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tv   2020  ABC  October 21, 2022 9:01pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's the picture of domestic bliss. beautiful house, newport coast. >> inside and upstairs, there'd been violence. >> this is now a crime scene. >> where are the chadwicks? >> they took her. they took her. >> who took her? >> the guy broke into my house. he might be going to mexico or somewhere. >> now we've got a mystery. ♪ they did a bad, bad thing ♪ >> i looked at that microphone and thought, here we go. >> nobody thought they would ever abandon their children. their children were their lives. >> oh, god, pete. i've cried all night. >> and it's all leading to one international manhunt. >> we're not going away. let's get this guy. ♪ ♪ ♪ bad to the bone ♪
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el dia de los muertos. the day of the dead. arguably it's the most important holiday of the year for mexicans. it's more important than christmas. that festival underlines your connection with your ancestors, family members that you recall, that you knew well that are buried there. it's important. >> and it was in patzcuaro where the day of the dead celebrations started over 500 years ago that a mysterious ex-pat made his home. >> he was very soft spoken. as i say, he hardly spoke at all. he didn't seem to tell anybody very much about his past, but he always had the appearance of being a very proper person. >> then one night there's a terrible accident with that man
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behind the wheel and two local women in the car. >> claudia died in the accident. when she died, very bad. very, very bad. >> he knew you and claudia were very close friends? >> yeah. >> did he call you after the crash? >> no. >> almost as if nothing happened? >> yeah. it was strange. >> people who attempt the ex-pat experience have to be risk takers. but there's something else. when you come down here, you can be as invisible as you wish. >> as quickly as he came, that driver is gone, but did anyone really know who he was? >> within one day he packed up everything he owned and just
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left town, didn't look back. and is what happened here the key to unraveling a murder that happened five years ago and thousands of miles away? ♪ ♪ >> when people imagine california around the world, the image that they picture is newport beach. you have this eclectic mix of millionaires with multimillion dollar homes, with multimillion dollar yachts docked at their house, and it's not unusual to have a bentley right next to a broke surfer. it's a very happy place with palm trees and beautiful people. that's -- that's newport. >> and here in this picture-perfect suburb of wealth and beauty lived the chadwick family, peter, q.c., and their three sons. >> so, peter chadwick. now, peter, he grew up in england to a wealthy family.
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all the best schools. his father was a very successful real estate investor. >> and when i say very successful, i mean multimillions of dollars in income. >> peter's family moved to the u.s. just in time for high school, and he attended the harriton high school in bryn mawr, pennsylvania, where he was actually the indoor track captain. >> peter went to business school at arizona state, and while he was in college he met q.c. >> q.c. is actually a very interesting woman. she's from malaysia originally. >> yeah, her family's very successful. she has a brother that has the largest latex glove manufacturer in malaysia. >> on their first date, peter brought q.c. to the apartment for most of the date. so they're all hanging out with the roommates. >> peter is, i will say, socially awkward. he's extremely reserved and quiet and one of the hardest people to get to know that i've come across.
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q.c. was funny. she's sparky, she's lively, she's incredibly bright. >> you know, opposites, as they say, do attract. through college, the romance blossoms, and finally they tie the knot. they're living in beautiful southern california. they're raising three gorgeous kids. >> and peter essentially manages commercial and residential properties for his father, which doesn't actually require that he go to an office. and it's essentially a job daddy gave him sort of thing. >> and so he often enjoyed taking meetings and closing deals right there on the tennis courts. >> she and peter live in a beautiful house, newport coast. you look at a collage of the photographs, and it's the picture of domestic bliss. >> this is where i lived right here, and the chadwick's lived right across the street. there, where you see the black car. >> so you saw them all the time.
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>> i saw them all the time. >> they were friends. >> and we were friends. yep, and when the parties came out, they were in the streets, and everybody came to them. >> we became fast friends. >> i heard she was a tiger mom. >> well, you know, around here, probably everyone's to some degree a tiger mom. but yeah, she was on the her kids making sure they were exposed to everything that would improve their lives, whether it was piano lessons, chinese lessons. athletics, piano competitions. the best schools, the best tutors. >> my son hawken went to school with ben, the older son. and through that process of gong to school together and boy scouts, our families became close. >> i mean, they were a very typical newport beach family. she would also like make sure, like she made fruit for me and of course her -- her dumplings that she brought to every, you know, occasion.
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>> so she's playing mom to you, too? >> yeah. yeah, absolutely. she was really tiny, but she was a bundle of energy, yeah. >> you all traveled to china together? >> yeah, that was a fun trip back in 2006, so i would have been around 9 years old. she knew the language, and she took us around to all these different places -- the great wall of china, beijing, shanghai, xian. it was a really fun trip, and to be able to do it with my friends was -- it was really awesome. >> and it seems perfect. at least on the outside. >> well, there again, they were very private people. you know, even q.c. was pretty private, at least to the neighborhood. so we don't know really what was going on behind closed doors, but it sounds like they had a lot of secrets between them. >> you have emails between you and q.c.? >> yes. and she titled some of them "feeling." my sense was maybe she didn't want to share her thoughts with peter. "sometimes i feel lost. pete isn't here.
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otherwise i will tell him how i feel, and he will laugh at me and said, what's wrong with y you?" >> wow. >> yeah. "it has been a very tough month, october, for me. i can't believe i had to lose both parents in less than two years. it is so painful to lose someone that you love. i learned my lesson. don't wait. i should have taken my whole family visit malaysia every single summer because we never know when death comes. q.c." >> so, october 10th of 2012 happened to be a typical fall day for southern california. 70 degrees, bright sunny day. >> in the late afternoon, the kids got on the bus after school, went to the bus stop near mom and dad's home, and one of the parents would be there religiously -- read my lips. they didn't miss it.
