waiting to clear this.
5:24 am
we will be back to update. kumasi: number seven, today marks 25 years since the death of princess diana. both prince william and prince harry plan to honor the anniversary privately with their families. liz: in north carolina mom says her six-year-old son got on a school bus even though he was never supposed to be on the bus at all. janai norman explains in today's "gma" first look. janai: every parent's worst nightmare. you go to pick up kid after the first day of school and you find out your child isn't there. one north carolina mom says that happened to her. >> immediately i am like, why was he put on the bus? i never signed him up to be a bus rider. janai: her son was back home, locked out. she would not find his location for another two hours. >> the principal assured me because he is six, he's not
5:25 am
allowed on the bus. the bus driver said there's no kids on the bus. maybe he fell asleep. the bus driver said i dropped that kid off. janai: coming up at 7:00 a.m., details on where the seven-year-old turned up safely, and the technology some districts are implement him keep this from happening. with your "gma" first look, i'm janai norman, abc news, new york. kumasi: some high school students interested in taking advanced placement courses will have more options this fall. there is a first offering for ap african-american studies. the senior vice president of ap has said the course will introduce a new generation of students to the amazingly rich cultural, artistic, and political contributions of african-americans. the program is expected to be able to all -- to be available to all interested high schools by the 2024-2025 school year. liz: royal caribbean has just
5:26 am
announced internet is coming to their cruise ships. partnership with elon musk's star link network will allow access to high-speed internet for the first time. royal caribbean says the new service is going to be a game changer who want to vacation while working remotely. they plan to have the new service operational by the end of the year. i didn't even know that wi-fi wasn't available on a cruise. kumasi: i also haven't and on a cruise, which is fine with me. drew, did you know this? i just thought, why wouldn't there be wi-fi? there is wi-fi everywhere. drew: if you fly internationally, you know how the wi-fi doesn't work? but if you fly over the states, wi-fi does work. so maybe international waters. liz: the more we know. coming up, the new poll showing a surprising front runner for the democrat nomination if president biden does not run again. kumasi: in the stanford grad making history for nasa. how she's is about to reroute the record books. liz: and another live look
5:27 am
outside. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: what you need to know as triple digit temperatures are rolling into the bay area. kumasi: license plate thefts on the rise in the bay area. the shocking way the plates are being used. liz: the local astronaut making history. what record she will break when she goes to space.
5:30 am
good morning everybody. it is wednesday, august 31. thanks for joining us. it is going to get really hot really soon. kumasi: how hot are we talking? triple digits for a lot of people. drew: i think the beaches saturday, sunday, and monday are going to be packed. the coastline stays relatively comparable. right now, visibility, a couple of issues right now. nevada has improved. the last half-hour we were down to a mile. now we are up to nine miles. some patchy fog and chilly temperatures. it is 48 currently in half moon bay, 59 in oakland, 62 in san jose, napa at 53 degrees. here's the exploratorium camera. we have a thin layer of fog out there. plenty of stars up above that fog. today looks like this. bright skies he fast this morning. the big headline today, today is a warmer afternoon, low admin 90's -- low and mid 90's. labor day weekend, much of
5:31 am
california will go under and excessive heat warning. that does include a big version of the bay area for excessively hot temperatures for several days. we will detail those hot temperatures in about eight minutes. let's say hi to sue for the traffic alerts this morning. sue: we are starting off our wednesday morning with an alert, eastbound 80 near hilltop. all lanes remain blocked. we have video from earlier this morning. the first call came in at about 2:45 this morning. a couple of lanes were blocked, barely three cars involved. it quickly turned into a fatality and all lanes blocked. this is eastbound, or the reverse commute. coming up on the 5:30 our, we are seeing slow traffic in the westbound area for richmond. all lanes remain blocked eastbound. there is a detour in place, or you can use san pablo avenue. kumasi: thank you. we could see some very hot temperatures this week, and as a
5:32 am
result you are being asked to cut down on how much electricity you are using. there could also be potential power outages throughout labor day weekend. lena howland is live in dublin with more on this. lena: good morning. it is places like the wave waterpark here in dublin, expected to fill up once conditions hit triple digits. at that hot weather is why kauai so is asking everyone to cut back on their usage right now. take a look at this. the california independent system operator, which oversees the operation of our state's electric power system, is warning flex alerts could be issued september 4 and september 5. monday the fifth, labor day, is expected to strain the state power grid the most. during a flex alert, people are asked to reduce their energy usage between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m.
