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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 24, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news. the deadly school shooting. the student livestreaming on her phone as police reach the classroom door. hundreds of students and teachers rushing for the exits, their hands in the air. a student describing coming face-to-face with the shooter. what he asked her. the gunman getting into the locked school. alex perez in st. louis with news on the suspect just coming in tonight. also this evening, the u.s. responding to russia tonight. after this new claim from russia that ukraine is now planning to detonate a so-called dirty bomb. the u.s. now warning of consequences if russia does this instead. and ian pannell's exclusive interview tonight with ukraine's top military commander. here at home tonight, the spike in children in the hospital across this country. covid, the flu, and the virus
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all hitting at once. and what authorities are seeing with the flu this year. severe storms tonight across several states from texas east. heavy rain up to chicago. also concerns of damaging winds, possible tornadoes. and rob marciano is here. the rise in hate. the investigation in los angeles tonight. several people hanging anti-semitic signs from a bridge over the 405 freeway. some giving a nazi salute. one sign saying, "kanye is right." authorities now warning anti-semitic incidents have hit an all-time high. the abc news exclusive tonight. the school staff member who was wrongly blamed for leaving a door ajar in uvalde. tonight, abc news obtaining the video showing what really happened. and this evening, the horrible toll it has taken on that staffer. john quinones with the interview. also, major news out of the uk tonight. the new british prime minister now. the third in seven weeks. the son of indian immigrants, the first person of color. and what he warned the people of britain.
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james longman is there. and word today of a deadly crash in hollywood. we remember tonight a beloved actor who made so many people laugh, especially during the pandemic. good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. 28 million americans under a severe storm threat tonight, warning of possible tornadoes. we'll get to that in a moment. but we begin tonight with the deadly school shooting in st. louis. students barricading the doors, hiding in classrooms. one student livestreaming as police arrived at her classroom door. look at the images tonight. police say the gunman, 19, who was just identified as we came on tonight, a former student who broke into the school, the central visual and performing arts high school, where he graduated just last year. one student describing coming face-to-face with the shooter, saying, he asked her, "are you ready to die?" the report going out of an active shooter triggering this
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massive law enforcement response. police say they quickly located the shooter, exchanging gunfire. they say he was armed with a long gun. students reacting in shock and sorrow. comforting one another in their grief. tonight, an adult and a teenage girl are both dead. six others injured. police shot and killed the gunman. abc's alex perez leading us off in st. louis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the all-too-familiar images in this country. terrified children running for their lives during another deadly school shooting. >> we have a report of an active shooter at a high school. >> reporter: the calls for help coming just after 9:00 a.m. at the central visual and performing arts high school in st. louis. one student livestreaming from inside a classroom. >> it's the police! it's okay. >> reporter: just as police arrived -- >> everyone line up in a single file line, okay? >> reporter: -- and guided them to safety. >> i seen my friend has blood on her hand. and it was like she's seen the shooter.
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the shooter came to her and said, "you ready to die?" >> reporter: worried parents racing to the school. >> when we got here, i just start hearing shots, and they just made us get down, and they told us to get away from the scene. she was communicating with me inside and letting me know that everything is okay. >> reporter: police say the suspect was armed with a long gn and killed one adult woman and a teenage girl. before police killed him on the third floor. police insist the school doors were locked, but they did not reveal how the suspect got inside. >> the security staff did an outstanding job identifying the suspect's efforts to enter and immediately notified other staff. >> reporter: students checking on each other and reuniting with parents at a nearby parking lot. >> our children shouldn't have to experience this. >> reporter: the fbi and atf now assisting with the investigation. and david, authorities just a short time ago identified the gunman as 19-year-old orlando
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harris. they say he graduated from this school last year and lived with his parents. an exact motive remains under investigation. david? >> all right, alex perez leading us off from st. louis. thank you, alex. the other major story tonight, the u.s. is now responding this evening to russia's new claim that ukraine is now planning to detonate a so-called dirty bomb. the u.s. and allies pushing back against this notion, so, what's really behind russia's claim here? and the u.s. now warning of potential consequences tonight. ian pannell here with his exclusive interview with ukraine's top military commander. ian from inside ukraine again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the u.s. and allies rejecting russia's claim that ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb and blame moscow for it. the west calling the kremlin accusation "transparently false," backed by no evidence whatsoever. the concern is that russia is planning a false-flag operation, blaming ukraine while carrying out an attack using a conventional explosive laced with radioactive material, as its losses mount on the
