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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the investigation. >> this police department sought one of the largest funding increases in the bay area. but what has changed? we are following the money and the fallout from the defund movement. rubber bullets to tear gas. the murder of george floyd brought more than outrage to the streets of san jose. specific calls for change. reality is, that never happened. data analyzed by the i team found funding for the san jose police department increased 17.6 percent from pre-pandemic to 2022. this is below the increase in oakland, where funding rose 17 point 9% and higher than san francisco, where funding jumped
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4.4%. >> it doesn't surprise me that the budget increased. it is disappointing and revealing. >> this criminal justice advocate is the founder of dfop. >> they were calling for an end to the killings and the use of force. san jose has a high rate of hospitalizations due to use of force. >> according to abc 7's analysis, san jose police saw the largest funding during fiscal year 2019-2020. during that year, there were 514 officers who used force more than 1300 times. 77 of those officers used force up to 15 times repeatedly. this video, obtained exclusively from the i team, became part of a federal lawsuit against the department in 2020, accusing officers of excessive or's during five days -- excessive
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force during five days of protest. breanna was hit in the temple with a police projectile. an audit found a quarter of sworn san jose police officers received at least one complaint in 2020. nearly a quarter of the complaints contained allegations of use of force. the auditor's report found the figures got worse in 2021. nearly one third of officers faced complaints. >> the cycle of violence wasn't interrupted after the killing of george floyd. >> protesters filled guadalupe bay freeway a year later after demetria stanley was killed by an officer. >> a number of officers have even gotten promotions after they have killed. an example is officer mike pena, held liable in civil court a few weeks ago for the murder of
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jacob dominguez. >> the case settled, costing taxpayers $1 million. in 2019, pena was the defendant in a case where a couple was tased and beaten by police. the case cost taxpayers $400,000. the i team tried to speak directly with the san jose police chief but were told he was unavailable. the santa clara county supervisor says more needs to be done to ensure the right people are responding to calls for service. quakes -- >> we are limiting the conflict so officers have with people who are mentally ill. >> since protests to defund the police, the county funded programs like the trust team, offering resources for people who need mental health services. she says programs are
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understaffed, like the police department. she says over the past 16 years -- >> we have lost 200 officers and we have 100,000 more people in san jose. >> census data shows san jose is the 10th largest city in the country but after ei data shows it is staffed as if it is close to the 50th largest and lives are suffering. according to an audit, police are taking 22 minutes to respond to assaults and burglaries. that is double the intended target. >> it is not healthy. >> she says the department needs to hire more officers but budget records show the part to directed funding barely meet half the goal for the upcoming fiscal year. a shortfall even amidst a funding spike. >> the spike is more than $26.5
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million, how much the budget increase this year. the department is adding 20 officers to the force, half of what some elect officials are calling for. where is the money going? the supervisor says the city spent between 42 million dollars-50 $2 million on overtime over the last two years. it is a mixture of overtime and salary increases. >> the majority of police budgets rose around the country. what about the ones that were cut? ask very marginal. we looked up more than 100 departments as a sample size across the country and found only eight departments had a budget that film -- fell by more than 2%. you consider more than 90% of police agencies across the country reported increases. >> thank you, stephanie. if you want to reach the i team, go to team or
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call 1888-four 0-i team. >> ranjit -- residents are out of their homes in a high-rise because of the deliberate flooding effort in their building. can you believe this? video shows water cascading through the high-rise at the corner of phil street. this was 5:00 a.m. the water reached up to four feet. there was a delay in the fire alarm. on man realized what was happening because his dog come up. -- woke him up. >> my dog was barking so i went to the bathroom and heard some generator noise. there was water falling from the ceiling. i was like, there is something going on. i saw water outside puddled on the floor. >> the flood affected the first 11 floors of the 30 story building. only residents of the 11th or
