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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 6, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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right now, mookie betts on jimmy kimmel. have a good night. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david spade, l.a. dodger mookie betts, and music from flo. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, thank you. hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming and thank you for joining us here in sunny los angeles, california, which by the way is the seventh most
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profane city in the united states, according to an app called "preply." they polled people in various u.s. cities to find out how often they use curse words. l.a. was number seven with an average curse count of 21 per day. guillermo, you want to guess which city was number one? >> guillermo: chicago. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that is not correct, not chicago. >> guillermo: uh -- new york? >> jimmy: no, not new york. columbus, ohio, was number one. [ moans and applause ] i know. according to the survey, the average columbus resident swears 36 times a day. it's like a quentin tarantino movie over there. [ laughter ] here's the list. columbus number one. las vegas number two, which makes sense because my aunt chippy lives there. [ laughter ] it was a phone survey. i'm guessing a lot of the cursing happened when the pollsters called during dinner to ask them, how often do you swear? new york wasn't even in the top ten. >> guillermo: wow. >> jimmy: in fact, new york was tied for fourth amongst cities that curls the least.
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i don't know about that. we just spent a week in new york. i'm pretty sure i heard a pigeon call me a son of a bitch. [ laughter ] new york was tied with el paso and chicago. and the city that curses the least is phoenix. that's because the f-word there starts with a "p-h." [ laughter ] hey, here's some good news. grampotus joe-tus made a big announcement. biden fulfilled a campaign promise and pardoned all prior federal offenses for marijuana possession. [ cheers and applause ] this will affect more than 6,000 americans. their criminal records will be cleared. he also encouraged governors to do the same on the state level. he promised that his administration will review whether marijuana should still be classified as a schedule 1 drug and gave the presidential medal of freedom to a bag of funyuns. [ laughter ] so, progress. the move stops short of full decriminalization, which will probably have to wait until we have a president woodrow harrelson. [ laughter ]
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but it is the most cannabis-friendly decision by a u.s. president yet. and i, for one, am just glad willie nelson is alive to see this happen. [ cheers and applause ] meanwhile, donald trump is still yelling about the fbi. we got a sneak peek at some of the documents they repossessed from mar-a-lago. a judge ordered that the detailed lists of what the fbi confiscated remain sealed, but on tuesday, some of them were accidentally released online in a public court docket. "accidentally released" you should know is also how trump told eric and don jr. they were conceived. [ laughter ] but in this case, how the documents got out is confusing. so i wanted to put it in terms we can all understand. the court thought they were posting to their close friends instagram story. but they actually posted on main. that's what happened. [ laughter ] as a result, we learned that the fbi took legal bills, financial documents, a medical letter, and a note that said, "message from rudy."
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now, we don't know what the message from rudy was. but let's guess. i guess the note said, "need anything from the dildo store?" [ laughter ] by the way, don't think i didn't notice all those t-shirts over there. [ cheers and applause ] meanwhile, this is the kind of day herschel walker is having. >> -- all others of your children. >> no. >> why not? >> why do i need to? >> because according to the article, one -- the woman who seth you paid her to have an abortion is also the mother of one of your children. it seems like that's an easy way to -- >> according to the article, i have more kids. because i said no, and that's what i mean when i say no, i said, it's not correct, it's a lie. that's what i mean, that's a lie. >> jimmy: what? [ laughter ] i might need to get a transcript of that to figure out --
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herschel walker, if you don't know, is the pro-life former football star running for senate in georgia. earlier this week "the daily beast" reported he paid for an abortion in 2009. herschel denied it and claimed he didn't know who the woman who said he paid for an abortion was. turns out, she and herschel have a child together. which, in fairness to herschel, he's got a lot of mothers with a lot of children. [ laughter ] he's supposed to remember all of them? at this point, herschel walker has misrepresented so much of his life, they should give him the "liesman trophy." little guy in a helmet with a long nose. [ laughter and applause ] so now republicans are scrambling to figure out how to handle this. do they continue to back him for senate, or do they ask him to drop out so he can run for president in two years? down in florida, they're dealing with the mess, the aftermath of hurricane ian. remember a few weeks ago when the governor of florida, ron desantis, pulled that stunt where he shipped a bunch of immigrants to martha's vineyard? well, guess who's coming to help florida recover from the