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battlefield. but today, the white house also saying they've seen no signs the russians are planning to detonate such a device imminently. >> we are monitoring as best we can. i can also say that, you know, we've just seen no indication of preparations at this point. >> reporter: the kremlin looks increasingly desperate as ukrainian forces advance. general oleksander syrskyi is the commander of ukrainian ground forces. how are you? he sat down with us for an exclusive interview. how worried are you? how worried should all of us be about putin's nuclear threat? >> translator: i must agree with you that we are and should be worried. and i do believe that such a threat really exists and we have to take it into account. >> and so let's bring in ian pannell again tonight from eastern ukraine, because tonight, the biden administration, the state department, making it clear, ian, that if a so-called dirty bomb is used by the russians, it would be another example of
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putin's brutality. those were the words used by the state department today. that if he were to use a so-called dirty bomb, they signaled there would be consequences to come. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. i think the administration laying out very clearly that it said publicly and privately to the russians that there would be, quote, severe consequences for any kind of nuclear use. but again, the administration insisting that it isn't seeing any obvious signs of preparation for any kind of nuclear detonation as of now. david? >> ian pannell in ukraine for us again tonight. ian, thank you. back here at home this evening and to what some health authorities are now calling the tripledemic. covid, flu, and the virus rsv all hitting at once. and for children, particularly hard. the number of children hospitalized spiking across the country. and tonight here, what we're also learning about the flu for everyone. flu cases rising earlier than usual, especially in the south, where flu season's often get their start. the number of hospitalized adults climbing from 1,300 just two weeks ago to more than 1,600 in the last week.
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here's abc's erielle reshef tonight. >> reporter: with winter looming, tonight health officials are warning of a triple threat, a so-called tripledemic, from flu, covid, and the virus rsv. >> as people pull back, no longer wear masks, congregate together, then you get a surge of infections that might have been spread out over a period of time. >> reporter: and respiratory viruses are roaring back with a vengeance, leaving hospitals increasingly strained. 75% of the country's 40,000 pediatric beds are now full. texas children's in houston has more than 40 patients with rsv, at least ten in the icu. >> i would look for breathing fast, breathing hard. if your child is using the extra muscles to help them breathe or they're not eating and drinking well, and not making good, wet diapers. >> reporter: 2-month-old adrian balka was struggling to breathe with rsv when his
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parents rushed him to the e.r. he had to be transferred to texas children's, where he was put on a ventilator. but tonight, adrian is making progress. it comes as flu cases are expected to soar. the number of hospitalized flu patients climbing from around 1,300 to more than 1,600 in just a week. and david, keeping in mind that triple threat, doctors stress that there are vaccines for two of these viruses, the flu and covid. and they say it is safe for children to get both at the same time. david? >> erielle reshef in new york on this story again tonight. erielle, thank you. we're also tracking the potential for severe storms tonight across several states, from texas east. concerns of damaging winds, possible tornadoes. heavy rain right up to chicago. in fact, the numbers tonight, 28 million americans in the path of this weather. the same system bringing this, the first widespread snowstorm of the system in the west. the heaviest snowfall in montana. up to 22 inches of snow. and dangerous driving in colorado. senior meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all for us tonight. hi, rob. >> reporter: hi, david.
5:40 pm
the main piece of energy that brought that snow has dropped into the southern plains. we are just getting started with the severe weather threat. watch boxes up for central texas, here we go. a line moving right through abilene. this will probably hold together into the dallas area overnight tonight. the rain ahead of that is mostly beneficial, but the rough stuff comes through over the next 24 hours, really. st. louis, you'll get some. it will get to nashville by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. but the bullseye of damaging winds likely to be memphis down to jackson, in through birmingham. can't rule out a tornado or two. so, the main chunk of the south and the southern plains will be pretty dicey over the next 36 hours. david? >> all right, rob marciano with us. thank you, rob. we turn next tonight here to the alarming rise in hate in this country. the investigation at this hour in los angeles, after several people were seen hanging anti-semitic signs from a bridge over the 405 freeway in los angeles. some giving a nazi salute. one sign saying, "kanye is right." authorities are now warning anti-semitic incidents have hit an all-time high in this country. our chief national correspondent matt gutman on why authorities are concerned across the u.s.