5:33 am
if things get really bad, there is the potential for rolling blackouts. during this heat wave, they have instructed utilities on the grade they managed to refrain from any scheduled maintenance between noon to 6:00, starting today through tuesday of next week, to make sure all available generation and transmission lines are in-service. the ceo of kauai so released a video statement ahead of the heatwave. -- of kauai so released -- of cal iso released a video state and ahead of the heatwave. >> intense weather events like these call for all of us to do our part. lena: to conserve energy at your home, people are asked to raise your thermostat to 78 degrees, avoid the use of large appliances, and turn off unnecessary lights. those with electric vehicles are being asked to charge your cars before 4:00 in the evening when more solar energy is available.
5:34 am
live in dublin, lena howland, abc 7 news. kumasi: it is not just the west coast set to experience some hot weather. andrea fujii shows us the heat on both coasts. andrea: eat and its grip on millions of americans. >> excessive heat warning for much of california, record highs possible, and this will last through the hotter weekend. -- the halliday weekend -- the holiday weekend. andrea: parts of the state expected to reach 115 degrees. officials now alert for brush fires. >> we are just going to keep everybody safe as possible and making sure that any fires we catch, we catch them small. andrea: the hot and humid weather forcing 100 schools to close early today, as they did yesterday, with temperatures hitting the mid 90's. several schools in baltimore doing the same. no air-conditioning. some schools bringing in fans.
5:35 am
>> it was hard to stay focused because it is so hot. andrea: about 60% of schools in the u.s. don't have air conditioning because they weren't needed when the building's were built decades ago, and upgrades could cost billions of dollars. >> we are talking about going back to the design drawing board and saying how do we retrofit 100-year-old schools to take modern cooling equipment. andrea: in southern california, the l.a. unified school district says many of its classrooms do have air conditioning, but because their systems are running at full capacity right now, some units are breaking down. andrea fujii, abc news, new york. liz: the ongoing drought and extended heat are pumped another reminder for all of us to save water. state and local officials gathered inshor couedob bay area residents are doing.
5:36 am
the top natural resource officials says local water agencies also deserve credit for their cutting-edge practices. >> that is doubling down on water recycling, going deeper on conservation and efficiency, capturing stormwater when we do experience those storms, expanding regional reservoirs. liz: officials also sent out a reminder about existing water saving programs like free low-flow shower heads, free faucet aerators, and rebates to homeowners and businesses that replace lawns, add drought resistant landscaping, and more efficient air gauge and systems. kumasi: one bay area school district asking the community for help to keep teachers local by giving them a place to live. officials from the milpitas school district say it is not only teachers struggling to stay, but all school staff. the district's and an emailed to parents asking for help from anyone with a room for rent who would be willing to take in
5:37 am
educators. affordability is a challenge for the district because housing prices and rentals are very competitive. >> tech companies like google, tesla, facebook, all of these high-paying jobs, so it is really hard for the average, ordinary person. kumasi: airbnb says nationwide, a growing number enough to own y are going the rental route to supplement their income. a new report finds nearly 20% of all u.s. airbnb hosts identify as an educator or living with one. california has more than any other state. liz: there's another twist to the rash of car break-ins in the bay area. it is not just what is inside a vehicle that can be a target, but it turns out the license plates can be as well. surveillance video shows icar burglary in process in san francisco. the car the thieves used had plates that matched ones that have been stolen from a car in san jose. break-ins are not the only crime
5:38 am
where stolen plates might be lose test might be used. a real estate agent had hers swiped during the height of the pandemic. >> the people who took my plates -- [indiscernible] but thousands of dollars in total. liz: there is something you can do to try to protect your plates. tamperproof screws need to be installed with a special tool. a quick check online and we found they range in price between $10 and $20. kumasi: state lawmakers advanced a bill that would allow california to become a section where he state for trans children and their families. the bill provide legal protection to parents from other states who risk having their trans children taken away or being prosecuted for supporting their child's access to gender affirming care. bay area state senator scott wiener sponsored this bill. he said california has to protect trans youth at all costs.
5:39 am
bill will go to the full senate for a vote before governor newsom can sign it. liz: a new poll finds vice-president kamala harris is the top pick for president in 2024 if president biden does not run. 21% of respondents said they prefer the vice president, a seven point lead over the second choice, transportation secretary pete buttigieg. governor newsom 6% of the vote, on par with senator elizabeth warren and congresswoman alexandria alexandria ocasio-cortez. some has said he will not run for president if biden does run, or if he doesn't. 56% of people polled said they don't want the president to run again. kumasi: in the coming weeks, the first native american woman astronaut is set to sail out to space. nicole mann will be serving as commander on nasa's upcoming mission. in number of the round valley
5:40 am
indian tribes was born in california and graduated from stanford. her team's mission is to conduct experiment's that can benefit life on earth while also exporting the possibilities of human space travel. congratulations. still to come, what former raiders coach jon gruden said in his first public appearance since he resigned over racist email scandal. liz: renumbering princess diana. -- remembering princess diana. how her legacy still stands 25 years after her death. drew, that heatwave is coming. drew: the warming trend will just accelerate over the next several days. a live look from our south beach camera, folks coming in and out of the city, moderate air quality today and tomorrow and for the next seven days as this heatwave takes hold. today, hour-by-hour we go, climbing through the 60's. by 10:00 a.m. and into the afternoon, we start to see 90's make a return in many of our inland cities. low and mid 90's, in fact. close to the bay shoreline, still under that marine influence. we will see patchy fog make a comeback later on tonight.