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♪ ♪ so, i had never really been a big consumer of podcasts in my personal life before, but i threw myself into the podcast world with great abandon when this opportunity came up to develop a podcast for the newport beach police department to further this ongoing
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investigation. >> is this mic going? >> and i looked that microphone up and down, and thought, here we go. >> okay, stand by. >> i'm jennifer manzella, your host for this podcast. episode one, something is wrong. chapter one, the boys at the bus stop. it's a wednesday afternoon in october. it's been a typical autumn day for southern california. in the middle of a residential neighborhood surrounded by homes and spacious yards, there's a small private school. >> all the kids in the neighborhood went to a private school called pegasus in huntington beach that was miles away. >> today, just like every other day, two brothers board the bus bound for newport beach. they are 9 and 12. and, just like every day, they get off the bus to wait for their ride home. but today won't be like every other day. >> now, later that day around 4:00, one of the neighbors is driving her children home from
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the bus stop. and they notice that peter and q.c. chadwick's children are just standing there. right away the antennas go up. >> and she immediately thinks something is amiss. the chadwicks are not the kind of couple who forgets an obligation to their children. so, she immediately pulls over, scoops them up, and takes them home. >> they go to the chadwick's house, knock on the door repeatedly. nobody answers. peter's car is gone. q.c.'s car is still parked on the property. they noticed some unopened packages as if no one's been home for a while. >> q.c. is a stay-at-home mom. her husband peter works from home. and there's nowhere else they should be at this time on a weeknight. >> they go back to the neighbor's house, and they are calling every friend to find out, where could they be? nobody knows.
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but everyone agrees that it's not like q.c. and peter chadwick. the question is, where are the chadwicks? >> when i heard the news about peter and q.c. are missing -- >> officers were called to the couple's multimillion dollar home in a gated community in newport coast wednesday. >> -- i told my wife this isn't good. >> police say a neighbor saw two of the children at a bus stop waiting later than usual for a ride. the neighbor was worried enough to call police. >> i think they came at our doors around 9:00 p.m., asked if we had seen either one of peter or q.c. and we're like, no, what's going on? we were very taken back on why all of a sudden our neighborhood was flooded with cop cars. nobody knew anything. nobody saw anything. >> did they get in an accident? what could have happened? now it's time for a welfare check. the newport beach police then
9:17 pm
proceed to go to the chadwicks' house. >> when i first arrived, i kind of took a survey of the house. no signs of a break in. >> and the officers go into the home, and it's very neat. >> we were looking for anything abnormal. maybe a note that the boys didn't see or didn't know about. and as i walked around it looked extremely clean. the vacuum lines in the carpet. there was a lot of family photos. you could tell that it appears that this was a normal, happy family. >> but they start seeing a couple things that look a little out of place. there's a meal kind of abandoned in the kitchen as if someone started prepping lunch and didn't finish it. >> so, we proceed upstairs. and it was clean. it was perfect. we made our way to the master bedroom. more of the same. and as we made our way to the master bathroom, that's when it
9:18 pm
looked like something was suspicious. >> before i took a step, i realized this did not look like the rest of the house. i can immediately see the bathroom rug was not neat. >> so, the way it works in orange county as a homicide prosecutor is i actually met my investigator here, and we went to the crime scene. and in the master bathroom, clearly there'd been violence that had taken place. >> i can see that q.c. had some makeup out. i can see a broken vase along the edge of the bathtub. as soon as i saw the blood, you knew there was a story there. >> this is now a crime scene. and once they realize that there's nobody in the home who needs help, this becomes more of a missing person's investigation with the blood being a definite concern that something might have gone horribly wrong.
9:19 pm
>> we took a step back and we went back through the house again, trying to find those minute details. >> the family safe is open. >> and it wasn't damaged in any way. i couldn't find any passports, no id, no money left over in that safe. so something was taken in a haste. >> interestingly, there were two wine glasses on the counter. isn't it a little weird that she'd be taking a bath right around lunchtime? >> q.c. and peter chadwick are both missing. >> we've got a safe that appears to have been emptied. unprepared lunch, broken glass upstairs, blood upstairs, and two wine glasses. now, we've got a mystery. >> we're also calling the coroner's office, the hospitals, friends and family. trying to find out, did somebody see them? has anybody heard from them? we were also trying to see if their bank accounts were being used. there was nothing that was
9:20 pm
alarming. nor did we get any information in regards to what our next clue should be or what direction we should take the investigation. >> so, the oldest son is away at boarding school, and the two youngest were here actually at the police station. >> and when we came back from the scene, in the waiting room are the two boys. and i will never forget the youngest boy looking at the door, and he had this hopeful expression on his face that i think he thought his mom was coming out of the door. it's one of those moments that broke my heart. it really did. >> so, as i went home for a quick sleep, came back early in the morning, i remember arriving at the gate check around 5:00 a.m. on the 11th. we went the entire night with nothing. we got no leads. >> 100 miles from the chadwick's home at the san diego police department, the 911 emergency line begins to ring. it's 5:31 a.m. on thursday, october 11th, 2012.
9:21 pm
>> 911 emergency, this is crystal. >> there's a man on the other end who's speaking almost cryptically. it's strange and in a bizarre tone. >> they took her. they took her. >> my dispatch calls me, and goes, hey, peter chadwick is calling 911 in san diego right now. i remember kind of just having that jaw-dropping moment of, why is he in san diego? >> peter says that he's been kidnapped, and he has a very strange and convoluted story to tell. ession, caplyta can help let in the lyte. discover caplyta. caplyta is a once-daily pill proven to deliver significant relief across bipolar depression. unlike some medicines that only treat bipolar i, caplyta treats both bipolar i and bipolar ii depression. and in clinical trials, movement disorders and weight gain were not common. call your doctor about sudden mood changes,
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>> the next morning, october 11th, still no sign of the chadwicks, and it's very, very concerning. around 5:30 in the morning, something very strange happens. 911 dispatchers in san diego get a very bizarre call. and its none other than peter chadwick.