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tonight. >> reporter: tonight, those banners over one of l.a.'s busiest freeways drawing nationwide condemnation and concern. the banner reads, "kanye is right about the jews," unfurled by white supremacists seen giving the nazi absolute. the hip hop artist kanye west, known as ye, has given a series of bizarre interviews in recent weeks, peddling anti-semitic conspiracy theories. and he topped those rants with this tweet, saying he was "going death con 3" on jewish people. >> he literally has leapt to the front of the line as probably the most visible and the most vicious anti-semite in america today and maybe even in public life in general. it's stunning. it's shocking. >> reporter: and critics are saying it's catching on. the night after those banners, leaflets blaming jews for covid appearing around los angeles, including beverly hills. >> as a daughter of the survivor of the death camp auschwitz, i just felt like i literally
5:42 pm
couldn't breathe. and our community was in a state of shock. >> reporter: anti-semitic incidents reaching an all-time high in 2021. more than 2,700 cases of assault, harassment, and vandalism, up 34% from 2020. ye's anti-semitic rhetoric causing the french fashion house balenciaga, the talent agency caa, and jpmorgan all to sever connections. and last week, the hip hop artist seemingly taunting adidas, which sells his pricey yeezy line, on the drinks camp podcast, saying -- >> i can say anti-semitic things and adidas can't drop me. >> reporter: now, adidas has said its relationship with kanye west was under review, but david, that was on october 6th. we have not heard from the company since then. in the meantime, it continues to sell the popular brand of yeezy sneakers. now, the adl calling adidas' silence both deafening and dangerous. david? >> yeah, authorities have to take this seriously. matt gutman tonight in california. thank you, matt.
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to an abc news exclusive. "uvalde 365," our commitment to stay on the story in texas. and tonight here, you'll remember the school staff member who was wrongly blamed for leaving a door ajar in uvalde. tonight, abc news obtaining the video showing what really happened. and now the horrible toll that it's taken on that staffer. john quinones with the interview tonight. >> reporter: tonight, abc news obtaining this video of the school staffer who was initially blamed for propping open the door that allowed the gunman to enter robb elementary school. but now, we hear and see what actually happened. emilia "amy" marin, an afterschool coordinator, can be seen opening the door. outside, she tells us what she did when she spotted the gunman crash his car. >> first thought was, somebody had a heart attack. because he was coming, like, 80 miles an hour. >> reporter: little do you know, he has a gun. >> yes. >> reporter: when she sees him start shooting, she runs back to that door and in the video, you
5:44 pm
can see, she kicks the rock away and the door closes. >> you see me kick the rock and pull the door. the door shut. >> reporter: you did not leave it open. >> no. >> reporter: the door doesn't supposed to.ically, like it was- but this is what authorities said about that door being left open. >> 11:37, the exterior door where we knew the shooter entered, was propped open by a teacher. >> reporter: authorities corrected themselves days later, but the damage was done. how did you find out that the director of the dps had blamed you? >> i was standing in front of the tv and mccraw starts speaking. he said a teacher left the door propped open. i looked at my daughter and i said, "he's lying. that's a lie."
5:45 pm
>> reporter: today marks five months since the massacre, and not a day has gone by without amy reliving the horror. >> i still don't sleep. and i see those victims' faces. i pray for them every night. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety has issued a statement apologizing to amy marin and her family for, quote, the additional grief caused to an already horrific situation. as for amy herself, she says she remains traumatized, under therapy, but more determined than ever to fight back. david, she told me today, "i want the world to know i did everything i could to save those children." david? >> impossible to understand what she was put through and what that whole community still goes through every single day. john quinones there again tonight. thank you. and from texas to michigan now, 16-year-old ethan crumbley has pleaded guilty to all charges, including murder and terrorism, after the deadly high school shooting in oxford, michigan, last november.