5:41 am
today we have a lot of sunshine, even along the coast. 91 in concord, 87 in santa rosa, near 70 in the cedi -- in the city. the hotspots, mid and upper 90's. the warming trend accelerates tomorrow. it is a hot start to the month of september. triple digits make a comeback inland. we will see low 80's around the shoreline. still mild to hot on friday, but than those temperatures really take off for the holiday weekend. an excessive heat watch will begin for the coast and around the immediate bay shoreline. here we have the risk of heat-related illnesses, but i do think our marine layer will help keep us cooler than many spots away from the coast. away from the coast we have an excessive heat warning for the highest risk of heat illness because we are tracking several days of temperatures well above 100 degrees starting on saturday. we will take a closer look at how hot it gets, especially in these areas and pink, coming up in about eight minutes. let's check in with sue and see how the traffic alert is doing. sue: we still have a couple of
5:42 am
problem spots for your early wednesday morning. first, this fatality happened about 2:45 this morning on eastbound 80, right near hilltop. there's a full road closure eastbound at hilltop. they are diverting traffic off and then back on the freeway, or you can take san pablo avenue. take a look westbound, slowing towards san pablo. that is your commute direction, expect delays. as we head towards hayward side of the san mateo bridge, southbound 880 just before highway 92, we have the two left lanes blocked. a lot of slow traffic already stacking up towards the oakland area. this is southbound 880 before the highway 92 junction. we will keep an eye on all of this and more when we come back this and more when we come back with i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again...
5:43 am
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kumasi: today marks 25 years since the death of princess diana. diana and her boyfriend lost their lives in a car crash in paris as they tried to get away from paparazzi. today, her legacy is living on throughout the royal family. she dedicated her time too many causes, including aids, to messick violence, and mental health. her funeral was one of the most-watched events in tv history. her death inspired the royal family itself to be more informal and approachable, most notably her children harry and william. princess diana was just 36. she would have been 61 years old. liz: mikhail gorbachev, the soviet premier who helped bring down the iron curtain, has died after a lengthy illness. gorbachev took power in 1985, and acting political perform that led to the end of the cold war. he won the nobel peace prize in 1990. his grip on power quickly faded, leading to his resignation on
5:46 am
christmas ter. legy was were nud s f world. he was an unusual human being. when he put together the program that allowed the soviet union to do what it did and create an opportunity for world peace to be the beneficiary, it was incredible. liz: here is abc's rhiannon aly with the latest on his legacy. rhiannon: people around the world are remembering mikhail gorbachev, a man who played a complicated and unique role in history. gorbachev sought a more peaceful relations with the west when he was named president of the soviet union in 1985. the birthmark on his head made him instantly recognizable, and
5:47 am
he quickly gained star power in america. >> you brought some of your commie friends to help you fight dirty, eh? rhiannon: president reagan addressing gorbachev. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. rhiannon: leaders say moscow was not impressed at the former actor's iconic moment. >> not at all. [laughter] [speaking russian] >> and i said, you know, we were very well aware that the president had another profession as an actor. rhiannon: gorbachev ended the cold war without bloodshed before resigning in 1991, but he failed to prevent the collapse of the soviet union, which fractured into 15 territories. he ran for president against boris yeltsin in 1996, coming in
5:48 am
seventh with less than 1% of the vote. gorbachev later writing in his book, "inrush i am still accused of having given away eastern europe. my response to this is who did i give it away to? poland to the poles? hungary to the hungarians? czechoslovakia to the cze chs and slavic? it was this pizza commercial that perhaps best displayed his legacy. during an interview with larry king, gorbachev said this about how he wanted to be remembered. >> history is a capricious lady, but i hope that it will judge me fairly. rhiannon: gorbachev reportedly died after a long illness. he was 91 years old. rhiannon ally, abc news, new york. kumasi: former raiders coach jon
5:49 am
gruden has made his first appearance since the racist email scandal that cost him his job. speaking to the little rock touchdown club, gruden asked for for forgiveness. >> i'm a good person. i believe that. i go to church. i've been married for 31 years. i still love football. i made some mistakes, but i don't think anybody in here hasn't. i just ask for forgiveness, and hopefully i given up -- i get another shot. [cheers and applause] kumasi: gruden's emails which contained, racist and anti-gay language, came to light last year. he eventually resigned and then sued the nfl. those emails were written before gruden returned to the raiders, when he was an employee at espn. espn is part of the same family company as abc 7. liz: happening today, serena williams returns to the court at the u.s. open as her farewell tour continues. she's up against the second ranked tennis player on the women's side. the match is scheduled to start