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hurricane? that's right, a group of immigrants. [ laughter ] [ applause ] there's a large group of workers, many of them undocumented immigrants, who help with emergency cleanup and a large number of them are headed to florida to help out there. unbelievable. ron desantis bringing in immigrant workers to do hurricane cleanup is like will smith asking chris rock to play his birthday party. [ laughter ] [ applause ] but that won't make a blip in the conservative media. what they're focused on this week, is this. >> hey, scooby, velma is gay? >> velma is now a lez beelesbia offensive. that's what they're pumping into your kids. >> this is -- it's got us, whoa. >> jimmy: when trump was president, velma was as straight as an american flagpole. [ laughter ] now, velma is gay. and it's gonna be okay. we have nothing to fear. and i've asked one of our writers, louis virtel, to
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explain why we have nothing to fear and "virtel it like it is." louis? [ cheers and applause ] >> so as you heard in the new animated scooby-doo movie, velma, who specialized in sending disgruntled carnival workers to prison, is officially a lesbian. [ cheers ] it's rare to see a lesbian with a dog she isn't grooming. [ laughter ] but velma's sexuality isn't as rare as you'd think. in fact, lots of classic cartoon characters are gay, they just weren't allowed to talk about it. exhibit "a," peppermint patty. [ laughter and cheers ] obvious from the get-go. rugged, birkenstocks, hostile about baseball. [ laughter ] with a nickname that sounds like
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a christmas-themed drag queen. next up, snagglepuss. i couldn't believe the effeminate cat dressed like a chippendale was gay either. [ laughter ] what about ned? [ laughter and applause ] ned flanders is what grinder in the suburbs looks like. [ laughter and applause ] also gay, he-man. he-man was transgressive because he's a gay body builder but keeping his christina ricci haircut no matter what. [ laughter ] there are so many. aquaman. the human torch. rafael the ninja turtle. captain planet. if there's one thing about gay men, it's that they cannot shut up about the environmental nonprofit they work for. [ laughter ] i can see how the mullet would confuse you, though. rosie, the maid from "the jetsons," is we're.
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in the full, all robots are, by law. because they were all made in the image of the first gay robot, tim gunn. [ laugh the are and applause ] who else? the tootsie pop owl. dora the explorer, of course. [ laughter and applause ] butch girl who's much too excited about her anthropology degree, i've seen it a thousand times. curious george, bi. [ laughter and applause ] franken berry? pervert. [ laughter ] and finally, the captain, captain hook. [ cheers and applause ] this man has been at sea, chasing peter pan, for 70 years. [ laughter ] because it's the only place anyone wears bloomers anymore. [ laughter ] the point is, everyone needs to calm down.
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scooby-doo isn't turning your kids gay. "paw patrol" is. [ laughter ] i mean, take a look. a cop, a construction worker, bikers. [ laughter ] it's the village people for preschoolers. [ cheers and applause ] but anyway, congrats to velma. may she one day fall in love with valerie from josie and the pussycats. living happily ever after selling organic cruelty-free scooby snacks in the greater portland area. if there's anything the gang at fox news should be concerned about, it should be whatever the hell is going on between these two. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, louis. louis virtel, everyone. and one more thing. we took our show on the road to brooklyn last week, and while we were there, jimmy fallon and i did a commercial for a local sandwich shop in sheepshead bay. it's called jimmy's famous
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heros. we wanted to give a fellow jimmy a boost, so we showed up with a script for the commercial. what we didn't anticipate was how difficult it would be to get the gang at jimmy's to read that script aloud. >> take zero, and action! >> jimmy's heroes! i got famous. >> i got famous. >> jimmy here makes hot heros, cold heros -- >> oh my -- sorry, jimmy, you're fired. >> isn't it great to be amongst so many jimmys? >> i didn't know you were two different people. >> i didn't know you were two -- >> well, i'll probably do it to him. >> okay, now, this is what i call a jimmy hsandwich. >> he invented a new word.