9:26 pm
>> south san diego, just near tijuana, he walks into this arco, and he asks the attendant if they can call 911 because somebody has killed his wife. and she directs him to a pay phone. >> 911 emergency. this is crystal. >> yeah, my wife -- my wife's dead. my -- >> okay. so where exactly is she? >> what? >> where is she? >> they took her. they took her. >> who took her? >> the guy broke who into my house. he -- he drove me. he had a friend. they -- they just gone. they've gone in the pickup truck. >> okay, so your wife was kidnapped? >> she's dead. >> okay. she died in the house, and they took her corpse? >> yes. they -- they -- they killed -- they killed her yesterday. >> they killed her yesterday? >> i'm getting updates in regards to what the dispatcher in san diego was hearing. all peter's statements were vague, and she was trying to
9:27 pm
make sense of it. at one point, she goes and gets her supervisor to speak to peter. >> uh, hold on. let me get my supervisor on the phone. >> he -- he took her. he drowned her. she drowned. >> what? >> her body was stiff even. i've been driving with them. they -- they say they're gonna cut her up. >> this 911 call, it's nothing short of bizarre. just listen to it. listen to the tone of the man calling. >> what's your name? >> peter chadwick. mm. >> are you on any kind of medication, sir? >> just lipitor. >> because i think they're going -- they might be going to mexico somewhere. >> okay, but this happened yesterday at 11:00. you're now calling us at 5:30 in the morning. >> i know. i want you to get 'em. a few potentllhelpfuars k
9:28 pm
details about the kidnapper. >> a man named juan had kidnapped her and him. he keeps rambling on about juan. >> okay, what? >> he drowned her? >> who is he? >> juan. >> juan? how do you know juan? >> i picked him up to look at some painting work at the house. i brought him to the house. >> after getting the information from my dispatch, i immediately sent a team down to san diego to interview peter chadwick. his story does not match the 911 tape, and now he's giving us a more elaborate story. >> and he has a very strange, convoluted story to tell. he's fixated on this figure of juan, who he claims is a day laborer that he has brought into his house to do some painting. >> peter tells us he met juan while he was out looking at one of his apartment complexes. >> so during this conversation
9:29 pm
on the 10th, he invites juan to his house to give him an estimate. they walk into the house, juan walks upstairs to take a look around, and peter stays downstairs. >> he claims that while he's back in his office on the internet, he hears his wife scream, pete, pete! and he runs upstairs. >> and he finds juan strangling q.c. in the bathtub. >> and then juan allegedly took a small, 2-inch, dull swiss army knife blade and threatened peter with it. >> juan holds him at bay immediately while still strangling his wife and holding her under water. >> juan has attacked his wife, and now peter gets into some sort of an altercation with this killer. but by this time, sadly, q.c. is dead in the bathtub, according to peter. >> she drowned. she drowned. >> he says to the officers, i was weak. i could have done more.
9:30 pm
>> and then juan allegedly made him wrap his wife's body in the comforter from their marital bed. >> and peter's story is that he complies. and juan and peter wrap her in her blanket and put her in the back of their lexus suv. >> and then juan allegedly sat there in the back seat with q.c.'s body with the knife to peter's throat and made him drive around for more than 12 hours. >> and then he starts alluding to the fact that he met this guy named chee, and they drive around all over southern california. >> who has her body? >> juan and chee. >> okay, so when she died at 11:00, they took her? >> yeah, yeah. they made me put her in the car. >> then, close call. he claims he pull over on the side of the road and he gets stopped by the california highway patrol.
9:31 pm
maybe peter's thinking, this is going to save me. but the officer let him go. >> then, according to peter, after the officer leaves without asking if he needs anything, peter, juan and q.c.'s dead body make it about 4 miles from the mexican border near an arco station, where juan then meets up with one of his friends. >> he says chee pulls up, and they move q.c.'s body into the van, and they drive off. >> he just left. >> just left from where? >> from the car with me. he told me to sit in the car until 6:00, like -- like 15 minutes ago. and i -- he said he was watching, i was -- i waited like five minutes and then i ran over to here. >> and he believes that chee and juan are now leaving and driving south into tijuana and at some point they're going to cut up
9:32 pm
q.c.'s body. and that's the story peter initially gives us. >> we are searching for quee chadwick. we do, obviously, based on our investigation, believe that she has been the victim of a homicide, and we are searching for her body. >> we were all just sickened by it all. you know? i mean, nobody could believe it. >> now as reporters, our antennas are going way up, because there is now footage of that silver suv leaving the driveway of the chadwick home on the 10th of october. >> maybe we can attempt to identify juan, and sure enough, we do find out, yes, california highway patrol did stop peter that day in that car with that license plate. >> did the officer see juan? you don't earn your stripes as a california highway patrolman if you don't take that flashlight and go, hmm, what's back there? if you still have symptoms of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis after a tnf blocker like humira or enbrel, rinvoq is different and may help.
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peter chadwick had driven several hours to the mexican border. he made a phone call from the pay phone right at this gas station. and what he told the 911 operator was pretty shocking. he said, she's dead, she's dead. so, this is where the investigation began for the homicide detectives. i think peter got off the freeway here and saw the first place to park, so he came to this pay phone and called 911. >> might be going to mexico somewhere. i want to you get 'em. >> how far are we from mexico here? >> you can almost see it. it's in the backdrop. it's only a handful of minutes away.
9:38 pm
>> peter is telling the san diego police department q.c. is dead. >> he's talking to them in a low, unemotional, casual way. they notice scratches. scratches on his face and neck. ham. the plot thickens, and they're starting to wonder, what have we got here? >> he has what appears to be a human bite mark on his forearm. >> either he's the aggressor or wh he's the victim. >> one thing was noticeably lacking, and that was any concerns about his children. they anticipated he would want to know what happened when nobody came to pick them up from school, when can i see them, and none of those questions really came. >> remember that peter claims that he asked a man named juan to come to his house for a paint job.
