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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 24, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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from the south bay bureau at levi's. ♪ ♪ good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, the alarming new warning overnight about the war in ukraine. overnight, the u.s. and our allies push back against russia's claims that ukrainian forces are preparing to detonate a dirty bomb and blame russia, this morning our exclusive with the commander of the ukrainian ground forces. >> how worried should all of us be about putin's nuclear threats? >> what it will take to end the war, only on "gma" this morning. an abc news exclusive. breaking her silence, the uvalde school staffer initially blamed for leaving the door open the gunman used to enter robb elementary. what she says really happened and the newly obtained video footage that backs up her story. winter storm alert.
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first widespread snowstorm of the season on the move this morning threatening millions with tornadoes, damaging winds and more. countdown to midterms. just over two weeks to go the toss-up race in nevada that could determine control of the senate. the top issues on voters' minds in the final stretch. tripledemic? the growing concerns for kids. rsv, the flu and a possible surge in covid cases. caught on camera, a 10-year-old girl escaped a man who tried to lure her on two separate occasions. falling behind? students across the country suffering one of the worst setbacks at school, what the nation's report card reveals this morning. sweet or scary? ♪ too deep in love ♪ >> trick or treat. >> the cost of candy soaring and shrinkflation hitting some of your favorite chocolate. this morning where you can find
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the best deals for this halloween. ♪ baby bye bye bye ♪ and houston busting out their brooms, saying bye, bye, bye to the yankees and hello to the world series with a stunning sweep. >> ball game over and the houston astros win the american league pennant! >> plus, the phillies booking their ticket to the fall classic. >> harper, the swing of his life! >> now with the showdown set, have the pennant parties died down yet? i don't think so. as both teams soak it all in. we certainly do say good morning, america. houston heading back to the world series. >> again. yes, congrats to them. the fans watching in houston, the game of course was at the yankee stadium. yankees fans didn't look like this last night. a long rain delay.
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the game went past midnight, but they'll face off against the phillies in the world series. >> we'll have a lot more on that coming up. first the latest with the war in ukraine. and our exclusive interview with the commander of the ukrainian armed troops beating back russia's biggest troops in the war. he's warning about vladimir putin's nuclear threats as we hear more disturbing rhetoric out of moscow this morning. chief foreign correspondent ian pannell starts us off. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you say more dire warnings coming from the kremlin, the russian foreign minister speaking to defense secretary austin and others alleging that ukraine is ready to detonate a dirty bomb. ground forces commander sitting down for an exclusive interview about how they're managing to not just hold russia's military back, but to defeat them for now. overnight, america, britain, and france denouncing russia's claims that ukraine is planning to detonate a so-called dirty bomb. russia state media making the same claims, saying, a dirty bomb is a conventional bomb laced with radioactive material.
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russia's defense minister urgently calling his counterparts in london, paris and washington to warn them of the alleged plot, but offering no evidence. but in a joint statement, the three countries all saying we all reject russia's transparently false allegations. the claims are raising fears because russia has repeatedly used this tactic of falsely accusing ukraine of planning attacks that it's about to carry out itself. >> how are you? >> reporter: earlier i sat down for an exclusive interview with the man in charge of the ukrainian ground forces. >> how worried are you, how worried should all of us be about putin's nuclear threats? [ speaking in non-english ] >> translator: i must agree with you that we are and should be worried and i do believe that the threat really exists and we have to take it into account. >> reporter: he gave russia its first major defeat defending the capital at the start of the war forcing putin's men to retreat.
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he's now leading the major counteroffensive here in kharkiv region already liberating thousands of square miles of territory. [ speaking in non-english ] >> translator: we create the conditions under which we can make the enemy lose confidence, get nervous, start taking losses and abandon their positions. >> reporter: the general graduated from the oldest russia military school in the 1980s studying soviet battlefield tactics he says russia's still using today. >> a basic question, but i think an important question, are you winning this war? [ speaking in non-english ] >> translator: of course i think we're winning because first and foremost we're winning mentally and we have success on the front line. we understand that this war is about survival of our people and our state and this is why we have no other option but to win. >> reporter: for now putin is losing the land war, but he's responded with a massive mobilization at home and mass
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strikes in ukraine targeting the country's power plants leaving civilians in the cold and dark with winter rapidly approaching. >> general, how do you end this war? how do you achieve peace? [ speaking in non-english ] >> translator: you know how we say here in ukraine, we long for peace, but after our victory those are quite simple words, but have profound meaning. >> reporter: give me your vision of how this physically ends, what that looks like? [ speaking in non-english ] >> translator: it's when ukrainian flags will fly all over our borders including crimea. >> reporter: we now have some kremlin reaction this morning, the spokesman talking about what he says is a west's distrust of russia's warnings about these so-called plans to create a dirty bomb. saying that the threat is obvious. it's up to them to believe it or not. ukraine's foreign minister simply warning russia often accuses others of what they plan themselves. robin? >> as always our thanks to you, ian. now to another abc news exclusive with the uvalde school
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staffer speaking for the first time about the claim in the early days of the mass shooting that she left a door propped open during the attack. john quinones with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know the story of the staffer who worked taking care of students after school here at robb elementary is absolutely heart-wrenching. she says her life is in shambles all because of the false accusation from one of the state's top law enforcement officials. now we have exclusive newly obtained video that backs up her story. it was just days after a gunman killed 21 in a uvalde elementary school that texas police said this -- >> we know from video evidence at 11:27 the exterior door, where we know the shooter entered, was propped open by a teacher. >> reporter: but this morning, that woman a school staffer speaking for the first time says
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those words from law enforcement vilified her to her own community. >> he said a teacher left the door propped open. i looked at my daughter and i said that's a lie. >> did you hear anything about what they were saying about you? >> i did. people think she needs to be fired for what she did, leaving the door open. but i know what i did. >> reporter: just a few days later the texas department of public safety retracted the statement, admitting that marin had closed the door but it didn't lock automatically like it was supposed to. now video footage from the school newly obtained by abc news and still not released to the public, shows that marin, in fact, did what she was supposed to do. when she spotted the gunman crash the car and approach school grounds with a rifle. we asked her to start from the beginning. >> can you tell me what you're doing there? >> i'm rolling the cart out because i'm going to meet my co-worker outside. i'm running in to get my phone.