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are still out of their homes. fire fighters found a person drenched in water next to a pipe who intentionally flooded the building. he was arrested for felony vandalism and resisting arrest. >> we are four weeks away to election day. california's election will be held november 8. on the ballot is the race for governor. gavin newsom is seeking a second term and faces republican state senator brian dally. liz kreutz spoke to the challenger today and joins us with more on the race that at times, doesn't feel like one. >> that is what happens in a state like california that is largely dominated by democrats. state senator dally says it is time to change that. he says he is the best candidate , best suited for the top spot. whether he can get there will be a very steep uphill battle. this is senator brian dally, the
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republican gubernatorial candidate. if his name doesn't ring a bell, you aren't alone. a recent poll found more than half of california voters are not familiar with the man challenging governor newsom in his campaign for reelection. >> it will be a tough race. we are down to the wire. >> such as the life in a state where democrats outnumber republicans 2-1. dally had his face and name carved into a corn maze. he is doing whatever he can to increase name recognition. x is this winnable? x we are seeing a lot of independence and democrats coming over to the republican party. people on fixed incomes and latinos are really moving towards republicans and want balance in california. >> we have also seen in the polls, a bleak outlook for dally . a poll shows him trailing governor newsom by 20 wins. dally, who calls newsom and out of touch elitist, is trying to get out his message.
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day one as governor, what you do? >> drive down the cost of energy in california. that is the fastest way to stop inflation. i will open the 1200 oil wells waiting on the governor's desk. >> on some divisive issues, dally is pro-life and against proposition one which would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. he doesn't support the plan to ban the sale of gas powered cars by 2035. he doesn't believe kids should be taught about multiple gender identities in schools. these are in stark contrast to governor newsom. instead of challenging dally, newsom has been targeting republicans in other states. it feels like governor newsom right now is running a campaign against the governor of florida then he is against you. >> he doesn't want to talk about what is happening in california.
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he is running for president. >> newsom denied he is running for president and said he isn't taking his commanding lead for granted. >> i have been all over california focusing on issues people care about. >> the governor and the senator are set for one debate on public radio at 1:00 p.m. on sunday, october 23. that is another sign of how noncompetitive the race is. it will be competing with mlb playoffs and nfl football. >> election day, tuesday, november 8. every registered voter gets a mail-in ballot. you can register to vote after october 25. >> tension in local politics. inside the city council, there are accusations of physical
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attacks and racist motivations. >> summerlike patterns in the middle of fall. how long this is sticking around when abc 7 news most boxes can be recycled up to seven times. it's not a miracle.
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>> protesters disrupted the los angeles city council meeting demanding the resignation of three members due to a racist conversation caught on tape. the jeers and shouts stopped temporarily when councilmember mike bonin came forward to address remarks nury martinez made about his son, who is black. >> my husband and i are hard rogan. these people stabbed us and shot us and cut the spirit of los angeles. >> martinez has taken a leave of absence. she issued a response -- an apology but refused to step down entirely. two other councilmembers have
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also apologized but refused to resign. both attended today's council meeting. >> a filipino-american councilmember in daly city has a restraining order against an -- fellow councilmember after she said she was physically assaulted. >> in daly city, an investigation underway into an alleged assault that city hall area here is the photo of ruse on the councilwoman's back. we asked people what they thought. >> i saw the bruises on the back of the woman. it is not right. >> it is maybe something that got out of hand. it could be an accident. >> a city councilmember claims that councilmember assaulted her last month and she slammed the door in her back. some believe the incident was recently -- racially motivated.