9:39 pm
then this man proceeded to kill his wife, q.c. >> investigators had to track down information that would substantiate or -- this story. >> while there's investigators with peter in san diego, i go back in the house, trying to figure out if they needed painting. >> his house had been freshly painted. the other thing is when peter chadwick describes the man he brought over to do painting, he said, i drove him in in my lexus. >> and surely someone would have seen juan at the manned guard shack at the community where the chadwicks live. >> we were able to start looking at the surveillance tapes from the gate shack. and peter originally told a dispatcher she was killed at 11:00, and we have peter's car on tape leaving by himself at 1:30. >> that was a big revelation in the case. but detectives still had to
9:40 pm
track peter's movements that day after he left the house. >> did he stop anywhere? was he stopped? did he take certain freeways. so maybe he could get video tape of peter and juan in the car so we could attempt to identify juan. >> in fact, investigators were able to track down footage of peter's vehicle at a tollbooth on the 73 freeway. >> and judging by an analysis of that surveillance tape, it seems there's only one person in that car, and that's peter chadwick. >> we're continually asking peter for answers. he got stopped by highway patrol. >> an officer stopped his car and said, are you having a problem? he said, i pulled over to make a phone call. >> he remembered having the conversation with peter and he
9:41 pm
was certain that peter chadwick had been alone. >> there are murder cases where it takes you weeks or months to figure out where somebody's lying. this is instantaneous. >> as we continue to look into who peter was and who q.c. was, we quickly realize there was some turmoil in the marriage. >> this was not the picture perfect family that everyone kind of thought it was from the outside. >> q.c. wanted to grow and blossom into the person she really was, and i think peter wasn't entirely support of that. he teased her a lot. joked, ridiculed at times. >> did she give the indication that maybe their marriage was in trouble? >> she indicated she was wanting to be more independent and he wasn't very enthusiastic about that. >> did you get the indication she was feeling afraid? >> yeah, she didn't say it overtly, but that was my sense, yes. she wanted to please him, but he
9:42 pm
was very controlling. >> so now we know that the portrait of glorious domesticity has cracks in it. in fact, it's really breaking apart. >> on peter's computer, it was found he had a lot of search history in regards to asian porn, asian massage centers. we also had a written letter in q.c.'s handwriting in her closet that had his search history detailed out. >> she had written down 35 different searches on a piece of paper that she apparently found in peter's computer. one that strikes me -- how to torture. how to torture? who looks that up? >> after looking into q.c.'s medical records, we found out
9:43 pm
that q.c. had an std. >> we realized what they were fighting about was peter chadwick was having sex without any protection and giving his wife stds. >> i was shocked when i heard the stories of things on the side. i mean, he was the man mommy. he drove and picked up the kids. he never said anything derogatory about q.c. >> they talked to q.c.'s close friends. they heard that divorce had come up as a subject. >> that's something peter chadwick never imagined would be in q.c.'s playbook. he doesn't want that to happen. >> q.c.'s got tons of money. >> you're starting to learn about a man who was completely different than what you thought before. >> yeah. peter was already on his way. he had continued to shift and shift and shift and was willing to do whatever he needed to do to keep his life the way that he wanted it.
9:44 pm
>> we went nine days without a body for a homicide investigation. we didn't know where she was. >> we weren't even sure it was going to be a murder case. >> once we got the phone call and the location, i sent detectives all the way out there. >> this is it, huh? >> and it was a complete remote area. >> middle of nowhere. >> almost into mexico. there's nothing like volunteering at the fire department. there's nothing like hitting the waves. but with my moderate-to-severe eczema it hasn't always been easy,... ...since my skin was so irritated and itchy... ...and even worse with all my gear on. now, i'm staying ahead of my eczema. there's a power inside all of us to live our passion. and dupixent works on the insie to help heal your skin from within. it helps block a key source of inflammation inside the body that can cause eczema. so adults can have long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief.
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9:48 pm
peter, so far, has been sticking to his story, for the most part. the major points stay the same -- juan, q.c.'s body being
9:49 pm
loaded into peter's car, the hours of driving. some details change, disappear, reappear, but in a direct quote from a police report -- >> the facts, as presented by peter were not only unsubstantiated but lacked plausibility. >> it becomes clear that whatever the other details may be, q.c. has been killed and her husband peter was involved. >> right around noon of october 11th, we placed peter chadwick under arrest for homicide. >> police went to the family's multimillion dollar home and found signs of foul play, but no sign of a victim. >> chadwick, a prominent real estate investor, husband, and father of three is behind bars, awaiting arraignment in a california courtroom later today. this morning, he stands accused of not only killing his wife, quee, seen here in family photo on facebook, but possibly hiding her body. >> mr. chadwick was in his car for about 18 hours with the
9:50 pm
body, so it could be anywhere in southern california right now. >> and seven days after q.c. went missing, we got a call from peter chadwick's attorney indicating that peter was going to give us the location of q.c.'s body. >> peter chadwick says he has put her in a dumpster. >> he's telling us that he was in south san diego, and he believed it was near a location called wildcat canyon. it's mountainside, and it's canyon roads, and it's kind of off the beaten path. >> i wanted to investigate where q.c.'s body was found, so the san diego medical examiner, dr. robert stabley, drove me to wildcat canyon. >> is there a house down -- that's it, that's it. that's the gate. right there. >> perfect. awesome. this is it, huh? middle of nowhere.
9:51 pm
>> yeah, pretty much. >> geez. so, it's just smaller than the other one. >> it appears to be a little bit smaller, but the same style of trash can and the same location that it was in 2012. >> we got to the dumpster where we open it up, and right on top is a beautiful purse. we immediately see q.c.'s identification's in there, $20,000 in cash is in there. we get to what we see is a green blanket that peter originally told us he wrapped her up in when the kidnapping first took place. as soon as we see that green blanket we know q.c.'s body's going to be in this dumpster. >> when you pulled up here, what'd you see? >> there was a body. we could tell because there were extremities exposed. she had extensive wounds about
9:52 pm
her head, torso, and all four extremities. and my initial impression is that she met with some type of trauma shortly before her death. >> authorities confirm the body discovered inside this lakeside dumpster yesterday afternoon is that of quee chadwick. >> what exactly did you find when you began to do the autopsy? >> the injuries that i've aready described were confirmed. there was also evidence of strangulation. she had significant hemorrhages in the muscles on both sides of her neck. she had bruises about her face. she had an abrasion on her chin, indicating that she may have had her chin down trying to protect her airway. it was extremely violent. >> what do you think really happened that day? >> i believe she put up a good
9:53 pm
fight, was significantly traumatized with blunt force injuries, and then the ultimate assault was strangulation. w jti >> argndighting with somebody is one thing. for it to turn physical is another. to take away your children's mother to continue to torture her, essentially. i mean, you watch that person struggle and fight. it's particularly depraved. >> now we think the investigation's in the bag. he's going to go to prison for the homicide. >> on monday, chadwick pleaded not guilty to murder charges. >> because he had no criminal history and because of having the three children who could be believed to be a tie to him to stay local, he was allowed to post bail, which in the california system was set at $1 million. >> now most people do not have the resources to do that. peter chadwick clearly did.
9:54 pm
the conditions on his bail essentially were, do not leave the country, have no contact with certain members of the family, and we took his passport to reduce his flight-risk potential. >> so there he is in santa barbara staying with his dad. he has a relationship with his kids. anr two years s r args. >> thereaserindication thatnything was wrong. >> he's making his court aparunl one dahe esot. matt calls me and goes, peter's gone. >> i honestly was kind of like, who didn't see this coming? >> he had a safe deposit box and that deposit box was emptied. >> and now it's very clear to everyone that peter chadwick has become a fugitive from justice. >> so we immediately set off on a man hunt. >> there are all kinds of places that peter could pick because he had access to money. >> he could be anywhere. >> in the meantime, peter chadwick unknown to the police, is thousands of miles away. >> wait until you hear what our team uncovered investigating this one man.