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>> because? >> because the crash happened already. >> and you're calling 911 to get help? >> yes. my first thought was somebody had a heart attack because he was coming like 80 miles an hour and then he hit the rail and then crashed into the ditch. i'm running to him to help him. >> little do you know he has a gun? >> yes. >> reporter: she kicks the rock away that was holding the door open. >> as i'm running back i tell her, he's got a gun. he's shooting. >> the kids are running! the kids are running! >> the kids were playing outside on the playground over here and i see them running and screaming, and i'm coming in and i'm yelling at them, get in your rooms. get in your rooms. >> reporter: today she says the shooting and its aftermath have traumatized her. her body shakes. she speaks with a stutter and
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suffers from anxiety and depression. >> i'm suffering mentally of course, emotionally. i still don't sleep. i see those victims' faces. i pray for them every night. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety has issued a statement now saying it apologizes to amy marin and her family for the additional grief this has caused an already horrible situation. she's in therapy and walks around wearing these big noise-cancelling headphones because any loud sound, police sirens, ambulances, even children laugherter because she said it takes her back to a very, very dark place. robin? >> good she's getting the help she so richly deserves. john, thank you. t.j.? we'll turn now to the first major snowstorm of the season, more than a foot falling in the rockies and that storm is now on the move this morning and mola lenghi is in colorado for us. good morning, mola.
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>> reporter: good morning, t.j. folks throughout the western united states waking up this morning to the first significant, first widespread snowstorm of the season. here in beaver creek, colorado, ski country, folks are waking up to several inches of snow. other parts of the colorado rockies saw up to 11 inches of snow. the heaviest snow fall was in month where 22 inches accumulated. but other parties of northern california all blanketed. the storm's also bringing heavy rain, much-needed rain, at least in the drought-stricken parts of the country. as the storm pushes east, areas of the mississippi water shed are expecting four inches of rain this week. it's certainly an area that can use the rainfall. george? >> okay, mola. thanks. to politics now, final day
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of midterms just two weeks ago. republicans are rising in battleground states including nevada. rachel scott is reporting from las vegas. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. republicans see this state as one of their best opportunities to flip a senate seat the closer we get to election day the tighter this senate race gets. it's the closest senate race in the country, a state that could decide control of the senate and this morning, it is a dead heat. >> there's so much at stake. we all know that. >> take back nevada, right. >> reporter: democratic senator catherine cortez-masto is facing republican adam laxalt, who led trump's failed effort to overturn the 2020 results of the state. >> they claim the election was stole than wasn't. >> reporter: the former attorney general zeroing in on the republican playbook, focusing on the economy. >> we simply cannot afford one more week of joe biden/catherine cortez-masto economy. >> reporter: while democrats are betting on abortion rights to drive momentum as early voting
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gets under way. >> adam, not only does not support abortion rights but just a woman's right to choose in this state which nevadians have decided they respect. he doesn't support that. >> reporter: with just weeks to go the president has put the issue front and center but he's been largely absent from the campaign trail. trading public campaign rallies for big dollar fundraisers behind closed doors. >> somebody's noticeably missing from the trail here in the final few weeks of this pivotal campaign. how about joe biden? >> reporter: biden hasn't traveled to nevada. >> senator, would you campaign with president biden? >> he's always welcome to nevada. as you can see, my focus is on getting out and talking to nevadans. >> reporter: that's not a yes. two democrats that will campaign with president biden just one week out from election day in florida, charlie crist challenging florida governor desantis.pthose two will debate few hours. and val demings, a democrat
7:14 am
who's challenging senator marco rubio, both very tough races for democrats. george? >> our new poll shows that republicans have a real edge on issues people care most about now. >> reporter: yes, george. this is where democrats are facing some serious political head winds. the economy is the top issue for voters and that is where republicans hold their largest advantage. according to our latest abc news/ipsos poll 36% of americans believe that republicans will do a better job handling the economy, 35% trust republicans over democrats on the issue of crime. now democrats aren't completely underwater here. they do lead on other issues like climate change, abortion rights. george, i got to tell you, inflation, economy top of mind for voters. >> no question about that. rachel scott, thank you very much. robin? now to new developments from political turmoil in britain. former prime minister boris johnson has bowed out of the race to replace liz truss who abruptly announced her resignation last week after just 44 days on the job. our foreign correspondent james
7:15 am
longman is in london with those details. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it is confirmed the former secretary has been chosen to lead the conservative party which will make him prime minister. he'll be the third prime minister in seven weeks. it had been a three-horse race, but boris johnson didn't get the numbers he needed, neither did the leader of the house of commons. sunak is the first nonwhite prime minister, but he'll also be wealthiest. it's strange given the situation britain faces with its cost of living crisis. he has a lot of work to do. guys? >> james, thanks so much. t.j.? all right, it's going to be phillies versus astros, going back to world series completing a sweep of the yankees overnight
7:16 am
in a rain-delayed game. the philadelphia phillies are in that classic as well. will reeve joins us with more. will, good morning to you. a sweep of the yankees and astros still haven't lost. >> reporter: we're looking ahead to the world series and it's poetic in a way. aaron judge, with the record of 62 home runs, he is nightmare fuel for pitchers all year recorded the final out of the yankees' year by grounding out to the pitcher. overnight after jumping out to an early lead it looked like the new york yankees might keep their american league championship series peton ce back and finished off the sweep. a throwing error proving especially costly for the bronx bombers. superstar aaron judge, his bat silent most of the series, making the final out. the astros winning the game 6-5 capturing the american league pennant for the fourth time in six years. >> ball game over, and the houston astros win the american league pennant!
7:17 am
>> reporter: post game the astros celebrating their series sweep with brooms in the clubhouse. next up they face the philadelphia phillies, booking their ticket to the world series as national league champs for the first time since 2009. >> the phillies are going to the world series! >> reporter: the phillies taking an early lead with this two-run home run. the san diego padres striking right back keeping it close. >> juan soto watches it fly. >> reporter: but a massively clutch home run from bryce harper put the phillies up for good. >> back it goes. harper the swing of his life! >> reporter: the city of brotherly love out in force celebrating in the streets. to put a button on the yankees season, fansro wjudge willtay a. it's an improbable matchup the phillies had the second worst record of all playoff teams. the astros, the second best. world series, game one friday in houston, guys.
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>> will, thanks very mch. coming up, a manhunt now under way after an attempted kidnapping of 10-year-old girl caught on camera. and the concerns for students and college graduates this morning with the president's student loan forgiveness program on hold and the national test scores dropping. let's go to brittany bell in for ginger. >> right now we're watching for that threat of severe weather across portions of southern plains, also the southeast. here's the bull's-eye today, a slight risk that includes dallas, austin and houston. you can see that threat for damaging winds and also a few tornadoes and by tomorrow more showers swinging into mississippi. your local news in 30 seconds.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. today, registered nurses in the east bay are sent to start a five day strike. the nurses union says the strike is in response to quote, worsening hospital conditions at all to medical campuses. high turnover, workplace violence and staffing issues were cited. the union represents about 1800 nurses. we have reached out but have not heard back. jobina: good morning. we do have an update on a crash we are following on westbound 80 before magazine street. it has cleared but you are
7:24 am
looking at residual delays and we have a new four car crash in berkeley on westbound 80. prepare for delays. reggie: we will check in
7:25 am
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lisa: good monday morning. we are getting set for a beautiful afternoon. it is certainly a chilly start out there, where we are looking at walmer peak. the camera is shaking with relative humidity in the 20% range. if the four downtown, it is 41 in santa clara, so you add in a little bit of wind and it can feel it the 30's out there but temperatures from the 40's rebounding all into the 70's today but this morning, it is colder in the north bay and we will see the warmest day today, 74 in san jose.