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numerous people spoke out about it. >> there was a diverse group of people who spoke up. around the aggressiveness and abrasiveness of my calling. >> many of us are gathered to make it down we will not allow violent, hateful rhetoric sprayed in daly city. tonight we call for the resignation of the councilmember. >> she is running for reelection and says the allegations are politically motivated. >> what happened last night, it looks to be they are using this in a political fashion. my client has denied it. at this point we have nothing more to say. >> police handed over the investigation to the district attorney. more people are speaking out about the allegations and the investigation, including elaine. >> the struggle in the counsel,
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the councilmembers, is disheartening. to see these allegations to, is -- come up is concerning. a level of trust needs to be rebuilt with the filipino community. more investigation, a hearing session may be with the community or town hall to address these concerns will be helpful. >> to the weather, i love when it feels fall-like. >> beautiful outside. we are tracking the forecast. >> since you both love it, we will keep it going. i want to show you some live use, the contrast between the coast and inland. you can see the marine layer, rolling in. from our vollmer camera, notice plenty of sun. that was reflected in the temperatures today. a summerlike spread, 90 degrees in fairfield towards vacaville but 59 degrees in half moon bay so early enough -- 31 degrees
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cooler than fairfield. 75 in san jose, 61 san francisco, 74 in santa rosa area of the marine layer deepened to about 1800 feet, so many temperatures actually fell today compared to today. temperatures in the 50's to the 80's and lend. live doppler 7 showing you the fog sitting near the coast down to the south. they are getting much needed rain, and have had thunderstorms flare up. this is an association with a curl off the southern california coast, low pressure that has been spinning since yesterday. it is going to meander close to southern california in the next few days. pretty much no rain other than drizzle. he had high pressure as our blocking mechanism. the storm track stays well tower north. maybe something tries to break
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through. i wouldn't put your eggs in one basket because as we get closer, rain chances fade. we are looking at the potential for something changing. the roof camera is changing tonight. you can see gray skies, a nice breeze and a foggy morning ahead. cool afternoon at the coast, mild and sunny inland, well below automatic is for the weekend area today's temperatures were below average for this time of year. first thing tomorrow, there will be drizzle and fog around at five lot, he widespread during the 8:00 a.m. hour, then it doesn't quite clear the coast for the afternoon. your morning temperatures in the upper 40's to upper. grab the jacket or sweater because it will start out on the cool side for the afternoon. mild inland, mid-80's along the coast. low 60's and breezy with lingering clouds. the morning, grand drizzle gives
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way to sunshine away from the coast. thursday, mild inland, cool near the beaches. a brief warm up zero way friday with upper 80's inland, low 60's coast. if you don't like the warmth, it is back to sweat her -- sweater weather. low 60's coast-side as a dry front goes through. not expecting rain but drizzle night and morning hours, definitely there. >> nasa says the mission to divert an asteroid which was 7 million miles from earth is a success. two weeks ago the dart spacecraft was guided into the asteroid. nasa calls it training for a possible threat to our planet in the future. today nasa says the mission went even better than planned. >> it was expected to be a huge success if it only slowed the orbit i 10 minutes. but it actually slowed it by 32 minutes. >> impressive.
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ama: paper and metal license plates are so 2021. a newly signed california allow all laws -- law allows drivers to get digital license plates. >> california is driving into the 21st century. say goodbye to the choice of traditional license plates and hello to the opportunity to own digital license plates for your car. >> i'm all about giving people choice in california. >> assembly member lori wilson co-authored the bill, allowing
6:25 pm
for more than 27 million drivers to go digital with their vehicles, joining michigan then arizona. supporters say it is about taking life easier. the plates allow for customization and registration renewal without even walking into the dmv. >> it will be more beneficial for them, and it will make our processing much more efficient. it is a big change. we are no longer your father's dmv and i think it is something we can embrace and be part of. >> no more long lines at the dmv is the start. the other benefits are the safety features, the license plates will display different messages regarding emergency situations like if the scar -- the car is stolen or an amber. >> if i'm driving behind a vehicle like this, i will be on the alert. >> the plates have built-in tracking technology to locate stolen cars.