9:55 pm
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9:59 pm
♪ ♪ as soon as i saw the blood and the broken vase, you knew there was a story there. >> this is now a crime scene. >> the story's really never been told before. >> yeah, my wife -- my wife's dead. >> where is she? >> they took her. they took her. ♪ i did a bad, bad thing ♪ >> we are searching for quee chadwick. we do believe that she has been the victim of a homicide. >> so now we know the portrait of glorious domesticity has some cracks in it. >> "how to torture"? who looks that up? >> you're beginning to learn about a man who's completely different than what you thought before. >> willing to do whatever he had to do to keep his life the way
10:00 pm
he wanted it. >> there was so much hard work put into the vision to identify him as the person who had killed q.c. peter, we are coming for you. this begins your countdown to capture. ♪ did a bad, bad thing ♪ a manhunt is under way tonight for an orange county murder suspect who has vanished without a trace. >> after not showing up to the court to face murder charges accusing him of killing his wife q.c. and leaving her body in a dumpster, authorities quickly realize that peter chadwick is on the run and he's once again making headline news. >> a newport beach businessman has jumped bail. >> where is peter chadwick? >> we start talking to peter's dad and asking him, what's been going on?
10:01 pm
where is peter? and peter's dad just basically indicates that peter was getting scared, that he was suicidal. >> he called me. well, when he was let out on bail. >> at that particular moment, he seemed suicidal. >> seriously? >> yeah. he never confessed to me, but he would say stuff. and i said, peter, whatever happens, your boys still need you. and that's all i could say. >> murder carries a life sentence in the state of california, and i think that when peter chadwick realized that we weren't budging from that, that's when he made the decision that he was gonna flee. >> it was all of a sudden, where did he go? like, what parts of the world could he be in? >> he was a smart guy, and i just assumed he figured out how to get to some place that had no extradition. >> how could a father flee his family and leave them behind, knowing that he's the only parent left? he chose to save himself, not save his kids.
10:02 pm
>> could he be in the philippines? could he be in japan? could he have gone to mexico? could he have gone to canada? >> now knowing that we have a manhunt, we call the united states marshals for assistance. >> my name is craig mccluskey. i've been with the marshals service for 20 years. one of the things we do when we adopt a case is we try to establish a pattern of life on the individual. we'll examine their social habits, their financial habits prior to when they became a fugitive. we took a look at peter's pinterest account. and there was only three things that he really researched or saved on his pinterest account. one was tennis rackets. one was bugatti cars. and one was how to build a safe room in your home. so we knew that tennis was one of the things or a pattern of life that he might retain. so our initial dive into peter's finances, he had a safe deposit box, and that deposit box was emptied. we suspect that there was roughly a million dollars in that deposit box, just based on interviews with the bank. we also learned that peter had a lot of credit cards, approximately five or six that
10:03 pm
he did max cash withdrawals on, obviously with no intention of paying those back. >> you have to think, this guy has money, so he could be in timbuktu. where do we look? where do we begin? >> peter had an obvious jump-start on his flight, but also he was very meticulous in who knew about him, where he went, and how he could manipulate those assets to his benefit. >> so, one of the first tangible leads that we had was that he ha taken a cab to the santa barbara city airport. >> there were 45 different cab companies that service the santa barbara area, and on the 44th cab company that i called, they told me that they did send a car up to peter's father's house and picked up one passenger. >> once we got to the santa barbara airport, we were able to review the video footage from the airport, and we saw peter arrive in that cab. the photos that we have of peter shows him sitting in a chair, looking right at a surveillance
10:04 pm
camera. >> i think the purpose of peter being in eye line of the camera is to show us that he was there. >> but upon combing through pages and pages of the passenger list, we discovered that peter never got on a plane. >> he actually just walked out of the airport, got into another cab, and fled. >> this was all very calculated. he's laid this false groundwork, traveling to different places and planning fake trips. that's when we realized this was well planned, very strategic. now i would say we were several months behind. we made a decision to go up to peter's father's home in santa barbara. >> we did a cursory search of the room where peter was residing at the time. and the room was basically cleaned out except for a few items that were very distinct clues on where peter might have gone. >> in the father's house, there are references to canada. there are breadcrumbs that would
10:05 pm
lead any investigator to thinking, this man's going to canada. >> some of those items included books on how to change one's identity, how to live life on the run in canada. so it appeared that peter was heavily researching how to exit the country through the washington border into canada. >> i decided at that point that we needed to interview peter's sons. >> the oldest son initially old us his father was telling them, yes, i'm going to run. >> his plan was to drive to the canadian border up in the state of washington. he was going to walk across, find himself a menial job, and then from there he was going to go to a country where he could then contact his sons and have a reunion. >> he knew people in canada. he lived in canada as a child. when the parents left england, they first went to canada, then made their way to california. so he's got ties there.
10:06 pm
>> so, during the first three years after peter ran, the marshals followed up on leads and tips in canada, hitting dead ends at every turn. >> if i could put a number on all the resources that we used, there was approximately 20 to 30 personnel at any given time doing something on this case. >> as time goes by, it's difficult to continue a timeline and establish locations of where and when a fugitive has gone. >> peter was definitely my pink panther, for lack of a better term. we knew he was there. we just couldn't get him. >> there was so much hard work put into the investigation to identify him as the person responsible for killing q.c. why then just give up and let him get away? we just don't do that in law enforcement. >> when a case gets chilly or starts to go cold, bringing in a fresh set of eyes is a great way to look at things a little bit differently, and that's exactly what happened.