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for chest, neck, and back. it goes on clear. no mess. just soothing comfort. try vicks vapostick. he's coming. he's coming. >>achere on "g,"ust 18 days now until the highly anticipated "black panther: wakanda forever" hits theaters and one of the movie's stars michaela cole is here with us this morning in our next hour. but live outside our studio right now is that woman, right there in the middle, it's her 40th birthday and on top of her bucket list, be on "gma." that's it. i mean, even before the statue of liberty, that was first on
7:31 am
her list. i went outside during the commercial break. she's from michigan. she's got three boys at home. her husband is at home holding down the fort. happy birthday. >> we hope she has a great birthday here in new york city. following the latest on the war in ukraine. word that russia says ukraine is planning to detonate a dirty bomb. in a joint statement the u.s., britain and paris say wemi. cod, flrary vus lled rsv already putting a strain on hospitals all across the country and d.c. we'll tell you more about how to protect your family coming up in the next hour. and tua tagovailoa back in action, back on the field first time last night since he was knocked out of course with that
7:32 am
concussion a few weeks ago. tagovailoa got his team off to a good start, touchdown opening drive, the dolphins beat the steelers in a close game. they snap a three-game losing streak that started when he went out. also, happy diwali to everyone who celebrates. over a billion people come together for five-day festival of the lights, the celebrate shine brightest in india where homes are covered with beautiful lights. it's a day about coming together. a whole lot more here on "gma" including the latest on student loan forgiveness, what the biden administration is saying as gop states try to block the program in court. that's coming up. robin? right now the alleged kidnapping attempt. police say a 10-year-old girl in florida was approached two days in a row by the same man. authorities are trying to find the man seen in the surveillance video. eva pilgrim is here with the latest. good morning, eva. >> good morning, robin. this happened in an area very close to two schools, an elementary and a middle school, this morning that little girl's
7:33 am
mother shares her story and asked us to disguise her face and voice to protect her daughter's identity. this morning, an urgent search, police in fort lauderdale looking for this man who tried to lure a 10-year-old girl into his van on two separate occasions as she made her way to school. >> offers her various things to try to bribe her into getting into his vehicle. >> reporter: this new video police say showing the little girl as she ran away. the girl's mother who didn't show her face on camera spoke out about the terrifying ordeal. >> we're still in total shock. i just keep thinking what if he like he gotten a chance to really get her in the van. >> reporter: police say the girl told them a man in a black van first approached her wednesday on her way to school, offering her candy. >> he opened the sliding door of his van and showed her the candy and told her to get inside and take a look at all the candy that he had. >> reporter: authorities say she managed to get away, but the next morning that same man
7:34 am
allegedly approaching her again, this time on foot. >> he said, hey, you forgot your candies yesterday. so she got frightened and she ran and seeked help and then the police, they contacted me. >> reporter: this surveillance video from that morning from a nearby school showing the girl sprinting down the street, pausing for a brief moment and then running away. on the right side of the video, you can see a man wearing all black heading into the direction of the young girl before turning around and walking away. >> words can't describe how we feel so proud to have her as a daughter. she did the right thing. we're happy she's here with us today. >> reporter: police passing out this flyer in the area searching for the man they say could be involved. neighbors now on alert. as to the young girl, safety experts say she did exactly the right thing in that moment. >> she ran away from this person.
7:35 am
she's done everything in her power that she knows to stay away from this person. every parent should have this discussion with their child. as unlikely as an event like this is to happen, we have to be careful and protect our children. >> this is a reminder for parents to have that stranger danger talk with their kids. kids should run away and if chased run and scream. she did the right thing. >> such an important reminder. thank you so much. we'll turn now to a new report showing how students are suffering setbacks across the country. math test scores dropping dramatically in the wake of the pandemic. stephanie ramos has the details. good morning, stephanie. >> george, good morning. this morning, alarming news about test scores declining. the national report card, we're seeing declines in both math and reading. score levels we're seeing, not
7:36 am
where they have been the two decades. math scores for eighth grade fell by 8 points from 2019 to this year. sharpest decline recorded in more than half a century of testing. as we reported when students returned to in-person classes this year they scrambled with quarantines and staffing shortages and they're also facing increasing mental health needs. reportshe r ecreta t urgent call to action. guys? >> it certainly is. stephanie, thank you. we turn now to students here, those with some loans, the latest on student loan forgiveness. that program, the biden aministration has to respond to a federal appeals court today after issuing an injunction temporarily halting the program. mary bruce is in washington with more. mary, good morning. >> reporter: a lot of uncertainty about this. here's where things stand. the biden administration has until this evening to appeal after a federal court put the president's student loan forgiveness program on hold
7:37 am
six-republican led states are challenging this arguing the president overstepped his authority here. the white house is vowing to fight this and they're encouraging people to still apply. the press secretary saying they're going full speed ahead because they're still able to review applications right now. so far 22 million people have applied for this program in just a few days. what comes next is uncertain, not clear their debt will ultimately be forgiven. the big question here is will all this be resolved by january 1st. that's the key date when payments on federal student loans are set to restart after a pandemic.r pause because of the- t.j.? >> what happens if the president gets his way ultimately? >> reporter: here's what could happen, the president's plan would cancel up to $10,000 in student loan debt for individuals making up to $125,000 a year. t.j.?
7:38 am
>> mary bruce, thank you as always. robin? coming up later, how families can work together to ease anxiety. we have some expert advice this morning. and coming up next, halloween fright? with candy costs on the rise and sweets getting more expensive, how you can avoid a sour taste in your mouth. we'll be right back. (birds chirping) i missed a lot of things when i was away. you know, cancer, chemo, covid, that kind of away.