6:26 pm
it brings up questions of privacy. could they be hacked? the assembly members has tracking features can be disabled in the bill allows for regular review of safety measures. >> any time we feel safety is a concern in terms of license plates being altered, they can pull that back and make sure that is taken care of before continued use. >> the plates can be purchased with monthly rates starting at $19.95 per month. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. dan: a police department under investigation on multiple levels. a look at what is being done to change the antioch pd. >> the support from the community has been overwhelming. ama: good things happened
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voting yes on prop 31 will end the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. saving kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: antioch police are under
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investigation by the das office and a grand jury and the sba -- the fbi. it is about police misconduct involving eight officers. ama: a reporter talked to the new chief as he looks to hire new officers. >> antioch police has eight officers unpaid leave because of the federal and county investigations into potential use of excessive or's and for police brutality that involves some of their canine units. according to our partners, there are multiple cases of police dogs causing great bodily harm. one officers dog was reported to have written 22 people over a three-year period. >> they deserve due process and shouldn't be charged in the court of public opinion. the circumstances are unfortunate. >> a new chief, a former
6:31 pm
commander of sfpd, was sworn into start reforming the department. with eight officers unpaid leave and other vacancies, he launched an aggressive mental effort that includes up to a $30,000 bonus. -- aggressive recruitment effort that includes up to a $30,000 bonus. >> we are not just looking or anyone. >> a civil-rights attorney is representing the family of a man who was restrained during a mental health carl -- call and died. >> we have a new chief. i hope they will hire officers that have a high regard for policing and we will have fewer violations of civil rights. >> the fbi and das investigation into the conduct of the officers continues. it could continue into next year and could result in criminal complaints being filed.
6:32 pm
dan: prosecutors in baltimore dropped all charges against the man whose murder trial was featured in the landmark podcast "serial." they will not retry the case. adnan syed was serving a life sentence for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend. he was released from prison after prosecutors were stated he vacated because they lacked confidence -- requested it be vacated because they lacked confidence. >> there were multiple contributors. the same multiple contributor for both of her shoes. and most compellingly, adnan syed's dna was excluded. >> he had been on house arrest and now he is a completely free man. ama: weeks after a shooting on the king estates campus,
6:33 pm
students at the school are getting a new tool that aims to help in the event of an emergency. something as simple as a backpack plays a big role. >> students settled back in class after last months shooting on campus. there are signs of change. more security, counseling with a mini horse and something not so obvious. >> new backpacks, new clothes. it is a way to keep us connected. >> these are the first students to receive orange backpacks in use by teachers and staff. they proved crucial during the shooting that wounded six at a high school, also on the same campus. ask when the kids saw a person they knew, backpack, they followed the backpack out of the building to safety. police knew the people with the orange backpacks have keys. >> the principal started a drive to raise money for 400
6:34 pm
backpacks, enough for every student for two years. >> if anything were to happen, a fire drill or something, feel trip, they can wear their backpack and identify who they are. >> you come to school to learn. >> the principal made the call for help and an unexpected community 10 miles away came through. >> we have met an unfortunate circumstances, vigils, memorials. today we are a coming together to support the call for help. >>hitown has been rocked by crime and struggle during the pandemic. merchants with the chinatown improvement council got together and have pledged more than 270 backpacks to bay tech. >> we want peace. we want to love each other. >> we are all part of this
6:35 pm
community. >> police have no updates in the shooting investigation. bay tech is choosing to look forward with strength, unifying the campus and communities, one backpack at a time. >> it is special to have the chinatown reach out to us. the support from the community has been overwhelming. dan: we are exactly four weeks away from election day and early voting is underway. voting is underway. the new efforts to this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year.
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ama: the dow snapped out of the losing streak before the closing bell, but it was the only indexing the green and only by 36 points. the s&p lost 23. it is the fifth day in a row they have lost ground.
6:39 pm
gas prices are going up across the country but still dropping in california. san francisco prices dropped three cents overnight and are now under $6.50 per gallon. in oakland gas went down five cents since yesterday. gas went down five cents since yesterday. refund checks for 23 million californians are on the way. the middle class tax refund is designed to office -- offset the high price of gas and other things. it is based on your 2020 adjusted gross income. individuals making quarter of a million dollars or couples making happen million don't qualify. to find out how much you can expect, go to dan: a push is being made for people of color to get out and vote. the goal of increasing voter turnout.