10:07 pm
>> you can run, but you can't hide much longer. so do yourself a favor, mr. chadwick, and turn yourself in. >> they sure enough did their own podcast. >> it was a brilliant idea. >> the clock was ticking for peter chadwick. every day that he was gone, he was just one day closer to being caught. >> peter, we are coming for you. this begins your countdown to capture. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects
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10:10 pm
chadwick disappeared more than three and a half years ago while awaiting trial for the murder of his 46-year-old wife, q.c. >> you can run, but you can't hide much longer. so, do yourself a favor, mr. chadwick, and turn yourself
10:11 pm
in. >> so, any investigator will tell you that when a case gets chilly or starts to go cold, bringing in a fresh set of eyes is a great way to look at things a little bit differently, and that's exactly what happened when a new sergeant, court depweg, came to newport beach p.d. so around 2018, he decided to pump some new life into this case. >> so, i came to the crimes against persons unit as the sergeant. and one of the things that stuck out was the fact that peter chadwick was still wanted for killing q.c. from 2012. i wanted to find out what had been done. let's figure out what we're going to do moving forward and how we're gonna get this guy. >> court depweg from the newport police department is a rock star in my mind. and he's like a dog with a bone. he could not stomach the idea that this man was able to use his money to escape criminal justice in the state of california, and court depweg was going to find him. >> i went to our public
10:12 pm
information officer, jennifer manzella. >> sergeant depweg came into my office and started talking to me about the chadwick case. and said that we needed to republicize this story. >> and we had to do it globally. we knew he had means that he could get out of the country. >> and he just sat there and said, you know, what's your idea? and i think i blinked like a deer in the headlights. and then i looked at him and said, you know, the only thing i can think of would be something like a podcast, but that would be a lot of work, and i don't really know how to do it. >> i had never listened to a podcast, didn't know what a podcast was. so, for me, after she walked me through it, i said, perfect, let's try. >> is this mic going? >> i was so intimidated by the scope of this project. it's not necessarily something that's in my wheelhouse. >> stand by. >> the within the department, within the prosecutor's office, the investigators, everybody, and
10:13 pm
incorporate them into a phenomenal podcast that takes this case from a to z. >> we had a microphone that we were able to get. we had a pop filter, a microphone stand, and a music stand. and that was -- that was it. some cables. we just patched it together with duct tape and ran with it. >> they sure enough did their own podcast called "countdown to capture." >> the first episode went out on september 17th of 2018. welcome to the prologue of "countdown to capture." i'm jennifer manzella, and i'll be hosting this podcast about peter chadwick. who is peter chadwick? >> suddenly there's new heartbeat. this new heartbeat is pumping loudly and furiously. >> police in newport beach launching their own podcast. >> there's all these antennas going out to the world. remember, podcasts go to the world.
10:14 pm
bring us fresh tips. it was a brilliant idea. >> we got a lot of tips from all over the world. we got sightings, tips. we got, hey, i know this person. we were getting tips, you know, as far as ukraine. we were getting tips from japan. >> it was actually incredible to see the numbers take off. >> with a podcast already leading to new tips, police are hopeful. >> before the podcast, we were not getting calls from the public, and now we are. >> we got a lot of tips. some pretty good tips, and then we got some really, really out of left field, really, really crazy ones. but again, you still have to vet it. >> peter's face was everywhere. >> and one of those things i noticed was that the united states marshall service top 15 had a couple vacancies, and that's when i reached out. i think within hours, he was up on the top 15. >> collectively, these agencies do one more thing that attracts attention in a case, and that's offer money. money is a good lure if you happen to know something about
10:15 pm
the whereabouts of peter chadwick. >> with a partnership with the united states marshal service and the support of the city of newport beach and private donors, i'm pleased to announce that we are now offering a $100,000 reward for mr. chadwick's capture. we wnt everyone to be looking for peter chadwick. >> at the end of the final episode, we conclude with sergeant depweg giving direct message to peter chadwick. >> peter, end this now. you made the decision to take q.c.'s life, to steal her from her children, to leave your boys stranded on the side of a road to fend for themselves, to flee like a coward and to not face the consequences of your actions. think about your boys. peter, we are coming for you. this begins your countdown to capture. >> we didn't have any way of knowing if peter chadwick would hear about the podcast, would listen to the podcast. but it was very important to us that if he did, he knew exactly where we stood.
10:16 pm
>> despite the podcast and resources spent looking all over the world for peter chadwick, he vanished without a trace. police had no idea how clever his escape plan was. >> my thought was, okay, let me try to make it look like canada. i put leads. so i put things that would make people think i went to canada. i left some papers in the rooms. and then go to mexico. i walked across with a couple of bags and a backpack. there's less chance of getting caught, i thought. >> the story's really never been told before, so we wanted to come down to see exactly what he was doing, who he knew, and what his life was like. and what really happened in mexico.
10:17 pm
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10:21 pm
♪ ♪ in 2015, when peter decided to flee, you know, he made it look like he had fled to canada when in reality, he came down here to the san ysidro point of entry from the mexican/u.s. border. >> right here. this line here? >> yeah. and he walked this path right here where these pedestrians are coming through, in through this white building right here and out the other end where this metal fence is. went straight into mexico. >> peter's passports were taken from him before he fled, so how did he slip into mexico?
10:22 pm
i decided to cross the border into mexico with my producer just to see if we would get asked for our passports. well, here we are, mexico. piece of cake. they didn't check any passports. no i.d., nothing. we didn't need anything to get . so, this was his trip. he walked across the border. caught a bus, 27 hours down the west coast, right up to colima. then he took the road north to guadalajara. >> in guadalajara, somebody asked me, oh, and what's your name? "peter." so, i left because of that. i went to patzcuaro. >> so now we're heading to patzcuaro which is about four hours away from mexico city. this is where we'll get a good sense of what his life was like. a different kind of life than he had in america.
10:23 pm
>> pátzcuaro is a very traditional, old-style colonial city. people live a family oriented, continuity of values and engagement that goes on generation after generation. >> patzcuaro is famous for its celebrations of the day of the dead holiday. and it's a place that seems nearly the opposite of the life that peter chadwick had lived in california, but it was also the perfect place for him to hide in plain sight. >> if i went to a chain hotel, they would photocopy the i.d. at the cheaper places, it's just kind of like, they look at it, and say, put your name from the i.d. >> this is right in the middle of patzcuaro, and that hotel right there is where peter had his very first place to live.
10:24 pm
>> we got access to peter chadwick's hotel room. come take a look. number 3. okay? this is where he stayed for a while. >> when you come down here, there's no expectation put on you. you can reinvent yourself. an ex-pat is simply an american or canadian who has decided to live down here full-time or nearly full-time. i'm an ex-pat from minnesota. i have lived here in mexico for the past 15 years. i'm a painter and a writer. i've written 46 books, including 5 books on the ex-pat experience. >> the local people don't know what you did. they don't really care. it would be very easy to have a lot of aliases. >> at this point, peter just starts changing his name.