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back now on "gma" we're back now on "gma" we're exactly one week away from halloween and this year not only is candy getting more expensive
7:42 am
some sweets are actually getting smaller. i thought you got bigger, the more sweets you ate. erielle reshef is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning, robin. this could leave a little bit of a bad taste in your mouth, the clock is ticking to halloween and the holiday is off to a spooky start, prices climbing. inflation gives families a fright. ♪ >> trick or treat. >> reporter: this halloween there may be more tricks than treats thanks to inflation's impact on the rising prices of candy. >> it's just a bunch of hocus-pocus. >> reporter: it's not a bunch of hocus-pocus. according to the latst consumer price index report, the cost of candy and chewing gum is up about 13% from this time last year. the king size candy bar, up 14%. a hershey's milk chocolate bar, 15%. that party mix once $10 will now set you back $11.30 and as
7:43 am
though prices soar the packaging is shrinking know as shrinkflation. hershey's confirming dark chocolate kisses is now a couple ounces smaller than it used to be. the two-pack of reese's cups, a tenth of an ounce lighter. her hershey's telling "gma" the changes were consumer-driven improvements. what can you do if you're looking to save some cash when it comes to that halloween stash? >> the best deals for candy can be found at your drugstores and that is because you can combine a store coupon with a digital or manufactured coupon to get the prices really low. >> and according to clover, 62% of consumers expect to buy fewer halloween items this year due to inflation. >> give us some other ways to save on candy. >> shop those special deals happening throughout this week. you can combine the manufacturer's coupons with in-house coupons to save more. apps like ibotta can get you cash back.
7:44 am
it can be a sweet holiday. >> it can be. thanks, erielle. coming up later, we support the caregivers who support the thrivers. we're going to support three amazing people and give them a tlc surprise. coming up next, t.j. brings us our "play of the day." woman tc: my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. doctor tc: ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. man tc: my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. son tc: mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. song: a1c down with rybelsus® anncr vo: in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than the leading branded pill. anncr vo: rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. anncr vo: don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. anncr vo: stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. anncr vo: serious side effects may include pancreatitis. gallbladder problems may occur. tell your provider about vision problems or changes.
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all right, folks, back now ♪ hey now you're an all star ♪ all right, folks, back now with our "play of the day." so much debate in the back room
7:48 am
today amongst producers, two great options, couldn't decide. you know what we're going to do? we're going to give two "play of the day" today. the first one here, we're going to show you something that's been pulled off only once before in competition. this is a quad axel. it was pulled off by 17-year-old skating phenom. it was at a lower level competition, first time one has been pulled off at the grand prix event. why is this such a big deal? it's not just a quad. he has to take forward facing lands backwards so he has to do 4.5 rotations in the air no man has ever pulled it off. no woman has attempted it in competition. keep an eye on that kid. second "play of the day" something else you don't see a lot of. watch this now. this is going to be one heck of a goal, portland versus san
7:49 am
diego. cortland dunn, she scores this goal, a wonderful goal. the crowd goes wild. the goal now puts her team into the finals that are going to come up this weekend. the thing about crystal dunn, she is scoring her first goal since giving birth. her child five months ago, there she is, that's her son marcel. >> look at that kid's eyes. >> she returned to competition in september, just last month and her first goal is the one that puts -- you all like the picture. >> it was really three "plays of the day." >> can i have the picture one more time? this was her first goal putting her team into the championship, so congratulations to her. two plays of the day. >> two, two, two. >> three, as you said, george. coming up, we got more on "gma" coming up, the most anticipated movie of the year, "black panther: wakanda forever." michaela coel is in the building with us live. stay right here.
7:50 am
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i know. i need you to hear me. you deserve to save. i deserve to save! i mean he has a way of making you feel...seen. bundle car and motorcycle insurance and save at welcome back. skiers and snowboarders are very happy with this latest winter storm and you can see why, this is a video from colorado, where their the first ski resort to open this season. going down the hill in the skis and snowboards. let's take a look at also big sky, montana. look at that beautiful weather right there, portions of big sky picked up close to a foot of snow. other areas got 2 feet of snow. that continues to come down. we're still waking up to a lot of alerts across the region, freeze warnings and some watching a winter storm warning out for portions of montana and looking at snowfall totals of 3
7:54 am
to 6 inches of snow. coming up, how to protect your kids' concerns about three respiratory illnesses right now, rsv, flu and covid. dr. ashton is here. plus, up next, "outlander" star sam heughan on his new memoir. how the hit show has changed his life and his on screen romance. your local news and weather is next. i see it in my office all the time. kids getting hooked on flavored tobacco,
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. how is monday morning traffic? jobina: we have positive news if you are moving through berkeley. that crash we were following before gilman street has cleared and we have a new hit and run crash reported on the richmond sandra fell bridge right before sam quentin. traffic is stop and go. highway four to the maze, 35 minutes. lisa: good morning. looking at a gorgeous day. it has been cold in some of our valleys. 44 in palo alto. as we look, you can see all the 40's here, but enough wind that we haven't seen any areas in the 30's.
7:57 am
today, everyone sees normal numbers -- lower numbers. reggie: streaming us on the bay area app, abc 7 at 7:00 continues. life is expensive. so why is omar snoozing like a baby? because he made the smart choice to shop with ikea, with new benefits for ikea family members, including 5% off all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. ikea
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. winter storm alert. the first widespread snowstorm of the season on the move this morning. threatening millions with tornadoes, damaging winds and more. "gma" health alert. tripledemic, growing concern about a triple threat of respiratory illnesses at the same time for kids, rsv, the flu and a possible surge in covid cases. what parents can do to help protect them. dr. ashton is here. anxiety attack plan. as a as anxiety rates surge for teens and adults, how families can manage it together.
8:01 am
♪ and i want to thank you ♪ celebrating the caregivers. they support thrivers with love and understanding, during the tough times and the victories like this moment with my sweet amber. [ bell rings ] this morning, we pay tribute to three unsung heroes who give so much with a special tlc surprise. ♪ i'm blinded by the light ♪ wakanda forever. "black panther" star my kaichae coel is here. how she trained for the role of a lifetime, and why this franchise means so much to her. and "outlander" star sam heughan talks about his new memoir and the show that started it all as he says -- >> good morning, america. >> we got to put that into our
8:02 am
most memorables. >> you liked that one? >> of course. sam has a new memoir out and we have a candid look at it. juju chang sat down with him. and also we're thriving in pink, putting a spotlight on caregivers. we're going to meet three wonderful people who are giving that loving support and we have a thank you surprise for them. >> that's coming up. let's get an update on the first major snowstorm of the season. more than a foot falling in the rockies. let's go back to mola lenghi in eagle, colorado. good morning, mola. >> reporter: good morning, george. the first widespread snowstorm of the season blanketing much of the western u.s. here in avon, colorado, flurries have been on and off all morning the storm system certainly leaving its mark. certain places getting a lot overnight. other parts in the colorado rockies getting up to 11 inches
8:03 am
of snow overnight. it was double that in hard-hit montana where up to 22 inches accumulated, nearly 2 feet in parts of state. the storm also bringing wind gusts up to 95 miles per hour the storm system now pushing east and with that storm system pushing east some much-needed rain to some drought-stricken parts of the country. robin? >> we now go to brittany bell in for ginger. where's the storm heading now? >> sliding to the east, part of that same storm system brings the threat for severe weather in texas even as far east as alabama tomorrow. today we continue to watch a risk for dallas, austin, shreveport and san antonio. the main concern will be damaging winds. they could see a few damaging tornados as well. tomorrow mississippi in the bull's eye, sections of birmingham could also see damaging winds and a threat for tornados as well.