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that's why you went with heros, you didn't know how to pronounce "sandwich." >> this is what i call a jimmy's hero. jimmy sandwich. >> when you make a sandwich, you [ bleep ] that up too? >> isn't it great to be among so many jimmys? okay, now this is what i call a jimmy sandwich. my brain is like, whoo! >> right to the end, yeah. >> now i know why you never made a commercial before. ♪ >> hot ham with provolone, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, on a roll. >> what was that? >> you got a problem with that? >> oh. >> i hope they serve jimmy's at
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my funeral one day. >> ha ha ha! ha ha ha! >> [ bleep ]. sorry. >> super saga. >> did i get it wrong? >> [ bleep ]. >> oh [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> and your name is jimmy, you eat free. >> that's not true. >> we do. >> that's not true, please tell me that's not true. >> do you see the first line? "that's not true either, please tell them that's not true." >> laughing all over again. >> if your name is jimmy, you eat free. >> that's not true either. please tell me that's not true. that's not true either. please tell them, that's not true. >> it's getting worse. [ laughter ] >> one more time.
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>> please tell them that's -- >> don't smile. >> smile. >> tell them that's not true are you're going to ruin my business. >> if your name is jimmy, the food is free. >> that's not true either. please tell them that's not true. please. we can't afford that. >> you can't afford -- >> you can afford it! >> please, they can't afford it. >> [ bleep ]. >> you can't afford it? we can't afford it! >> what am i supposed to say? >> you can't afford to give out free sandwiches. >> [ bleep ] you, jersey knights! >> you got a problem with that, see jimmy. >> ha ha ha! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. thanks to everybody at jimmy's and jimmy fallon. by the way, columbus, ohio, i
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demand a recount. [ laughter ] we have a fun show for you tonight. from the dodgers, mookie betts is here. [ cheers and applause ] we've got music from flo. and we'll be right back with david spade. stick around!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: tonight, he is the all-star right fielder for the major league leading los angeles dodgers, mookie betts is here. [ cheers and applause ] then later, from london, apple music's up next artist, their ep is called "the lead," flo from the mercedes eq stage. [ cheers and applause ] next week, we've got new shows.
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what a list of guests. george clooney, julia roberts, jamie lee curtis, jessica chastain, maren morris, and earvin magic johnson, with music from wet leg, omar apollo, and midland with jon pardi. so please join us for all that. [ cheers and applause ] our bandleader cleto and his dad, also cleto, have been out the last few days with covid. they're fine, but we asked some of their friends to fill in. sitting in with the band tonight, one of the great guitar players, songwriters, one of the great performers of all-time, one of the founding members of toto, steve lukather is with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> how you doing? >> jimmy: steve, does anybody call you lukather skywalkather? [ laughter ] >> yeah, i do. >> jimmy: even that one? our first guest is one of the funniest of the funny guys. you can listen to him with his
11:56 pm
buddy, dana carvey, talking snl every wednesday on their "fly on the wall" podcast. and he is also co-hosting the environmental media association awards on saturday here in l.a. please welcome, david spade. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how's it going? >> yeah! >> jimmy: good to see you, hey, man! >> jimmy: are you getting younger? >> eh! >> jimmy: what's happening to you? >> i look all right, right? >> jimmy: you should have a backpack on and be headed to school. >> someone thought i was chris evans in my dreams. >> jimmy: chris evans. i like the beard. >> appreciate it, man. i'm just rolling in from el pollo loco. [ laughter ] i heard you were in blocrooklyn
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: we were in brooklyn. >> believe me, i know. can't wait to come back. on the plane like this. staring out the window. mr. kimmel, peanuts? oh, uh, no, sorry, i'm just bummed about something. [ laughter ] who's on the show this week? spade. ah, sometimes it's work. [ laughter and applause ] what's that, mr. kimmel? you're still here? >> jimmy: that's not trailer false. >> i know. i heard you had a big floofy dinner with your draw lala friends. guillermo thinks he's still in brooklyn. >> jimmy: you said hello to guillermo on the way in, that was nice. >> i owed him a couple of bucks. >> jimmy: last time you were here, dana carvey was gil filling in. >> he did great, he was fun, man. >> jimmy: he was great. he is your cohost on this pod podcast, which is very entertaining to listen to and a
11:58 pm
great idea. >> you know, you said that before, gals very nice because you were an early proponent of it before it started. it's been going good. we've done a lot of them. we got cast. we, you know, have some -- hosts. we just got into musical guests. we have our first one next wednesday, paul mccartney. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i've heard of him. >> yeah. paul mccartney was in the beatles, then he was in wings. and i don't want to give the whole thing away -- [ laughter ] it's stuff like that. we did. >> jimmy: you dig? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: who was more excited about paul, you or dana? it had to be dana, right? >> dana's a psycho about the baelktss. but i have to be -- to be honest, i know a lot about the beatles and i love them. and he's so legendary, such a constitute dude. but i was very starstruck. you know, i've been doing this a while and i don't get starstruck all the time. like, this is nothing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right, right. >> i mean, no -- it's like, you're at kmart, i don't know.