10:25 pm
he's using fake i.d.s and further distancing himself from who he was. >> in patzcuaro i was paul cook. >> you can be as visible or invisible as you wish, and i have actually been known to say that if i wanted to be a career criminal, i would come here. >> so, in patzcuaro, i was pretty much the same. i looked the same. i felt like i was safe to just be the same look and avoid tourist places. >> so, this is our living room. yeah. >> its beautiful. >> well, we call it the plaza grande. >> rick davis is an american living in patzcuaro for the last 22 years, who knew peter as paul cook. >> so this is the spot where paul came in to go have coffee. >> mm-hmm. >> right, so walked by you every day. >> right. i have a store in the main mr. za. we would pass every morning and
10:26 pm
say hello, et cetera. >> this is the table, this is the chair. >> he never was upfront about conversation. >> what does that mean? >> he wouldn't look at you. >> he wouldn't look at you? why? >> i don't know. >> so those that knew him, what did they say about why paul moved here? >> one of the stories was that he had a family and that they were killed in a plane crash. >> he told friends down here the reason he came from mexico is because his family was killed in the mh-370 flight, which is the flight that went from malaysia to china and then suddenly mysteriously disappeared. [ speaking non-english ] >> local realtor lina monroe helped peter, who she knew as paul, find an apartment, but she says there was something off-putting about the american ex-pat.
10:27 pm
[ speaking non-english ] >> when you say he was strange, what do you mean strange? [ speaking non-english ] >> what was he doing for income while he was here? >> i believe it was motorcycle parts and maybe even motorcycles and repair of motorcycles. >> not only did paul cook have work and an apartment, he also started a close friendship with a local woman. >> you know, i really don't know how they met. her name was claudia soto. [ speaking non-english ] >> claudia was a very classy person. she was very ladylike, funny as can be, very intelligent, oftentimes i'd overhear the ladies talking and laughing about what happened last night and how they were a little hungover this morning and stuff
10:28 pm
because they'd been over at paul's. >> so he was having a lot of parties. >> seems like it. >> did he ever use the word girlfriend with claudia and him? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> just more like close friends. >> yeah. uh-huh. >> after a year of hiding in mexico, paul cook was living a good life. he had eluded capture and put his life as peter chadwick well behind him, until a tragic accident would unravel his life on the run. >> so you, your sister claudia, and paul got in the car to head to this concert. do you have any idea how fast he was driving? [ speaking non-english ] >> when you woke up, did you know exactly what happened to
10:29 pm
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may 2016, it's dark and late at night. paul cook is driving his close friend claudia and her sister adriana back from a concert in the nearby town of morelia. [ speaking non-english ] >> so late that night after the crash, claudia was found dead at the scene. but then the other two were taken to the hospitals. peter first to this private hospital, and then adriana was taken to a public hospital.
10:34 pm
>> you were in a coma for 15 days. [ speaking non-english ] >> do you remember exactly how you felt when you got that word that your sister died? [ speaking non-english ] >> so, this is the way that families notify the others and honor those that died when somebody dies. >> yeah, if you see that, you ask, who died? who died? >> when you heard that paul was not badly wounded, what did you think at that point?
10:35 pm
[ speaking non-english ] >> and i do remember we all asked, how's paul? and as i recall, maybe a couple of weeks went by and here comes paul limping across the plaza to have his coffee at the hotel restaurant. >> so, one was killed, one was badly paralyzed, and he was just limping. >> for claudia's family, the mystery that was surrounding
10:36 pm
paul began at 4:30 in the morning just hours after the crash. they were called into the district attorney's office and presented with this remarkable document to sign. [ speaking non-english ] >> can you read to me some of this? [ speaking non-english ] >> it's stunning to us that this exists, that they wanted to make something legal in a document that relieved paul from this crash.
10:37 pm
>> were you able to read it all, when it was written? >> no. [ speaking non-english ] >> we pressed for more information to better understand the origin and the purpose of this document. ultimately, we heard back from the michoacan attorney general's transparency unit. they stated that the document is part of the investigation and they're aware of the incident. they provided no further answers. do you think that paul may have done this so he would not get any attention, given the fact that he had fled the united states and was hiding? [ speaking non-english ] >> i saw him only a few times,
10:38 pm
hobbling and then right up to the point that he was walking all right. and then he just disappeared. [ speaking non-english ] >> suddenly paul, who entered quickly, has now exited even faster. nobody had any idea where he went and how they could find him. >> after there was an accident, i pretty quickly left, leaving a lot of stuff that i bought in an apartment there. >> he packed up and just left town, didn't look back. abandoned all his investments, the condo he purchased. and that was a huge blow to him. >> i've been traveling. i want to look for a place to,
10:39 pm
you know, stay again. i found hostels, which are cheaper, 200 or 300 pesos a night. >> the common theme kept coming up that if peter was gonna reach out or speak to anyone, it was gonna be his oldest son, ben. so, we made the decision to go up to stanford university and speak with benjamin right before thanksgiving, the weekend, because there might be a chance of some communication because of the holiday coming up. >> he was approximately 19 years old at the time of the interview. >> very nice kid. you can't help but feel really bad for these children for what they've experienced. you know, not only was their mom taken from them by the hands of their father, but now their father is on the run. >> we finally learned that ben had knowledge that his father
10:40 pm
was in that vehicle accident in mexico. >> with authorities now closing in on peter, he is about to make one phone call that will change everything. ♪we're not gonna take it by twisted sister♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ covid-19 moves fast, and now you can too by asking your healthcare provider if an oral treatment is right for you. oral treatments can be taken at home and must be taken within 5 days from when symptoms first appear. if you have symptoms of covid-19, even if they are mild, don't wait,
10:41 pm
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♪ ♪ i went to patzcuaro. i stayed there i think almost two years, but after there was an accident, i pretty quickly left, leaving a lot of stuff, and the next place was valle de bravo. i was working in a cafe, dishwasher and things like that. i was doing the english lessons and getting to know how to save
10:45 pm