8:04 am
this is welcome rain for the area. dallas, southern oklahoma, northwest arkansas, you could pick up three to four inches of rain. much-needed rain, especially condition drought stricken areas. robin? >> thank you, brittany. george? now to the new report showing how students are suffering setbacks across the country with math test scores dropping dramatically in the wake of the pandemic. stephanie ramos is back with the details. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, george. unfortunately news about the test scores declining across the country. a national report card, declines were seen by high and lower performing students in fourth and eighth grade. that's both math and reading. math scores for eighth grade fell by 8 points from 282 in 2019 to 274 this year. the sharpest decline recorded in more than half a century of testing. when students returned to in-person classes, they
8:05 am
scrambled to manage covid surges, quarantine, mask mandates and staffing shortages. these results come after biden's american rescue plan provided a historic $122 billion in funding to help schools safely reopen and stay open, combat learning loss and address student mental health but clearly the damage was already done. t.j.? >> all right, stephanie, thank you. we turn now to the world pt the new showdown is set. york yankees they're now face to face the philadelphia phillies in the fall classic. will reeve back with more. >> reporter: the houston astros swept the yankees. philadelphia phillies made light work of the padres. game one is set for friday in houston. houston astros won it all in 2017. phillies making their first appearance since 2019. two teams' paths about as different as they can. astros by the far the best team in the american league with 106
8:06 am
wins. the phillies with just 87, but but baseball is a strange mysterious game. astros have the experience and the pedigree led by manager dusty baker, but the phillies have what you would call mojo. they're getting hot at the right time and they have a sports crazy city with them and bryce harper is hitting most of the them, playing like the two-time mvp he is. game one, friday, can't wait. >> will, robin and i both looked at each other. dusty baker has been around so long and still hasn't won one. >> not as a manager. coming up on "gma," our morning menu concerned about a possible threat for kids, rsv, the flu and covid will spread for longer periods of time. dr. ashton is here where how to best help protect your children. managing anxiety as a family. how parents can help model better behavior. plus, we're thriving in pink and saluting caregivers this morning. going to meet three of those
8:07 am
heros who have no idea we're celebrating them. we have a big surprise on the way for them. and "black panther: wakanda forever" star is her, michaela coel is here live. we'll be right back. ♪ why don't you say so ♪ e falling asleep and staying asleep, you know, insomnia. but then, i found quviviq, an fda approved medication for adults with insomnia. and i'm glad i found it. you wouldn't believe some of the things people suggested to help me sleep. nature sounds? ahh, no thanks. my friend's white noise idea. nope. and i'm not counting sheep. not on the...carpet. insomnia can impact both my days and my nights. so i know how important a good night's sleep is. that's why i take quviviq nightly. quviviq could help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer; and more sleep at night may mean feeling less tired during the day.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." tomorrow, i will be in to work a little early because kerry washington will be here live in times square. >> he tells on himself. >> why not? >> maybe she'll come in late now.
8:12 am
i couldn't help myself. >> i'm glad that you couldn't, george. >> i'll still be here early. >> you're determined. we have our "gma" cover story right now. the triple health threat children are facing this fall and holiday season as rsv and flu cases rise along with the ongoing threat of covid. hospitals in at least 43 states and washington, d.c., tell abc news their pediatric units are becoming overwhelmed. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton joins us now with more. let's start with the rsv. what's the latest concerning hospitalizations with that? >> robin, think of that under the umbrella of flu-like illness affecting children in the pediatric age group one of them is rsv, or influenza. bottom line, hospitals are being inundated right now with children who need respiratory support. they're seeing the highest rates in two years, and right now over
8:13 am
70% of the estimated 40,000 pediatric hospital beds are full with children with these kind of respiratory illnesses. so they're getting things like supportive oxygen therapy, inhalers, i.v. therapy, and if they have a super bacterial infection on top of that virus, they're also getting antibiotics. hospitals are definitely feeling this. >> sure. and on top of that, flu season making an early comeback? >> yep, and robin, you have been hearing me say this for over ten years now. flu has a p.r. problem in this country because we think it's just a bad cold. influenza kills tens of thousands of americans every single year and right now we're seeing cases go up earlier than they have in the past, not really a surprise because we're more out and about. so just look at the increase. last week just over 1,600 flu-related hospitalizations in this country. up just over 300 from the week prior. so we're seeing that curve go up
8:14 am
earlier in the season, you know, at this point in october, than we do usually in every year. >> tripledemic a phrase that we're hearing. can you explain what that means? >> that means we have to keep our eyes on multiple pathogens, multiple respiratory viruses at the same time. so we're talking about covid-19, influenza and rsv and these other viruses that are making children sick and remember a lot of children have not been in schools without masks for two years. so they don't have natural immunity built up against these pathogens, but, yeah, we're seeing multiple things coalescing as the weather gets colder and people are more indoors. >> parents are watching now. they want to know what to do to protect our young kids. >> first of all, know what the symptoms of respiratory distress are. in terms of prevention, sneezing
8:15 am
or cuffing into your elbow, remember that maneuver is important. hand hygiene, keeping your hands clean. staying home if you're sick. remember, robin, we have safe and effective vaccines against flu and covid-19. if parents have any questions, check with their pediatricians. >> all right, jen, thank you so much. we'll see you later today on "gma3." another parenting alert now with anxiety rising the new book the "anxiety audit: seven sneaky ways anxiety takes hold how to escape them" looks at how families can overcome anxiety together. in the new book "the anxiety audit," lynn lyons leads families on how to ease your worries or fears.
8:16 am
>> anginaxiety is about modelli behaviors. anxiety can be biological or modelling behaviors. now we're focusing on what you can do to help. a lot what is passed down if families is about modeling, does a parent model that the world is a dangerous place? >> reporter: according to cdc more than 15% of adults experience symptoms of anxiety in the past two weeks and kids are suffering with anxiety now more than ever. the book explores the ways anxiety can grip us from repetitive negative thoughts to culture of comparison to catastrophic thinking. >> now we're talking about doomed thinking. >> i knew it was too good to be true. >> if you're a catastrophic parent you talk to your kids a lot about how dangerous the world is that's a risk factor for anxiety. >> reporter: it's recommended that children as young as 8 get regular screenings for anxiety at their pediatrician visits.