11:59 pm
you're just some guy. hey, do you work here? but with him -- it's not like your dua lipa or something, you know. [ laughter ] by the way, i'm joking. believe me, i only know who dua lipa is because i have posters of her on my wall. [ laughter ] i should look into who she is, i hate posters. paul, i'd seen him out and about. >> jimmy: you see him around? >> uh -- el pollo loco. >> jimmy: he's a vegetarian. >> no, yeah, i see him at things. he's always friendly. i don't know if he for sure knows me. i want to go, "i'm dana's yoko." i don't know what to say about him. he came on, he's so pleasant, very light, a fungi. but i don't know how far i can do my crummy jokes to him. and that's a hard part. dana and i are both so nervous, talking about it before, he's super cool. we got into a lot of stuff about the beatles, john lennon, that "let it be" thing that came out. overall -- that "let it be"
12:00 am
documentary. >> jimmy: right, which is fantastic, yeah. >> riveting. so it was great to hear him just talk about that stuff. i'm like, "oh, would you spell the beatles right if you had spell check back then?" [ laughter ] i mean, my questions aren't good. i think he just -- after a while he tuned me out. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that's all right, yeah. >> jimmy: as long as you had some time with him. how many times was he on "saturday night live"? >> pauchl are paul, he was there once when i was there. everyone always wants him to sing in the break. he came out in the end and sang "let it be." after it was over he sang it again. it's really fun. lorne is our boss -- >> jimmy: lorne michaels is also on. >> lorne's on this week. >> jimmy: i listened, it was very interesting, i thought. >> lorne is great, it's very nerve-racking. it was just like dana and i were back. he came to my house to do it. >> jimmy: wow. >> and it's just -- weird. definitely. >> jimmy: do you feel like -- because i ask you this, because i feel like this. there are certain people who are your boss along the way and you
12:01 am
never get over that feeling. >> yeah. he came in, it was like being at read-through again. he walks in, he goes, "oh, you didn't get this house with "snl" money." [ laughter ] they didn't pay any money. >> jimmy: do you feel like you could ask him questions because you're on a podcast that you wouldn't have asked him if you were at dinner or something? >> we have gone to dinner, he's a very fungi, he has a very dry sense of humor. i wanted, again, to be respectful. guys like him, he's launched eddie murphy, everyone from the beginning, you know? i asked him a few things that i want to know. when it's so broad like that, you're jumping around. things like, "did bill murray punch chevy chase in "did chef very chase punch bill murray?" that was it. bill murray replaced chevy, there was a fight. i got him to squeal about that. >> jimmy: have you asked chevy about that? >> no, chevy came on -- he was a little -- he is fun. because he's crazy in a good way. and he has that old-school sense
12:02 am
of humor where it's hard to get a full answer out of him. >> jimmy: i see. >> dana and i, we gave up in the middle. [ laughter ] what's funny, he'd go like this. "you guys are great. you don't have to talk anymore." i go, "oh, okay." [ laughter ] he came to the house too. but he was good because he was old-school funny, and it was just like three guys in a room with no one listening. unfortunately, people will be listening. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> i said -- i don't know if i'd say that. he does say a lot of fun stuff. he was one of my favorites, especially first year of "snl." >> jimmy: sure, no question about it. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you told a great story when lorne was on. >> yeah. >> jimmy: about chris farley had been dating a girl, then they broke up. >> oh, right, yeah. >> jimmy: you remember that one? >> farley, he was dating one of the girls that worked there, she was very sweet, then they broke up. he comes back, she has a new boyfriend and we know it. he comes back from break in wisconsin. he's like, so i hear erin's got
12:03 am
