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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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fatalities in this city. >> plus a failing report
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>> another deadly crash in san francisco. a city once committed to ending traffic deaths is spinning in the opposite direction. tonight the consequences and calls for safer streets. >> this most recent death killed an elderly woman early this morning and has another fighting for her life tonight. police said they were called out to the sunset district. j.r. stone is in the news room. you heard from city leaders and neighbors. reporter: i did. some of them are upset saying this is a dangerous intersection and the city needs to act now. this is the area where one of
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two women landed after they were struck by a car as they walked in a crosswalk in san francisco's sunset district. >> just about to start a meeting and heard a series of crashes. >> two elderly asian women were crossing 24th avenue at santiago in the crosswalk when they were struck by a vehicle that was apparently traveling at a very unsafe speed and ran a stop sign. reporter: san francisco police have not officially claimed the ace or race of the victims. around 50-60 treat the intersection where the accident happened. if a car came through here at a high rate of speed, it is very possible that those walking across the street would not be able to see that car. >> this is one of the most dangerous intersections hereof all of the intersections throughout -- of all of the
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intersections throughout the whole sunset. you're not just blind, you can't see because there is a hill. reporter: those living in this area say this is a busy intersection. that was obvious when we were there monday. san francisco's goal is to eliminate pedestrian deaths but the city does not appear to be close to that goal. >> we're on pace now with the fay tal tallity today to havity-the-highest number of traffic fatalities since we answer acted the policy in 2015. reporter: many want speed bumps installed or traffic lights to go up. measures to be taken so the traffic lights are seen by drivers and he says police need to do more. >> over the last few years is an increase in unsafe driving by drivers and a lack of enforcement by sfpd in terms of
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issuing traffic citations and preventing this. reporter: the driver is cooperating with her toes but nh authorities. no charges have been filed yet. they will meet next week to talk about what happened and how to improve safety. the date has not been announced. >> thank you so much. tonight san francisco is adding onto other plans to make the city for the holiday season. today mayor london breed said 150 new attendants will be added to the ambassador programs. 250 are already staffed. you might have seen some we aring -- waring different colored vests. the added staff for holidays will cost around $8.5 million
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pulled from other parts of the city budget. >> detectives have finished their onseen search for possible human remains at the $15 million atherton mansion. a mer saindz said benz was found buried under a slab last week. cadaver dogs appeared to pick up a scent but investigators did not pick up a body in and around the car. the former property owner could be the owner of the car and has a record of murder convictions and insurance fraud charges. >> they have received slight hits from the cadaver dogs. each time they came near the car. >> could be from somebody that died in that car and the body has been moved or maybe the body was placed in on the ground in that area and then the body was moved. >> we don't know if this is going to be a criminal
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investigation. >> investigators have moved the car to the crime lab and are searching for d.n.a. >> the evolving world of education and the learning of our students tonight has become an intense struggle. less than half of the students in the state are reading at grade level. only one in every three students is at grade level for math. reporter: more than two years after the pandemic began, its impact on student learning is finally beginning to be understood. new statewide and national data released monday said when it comes to our covid report card many are receiving a failing grade. >> many that are going to be in middle school next year, we're are reading first and second grade levels. >> reading scores dropped to level last seen in 1992.
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students have suffered decline angst several subject areas. >> time is short. we need to have the kids catch up as quickly as possible. she has a child and said she saw the decline in her daughter's learning and thinks schools should have reopened earlier. california ranked in the middle of the pack. >> i don't think it was possible for the teacher to assess where they were because it was often just multiple kids talking at the same time, being unable to hear the teacher. reporter: despite the widespread learning loss some students were hit harder than others increasing gaps that were there prior to covid. those from disadvantaged backgrounds. >> those communities, we would argue the data support have been
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underinvested in and often are working in circumstances that are not ideal. reporter: most experts agree to fix problem more advancements and specialized teacher will be important. otherwise we run the risk of learning loss to haunted us for years to come. >> they need to be contributing members of society. >> tomorrow being a two-week countdown to election day, san jose's mayor candidates held a debate. one main focus is how to help the city's unhoused population? >> one of the biggest problem wes have is we don't have enough permanent places for for people to live. eventually intern house willing require a place for people to go.