8:17 am
lyons recommends some parents ease their own anxiety and focus on self-care. >> when you're taking care of yourself, experiencing joy, when you're having moments of fun that has a ripple effect so self-care as a parent is really family care. >> our parenting expert rachel simmons is here. welcome back. we talk about anxiety all the time. it seems to be everywhere. let's dig in more on strategies for parents. >> we've been hearing all morning about anxiety-provoking news. we want to think about with kids teaching them problem-solving skills. let your kids wrestle with their challenges because when they do that and they come out the other side, they think to themselves, okay. i have a little control here. i have some skills. there are two ways we can do that. one is ask your kids to use their own judgment. when they say how much should i do? how little should i take? say, what do you think? let them muddle through it and when they call for help, this will annoy them, but wait a minute. if they want it bad enough, they'll tinker with it and figure it out. if it doesn't go their way, just
8:18 am
ask them what have we learned here. it'll give us something positive to talk about. >> how do we model that constructive behavior? >> george, we're often given chances as parents to constantly not get what we want so we can't model being rigid. we can't say, if it's not the way we want it, it's terrible. we have to be flexible. show that you can adjust and be cool and be happy and when you're not sure what's going happen -- the thing is anxious kids want to know the future. repie remind them we can't know what is going to happen. we're safe. we're together. we're not going to make promises we can't keep. we're going to keep learning. that's what is so key. >> don't overschedule. >> don't overschedule. we think we're being great parents when we do it. kids need time to play not be shuttled to and fro and just be themselves without constantly trying to follow the rules. that's how kids feel joy. >> rachel simmons, thank you very much. "the anxiety audit" is out now. we go to brittany bell from our new york station wabc. >> a gloomy start across the northeast the morning.
8:19 am
in new york this is the scene from our sky cam overlooking the brooklyn bridge. you can barely make out the buildings in the distance because of the haze. it will stay messy throughout the rest of the day. this coastal storm still bringing a lot of showers this afternoon. by midweek but we'll warm back up, 69 tuesday in new york city, and washington, d.c., 71 degrees. that's what's happening across the country. here's what's goin
8:20 am
want to turn now to "outlander" star sam heughan. he's working hard filming the seventh season now of his hit show. he found time to write a memoir and also found time to do a 100-mile hike across the scottish highlands. juju spoke with him. he's doing all this stuff and still found time to do the hike. >> you met sam, he's a chill guy, right, but also a bona fide hollywood hunk. his memoir reveals some of the rarely discussed pressures of being a male sex symbol and the care and the thought that goes into some of those steamy sex scenes. >> i think that love of the outdoors is where i developed my imagination and that imagination is possibly the reason i became an actor. >> reporter: who better to showcase scottish excellence than the hot scot himself sam heughan from the megahit "outlander."
8:21 am
>> once a scot, always a scot. >> reporter: we met up to dish all about his new memoir, "way points," a diary of sort about his hike across scotland. >> it's scotland. >> i wanted to write about how i got to this point in this career, i think the outlander really changed my life. >> reporter: sam is no stranger to the scottish highlands. >> i was brought in a rural scotland, single-parent family. i had a lot of space to explore the countryside and be on my own. >> you called it a memoir with a difference. >> i think somewhere along this hike, i thought this would make a good story. >> you called it quite an emotional experience for you. >> yeah. >> very solitary but yet very introspective. >> very introspective, the first few days were have hard, the
8:22 am
weather was terrible. that was tough. then i fell into the journey and enjoyed it. i think the same for my journey as an actor. >> reporter: the time traveling drama "outlander" now in its sixth season has fans across the world captivated. >> sometimes i think you're an angel. >> reporter: the romance between the 18th century scotsman jamie and the 20th century british nurse clair. >> what do you think makes "outlander" such a hit? what's the formula? >> if i only knew, i would bottle that and sell that. my chemistry with my co-star. >> i believe we can do anything we want as long as we're together. >> we were two green actors. we didn't have much experience and we've been on this amazing journey together. >> you're by definition a hollywood sex symbol but you write in the book about struggling with body issues. you referred to it as a
8:23 am
low-level eating disorder. >> definitely. >> there's a lot of pressure even on men in hollywood to look a certain way. >> huge amount of pressure and we're less vocal about it. i felt i needed to look a certain way. i went through a period where i was not eating right and not doing the right exercises and just trying to slim down but it's important for men to understand it and talk about it. >> reporter: as for the future of "outlander" he's among the very few who knows how it all ends. >> i'd do it all again to be with you. >> you've become close to the author diana and she's told you the end of book ten which you say in book you can't tell me. you can tell me. >> i'll tell you now. i forgot what happened. i know the ending. i don't know how much longer the show will go on, but we want to tell the story definitely. >> sam telling me he wants to be
8:24 am
part of "outlander" until that secret ending. he told me he really enjoyed writing this memoir. it started out as voice notes as that solo adventure. he has a million projects going. "waypoints" is out tomorrow. >> juju always a pleasure. good to see you. >> thanks, t.j. >> did he tell you the ending? >> no. trust me, i tried. a look now at our new docuseries "power trip" as the midterms getting closer. our embed reporters seeing those stumping for candidates. >> it's such an honor to have one of the great governors in this entire country joining us here in arizona. glenn youngkin. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a big week for the kari lake campaign. yesterday tulsi gabbard visited and gave her endorsement today. today glenn youngkin.
8:25 am
>> he's a total rock star. he came into office and he started doing things quickly. >> she's the most maga-aligned candidate that he's come out to campaign for. more hype about potential 2024 buzz. >> red wave sweeping across the country. we're on the team that stands for low taxes. we we're on the team that stands for strong families. we're on the team that stands for safe communities. >> kari lake in 2024. >> that's your call. god bless you. >> this week's episode is all about those 2024 shadow campaigns. "power trip" is on hulu. new episodes drop every sunday. and coming up, we have a big surprise for three deserving caregivers. >> buildg be aa.