a new fella. co courtner, huh? well, let me tell you something. he may be better-looking, but he's not richer, he's not funnier, and he's not more famous." we're like, "it's steve martin." [ laughter ] all three, strike three. we were all just like this. he's like, "what?" i'm like, "oh, boy." >> jimmy: david spade is with us. his podcast is called "fly on the wall." we'll be right back! i want to keep it real and talk about some risks. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here... ...may put you in one of those... ...or even worse. too much? that's the point. get real about your risks and do something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. learn more at
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: we are back with david spade. david, do you feel like you're more popular now than you have ever been in your career? >> funny. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i wasn't joking, i don't know. i feel that people have really gained an appreciation for you. >> that's nice. i think it just sinks in over time. different movies are on tbs 24 hours a day. [ laughter ] then the podcast. then, like, you know. stand-up specials. so yeah, i would say at this point -- i'm on a stand-up tour now, the first time i've done a theater tour, it's really fun. >> jimmy: we have a photograph of one of your shows. this is in orlando, i believe. >> oh, right, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] that was great. >> jimmy: a lot of people. a big room. >> yeah, starting to get it? >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] i'm starting to understand. >> no, no. it's the first -- i've done
12:09 am
theaters. because i have a chunk of time to go, commit, let's do 40 cities. we go out there, it's great. we did four in florida. that was one of them. i think that was ft. worth. where was that? >> jimmy: orlando. >> fort lauderdale? orlando, yeah. >> jimmy: fort lauderdale, orlando. >> the tri-city area. [ laughter ] ft. worth, orlando -- >> jimmy: i knew it was before the hurricane -- >> we got out of there right before that. we're going to san antonio coming up and denver and oklahoma city, the heartland. places i don't get a lot. a lot of joder countries. >> jimmy: do you hang out afterwards, go to local restaurants, find the local stuff? >> i do go to -- jimmy this will shock you. here's a pet peeve when they don't have a diet coke. this is so stupid. but i like diet coke, i don't like the other way, i don't say the name. they always go, "is pepsi okay?" oh, i said it. [ laughter ] they go like this, "is it okay?" because they know it's gross too. [ laughter ]
12:10 am
i go, "i mean, it's okay, but diet coke?" they're like, "this airline, we're pepsi." "how is that possible, the whole thing?" or they don't tell you, "here's your diet coke" then go hide where the phone is by the cockpit. then i go like this. i can kind of smell it. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> then i go -- this is real quiet acting. i go -- then they go like this -- [ laughter ] they know they tried to trick me. i fwhas a casino, "it's a pepsi casino." i go, the whole [ bleep ] caca casino? what if i want vodka, they only have smirnoff or something? no, you've got to give me a choice. i go, "i thought i was in a ammurika! "there's a circle k a couple
12:11 am
clicks --" clicks? am i in vietnam? what are clicks? i don't get it. it looks the same color. i just don't -- i don't love it. then i get mad. and i was like, if it's sort of, they buy it out, diet coke, go in with a trent green stripper money gun, just pay everyone. like lil wayne or something. just do this. i can't sit here and have diet pepsi. they go, "people drink it." i go, "they have to!" "there's nothing else!" >> jimmy: people drink it. >> they do. >> jimmy: are you going to go to other countries with the tour? staying here in the united states? >> they barely like it here. [ laughter ] are you kidding? place plaus [ applause ] >> jimmy: david has really -- if you want to hear lorne michaels talk about "saturday night live," which i would think you would, if you want to hear paul mccartney, listen to "fly on the wall." david spade, dana carvey. new episodes come out wednesdays. be back with mookie betts!