5:46 pm
crumbley was 15 at the time. he admitted today to killing four fellow students at oxford high school. in court today, saying he gave money to his father, who he says then bought the gun for him. his parents also facing involuntary manslaughter charges, accused of buying the gun, leaving it unlocked, and accused of ignoring their son's mental health needs. they have pleaded not guilty in the case. we turn now to london, the new prime minister. the third in seven weeks there. the son of indian immigrants making history. the first nonwhite and nonchristian in that role. he's a former finance minister who promises to take a different tact. it was just seven weeks ago, you'll remember, liz truss met the queen, the last prime minister to be confirmed by the queen before her death. but there is a tough road ahead and what the new prime minister warned the british people today. our foreign correspondent james longman in london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the uk set to have its third prime minister in just seven weeks. >> rishi sunak is therefore elected as leader of the conservative party.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: rishi sunak beating out his fellow conservatives, including former prime minister boris johnson, who could not rally the party behind him. >> there is no doubt we face a profound economic challenge. we now need stability and unity. >> reporter: the new prime minister faces enormous challenges, uniting his party, and saving britain from recession. it was sunak who warned his predecessor liz truss that her plan for major tax cuts at a time of record inflation would cause economic chaos. >> liz, we have to be honest. we have to be honest. borrowing your way out of inflation isn't a plan. it's a fairy tale. >> reporter: the son of immigrants of indian decent will make british history as the first prime minister of color and the first hindu. and at 42, the youngest in 200 years. he'll also be the wealthiest. his wife's father is an indian tech entrepreneur worth billions. the markets responded positively today when this former treasury secretary became leader. but sunak and his wife are worth around $830 million. that's about double king charles' personal wealth. so, as many here struggle to pay their bills, there are big
5:48 pm
questions about how he'll be able to relate. david? >> james longman, who has been in front of 10 downing a lot for us lately. james, perhaps you'll get a break after this new prime minister. we'll see. james, thank you. when we come back here on the news tonight, news today of that deadly hollywood crash and tonight here, we remember a beloved actor. how he made us laugh when we needed it most during the needed it most during the pandemic. dupixent helps you du more with less asthma. and can help you breathe better in as little as 2 weeks. dupixent is an add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that's not for sudden breathing problems. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. ask your specialist about dupixent. wish your car's air freshener didn't start so strong and then fade too soon? try febreze car vent clips. unlike other fresheners, febreze releases a consistent amount of scent, day after day, for 40 days.
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we learned today actor leslie jordan died in a car accident. so many roles. we most loved his role in the pandemic. actor and comedian leslie jordan from chattanooga, tennessee. known for his southern accent, his charm, his humor. his role on "will and grace" earning him an emmy. >> wish i had a handsome man visiting me at work. >> well, well, well. shall we dance? >> i'd love to. hop on my feet. >> but it was during the pandemic, leslie jordan and his own homemade videos, cheering up millions. >> what are y'all doing? this is awful. it's still march. how many days in march? >> documenting daily life, our challenges. and making us laugh. >> i guess when this is over, we're all going to have to go to the gymnasium. so, it has come to this.
5:58 pm
ironing to pass the time. >> and when he was recently asked how he'd like to be remembered? >> i want to be remembered just as -- like a dolly parton. nobody had a bad word. the fact that i'm fairly talented and this and that, that's okay, but i just want people to know, he was good. people to know, he was good. >> he was. halfway through, bam,. when i knew my injuries wereser. i made a phone call. when i spoke with jacoby & meye. they made sure they understood , and that they put me in the r. the insurance company tried tols stayed dedicated to focused on . i felt reassured and i wouldn'tl bills and things like that, andt to get the best settlement for .
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body has been found but the investigation into what was on earth in the backyard of an atherton mansion is far from over we're live with the item on the case families lost homes to the north bay wildfires then lost money to contractors who promised to rebuild and didn't and now have to wait even longer to see those contractors sentence also ahead. repeatedly arresting the same people repeatedly referring the same person for mental health treatment. that is extremely frustrating. he's a former deputy police chief in oakland and tonight. he tells abc 7 news insider phil mateer what frustrates him and also what gives him hope? building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. i think people have to remember as the search know how to lie. cadaver dogs don't lie. so is there a body good evening? i'm on the date and i'm dion limb detectives have finished
6:00 pm
their on-scene investigation at an atherton mansion a car that was buried five feet underground in the backyard is now gone on saturday. it was fully unearthed and then towed away landscapers discovered it thursday in their work at a multi-million dollar mansion on stockbridge avenue cada. dogs got a hit but investigators didn't find a body in or around the car, but questions linger, especially surrounding a former property owner with a criminal record abc 7 news i-team reporter stephanie sierra continues digging into the story. yeah. she joins us live now from the newsroom with more and so much intrigue in this stephanie. that's right dion and this story is already a bizarre one, but as investigators finished up searching the property more questions have been revealed about one of its former owners a new detail that's leaving the town's mayor curious if this clue left behind may solve the case. a mercedes-benz buried underground the yard of this 15 million dollar atherton mansion is leaving lingering questions about a former