8:26 am
8:27 am
mong forward, fikumasi: good moa jonaooorng. we are following a major crash as you lead up to the sandra phil bridge. a sig alert is on -- is in effect for westbound 580. we will wrap up with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the backup is starting to lessen. kumasi: lisa argen
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> coming up, we will chat with john david washington and we kick off our countdown to halloween. lisa: good monday morning. despite the lack of wind, 56 degrees, mild in san francisco. more 40's from the south bay to the coast. we are beginning to see the temperatures come up. it is pretty out there but chilly in fairfield. 45 in concord. yesterday we certainly were milder in the north bay. we are making up the difference
8:30 am
this afternoon with low to mid 70's. kumasi: we will have another update in about 30 minutes. hi, i want to say a huge hi, i want to say a huge thank you to my husband jason. >> hi, my name is piper from new newport beach, california. i'd like to thank my support team. >> i'm so grateful for all the support and caretakers i have had after being a breast cancer survivor. >> as a 13-year breast cancer survivor i wanted to give a huge shout-out to our caregivers. >> thank you to my husband of 38 years. >> thank you care givers, you're absolutely wonderful. absolutely awesome. >> couldn't say it better. we love, love hearing all those
8:31 am
thank yous for the wonderful caregivers out there. that's what this morning's thriving in pink is all about how caregivers are a thriver's secret weapon no matter what condition they're facing and my sweet amber and i have been there. we know firsthand what the physical and emotional toll can be on both. too often the caregivers are forgotten. we have three thrivers and their caregivers with us here this morning. beverly and her wife heidi. ebony and her mother kimberly. these care givers think we're honoring their thrivers. no. it's about you. yes, yes. [ applause ] take a look at what they want you to know about your love and your care. gotcha. [ laughter ] >> reporter: thrivers around the world know it takes a village. >> when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer everybody joins in. >> reporter: when serena holtz learned in may her breast cancer
8:32 am
metastasized spreading into her liver, spine and lungs, her husband maurice there by her side. >> he drove me to the appointments. he sat with me, and he was my second set of eyes and ears. he cooks and cleans and does the grocery shopping. he'd wash my hair. >> reporter: a devoted husband and cancer thriver himself, maurice has the constant can-do spirit that keeps serena smiling. >> that's what we do, in sickness and in health. >> when i told her it's cancer she just was, all right, we'll figure it out. we'll do this. we can do this. >> reporter: for mom of two beverly cruz after her diagnosis in december, her wife heidi going above and beyond. >> heidi really stepped up. she has a full-time job of her own and she did every pickup, every dropoff. >> reporter: through it all heidi even encouraging beverly to pursue her masters.
8:33 am
>> at the time i was diagnosed i thought, i can't do everything. i'm going to have to stop something. it's just not possible and she told me, no. it's been a life goal and she said we'll do it. >> reporter: ebony thomas helping her mom through breast cancer in 2010, but in july ebony receiving her own diagnosis. >> if my mom can do it i know i can do it because she raised me to be really strong. >> reporter: kimberly now her daughter's primary caregiver and biggest cheerleader. >> she's my uber driver. she's my therapist. she makes sure i eat because sometimes i don't even have the energy. i'm truly grateful. >> reporter: now they're sharing a salute to their caregivers for all they do. >> i love you and i appreciate you and everything you do doesn't go unnoticed. you're the best. >> maurice, i love you very much. thank you for loving this
8:34 am
hard-headed woman. >> heidi, getting through this year wouldn't have been possible without your support for the family. you're a blessing for everyone you touch. [ applause ] >> see that. amber was in on the surprise. you didn't know this was happening, did you? >> i did not know. >> amber taught me what it is to be a care giver. i'm going to get through this segment, okay. we're not supposed to take the attention away from those who we love, but at times we do need some help. how does -- for your daughter to say to you that you are her rock? you're her mother. you're her best friend. what do those words mean to you? >> they mean everything. sometimes as a mom you do the things that you need to do for your child. you just do them because you're always there and i'm just so surprised really right now
8:35 am
because i thought i was here for her. i'm like i'm not going to say much. i'm just grateful. i just always want to be there for her. that's it. >> you all are so beautiful together. heidi, this is beverly's words here. you manage the whole circus. between the kids, the pets and your elderly mother lives with you as well. you've been able to operate from a place of joy. has that ever wavered? how have you been able to keep that up? >> i don't -- beverly is so strong that i think that like she said you're in it, you're in it and i say choose joy with whatever you do and sometimes things go right and sometimes things don't. it's a challenge. we were blessed to have two wonderful kids that stepped up and took on 17 chickens, 1
8:36 am
rabbit, a cat and two dogs. >> that is a circus. >> it's a lot. there's a lot of feeding and a lot of things that go into that. we had a great support team with team beverly. she's one tough chick. >> we see that. >> it was easy honestly. she's a strong woman and i'm proud to be next to her. >> that's beautiful. we do need to give a nod because we know there are a lot of support teams. you're the primary care givers. there are so many part of our teams. all right, maurice. in sickness and in health. you heard serena say that. what are your feelings, maurice? >> i just love her so much that i would do anything for her anyway. and when she was diagnosed with cancer i'm a natural-born caregiver. my grandmother was deaf and got hit by a bus when i was a kid and so i -- we didn't put people
8:37 am
in nursing homes. we kept them in the house. >> amen. >> being a caregiver for her was easy. most of my jobs have been working with people in crisis and with her diagnosis, the second time i just stepped right up and did things she thought i wasn't able to do. i just -- i would do anything for this woman. i made a promise to her when we got married that i would keep her laughing. >> you have done that. i can tell. i can tell by that face. can y'all tell? the role reversal you all have gone through, ebony and kimmerly as well. we have gone through that.
8:38 am
amber was there for me twice, just really there in every kind of way. now i'm doing my best to be there for you. how has the role reversal -- i feel so weird talking to you like this. how has the role reversal been for you, honey? >> i'll tell you, for me it was really difficult being the patient. i found it much easier to be the care giver. i knew what i had to do for you, keep you comfortable. keep family and friends in tune to what was going on. listening to the doctors, that wa the plan. flip it around being the patient, not so much. you're very coachable. >> i love being a patient. i'm a better patient than i am as a care giver. all i do is cry. it's so emotional because i know -- i know what she's going through. i walked that path. that's what we figured out.
8:39 am
>> you also told me and you reminded me every journey is everyone's own journey so don't compare. but also it's as much mental as it is physical and not knowing with my treatment with so many hiccups and not having a clear path that was difficult for me. >> she had a procedure this weekend and it's something ongoing. i know serena you said the same thing as well. you know what, thank you. thank you all. i love the fact that you thought it was about the thrivers and we do think of you and we're so proud of each and every one of you. today is about the care givers. we have good friends at element and dry bar. they're going to give you a spa day. you need support, so you're going to get a day of spa. you know what, we'll let the thrivers go along with you. how about that? we'll let them go as well. just a little something to give you a little tlc that you all
8:40 am
need. >> thank you. >> care givers need support to give their best to their loved ones. find links for information on our website. to kimberly, heidi and maurice, and to you amber, thank you, thank you for all that you do. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ somebody loves you ♪
8:41 am
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises. what's the real math behind prop 27, their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. vote no on prop 27.