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>> matt stays city needs faster solutions to help move people off the streetes into safe environments. >> we're spending more than ever and yet the number of people living on the streets is higher than it has ever been. we'll need to move much faster to get the 6,000 people living outside into safe, managed environments. i think the status quo is unsustainable. >> you can fiend much more information on san jose's mayor candidates on our website. >> tonight is the deadline to register to vote here in california. you have until midnight so just about 45 minutes left. the quickest way is to head to this website it takes less than two minutes. you just need your name, home address and birthday and contact information. there are seven statewide proposition and we have an explanation for each one of on our tv app.
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check out the california elections 2022 section to watch any of them on demand. more of what we're working on. including pest control. the virus carrying danger now spotted in another bay area county and the legacy of leslie jordan. how the beloved actor's impact was felt for generations and climbing el capitan. the climb tomorrow morning that we have never seen before. sandhya: keeler weather ahead. we may see showers. i'll have the forecast coming
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>> new developments in south bay tonight. a nonvasive invasive mosquito has been detected in santa clara
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county. two were trapped on thursday. now the effort to figure out where they are come from. the same pest has been found in santa cruz and 18or counties in california. we detail the differences between common mosquitoes and their potential dangers. reporter: they measure a quarter inch in diameter with distinct black and white markings throughout. for the first time the nonnative mosquito has landed in santa clara county. it can transmit diseases like den gay, yellow fever and zika. none of th these diseases is currently found california. the behavior is different from the common mosquito. also setting apart, they can lay eggs in spaces as small as a
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bottle cap and those eggs can survive for more than a year. the surveillance program found two of these mosquitoes near the intersection of dixon landing road and mccarthy boulevard. there are not many homes nearby but there are commercial businesses which we're told provide perfect conditions for the pests to thrive. >> a recycling center has thousands and thousands and has used tires, milk cartons and things that can hold bodies of water and potentially eggs. >> the director to have protection agency said winter wr winter weather would typically kill them, these eggs essentially hibernate meaning the eggs can live on and hatch later. while the mosquitoes are not native to c, they have been detected in 20 counties including santa cruz and konta costa counties.
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>> the nature to have mosquito doesn't fly too far. >> a travel distance of less than 1/5 of a mile. now there is a push to the public to remove stand water. the county is removing their surveillance. >> they let us know if that mosquito comes str str central valley, southern california, which there are mosquitoes established in that area or other places. >> shock and sadness in hollywood today over the tragic death of character actor lesley jordan. he suffered some kind of -- leslie jordan. he crashed his car into the side of a building in west hollywood after suffering some sort of medical emergency. he made appearances on "will and grace." this is video of him when he appeared on our show view from the bay in 2006.
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leslie jordan was 67. tonight major clothing company adidas is facing pressure to cut business ties with kanye west after a series of anti-semitic comments made by the rapper and fashion designer who goes by ye. >> kanye needs to be absolutely ostracized and anyone who does that, who uses this kind of language, threatening to kill people, because of who they are, needs to be ostracized. >> earlier this month, adeedas officials said the partnership is under review but so far continues to release new yeezy merchandise. his agency said they are no longer representing him and kim kardashian denounced his rhetoric and said she
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substantiates with the jewish community. the hin dow holiday dewali has rituals, food and gifts. each day represents something different. new york mayor eric adams recently passed a bill to recognize it as a public school holiday next year. our commitment to building a better bay area means climber and environment. we spoke with hunter pence, the san francisco giant's two-time champion. >> how can you make a difference if you don't know how to make a difference. >> aquarium of the bay celebrated 41 years of advocacy tonight. since retiring from baseball, pence put his focus in helping to protect the climate and the environment. >> definitely one of my passions. i love the oceans and love the
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earth. it is important to pay it forward. >> the event kicked off with a blue carpet reception. >> moving onto the weather. things look really nice out there. >> let's get to sandhya for the latest. sandhya: i want to show you some live views from our tower cameras. there is a little bit of fog. you will notice the golden gate bridge there shedding a little light there. now this is dewali, the festival of lights. it began over the weekend and they continue. if you are celebrating, happy dewali. here is the forecast. high clouds and fog. 40's, 50's, need that that extra layer. mild for most areas. low 60's to mid 70's. not as warm as today. by evening the sun goes down at 6:18 and you will need that jacket again. here is a live view from our tower camera. you can see some of that fog