6:40 pm
>> leaders in the a api, black, indigenous and latino community came together to encourage people to get out and vote. >> we don't have to wait 30 days to vote. we can literally vote today. >> despite early voting in mail-in ballots, not enough people in communities of color fading. >> voter turnout was dismal. for the latino community it was 15%. >> we are over 30% aapi but only 30% of us vote. out of 250 thousand registered voters, we are not voting at the rate we can and should be. >> work is underway to change that. volunteers at the event are planning on taking to the phones and streets to encourage people to exercise their right to vote. >> we are reaching out to 12,000 voters. 1000 people could actually swing
6:41 pm
an election. >> a large part of their efforts are focusing on increasing turnout among the women in communities of color. >> as aapi women we are devoting in the numbers we could be. out of 250 thousand, less than half of us voted. >> she says the low turnout can be attributed to a variety of factors. >> it comes down to timing, priorities. sometimes this is in the first thing on people's minds so we want to make sure we are speaking community member to community member to remind the community to vote. >> what you are seeing here is true unity as black, brown, asian and indigenous communities, there are intentional efforts to divide us but this campaign truly symbolizes the unity we have. >> abc 7 news zach fuentes, abc 7 news. sandhya: see how much
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dan: angela lansbury passed away. she died in her sleep overnight at her home in los angeles. lansbury was best known as america's favorite tv sleuth in "murder, she wrote." she was nominated for an oscar when she was 19 and twice more, getting an honorary oscar in 20 teen. she won five counties and 11 emmy nominations. am jho low lansbury -- angela lansbury died days before her 97th anniversary. ama: thousands of fire alarms were donated. we kicked off the event and here is the lifesaving message from fire departments. >> fires like this happen unexpectedly and spread weekly. the fire department battled this fire in the silver terrace neighborhood last weekend.
6:46 pm
>> i spoke to a family member who said they heard a smoke alarm. that saved that person's life. >> a fire department spokesman says the smoke alarm saved the lives of 12 adults, three kids and a cat. >> it was apparent that every person, from three different homes, had a plan. >> to help more people, agencies from across the bay area participated in operation save a life. the fire marshal says in oakland, they are educating adults and kids on fire safety. >> a lot of people are using older smoke alarms. in california, you have to have a 10 year smoke alarm in your home. if you have that, you can't disengage the smoke alarm and disconnect it. we need smoke alarms to stay in working or -- form. >> in oakland, san jose and
6:47 pm
santa clara counties, free smoke alarms are available. thanks to partnerships, thousands of fire alarms have distributed. this week, another 2000 smoke alarms were donated, and 1000 co detectors. >> we feel our mission is to protect everyone and we don't feel family should have to choose between putting food on the table and worrying about fire safety. we are happy to chip in and help and donate the alarms. >> the alarms double a person's chance of surviving a house fire. >> having that working spoke alarm has saved lives. it will save lives. that life could be yours. >> karina nova, abc 7 news. dan: i just changed the batteries and the ones in my home. ama: let's get a check on the
6:48 pm
weather. sandhya: it is a must, to change the batteries. i want to show you alive picture from our east bay hills camera. the marine layer is close to 2000 feet deep. a nice afterglow, the sun has set. gray skies from our san francisco exploratorium camera, good air quality the next couple days. moderate friday. the marine layer is pretty much socking in the coast and in and sing across the bay. climate addiction center says for the rain outlook, it will be dry across the pacific northwest in northern california. sher was in southern california. unfortunately for us it is a 50% to 60% chance. drizzle tomorrow morning followed by sunshine and mild weather inland, low 60's coast side and breezy with clouds lingering. a couple degrees cooler inland the next few days.