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8:43 am
what's your -- >> you know, i like them better. >> you know, i like them better. >> it's elegant, and deadly. it will not change under my watch. >> i told you not to bring them. >> an action-packed scene from "black panther." our next guest stars in it, michaela coel, welcome. >> thank you. >> your character is warrior, what was the training like? >> the training was pretty vigorous. we had a boot camp. we would train inside, outside,
8:44 am
in the atlanta heat. it was full on. they were brilliant in sort of guiding me into that initiation. >> we saw you. that was impressive there. there was a lot of speculation of who was going to be the new black panther. you said hey, everybody, it ain't me. >> to minimize expectations, i heard so many things, did a "vogue" piece in which i said i'm a supporting role and then i heard it's a decoy for the fact i'm the black panther. i'm not. it's a supporting role and i'm just so honored and grateful to have been even a small part of this huge, huge story. >> okay. >> tell us more about your character. she's not a rule follower, is she? >> she's much more concerned about the individual lives of people rather than the big picture or the big mission or the rules. she's more about community and heart and she will break the rules if it means looking out for her fellow sisters.
8:45 am
>> why did you love it so much, the fact this is a queer character? >> that's what really drew me into the role. it's because i spent a lot of time -- i have a lot of queer friends. i'm in another show that follows a very strong story line about sexual assault and being queer. in ghana, there are potentially some new lgbtq laws being introduced. hopefully it doesn't happen, but i have friends there. they can't get married. they can't adopt children, have children of their own, and this is heartbreaking to me. so any time i can contribute to pushing a queer narrative and making it acceptable and normalizing it in places where it's considered abnormal, i'm happy to do the role. >> the cover of this month's
8:46 am
"vogue," do we have it? look at this, oh, it's get it caning the times square treatment. ther photo in here of you, your dad and your grandmother in here. what do you feel when you get to see that? >> you know on so many levels i have people in london my family, why is uncle in "vogue"? does my dad understand that he's in "vogue"? but the whole of the village where i'm from in the central region of ghana are so proud. my dad is supercasual about it. he was like, oh, yeah, something different. >> big plans for the premiere all over the place? >> l.a., london. nigeria also. >> pretty spectacular. >> thank you for coming in. "black panther: wakanda forever" hits theaters november 11th. we'll have more stars next week. let's get to brittany bell from our new york station, wabc.
8:47 am
>> a big announcement this morning about the 2022 american music awards current "dancing with the stars" contestants wayne brady will be this year's host, the largest fan-voted awards show is on sunday, november 20th, at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. let's get a check of the weather all right. folks, coming up, something delicious, you have to see what it is when we come back on it is when we come back on "gma." thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by $50 or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours.
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welcome back to "gma," welcome back to "gma," everybody. we got chef kardea brown with some easy and delicious -- smells great. something the whole family can dig into it. from your first -- this is your
8:50 am
first? >> first cookbook. >> called "the way home." this is your first, cooking up good stuff for so long. this chicken perloo. this gullah cooking. explain what that is. >> we are the direct descendents from west african enslaved people. our food is one-pot, rice-focussed dishes. it's west african influences. >> all right. chicken perloo. >> right. we got chicken. we got sausage, bacon, all types of flavors here. i got my house seasoning here, some dark meat chicken, you can use white as well. season it down. you got to season your food. we start with flavor from the very beginning, t.j. that's garlic powder, salt, pepper. we got three minutes and this is tv. t.j., i need you to put the onions, celery and bell pepper into the pot. we have bacon rendered down. sear off the chicken. you're going to cook down your chicken with some sausage.
8:51 am
throw that in there. okay, we're moving. we're moving. we're cooking. >> hard to get the timing right on the chicken. >> we're basically browning and searing the chicken to get that flavor. you're going to finish kcooking down here. so the onions, add in your garlic and some tomatoes, some fresh tomatoes. i like the sound in the background. everybody is hungry. add some sherry in there. sherry is found in a lot of gullah cooking. cook that down and we'll add in the rice. my tip for rice, you have to rinse your rice, t.j. >> i'm bad at that. >> you have to get that starch off your rice because it doesn't become fluffy if you don't. add in your rice, mix that up. >> i'm not a pro. >> all right, t.j., remember the chicken we seared off back there. > i do. >> add that back in the pot. finish cooking it within the
8:52 am
rice. we're going to add the bacon and the sausage. that's the thing about this cooking, all that goes in. >> all of it goes in there? >> dump it in there. >> oh, man. this is ridiculous. >> right. cook that with chicken stock. the rice gets all the flavor. the onions, the garlic powder -- what else we got? i think that's it. >> how long? >> 45 minutes or until the rice is little fluffy. all right t.j., tell me what you think. that's it. that's it. >> really with the knife and the fork here? >> yes, yes. >> come on now, come on, kardea. >> straight out of charleston, south carolina. we also have my chewies here. it's a staple. you got to finish off with chewies. it's like a brownie or blondie.
8:53 am
it's made with brown sugar, and butter, of course. >> both of these in the cookbook? >> all of them in the cookbook. >> congrats on the book. you are such a pro. always great having you. folks, use the qr code at the bottom of your screen to find these full recipes or at "the way home" hits book shelves tomorrow. >> thank you, t.j.
8:54 am
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all right, folks, a look ahead to monday night football tonight at 8:00 eastern on espn. the bears taking on the patriots with the manningcast. that's on espn2. >> have a great day, everyone. that's on espn2. >> have a great day, everyone.
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i see it in my office all the time. kids getting hooked on flavored tobacco, including e-cigarettes. big tobacco lures them in with flavors like lemon drop and bubble gum, candy flavors that get them addicted to tobacco products, and can lead to serious health consequences, even harming their brain development. that's why pediatricians urge you to vote yes on prop 31. it stops the sale of dangerous flavored tobacco and helps protect kids from nicotine addiction. please vote yes on 31. vote yes on prop 31.
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checking in with jobina for it look at traffic. jobina: we begin with a sigalert in richmond. not all lanes are blocked on 580 before hardaway but that was the case 30 minutes ago. traffic is building because of the backup at the richmond san rafael bridge. lisa: that's a nice look with traffic light. you can enjoy that sun today. we are warming up this afternoon and you may want to head outside. 54 in san jose. 56 in san francisco.
9:00 am
looking at all that sun north of the golden gate, the and upper 70's. kumasi: it is time for live with >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, film and now broadway star, john david washington. plus it is time to decorate your pumpkin as we begin "live's countdown to halloween week." the cohosts open up the inbox. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: deja, good morning.


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