5:50 am
around 4:00 our time. if serena loses, it is likely to be her final match. serena is also set to play doubles with her sister venus. dave -- they have won 14 grand slam titles as a doubles pair. drew: that is exciting. liz: i know. i know that monday was a really exciting game, and obviously she crushed it, and then here she is again. most likely she will be playing more games. that is my production. drew: it was so exciting, reggie watched it. so you know that was good. [laughter] outside right now, we have that patchy fog over the city skyline. a marine layer -- our marine layer will be with us. it will help keep the coast relatively cool. nonetheless, a dangerous stretch of hot days starting on saturday. it raises the risk of heat illness is significantly, especially for a lot of us away from the coast. it brings increased fire danger and likely looking at records. today, no record heat, but
5:51 am
starting to warm up compared to yesterday. low to mid 90's away from the coast, 79 in palo alto, 69 in the city, half moon bay coming in at six to five. patchy fog tonight, mid 50's to mid 60's. let's talk about the dangers coming our way for the holiday weekend. close to the shoreline on the ocean, we have an excessive heat watch that includes san francisco, oakland, hayward, half moon bay, where we had the risk of heat illness. i think that onshore flow keeps us on the cooler side, relatively speaking. where we have that pink colored, that is an excessive heat warning. santa rosa, napa, sonoma, several days where highs are well above 100 degrees. future trigger temperatures starting out saturday, we are heating up, but keep watching that shoreline with the onshore flow, keeping the city, oakland, parts of the east bay shoreline in the 70's and 80's. but we are hot away from the coast. monday is the hottest day we
5:52 am
have over the holiday weekend. i think our beaches we very popular over the holiday weekend since that onshore flow keeps us on the cool side, relatively speaking. a hot start to september tomorrow, but dangerous heat starts on saturday. records likely sunday into monday. we are still hot on tuesday. liz: more control on twitter. the new feature giving you more control over who can see your content. kumasi: the next fast food chain entering the chicken sandwich wars. liz: then the barbie honoring a
5:53 am
5:54 am
liz: now to the fried chicken sandwich wars. wing stop is launching its own version. it is technically adding 12 sandwiches to its menu because you can get the chicken fillet tossed into any one of the
5:55 am
chain's signature wing sauces. it comes on two toasted buns with pickles. wing stop really wants people to try their version. it launched a promotion called the chicken sandwich split,, sing free sandwiches to the first 100,000 people who write breakup letters to popeye's, burger king, and other chains. apparently the giveaway work. wing stop says it is already out of free sandwiches. there you go. kumasi: barbie is honoring madam cj walker with her own barbie doll in its inspiring women caution. walker was the first black woman to become a self-made millionaire. walker often gave back to the community, training future beauticians and donated to those less fortunate. the designer for the doll collaborated with walker's descendants to capture her likeness. they say they could not wait to add walker to their list of
5:56 am
inspiring and courageous women. i want this. how cool. liz: those puff sleeves. kumasi: this is the outfit, the hair, and the product in her hand. i love it. drew: she's giving boss lady energy. don't mess with me. i made millions. you are not. [laughter] i love this. very cool. let's go outside. a beautiful picture here. it is a live look from our east bay hills camera. a bit of a sunrise color just starting to hint at our eastern horizon. some patchy fog down below, but today a warming trend will get underway. we are slowly climbing through the 60's by 10:00 a.m.. later that afternoon we begin to see 90's make a return in our hottest cities inland. close to the coast we are in the 60's. all in all today, no excessive heat, but you will start to feel warmer temperatures begin to move in. 60's and 70's from the city to oakland.
5:57 am
84 for san jose. mid 80's for santa rosa, napa. the labor day holiday weekend, dangerous heat. excessive heat warning for most of california. kumasi: new at 6:00, delayed decision in the south bay. millions of dollars from the san francisco 49ers hang in the balance in santa clara. liz: plus, the departing of justice issues a blistering response to donald trump's legal team. the top-secret documents held in an unsecured location and the evidence of obstruction investigators say they uncovered. kumasi: plus, dangerous heat headed for the bay area this labor day weekend. officials warning we need to prepare to conserve to
5:58 am
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>> building a better bay area moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> now at 6:00, the justice department is filing a stunning response to president trump's legal team. the evidence of top-secret documents, unsecured and the resort, and the accusations of obstruction. >> dangerous heat, and threat to the power grid and a warning for all of us on labor day. >> are the live look outside. the sun is coming out. we are tracking temperatures where you live. we will talk about where it is hottest, and where you might find some relief. >> it is coming. it is wednesday. good to be with you.


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