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naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles double beef, double cheese, for, yeah, $5.99. on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30. >> lou: next week on "jimmy kimmel live" --
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: welcome back. our next guest can bowl a perfect game. in his spare time he made a documentary about the most important dodger of all, "jackie robinson gets to the bag" premieres wednesday on fs1. from the los angeles dodgers, please welcome mookie betts! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: well, thanks for coming. and congratulations on an unbelievable regular season so far. [ cheers ] you been 111 games. let's go through them one by one. [ laughter ] that's a lot of games. does that -- when you win that many games, does that make the playoffs more pressure packed? because suddenly you've got this
12:24 am
best of seven series that you have to win? >> probably. i would say so. but man, the season gets so long, i don't even know how many games -- i don't even know what pdate. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. like today's the only day off, so tomorrow i've got to get back to work. after playing 160 games, yeah, it's a lot. >> jimmy: do you make up sometime on this the road and you don't know where you are? >> every day. [ laughter ] yeah, it all runs together, man. >> jimmy: the padres and mets are playing starting tomorrow. will you watch that series? because that's who you'll play the winner of that series. [ laughter ] i don't know. like -- i don't know. i play baseball, so i know i'm not going to watch it. [ laughter ] so probably not. but i'm -- yeah, no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you feel like -- does it help you in any way to watch it? >> no. [ laughter ], okay.- so if it doesn't and you're not enjoying it, why watch it? >> right.
12:25 am
and the all the days that we have practice, we're going to be watching. no i guess we don't need to watch film. when we know who we're playing, we'll watch film so i'll watch it in reguns anyway. >> jimmy: pitch after pitch, figure out what you're going to do. that helps, right? >> no. [ laughter ] you would think so. we do all this preparation, all this work. when you get in the box, forget it all. >> jimmy: it doesn't make a difference, right. we're in new york last week, driving from brooklyn to the cowboys/giants game, the monday night football game. the drive, it was like a month long. >> yeah, for sure. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we started talking about stuff, talking about two-sport athletes. obviously bo jackson, deion sanders. then i said, mookie betts. and everybody was kind of tickled because people, i don't think people realize that you are a pro-level bowler. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: we have some video
12:26 am
here. [ cheers ] >> yeah. that one i was worried about. yeah. >> 11 in a row, on the press business of perfection. 300 games for mookie betts. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was cool, man. that was really cool. >> jimmy: why do i feel like you're happier about that than baseball? [ laughter ] >> probably because i am. yeah. i definitely -- i get excited to go bowl. i bowl so pickup. i'm going to go bowl after this. >> jimmy: are you really? >> yeah, i'm going to boil, that's my thing. >> jimmy: that's your thing. do you think when you're done playing baseball, you will focus on that full-time and do it professionally? >> i don't know. i feel when i'm done playing baseball, i'm going to be 40 -- [ laughter ] i don't know what i want to do, man. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> my wife, she says it all the time. "when you're done playing,
12:27 am
you're going to hit a midlife crisis, you're not going to know what to do." i'm just going to wait, see what happens after the crisis. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. how bad could the crisis be? >> i don't know, yeah. >> jimmy: jackie robinson -- he played a bunch of different sports. he was -- obviously a baseball player. he played basketball, track and field. >> football. >> jimmy: football. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is a guy who, one of the great americans, who has been studied, revered. really, i mean, to the point -- more than almost any other athlete, probably. how do you find a new angle on him? >> it's hard. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and really, you have to, like, kind of dig. because everything about jackie is about baseball. and you know, once you dig, you know, watch the doc that we came out with. you're going to learn that he was so much more.