money, and then i had this big thing. >> yeah, so while he was in valle de bravo trying to recollect himself, peter was aired on an investigative report. >> i saw the show on my ipad. it freaked me out. and then like two hours later, my ipad didn't work. so i had a feeling that they were checking who's watching that video. so i left valle de bravo in one day. >> that's what happens for people on the run, everything's suspicious. they're always looking over their shoulder. >> i thought, i'll go down to mexico, and i'll be able to be calm. and really, with the lying and the -- it's just the same or worse. >> from valle de bravo, peter then went to cholula, where he kind of re-established himself. [ speaking non-english ]
10:46 pm
>> then after nearly five years, towards the end of the summer of 2019, detective mike fletcher gets a tip that he shares with the u.s. marshals, leading them to zero in on peter chadwick. >> i said trust me, i think this is good. look into it. within, i think, 24 hours, i was getting called that they tracked him to a location. >> is that the spot right there? >> si. >> that's it. >> mm-hmm. [ speaking non-english ] >> what did you think of him when he made this call right
10:47 pm
here in the neighborhood where he was living? [ speaking non-english ] >> it was the small details of peter's patterns of life, playing tennis and hosting business meetings in and around tennis courts. and small details like that really helped us narrow down the location. >> you showed the neighbors his photo of what he looked like. and they said, a-ha, we know he's in this area. [ speaking non-english ] >> detective islas was in charge of peter's arrest. he knew where peter was living, that he had resources, that he had money, and that he could move very quickly, so his team really had to move even faster. >> you got out of your car right here? your vehicle was here? [ speaking non-english ]
10:48 pm
>> it was like 11:30 at night. i was in the room getting ready to go to sleep, brushing my teeth and playing a video game. they knocked on the door, i put my pants on, answered the door and -- [ speaking non-english ] >> what did he say? [ speaking non-english ] >> que pasa, he just said, "que pasa?" [ speaking non-english ] >> he had no idea you were coming? [ speaking non-english ] >> the timing of this could not have been more dramatic than this, wouldn't you agree? [ speaking non-english ] >> and actually, the next morning i was leaving for puebl ark. i was going to leave that place, so i was 12 hours away from i
10:49 pm
was out of there. >> five years since arriving in mexico, peter chadwick is found. >> and then i got photographs of him in custody. i was like, oh, my gosh, we did it. it was a very proud moment for our organization and my team. it was august 5th and peter chadwick was in custody. he looked like a man who was done running. deflated. i mean, no resistance. >> this just in, the man accused of killing his wife has been captured. >> when they found him in mexico, what was the neighborhood's reaction to that? >> oh, my gosh. i mean, we're just flooded with txt messages. everybody -- did you hear this? did you hear that? it was just -- thank god. thank god he was arrested. thank god they found him finally. and they'll bring him to justice. [ speaking non-english ] >> was that the first you ever heard that he had this different
10:50 pm
name, peter chadwick? that this was not really paul cook? [ speaking non-english ] >> we brought him back here to newport beach police department and then i said, well, let's see what he has to say. > obviously i can clam up and just whatever, but i'm willing to talk. >> when peter came back to the united states, we basically came across a whole dossier of information from his time in mexico -- his budgeting, accounting for every dollar that he had, rehearsed statements or conversations he was gonna have on the phone with people, pictures of his family, numerous fraudulent identification cards. >> did you have a passport? >> no. >> no. >> yeah, yeah, i got those ids in mexico. >> in mexico, this notebook is his life. he goes through the days of how much money he has and figuring about how much time that is going to last him. 4.4 years. >> at first i was spending almost $2,000 a month. at this juncture, i'm living on $1,000 u.s. so it was getting down to not
10:51 pm
much. i needed to call somebody. i think that's what got me, you know, is a friend who's probably on your list of watching the phone numbers. >> what was the end game? you were just hoping to finish out your life in mexico, or did you have a plan to come back? >> no, not to come back. i mean, i thought -- i had dreams. kind of go, and then i'm going to see what happens. obviously, i wanted to see -- i wanted to see my kids. >> then peter asks detective fletcher if he can call his son ben. >> hi. >> hi. been so long. >> yeah, i know. >> the mexicans and the u.s. marshals got me. i guess it was a matter of time. i miss you so much and love you guys. >> yeah. we missed you, too. >> i'm so sorry for all this messing up your life and what happened to mom, obviously,
10:52 pm
and -- and everything. i'm so sorry. i screwed up. >> this is my first day at work. [ laughter ] >> wow, what a day. >> yeah. i know, right? >> i just -- i just wanted to hear your voice. say that i miss you and i love you. >> bye, dad. >> i knew i had to pay for what happened. it was a bad choice. >> what justice will he finally be served? >> how do you don't mind me. i'm just the flu. i'm quite harmless, really.
10:53 pm
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10:56 pm
the wheels of justice grind ever so slowly. but after ten long years and a diligent investigation, finally peter chadwick faces justice. >> there was a lot of discussion about trial as opposed to some sort of plea agreement. at the end of the day, there's three boys still that we were acutely aware that had been through a lot. >> are all parties ready to proceed in. >> yes, your honor. >> mr. chadwick, did you want to make a statement? >> yes. i know i -- not only killed quee choo, destroyed family for the -- my children, took away their mother. i'm sorry. i wish i could take it back. >> and he was crying in court. >> i destroyed everything.
10:57 pm
>> these were not tears for q.c. those tears were not for anyone but peter. >> he's like this duck swimming through water, and the wake that he leaves is just human misery. >> so, i deserve whatever the court decides. >> how do you now plead to count one, violation of murder, guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> i do accept your plea. and at this time i'll sentence you to state prison for 15 years to life. >> how could a father do something like this, not just to his wife, but to his whole family? >> peter may now finally be behind bars in the u.s., but back in mexico, what kind of justice might there be for claudia, adriana, and their family? >> he will now have to do 12 years minimum in california state prison before he's eligible for parole.
10:58 pm
and i think that family in mexico should have a voice at that hearing. ♪ ♪ >> you've never -- you've never been here before? not since the crash? [ speaking non-english ] >> yeah, i see -- i see the cross right there. >> mm-hmm. >> it was right on that corner. >> si. >> do you feel betrayed by peter? by paul? [ speaking non-english ] >> this guy committed a murder in our city. we're not gonna just let him be on the run and live his life. q.c. didn't get that opportunity. >> she had so many plans, but
10:59 pm
she wanted to do as much for her children as she could and she did. i can't imagine a mother giving children a better sense of love and devotion than she did. >> and that's our program for tonight. thanks so much for watching. i'm amy robach. >> and i'm david muir. from all of us here at "20/20" and abc news, thanks for watching. good night.
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