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roll inning tonight. that is because a front is founately itthe producing anything here in california. it is going to stay to our norths but it has enhanced the marine layer which is why some of you will wake up to fog in the morning as we take a look at the numbers now, they are in the 50's and the 60's. ocean temperature 54 degrees. we're definitely getting some of that from the water. taking a look at shark taing. the possibility of showers on sunday depending on which model you buy. higher clouds between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. high clouds will filter the sun. look for a slight dropoff in those temperatures. tomorrow morning low 40's the mid 50's. bundle up and tomorrow afternoon you're looking at low stick it toes the mid 70's, breezy along
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the coastline. as we look ahead, that system comes to our norths. ge aewrs we have to wait. if you buy this computer model, it is showing wet weather sunday going into halloween. the european model is what we're looking at. rainfall estimates up to 2/10 of an inch. the other computer model is disappointing. the g.f.s. model no measurable rain. bright and milder thursday. temperatures dropping. minor cooling friday before we see increasing clouds over the weekend and the slight possibility of a few showers on sunday going into halloween morning. so it is not a done deal but as of right now it looks like halloween night things will be just fine.
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>> new at 11:00. a dynamic son and dad duo are taking on an especially steep challenge. >> this is intense. tomorrow morning they will set out to climb el capitan in yosemite. get this. the son is only 8 years old. >> i can hardly believe it. check it out.
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joe baker and his son will climb one of the most challenging rock formations in the world. sam has been doing these type of climbs since he was 3. el capstan a whole different beast. >> only way you can accomplish it is with mini goals. no, today is just to get to there. five pitch or seven pitches today. >> baby steps. i get it. it stands at more than 7,500 feet tall. they set off tomorrow morning and hope to finish by friday. if he is successful, sam will be the young eses to ever climb the mountain. his middle name, get this, adventure. >> i guess you have to live up to the name. >> the 49ers have all eyes now down towards l.a.
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>> 49ers have lost two games in a row. if they want to avoid a third straight loss, they have to beat the rams on sunday. they have beat the rams seven straight times in the season. 3-4 record not where they want to be. they are just a game back of the division-leading seahawks in a weaker than expected n.f.c. west. >> i want our guys to focus on trying to get into that tournament. the easiest way is to win our division. it doesn't matter with record or who is ahead of us. it matters how good we play. that's what we have to focus on. getting to play as good as we can and playing to our potential. if we do, i think we still have
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opportunity in front of us. >> monday night football, patriots-bears. bailey sappy hot in relief. new england scored back-to-back possessions and take a 14-10 lead but chicago scored 23 unanswered to run away with it. herbert finds the end zone. bears win 33-14. three-time world champion bruce bochy introduced as the texas rangers manager today. texas hasn't finished over .500 in the last five seasons. after three years away, boch, is glad to be back. >> i know some of that is why. simple answer is i miss this game. if i'm going to jump back in the fire, it has to be the right fit. they had enough to have lose. that's why i'm excited to be here. >> media day for the university basketball team led by gary
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payton who enters his second season as head coach. here is what the glove said on what he can expect from his team. >> you're going to see a lot gut and grit and a lot of dog and n a lot of these players. i tell my players every day have a goal and have a purpose. if you leave everything 100% out here hustling, i can't be mad at you. >> the 49ers foundation held their mentorship encounter today at levi stadium. several were joined by 49ers rookies and focused on leadership skills and becoming
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>> and don't forget. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on demand through bay area tv app. available through amazon fire tv, roku. download the app and start stream for free. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> now on jimmy kimmel, josh
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gad. have a great night. from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, josh gad, pamela adlon, and comedian ariel elias, with cleto and the cletones, and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. hello. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of this show. thank you for watching it. thank you for joining us here. i tell you what. it was an absolutely beautiful day here in los angeles, california. this is that magical time of year when i spend most of the da


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