12:28 am
and how he did it and the way he went about doing what he did and becoming an entrepreneur. just affecting all the lives that he touched. so it's really -- you really just need to watch it, really learn. because it taught me a lot, and i thought i knew a lot about jackie. >> jimmy: the title of the documentary is "jackie robinson, get to the bag." what does get to the bag mean? >> jackie robinson, long time ago, "get to the bag now." >> jimmy: i've heard dj khaled say that about the bag. [ laughter ] >> exactly. so if you're not, like, in the -- my generation that can go both ways, you're not going to really know what it means. "get to the bag" is to fill that gap. maybe "get to the bag" gets some of these kids to, "oh, maybe it's cool." it just means -- i guess if you're in the bag it's the same thing as get to the bag. >> jimmy: it means two things is
12:29 am
what it means, really. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it means stealing a base. >> yeah, could be that. >> jimmy: yeah. oh. no one thought of that? >> no, i didn't think about that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i should have done this with you. >> he became this successful black person, rich, rich and famous. that's kind of what the bag is. the bag is a bag full of things. >> jimmy: right. >> we just don't know what the bag is. the bag is just a generic thing. >> jimmy: speaking about -- well, you wear jewelry. >> yeah. >> jimmy: not just now but on the field. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you wear two necklaces, right? >> right, yeah. >> jimmy: one necklace is one your dad gave you. >> yep. >> jimmy: the other is something a kid gave you? >> a kid gave me. >> jimmy: you have it on right now? >> yeah. i have three. i have three. i just got this one here recently. this is my wife, my little girl, and myself at the wedding, which is super cool. >> jimmy: oh, that's sweet. [ applause ] >> this one, this one, that
12:30 am
doesn't -- that's not worn every day, unfortunately. but anyways. yeah, this -- so this one, there's a bat and ball. i was walking down -- spring training, you know, we go to -- on the road, and you're in somebody else's clubhouse. you walk down to the field. carrying all this stuff, right? all my bags and everything because i don't want to leave my stuff in the clubhouse. >> jimmy: get to the bag. >> yeah. exactly. [ laughter ] so walk down, i sign this kid's ball. he gives me a necklace. and i'm like, i don't know what i'm about to do with this necklace, know what i'm saying? i don't want to put it in my pocket, any put it in this bag, it's full of things, as we talked about earlier. [ laughter ] i don't want to lose it because i feel bad. i thought it was pretty cool. so i threw it on. and the guys liked it. so since then, it just stuck. >> jimmy: it's cute. i mean, you might lose it. you have to be -- >> can you use another word? [ laughter ]
12:31 am
>> jimmy: i can't think of another word for the little ball and ball. >> "cool." >> jimmy: i have a gift for you also. this is if you decide -- you know, you have that midlife crisis, you decide you want to wear jewelry while you're bowling. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] we had this made especially for you. >> thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: if you don't mind, wear that when you play the mets, okay? [ laughter ] >> okay. >> jimmy: the major league baseball postseason starts tomorrow on espn and abc. "jackie robinson, get to the bag" premieres wednesday following postseason coverage on fs1. the great mookie betts, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be back! >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the "s" class from mercedes-benz.
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(footsteps) ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ it's the state with the most. ♪ ♪ somos la crema de la crema ♪ ♪ con mucho sol todo el año, cuidado que te quemas ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ i got a confession ♪ ♪ i don't think i want you anymore there's no room ♪ ♪ for questions i saw her panties on the bathroom floor ♪ ♪ been putting up with this for far too long you ain't gonna change boy ♪ ♪ what's the point in stringing me along we're done for real ♪ ♪ so i'ma put your stuff in a cardboard box changing my number ♪ ♪ and i'm changing the locks when you can't get in know your heart gon' stop ♪ ♪ you may be crying but boy i'm not i'ma put your stuff ♪ ♪ in a cardboard box changing my number and i'm changing the locks ♪ ♪ never liked your momma
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12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, post-roe impact. >> i knew there was no chance in hell that i was having a baby. >> ahead of this weekend's women's march and next month's midterm elections, we travel the country to examine life after abortion bans. >> i was carrying my baby to bury my baby. >> what women on both sides have to say. >> abortion is death. abortion is evil. it's destructive. plus huma abedin. one on one with the consummate political insider. >> anthony was my first relationship, my first love, the first man i'd ever been with. >> how she healed from betrayal,


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