6:49 pm
a brief warm-up comes friday before everyone goes down for the weekend. 60's and 70's. in the comfort zone on monday. ama: we have to stay on top of the drama. >> we will have the latest on draymond green. a local fan favorite returns, but this time he is the enemy, sort of. gary payton ii
6:50 pm
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>> abc 7 sports larry beil. >> the warriors open the season a week from tonight. they are resting steph curry, jordan poole, andrew wiggins and kevon looney. we don't know when draymond green will return. the coach will update the post punch draymond situation after the game. with the players -- the blazers
6:53 pm
in town, gary payton was signed by the team. he couldn't say no. steve kerr says that dubs wish he would have come back. but there is so much money to go around. >> we miss him. he has been toiling away for a long time in this league and turn that contract couldn't -- to earn that contract couldn't happen to a better guy. it will be nice to see him out there tonight. wish he was on our side, but this is the nba and how it works. >> patrick baldwin has been looking good with a good, smooth shot, posting a her time to play clinic with girls at the oakland practice facility. that was created to inspire the next generation of women's basketball players. the american league division series, justin verlander got
6:54 pm
rocked. julio rodriguez the double to right, mariners jump out to will lead. very land or gave up -- justin verlander gave up many runs but your dan alvarez, good night, game over. i got punch to the araner's. -- to the mariners. 4-1 philadelphia phillies, castellano helps them jump out to the lead. three rbis for castellanos. in the ninth, matt olson crushes it deep to center field and this ball is gone. braves within a run at 7-6. contreras, the bluebird to write. this will be trouble. have no fear. castellanos is there. the phillies take game one.
6:55 pm
among the many things that went wrong in kansas city, a post game show by receiver adams. he was frustrated at the loss and pushed a media member who ran into his path as he was headed to the locker room. adams apologized later on camera and on twitter, but the man has filed a police report. he went to the hospital and there is a chance he could file a civil suit. >> i want to apologize to the guy ran -- who ran and jumped in front of me when i came off the field. i kind of pushed him and he ended up on the ground. i want to say sorry for that. that was frustration mixed with him running in front of me. i should not have responded that way but that is how i responded so i want to apologize for that. >> keep in mind, this is out of character for adams, who went to fresno state and has become a star in the nfl. you couldn't see it from many
6:56 pm
angles, but the media member did come directly in the path. it was hard to tell. there has to be better security in kansas city. the players have to be escorted off the field. you can't have people running around. he could face a suspension. we will see. a confluence of negatives. dan: thanks, larry. ama: coming up at 8:00, "bachelor in paradise" and at 11:00, abc 7 news at 11 at. get the abc 7 bay area news app and join us wherever you are. thank you for joining us. dan: for all of us here, have a great evening.
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6:58 pm
naomi: every year the wildfires, the smoke seems to get worse. jessica: there is actual particles on every single surface. dr. cooke: california has the worst air pollution in the country. the top 2 causes are vehicles and wildfires. prop 30 helps clean our air. it will reduce the tailpipe emissions that poison our air kevin: and helps prevent the wildfires that create toxic smoke that's why calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air
6:59 pm
support prop 30. naomi: i'm voting yes on 30. ♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" [cheering] please welcome today's contestants-- a meat cutter originally from derry, new hampshire... an executive assistant to the principal from duluth, georgia... and our returning champion-- a customer success operations manager from ocean city, new jersey... whose 7-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [cheers and applause] thank you, everybody. thank you, johnny. welcome to the show.
7:00 pm
our champion, cris pannullo, ended yesterday's show with his personal highest one-day total which also happened to be the highest score we've seen in any game all season. and his total winnings of $221,901 puts him in our all-time top 20. he is certainly making a mark here on the alex trebek stage. today we welcome marsha and mike to the stage. good luck to all three of you. let's take a look at your categories in the jeopardy! round. first... we have... and finally... cris. nonfiction, $800. - cris. - who is pierce? - franklin pierce. you got it. - nonfiction, $1,000.


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